Lorrie’s College Days Adventures

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My wife, Lorrie, has been promiscuous since a very early age. She was a gorgeous 18 year old, blue-eyed, 5’4″ blonde with 36-C breasts topped by huge nipples when she was in her only year of college. She has an intense psychological desire to be accepted and liked by males. She knew she had incredible beauty with a fabulous body so one way of accomplishing this desire for male attention was through exposing herself and offering herself to men.

Another trait that has followed her through-out her lifetime and has enabled her to attract men is that she craves sex…Lorrie NEEDS sex! She has never been able to get enough! Once a male has climaxed in her pussy, ass or mouth, she believes that she had captured his essence, or his commitment to her. This is always her goal.

I know a lot of people will describe Lorrie as a nymphomaniac. I suppose that would be my best definition of her since that describes a woman that is supposed to have unusually high sexual compulsions or hyper sexuality… a woman that has uncontrollable desires to have sex with many different men.

Lorrie had experienced several high school and college boys by the time she entered college at 18. One of those included me on multiple occasions. During college, she discovered a whole host of very desirable males. Many of these were members of the men’s basketball team. They had incredible bodies, great stamina, loads of testosterone and loved sex. She dated many of the college basketball male team members during her first year in school and fucked most of them. She kept a diary of the more memorable ones.

The following is a true story related to me by my wife. It is collaborated by a friend of mine who knew one of the participants that told him it was the most erotic nights he has ever experienced.

Lorrie’s College Days Adventures

Lorrie made sure she did not miss a home men’s basketball game. At the conclusion of the games, she would hang around at courtside afterwards to see if she could latch onto one of the players for a “date.” During this particular evening, Dan, a guard on the team, walked out and spotted her immediately. Lorrie was wearing a white low cut blouse that accentuated her bust and a short, circle pleated skirt. Dan approached her and asked if she wanted to “get a Coke.”

Dan was one of the players that had sex with her before and knew she was a cinch “lay” if he got her in his car. Lorrie quickly responded “I would love to.”

Dan said “I have a couple of guys that want to go with us.” Lorrie was devastated upon hearing this! She assumed that she was going to miss out on sex that evening. How wrong she was!

Dan and Lorrie walked out to the car and were followed by the other two players. Tim, a handsome 6’8″ forward and Kikke, a 7′ center on the team from Senegal. She had not met either of these boys before. Lorrie and Dan climbed in the front seat while the two others got in the back.

They drove to the local Dairy Queen and ordered drinks. Dan then immediately drove to a rural area that Lorrie recognized as the place he had taken her several times before for sex. Lorrie became a bit nervous because of the guys in the back seat. She wanted to have sex with Dan but was not sure how the others would react.

As soon as he parked, Dan began to make out with her, French kissing her and massaging her huge breasts. He even reached under her dress to find she was not wearing panties, which was normal for her when she was on the prowl. Once the lovemaking became heated, Dan turned around and asked Tim and Kikke if they would mind exiting the back seat. They moved around to the front of the car and sat on the hood. Dan and Lorrie then moved to the back seat.

Tim had experienced double-teaming a girl like this before with Dan so he expected to have a turn with Lorrie when Dan was through. Poor Kikke was wondering what to do since he had never done anything like this.

In no time, Dan had removed Lorrie’s clothes … she was now completely nude, a state she loved when having sex. Dan took removed his pants and underwear then pulled Lorries’ head over to his erect dick. She was experienced in oral sex and got him rock hard in no time by taking his dick deep into her mouth.

Lorrie loved the feel of a big hard cock in her mouth. She used her tongue around the head of his cock and created a vacuum in her mouth. Then she began moving her mouth up and down on Dan’s hard dick and began massaging his balls. She used her teeth to lightly scrape his dick’s head knowing this would increase his pleasure.

Dan began to moan from Lorrie’s hot, wet mouth surrounding his dick. Lorrie could almost simulate her cunt with the manipulations of her mouth. Dan thought it was incredible that this beautiful girl loved any type of sex and it was so easy to get her clothes off and horizontal. His next thought was if he did not end oral sex quickly he was going to cum in her mouth. He really wanted to fuck her hot, wet cunt.

