Life’s Too Short

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Lisa and I have been friends since middle school but, other than a little fooling around on a semi-regular basis while in college, we’d never been more than that. Even our fooling around had only gone so far; there were quite a few things we’d never done though we had managed to successfully make each other cum in spite of that. We were both approaching 50 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was caught early and her prognosis was quite good though she would have some tough times ahead of her. I was living around 1,800 miles away from her at that point so I did the best that I could to support her through her treatment, though I knew she had a lot of support in her immediate vicinity so I wasn’t worried about her. It was after her treatment had finished and her hair was starting to grow in again when I finally managed to get to see her.

I was in town only briefly and had a limited amount of free time but I made every effort to make sure I could see her. When we finally got a time figured out that worked for both of us, she invited me to her house to hang out for a few hours. I had been hoping to finally also meet her husband and kids but they were not going to be around during that timeframe. We had a lot to catch up on after so long, anyway, so they’d probably have ended up bored listening to us. I’m sure that neither of us had any expectation that things would go the way they did that afternoon.

We were sitting on her couch, catching up while enjoying a beverage, when I finally asked if I could feel the short growth of hair on her head. She was amused and of course had no issue with it. As I was caressing the soft, short hair while running my hands over her head like a crystal ball, we were both smiling until suddenly we were kissing. I’m pretty sure it was me who leaned in closer but she didn’t pull away and, not only did our lips meet, but our tongues were quickly in each other’s mouths. I don’t know exactly how long we made out, but neither of us abruptly terminated it; it seemed like we just stopped when it felt right to stop.

“Well, we probably shouldn’t have done that,” she said when we parted, though she wasn’t looking too upset.

“Sorry,” I replied, taking my hands from her head, “I didn’t come over here expecting to just pick up where we left off but I guess I just got caught up being around you again. Have I made things awkward?”

“You didn’t just kiss me,” she said, “We kissed each other and it sure gave me a flashback to old times.”

“When we were young and still had our whole lives ahead of us,” I added.

“And we never thought about getting cancer,” she pointed out.

I lost her for a moment while her mind carried her off somewhere but, since she had a smile on her face, I just let her go.

“You know what?” she said when she came back to herself, “Life’s too short.”

“What are you saying?” I asked, smiling because I was pretty sure I already knew.

“I’m saying that spending a few hours this afternoon tying up some loose ends is not going to bring an end to either of our marriages,” she replied, “If anything, it will keep us both from wondering ‘what if’ were we to stop just with that kiss.”

“And you’re sure there’s no chance that we could be interrupted by your family returning early?” I had to ask.

“Absolutely, 100% certain,” she replied, “though I’d prefer we keep things here on the couch; I’m not comfortable doing anything in my bed.”

“Understood,” I confirmed so we went back to making out but, this time, rather than caressing her head, I brought a hand to her substantial tits. She’d always been curvy, though her weight had fluctuated somewhat during all the years I’d known her. Her tits had always been big, though, regardless of what the rest of her figure was doing. I’d fondled them plenty back in college but I’d never fucked them and, in fact, I’d never fucked her. I was certain that one of those things was about to change but I was planning to make sure that the other one did, too.

It wasn’t long before I was slipping my hand up under her blouse and caressing her tits through her bra. She was not a passive participant, however, and was massaging my stiff cock through my jeans. Since she was certain that we wouldn’t be interrupted, I wasn’t rushing despite how badly I wanted to feel the soft, smooth flesh of her big titties again. I did eventually reach behind her and unfasten the multiple hooks required to hold up her substantial tits then slipped my hand up under the cups to feel her bare flesh. It felt as though this made my cock even harder and I don’t know if she was able to detect that but she started to open my jeans at about that same time. As I was alternating from one tit to the other, feeling her hard nipples against my palm, she got my jeans open and extracted my rigid cock from my underwear. She pumped it slowly and gently while we continued to make out.

“There is something I’ve thought about doing to you,” she finally said, pulling escort bahçelievler her mouth from mine, “since shortly after the first time ever that I did it. I’ve wondered how it would feel to have your cock in my mouth.”

She had definitely been very resistant to any request that she go down on me back in college so I’d never been able to successfully convince her to give it a try even though I went down on her whenever I got the chance. I loved to eat pussy and she definitely loved it when I ate hers but she’d always decline to blow me and would make me cum manually instead. She moved down onto the floor, kneeling before me, then started to work my jeans and underwear down while I raised my ass off the couch to make it easier. She completely removed both so I went ahead and pulled my shirt up over my head, too, leaving me fully naked. With her focus entirely on my rigid cock, she gripped it gently and pumped it briefly before lowering her head and engulfing it in her mouth. I moaned as she slowly slid her lips up and down my shaft.

She was quite good when it came to sucking cock so, in order to fully enjoy her talents, I knew I’d be blowing a load down her throat. I wasn’t concerned about then not having an opportunity to finally fuck her because I fully intended to indulge myself and thoroughly devour her pussy afterward. I was leaning back, watching as my cock disappeared repeatedly between her lips, and feeling my orgasm beginning to build up almost immediately. She was skilled enough, however, that she was successfully drawing out the incredible pleasure that I was feeling, which meant that I’d be able to enjoy her talent even longer. I was not 100% sure, though, whether she was drawing it out for my enjoyment or so that she could finally experience a mouthful of my cock for longer, though I imagine it was probably a bit of both.

