Little Piggy 6 – Double Detention, Wednesday

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Little Piggy-6, Double Detention – Day 3


Little Piggy was up early, or more to the point she had a restless night. Her first thought in the morning started when she rolled over and the big prongs stuffed in her folds and pucker moved. What a feeling she thought to herself. She sat up on the bed and rocked back and forth renewing her excitement from yesterday’s events.

LP was a little bleary eyed and the walk to school went much like the walk home the day before. She had to stop a couple times and shake through the rush of excitement. She kept thinking of what Coach had said about building up her endurance. Then she would take a deep breath, stand up tall and force herself to continue. She made it to school just before the bell.

The next thing she knew school was over and she was heading to detention. The thought of it and the jostling prongs made her flush and suddenly she felt weaker than before. Her face was expressionless and she numbly walked down the hallway to Mr. Newnen’s office.

Once inside the office she stood by the door watching him correcting papers as usual. He said nothing. She stood there shifting from leg to leg feeling the prongs wiggle. She gasped through a flush. ‘Please sit down, Little Piggy.’ he said without looking. She turned to walk to her desk when he continued, ‘Take off your panties and skirt. Then take your seat. Coach Gray will be here momentarily.’

Her pantie liner was past wet and she had trouble getting her hands into her waistband. She peeled off her soaked panties and set them on his desk. Then did the same with her skirt which had a damp spot on the back where she had been sitting on it. Mr. Newnen glanced at it and continued his work. When she sat down at her desk she moaned. Then the room was quiet.

After a couple minutes she shifted on the seat and gasped. She put her arms on the desk and grabbed the front edge. Then ground her hips into the hard wooden seat. All the time looking for any reaction from the teacher. Her grinding was starting to build when suddenly Coach Gray entered the room. He carried a bag of sorts which he placed on the floor. Mr. Newnen looked up and pushed his chair away from the desk.

‘Well? he asked Coach. ‘I’ve heard from a couple of Little Piggy’s teachers that she was distracted in classes today. Twice she was excused to go to the bathroom and was gone for ten minutes or so. One of the teachers thought she was asleep at one point.’ Mr. Newnen didn’t look away from Coach’s stare. ‘Oh dear. What should be done?’ he asked.

‘I told you before, she lacks discipline. Sure she follows instructions and is a quick study. But,’ Coach paused. Mr. Newnen made the tisk-tisk sound, ‘Maybe detention is too much for our young lady.’ LP could feel her heart stop. She sat perfectly still listening to the next words. Coach spoke next, ‘I don’t know what will correct the issue. Maybe we should stop…’

He was cut off suddenly when LP shouted, ‘No! I can handle it. Let me try again.’ Coach walked over to her, canlı bahis ‘This is not open for discussion.’ She looked up at him with eager eyes and a tear formed on her cheek, ‘But, I can do this. I want to do this.’ Coach could tell she was intent on voicing her opinion. He reached in his pants and pulled out his dick and plugged her mouth with it holding her head still with his other hand.

‘She’s got moxie, that’s for sure.’ he said looking back at Mr. Newnen. ‘Yes. That much has been apparent from the start.’ Mr. Newnen got up and walked over to her desk, ‘Let’s give her one more chance and if by tomorrow she hasn’t improved, we’ll have to give her something else to finish her detention.’ LP couldn’t move her head or speak. Coach jerked his dick out of her mouth. She gasped, ‘Thank you.’

‘So,’ Mr. Newnen started looking at LP now, ‘Did you keep your belt on?’ ‘Yes.’ she said gripping the desk and pushing her hips into the seat. ‘All night?’ he persisted. ‘Yes.’ ‘Yes, sir.’ blurted Coach Gray. ‘Yes, sir.’ she repeated. ‘Is that why you had trouble in classes today?’ ‘Yes, sir.’ ‘I see you’re having trouble sitting still. Do you want to take off the training belt?’ he asked looking at Coach Gray. She didn’t want to take it off but wanted to get on with her detention.

‘I guess so, sir.’ she said meekly now. Coach walked over and picked up the bag he left in the corner. In it was a small therapy ball with two prongs on it much like the ones on the training belt. He showed it to her and she gasped. Then she corrected her response, ‘Yes, sir.’ ‘Well what are you waiting for. Hop to it.’ Coach growled. Little Piggy practically jumped out of her seat and slid off the training belt. Coach took a little bottle out of the bag and squirted some of its contents on the prongs.

He grabbed her arm and walked her to the center of the room telling her to kneel down. Then he placed the ball between her legs and lined up the prongs. He pulled her back onto them and held her there for a moment. She let out a loud ‘Oh’ and shook. They instructed her to rock back and forth on the ball. This caused the prongs to alternate pushing in and pulling out of her ass and pussy. Mr. Newnen watched with Coach as she rolled her eyes and gasped every few times.

She didn’t notice them taking off their pants but she did feel one of their cocks press against her mouth. She muttered, ‘Oh yeah.’ and welcomed it in licking and kissing it. It pushed into her mouth as she rocked forward. She started bouncing on the ball as she drew the dick deeper into her. She was twitching and her little pea was squished against the rubber ball.

Up and down and all around she swiveled her hips, grinding the prongs in her. ‘You’re right again, Mr. Newnen, she is a quick learner.’ She had most of the cock down her throat when it pulled out. Then the big one replaced it pushing all the way down. She shook and twitched, drool dripping from her mouth and juices running down the rubber ball between her legs.