Lorrie’s pussy was dripping from all the petting and knowing what was going to happen kartal escort next. She felt a tingling in her clitoris that fueled her desire to get Dan’s dick in her pussy. She could feel her body heating and knew from experience that her skin was beginning to redden.

Dan pulled her mouth off his dick and pushed her onto her back then immediately pushed his dick into her cunt. This is exactly what she was wanting … a hard dick in her itching cunt.

She gasped when he entered her with such force. She could feel the ridges of his head as it entered her. She thrilled as he continued to enter her all the way. She loved the way that a good hard and large dick pushed apart the walls of her vagina. His big hairy balls slapped against her pussy and tickled her clit. The feeling of their intercourse was awesome . She started small, little climaxes almost immediately.

Lorrie glanced out the window and saw Tim and Kikke watching them. She knew they were admiring her body and the way that she enjoyed sex and that thrilled her. She wanted to put on a show for them that they would not forget.

She wrapped her arms and legs around Dan’s back and started pushing upwards, completely lifting herself off the car seat. It was as if she did not want any part of his dick to escape her pussy. Lorrie became immune to the two outside the car and begin to almost scream for Dan to ” fuck me, Dan … fuck me! I love your dick in my pussy. You fill me up. Oh, baby … keep going … I am already cumming.”

Lorrie’s verbal commands excited Dan even more and knew he would not last long. Her cunt was so hot and she kept squirting her vaginal juices every few minutes creating a wet puddle on the car seat. Her pussy was so hot and squeezing his dick every time she pushed herself off the seat.

He looked down at her huge tits topped by her large nipples and placed his mouth over one and starting biting her nipple. Lorrie’s nipples are very sensitive and she went berserk. She smashed his mouth against her breast making it difficult for Dan to breathe. She would not let up so he bit down harder on her nipple. She screamed and released her hold on his head allowing him to recover his breathing.

In a very short time, he was spurting cum into her hot and tight pussy. She could literally feel her clit vibrating as the hot liquid from Dan’s balls empted into her cunt. Lorrie screamed again as a huge climax overcame her … “Oh my God, Dan … oh, my Godddddddddddddd …”

Finally Dan relaxed on top of her as they both were gulping air trying to recover from the incredible sex act. They were covered in sweat even though the temperature was cool. Dan helped Lorrie sit up and exclaimed, “Baby, that was the most incredible sex I’ve ever experienced.”

Lorrie could only mutter “It was wonderful!” Even so, Lorrie was ready for more sex. She moved over to capture Dan’s dick in her mouth and get him ready again. However, he stopped her.

Dan reached for his pants and begin put them on. Lorrie decided the sex was over with and began to reach for her bra and blouse when Dan caught her hands and said, “No, don’t!” She stopped puzzled at what was next.

Dan quickly exited the car and hollered “next”. Tim was already waiting at the door with his pants off and a very erect and large dick. He and Kikke had been watching Lorrie and Dan fucking through the back window in anticipation of having his turn with this awesome blonde with the big tits.

Tim had been aware of Lorrie for some time. He had seen her in the gym on many occasions and heard the other players talking about their exploits with her. He thought she was a gorgeous girl and desired to have her like the other players had.

Lorrie was flustered but before she could react, Tim was pushing her back on the seat. She had fucked multiple partners before but had not expected it this time. She barely knew the other two basketball players. She was ready for more sex. It was just that she was not expecting it from these two players. But she decided to lay back and enjoy it.

Tim was tall, 6’8″, and laying down on her, he completely covered her. Due to his height, he could not close the back door next to his feet. He immediate starting kissing her and placed a large hand on her left breast and began kneading it, squeezing the large and hard nipple. Her breasts fascinated him, she was only 5’4″ with a 23″ waist so her 36″ C-cup breasts looked absolutely huge on her. Plus, he had never seen such large nipples that were so pronounced and hard.

While they continued to tongue wrestle Lorrie reached down to feel Tim’s dick. She was excited to find that it was both large and hard. She was ready for another round of sex and did not want to wait any longer.

Tim took his dick in his hand and rubbed it against Lorrie’s cunt, getting it lubricated with the comingled juices flowing from her pussy lips. Every time it passed over Lorrie’s clit she shuttered with a small climax. She was literally consumed with desire when Tim finally pushed his dick’s head through maltepe escort bayan her vaginal lips and into her steaming vagina.

