Livin’ It Up While You’re Going Down

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– A Justy Visual

Lori pressed the down button for the elevator. It had been a horrible day. She was so glad to be going home. Being a summer intern wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. For hours, she ran around the office fetching coffee, making copies, and doing any other menial task.

The elevator doors slipped open and she walked into the empty car. She pressed the button for the parking deck and the doors started to slide shut.

“Wait! Hold the elevator!” a male voice shouted. He pushed his way through the double doors right before they closed. Lori groaned internally. Why him? she thought as she realized it was Justin. He had been at the offices all day working out a contract for one of the movies the company was making. He had been the most overbearing person Lori ever had the chance to work with. She was constantly running from the conference room to the vending machines to the corner deli to even making an appointment for him at a nearby hair salon for eight hours. She didn’t know if she could stand to be with him even for the short time it would take for the elevator to get to the lobby.

Justin turned to her, “Aren’t you that intern?”

“Yes,” she mumbled, trying to make it obvious she didn’t want to talk.

“How did you get a job here? I thought they hired more competent people,” he said.

Lori gritted her teeth and kept herself from telling him to fuck off and die, instead, she said, “I guess I’m not used to such demanding clientele.”

Justin smirked and turned back to face forward. What a jerk, Lori thought. If all of those fans could know what he’s really like, his popularity would go rock bottom in a second. Lori glanced at her watch to check the time when she heard the elevator groan.

“What the hell?” she said as the elevator came to an abrupt stop. She pushed Justin out of the way and started to press different buttons to get the elevator going again. It was useless. The elevator was stuck.

“Shit,” she said as she opened the door for the emergency phone.

“What did you do?” Justin said.

Lori turned to give him an annoyed look, “Yeah, blame it on me. I guess you’ve gotten used to that today.”

“Whatever,” Justin said and shrugged.

Lori slammed the phone back down. There was no answer. “Great! How do we get out of this?” she said, leaning back against the wall.

“Damn! And I’ve got this hot date tonight,” Justin mumbled.

Lori rolled her eyes, “Yeah, I’m sure Britney will pitch a fit if you’re late.”

“Shut up. I’m sick of people thinking we’re dating,” Justin bostancı escort bayan said.

“God, it sucks to be a celebrity. Beautiful women, limos, penthouse suites. Yeah, Justin, you’ve got it real hard,” Lori said sarcastically.

“Why are you such a bitch?” Justin said.

“I don’t know, maybe because you changed your lunch order three times after I had already gone to get it every time. Maybe because you called me ‘Hey, go-fer girl’ all day. Gee, Justin, I have no idea why I would be in a bad mood,” Lori said sliding down the wall to take a seat. Justin did the same and sat facing her.

“What is your name by the way?” he asked.

“Why should I bother telling you?” Lori said. “It’s Lori,” she said after a brief pause.

Justin stared up at the ceiling with a bored look. Figuring they wouldn’t be rescued anytime soon, Lori rummaged through her backpack, pulled out a book, and started to read.

“What are you reading?” he asked.

“A book. You know it has pages with words on it. It usually tells a story,” Lori said not looking up from the page she was reading. Justin snatched the book out of her hands and looked at the cover.

“A Man In Full,” he read aloud. He flipped through the pages. Lori didn’t fail to notice he lost her place.

“This book is like two thousand pages long,” Justin said handing it back to her.

“And no pictures. You’d have a tough time,” Lori said.

Lori found the page she had been on and resumed reading. Justin fidgeted the whole time. Finally, he grabbed her backpack.

“What else you got in here?” he said and started looking through it.

“None of your damn business! Give that back!” she said.

“Make me!” Justin said standing up and holding it over his head. Only being five feet five inches tall, Lori couldn’t reach the bag.

“You’re a dick, you know that? You wouldn’t want anyone to think you were mature for your age,” Lori said.

Justin dropped the bag to his side, “You’re quick with the insults. Too bad you weren’t quicker with my coffee.”

“Fuck you!” Lori shouted and grabbed for her bag. Justin kept playing keep away with it until Lori finally pushed him in frustration. Justin stumbled backwards, dropped the bag, and grabbed onto Lori for support. He fell back onto his butt, pulling Lori down with him. Lori soon found herself in a compromising situation as she lay on top of Justin.

“Dick,” she said and went to get up.

“No, I kinda like you there. Why don’t you wiggle around a little more?” Justin said and grabbed her ümraniye escort ass.

“You’re disgusting,” Lori said but didn’t get up.