Coach pushed her down with his dick squishing bahis siteleri the rubber ball and causing her legs to spread further apart. Then he released the tension and she continued to bounce and roll without skipping a beat. He pushed in again feeling LP spasm strongly. Then he suddenly pulled out. She slowed her rocking and bouncing breathing heavy.

‘Enough for now. Get up on the desk. You know the drill.’ came Coach’s gruff voice. Remembering what they said today about her not being able to keep up, she quickly got up. But, the ball clung to her butt. Her holes holding tight to the two big prongs. Coach grabbed the ball and pulled it away and she shook then quickly walked to the desk and assumed the position.

Laying on her back, mouth open, legs spread she waited for them to start. Coach was first and plowed his cock right down her throat. Her body twitched and she arched her back. He pumped her throat a couple times and then held it deep. She could feel his pulse and the dick get thicker and harder as it reached it maximum size. She wanted to swallow it deeper but her mouth was so full she couldn’t.

She then felt Mr. Newnen grab her legs and lift them up and spread them wider. She could feel something pushing against her folds. It kept pushing and pushing until she could feel it press through her pussy lips stretching them around his man meat. She shook with the thought of his dick going up inside her. He pulled out slightly and then pressed in again.

Her spasms reached new heights as he buried it deep in her little folds. Coach pulled back as Mr. Newnen pushed. Then switching, seesawing back and forth from each end. She could feel Mr. Newnen’s waist bump into her little pea and legs. LP was rushing and twitching each time on of them pushed all the way in.

Then they started to push at the same time. Both in and then both out. She just lay there twitching and thrashing. They both pulled out leaving her breathless and heaving. Coach slid back into her throat first and rutted against her face a couple times. Then she felt Mr. Newnen push against her little puckered ass hole. Her eyes shot open and her legs went straight as he popped past her pucker.

Little Piggy went limp again as they both pounded her again. First back and forth and then together. She was floating, her mind spinning, her body tingling. She couldn’t tell how long they were going. It seemed a life time. Then they both stopped and slid out again leaving her breathless and twitching. She just lay there waiting for her next instructions.

‘Now young lady, down here on all fours.’ Mr. Newnen was sitting in his chair. His hot dog waiting for her attention. She tried to move quickly off the desk and onto the floor between his legs. Once there she slid forward and took it in her mouth and down her throat. Coach Gray was behind her and quickly lined up his dick against her folds. He pushed hard forcing her all the way onto Mr. Newnen.

Coach started pounding her little pussy folds with his huge cock making her writhe against bahis şirketleri Mr. Newnen’s dick. They were both so deep and her twitching built into a huge spasm. She went limp Coach held her hips up. He pulled out and lined up with her little ass pucker. She couldn’t complain and didn’t want to. She just kept telling herself, ‘I can do it.’

Coach pushed in and she felt the top of her head explode as he ground deep into her ass. He started pumping and pumping. Her head swimming again, her body twitching when they were both all the way in. They kept going pounding their meat into her. Coach pulled out and slapped her bottom. She was still pushing herself against Mr. Newnen when she heard him say. ‘Very good. Wouldn’t you say Coach?’

‘We’ll see how she makes it through tomorrow, then I’ll decide.’ he said. LP was pushed off Mr. Newnen and given her training belt. Then she was instructed to go back to her desk. She couldn’t believe it was over already. She felt stronger today, more resilient. She put the training belt back on easily and walked back to her desk. Her folds and pucker were buzzing and she couldn’t tell how sensitive they were.

They both walked over and stood in front of her again. She smiled and sat up straight in her chair. ‘You did very well today. I hope you can change Coach’s mind. You know what that will take don’t you?’ ‘Yes, sir.’ ‘Pay attention in class. Don’t waste time in the bathroom. And make sure to get some sleep.’ said Coach Gray.

‘Yes sir, I will.’ she said opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue. ‘Well I guess we’re done today. Collect your things. Oh, and I think Coach wants you to take the ball home tonight.’ Coach put the ball into the bag and handed it to Little Piggy who looked dejected. They both walked away. ‘But..’ she said. Coach turned to look at her, ‘Do you think you deserve something more?’ She dropped her eyes.

‘Now, now Coach. She did last a lot longer today then yesterday. That should account for something?’ She looked at them with sad eyes, ‘Please.’ Coach looked at her for a moment then at Mr. Newnen who responded ‘Well I think she did fine.’ Then he walked over and poked his cock at her face. She eagerly swallowed it down her throat and pumped away until he spurted.

Coach walked over and handed her panties and skirt, ‘Maybe tomorrow. If you improve.’ Then he walked to the door and held it open for her. She got up to leave and noticed his dick was still hard and moving with his heartbeat. She thought about just latching on to it and taking what she wanted. As she got closer she decided to do it. She tried to put it into her mouth but Coach was too strong and pushed her back. So she slapped it and ran out the door.

At home was the same routine, cleanup, do homework, eat dinner, get ready for bed. She watched her mom get ready to leave for work. Thinking about how she feels with dad’s cock in her. Doing to her what the teachers are doing to LP. Greeted her father when he arrived home. Watched him rummaging in the kitchen. Wondered if he ever gave anyone the experiences she was getting. Later in her room she removed the training belt and mounted the rubber ball rocking herself into oblivion.

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