Loss of Innocence

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Alice is my Mother’s younger sister — my aunt — recently back from an extended vacation in Europe. She was still looking for a job, and has moved in with my Mother, my sister and I.

My Mother has been widowed for a long time. The stress of looking after two teenagers has left its mark on her and although she was barely 40, she looked at least five years older. Alice, without a care in this world, and being without stress was the exact opposite. I would guess that she’s about 38 or so, but she still had the looks of an eighteen-year old.

Being an eighteen-year old myself, I actually think she looked better than most of the eighteen-year old girls in my class. She had shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and a girlish sprinkling of freckles across her pert nose. She had a beautiful pair of breasts that were neither too big, nor too small. Her trim waist flared into wide hips and a lovely round pair of buttocks.

The first time I saw her naked it was quite by accident, yet it left a lasting impression upon me.

I was washing my motorcycle in the driveway and suddenly needed to use the bathroom. I rushed inside and saw that the bathroom door was not quite closed. I assumed that it had been almost blown closed by the breeze, so I didn’t knock. As I pushed the door open, I heard someone say: “Hey! I’m busy here.”

I looked up and there she sat, naked on the toilet. “Sorry,” I stammered. “I thought the bathroom was empty.” I started turning around to leave.

“That’s okay — honest mistake, I should most probably have closed the door properly, but I was in such a hurry to pee,” she smiled, her green eyes locking onto mine.

I wanted to look away, but couldn’t.

“I… I should-” I indicated over my shoulder with my thumb.

“No, wait, I’m almost done, and then you can use it.” She seemed totally at ease sitting there in front of my naked. I could hear her pee tinkling into the bowl and suddenly I felt the heat in my crotch as I got a hard-on. “Uhm… I really should be going-”

“C’mon, we’re both adults here. I’m almost done,” she smiled while unrolling some toilet paper. She spread her legs wide then and I could see her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair above her pouting pussy – droplets of pee clinging to the dark red glistening lips. O, fuck, I was going to cum in my shorts.

She wiped herself and stood up. I kept looking. She was gorgeous. Her nipples were quite long and dark, the areolas fairly big. Her cunt bush was trimmed into a thin coppery strip that ended just above the cleft of her pussy.

“It’s all yours,” she said and walked past me out of the bathroom. I think she meant the toilet, but somehow, her suggestive smile made me think different.

Most nights this was the scenario I replayed through my vivid imagination as I lay masturbating in the privacy of my room; my hand clenched tightly around my thick cock until I eventually shot my warm youthful seed across the washboard of my stomach.

* * * One Friday while I was busy studying for my exams; my mother announced that she and my fourteen-year old sister Aileen were going to visit my paternal grandmother across state. I would stay at home to study and Aunt Alice would provide some adult supervision.

That Friday night, she ordered us some pizza and we rented a movie. It was also the second time I would see her naked — well, partly naked – sort of…

“Here’s the money for the pizza guy,” she said handing me some money. ‘I’m just going upstairs for a bath.”

Later, after the pizza had arrived and I had the DVD in the player, she came downstairs dressed in a midnight-blue satin robe.

“I thought I’ll just get ready for bed now, and then you can have the bathroom to yourself after we’ve finished watching the movie. Let’s grab those pizzas and get started, I’m hungry.”

We watched the first part of the movie — a typical Teen horror thing with scantily clad, curvaceous screaming girls — while eating pizza. When we were done, she got up and leaned over me to take away my plate. The top of her robe fell open and I could see down her cleavage; those big beautiful tits with their dark nipples inches from my face. Then she straightened up, smiling at me knowingly before carrying the plates to the kitchen.

I shifted uncomfortably, trying to hide the erection forming in my sweatpants before she returned. I watched her as she returned to the TV room and sprawled opposite me on the couch. The hem of her short robe rode up her milky thigh and I caught a glimpse of her sweet pussy, before she rearranged the garment.

“Okay, let’s carry on,” she smiled innocently, her eyes meeting mine. I looked away and stabbed the play button on the remote. Throughout the rest of the movie, I stole glances at her. She seemed totally engrossed in the story and didn’t notice.

Later, alone in bed as my hand flew up and down my wet, straining shaft, I imagined that my cock was fucking in and out of her warm cunt, until I shot a huge load of cum all over my chest.