“Well, you’re a bitch,” Justin said.

“We’ve established that. And you’re an asshole,” she said.

“Argh! You’re so damn mean! I just want to lay you across my knee and spank you!” Justin said.

“Yeah, I’d like to see you try,” Lori said and struggled to get up. Justin wrestled with her and she ended up losing. He had her face down on the floor and was lying on top of her.

“Now I got you where I want you,” Justin said.

“Oh you’re so tough beating up on a girl,” Lori said turning her head to look up at him.

“Who said anything about beating?” Justin said. Lori cringed as he brushed the hair off of the back of her neck. She felt Justin’s warm mouth start to suck softly on the skin below her hairline. Lori cursed her hormones as shivers ran up her spine.

“What are you doing?” she said.

“Just shut up for once and enjoy it,” he murmured. He moved forward to the back of her ear and licked at her earlobe. Lori let out a groan. Justin shifted and flipped her over on her back.

“What makes you think I want to do this?” Lori said.

“Because you would have stopped me by now,” he said. Justin covered her mouth with his and forced his tongue into her mouth. Lori couldn’t believe herself as she felt his tongue swirl around hers. He propped himself up to unbutton her suit coat and push it off of her.

“Too many damn clothes,” he murmured and started to unbutton her blouse.

“I’m not going to be the only one naked,” Lori said and pulled his soccer jersey off over his head. She ran her hands down the hard muscles of his back.

Lori let out a yelp when Justin roughly pushed one of the cups of her bra down and took her nipple between his teeth. He sucked on it hard and scraped his tongue along it. She let out a moan as she felt the heat rising between their bodies.

Unbuttoning his jeans, Lori slipped her hand into his boxers. She grabbed a hold of his penis and squeezed. He let out a gasp.

“Change your order now, why don’t you?” Lori said.

“Bite me,” Justin said with a grunt as she tugged on his stiff cock.

“Eat me,” she said.

“Glad to,” Justin said and pushed her skirt up. He nipped at the skin above her thigh high nylons before ripping down her panties and spreading her legs apart. He thrust his tongue into Lori, making her scream. She buried her fingers in his hair as he flicked his tongue against her. Her hips thrust forward escort kartal despite herself. Justin took that as a sign and pushed his pants down to his knees.

Lori glared at him as he mounted her. “This better be good,” she said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you what you want,” Justin said as he rammed his cock into her. Lori winced at his intensity but she matched him with every stroke. She could tell he was close so she pushed him off of her and put him on his back.

“You can get your own damn coffee next time,” Lori said. She straddled Justin and lowered herself onto him. His size filled her to where she was afraid she might not be able to take all of him. She rode him slow and deep. Justin’s face was screwed up with the intense pleasure he was feeling.

Justin shook his head like he was saying no and sat up. “Get up,” he said.

“Why?” Lori asked.

“I’ll show you why,” Justin said as he stood up and picked her up off the floor. He grabbed Lori around the waist, lifted her up, and pinned her to the wall. She responded by wrapping her legs around his body and he pushed into her again. Lori moaned in pleasure as she felt her orgasm coming on. Justin’s whole body was pressed against her and she could scarcely breath. His thrusting became harder and harder until he came. She could feel his cock twitch and spasm inside her.

“That’s it?” she said, not satisfied yet, “I thought you were going to give me what I wanted. What a stud you are.”

“If that’s how you want it,” Justin said and laid her back down on the floor. He pushed her bra up to attack her fully exposed breasts. As he suckled on one nipple, he plunged his fingers inside her. He meticulously massaged her center as he moved up to rape her mouth with his tongue. He pushed his fingers as far as he could inside of her until she came screaming into his mouth. She felt drained, as she lay panting on the floor.

Justin sat up and put his jersey back on, “Well now we know you’re good at something.”

“Well let’s just say you fuck better than you sing,” Lori said readjusting her bra.

Justin pulled his pants back up and they both sat there not saying anything. Lori raised her head to look up at him. He looked back at her with a glare.

“Jerk,” she said.

“Bitch,” he replied and tackled her again. Their arousal was so intensely re-ignited for the second time that neither noticed the elevator start to move. Justin had pushed her skirt back up to lick again at her center. Lori let her head fall back against the elevator door as she felt his tongue slide into her.

A bell chimed and the elevator doors slid open. Someone outside in the lobby gasped. Justin looked up.

“Hey Britney, sorry I’m late, I’ll be back down in a minute,” Justin said as he reached up, pushed the “Close Door” button, and returned to his business.

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