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Female Ejaculation

Tim stood outside the small townhouse nervously pushing at his backpack. He reached out and gathered his other bags before pulling himself up the steps toward the dark red door. He pushed the doorbell with his elbows and waited. The door opened and there stood Braeden wearing only a pair of loose gray shorts, the waistband of a jockstrap peeking out at his waist.

“Come on in, Timmy,” Braeden said as he walked away, leaving the door open. “Leave ya stuff behind the couch I’m finishing up lunch. Are you hungry?” He walked into the kitchen.

Tim walked into the open living room and dropped his bags. He placed his backpack in an empty chair.

“I’m fine. I ate something earlier.”

“Mom had a big order of groceries delivered so there’s plenty of stuff when you get hungry,” Braeden said, walking out of the kitchen wiping his hands on a dishtowel. “I’ve got some work to do in my room. Make yourself at home. The TV remote is in that box on the coffee table. Your room is the last one down the hall. I haven’t cleaned it out yet, so we’ll make arrangements later just for tonight.”

“That’s cool. I know this is last minute,” Tim said with a little smile as Braeden walked away.

“Nah, not a problem. We’ll work it out.”

Tim enjoyed watching Braeden’s half-naked muscular body as he walked down the hall and into his room. The loose gray shorts did nothing to hide the big bubble butt of their owner. Tim could almost see the straps of his friend’s jock struggling against the thick meaty cheeks

Braeden’s mother had suggested to Tim’s mother, who was her best friend, that Tim should move in with her son. The family had bought the small townhouse when Braeden had started college as a place for him to live and they thought they could rent it out after he graduated from graduate school and moved away. Tim had been living in a campus residence and his mom thought living with Braeden would be a great way for him to stay in town during the lockdown since they didn’t know how long it would last. She and Braeden’s mother worked out the details and now here was Tim.

However, the whole thing made Tim nervous. Braeden was a couple of years older and very much bigger than he was. Tim was a slender short guy with tousled blonde hair and not a single hair on his entire twinkish body. Braeden was well over six-feet tall with a muscular v-shaped torso covered in tight olive skin and black hair. The big guy kept his hair shaved on the sides with a shock of long wavy hair on top which was always falling into his square-jawed face. Tim got a nervous feeling every time he looked at the scruffy big guy; Braeden was the sexiest, most beautiful guy he had ever known. He had always had a crush on the athletic popular hunk who was much like an older brother to him in many ways. Yet, in recent years, they really hadn’t hung out or even talked much –Braeden becoming more of an athletic party-boy; Tim getting more into a studious nerd kind of life.

Well, I could be in worse places, Tim thought as he sat at the dining table with his computer and got to work.

He didn’t see much of Braeden for the next few hours. He only came out of his room to get another drink or to look for his phone or something.

Late in the afternoon, Braeden came out of his room dressed in his workout clothes. He told Tim he was going to go for a run and to the open air gym at the beach. He grabbed his bag and face mask as he rushed out the door.

While he was gone, Tim decided to have a look around the house. He walked back to what was to be his room, thinking he might get stuck into cleaning it up. He walked it and gave up on that idea. The room looked more like a garage than a bedroom. Boxes everywhere and piles of clothes were scattered across the floor, while the bed was covered in books, gym bags, and unfolded towels. Tim wasn’t even going to dare to start cleaning up the mess. He figured he’d be on amasya escort the couch tonight.

He peeked into the bathroom and was surprised it was so clean, except for some scattered clothes on the floor (the laundry hamper was overflowing). He then walked up the narrow stairs to the smaller second story. It had another smaller bathroom with a walk-in shower; a closet that held the washer and dryer; and a small room with a big wall-mounted television connected to gaming devices, an old comfortable couch, and a pool table.

Well, Tim figured he’d go grab the clothes hamper and wash a load of clothes to be helpful. He dragged the hamper upstairs and dumped the musky load in the washing machine. He went back down to grab the stuff lying on the floor.

Near the tub, there was a jockstrap. Tim grabbed it and was amazed at the size of it. Tim raised it to his nose and could smell the musky scent Braeden had left behind. It wasn’t a funky smell; it was a mix of Axe body spray, fabric softener, and late-twenty-something manly musk. Tim could imagine Braeden walking around wearing it, the straps tight across his round muscled ass. He had always had a crush on the big guy, but had never let him know it. Tim felt himself getting hard and let out a little groan before taking another hit from the used jock. His hands ran over the pouch imagining Braeden’s big cock straining against it; Tim fit his whole fist into the pouch and there was still room to be filled.

