Lisa and the Society

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Lisa was glad to have her sister over for the evening. After the divorce and the kids moving out, the loneliness was getting to her. She wondered how her sister had made it through her divorce and still seemed so happy.

“I just don’t get it, Amber,” Lisa said, wiping tears from her cheeks. “How do you do it? You make it look so easy.”

“It wasn’t easy at first. It gets better as time goes on.” Amber moved closer and wrapped her arms around Lisa. She then brushed Lisa’s hair out of her face and kissed on her cheek.

Lisa was thankful for the embrace, though she knew it wasn’t going to satisfy the real desire she had. “It’s being alone at night. You know…” she said, not looking Amber in the eyes.

Amber gently let go and nodded. “I know exactly what you mean,” she replied. She hesitated, and then stood up. “I’m going to share something with you, but you have to swear you’ll never tell anyone about it, ever, OK?”

Lisa knew Amber was serious by the subtle shift in tension.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere,” Amber said as she briskly walked out of the room. Moments later, Amber returned carrying a small black piece of plastic. At first, Lisa thought it was a credit card, but she didn’t see any stripes or logos.

“Lisa, I want you to try this for me. I can’t tell you exactly what it is, but I’m confident it will help you. It’s helped me. Please promise you won’t think less of your little sister, OK?”

Confused, Lisa nodded. “Of course, Amber. There’s nothing in this world you could do that would make me think any less of you.”

Amber held out the card. “Listen very closely,” she whispered, even though they were alone in the house. “When you’re ready, take this card to 2265 Ember Avenue. There’s a red door. Give it to them, and they’ll help you out.”

At this point, Lisa started to feel a little uncomfortable. “What is it?”

Amber blushed a little. “It’s a sort of society that I’m a member of. I’m not really at liberty to say any more, so you’ll have to trust me.” She pressed the card into Lisa’s hand.

Lisa was surprised by the weight of the card and wondered if it were metal.

Amber brushed her skirt and said, “I have to go. Work in the morning. But thanks for the wine, and if you ever need anything, let me know.”

They hugged, and Amber left. Lisa examined the card. On one side it had an address, and on the other side it had the numbers 3557 etched into it. She placed it on the table and finished her wine.


A few days had passed since her evening with Amber, and Lisa still hadn’t gone to the address on the card. She did, however, pull the card out and look at it from time to time. She even tried texting Amber to get more details, but Amber didn’t respond. Lisa tucked the card back into her purse and got back to work.

Later that evening as she was wrapping up, Lisa noticed the card next to her keys where she had placed it as a reminder to go check out the address that night.

Her GPS said, “Arriving at your destination, on the right.” Lisa was still undecided. The entire drive over she had continued looping through every excuse not to go. Somehow she still found herself at the address. Something was compelling her to go. Maybe it was because of how serious and adamant Amber had been. Or perhaps her loneliness was consuming her. She didn’t want to break down again. She’d called Amber too many times.

Lisa walked up to the large red wooden door, hesitated, and looked around. No lights were on and the building looked abandoned. 3557 Ember Avenue was etched onto the door in the same style as the card.

She knocked and waited for what seemed like an eternity. Raising her hand to knock a second time, she stopped and waited, and then dropped her hand and turned to walk away. Just as she turned around, Lisa heard a lock click and turned to see the door open a crack.

A slender young face peered through the crack in the door. “Can I help you?” he asked while looking to see if anyone else was accompanying her.

Lisa fumbled for the card in her purse and held it up to the crack in the door. A white-gloved hand gently took it from her, and the door closed. Then the chains on the locks slid open. Appearing to be in his early thirties, the man was wearing a full tuxedo and looked rather dashing. He bowed and motioned for her to enter.

Lisa stepped into a long hallway that had antique molding and a deep red carpet. The host closed the door behind her and returned the black card.

“Obviously, this isn’t your card. Where did you get this?” He appeared more cautious than upset.

“My sister Amber lent it to me. She thought I would enjoy this,” she said, looking around.

The man nodded. “Clearly, you haven’t been told much. And that’s for the best.” He extended his arm, which Lisa instinctively took. “Over the years we’ve discovered that keeping this a secret is better for all parties involved,” he said as he continued leading her down bostancı escort the hallway.

