Lost and Found in Phuket Ch. 01

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“What are you doing? I told you before you’re supposed to bargain with them!” Olivia turned away from Roland in exasperation.

“I know, I know, but we’re on vacation and I don’t need the stress over five bucks or a hundred baht or whatever.” Roland half-smiled and tried to look like an easy-going beach bum, but came off more like a typical white dude tourist in Thailand.

“Whatever,” she said dismissively. Olivia leaned her tall, curvy frame against an arrivals sign at the Phuket International Airport. She had been here before and thought it was ‘alright’. Olivia would rather have gone to Indonesia or Singapore, but who was she to turn down a free trip, she thought. Roland even paid the fee to change his spare ticket to her name.

“Ok, he gave me a discount! Let’s go, babe.” Roland grabbed Olivia’s heavy suitcase and deposited it in the taxi’s trunk. “I still don’t know why you need all this for just four days.”

“I don’t know how you expect to last ten days with that tiny one you brought.” Olivia walked over, fanning herself in the humid night air. “I, on the other hand, am prepared for anything. If my boss is too incompetent to last more than three days without me, maybe I should just quit and stay the full ten days with you.”

“Yeah, do it. Or ask for a raise, since you’re so indispensable.” Roland was so excited to be on his first vacation in three years, he didn’t care too much either way. It was his first trip anywhere outside of The States, where he was born and raised, or Korea, where he and Olivia lived and worked.

Olivia was a Kiwi, and she had been around. In more ways than one. She, like Roland, was an English teacher in Korea. Due to the last-minute nature of the trip, she wasn’t able to get off for the 10 days Roland booked at The White Orchid, a four star hotel on a secluded beach.

Roland, who had originally planned and booked this trip with his now ex-girlfriend, met Olivia through their mutual friend, Steph. A few weeks after his break-up with Jiah, Roland and Steph were chatting between sets at a live music bar in Seoul when Olivia appeared…

“So, it was just because you play music in bars? That seems so trivial.” Steph leaned in over her gin and tonic.

“I get it, she’s really involved at church and with her family…she had to lie about what I was doing all the time.” Roland sipped his beer. “I can’t believe she agreed to go on a trip with me in the first place. I guess I’ll just go by myself.”

“Yeah, why not?” She leaned in further, ginger curls almost in Roland’s beer, “Or you could take meeee -” Steph batted her long eyelashes in mock flirtation.

“Funny. Your girlfriend, won’t mind?” Roland leaned back with a smirk.

“As friends, as friends…pleeeaaaase!” Steph begged, multi-colored nails on interlocked fingers shook in front of her deep cleavage. Seeing Roland’s frown, she stopped, finished her drink and klinked it down on the bar. “Kidding, Rollie. You’ll have a blast on your own.”

“Yeah, I guess.” He ordered another pint before he had to get on stage. The cute-as-a-button bartender returned with his IPA, when a full-figured blonde in boot-heels that put her over 6 feet trotted up to Steph and gave her a hug.

“Gin and tonic please,” she asked the departing bar tender, her New Zealand accent apparent.

“Roland, this is Olivia, Olivia, Roland…my work here is done.” Steph got up and headed to the restrooms in back. “Save my seat, Liv!”

“OK.” she called in reply. “Hi,” she said turning to Roland, her face flushed from a few too many.

“Hi,” Roland said back with an easy smile. He was an average looking guy, with tousled brown hair, and hazel eyes. At least he wasn’t a shrimp, Olivia thought, checking him out. She wasn’t particularly impressed with his rustic sense of style. His comfortable confidence was, however, a trait Olivia found extremely attractive.

They made small talk until Steph returned, then Roland excused himself to retrieve his Gibson ES-335 from behind the bar, and get on the stage. That adorable bartender made herself quite helpful, escorting Roland with his gear while ignoring several thirsty patrons.

“Soooo…where did you find Roland?” Olivia asked her friend with open intentions.

“Him, so not your type.” Steph answered as she nibbled on a cocktail straw. “He used to play with Jules sometimes, and we became friends.”

“Friends? You three ever…?” Olivia pried, eyebrows raised.

“Not my type either. He has a penis, you know. Not that he didn’t try.”

“And by the way, what’s up with this ‘he’s so not your type’ crap? What’s that supposed to mean?” Olivia finally received her G&T and thanked the inattentive bar girl with a grimace.

“Uh…well, you’re a whiter shade of pale and Roland has a bad case of yellow fever – maybe he caught it from me,” Steph joked. “And you, you’ve got jungle fever just as bad and he looks like he’s in Weezer.”

“Aw, get fucked!” Olivia blushed as she laughed at the truth of Steph’s words.