Tim walked over to the tub and pushed down his shorts and underwear. His hard cock bobbed up and down as he pushed everything down to his ankles. He took another sniff as he grabbed his stiff cock with his other hand. He let a dollop of warm saliva fall from his mouth and rubbed it across his hard dick. He started stroking as he imagined Brae’s hard body. Tim put the jockstrap on the lid of the toilet and reached under his t-shirt feeling for his hard tiny nips. He imagined grabbing at Braeden’s big pecs topped by his dark olive nips and jet-black chest hair. Tim groaned and his nuts tightened as he thought about Braeden looking down at him and preparing to push his big-man-on-campus cock into his tight twinkish hole. Suddenly, he was over the edge. He felt his asshole tighten up as his full nuts released their load. His body jerked as cum shot onto the toilet lid and the wall in front of him. He let out a jagged breath as the last bit dripped from his cockhead and onto the bathroom floor. He grabbed at the roll of toilet tissue and ran a wad of it across the head of his dripping deflating cock. He wiped up the melting gobs of cum on the toilet and wall, and then noticed a shiny drop of his cum on Braeden’s jockstrap. Tim grabbed the jock and brought it to his lips. He stuck out his tongue and lapped at the drop, tasting his warm saltiness mingling with Braeden’s musky scent. Tim took one last deep sniff of the manly-scented jock before pulling his shorts up and leaving the bathroom.

Braeden was gone for a couple of hours. Tim did some work online and did some reading while the clothes washed and dried. He folded everything and had just left a neat pile on Braeden’s bed as the front door opened.

“You wash some clothes?” Braeden asked, noticing the laundry basket.

“The bathroom hamper was, uhm, overflowing so I did a couple loads.”

“Thanks, but you don’t have to…”

“Oh, I really don’t mind –doing laundry relaxes me,” Tim interrupted.

“Well, okay then,” Braeden said. “You can do as much as you want,” he said with a wink. “I fuckin’ hate washing clothes.”

Braeden pulled off his wet sweaty shirt and Tim could see sparkling drops of sweat still on his hairy chest. He tossed the shirt into the laundry basket.

“Hey, that’s just for clean clo…nevermind,” Tim said as Braeden walked toward the bathroom.

“I’m going to grab a shower and we can figure dinner out. How’s ankara escort that sound?”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Tim answered as he trudged up the stairs.

“Yo, Timmy!” Braeden shouted up to him

Tim looked down. Braeden stood naked at the bottom of the stairs. Tim saw the contrasting tan line just above Braeden’s pale hip bone, everything else was out of view as the stud held out his sweaty shorts, socks, and jock. Tim quickly averted his eyes and Braeden laughed.

“Catch!” Braeden shouted and the damp mass of clothes hit Tim in the chest. Braeden chuckled again as he moved back into the bathroom.

Tim could smell the residue of Brae’s strong post-workout musk on his own shirt as he bent down to collect the dirty clothing on the stairs. He felt his stiffening cock pressing into his thigh, his slick cockhead trying to push out of his tight boxers. Tim adjusted himself and grabbed the clothes

It’s going to be a long night, he thought to himself.

After a few minutes, Braeden was out of the shower. He walked to the door of the kitchen where Tim was looking over some delivery menus. He stood there with one hand grasping the towel as it rested loosely on hip bone; the fingers of his other hand were combing through his long coal-black bangs, pushing them away from his smiling face.

“I’m in the mood for sushi. Do you still like it?” he asked Tim.

“I love it!” Tim responded.

“OK, cool. Samurai Sushi has a big assorted take-out platter. But I’m fine with anything if you’ll order it. My card’s on the counter with the address,” Braeden told him pointing at the counter before turning to head off to his room.

“I’ll get it. Mom sent some money for dinner,” Tim yelled to him as he looked for the Samurai menu.”

“OK, great,” Braeden called out from his room. “Thanks for doing the laundry!”

Tim ordered dinner and then grabbed a shower himself, carrying his clothes into the bathroom with him. He could still smell Braeden’s scent as the warm water steamed into the room. His half-hard cock flopped and slid against his legs as he showered. He tried to put the lewd, lusty thoughts out of his head. He had to get control of himself.

The rest of the evening was uneventful. After they ate, they went to the game room to watch a movie. Tim sat at one end of the couch; Braeden at the other. They finished one movie and decided to watch the sequel. Halfway through it, Braeden let out a loud sigh.

“This sequel fuckin’ sucks,” he groaned. “Hardly any of the action and excitement that the first one had in it. It’s just about how everybody feels.”

“Yeah,” Tim replied flatly. He darted his eyes over to Braeden and scratched at his nose.

“Don’t get too excited over there now. Slow down on the critical commentary, dude.” Braeden laughed at him.

“I’m getting bored with it,” Tim answered back and yawned.