Stopping at a black door, he grabbed a door handle, then looked at Lisa and winked. Something about his gentle personality and classy stare were incredibly disarming. Lisa felt as though she had known him for years.

The door swung open to a large room, empty except for a single red-velvet upholstered wooden chair in the room’s center. Aside from a few floor-to-ceiling mirrors and the chair, the room was bare. The man guided her over to the chair and motioned for her to take a seat. Lisa sat down slowly, sinking into the soft padding.

“Now try to relax,” he told her, “and keep an open mind.”

They waited for a minute or two in silence. Then came a gentle knock on the door. The man’s eyebrows rose with excitement and he grinned widely as he glided to the door. With a single gesture, he swung open the door and bowed.

Surprised, Lisa’s jaw dropped as a tall, handsome man walked into the room wearing only a mask and small pair of black underwear. As he walked in, another man dressed exactly the same followed closely behind. The second man was slightly shorter, with his hair pulled back into a ponytail. His abs were even more defined than the first man’s. Behind him was a young woman wearing a skimpy thong and bra. They all appeared to be in their thirties.

“Oh god,” Lisa thought to herself. “Strippers,” she whispered. She expected the music to kick in like she’d experienced at one of her friend’s bachelorette showers. Instead, they walked in complete silence. All in line, they stopped right in front of her.

Lisa’s heart began to pound and her cheeks turned bright red. She was immediately bashful. It took her a second before she looked anyone in the eye. She glanced up quickly. The man in the middle was staring past her. The other two were staring across the room. She then looked over at the host as he closed the door and walked up next to the girl at the end. He adjusted her mask a little, then turned to face Lisa.

“I trust you’re pleased at our selection,” he said softly.

Her selection? Like mannequins in a window, they all stood motionless. She looked over each one carefully. Lisa’s eyes traced across the broad shoulder of the first man, then down his arms and across his chiseled pecs and abs. Her heart raced and her breathing quickened. She bit her lip. She’d never been interested in a woman before. She looked at the parted red lips of the young woman before her, her supple breasts gently rising and falling as she breathed. Lisa noticed that her nipples were slightly protruding through the thin silk bra. Her soft curves stood in such contrast to the hard edges of the men. The girl held a small red rope and tassel in her hand, as did the others.

After a few moments, Lisa stood up, took a step forward, and pulled the rope in the hand of the man on the left. He didn’t let go. He didn’t even look down at her.

Embarrassed, Lisa looked over at her host. She wondered if she’d made a mistake by tugging the rope. The host simply smiled and nodded and tapped the shoulders of the girl and the other man. They turned and walked out of the room.

Lisa stood awkwardly. She was a good foot shorter than the first man, now that they were standing side by side. With one hand, the host grabbed Lisa’s hand; with his other hand, he grabbed the tassel. He placed it in Lisa’s hand and said, “Follow me.” He turned towards the doorway and walked out.

Lisa glanced over at the man whose gaze was still facing the other side of the room. She started for the door, and the man quietly followed her into the hall. As they stepped out, the host opened another door just a few feet away. He motioned for them to enter, and they both walked in.

Lisa found herself in a dimly lit room. A few candles flickered on a dresser. In the center of the room was a large red bed. Shocked, Lisa turned to the host and exclaimed, “Wait, they aren’t strippers!”

“Of course not,” he replied. “They’re members. Just like you.” He smiled and took a bow. “Knock if you need anything,” and with that, he closed the door behind them.

Lisa’s thoughts were racing. How in the world had she gotten into this situation? How could Amber have recommended this? Amber must be a member. She would never have guessed her sister would participate in something like this. Oh god, Amber is going to ask about this. She walked over to the bed and sat down. The hunk of a man still stood motionless across the room.

“So, you’re a member?” came out far louder than she had intended. Obviously, she was nervous because her voice trembled as the words came out.

He didn’t respond.

She looked around the room again and noticed a table with a few objects on it. From what she could see, the objects were sex toys. She recognized the different-sized dildos and maybe what looked like a whip. How embarrassing. Her sister set her up with some awkward hookup ümraniye escort bayan club. At least he was hot.

