Loosening Up Bk. 10 Ch. 06-10

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Chapter 6 – Virginia

About one a.m., Dave looked around the bed and chuckled to himself. He had wiped out three women, leaving them speechless and in a state that Dave had heard of as ‘rode hard and put away wet’. The term had been corrupted from equestrian usage, and these days referred to the totally disheveled and exhausted appearance of the three women who’d been happily fucked past their limits and endurance.

Lolly had initially captured Dave’s attention, so he gave her dedicated attention, even giving her The Experience again, right under Vickie and Denise’s noses. He’d then had a long fuck session with Lolly, giving her orgasm after orgasm until she pleaded with him for a rest and to pay attention to her best friends. Middle aged women don’t usually get a string of a dozen major Big O’s to help tone their bodies.

Vickie urged Dave to do her mother next. Denise approached the bed cautiously until he grabbed her arm and yanked her on the mattress and then smothered her with kisses as she giggled like a school girl. She got in the spirit of things right away, got leveled by The Experience, and then as one of Dave’s devout slaves, tried to fuck his brains out. Dave was more than up for the task, and left her panting and sated next to the nearly comatose Lolly. Vickie then got the same treatment with similar results.

Lolly and Denise held each other, as Dave and Vickie made love. Dan came over and joined the two older women. Both women sucked on his cock, and then Denise mounted the older man and rode him for one more round. After that pleasant interlude, Dave insisted that the three of them clean each other up with their tongues in a triangle on the bed.

Dan wasn’t new to cleaning up a woman with cum in her pussy, but not all of it was his. He balked but then Lolly insisted that he get to work.

Vickie looked like a slightly older version of Laura Bentley, one of Dave’s favorite porn queens. She had the same flirty air about her, and seemed to like to fuck even more. Further, she even had a small tattoo on her hip near the same place as the porn star. After some action, and then The Experience, Vickie had tried to wear Dave out. He was not worn out at all, and blasted twice more in her pussy before she waved a white tissue and surrendered. Dan cleaned up Vickie as well.

Dave slept with Lolly and Vickie in Vickie’s bed, while Dan and Denise conked out. Lolly and Vickie both got middle of the night lovemaking sessions that further contributed to their worn-out and bedraggled look come morning.

No one stirred in either bedroom until nine a.m. Dave had awoken but went back to sleep.

Vickie dedicated herself to Dave for the day and the others willingly gave her the reins. She drove Dave around Ashville and showed him the sights, and then repeated a tour of the Biltmore Estate with him. Dave described the place as ‘What God would have built if he’d had the money’. Of course, she was head over heels in love with him and the pair ended up looking like a honeymooning couple as they toured Ashville.

The five tourists ate dinner together in the inn’s room again. Dan, Lolly, Denise, and Vickie were going to head east back on Interstate 40 to Interstate 85, and then head north aiming for their other home in Maine. Apparently, the women were all planning on giving Dan a run for his money while they were all together for the rest of the month up there. Dan looked hopeful and grinned a lot during that revelation by his wife. Dave was noncommittal about seeing them in Maine.

After a repeat of the previous night, with more threesomes than not, Dave slept with Denise and Lolly, again playing the role of insatiable satyr in the middle of the night to their delight.

The next morning, after a leisurely breakfast and the departure of the two cars with the tourists, Dave packed up his motorcycle and rode to the local entry point for the Blue Parkway. The weather was ideal and so Dave got underway.

Dave meandered along at a slow pace enjoying the many scenic views. He’d stop at every overlook and take some pictures with his cellphone. He sent several of them home. He found some deer that seemed to not care about his presence twenty feet away, so they also had their picture taken.

As Dave rode, he thought about the Circle and the friends he was missing. He also thought about the interesting men and women he’d already met on his trip. He wasn’t sure whether he’d ever see Lolly, Dan, Denise, and Vickie again, but they were likeable and an erotic diversion for several nights.

Sue Gaylord, he hoped would move to the Circle. He really did develop a soft spot in his heart for her and wanted to enjoy her company repeatedly in the future. He made a note to himself about composing a love letter to her to lure her in if she started to get cold feet. The experiences they had making love suggested to him that she might even be ‘wife’ material.

