Lola and Joey Ch. 19

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Sorry for the delay, but Winter FINALLY ended, and I had Spring fever!


Things started to change after she transitioned to her new position at the hotel. People began to react differently as she dressed up more.

She looked older with her new haircut and more professional with her new clothing. The ambivalence that she sometimes felt from others about her abilities disappeared. Her new look seemed to project a more competent persona even though she was the same person inside. Even Kate’s dad treated her differently. She was more than just Kate’s young friend. She was a businesswoman who ran a hotel.

People started addressing her as Ms. when she was out. It felt weird at first, but she quickly got used to it. The added respect felt nice. She’d become thick-skinned over the years to protect herself from being able to sense everyone’s feelings, but it was a relief not needing her thick skin!

Kate was ecstatic when she saw her new form-fitting work outfits. Kate had never criticized her plain white dresses, but she knew Kate disliked them. Kate couldn’t stop complimenting her the first time she saw her new hairstyle and clothing. Her ego was just as appreciative of flattery as anyone else’s so she started wearing her new outfits more and more which generated even more flattery. It was a virtuous circle. She only wore her white dresses now when she cleaned rooms or visited her parents or was by herself.

Even her sister noticed. She had a Skype video call with Catherine every week, and Catherine noticed her new hair right away and her clothes a few seconds later. It was a long call. Catherine wanted her to model all her new outfits. Catherine was impressed and was even more impressed when she found out she was now running the hotel with her grandma. Her sister was always supportive, but the explicit verbal approval felt good.

Her grandma started showing her everything. When the hotel mail came in, she showed Amanda every piece. She made Amanda pay the bills and showed her where to file them. She made Amanda answer any correspondence with customers and took her down to the city office to pay the taxes. She introduced her to the hotel lawyer and accountant. She took her on a buying trip. Within a few months, she knew how to handle ninety-nine percent of the activities required to run the hotel. There were a lot of little things to do, but nothing was hard in itself.

She just about fell off her chair when her grandma and grandpa sat her down one day and revealed their hotel succession plan. Everything was going to her! She didn’t understand the details, but the accountant was gradually going to transfer the ownership of the hotel to her through some type of private share issue. When her grandma died, the hotel would be hers. She was stunned and got a bit weepy.

“What about mom and dad? Shouldn’t it go to them?”

“Nope. Your mom and dad have tons of money, and they’re not interested in running the hotel.”

“What about Catherine? Shouldn’t some of it go to her?”

“Nope. Catherine is even less interested in the hotel plus your parents will have spent a fortune on her tuition fees by the time she’s done her degree. She doesn’t need anything from your grandpa and me.”

“It’s all going to you kiddo! You already know how to run it. You present a very professional image to the public, and I know you’ve already noticed how people are treating you differently since you’ve improved your look. One improvement leads to another Amanda! There’s nothing you can’t do over time if you put your heart in it and I know your heart is in the hotel. It will be in good hands with you!”

She wanted to say thanks, but her throat had tightened up, and her lips were quivering.

Her grandma smiled and squeezed her hand. “Your welcome sweety.”


Her new job was turning out much better than expected, Maria thought.

It only paid minimum wage at first, but it was enough to help her mom cover their expenses. She and her three-year-old daughter, Sophia, lived with her mom. Her mom worked the afternoon shift at Walmart from one until nine and watched Sophia in the morning.

She mainly helped clean the rooms after the guests left. The hotel was owned and run by two women. Susan was Amanda’s grandma although she didn’t look old enough to be a grandma. Susan’s husband Dave was semi-retired and filled in occasionally. Amanda’s dad and mom, Lola and Joey also helped in a crisis, but they both had full-time jobs.

She liked working at the hotel. The atmosphere was pleasant, and there were a lot of perks.

Amanda and Susan pitched in with the rooms when it got busy. In fact, Amanda used to clean the rooms and still helped out.

Amanda and Susan and Dave were very friendly and helpful. One day she was sick and needed to go home early. She expected her next paycheck to be docked, but it wasn’t.

Another time her bahçelievler escort mom was unable to watch Sophia and Amanda told her to bring Sophia in. Sophia was three and very curious! She enjoyed seeing where her mom worked and had a million questions. When Sophia started to fade, Amanda let her sleep in her spare bedroom. Amanda and Susan said Sophia was welcome anytime which made a big difference to her mom who didn’t need to watch Sophia every morning.

