Losing Her Virginity

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Losing Her Virginity
Losing Her Virginity
It was a beautiful Summer day. Sun shone brightly. Birds twittered joyfully. I was a young girl and beyond bored.

We had just moved to the area so I hadn’t had a chance to make any friends yet. On top of that my parents were extremely religious and practically kept me under lock and key. Especially when they weren’t home, I was forbidden to go anywhere.

So on this unbearably boring day stuck at home all alone I found myself exploring our new back yard… a small half acre in the rural burbs and completely covered in fir trees. Plenty of shade and what I learned to later appreciate, lots and lots of privacy.

Our family had recently adopted a dog. My parents aren’t dog people so the poor guy was kept outside. He was some kind of Heeler mix with a fluffy coat, maybe about three or four years old. He seemed real nice but always aloof.

Since no one was around to keep me amused I took advantage of the slow hot day to get to know him better.

After awhile of trying to play with this dog that wanted nothing to do with fetch, catch or any normal doggie game, I realized he was much more focused – on me!

I didn’t understand at first, but he was a persistent fella. He seemed bahis siteleri to love the smell coming from between my legs. This was almost funny to me! At my young age, I had yet to discover the physical power of my cunny. He was about to show me!

As it slowly dawned this dog wanted more than just pets and belly rubs, my reserves began to break down as sultry curiosity took over.

I decided to let him get a little closer. I watched where he sniffed. His intentions were clear. My pulse quickened as I began surging with feelings both ancient and new. It seemed wrong but felt so incredibly right! He began nosing my pantied virginal crotch. Liquid heat started draining from my belly straight out toward his venturing tongue.

It felt so good so amazing I immediately became really really scared… scared that I might get caught!

I quickly jumped up and away from him and scanned the backyard. I crept out front – driveway was clear. Good. Inside, empty. Once I started feeling safe again and fully confirmed we were completely alone, I became much more brazen.

At that point I knew what the dog wanted. He wanted at my private parts.

Even though I knew I’d get in trouble if I was caught, I knew I wanted mobilbahis more of that incredible feeling he created down there.

I made my way back to him. We hid under the deck, just in case! He seemed so much more excited and interested in me now. All I had to do was barely open my young legs and he dived right in sniffing and licking and squirming his nose deeper. Pushing my now soaked panties into my young nether lips as his tongue forced its way even deeper.

More. My body demanded. “Please more”, my brain pleaded…I boldly pulled my panties aside…

The electric shock radiated throughout my entire body as his huge raspy tongue made contact.

“Yeeeessssssss”, was all I knew in that moment. Pure pleasure like none I’d ever known coursed through every inch of me.

I lost all sensibility.

All I knew was a****l desire filling me. Wanting more…needing more….

He began wildly bucking his hips as his ravishing tongue cleaned my insides. He crept closer. Hunching over me. Hips thrusting quickly…it was now or never!

I let it happen…BAM BAM BAM! His pointy wet prick stabbed at me. My thighs, my belly, my ass! His angle was off I could tell right away. All I knew is I had to feel it inside me. perabet I wanted his sheath in me as bad as he wanted to put it in there…that’s when I rolled over. Instinctively I presented myself to him. Imagine a young perky ass sky high with a perfect tight doggie portal simply begging to be stuffed!

He rushed to mount me. Those crazy hairy hips pumping and poking. His front legs gripped my waist. Thrust! And miss…Thrust! And miss…ugh with every miss I craved his cock more! Pleasurable pain from his frantic jabbing caused me to reach back and assist. I grabbed hold of his slippery wet member and guided it towards my hungry little hole. One, two, three!!! He slipped right in filling my tight emptiness with such bulging energetic desire! Amongst his throaty growls of delight, I gave in completely letting the new sensations wash over me and began pushing my hips back against his thrusts.

Caught up in each other’s ecstasy, panting in unison, I became his as he finally came to a rest pumping me full of drippy puppy seed.

I was amazed and fully aroused. A level of wanton desire I hadn’t known existed before! It didn’t even hurt at all. In fact it felt like… like Heaven! But unfortunately it finished as fast as it started!

However, lucky for my little teenage cream pie, he failed to knot me…that day…lol.

Learning about the knot is a whole other story. One which I promise to share very soon – xoxo
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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