The two spinners he’d met in Myrtle Beach he wasn’t sure about. They weren’t bostancı escort bayan even twenty when he’d actually looked at their driver’s licenses. That said, Lila and Kami both had seriously entertained the idea of transferring to the Sarasota branch of the state university so they could be near Dave and the Circle. Moreover, they were exceptionally well-informed about the Circle; more than any of the others he’d met.


Dave expected someone from the Circle would meet him in Lynchburg, Virginia. Alice had texted him to head to the small airport there. For a while, he’d thought about managing who from the Circle would see him when, but Alice took over and told him to mind his own business. She said she knew what and who was good for him when, and had specific ideas about how often and where. She was able to track his whereabouts on the Find Friends app on their phones. She’d know when he was getting to Lynchburg, maybe before he did. If they didn’t talk, he’d text her about any partners he’d found along the way. When he’d texted her about Lolly, Denise, and Vickie, he’d gotten back a smiley face laughing so hard tears were falling.

Dave stopped at one of the scenic turnouts and ate the box lunch he’d gotten from the hotel as he checked out. He took time to do a few calisthenics, too. Loosened up, he got back on his bike and headed back onto the narrow road known as the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trip was beautiful and just what he’d hoped as he went to avoid the Interstate highways.

Dave stopped at the Julian Price Campground and chose a campsite very near Price Lake. He spent about an hour setting up his tent and getting organized for dinner. He then put on his athletic gear and jogged the Price Lake Trail that went around the small lake. Dave figured the distance was around six miles over some forested terrain.

After cooling down, Dave did a quick dip in the cold lake water and then dried off in front of a small fire he’d started in his campground’s firepit. Amazingly, there were less than ten other people around the area, and the traffic on the Blue Ridge Parkway had all but stopped by five p.m.

Dave dressed again in his tent, and then set about preparing his first camp dinner. The fare was a beef stroganoff dinner, an energy bar, and a salad kit he’d bought at an Ashville grocery store. He drank lake water he’d used purification tablets on, since he was unsure of any contamination; the water was crystal clear, however.

After cleaning up from dinner, Dave set up his laptop on the picnic table at his campsite and then wrote in his journal for an hour. He certainly recounted the two nights with Lolly, Denise, Vickie, and Dan in his journal, and then added thoughts he’d had while riding his motorcycle about Sue, Lila, and Kami, and how they’d fit into the Circle.

About nine p.m. he’d lost much of the light as the sun had set. He folded up his computer and the few notes he’d made, and then opened up his sleeping bag and went to bed. He was asleep before his head hit his inflatable pillow.

The next day was a repeat of the prior day after Dave folded up camp. He ended in Blacksburg, Virginia in a Super 8 motel for the night. He’d eaten at a nice restaurant nearby and got back to the motel just as a heavy rain started. He chuckled to himself that any new sex partners for the night appearing was out of the question. After calling home he had phone sex with JR as she updated him about her behavior the prior evening with two visitors from Mark Worthington’s group – Deke and Ryan.

Alice also came on the phone and told him that he had reservations at the Roanoke Airport Hyatt for the next night. She told him he wouldn’t be alone, but didn’t provide any further information to his questions.

The next morning, Dave woke to find the heavy rain still washing down everything outside including his Harley. He was disappointed that the motel didn’t have a gym of any kind. Instead, he did some more calisthenics in his room, showered, repacked some of his gear, and then worked on his journal for two hours.

He saw a break coming in the weather when he checked the map and the weather channel on the room’s television verified that the afternoon would be improved. The rain changed to a drizzle about eleven in the morning, and stopped by twelve-thirty.

Dave left about an hour for the roads to dry out a little so he didn’t get too much spray from the cars in front of him, and then packed up the bike and headed east to Roanoke. He wore his rain gear and in the local traffic was wet before he’d gone for five minutes.

Dave didn’t follow his rules about avoiding Interstates. He took Interstate 81 and 581 to the Hyatt, going as fast as he felt safe on the still wet highway. The trip took less than an hour. He was unpacked and in the small suite that Alice had arranged a half-hour later. He then went and got a late lunch in the hotel’s restaurant.