“Maybe I will, whatever that means.” Steph motioned for another drink, kartal escort to no avail. “I want to smack this bartender in the face.”

Just then the sound system cut the canned music and the stage PA crackled to life. The bar owner, a lanky Canadian, stepped to the mic.

“Thanks for coming out tonight everybody. It’s been a blast so far, right?” A smattering of applause rose from the decent sized crowd. “Ready for our last act of the night?” The clapping got a little louder, interspersed with hoots and howls. “Give it up for The Interlopers!”

Roland’s guitar cut through the crowd noise, and the rest of the 5-piece group filled in, generating a twangy, distinctly American sound. They were pretty good, Olivia thought, although not what she would choose to listen to on her own. Anyhow, the band had Olivia bopping her head through the set. She even got up and danced once or twice.

When the set was over, Olivia and Steph tried to catch Roland as he left the stage, but the dance floor was too crowded. By the time they made it to the stage, he had disappeared.

“Oh well, you can try and snare him next time.” Steph said, dragging Olivia back to the bar.

“Hey – I don’t have to snare him. I just want to, I don’t know…get to know him a bit.”

“You just want to get in his pants. I heard he packs some meat too -” Steph said with complete non-chance.

“Oh my god! No! I can’t believe you think that. He’s interesting, different…” Olivia responded. She was intrigued, however, at the newly divulged detail. “He seems nice, and you have to know something to play guitar. I mean he can’t be a complete dummy.”

“Yes, nice, smart, that would be different.” Steph continued to tease her friend as they waited for the bartender to take their order.

“Fuck you, ok.” Olivia scanned the bar, but there was no sign of the smiley girl from earlier. Eventually an elaborately coiffed man with black-rimmed glasses appeared and took their order.

“Two G&Ts please,” Olivia ordered with a seductive smile to the new bartender, who reciprocated with a wink. “Hey, what happened to the girl who was tending bar before? I wanted to leave her a tip,” she lied.

“Oh – sorry. She go early tonight,” he said with an apologetic pout, and placed the drinks in front of them in the bar.

“No worries. Thank you~” Olivia paid and swiveled back to Steph. “Ya think…?” she asked with narrowed eyes and pursed lips.

“Yep, but they probably just went somewhere else to eat something, have a couple more drinks. She looked like a tease, and he’s a real sucker – don’t you dare tell him I said that. If you ever see him again, that is.”

Olivia made it a point to do just that. She saw that The Interlopers were playing that Friday in Itaewon, the foreigner neighborhood of Seoul where she usually spent her weekends. By the time the band arrived, Olivia had already installed herself in a prime seat at the bar, right beside the stage.

“Olivia, I didn’t know you you’d be here,” Roland said as he placed his guitar case and pedal board on the stage.

Olivia stood from her seat and walked over. Hey, he would never see her ass if it stayed glued to her bar stool, she though.

“Hey Roland. Yeah, I heard your band would be here, and I was in the neighborhood, so… here I am.” She had on knee-high leather boots, a short black skirt, and a low cut red top. A silver necklace dangled right above her well-revealed cleavage. Her blonde hair was styled up in a loose bun that her friends all said suited her Germanic looks.

“Great,” he said, taking in her voluptuous features. He hadn’t really noticed her the first time they met. She was attractive. A pretty face, long legs, and a nice, real ass. Roland had gotten accustomed to Korean girls, who were beautiful in their own way, but seldom sported curves like Olivia. “Nice boots,” he remarked, wanting to say something casually complimentary. “So… where’s Steph?”

“I don’t know what she’s up to. I just thought I’d come by and check you out. I saw you had a gig here, so…,” Olivia looked, down, then quickly up again with a smile.

“Okay, cool. Enjoy the show,” Roland replied and walked back toward the stage, shooting a quick glance back at her before starting to set up his rig.

Olivia saw, and gave him a little wave with her fingers. Ok, ok, she thought. Could be a possibility… Then there was the GI who just sat down beside her… Dark, jacked, alone, a good plan b.

The show started, and it became too loud for Olivia to continue the conversation she started with Deke, the soldier from South Carolina. She directed her stool toward the stage and watched The Interlopers shuffle through their set.

Without Steph, there was no way Olivia would get up and dance to this music. She would have been totally at home at a dance club, but this was something else. Instead, she bopped along again at the bar, keeping as much eye-contact as possible with Roland. Despite a few interruptions from friends, and attention from the admittedly hot, ripped soldier beside her, Olivia maltepe escort bayan did her thing.

Was it Roland and his active, engaged stage presence? Was it the pursuit itself? Olivia didn’t know for sure, but something was titillating her, and dampening the black thong she wore under her skirt.