Amanda didn’t have any kids, but she sure had the magic touch with Sophia! She seemed to be able to sense Sophia’s moods. Amanda knew when Sophia was hungry or tired or cranky before she did! It was weird! Sophia liked Amanda, and she felt comfortable leaving Sophia with Amanda. Amanda even bought a kid’s car seat so that Sophia could tag along in the car when Amanda went out. Sophia loved riding in the car!

Susan gave her an old kid’s bike. Sophia was just big enough to ride it which was very helpful. It was a long walk for Sophia’s little legs to and from the hotel, but it was an easy bike ride.

After a few months, Susan and Amanda asked her if she was interested in more responsibilities at the hotel in return for more money. That was a no-brainer! They gradually showed her more things, and her paycheck went up. Woohoo! Susan indicated she would be semi-retiring in a few years and Amanda would need someone to help her. By then Sophia would be in school, and she’d be able to work full time. Things were looking up!

After a while, Sophia wanted to come in more and more. She liked the adventure of the hotel and liked to be with her mom. She insisted on helping clean the rooms. Sort of! Susan told her that Sophia reminded her of Amanda when she was little. Amanda showed Sophia the cartoon channels on her TV and Sophia typically had a midmorning nap in ‘her’ bed in Amanda’s spare room. Amanda brought in a huge box of toys and dolls and stuffed animals. They were her old toys from her mom’s house. Sophia started to consider the hotel her home away from home.

One day she heard someone speaking Spanish on the phone in the office. She went to see who it was. It was Amanda! She didn’t know Amanda knew Spanish. After that, she and Amanda would flip back and forth between English and Spanish.

Susan and Amanda told her to help herself to the continental breakfast spread the hotel provided.

One day someone named ‘Kate’ showed up looking for Amanda. She looked around Amanda’s age. She pointed Kate to the room where Amanda was. About thirty minutes later they reappeared. Amanda looked disheveled but happy! She’d seen the look before and tried not to stare, but it was hard! She didn’t remember any previous signs that Amanda liked girls. She didn’t know any gay people in Silver City, but if Amanda liked girls, it was none of her business. She noticed Amanda watching Kate walk away with a contented look. She looked away before Amanda noticed her staring but not quick enough! Amanda wheeled around and stared at her with a piercing look. Damn! Busted! Amanda wasn’t mad though and proceeded to tell her that, yes, Kate was her girlfriend but not to tell anyone else. Kate wasn’t ready to come out yet.

“Sure, Amanda! No problem! I promise won’t tell anyone.”

She felt like a total idiot getting caught and wasn’t planning on telling anyone. The only person she might tell was her mother. A millisecond after thinking that, Amanda looked up. “That includes not telling your mom! Okay?”

She nodded yes, but Amanda continued to stare at her with a vice grip gaze! After a second or two Amanda relaxed her gaze, seemingly satisfied with whatever she was looking for, and walked away. Whew! Most unnerving! She definitely wasn’t going to say boo to anyone! She didn’t want to be on the receiving end of that stare again!

Another day a guy named Nathan showed up looking for Amanda. He was a hotty, and she couldn’t take her eyes off him! Amanda lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw him, and they both flirted with each other shamelessly. She was confused! Did that mean Amanda liked boys and girls? Amanda told her later that Nathan was like a brother. She wished she had a brother like that!


It was her favorite way to spend time in bed, in fact, it was her favorite way to spend time, period! She was on her back with her legs spread-eagled wide open, looking up at Kate’s lust-contorted face, and Kate’s dark chocolate nipples and jiggling mocha colored breasts as Kate’s huge dark brown strap-on cock pounded into her very pliable, greedy pussy!

It took a lot of effort to get to her current exalted sexual state, but it was worth it!

The first step had been to determine whether she could be aroused by a female, specifically Kate. She passed that test with flying colors! Other females still did nothing for her, but her mind had made a sexual exception bakırköy escort for Kate.

Her dormant vagina had come alive after twenty years of inactivity and was now relentless in alerting her to its needs. Some days it drove her to distraction as it longingly ached for Kate’s cock. She now understood why her mom was distracted if she didn’t get morning cock from her dad who was also apparently her uncle! She still could believe her parents were twins!

