Looking For Katie Pt. 01

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Hayden Winters

(c) Copyright 2008 Shiny See. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. Edited by Mistress Penelope

Authors note: No physical sexual acts occur with minors. All depicted acts ultimately are between persons over 18 years of age. Some are incestuous in nature. If this offends you don’t read it, move on to another story.



Recently I nearly lost a close and dear friend. This brush with eternal separation reminded me of someone that was lost to me many years ago.

So I had to write this.

I’ve changed the names and filled in the quiet moments with porn but Katie, Beth and Katie’s dad will still recognise themselves.

Katie? If you’re out there? Drop us a line. A post card would do.

Looking For Katie

By Shiny See

Part One

When I was a lad, back in 1973, I lived a fairly normal suburban life. I was a good lad, middle boy of three. I worked part-time at the local bookstore; I was on the swim team at school and I’d even had a steady girlfriend until she ditched me for an older guy. Like I said a pretty average suburban life. And then Katie arrived. She moved in to the two-story villa a couple of houses down from us. The rest of her family moved in as well but I didn’t pay them much attention at the time.

Mum, being the neighbourly sort, had us boys troop down and give them a hand moving in. My brothers and I all tried to tell Mum that we had better things to do. I guess the transition from hanging out; bored, to active focused and busy was too abrupt. Besides, when mum gets her mind set on something we had no chance to do anything but comply.

Mum loaded me up with a tray carrying a pot of fresh coffee, milk, sugar, teaspoons, ‘cups for Africa’ and a plate of cookies. My two brothers had managed to skip out without having to take anything. Mum hauled aloft a huge tray of sandwiches and filled rolls. She was quite miffed at my brothers for leaving us with the load. I smiled inwardly and displayed my best, martyred expression. It was always good to score points on my brothers. They were going to get a good talking to.

I was the last to get there. There is an inherent instability to carrying so much stuff. The cups all seemed to grow legs and try to suicide off the edge of the tray. As things happened, arriving last was the best thing that could have happened to me. My big brother was already commandeered to one end of a huge cupboard and my younger brother was assigned to move a pile of boxes on the back of a trailer nearly twice his height. I had to smile.

That’s when I met Katie.

Mum was already being ushered indoors by a tall rather stern looking woman who glanced over her shoulder at me with what I thought for a second was a snarl. I’m sure it was supposed to be a smile but me goose bumps anyway, creepy. I wasn’t eager to catch up with mum. I was half way up the three steps that rose to the front porch when Katie came barrelling out the door, blonde hair flying.

That was Katie to a T. Wherever she was going, what ever she was doing, she was full speed ahead, no hesitations, and no doubts.

Katie’s blue eyes dazzled me and I nearly dropped the tray. I must admit; having Katie come to a screeching stop only a fraction of an inch away from total catastrophe didn’t help my balancing act. One cup did decide that it had had enough and took a header off the tray. Before it could end it’s slightly stained existence, shattered on the concrete steps, Katie snatched it out of the air.

“Hi I’m Katie,” she said and she took my heart right then and there.

I nearly over balanced when my knees went soft and my cock became hard. Loss of blood pressure in the brain I guess. Katie reached out and grabbed my shoulder to steady me. That moved her even closer. Her scent was light and floral, her touch electric.

And then there were two of them. For a second I thought I was seeing double. She had the same grin the same blue eyes and the same hair. I blinked. They were both still there. This new angel was grinning at me.

Katie was wearing a white t-shirt that said “Beat me I’m bad!” emblazoned across her pleasantly formed chest and dark blue shorts, this new slightly smaller vision had on a light floral wraparound sundress.

“This is my sister Be’elzebub.” Katie said with a laugh. Be’elzebub didn’t look too impressed.

“Elizabeth, actually, but friends call me Beth.” Be’elzebub said with a frown directed at her sister.

“Hi I’m…” dumbstruck … er … what was my name? “Steve.”

“Oo … how clever. A boy that can remember his own name,” Beth fired at me.

“I’m sorry, I’m terrible with names. You were … Be’el … Be’elze … don’t tell me I’ll remember….” Katie laughed. Suddenly I was a having a great day. The most beautiful girl in the world was laughing at something I’d said.