As the band played on, and Olivia drank on, her gazes toward Ronald and his in return became increasingly obvious to each other. Yes, there was at least a spark of interest, and that was enough. Finally, The Interlopers closed their set, and Olivia was ready and waiting.

Roland had a round of beers with the rest of the band, thanked the bar owner, and chatted with his group of friends and fans as he put away his equipment. Olivia saw him sneaking looks in her direction, while she resumed her conversation with the soldier. It could only help, she thought, if Roland sensed some competition.

The crowd around the stage thinned, and Roland was packed and ready to go. A few of his buddies were huddled in a discussion, and Olivia could see Roland looking around the bar, and nodding absent-mindedly. Apparently decided on something, he slapped his buddies on the back and walked over to the bar as they walked toward the door.

“Hey,” he said, one hand on the bar and one on the back of Olivia’s stool.

“Hey,” Olivia replied, turning her stool slightly away from the soldier and towards Roland. Her leg brushed against his, and she placed her hand right next to Roland’s on the bar.

“I was gonna take a cab with those guys, unless…”

“Do you want to get out of here?” She finished his sentence and slipped her hand over his.

“Yeah. Come on”, Roland took Olivia’s hand as she gathered her jacket and bag. She said goodbye to the unimpressed GI, and followed Roland out the door.

On the street, they rounded a corner and quickly ducked into a building entranceway. Olivia pulled Roland toward her, and he pushed her up against the brick. Their tongues met as they kissed, both already very aroused. She felt Roland’s cock growing larger against her thigh, as he stroked her ample ass under her skirt.

“What do we have here?” Olivia said, running her finger along Roland’s cock, through his jeans, half-way down his thigh.

“We can go to my place. It’s about 30 minutes by cab,” Roland said as he slipped a finger under Olivia’s thong.

“I’m closer. We can walk.” One more kiss, tongue against tongue, urgently pressed together for a few moments, then released. They quickly walked hand in hand the 8 blocks to Olivia’s studio apartment. Olivia, in a lusty, drunken stumble, slammed into her door while opening it. Roland reached out and stopped her from falling flat on her face. They both tumbled to the floor laughing.

“My hero,” Olivia said. “For rescuing me, you deserve a reward.”

Roland closed the apartment door. Olivia grabbed him by his waistband and dragged him to her sofa. There, she unfastened his belt, and removed his jeans and boxer-briefs with one strong pull.

Roland’s thick, eight inch long penis stared Olivia right in the face.

“My, you’re a big fella. Mmmm…”

She grabbed his shaft and wrapped her lips around its mushroom shaped head.

“Oh, yeah, that’s so fucking good.” Roland grabbed Olivia by her bun and pushed himself down her throat.

“Mmmmmmm-“, she hummed through her nose, as Olivia, with Roland’s assistance, moved up and down on his member. “Ahhhnh”, she released his cock and licked Roland’s smoothly shaved sack, taking one ball at a time into her mouth.

“Damn, you can suck a dick-” Roland removed his shirt and stood up from the couch. Olivia, alternating between cock and balls, sucked him with abandon from her knees. Roland, again grabbing Olivia by her bun, pulled her from his penis.

“Ahhhh…mmmmmmm…” Olivia wiped her chin and looked up at Roland.

“Your turn”, he said pulling Olivia back onto the couch. She slipped easily out of her skirt and top, revealing a black thong and matching bra. Roland slipped the soaked thong from her slit while Olivia handled her bra.

“Now that’s lovely”, Roland said when he saw her completely bare, waxed nether -regions. Already dripping, he dove right in, lapping up her juices from ass hole to clitoris.

“Mmmm, you like my pussy, don’t you…yes like that, yes…”

Roland made some kind of unintelligibly muffled reply. He stretched one of her legs up, pressing one knee back toward her head, while Olivia wrapped her other leg around him, pulling him closer.

“Uhhhn yeah, lick my pussy” Olivia’s smooth-as-silk slit glided over Roland’s tongue. “Yes, yes, fuck…”

Their bodies twisted on the edge of the couch, Olivia reached for Roland’s cock and maneuvered them into a sixty-nine on the floor. Mouths full, muted groans of pleasure gave way to gasps for breath. Olivia released Roland’s saliva-covered cock and rose up, sitting on his smothered face.

“Ahhh – fuck – I’m cumming – ahhhhhh!”

Olivia rocked her hips back and forth, sliding her pink, dripping folds over escort pendik Roland’s face. Her round, full bottom hovered over him, shaking gently as her orgasm ebbed. Olivia’s hands braced against Roland’s flexing thighs, his cock twitching in front of Olivia’s open mouth.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck… mmmmmm.” She moved her round ass away from his face, and slid her pussy down Roland’s chest and stomach. Olivia looked at him over her shoulder. “You definitely deserve another reward for that.”