* kartal escort * *

On Saturday morning, as I was showering, I heard the bathroom door open and looked through the frosted glass. A naked Aunt Alice walked in and said: “Sorry, Dan, but I can’t hold it any longer. I just have to use the can.” She didn’t wait for my response and sat down on the toilet. I turned my back and continued soaping my body. It was difficult to concentrate as I heard a steady stream of pee splatter into the bowl behind me and I could imagine the warm golden spray shooting from between those dark-red cunt lips. It took all my willpower not to turn around and actually look.

Soon, involuntarily, my soapy hand was moving rhythmically up and down my hard-on. I didn’t even quite register the fact that she had flushed the toilet. Then I heard her ask: “Hey, what are you doing?”

My hand dropped from my cock and I looked over my shoulder. She had opened the sliding door and peeked at me through the gap. Indignantly, I replied: “Aunt Alice! I’m taking a shower.”

“C’mon big boy, don’t play mister innocent with me. You were wanking off, weren’t you?” That familiar, knowing smiled played at the corner of her mouth.

“Uhm, I was washing my privates, that’s all,” I answered.

“Liar, turn around, let me see,” she ordered and when I hesitated, she said, more sternly, “c’mon, Dan, turn around — now!” Then she slid the door all the way open.

I turned off the water and slowly I did as she asked; my hands cupping my dwindling hard-on.

“Take away your hands.”

“Please, Aunt Alice…” I begged. This was going too far.

“Dan, take away your hands or I’ll tell your mom you’re a little perverted peeping-tom.”

My hands dropped to my sides reluctantly. “Ah, I was right. You’ve got a boner! Oh my God, it’s beautiful – and so big.” She said in awe, licking her lips. “May I touch it?”

“Aunt Alice, I…”

“Don’t play all coy with me, young man. I’ve seen you perve over my tits and my pussy, or did you think I wouldn’t notice? I’ve even seen you jerk off in your room a few times.” She stepped closer and took the weight of my manhood in her cool hand. “Oh, that feels so smooth.”

“Uhm… I…” I stammered as she slowly pulled my foreskin back, exposing the engorged purple head completely.

“I want to suck your lovely cock,” she said and sank to her knees in front of me.

I no longer wanted to argue. I wanted my Raging hard-on in her lovely mouth. I wanted to fuck her face and shoot my load down her throat. “Yes… yes, Aunty… suck my cock. Make me cum.”

“Horny little bugger. I’ll suck it alright and I’ll make you cum, but don’t call me Aunty, my name is Alice.”

“Okay Alice, but please suck it — now!” I thrust my hips towards her. As I looked down I noticed a pearly drop of pre-cum ooze from my cock.

“Oh, lovely sweetness,” she murmured as her tongue swirled around the drop; drawing it into her mouth. Her hand kept pistoning slowly up and down my straining shaft and her tongue flicked at the underside of my cock-head. I was in heaven. That which I had spent so many nights fantasizing about was actually happening, or was I dreaming?

Then her mouth closed around the thick purple head and part of the shaft. My cock was surrounded by a warm, comforting wetness. I looked down and our eyes met; she winked at me while continuing her oral ministrations. My hands lifted away from my sides and started stroking through her soft hair. I moved my hips in a slow rhythm, fucking her mouth. While her one hand stoked along the shaft of my dick, her other hand playfully cupped my heavy balls.

After a while, her hand let go of my balls and I felt it sneaking between my ass cheeks. She let my cock slip from her mouth and said: “Spread your legs.”

I complied and she immediately resumed her blowjob. I felt her hand moving between my legs again. Then her finger circled my asshole, which contracted involuntarily. “Wha-” was all I managed before her finger deftly entered my puckered ass. Fuck, it felt sublime.

When her finger started fucking my virgin asshole, I could hardly hold back. I knew that I was going to blow my load soon. I had to warn her, because I didn’t know if she wanted me to cum in her mouth, but then I didn’t care anymore. I wanted her to taste my cum.

“Ohh… fuck… aunt…I mean… Alice! I’m going to cummm…” I growled and pushed her head down on my cock as I felt the first thick spurt shoot down her throat, and then another and another. She pulled her head back and the last spurt ended up on her cheek and in her hair.

She looked up at me, cum dripping down her face and out of the side of her mouth as she withdrew her finger from my ass and asked: “was that what you wanted, stud?”

“Oh God, yes, Alice! That was great.”

“Hmm, your cum tastes nice. It’s been a while since I’ve had jizz for breakfast,” she smiled and licked the last drops from my cock.