“Elizabeth.” She smiled, glanced at her older sister and continued, “But you can call me Beth.” There was an echo of her mother’s esenyurt escort snarl in that smile and fire and ice in her eyes. I had another attack of goose pimples and I was careful that some of the women in this family were dangerous. She walked down the steps and began to unload the back seat of a car.

“Don’t mind her.” Katie said in between chuckles, “I think she likes you.”

“Then I’d hate to see her if she was angry.”

“Oh that’s a given.” She smiled, “Come inside.”

Now there was a phrase that I didn’t expect to hear her say again, in totally different circumstances mind you, within a month. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Katie was my age plus a couple of months and I discovered to my delight we had many of the same classes. Because I was her neighbour and all round friendly chap, it fell to me to be her buddy at school for a couple of days while she became oriented.

Katie was way ahead of our class in math but woefully behind in history and social studies so once again I was volunteered to get her up to speed. This meant spending a couple of nights a week coaching her. Did I mind? Not on your Nelly! Tuesdays and Thursdays were marked down on my calendar in thick black marking pen.

I ended up spending more than just a couple of hours a week with the most beautiful girl in the world, Beth and my younger brother became quite good friends as well and on the weekends we were either at our place, we had a swimming pool or round at Katie’s, they had tether tennis and croquet. Beth was a mean croquet player and I guessed, deadly with a pool cue too.

After school one Thursday I grabbed my history books and strolled around to Katie’s. I didn’t bother knocking at the front door; I went straight around back as usual. I had one hand on the doorknob when I saw them through the window. Katie’s dad was pounding away on top of her. I could see his thick cock thrusting into his daughter’s rose pink snatch again and again.

Kids these days would probably know what to do. They have sex education and are warned against strangers and anyone trying to touch their private places, but in the 70’s you were lucky to get a nod and a wink from your old man. My dad went considerably further than most but nothing he talked about covered a situation like this. I knew a fair amount about sex and wanted it badly. Seeing Katie’s dad getting some … with my Katie shocked me speechless. I didn’t know what to do. There was no way, in my parochial mind, for something like this to be happening voluntarily. My Katie was being raped by her father!

I nearly went home and rang the police.

I didn’t though, and to this day I’m not sure why. I walked down to the park and sat under a tree wondering why my life seemed strangely disjointed, swirling around upside down.

It was at least a half an hour before I could get my head together and I decided that I would go back and have another look. If something was wrong I would still be able to ring for help.

Everything seemed normal. It was creepy. Beth was helping her scowling mum in the kitchen and Katie was sitting at the table with her homework out, ready for me. Of her dad, there was no sign. Everything was normal. Yeah, right.

Katie was warm and bubbly and she patted the chair beside her. I was still a bit stunned and stood in the open doorway blinking for a bit. Had I seen what I had seen? Had I really seen Katie on her back with her legs spread wide and her father thrusting his cock into her? Maybe I had gone to the next-door house by mistake. No way. No chance.

I sat down beside Katie. Her hair was damp as if she had just had a shower and her light perfume was fresh and just a tad cloying. I showed her the important sections to read and sat back still not quite sure what I should be doing. Katie started reading but she kept stopping and giving me a questioning look.

“Are you okay?” she whispered.

“Are you?” I whispered back.

Katie leaned closer. “What do you mean?”

What was I going to tell her? The truth I guess; she had a good ear for a lie. “I … I saw you … earlier.” Swallow that lump in your throat boy. “I came ’round earlier … and saw you … with … with your dad … on the couch.” I was blushing bright red. “Are you okay?”

Katie went pale and looked over her shoulder at the kitchen. “I’m … I’m just fine, honestly.” She took my hand, “but you’ve got to promise me that you won’t tell anyone. It’s no body’s business,” she looked over her shoulder again, “not even mum’s.” She looked a little coldly at me. She was her mother’s daughter and a chill ran down my spine. “I suppose you want something … something to keep you quiet.”

“What?” All right I admit it. I’m a bit slow on the uptake sometimes.

“What do I have to do so that you will keep your mouth shut?” her eyes were like ice fire. And I had thought her sister was the dangerous one.

“Huh? Sorry I don’t understand.” It was true my thick and addled head didn’t understand etiler escort what Katie was on about. “I saw you and … and I thought … I thought he was raping you!” I said remembering to keep my voice down but only just. “Are you okay?”

“You thought he was raping me?” she looked into my eyes lie detector out in full force.