“Why thank you, Olivia,” he said, admiring her full, hefty rear end. “What kind of reward do I get?

“Mmmm, come get it.” She moved a bit farther away from Roland and came to rest on her knees, her gleaming, pink pussy exposed. “Come on, Roland… come take it.”

He turned over and slid into position behind Olivia. “Mmm, take this?” He slapped Olivia’s ass cheek and gripped it, spreading her open.

“Ooohh, yes take it.”

With his free hand, Roland guided his cockhead to her, and rubbed it against her swollen folds as he kneaded her ass.

“Mmmm – fuck yes, take it.” Olivia pressed back toward Roland’s cock, rubbing against her pussy.

“Oh, come on – please. Get your dick inside me.” She squirmed as he stretched and squeezed her ass. “Please – fuck me…”

“Oh yeah – ” Roland said softly as he slid his head inside her. “Fuck, you are so wet.” He moved in and out with short, shallow strokes, playing with the outer edge of her pussy hole.

“Ahhnhg, yes – ooooh…”

“You like that, Olivia?” He squeezed her ass again.

“Mmmmm, yes Roland. Ahhh…”

Olivia moved her hips with Roland, allowing him to tease her with his cockhead. “Oooooh, yes…come on, take me…”

Roland obliged, and on his next stroke slid his big shaft all the way in.

“Oh fuck, yes, ooooh – please…”

“Mmm, yeah -” All the way out and back, slowly, steadily he gave her his cock.

“Ahhh, yes – yes…mmmmm, take me…”

Gradually harder, and faster he thrusted, bare balls slapping against Olivia’s wetness.

“Ah – ah – ah – fuck yes!” She groaned louder, and worked her ass back against Roland’s thrust with equal effort. “Ah – yes – yes… cum for me Roland, cum for me…ohhhh”

“Uhng, hhng -“, he grunted, powerfully pounding Olivia. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum…”

“Yeah, please cum for me… cum all over me…”

“Oh – yeah – fuck…”

Roland pulled out at the last moment and Olivia sank to the floor, turning onto her side.

“Please – please – cum for me…”

“Oh – ahhhhhhhh!” Roland blew his load, spurt after spurt, all over Olivia’s tits, neck, chin and into her open mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm… ” Olivia took it all, licked her lips, and lay panting there on the floor.

“Oh, fuck…whew.” Roland fell down to the floor next to Olivia, where they both caught their breath. After a few minutes moments of post-coital rest, Olivia got up to wash off in the bathroom. She soon returned in a bath-robe and plopped down on the couch, her long legs dangling next to Roland.

“Well…that was nice”, she said.

“It was”, Roland replied, slipping his boxers on.

“Stay the night. If you want to…”

“Yeah, sure. I mean I do.” Roland joined her on the couch. “So…”


So, they had the post random hook-up conversation. Both were, at the moment, officially single, but had differing ideas about what being ‘single’ meant. Olivia kept in touch with a few of her past hook-ups, and maintained uncommitted, friendly relationships with them, which included occasional rolls in the hay. Roland also stayed friendly with some of his exes, but once they broke up, they kept things platonic. More of a serial monogamist, he outright avoided ‘fuckbuddy’ situations. This presented a problem.

“Yeah, let’s do this again…and again and again,” Olivia said, hand on Roland’s fabric-covered semi-erection, “but let’s keep things casual, ok?”

“Yeah, sure. So, you want to go again now? How about tomorrow?” Roland joked.

“Ok,” Olivia grinned.

“But seriously, I’m not looking for a commitment. I mean, we just met.”

“That’s true…”

“So, yeah, let’s take things easy. It’s just that if you see other guys, let me know.”

“Ok,” Olivia said, a bit taken aback.

“Are you seeing anyone?”

“Well, no…, but I have some friends and once in a while we hook up. One is out of the country now, and the other I haven’t seen in ages.”

Roland thought for a moment, then replied, “Ok, so, nobody else these days?”


“Then let’s just see how things go. If you want to hook up with one of these friends, I won’t get mad or anything. But then I’ll move on. No hard feelings. That work for you?”

Now It was Olivia who paused, then agreed, “Well, yeah. I can do that.”

Over the next month, the newly exclusive/uncommitted pair enjoyed each-others company and bodies every weekend. They grew closer, and almost by default, transformed into an improbable couple.

This unexpected change in status was further accelerated by Olivia’s birthday the next month and requisite gift, followed quickly by Valentine’s day, and then Roland’s previously booked trip to Thailand. Olivia caught up with Steph over cocktails after she told Roland, “Let me think about it,” when he asked her to come to Phuket with him.

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