Lisa grabbed his tassel and led him towards the bed. She sat down at the end of the bed, which put her eye level at his pecs. She was impressed with how well he took care of himself. Her husband used to have a chiseled body when he was in college, but after a couple years he had let himself go. The thought was embarrassing now that she realized the man must be fifteen or twenty years younger than her. Does this make me a cougar?

Lisa was a jumbled mess of thoughts and emotions. She never would have agreed to anything like this. Now that she was here, her heart racing and her cheeks flushed, she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt like this. But she would never condone this type of action. So promiscuous.

Obviously, she wouldn’t be able to hide the fact from Amber that she had gone to the club. All Amber would have to do was ask the doorman. I’ll just make out for a while. That way she would be able to say she went, tried it, wasn’t into it, and had gone home. Amber wouldn’t be offended or awkward, and Lisa wouldn’t feel guilty.

She pulled the tassel again to bring him forward as she scooted up the bed. The man climbed up the end of the bed and crawled over to her, his eyes now fixated on hers as if he could see right through her. She bit her lip and looked away, then reached round his head and ran her fingers through his hair. Pulling his mouth to hers, she felt his soft lips press gently against hers. He lay down on her, pressing against her. He then put his arm around the small of her back and pulled her into him.

Lisa felt as stiff as a board. She hadn’t kissed another guy since her husband. At any other moment, the idea would have scared her; but at this moment all she could do was think about how strong and powerful he felt against her. She felt the throb of his dick against her inner thigh and was flattered to know that she was desired.

A wave of heat rushed across Lisa’s body. She was getting wet. Their breathing started to get heavier and mix with each other’s. She loved how he breathed in as she exhaled, drinking in her breath. Her hands roamed down his muscular back as her body finally relaxed.

This feels so good. His hands slid down the small of her back and cupped her butt, pulling her firmly into his hardness. His dick still pulsed against her. Fuck. She was liking this far more than she wanted to. Cheeks flushed, they were both breathing heavily as their bodies gyrated against each other. Her skirt had ridden up to her waist, and she didn’t even care. Lisa’s reservations and good judgment slipped further away.

He unlocked his lips and moved to her neck. She thought she heard him moan. Or was that her? She couldn’t tell. She didn’t care. She bit her lip as his hand slipped up her skirt and cupped her breast, sending a shiver down her back and leaving her gasping. Lisa let herself go. She wanted to feel the rush of pleasure wash over her like she used to.

Pushing him back gently, she pulled her shirt up over her head. He reached behind her and helped her unhook her bra. Tossing her shirt and bra off the bed, Lisa pulled him back to her chest. He firmly pressed his face into her breasts, kissed his way to the left areola, and took her erect nipple into his mouth. Shivers went down her spine again, and she felt her clitoris swell. She was soaking wet at this point.

She let out a loud moan, “Yes!” as her hands roamed his shoulders. He let go of her nipple, and it flicked back to position. He started kissing her stomach, one hand pressing the inside of her thigh. She wanted nothing more than to feel his hand slide up to give her release. He continued to kiss her, up to her belly button and then down to her lower stomach. Then, he paused.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Lisa said, hoping he would continue. She grabbed the back of his head and pressed him firmly into her stomach. She wanted him to continue downwards. He pushed her legs apart, revealing her now damp panties with a large, wet circle in the center, still fresh and warm. He kissed her inner thigh and gently inched closer and closer to her sex, his hot breath getting closer and closer.

He took one finger and ran it just under the side of her panties, brushing over the outer wall of her pussy. He tugged on Lisa’s panties, and she lifted her pelvis so he could slip them off. They caught for a moment on her toes, and then she was free and completely on display for him. He breathed in her warm scent and pressed his lips to her pelvis. While kissing her, he lowered himself into position. She felt the tip of his tongue slip in at the base of her pussy and lick up her juice that had formed a single drop that was about to escape. It sent a shiver of anticipation up Lisa’s spine. Her back arched as he made a passing deep lick upwards, and she moaned as his tongue pressed firmly into her swollen clitoris.

Sitting kartal escort up a little, Lisa gripped the back of his head and pulled him in harder. His pace quickened. “Yes!” she shouted as her legs quivered, his tongue flicking back and forth across her engorged clitoris sending small waves of ecstasy through her body. I’m going to cum! She clamped her legs around his head, arched her back as the shudders rolled across her body, and screamed in delight at the orgasm, collapsing back onto the bed, panting.

