Losing My Virginity Ch. 02

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Sahil — The author — 20 year old Indian male from Ahmedabad (Western India)

Ami — My beautiful mother who is 43

Arun — My handsome dad — 45

This story has been continued from Losing My Virginity — Part 1.


Wow! I had just caught my parents making insane and passionate love to each other on camera. But being the naive guy was back then I didn’t realize that I had got something that would change my life forever.

As soon as my parents went to sleep after their marathon fuck, I slowly tiptoed myself out from the balcony back to my room. Once there, I downloaded the entire video onto my computer anxious to see the quality of the footage I had just shot. I was a little concerned about the quality of the video given the darkness I had shot it in. But when I checked it, everything was alright. The night vision of the camera worked pretty well and it was actually much better seeing the footage of my parents fucking than when I was actually in their room. The footage turned me on big time.

It turned me on so much that I jacked myself off three times before I actually could relax and sleep. I was super excited! Rightfully so.


I woke up around 11 AM next morning. It was no problem as it was a Sunday. I generally tend to be lazy on Sundays with a late wakeup and basically lazing around all day doing nothing except watching TV and hanging out with friends. Ahmedabad is a dry city so any indulgence with alcohol is a no-no.

But, this Sunday morning was like none other. As soon as I woke up I couldn’t comprehend the truth. Everything seemed a bit fuzzy. I felt like I was dreaming about last night’s happenings. I lied in bed thinking about what was transpiring. It was a little difficult to grasp the truth at first but then it hit me. Everything was real. The reason I had a little trouble separating truth from fiction was because I had been dreaming about it last night after actually witnessing it!

I got up and got ready before heading downstairs for breakfast.

I found mom in the kitchen making something special for dad. This had always been a ritual between mom and dad since they started Dr. Shah’s therapy. She made it a point to make something nice for dad on Sundays even though she had domestic help to do it for her. Apparently, Dr. Shah had said that it was nice to do such little sweet things for each other. It made even more sense to see mom doing it after seeing dad go down on her last night the way he did.

Dad was busy reading The Times of India. He was ready to go to the new golf course outside of town. It was the first of its kind in the city and dad had enrolled as member for a hefty price. And somehow, he was pretty good at playing golf despite his busy schedule. Earlier, he use to work full time on Sundays but had almost completely stopped that practice since the therapy and counselling started.

I just shot my “Good Morning” to the both of them. They reciprocated the greeting. I was relieved somewhat. I hadn’t entertained the thought while coming down the stairs that my parents might have saw me the previous night. But their normal reaction towards me negated that theory. Phew..!

Mom served dad with his favourite dishes. Dad happily gobbled everything up before running out. He was getting late for golf. He told us that he’ll get back by late afternoon.

That left me all alone with mom in the house


Once dad left, my sinister mind started working on a wicked plan. Mom was all alone in the house for the next five or six hours with me. The domestic staffs were fortunately on leave till evening as they were planning to attend a festival istanbul escort in the old city. I had the opportunity of a lifetime.

I asked mom about her plans for the day. She said she didn’t have an idea about what she actually wanted to do that day. She said she felt like watching a movie in the afternoon after lunch.

Bingo. I had my plan. I asked mom if she would like to see a movie with me. She agreed.


Lunch time on Sundays was 12 noon. And mom and I sat down to eat. The cook had prepared our meals early in the morning before leaving to attend the festival. So, mom and I only had to heat the food before eating.

Once we were settled on the table with our lunch, I asked mom how she and dad were doing since they started counselling with Dr. Shah. Mom said she and dad had never been happier and that Dr. Shah was a miracle worker. He had put their lives back on track and they felt rejuvenated as a couple.

I expressed my happiness on hearing that and asked mom what Dr. Shah had done to make their lives so amazing. I knew the answer to that question but I wanted to hear what mom would say (and more importantly, would not say!). Mom said that Dr. Shah had told them to talk and listen to each other a lot more and spend more time with each other rather being busy with work or other things. Mom said that they were following the doctor’s advice and were finding the going to be pretty good.

Mom asked me what I had been noticing about dad and her since the counselling started.

I told mom that I found their attitudes towards each other as well as everyone else a lot more positive and that they seemed a lot happier than they were before Dr. Shah.

“What else?” asked mom.

I said mom had started to dress much better since the last few weeks.

Mom smiled. She told me that she knew what I meant. She told me that I was old and mature enough to understand why she dressed much better. She said it was all part of the therapy and a natural thing. Of course, I knew what she meant by that. And I understood.


After lunch, mom and I sat in the living room and talked a lot more about the current happenings in our own lives with her discussing dad and the society gossip and I discussing my studies and sports.

These talks went around for some time until mom asked me about girls.


I told mom that I didn’t have a girl friend even though I had many female friends. She asked me if I was thinking about going out with someone or had a liking towards “someone special”.

I didn’t have any such “special” person in mind and I told her that.

Mom told me that it was high time I found some girl friend as these were the real days of my life that I could enjoy without any tensions and responsibilities and that it only went downhill once one started earning and had more family responsibilities.

This was somewhat startling as mom had never discussed anything like this about girls with me before. Plus, her suggestion and line of thinking was way different than what I had expected. Indian parents have this nagging habit of preventing their children from the “evil of dating” even in these modern times. What my mom said signified the exact opposite of that attitude.

I told mom that I understood and appreciated what she was saying but I said that I was focused on my career and had no time for such things.

“Make time” said mom.

She told me that it was necessary for me to be mature emotionally, mentally as well as physically before I decided to get married somewhere down the line. If I was not mature in all the three aspects, it would be difficult kadıköy escort to live happily.

