Love at First Sight

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The following story is a partial fictional story about a girl I met while I worked for a little while for this company, things didn’t end so well while working there for, the only thing that was good about work there was seeing her. This is the way I truly wish things had gone for Her and I but sadly I left and doubt I’ll ever see her again. The names have been changed for obvious reasons.

Belle is the type of girl you want to never leave your house because nothing you see in the world will ever be as beautiful as she is. Here is my description of her: She’s 5 foot 4 inches tall, brunette hair, smoky grey eyes, pierced ears and nose, her hair sits at the bottom of her shoulder blades. She has a large firm set of DD breasts, slightly on the chubby side but the way she wears her weight suits her. When she walks it highlights her stunning big ass so well, her panties accentuate her ass helping to define her spectacular figure, she shaves regularly so there is rarely hair on her legs or pussy. Her pussy is breathtakingly stunning, the way her lips run perfectly through the middle of her mound, when she opens her lips to reveal her hidden treasure and her pearl you are left with your jaw on the ground wondering why god didn’t make ALL women this beautiful. If this woman was the last woman you ever got to look at and touch you could guarantee you would die a happy man.

Jason is a 6ft tall gentleman, a well build frame from all the work he has been doing in various places he is carrying a small amount of excess weight, stepping on the scales he only weighs 187 pounds, his face is always clean shaven with a piercing in his left ear. Thick chest hair but shaves his pubic hair because he dislikes the hair there, thinks it makes his penis look bigger, but at 7inches in length and 3 inches girth he sits just about average in measurement, meaning to any woman would be happy with a man of his measurement. Unfortunately due to a few relationships turning bad recently he feels very insecure about his manhood and questions if all the times he was told he was amazing in the bedroom, if they were all a lie!

Today was like any normal day on the factory floor, Jason got himself dressed into his work attire and walked over to the other side of the factory; he worked in the load-out bay of a meat processing factory. His job was to load the boxes of prepared meat and offal into the back of the big 20 and/or 40 tonne shipping containers to be distributed to various countries around the world. During the slower times or times other areas of the factory got busy he was often sent to other areas to assist those sections of the factory where workers were short or that period of the day it got really busy.

Mark is Jason’s team leader, on this day asked him to go down to the bottom, “Assist them down the bottom as a couple of the boys normally their failed to turn up for work and they’re short and being a busy period we can’t afford them to get behind.”

Looking over towards the load-out boys and smiling, Jason responds with “Sure thing Mark, when did you want me to head down the bottom mate?” Jason was more than happy to assist all his fellow work mates in times of need.

“We will finish getting this load ready for the truck and then if you want to wander down after our break please” Going back to coordinating his load-out team for the days duties, 5 trucks had to be loaded today so it was a fairly typical day today.

They finished sorting out the load for the truck, parked up the fork lift trucks. Jason did a quick sweep over the floor and made sure it was clean, He took pride in keeping his work space clean and tidy and it was nothing for him to walk over the pick up the plastic that had ripped from the sides of the pallets as they were brought out onto the load-out floor. Taking himself out to the smoking shed for a break, light up a cigarette chatting away to his fellow factory working mates. He has his cigarette and goes off to make a coffee before heading down to the bottom of the stacking room.

Down in this section of the factory Jason’s main job is to stack at a series of rollers that feed his a mixed bunch of packaged meat. The red lidded boxes are meat and go to the right to be stacked on pallets, black lidded boxes are going into the blast freezer and are generally Offal, these are let go past him to go on a ride to another section of the factory to be loaded into the blast freezer, there is a 3rd lot of boxes that are controlled by Jason only when the main line runs slower he can lift the metal gate and let boxes filter into the chain of boxes going to the blast freezer.

In front of Jason and off to the right is a box strapper machine that is controlled by people that come from another room to strap and feed the boxes also into the main chat going to the freezer. Jason has been down here a few times and has his role down pat, never gets behind with his boxes generally, this work seems so easy he just zones out and does his job not paying attention on what’s going on around kartal escort him. That was until this particular day, on this occasion was the first time he had seen Belle for the first time.