The Hyatt had a great gym. After lunch, Dave changed back ümraniye escort to his exercise clothes and spent an hour working out, favoring aerobic exercise on the treadmill and ellipticals. He showered and then found the hotel had a small laundry room for guests. He had a large load of dirty clothes to wash in their facility. He also took time to rewash the camping utensils he’d used while camping.

Dave had just finished folding and repacking his dry clean clothes when the door to the suite opened and Alice grinned at him. “Hi, Lover. How’s your ride going?”

The two were in each other’s arms as the door started to swing shut behind Alice, stopping as it bumped against her suitcase.

The door reopened and Penny Amore appeared with a large smile. Alice moved aside and Penny flowed into Dave’s arms. “I’ve missed you, so I hitched a ride with Alice. We’re both here to fuck your brains out and leave you breathless. Of course, we’re hoping you’ll do the same to us.”

Alice shared, “Oh, he’s already discovered some pussy in his travels, but we can cover the next four days with him.”

Dave pulled both women close and kissed them. “Come into my abode. This is a very nice encampment you arranged for me. After two nights of camping on my travels I have reached the conclusion that activity is vastly overrated. I guess I’ve gotten too old and am too used to creature comforts.”

Dave suddenly asked, “Hey, how’s this going to work with the two of you? I can only take one of you on the Harley, unless we do something acrobatic.”

Alice laughed, “We flew in here with the Cessna Citation. In a day or so, I’m flying up to the EneRG plant in Wheeling for a weeklong visit with their accounting staff. I need to kick their ankles about a few things, mostly reporting. I’m also calling in an unexpected outside audit on them before they can cook the books. I have a guy from PricewaterhouseCoopers meeting me there on Wednesday morning with his team. They know it’s a surgical strike.”

“Crime prevention?”

“I don’t think so; more likely stupidity and ineptness in a few places. I don’t think the finance guys the plant manager hired are the brightest lights on the Christmas tree. We’ll see. The PwC guys have done our other plants so this shouldn’t be totally unexpected, only the timing.”

Dave turned to Penny, “And how are you able to take off from Retail Software without a care in the world?”

“I have over a hundred hours of comp time I built up when we were doing a major software upgrade for all our Florida customers. A lot of the upgrades were done over weekends before I got associated with the Circle. I wanted to spend a few hours of that time with you. Alice is going to fly me home on the weekend from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where you’re going to spend another night with me and Alice if she can make it. She’ll fly in and we’ll fly right out.”

Dave nodded. “Is anybody going to take your place on the back of my bike then?”

Alice shook her head. “Not then, but you can expect some further contact. We’ll let you know. This is a Penny fix.”

“No, I need the two of you,” Dave protested to his wife.

Alice went, “Tsk, tsk. A week or so ago, you had a virgin riding your big cock and her BFF riding your tongue in Myrtle Beach. Rumor has it you gave them both The Experience and that they’ll be moving into the Circle at the end of the summer with the hope for repeat experiences.”

Dave said, “That’s what I told you based on what they said to me.”

Penny said, “I happened to be with Ken last weekend, and he told me about your next conquest – Sue Gaylord. He told me she was going to be his houseguest this coming weekend so she could physically see the Circle, meet him in a social setting, and see whether everything felt comfortable for her.”

Dave mumbled, “I can’t believe it. I didn’t think any of them were that serious.”

Alice said, “Seriously in love with you, just like the rest of us.” She kissed her husband again and then slowly unzipped his pants. She looked at Penny and said, “There’s some kind of lethal weapon inside here. Perhaps you and I can neutralize it before we go to dinner.”

Penny assumed a look of mock horror. “Oh, yes, of course. I’ll do everything in my power and use every orifice of my body to try to tame that beast.” She lowered herself to her knees and then unbuttoned Dave’s jeans, pulling them down his legs along with his briefs. A moment later, she had six inches of his longer cock in her mouth and throat. That wasn’t all of it, either. Alice seemed to be doing something oral with his balls.

* * * * *

Dave, Alice, and Penny ate at the River and Rail Restaurant in Roanoke. Alice said, “I looked this up on the Internet, and it’s one of the top rated in the southern states.” Indeed, the place far exceeded their expectations.

Back at the hotel, the three of them went into the lounge where there was a jazz combo playing. A few couples were dancing, but mostly escort kartal the bar consisted of businessmen watching. Dave showing up with two hot women made him a notable exception to everyone else in the club.