“Yeah. I thought he was raping you.” If he was not raping Katie then … then … oh god, was she fucking her dad willingly? She said it was no body’s business especially not her mother’s if that look was anything to go by. She was! She was fucking her dad! My mind whirled and swirled.

“You’re not going to faint on me are you?” Katie gripped my hand tightly. The angry blaze was gone from her eyes, replace with concern. Katie was concerned for me? My world was upside down. “You’re lookin’ kind of pale for a while there pardner,” she said in her best John Wayne accent. It was so bad I had to laugh.

“So were you.” I put my hand to my heart and one lofted square at my shoulder and looked her in the eyes. Always the best place. “I promise not to tell and…” I swallowed; this should sell it. “… and I promise not to ask.” What did I just say? I promise not to ask? What lunacy? Of course I wanted to know what was going on but I guess a part of mum’s training had rubbed off on me. A friend doesn’t ask; friends are there with their support always. End of story.


I didn’t say anything. I raised one eyebrow and I tried to look as earnest as possible, not as easy as it might seem. One hand was still resting on my racing heart and the other still raised.

Katie’s face flushed and she squeezed up closer to me with a smile that melted my heart. “I knew you would be a good friend. You deserve something,” she whispered right into my ear, “something very special.” Her tongue licked me and I nearly jumped out of my seat. My heart was already racing but it cranked up it’s pace another notch and I was scared my instant hard-on would upset the table.

Katie placed her hand into my raised one and lowered it. As her hand began to return to her side it drifted slowly across my hard cock and she stopped and squeezed it. Deliberately.

Now as I said, I did have a girl friend before Katie and we had got into some hot sessions kissing and pressing up against each other. I had even felt her breasts … from outside her blouse. I was sure there was a nipple under there somewhere, under the thick school blouse, under the heavy-duty bra. She seemed to like it … I think. Never, but never did her hands go anywhere below my belt. I lie. She touched my knees some times. Katie had my cock in her hand! I was beginning to like this upside down world.

Katie had a fire in her eyes again but it wasn’t a cold flame it was HOT! She glanced over her shoulder and then she leaned in and we kissed.

Our kiss was soft and gentle until she squeezed my cock again and in my surprised delight my jaw dropped open. Katie speared my mouth with her tongue and our kiss became hot and hard. The hand on my heart turned and this time I could definitely feel a nipple and it was hard and just the tiniest distance away, under her light t-shirt. It was hard and I gave it a squeeze. Katie kissed me harder and gave my cock another squeeze and I nearly came in my pants!

I pulled away, embarrassment flooding through me. Katie’s hand released me but lay close by, on my thigh, just in case it was needed again.

“I’m sorry I didn’t want to make you … pop … not here,” she looked over her shoulder, “not now,” she leaned back and our kiss resumed not so hard and not so heavy but just as nice. Katie made sure I kept my hand were it was fondling her breast and worshipping her nipple.

“Ewww … kissing … that’s yucky! Mummy’s gonna pitch a fit if she catches you” Beth whispered to us. GOD! She was standing right beside me and I hadn’t noticed her.

“Kissing you is yucky,” Katie said with a chuckle and Beth blushed. “Kissing Steve is lovely, and if you tell I’ll … I’ll tan your hide!” Beth laughed and blushed again. Why was Beth blushing? Women, I admit it; they baffle me.

We did get some homework done, but not much, and Beth was a pretty good chaperone warning us when the dragon in the kitchen approached. I didn’t want to go home for dinner. I didn’t want to go anywhere Katie wasn’t.

I must admit this upside down world needed a lot of thinking to understand it and I got lost in my musings dozens of times that night, hell I got lost walking home and discovered I’d overshot our gate by a house and a half. I was interminably slow setting the table for dinner and by all accounts a poor conversationalist while we ate. I lost count of how many times I returned to my body with mum snapping her fingers in front of my nose demanding attention.

I tried to watch the telly but it didn’t make much sense, I tried to read, but in upside down world all the words seemed to have their meanings sucked out. I decided to have a shower and go to fatih escort bed. I jerked off in my room before I had a shower. I jerked off in the shower. And I jerked off went I went to bed and still my cock was hard and I could still feel Katie’s fingers locked around it.

While I nodded, clearly napping, there came a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. Yeah, right. My half-dream state had my head swirling. My chamber was a half converted laundry with a sloping concrete floor and no lining on the walls, just the exterior weatherboards. There were chinks and holes everywhere. Dad promised to get it all fixed up before winter. Yeah, right.

