Locanto Made Me Lucky

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Locanto Made Me Lucky

This all happened in November, last year. I was really feeling very horny at that time. I had a profile on Tinder, but getting a match for casual sex is not very easy in Bhopal. But it was not the case in Delhi where I was for 2 years and have been with 5 girls (not bad for a guy I guess).

I had a profile on Ok Cupid as well, but the same situation there also. Girls are there only to talk, or to date, or for paid sex (something I never prefer). Anyway, I desperately wanted a girl to fuck and my search brought me to Locanto.

It’s basically not a dating site but an online classified website with different areas, one of which is “Personals”. Now there were many ads of married housewives who were hungry for sex and like that, all fake. I even messaged few on WhatsApp but all I was asked to pay some advance via Paytm.

I just decided to leave that site and try somewhere else when a crazy idea came in my mind. I don’t know if it was an idea or just an urge to do something mischievous. I posted an ad as a ‘call boy’ and provided details such as rates and email address (one I use for Tinder and all) and that’s it.

In a few days, I forgot about it completely as I was really not expecting anything from it. I still remember it was 28th November, around 2 pm, when I received a hangout notification but not on my real id. But on the one that I use for dating. It said:

“Hey, read your ad on Locanto. Just checking if it’s genuine.”
Me: Hey. Thanks for responding. And yes, it’s genuine.
She: Yeah. It seems genuine. Fake ones have an automated reply.

And so our chatting started. She introduced herself as Vanisha, a housewife with a 3-year-old k**, living with her in-laws in Indore. Her husband had a touring job. About her sex life, it was awesome but before delivery. After that, her husband lost interest in her. He even told her that she has lost her charm.

We chatted casually for about 3 hours after which her husband came and she had to go offline. Next day, while chatting she asked if illegal bahis she could see me. Now, I don’t send my photos to strangers (Tinder is a different thing). But since I did not want to lose this opportunity, I asked her if she has Instagram.

She told yes and asked my Id. I told her and we got connected on Instagram. She saw my photos and said: “Man, you look handsome! Why are you doing this, I mean you can easily have a girlfriend.” For this, I had to make a story with which she was satisfied.

“By the way, how did you find me?” she asked “You look beautiful, especially your eyes and your smile,” I replied She thanked me and our chatting continued. One day, she told me that her husband is going on a tour and asked if I could meet her.

I thought she wanted me to come to Indore which was OK for me as it is not very far. But she told that it was she who is coming to Bhopal. As her parents live here, it would not be an issue if she comes to visit them with her k**. But I told her that I live with my parents and can only meet her at some hotel.

“Yar, hotel to risky hai,” she said.
Me: Arey nothing will happen. We will go separately and book two separate rooms, and after checking in our respective rooms, I can come to your room.
She: But.

Me: Arey, don’t worry, I have done this many times before.
She: Accha, quite experienced haan, chalo OK, but I cannot book myself.
Me: it’s ok, I will book for you and message you the details.
She: Cool.

So, I booked 2 rooms through Oyo App after confirming the date from her and was desperately waiting for the day. Finally, the day arrived. She called and informed me that she has only 3 hours. Actually, she had told her parents that she is going for a movie with friends and will be back by 7 pm.

I told her it’s okay. I told her to come soon as I have already reached and checked into my room. She just said she will be there as soon as possible and disconnected the call. After 40 minutes, I received a call from her that she is in Room 206 and waiting for me.

I really can’t tell illegal bahis siteleri you how I felt when I heard those words. I hurriedly went to her room and knocked on her door 10 times (as discussed). The door opened. I can still remember that mesmerizing view. A very fair lady (size 36 28 38) in a purple dress that finished just above her knees.

She was happy to see me too. The moment I entered the room and locked the door, I went straight to her and hugged her holding her from her ass cheeks. “I really can’t wait much,” she said. Honestly, I was in no mood to wait too. After all, we just had 3 hours.

So I looked her into the eyes and soon we both were engrossed in a passionate and wild kiss. My hands were already under her dress and squeezing her ass cheeks from over her panty. After kissing her for 5-6 minutes, I pushed her on the bed and came right beside her.

We started kissing again, hands rubbing her fleshy thighs and also feeling her moist pussy from over her panty. After a while, I went down on her and grabbed her wet panty in between my teeth and pulled it down. As I took off her panty I kept looking at her.

I could sense the mixed emotions of ecstasy and shyness. Then I showed her wet panty to her to which she covered her face in shyness. I gave her a sudden and intense kiss on her clean shaven pussy. I experienced a sudden jerk as I kissed her pussy.

I started licking her pussy hard, and slide my hands inside her dress and reached her big boobs. I started pinching her nipples softly. She lifted her ass to give me more access to her pussy and pushed my head further into her pussy. I licked her for a few minutes.

Then turned her to see one of the biggest ass cheeks I had seen in my life. Those ass cheeks were so fleshy that I gave a hard bite on them and started chewing them while rubbing her ass crack hard. After some time, I got up and took off my jeans and jockey. She quickly got up and started unbuttoning my shirt.

I could sense she was just not able to wait further and wanted me inside canlı bahis siteleri her as quickly as possible. I also took off her dress and made her completely naked. The moment we both got completely naked, she hugged me. Tighter than I have ever been hugged before.

I also hugged her grabbing her ass cheeks and squeezing them hard. “Make love to me now,” she whispered in my ears. This made me even hornier and I pushed her on the bed. I took out a condom from my pocket and showed it to her. She gave me a devilish smile and spread her legs showing her wet pussy to me.

I quickly rolled up the condom on my dick and got on top of her. And this hungry lioness, who was more desperate than me, just grabbed my dick and herself took it inside her pussy. Finally, after months of waiting, my dick was inside a pussy. Her pussy was not very tight but hot as hell.

I could feel her hot love juices flowing around my dick. I started slowly but soon I picked up my pace, fucking her with full force, going as deep as I could. My hands on her ass cheeks, squeezing them hard and also sucking her boobs. She, on the other hand, had now started scratching my back.

Although it pained a bit, by now I was totally lost in her deep eyes. They were telling me to keep fucking her harder and harder. “Tear it, baby.” She was one hell of a horny lady. I fucked her for around 10 minutes after which I came. As I came she just held my face and kissed me very hard.

She was literally eating me, sucking my lips. We slept kissing each other for 1 hour as we both were tired as hell. It was one hell of a session. Later she paid me Rs. 5000 and the room rent as discussed. I really felt bad about that as I never wanted money in exchange for the lovely time we spent with each other.

So, I took out yet another condom and showed it to her. “I would have loved it but I didn’t bring more cash with me.” I could sense the disappointment in her voice. “You can pay me with your love,” I said As I said this, tears started flowing from her eyes and she hugged me tightly.

Later we had 3 more wild sessions. She called her parents and informed that she would also have dinner with her friends and so will be late. So, guys, this was my story. Hope you liked it. Please, forgive me for such a long story. Any feedback (positive/ negative),

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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