He began kissing her thigh. Lisa leaned over to the table and grabbed one of the smaller dildos. Reaching down, she pressed it into her pussy. It slid in without any resistance. She bit her lip and twitched a little. She twirled it around a few times then withdrew it.

“Stand,” she said to him in a firm voice. He stood at the foot of the bed and watched her intently.

Something about his willingness to do anything made her feel amazing. She felt herself shift from feeling abandoned and used to being in control and wanted. Her ex-husband had called the shots, and she was beginning to understand why. It was thrilling.

He was bulging out of his underwear and the tip of his erect cock was wet.

She rolled over onto her knees and pulled her ass apart. Pressing the tip of the dildo against her ass, she exhaled and then began to gently push. Little by little, the tip disappeared a little more with each breath. Once the tip was fully inside her, the rest of the dildo slid in smoothly. Lisa loved the feeling of fullness from the dildo.

“Take me now,” she said, looking back over her shoulder at him.

Immediately, he dropped his dark gray briefs. His cock stood straight out, quivering in the air. It was huge, far larger than her ex-husband’s and bigger than any of her boyfriends from college.

He climbed up onto the bed. Gripping her hips firmly from behind, he pressed the head of his penis against her pussy, the head gently parting her lips. The tip went deeper, and she felt herself being stretched. He slowly pumped back and forth, penetrating a little deeper each time. She felt his cock pulsing deep inside her. With each push, Lisa kept thinking that he must be in all the way, but he continued to go deeper still. Two to three pushes deeper than she had envisioned. She felt so tight and full. She bore down, gripping around him and the dildo as hard as she could.

Pressed up against Lisa’s back, he let out a deep moan and wrapped his arms around and under her and fondled her breasts. She felt his hot breathing against her back as he kissed the top of her spine. He began to gently rock back and forth. The pleasure was incredible for Lisa. She thrust harder as he grunted behind her. They thrust faster and harder. With each increasing pulse inside her, she squeezed down hard around his cock.

“Cum!” she commanded. “I need to feel you fill me with your cum.” She bit down on her lip as he let out a roar and poured his warm cum into her, his whole body shuddering behind her. Lisa squeezed as hard and fast as she could. After each contraction, his body twitched behind her as his bare arms wrapped around her squeezing her with each moan.

With his cum dripping off her clitoris, he withdrew slowly. As his head exited her soaked, swollen sex, she bore down as hard as she could. He shuddered again, and she rolled onto her back and spread her legs. She felt his warm cum sliding down to her ass.

“Clean up your mess,” she told him, her dominant side in full bloom. She gave herself fully to commanding whatever she desired. It felt so good to finally be in control. Without having to make deals, bargain, or plead. To have the power, simply to command was exhilarating.

He bent down and pressed his face into her pussy. Lisa watched as his glistening face cleaned up their juices. She could smell the mix of both their sex in the air. Her red clitoris protruded from her lips, and he took it into his mouth. Immediately, an impending wave of another orgasm crashed over her. A combination of groans and gasps escaped her as he ravaged her pussy and occasionally pumped the dildo. Lisa collapsed back into the messy sheets, exhausted. She quickly fell asleep to his gentle kisses on her thigh.

When she awoke, he was gone and the candles had burned down significantly. Aware of the dildo still inside her, Lisa reached down to withdraw it. It slid out without any resistance. She could still feel the remaining cum inside her, which she left hoping to hold onto the thrilling encounter as long as she could.

Lisa dressed and headed for the bedroom door. She was surprised when she reached the door to see the host standing at attention. He smiled and turned his head slightly to the side.

“I trust you enjoyed yourself?” he asked.

“We didn’t make that clear,” she said, feeling only slightly embarrassed.

He held out his hand as if to give her something, and she instinctively held out her hand. From his gloved hand fell a red card similar to Amber’s, and a tassel.

“This card will allow you to come and go as you please. Please make sure to keep it safe and a secret. You are not allowed to discuss the society with anyone until you’ve reached a few higher ranks like your sister.”

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