The rapping came again. What was going on? I opened my eyes and there were a dozen shafts of light blazing across my room, moonbeams filtering through the cracks in the rough weatherboards. A cloud rolled over the moon and my room sank into total darkness again. At the window there was a rapping. I blinked. Katie! Katie was a rapping, hopping up and down outside my window!

As I said, my room was a half converted laundry and what use would a laundry be without an external door? I reached for the old rusty key and hoped the door would still open without raising the household as it squealed and uttered otherworldly groaning. The lock turned and the hinges creaked, a bit. The door was stiff but it did open and Katie came flying in. She bowled me over and pushed me back onto my narrow bed, her lips locked to mine.

Katie ground her pelvis into my hardness and I had to gasp. “You’re not going to blow your load right now are you?” she teased rubbing hard. “Daddy warned me you’d cum quickly.” Katie’s eyes, glittering in the moonbeams, transfixed me. She grinned and wriggled again. “You can cum now if you want to. I don’t mind.” She chuckled and wriggled again.

I kissed her and squeezed her buttocks, thrusting my hardness at her. I was kind of glad that I had wanked earlier or I’m sure I would have cum in my pyjamas right then and there.

“Ohh I like the feel of that … hmmm … and I want to feel it inside me.” More kissing. “Daddy says you have to wear these,” she raised her hand and a dozen condoms flip-flopped down into a dimpled ribbon, “but I think your first time should be bare,” she wriggled, “skin against skin, hot flesh inside hot flesh.” There was more kissing. “It is your first time, isn’t it?” blue eyes flashed in the dark.

Nothing but truth remember. I gulped. “Yes.”

The eyes in the dark sparkled and then there was a grin appearing like the Cheshire cat’s. Katie wriggled. “I always wanted to take a guy’s cherry,” she whispered in my ear.

Suddenly something that Katie had said rebounded into my mind. I sat up. “You told your dad?”

Katie took the opportunity to lean back as well, she was breathing deeply, almost panting and she gripped the front of her nightdress and whipped it over her head. She was naked underneath. She pounced and pushed me back down, her mouth urgent on mine. We kissed for forever or so it seemed. And then we rested again. I had never touched a naked girl before. Never been kissed by a naked girl before. Hmmm upside down world, I think I love you!

“Of course I told daddy,” Katie sighed, “I thought it only polite to tell him I was taking another lover.” More kisses.

“Your daddy’s your,” I shut my mouth quickly nearly biting my tongue in the process. “Sorry promised not to ask, forget you ever….”

“Shhh.” Katie pressed a finger across my lips. I licked it and she giggled. “Now! Off with yer kit. I’m jest ‘opin’ I ain’t bought no pig-in-a-poke.” She poked me in the ribs and tickled. Oh dear I was in trouble. I squirmed and cried and begged and she stopped. I just lay there panting. I’m sooo ticklish. It’s unmanly but I can’t help it.

“Come on,” Katie giggled and threatened me with the tip of her finger. I writhed away gasping, but loving every second of her threat. I was sorely tempted to let her catch me so she could hold me down and tickle me some more … maybe later. I wriggled off the end of my bed. Katie twisted around and sat on the edge with her arms wide, beckoning.

I took one step closer and grabbed the bottom edge of my pyjama top. I took another and ripped it upwards over my head just as she had done with her nighty. At least that was the way it was supposed to go. Probably would have worked better if I’d undone a couple of buttons first. I was stuck in a tangle of my pyjamas with my elbows somehow locked over my head.

Katie just laughed and grabbed me. Her arms encircled my waist and she blew raspberries on my stomach and tongued my navel. I was still stuck with my elbows trapped above my head and I struggled to free myself but it was hopeless. I felt fingers running around the elastic of my pyjama shorts and they reached in and peeled them down my legs. I could feel Katie’s hot breath move across my cock and then something else, something wet.

Katie moaned and I could feel the vibrations through that wet thing that was sliding across my little head. Oh god! That was Katie’s mouth! She was rubbing her lips across my cock! Oh god! Katie’s mouth wasn’t on my cock any more it was all around my cock! I could feel her tongue slipping around my glans and my knees trembled. “Oh Katie … oh … if … oh … if you keep … keep on doing … oh Katie!” my knees were shaking now.

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