Both Alice and Penny were wearing exceptionally short skirts, and scoop neck tops, along with CFM shoes. Despite the earlier romp in the sack as a threesome, the women looked like they’d just walked out of a sexy dream.

Alice told Penny about flashing people as part of her loosening up process years earlier. The result was that both women started to flash various men in the lounge their pussies, letting them get great views, or as much as they could get given the relatively dim lighting in the place. Dave expected that some men probably couldn’t tell whether they were looking at pussy or undies.

One bright young man probably about thirty wearing dockets and a long-sleeve man’s shirt with the neck open came to the table. He smiled at the three of them, “I’m Jim, and I am hoping that one of the gorgeous women in your company might deign to dance with me?” He looked both at Dave and at Penny and Alice. He actually bowed as he smiled.

Dave mimed a gesture to imply the decision was not his and resided with one or both women.

Alice caught Dave’s eye and winked. “If you don’t mind a slightly older woman, I’d love to dance.” She immediately offered her hand. As they left the table Dave and Penny heard her say, “I’m Alice from Sarasota, Florida. Where are you from?”

Penny said after they were on the dance floor, “You don’t mind?”

Dave laughed. “Mind? Heck no. Just think that I’ve been with six new women since I left Atlanta and our friends in the Association. I’m hardly in a position to complain even if I was inclined to, which I’m not. Alice knows. We talked this all-out years ago. If Jim passes her various tests, she’s going to fuck his brains out. You can join in to, if you want.”

Penny teased, “He is good looking, and I got good vibes from him in just those seconds he was here at the table. He was kind of cute the way he bowed to all of us. He seems very polite.”

Dave nodded, “Alice and I felt the same way, otherwise she’d have turned him down. She visually checked in with me and I subtly told her to do it. At this stage, it’s only a dance. He may have to deal with his own conscience, too. At his age, I’d expect he has a relatively new wife and perhaps a toddler at home. He looks like the type.”

“You mean he’d be cheating?”

“Maybe; that would depend on the agreement he has with his partner. I’ve never cheated on my wives. I want you to know that.”

Penny laughed, “Despite having so many partners? I assume you refer to the open marriage agreement you have with them, and everyone else.”

Dave nodded, “Exactly. When we started to loosen up, we talked about our marriage vows and whether and how we’d change them. The new vows we made have been used with all my wives. They encourage each other to embrace the love that the universe offers to them, regardless of the form it takes. There are no rules or prohibitions in our vows – implied or otherwise. They don’t make the love we have for each other conditional. Others have used them for their own marriages in the Circle.”

Penny smiled, “If Jim qualifies, would Alice bring him back to our room so we could all play together?”

“I think that would be her preference. She knows I love to watch her get it on with another man. It would be really prime in this case since I don’t know Jim or what his motivations or interests in Alice are. If you participate, I’d get a double dose.” They kissed. Penny knew she held a special place in his heart.

After a couple songs, Jim escorted Alice back to the table and at my invitation joined us. Jim lived outside of Boston, and worked with a software company on small and medium-size manufacturing control systems. He was in town for three days setting up a new client on the software and doing a couple of training sessions.

I explained that we were all ‘friends’, and they’d connected with me while I rode my motorcycle around the eastern part of the country after a really intense work period with a high-tech venture. I didn’t elaborate on the Circle or what the term ‘friends’ met, although both women were obviously with me and had apparently gone out of their way to be with me by looking as sexy as they did.

Jim asked Penny to dance, and she gladly went with him, happy to have a different partner.

Alice asked Dave, “You up to play around?”

Dave laughed, “Of course. How much do we want to shock his system?”

“I’m sure Penny and I can render him catatonic in an hour or two. I’d like you to watch. We’ll use our suite and do some swapping around.”

Dave nodded, and then the two of them went and danced.

When it was Alice’s turn to dance with Jim, Dave and Penny watched her turn on her charm. Alice quickly started to grind her hips into Jim’s groin, and even got bold and used her hand to smooth down the rising lump in his Dockers.

During one of the change of partners the foursome made, Penny picked up where Alice had left off. This time she started a series of hot kisses with Jim that Alice continued when she took over the marked man.

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