It’s Belle’s job to feed the cartons down a series of rollers to the strapping machine, where she labels the cartons, putting a few spare stickers into the carton before she straps them shut and feeds them down the end of the rollers and feeds them into empty spaces on the rollers Jason controls. Even though it’s Belle’s job, Jason leans over and feeds the boxes when he gets a chance allowing her to concentrate on the labelling and strapping of boxes. Repeatedly told by the team leader it wasn’t his job but Jason just wants to be helpful so when he gets a chance he still does it.

Jason is feeding the boxes, out of the corner of his eye he catches this short brunette walk out of the door from another room and towards the strapper, he has to blink a few times, thinking to himself ‘My mind is playing tricks on me, where did this woman with a face of an angel come from!’ Belle looks up briefly at Jason and smiles then turns to grab the cartons, moves the cartons towards the strapper, walks down to the labelling machine and starts to tap the screen for the first carton. His eyes become so fixed on this beautiful woman that for a moment he forgets what his meant to be doing. Out of the other side of his eye he spots a red box has gone past, turning around and quickly grabbing the box before it goes up the top of the conveyor system. He turns back around again, out of the corner of his eye he catches Belle giggling, she’s obviously seen what has happened, this makes Jason blush and spend the next five minutes with his eyes down and concentrating on not letting anymore red boxes go past him.

10 minutes later his eyes lift up, back towards Belle again. This time she has moved from one side of the strapper around with her back turned on Jason, Most of the works at the factory wear solid white trousers, gumboots and a polo shirt, but he notices that Belle’s uniform is very transparent, from this angle he can see her black bra with pink straps, looking further down he also notices Belle is wearing matching panties, they appear to be lace and the way they are clinging to her ass it gives Jason a perfect view of her outlined ass, the way they disappear through her thighs lets Jason’s mind wander as he almost lets another box go past him.

His team leader Dave notices that he almost lets another box go past him, coming up to put his hand on his shoulder, this startles Jason but he turns slightly to talk to his team leader, Dave explains they are caught up now “If you want to go back up the top and help them load the rest of the trucks after you go for a break mate, your help has been greatly appreciated.”

Jason nods his head in agreement, looks over at Belle who is looking his way smiling at him, Jason winks smiles and is just about to turn around and walk off, but them he sees her head give him a NO motion and then her eyes trace down, Jason looks down to realise he is sporting a tent in his trousers, so he turns to the side slightly and slips out of his area where he’s standing, hoping no one had noticed his hard-on, wandering back out the door and taking a few moments to collect his thoughts, hoping his problem calms himself, putting his hand down his pants and quickly adjusts himself to hide his no longer visible problem.

Jason doesn’t get another chance to go back down to the area where he first seen his mystery woman that week, but ran into her once as he was walking from the toilets to the canteen to buy his lunch, but his nerves set in causing him to blush and drop his head looking at the ground.

The next time Jason was asked to go down and assist down the bottom, he was there and so was Belle, but sadly this time her uniform was back a solid white, this wasn’t really that big of a deal because every chance he got to look over towards that beautiful woman, all he had to do was see her eyes lift up, meeting his and see her sexy smile and it was at that moment he knew he had to find out more about this woman. When the other two blokes had gone for their break, this left just Dave and Jason to hold the production line they were working on going. While it was just the two of them in the room Jason decided he needed to know more about his mystery woman asking Dave “Hey Dave, that girl who operates the strapper, who she was?”

Dave turns around and looks at Jason “Oh you mean Belle, she’s the one who comes in moves the cartons to the labeller and then straps the boxes, and you mean that girl?”

Blushing Jason responds “Yeah! Could you answer me something mate curiously is she single do you know?”

Puzzled Dave tells Jason “Nah mate she’s engaged!” Turning back around again to resume stack his cartons on the pallet.

Jason feels disappointed but decides to just continue to work feeling like his heart had just been shattered, but at least it made his maltepe escort bayan job down here more interesting. Now to keep his mind from wandering and attempt to get his manhood under control, just so damn hard whenever Belle is around because in Jason’s eyes she’s PERFECT!!