Kate’s cock was required for her mind to be sexually attracted to Kate. She was a healthy, red-blooded, non-gay female that got excited by cock, so Kate needed to get a cock to satisfy her mind. And it couldn’t be a disembodied cock. The first night Kate used her hands to feed the cock into her. That wasn’t normal though! A cock was supposed to be attached to a body so you could look up at the person’s face and grab their squeezy ass cheeks as they made love to you. So, she got on Amazon and ordered a harness for the dildo. She also did some research and ordered the most life-like cock on the market to make Kate’s cock look and feel as realistic as possible. The cock had to be dark brown. The old white cock looked yucky in contrast to Kate’s mocha colored skin. It looked unhealthy! She didn’t want a sick looking cock in her! She also bought a ten dollar heating blanket from Walmart. Real cocks were not supposed to be cold. Kate warmed ‘her’ cock up in the heating blanket for a few minutes before she strapped it on. Her vagina loved hot cock!

She was quite sore the morning after her first night with Kate. Her newly awakened vagina hot gotten greedy! It needed training. Kate patiently built up her vagina’s flexibility and capacity and endurance. Arousal was still required, but the head now slipped in quickly. Her vagina wasn’t afraid anymore. It relaxed confidently and quickly and eagerly invited Kate’s cock in. It easily accommodated Kate’s girth and length. There was no stiffness later just blissful satiation.

It turned out she loved the feeling of cock deep inside her! She enjoyed clit based orgasms, but she loved the vaginal orgasms that came from having a big fat cock deep inside her! Ever since Kate started ‘cocking’ her on a regular basis, she couldn’t stop thinking about cock! She would never fool around on Kate, but she was noticing cock everywhere! She couldn’t stop noticing guy’s packages. She was her mother’s daughter although she didn’t know that her mom had been a cock hound in her youth and still liked to take an occasional peek.

Kate taunted her mercilessly! She was such a naughty little bitch! After sex Kate would lie on the bed and stroke her big fat chocolate cock and look over lewdly.

“Do you like my cock Amanda? Do you like my big fat warm chocolate cock? It likes being inside your greedy pink pussy! So warm and soft! Do you want some more cock, Amanda? It’s still hard! All you have to do is ask. Do you want some more cock, Amanda?”

She would always nod her head yes in a fog of lust, but Kate would make her beg. “Ask Amanda. You need to ask!”

She was shameless when horny and had no qualms about begging. “I would like some more cock.”

“What’s the magic word!” Kate grinned at her lewdly as she stroked her big brown cock.

“Please, Kate! I need more cock! Please!”

“That’s better!” And then Kate would give her more cock! Lots of it! As much as she wanted!

Even worse, Kate would come over in skin-tight spandex tights and disappear into the washroom. When she came out, there was a huge bulge under the material stretching quite far down her leg. She couldn’t keep her eyes off Kate’s bulge. Sometimes seeing the silhouette of a cock was more distracting than seeing the real thing! Her mind quickly degenerated into the usual pool of lust. How was she supposed to focus on anything with the outline of Kate’s big thing staring her in the face! Kate was such a naughty teasing bitch!


“What’s wrong dad?”

He shook his head. How the hell did Amanda always know when something was bothering him? It was bad enough that he couldn’t hide things from Lola! Amanda had just walked in the door, and he was pretty sure he didn’t have a frown on his face! It was his monthly dance night where he and Lola and Tara went out to the local Country Western bar and danced the night away. He always looked forward to it. He loved to dance and so did Tara and Lola. Sam used to come, but he wasn’t much of a dancer and eventually stopped coming, but Tara still showed up. Lola was sick though and said she didn’t feel well enough to go.

“Your mom is sick, so she doesn’t feel up to going out dancing tonight. I’m not sure if I’ll go. It’s always nicer when we have three people. Your mom always drives so that Tara and I can have a few drinks.”

Hmmm! The wheels started turning! She liked to dance, and she didn’t drink so she could drive. She’d başakşehir escort wanted to go to the bar ever since she became legal but Kate was so paranoid about anyone finding out she was gay that she wouldn’t go, even if it was common for girls to dance together. Her relationship with Kate was fantastic, and the sex they were having was unbelievable, but Kate’s fear of being outed was frustrating. There were so many things Kate wouldn’t do with her! Kate only felt comfortable being physically expressive when they were alone at the hotel. No holding handing hands in public, no kisses in public, no dancing in public, nothing! Argh!