“Dammit! Your first night here has got to be more exciting than this!” Braeden leaned slightly toward him. “Remember what I would do when we used to watch TV and I got bored?”

Tim pulled his legs up to his chest and put his arms around them.

“Don’t you fucking dare, Brae! I’ll kick the fuck outta you” Tim warned him.

Braeden reached a hand out and Tim gently kicked it away with his foot.

“I’ve always been bigger than you, Timmy.”

Braeden pushed away from the arm of the couch, his hands wiggling in front of him as he moved toward Tim. Tim started to laugh nervously, trying to kick out at Brae as he got closer. Braeden started tickling Tim, starting at his chest and working down his slim torso. Tim started giggling and tried to push Braeden away. Soon, Brae was over him, his big hands moving over Tim’s body in ticklish flourishes of fingers. Then he suddenly stopped. Tim’s face flushed red. Braeden’s hair hung down in his face and he pushed it back as he looked down at Tim lying beneath his antalya escort solid muscular form.

“You’re poking me.”

Tim didn’t say anything. He just stared at Braeden.

“Your dick is poking me in the stomach,” Braeden said in a loud hoarse whisper. “Am I turning you on?” The question was asked with a sly wink and a smile.

Tim just stared straight at him, daring not to make a move. He didn’t even want to blink. Time almost seemed to stop as lay there looking up into Braeden’s dark eyes.

“Lay right there. Don’t move!” Braeden ordered as he quickly moved off the couch.

Tim’s heart was racing.

Braeden turned the movie off and the room went dark. Suddenly, there was a music channel casting a blue light into the room and playing a slow pulsating song. Tim looked at Brae, watching him slip out of his joggers and t-shirt. Braeden walked back to the couch wearing only a very much full jockstrap.

“May I?” he asked Tim, who nervously nodded his head.

Again, he was on top of Tim, hovering over him as his body rocked and moved in time with the music. Every move he made with the music seemed seductive and erotic, with him finally pressing his body into Tim as the song ended. Tim exhaled as the larger body pushed him deep into the couch. Hands slid up the sides of Tim’s shirt and pushed his arms back to the arm of the couch, finally intertwining with his hands. Tim closed his eyes and gasped for air.

“I knew you wanted this. I’ve noticed that way you’ve always looked at me. I saw it earlier today,” Braeden growled at him. “How many loads of spunk have you shot today thinking about me on top of you like this?”

Tim averted his gaze. Braeden grabbed his face and turned Tim back toward him.

“I bet the smell of me on my dirty clothes made your dick hard. You crave this thick jock body of mine, don’t you?” Braeden laughed. “Good.” He grabbed Tim’s hand and moved it to his jock-strapped ass. “Feel that perfect round ass. I felt your eyes on it when you first arrived.”

Tim’s hand ran over the warm curve of Brae’s hard round ass. Braeden flexed it and Tim cautiously moved his hand away like he had just touched a hot stove. The muscle stud started pushing his hips into Tim, slight thrusts smashing into his strained crotch. With every push Tim exhaled a slight groan which coaxed Brae to go a bit faster with his thrusts until he suddenly stopped and grinned down at his smaller friend. He moved in and covered Tim’s lips with his own, pushing his tongue deep into the smaller guy. The kisses were wet and full, as Tim’s fingertips slipped through Braeden’s warm black chest hair.

Braeden pulled away and rested on his forearms.

“I want you to spend the night in my room.”

Braeden got off the couch and pushed off his jockstrap. His hand glided through his dark chest hair, slowly down over his rippled belly before grabbing his big dick and slowly shaking it at Tim.

“I knew you wanted this when I found those Playgirl magazines in your old closet. You never knew that, did you? You didn’t hide them very well. It’s just like you didn’t hide those sideways glances whenever I changed clothes in front of you. You should have just grabbed it,” Braeden laughed, cupping his big nuts and making his fleshy cock flop side to side. “I would have let you play with it…if you wanted to play with it…or something.”

Tim sat up as Braeden moved close. Tim looked up and down the muscled body in front of him, his eyes settling on the lolling fat cock in front of his face.

“So let’s go to my room. You wanna? You ready?”

Tim reached out and tried to encircle the big cock with his hand, failing miserably. He pulled the thick meat to his mouth, causing Braeden to slightly stumble forward. Brae put his hands behind his head and looked down as his buddy glided over the soft velveteen skin tight around the shaft of his big hard cock. Tim’s tongue rolled around and over the flared red head. He leaned back and ran his thumb across the tip of Braeden’s cockhead, smearing the clear sparkling precum drop that had appeared. He looked up and gave a little half-grinning smirk.

“Brae, I’ve been ready for years.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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