She immediately felt the difference between Dan and Tim … although both were well endowed, Tim’s dick was much thicker and stretched the walls of her cunt. She loved the fullness that it gave her. Lorrie moaned and breathed “Oh Tim, you feel wonderful. Please go faster, Baby. I am ready to climax if you will just go faster.”

Tim started fucking her with abandon and had her gasping through an intense climax within a few minutes. His movements were very different than Dan’s. He moved his hips in and out much faster and Lorrie liked this. She could feel him deeper in her tunnel than with Dan. Tim keep telling her she was “so beautiful, so sweet and a great fuck.” Lorrie was moaning lowly and began her climax with a loud ” Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… cum in me baby … I need your cum!”

It did not take Tim long to add his cum to Dan’s, filling Lorrie’s cunt to overflowing. He jabbed his dick into her vagina as far as her could and spurted a steady stream of hot cum in the deepest part of her. She felt as if her whole body was vibrating and her clit was the epicenter. She could actually feel the hot liquid from his dick soaking her insides and it felt wonderful and added to her excitement. She had claimed a new man!

The cum mixed with her own vaginal fluids began to squirt out around Tim’s throbbing dick and into her sparse, blonde public hair and onto the car seat. They both begin to relax but Lorrie’s clit was still buzzing. She wanted more!

Tim was first to speak saying “Lorrie, that was incredible. I have to have you again. No one has ever taken me to the heights that you have tonight.”

Lorrie replied “Any time you want, Tim. You are a great lover!”

Tim looked out the door window and noticed that Kikke was standing ready. He could barely make out Kikke’s black body in the dark but he knew that he too was ready for his turn with Lorrie.

Tim moved out of the car and motioned to Kikke that he was “next”. This alarmed Lorrie when she saw that her intended “next” was Kikke. First she had never fucked a black man. And, Kikke was huge … 7 feet of black ebony muscle.

Lorrie sat up to get a good look at him. When she was finally able to see by the car’s inside light she became concerned. His dick was already erect and it was huge. Long and thick! Almost the size of her forearm. She feared that she would not be able to take this monster and but she was excited at the prospect of trying. Kikke quickly moved into the back seat pushing Lorrie back and not giving her time to protest.

Kikke started with her tits… mashing one in his huge hand and latching his lips onto the other. He had never had a white girl before and was excited to experience her. She looked so pale against his ebony body. He spent some time making love to her breasts. They were so much different that his girl friend’s. They were firm and stood up high on her chest. He loved fondling them and sucking on her nipples and tit flesh. He was sucking on her tit so hard she knew she would have bruises.

Kikke then positioned his massive pole against her pussy, moving it up and down, getting it wet from the various juices leaking from Lorrie’s cunt. Her entire vagina began to tingle.

Lorrie worried about taking his huge member. She grabbed his dick and was shocked when her hand could not reach completely around it. She began pleading “Please go slow, I’m not sure that I can take all you but I want to try. Let me get it good and wet first” She lowered herself and tried to get her lips around his huge head. She knew she had to create as much moisture as possible to make it easier to take him in her so she started lubricating him with her saliva as much as possible.

But Kikke wanted her pussy, not her mouth. So he pushed her back and positioned the head of his dick against her opening. Grunting, he pushed hard and his head popped into her very wet and slick cunt. Lorrie’s eyes opened wide … she gasped as it felt huge entering her. Kikke rested with just the head inside her stretched lips while he continued to service her breasts. Lorrie was almost dizzy with passion to get this started.

She just knew Kikke was going to treat her to a new experience. She could feel the entire texture of his dick’s head as it rested in her entry because it so tight. But Kikke was careful with her.

All Lorrie could think of was, “OMG, this is really going to happen. My fantasy is going to come true tonight. A black lover with a dick larger than any I have ever tried before.”

He slowly moved more into her. Lorrie began to feel even the veins of his shaft due to the tightness as it moved down her canal. Her pussy was pulsing with vaginal juices. Finally, she looked down to see that she was halfway impelled on his dick. She again cried that “Oh my God, oh my God, you feel me completely”.

Kikke grunted and started backing it out and Lorrie thought he was escort pendik going to take it completely out. Then he quickly reversed and pushed it back in and began to fuck her slowly and gently. Lorrie slowly began to get used to the fullness and was quickly beginning to accept the fact that she was really going to get fucked by this giant.