The new half hour or so Jason continued working without a drama, this time he didn’t miss a box from being sorted into the right areas. Dave even commented on how focused on the job he was today. Jason just smiled and said thanks telling Dave his got a lot of his mind right now is all but he will do his best to keep his concentration from now on. No more than 30 seconds after he had told Dave this and just like it was setup in walked Belle looked over at Dave and said “Hey Dave it looks like there is a massive storm rolling in I’ve been told to prepare for a power outage” she then looked over at me winked and said “Hey Jason hope your mind is on the job today unlike the other day” Giggled and switched on the strapper.

At the point she had flicked the switch on the strapper all the power in the factory went dead, all except the emergency lights that barely lit up the room. From the other side of the rollers Jason seen Belle laying on the floor near her strapper, calling out to her with no response. Jason slammed the emergency stop button beside him and leaped over the rollers to her side calling out to her “Belle are you ok?” Putting his hands gentle against her face and rocking her gently to try and get a response, when he didn’t get a response after repeatedly trying over and over again he yelled to his work mate “Dave quick I think she’s been electrocuted mate, go and grab us some help quick!”

Gently putting his hand behind the back of her head being careful not to lift her head or move her all Jason could do was watch in shock as he waited for help to arrive. What seemed like hours, but only a few minutes later Belle opened her eyes slowly looking directly into Jason’s eyes and quietly speaks “Jason what happened? Why am I laying on the ground? And why are you here and holding me?”

“Shh try to keep quiet until help arrives, you must have electrocuted yourself, please stay calm and just talk to me until Dave gets you some help!” Jason barely able to talk tells her nervously.

That’s when Jason looked into her big beautiful eyes and say them roll back into the back of her eye sockets and she passed back out again, but this time she seemed to be no breathing as he looked down at her chest. Quickly thinking Jason puts his fingers on her neck and looks for a pulse, but no pulse can be found!

Jason automatically goes into first aid mode trying to find the bottom and middle of her chest bones, the problem is because of her large breasts and the bra she’s wearing holding them it makes it difficult to find the right area, thinking about it for only a split second he rolls Belle onto her side and with a flick of his fingers he unfastens her bra clamp and rolls her back onto her back not even thinking he slides her straps down her arms either side pulling the bra out from under her work shirt through the bottom of her top. Tries to find the right position again this time without her bra in the way and after having a little bit of difficulty he finds the middle of her chest and praying he’s in the right spot places on hand over the other and begins chest compressions. Stopping every few minutes to turn his head to the side and putting his face sideways close to her mouth to listen for breathing, after 5 minutes the first aid team came running in and thanks Jason telling him “We’ve got it now Jason, I know your worried but please allow us to take over.”

Jason knowing she’s going to be safer in the first aid team’s hands he stands and moves out of the way, standing back and watches for any sign of life. It takes about 2 or 3 minutes with the first aid lady performing CPR to Belle before he see’s then turn her onto her side hearing his Belle struggling for breath. Wasn’t long after that the ambulance team came rushing into the room with the portable stretcher, load her up and with the help of Jason and the first aid team load her into the ambulance team Belle is taken to the local hospital.

Jason goes out to the smoking area, lights up a cigarette and is in shock about what has happened and worries he did something wrong and injured or made her worse. It’s been a long time since he had to perform CPR on anyone and wondered if he had done it right, he crouches down in the corner looking at his cigarette burning away in his fingers with a tear in his eye.

Narelle, the first aid officer comes over seeing Jason in the corner, puts her hands around Jason in a hugging embrace and tells him “You look like you have been two rounds with Mike Tyson” looks at him concerned, places her fingers under his chin and lifts his eyes to her telling him “You did nothing wrong Jason, when I walked in and say you was doing CPR on Belle and then down at your hands placed on her chest they escort pendik were in the perfect position mate, you did nothing wrong Jason it was the shock that caused this not you.”

I just looked at Narelle with tears in my eyes and spoke “Are you sure?” wipes his eyes “Please tell me she’s going to be okay!”