I was startled. What did mom mean by being “physically mature”? Did mom just tell me that I needed to have sex before I got married so that I did not be unhappy after marriage? That is sacrilege to Indian tradition of remaining a virgin before marriage. Although most people don’t remain virgins before marriage it was unthinkable for a parent to suggest this kind of a thing to their children. Especially for mothers to prescribe something like this to their son is preposterous.

I asked mom what she meant.

Mom smiled.

She said that I very well knew what she meant. She told me that the times have changed. And that I need to move along with time. Men need to be physically ready to “perform” before marriage. If they aren’t then it leads to all sorts of problems after marriage.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Then came the big shocker.

Mom asked me if I had ever been physical with a woman earlier in my life.

My cheeks turned red with embarrassment. But, I managed to mutter a meek “No”.

Mom told me that it wasn’t something to be ashamed of. Nor should I be ashamed of talking to her about it. After all, it was a natural thing and an important part of life. If someone didn’t guide me then it would lead to problems later on.

I told mom that I wasn’t attracted to anyone in particular but I did watch porn on the Internet sometimes.

Mom told me that it was natural for me to be curious at this age. But I shouldn’t over do watching porn as that could lead to unrealistic expectations in the future, which is not a good thing.

Suddenly it struck me. Now was the time to make a move. Subtly.

I told mom that I had seen a couple once in the act.

“Really?” asked mom.

She wanted to know who the couple was.

I told mom that it would be better if she waited for a minute till I get something from my room.

I ran up to my room and got the DVD of my parents having sex.

I went to the living room and put the DVD in the player and turned on my 54 inch LCD TV.

Mom was puzzled a bit as to what was going on.

I told her to relax and take a look at the tape. I told her it was a sex tape.

Mom still had no clue as to what was happening.

But, in a few more seconds it was very clear to her as to what was going on.

Her jaw dropped with shock on seeing what her son had captured on his camera.

She could not speak for two or three minutes. But then the look on her face normalized and she once again comfortably assumed the posture on the sofa.

I was wondering as to what her reaction might be.

Then, she turned to me and told me to stop the tape. I thought she was going to go berserk and probably kill me. Instead, she told me that this was a natural act and nothing to be ashamed about. She further said that my shooting of this video further proves that I was very curious about sex and that I needed to fulfil those curiosities by sexual experimentation. If that did not happen soon than it would lead to severe problems very soon.

Now, I was puzzled. I didn’t know where she was going.

Mom said that it was obvious to her now that she was the object of my sexual desires and that I needed I had a crush on her.

Come to think of it, she was right.

So, she said that she would teach me about sex.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My mom was about to teach me about sex!

Mom said that as dad was not going to come back till evening we had a few hours during which she could teach me.

“Let’s kağıthane escort go to my bedroom”, she said.


We went up to mom’s bedroom. I had a full erection by then. All ready to fire.

Mom took me to her bed and sat down on it. She told me to remain standing and ordered to take my clothes off and get completely naked. I happily complied. I had lost all notion of shame as the excitement was surging through my body.

I stood there completely naked with my modest 6 inch manhood staring mom in her face.

Mom looked happy and without saying a word she started stroking my cock. I softly moaned as her beautiful fingers stroked my cock. It was a feeling unlike any other. She continued stroking with the pace of her strokes increasing gradually. I felt awesome.

Then, mom stopped stroking and put her lips around the tip of my penis and gave it a kiss. My penis throbbed in joy. Then her lips slowly started swallowing my cock deeper and deeper inside her mouth until I couldn’t see any part of my cock. She had deep throated me!

She continued sucking my cock and moving the tip of her tongue around the head. She kept on moving her hands gently around my thighs and but as she sucked on. It just felt so good that I can’t accurately describe it. It’s a feeling that probably can’t be done justice by words.

I told mom that I was about to cum. And before I realized what happened next I just lost control and my cock shot my load right on to the back of the throat. I felt my body relieved.

Mom kept on sucking and to my surprise, swallowed my load. I felt turned on by this.

Mom hadn’t looked into my eyes during this entire ordeal but after she swallowed my load she looked up into my eyes with a wicked look that said “I liked it”.


Mom said that that was the first lesson. My next lesson would be intercourse itself.

My member rose up hearing those words coming from my mother.

Mom hadn’t undressed yet.

She slowly undressed herself and was completely naked except her panties. Her breasts were spotless and magnificent. They were almost perfectly perky and given her age that in itself was an accomplishment.

She invited me to come towards her and remove her panties.

I knelt down towards her crotch and slowly removed her panties for her. The slightly pungent smell emanating from her pussy sent shivers down my spine. I could now see that her pussy was completely shaved. I couldn’t see that the earlier night while I was filming mom and dad having sex due to the darkness.

Mom slowly sat down on the bed and then lay on her back. She told me to get on top of her missionary style. I complied.

Then she took my again throbbing penis and guided it to her pussy.

My cock slowly entered her now self lubricated pussy. The feeling was amazing. I had lost my virginity to my mother. My dick had entered the cavern it emerged from 20 years ago. What a feeling it was!

I slowly stroked in and out as per my mother’s instructions and fought the urge to move in with faster strokes. This helped me as I could last longer.

I knelt down and French kissed my mother as I continued stroking her.

This lasted for a few minutes until I felt strong contractions enveloping my cock. My mom’s walls were contracting tightly around it. Mom had started shaking feverishly. I realized she was cumming.

My cock could not hold out to this onslaught and gave in by unloading a cumsplash into my mother’s pussy.


Mom and I lied next to each other in her bed that she shared with dad. It was just so nice. I still could not believe what had transpired. I had lost my virginity to my mother. My mother had given me a blowjob and then I had fucked her till we both came together. Magical to say the least.

Suddenly, the door bell rang. We realized that dad had come back and scrambled to get clothed quickly.

Luckily, dad never suspected anything.

Thanks Mom,


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