Going dancing would be fun! She wondered if her dad would dance with her? She would understand if he didn’t. There would be lots of guys to dance with, but it would be nice if he did! She liked her dad! Her mom and grandma and Tara all said he was a great dancer. She was curious to see him in action. It would be even more fun to dance with him! And, she thought about the fun she had with her dad in the pool on her birthday. She remembered how she was all pumped up physically and feeling flirty and rough-housed with him in the pool. The uninhibited physical contact had felt so naughty even though nothing inappropriate happened. The memory had been tucked into the corner of her mind lying dormant, but it all came roaring back clear as day! Maybe she could have some harmless flirty fun with her dad! She started to get excited.

“Can I come, dad? I won’t drink. I could drive home. I’ve never been there before, and wouldn’t mind seeing it, and I like to dance! What do you think? I know Tara. I don’t think she’ll mind if I come. You could call and ask her?”

Hmmm! Amanda’s offer was tempting, and he couldn’t see any problems! She could drive home which would allow him and Tara to have a few drinks. The bar was a mix of ages so there would be people for her to dance with and he had no problem dancing with her if she wasn’t embarrassed to be seen with him! Amanda would probably have a good time. He didn’t think Tara would mind, but he’d call her just in case. And, he’d never seen his daughter dance. Was she a good dancer like Lola? There was only one to find out!

He called, and Tara was fine with Amanda coming. She liked Amanda and hadn’t seen her much since she moved out to Sam’s place.

“We’re both okay with your offer Amanda! We’d like to leave around seven, so I’ll see you then. It gets hot with all the people dancing so wear something cool like a skirt and a light top.”

“Thanks, Dad!”

She did her hair up in loose crisscrossing braids. Everyone liked her hair that way, and it didn’t take long to do now. What to wear? It was a good thing she had lots of clothes to choose from now! She picked a black skirt that ended quite far above her knee and hugged her body firmly. It made her long legs look like they went on forever. She chose a plain tan vest for a top. It was sleeveless and lightweight and dipped down in the front to show some cleavage. And, of course, she had on her ankle bracelet from her dad! She rarely took it off. It was so light, and the mesh was so fine that she barely felt it and she liked how it looked. Finally, she splurged with a dab of perfume and some lipstick. She was ready to boogie!

Her dad was waiting when she arrived, and she sensed he was excited about the night. They picked Tara up who was pumped as well. Not surprising considering how Tara felt about her dad! And, there was a surprise guest. Nathan! And, he looked handsome as ever! Was he coming because of her? The night was looking better and better!

Tara and her dad had a few drinks and then started dancing. She was observing them at the table with Nathan.

“Do they always down a bunch of drinks like that?” She asked Nathan.

“Well, I try to avoid hanging out where my mom is but the few times we’ve been together they had a few ‘booster’ drinks. I think they come here to let their hair down and blow off some steam and they both like to dance.”

“They’re dancing really close!”

Nathan grinned. “Ya, my mom likes your dad and loves dancing with him. Sam doesn’t like to dance at all so coming here was always a painful experience for him, especially compared to your dad. Eventually, he told my mom he didn’t want to go anymore and to enjoy herself. He trusts her.”

He switched gears. “Mom tells me you’re seeing Kate.”

Amanda looked surprised. “My! News travels fast!”

“I knew your sister liked girls, but I didn’t know you did.”

She smiled. “I didn’t know myself until Kate, and I became friends, and I think Kate is an exception. I like guys in general.”

He looked curious. “How did you know it would work out with a girl? Was it awkward at first?”

She thought back and smiled. “Close your eyes!”


“Close your eyes, and I’ll show you how I knew!”

He closed his eyes, and she shuffled over to where he was sitting and wrapped her arms around his neck and softly kissed him. He was surprised, but he didn’t move away. She kissed him again, this time a bit harder. He relaxed and wrapped his arms around her waist and gently kissed her and then hesitantly stuck his tongue in her mouth. They kissed and tongued each other until she sensed him getting hot under the collar and then stopped and smiled.

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