She climbed küçükçekmece escort back to her feet and grabbed me by the hand. “My turn now. Come and eat my sopping wet, hot cunt.” She closed the toilet lid and sat down, leaning back with her legs spread wide. “Time for your breakfast…”

I stood staring in awe. Although I’d previously glimpsed her pussy, I had never been able to have such an unobstructed view. Below the thin strip of coppery curls upon her lower belly, the outer lips of her cunt were prominent and puffy, while the inner lips, which protruded from the glistening cleft, were a dark pink; almost red. When she spread the lips invitingly with her fingers, I could see a thick coating of slick juice oozing down onto the seat beneath. At the top of her wide open pussy, her clit was a hard purple- pink nub; quite long and thick.

“C’mon, your feast awaits,” she smiled. Feast indeed. I sank to my knees between her spread legs. As my head came closer, I could smell the earthy, heady scent of her arousal.

Tentatively I stuck out my tongue and licked at the scalloped lips. It tasted like nothing I’d ever tasted before — different, but nice. I licked some more, my tongue now entering between the wet lips.

“Oh yeah, lick that pussy good,” she moaned and grabbed my head in her hands. It was obvious that she didn’t want the tender approach. I complied and grabbed her legs, spreading them wider, before really diving in.

I licked along the open slit of her cunt, first up and down for a few times and then started concentrating on her erect clit. After a while of playfully flicking at it with my tongue, I sucked it into my mouth and licked it harder.

“Oh God, Danny, eat me. Suck my clit and make me cum all over your face…” My aunt whimpered, her fingers moving through my hair; her fingernails lightly scratching at my scalp.

I remembered what she had done for me and I blindly searched for her asshole with my one hand. Then I found it and pressed my middle finger against her resisting sphincter. When it entered, she moaned: “Yes, fuck my ass with your finger while you suck my cunt. Make me cum; make me cum with your finger in my asshole!”

I kept licking and fucking her with my finger until she screamed: “Oh… aahhggg…. Fuckkkk… yes… yes… I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I sucked harder, frantically swallowing the torrent of sweet juice flooding my mouth. She pulled my face tight against her throbbing wet cunt. “God, but you have a great tongue.” Afterwards we showered together, exploring each other’s bodies further. We both knew that the rest of the weekend would be equally exciting.

* * *

Throughout the rest of the morning, the sexual tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. I could hardly concentrate on my studies as I heard Alice move around the house. Later, while making sandwiches for lunch we often touched each other and exchanged deep kisses. I had a constant hard-on.

We took our sandwiches outside and sat on some deck chairs eating them. Alice was dressed in a very skimpy white bikini and I wore a baggy pair of shorts. Between bites of my sandwich, I stole glances at where she sat opposite me.

She noticed, and while giving me that familiar knowing smile, she spread her legs wide. Her plump pussy bulged against the flimsy material covering her crotch. I had trouble swallowing the piece of sandwich in my mouth and the bulge in my pants grew. Suddenly I was no longer hungry. I wanted her.

“Show me how you wank,” she said nonchalantly.

“Uhm… I…” I felt the heat in my face as I blushed.

“C’mon, don’t be shy. I know you do it almost every night. I’d love to see. Show me, and I’ll show you how I do it.”

“Do you…?” I asked uncertainly. I have never thought that she also masturbated, but I guess it made sense.

“Of course, everybody does it. It is natural.” Her slender hand was playfully rubbing the crotch of her bikini bottom.

Reluctantly I pulled my hard-on from the top of my pants. A drop of pre-cum oozed from the hole.

“No, no, take off your shorts. I want to see your balls and everything,” she instructed, her hand still busy between her legs. I noticed a dark stain forming on the material between her fingers. She was as hot as I was.

“Okay, but you too,” I answered boldly.

“No problem.” She lifted her hips and slid the bikini bottom down her hips and legs and then kicked them aside. “Happy now?” she asked as she spread her legs wider. I again gazed in wonderment at that lovely wet pussy. I wanted to taste it again — soon. I got up and slid out of my shorts before sitting down again.

“Carry on, show me,” she insisted, her middle finger sliding between her moist cunt lips. I took my cock in my fist. I’ve never thought of myself as particularly big, but I knew that my cock was fairly thick — my own fist hardly closed around the shaft. I’m uncut and pulled back the foreskin, exposing the head which looked like a hard, glistening küçükyalı escort plum. Another dribble of pre-cum ran down the side of the shaft and onto my fist as I built into a slow rhythm. “Oh God, you have a beautiful cock,” Alice whispered and licked her upper lip suggestively.

“You think?” I asked, fishing for compliments from this sexy woman finger fucking herself for me.