After several minutes, Kikke pulled her out of the car with his dick halfway in her pussy. He grabbed her around the waist and stood up with her clinging to him with her arms around his shoulders and her legs wrapped around his waist. Once he was standing he began picking her up and quickly pushing her back down. Lorrie felt like a little doll in this giant’s arms. She felt intense pressure in her vagina as he pushed more and more of his dick into her.

She could not believe how hot Kikke was. His skin was actually burning to the touch as if he had a fever. His huge dick felt like a hot poker in her pussy. She had not experienced this with anyone else.

Kikke finally reached the bottom of her cunt and Lorrie cried for him to slow down. But he kept it going and slowly more and more of his dick disappeared into her cunt. After several minutes of pushing he had stretched her and his gigantic dick was completely immersed in her cunt. Lorrie felt it was reaching her stomach. She could feel his groin again hers The pressure was intense but she became excited and full of pride because she was able to accept all of this huge black dick in her. She started a continuous climax and screamed “Oh God, oh God, oh God …” as he quickened his pace.

Dan and Tim watching could not believe the spectacle they were witnessing… this little white girl with her big tits clinging to a huge black man with his massive cock jammed in her pussy!

Soon Lorrie was climaxing continuously and then began to “squirt” copious amounts of liquid which was leaking out of her pussy every time Kikke raised her up on his dick. Kikke began to realize that Lorrie was actually squirting vaginal juices and was amazed. He had never had a woman do this with him.

Lorrie was moaning loudly and began to chant… “fuck me, fuck me, cum in me, cum in me… I want your cum.” Kikke felt his balls tensing and realized this tight pussy was causing him to reach his climax in almost no time.

Meanwhile, Lorrie was feeling little electric shocks in her cunt and especially her clit whenever Kikke bounced his dick against her cervix. This gave her a burst of adrenaline and she started fucking him back with earnest. Lorrie soon reached a giant climax and started screaming… “aaaagggggggggg… fuck… fuck… cum in me… cum in me”.

This caused Kikke to start squirting his hot cum into her cunt. Lorrie thought he was ejecting hot liquid directly into her womb. He kept cumming and cumming… it seemed it would never end. Suddenly, it started leaking out of her cunt and onto her thighs in a steady stream. Kikke slowly stopped fucking her, turned and sat down in the back seat with Lorrie still impaled on his dick. Sweat was pouring off of both of them and mixed with his thick, gooey cum and her hot vaginal juices. Lorrie was like a rag doll… completely exhausted from fucking all three guys and one with the biggest dick she had ever seen. Her whole body was quivering from all the intense climaxes she had experienced.

Dan was standing outside the open back door and proclaimed “You know I hate to break up this fuckfest but we must be back in our dorm in 30 minutes to meet curfew. Coach has already warmed me that one more bed check miss and I may lose my scholarship. Get dressed, we gotta go”.

Don started the car and after making sure everyone was in, returned to town. Tim had entered the back seat on the other side of Lorrie fully clothed. He started helping Lorrie put her blouse on, sans her bra, while helping himself to massaging Lorrie’s bruised and sore tits. He simply could not resist handling them one more time. She looked down as he was doing this and was shocked to see several large bruises on both breasts. Her nipples were a flaming red from all of the guys chewing on them. But the dull pain from them actually felt good to her.

Kikke, on the other side of Lorrie, was trying to help get her skirt back on but she had no strength to raise her legs to help him. So, he pulled it up on her thighs as far as he could and left it there. She looked down and saw that cum was still streaming out of her angry red cunt lips. It was clotting in her light blonde pussy hair and looked as if she was washing herself with thick soap… bubbles and all.

Dan pulled the car up outside Lorrie’s dorm and Tim stepped out so that he could get Lorrie out. She still had not pulled her skirt up so her sopping cunt was on full display. Tim stood her up and helped her get her skirt up to her waist. As soon as that happened, he climbed back in the car and they sped off to their dorm.

Lorrie was left standing by the curb. She finally started walking, or stumbling, up the walk to the dorm. She met a couple of other girls entering the dorm. She could tell from the looks they were giving her that they knew what she had been doing. Her tits were exposed since half the buttons on her blouse were open, her skirt was on crooked, cum running down her legs and she had her bra in her hand.

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