Like I Always Do…

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Like I always seem to do…..I had put my mind into overtime by going online and reading some stories about my favorite femdom activities. I guess this is all a part of the torture of that fetish that I love, just because I get all worked up does not mean that my lovely wife mistress Landy is also in the mood to play my games. This usually results in days of buildup and torture while I think about it constantly.

I did let Landy know that I had been online and she spent some time talking with me about how she enjoys the buildup too because she knows it is torture for me. I reminded her that during our last session she had really found an interesting technique to play into my forced cum eating desires. Like most guys once I have a great orgasm I loose all desire to continue playing. I have always told Landy to not let me get out of it and she does a great job at following through even against my protests. Last time while she had me all worked up and had been teasing me for some time she was slowly pumping my cock while talking about making me swallow my own cum. Knowing I was very close to cumming I begged her to give me a break and let go. At the same time I felt some of my cum begin to flow and start pouring from my cock. This was not lost on Landy and as she noticed and decided she was not ready for me to cum she tightly squeezed my cock effectively stopping my orgasm. By gripping tightly and just barely moving she was able to squeeze some of my cum out without giving me the satisfaction of cumming. This was a big hit with her as she was able to scoop up my cum and feed it to me while I was still worked up and willing to lick it from her fingers. Had she kept doing this I would have had to swallow my whole load without ever getting off, being left to remain worked up and to suffer the torture for days to come. Luckily for me she pumped me for all she was worth and gave me an explosive orgasm.

While we were discussing my current state of arousal Landy brought up the subject of freezing my cum for later use in our games. This came from a story I had read where a girl spent a whole week milking loads of cum from him every night to make him a nice big cum popsicle. With this in her mind escort ataşehir I knew I might be in for an interesting week.

As I suspected, on Sunday Landy explained to me she had decided to play the frozen cum game. She said that one way or another one of us was going to collect a load of cum from me every day for this week. She knew that some nights she may be tired after work so she told me I was going to be expected to help in this recovery plan. Being that this was the first night and she new I was already worked up and had a very big load waiting she did not want to waste any so she decided to collect the first one herself. She was not going to make it a big adventure for me either. I was instructed to pull my cock out and lay back on the bed. She brought out a small plastic storage container and started jacking my cock. Just her talk of collecting my cum for future use had me on the edge in about a minute. Landy was ready and was very good at placing the container just right to collect the blasts of cum from my cock. She then handed me the container and told me to take my disgusting filth and find a place in the freezer where it could be safely stored and not found. The adventure had begun.

On Monday as soon as I got home, even before dinner, Landy told me to go into the bedroom and collect the next load of my cum in the container she had placed on my nightstand. She instructed me to make sure I caught it all and then to add what I collected to the other container in the freezer. This was more humiliating than I had imagined it would be, but I complied with the command. Tuesday I was treated to another quick handjob while listening to Landy tell me how much she was looking forward to feeding me all of this frozen cum we were collecting. Again I was told to add the collection to the container in the freezer. Wednesday I was again left to take care of the cum collection myself. Thursday morning after I got out of the shower and as I was getting ready for work Landy got up and told me to get on the bed before I put my pants on. I was rewarded with a very nice blowjob. A great way to start the day. Of course she was ready with her container and as I began to explode kadıköy escort bayan she made sure to catch every drop to add to our frozen cum loads. Before we went to bed Thursday night Landy told me she wanted to watch me collect one last load for the container. That was embarrassing in itself as I was not used to being watched. But it did not take too long as I had noticed she said last load……and that brought the thought of eating all of the cum.

All week Landy had been tormenting me and emailing me about all of the cum I was going to be swallowing. Friday she ramped that up and kept me on edge all day. When she went home she told me she was going to take a nap and that she wanted me to come home and spend some time reading stories about cum eating to get me even more worked up. She also told me to take our frozen cum and use a knife to cut it into several smaller pieces and place it in two containers as she had many uses for it tonight….with each use ending up in my mouth.

When Landy woke up from her nap she called me and told me to bring one container of my frozen cum into the bedroom. Of course I was extremely worked up and hard as a rock. Landy ordered me to give her the container, strip and to sit on the bed. She told me to take a small piece of the frozen cum and place it into my mouth without chewing or swallowing. This was very humiliating. Here I was actively taking my own cum and placing it in my mouth. She told me she wanted me to let her know when it had melted and that I better not swallow it yet. It only took a couple of minutes but it felt like a long time. She was laughing at me and making fun of me for being such a cum slut that I would actually go through with this. As the cum melted the taste became very overpowering in my mouth. Once I let her know it was melted she told me to stick out my tongue and show her, which I did. Finally she told me to swallow what would be my first of many loads.

Next she told me to take another chunk of cum and to place it on her toes. She knows how much I love feet and toes. She told me to rub the frozen cum along her toes until it started to melt. After a couple of minutes she had me take her cum coated toes escort bostancı and the rest of the melting chunk of cum and place them into my mouth. She told me not to stop licking her toes until all of that cum had melted and I had cleaned it all up. I was certainly getting the full effect of swallowing cum and without the post-orgasm blues. It was actually very exciting……and humiliating at the same time.

Landy had me take the last piece of frozen cum from the first container and place it on her nipple. She told me to put my mouth over the cum and to not take it up until the cum was melted and I had sucked it all up. This was driving me crazy and I loved it. As we had collected six loads of my cum that week I had already swallowed three loads of cum.

Landy told me to go in and get the other container of frozen cum. When I got back she told me to get on the bed and fasten my hands to the ties on the bed. Now that I was secured she told me it was time to swallow the rest of the cum. She had really enjoyed having me melt the cum in my mouth and decided to repeat that with another large chunk of cum. This time she was also slowly pumping my cock which was producing copious amounts of pre-cum that she added to the load melting in my mouth. The whole time she continued berating me for being such a cum slut.

Landy knew I was close to cumming. She took the rest of the frozen cum and told me it was time to melt the biggest load yet and made me take all of it in my mouth. This was more than I had either of the other times and I already had the strong taste of cum from before. As it melted and I fought to keep from swallowing it Landy was pumping me and getting me very close to cumming. She knew it too. Once she was pretty sure it was just about all melted she explained that she was going to slowly milk a fresh load for me to add to the delight in my mouth. She said she loved that method she had found last time and that this time she was going to slowly drain my cum out without letting me orgasm and she would feed me the whole fresh load. This was extremely humiliating and torturous. I had two loads of melted cum in my mouth and she was about to add a third. I felt my cum leaking from my cock. True to her word she did not speed up and did not let up on her grip. As she scooped up my flowing cum and feed it to me I knew I was destined to end the night as her cum eating slut and without the sweet release of an explosive orgasm. I was in heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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