“Take it from someone who knows, Dan. You have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s so thick, and that head is huge. You’ll make any red-blooded woman happy.” I kept pumping my fist up and down my straining shaft as she spoke. My eyes locked on the action of her fingers in her wide-open pussy.

“You have a beautiful pussy,” I returned the compliment.

She gave a short laugh and said: “Seen many, have you?”

Again I blushed as I realized she was mocking me. “Yeah, I have… on the net.”

“Ah, yeah, should have figured. But how many real pussies have you seen, Dan?”

I hesitated before blurting, “Just two, including yours.”

“Oh? Who did the other one belong to?”

“Just some girl in school, and I didn’t actually get a good look. She was sitting opposite me one day during lunch break. Her skirt rode up and she wasn’t wearing any panties.”

I didn’t realize that my hand had stopped moving when Alice said: “Don’t stop jerking off. Work that cock. Look at my wet open cunt while you do it.”

I resumed pumping my cock, my gaze never wavering from her crotch. She now had three fingers inside her and a stream of juices had run down between her legs, across her exposed asshole and onto the lounger below, staining the wood.

As if sensing that I was about to cum, she admonished, “don’t you dare cum yet! I have other plans for that beautiful cock.” I squeezed my fist tightly around my shaft, trying to keep back the flood. Maybe she would blow me again. I certainly hoped so.

She got up and walked the few steps to my chair, untying her top as she did so. Then she put one foot next to my hip on the chair and straddled me in a fluid motion. She was now standing above me and I looked up to the point where her long legs joined. A shiny strand of juice ran from her wet pussy to her upper thigh and slowly rolled down her leg. Fuck, she was sopping wet! I reached out and twirled it around my finger before sticking it in my mouth. It had that same salty sweet flavour I remembered from that morning. I was addicted to pussy juice. “Hmm, you taste nice.”

“You like the taste of my pussy, huh?”

“Like it? I love it! Can I eat you?”

“Later, first I’m going to fuck you. I want that thick cock of yours in my wet cunt,” she answered and sank down on her haunches. Her open excited pussy was only inches from my dick. She grabbed my shaft and aimed the purple head at her inviting opening. Slowly she sank down on my pole. I could feel her wet heat engulf me. I looked down my body and saw that I was now completely inside her, her pussy lips squashed against my pubic bone. My mother’s sister — my aunt — was fucking me! I knew it was wrong, but it was the best feeling in the world and I didn’t want it to stop.

Alice slowly moved her hips, almost a grinding motion, her head thrown back and her mouth slightly open. Her tongue darted between her lips. “Oh God, this feels so good. Your cock feels so good inside me,” she moaned. “Touch my tits, please.”

I complied, feeling the soft weight of them in my hands. I ran my thumbs across her rock-hard nipples. They were a dark pink-brown, about an inch in length and burned with a heat of their own. “Pinch them,” She ordered. I took them between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed lightly. “No, fuck, harder! Hurt them!” she growled through gritted teeth. I did and she moaned in pleasure, her pubis grinding against mine.

“Look at me, look at my cunt fucking your cock,” she ordered and almost lifted clear of my shiny shaft before sinking down again. She kept this up for a while and I looked as I slid in and out of her open sex. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

Suddenly her breathing became faster. A red flush spread across her chest and she shouted: “Oh God, I’m going to cum. I’m… aahhggg… yes… yes… I’m cumming! Fuck me!” I grabbed her ample hips and slammed her down onto my pistoning cock, doing as she pleaded. “Yes, yes… ohhh… YES! Make me cum again. Yes… I’m close… I’m cumming… againnnnn!”

I kept fucking up at her, my hips bucking furiously, the air filled with the wet slapping noises of our pleasure and she whimpered: “don’t you dare cum inside me, please.” Fuck, that was going difficult. I wanted to ignore her and pump my virile young seed deep into her womb, but she was probably right. I stopped bucking. She leaned forward and kissed me chastely. “Thanks, Dan. Don’t worry, I’m going to make it worth your while, I promise.” Then she rolled off me.

For a while, she played with my wet, hard cock as she lay next to me on her side. “Want to titty fuck me?” she asked. Her green eyes had that playful light in them again.


“You know what a pearl necklace is?”

“Jewelry?” I asked innocently.

She laughed and patted my cheek. “Not that kind of pearl necklace, silly. Get up, let me show you.” I did as she asked and she rolled onto her back. “Okay, now come and sit on my stomach, with your cock between my tits”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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