Narelle drops her eyes slightly breaking contact with Jason saying “We don’t know what damage that has been done” looking at him concerned “Why don’t you go talk to Dave and ask him can you knock off and ask can you go home?”

Jason looks up and around for Dave who was just walking towards the smoker’s area, his eyes were scanning around all the people until he locked eyes on Jason and walked briskly towards him “Jason I didn’t know you knew how to apply CPR mate but you look like you’re about to pass out are you okay mate?”

Jason just shakes his head and nervously asks Dave “I’m worried about Belle, with your permission I’d like to go to the hospital and wait to see if she’s going to be okay.”

Dave takes on look at his distraught state nods his head and pats him on the back as he watches Jason almost running towards the clock out panel on the walls swiping his card on the wall as he quickly moves towards the path to his car, looking back to see the machine didn’t light up but not caring “Fuck it Jason, get your ass to hospital sort that out tomorrow!” he tells himself. The car park is about 100 meters ahead and while his power walking towards his car it feels like every foot step is in slow motion looking towards where his car is parked and grabbing his keys out of his pocket.

Switching his car on and dropping his car into reverse looking around him for others in his way, reverses the car up and clicks his automatic transmission into drive and starts driving towards the hospital. The whole way to the hospital trying to tell himself “She will be okay Jason, She’s going to be fine mate”.

Jason sat at the hospital for six long hours, waiting to hear if she was going to be fine, just staring towards the doors that opened towards the triage bed, a few other beds could be seen from here and as luck would have it as the nurse was walking through the door to grab his next patient Jason saw that one of the rooms that had their curtain closed was now open and seen his Belle sitting up in bed with doctors around her talking to her. Belle looked up towards the door and made eye contact with Jason, seeing the worried look on his face she looked up at the doctor and asked “How long has that bloke been sitting their” pointing at Jason sitting the other side of the opened doors.

The doctor looks around and tells Belle “His been here since about ten minutes after you came in” looks up at the clock and tells her “About six hours, is he your partner? Would you like to me go get him for you?”

Belle nods her head watching as the doctor went out and let Jason into the corridor, he looked like hell his eyes were puffy and red. As Jason gets closer to Belle the doctor pats him on the back and tells him “She’s okay thanks to her fellow worker who had used his knowledge of first aid. It was the fact he gave her CPR until the ambulance got there that saved her!”

Jason froze in his steps on the spot and looked at the doctor and questioned him “You mean I didn’t cause her more harm than good, I wasn’t sure if I had done it right?” Breathing a sigh of relief as he walked to Belle’s side and just stood there beside her bed nervous and not saying a work just relieved she was okay.

All of a sudden he felt Belle’s hand take his hand and pull him into her and wrap her arms around him cuddling him so tight, then moved her head back to look into his eyes and with a smile on her face she wiped the tear from his eye and said “Thank you Jason, I’m told it was your fast thinking to perform CPR on me that saved my life!” Hugging him again.

Jason breathed a sigh of relief to know he hadn’t hurt Belle, wondering how he would ever live with himself if he ever caused anyone harm let alone the woman who had stolen his heart with one look into her eyes. Jason kept holding Belle for about five minutes when all of a sudden her heard someone clear there throat behind him, this caused Jason to let go and turn around to find a man standing their looking angry. Belle apologized and introduced her partner Neal to Jason “Hey babe this is my work mate Jason, it’s because of him I’m even alive!” Looking Neal square in the eyes and then speaks again “Jason this is my fiancé Neal.”

Jason shook Neal’s hand and proceeded to turn around on the heal of his work boots and just nodded at Belle wishing her all the best for a recovery and walked back out to his car. Once he got their he lit a cigarette and just held his hands over his face angry at himself “Jason you fool there is no way you can ever compete with her fiancé you fool just forget Belle” He told himself butting out his cigarette in the ashtray starting his car and driving home.

Over the next week all he got from his fellow work mates were thanks and pats on the back, by the end of the week he was getting so tired of it during lunch breaks he went to the toilet and just sat in the cubicle silent watching his watch to return back to work, the sooner he could go home the better.

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