I was further pleasantly surprised when she abruptly stopped sucking my cock and straightened up, taking her blouse off and slipping her bra down her arms, leaving her succulent tits bare. I stared at them wide-eyed, impressed by how incredible they still were, even after more than 25 years and two kids. Before I could sit up and reach out to fondle them, though, she leaned forward and squeezed them against my cock then started to slide them up and down. I had to let out an “oh my god” as the soft, smooth flesh caressed my stiff shaft and I found myself less certain that I’d be blowing my load down her throat. She was mainly looking down as my cockhead repeatedly peeked out of her cleavage but would occasionally glance up with a smile when she noted the look on my face, which I’m sure displayed pure pleasure.

She slid her tits up and down along my shaft long enough for me to thoroughly enjoy the experience but, before I was quite on the verge of cumming, she went back to skillfully sucking my cock. At that point, I decided that, although I once again anticipated blowing my load down her throat, I was also going to fuck her tits until I came on her chest before I left her house that day. For the moment, though, I was content to watch her sucking my cock while enjoying the building pleasure that her oral skills were providing. As I got closer and closer to cumming, my cock was becoming even thicker but her efforts showed no impact as she continued to skillfully suck me off. Even as I exploded into her mouth with a grunt, she easily swallowed my load without it even appearing to affect her. Only once I was fully spent did she let my cock fall from her mouth and straighten up on her knees. My attention was immediately on her succulent boobs once again.

“Oh my god, Lisa,” I said, “that was absolutely outstanding!”

“Oh good,” she replied, “I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Had I realized how much I would enjoy it, I would have been more willing to give it a try back then.”

“It was so totally worth the wait,” I assured her.

“And I’m sure it wouldn’t have been nearly as good back then,” she replied, “so at least you get the benefit of a bit of experience even if it meant waiting for so long.”

“I just hope I can make you feel as much pleasure as you made me feel,” I said, sitting up and fondling her bare breasts while kissing her. We kissed only briefly before I had her stand up so that I could take her pants and panties down. I smiled as I realized that her bush was still growing in like the hair on her scalp, likewise short and sparse, though nicely groomed otherwise. She’d always maintained her bush well but it used to be dark brown and thick, though not overgrown, so it looked nice and didn’t impede my efforts to devour her pussy. Her bush in its current state was not going to impede my efforts any, either. Once she’d stepped out of both her pants and panties, leaving her naked, I admired her naked body before having her lie on the couch. While she supported her head on one of the arms and parted her legs, I positioned myself between them and gazed escort balgat over her body again before lowering my head toward her pussy.

When I ran my tongue along her slit, tasting the juices that were accumulating between her lips, she gasped and let out a moan then reached down to hold my head. I glanced up, knowing that her tits would be squeezed together between her arms, and was not disappointed by the sight, which only reaffirmed my commitment to fucking them again before cumming on her chest. For the moment, though, I focused not only on providing her a high level of pleasure with my tongue but also on appreciating the opportunity to eat her pussy once again after all of these years. I lapped up her juices for a bit before slipping a finger into her, finding that she was incredibly hot and wet though not as snug as she’d once been. I slipped a second finger into her along with the first and, while slowly sliding them in and out together, began to lick and suck her clit. She moaned even longer and louder while rhythmically rocking her hips.

As I devoured her juicy pussy and gazed up at her big titties, I could already feel the blood returning to my spent cock, which was a pretty significant accomplishment at my age. Just as she had, I planned to draw out the pleasure she was experiencing but now it was not just for her enjoyment or my own indulgence; I figured the longer I was eating her pussy, the stiffer my cock would be by the time she came. Back in college, I don’t know that I ever really tried to draw out my partner’s pleasure when I was eating pussy; if I was spending more time down there, it was usually for myself and she was just a beneficiary. I’d honed my skills enough since then, though, that I could make sure that she experienced the pleasure for a good long time.

I wasn’t having any flashbacks to our younger days as I was eating her pussy, like tasting her flavor again suddenly took me back. I was thoroughly enjoying eating her pussy again, though, even if there wasn’t anything specifically nostalgic about it. Her pussy was becoming even hotter and wetter than it already had been the longer I was eating it so I knew it was going to feel incredible to slip into her. My cock was recovering impressively though I still wasn’t quite ready for fucking again yet but I was getting there. I wasn’t worried about it even though she was beginning to tense up and hold my head more tightly. I didn’t pull back my efforts, just continued to push her toward an orgasm while experiencing a high level of pleasure.

Right before she started cumming, she went momentarily rigid, her back arched up off of the couch. I continued to lick and suck her clit while sliding my fingers in and out of her juicy pussy, even as she abruptly went limp and her body started shaking. Her orgasm was long and appeared to be intensely pleasurable so I was happy that I’d been successful in providing her at least as much pleasure as she’d provided me. Once she’d gone still and had let out as sigh, I was confident that she’d finished cumming so I raised my head and slipped my fingers from her pussy into my mouth to suck off her juices. I straightened up and was gazing over her naked body again as she was recovering.

“That was even better than I remember it,” she finally said, “though I assume you’ve had a bit more experience since last time you took care of me like that.”

“Maybe just a little,” I said as I was gripping my nearly rigid cock and moving over her. I guided my cock toward her pussy and eased it in, both of us moaning as her hot, wet pussy engulfed my full length. Because she was so wet, I was able to easily slip into her despite not yet being fully erect. As I began to slowly slide in and out, though, I was quickly becoming more rigid. I brought my lips to hers and we progressed from kissing to making out as I was finally fucking her. She was raising her hips to accept my incoming thrusts and we were getting into a good rhythm but I didn’t want our likely only opportunity for sex to be limited to the missionary position. I savored the feel of my cock sliding in and out of her hot, wet pussy as it reached full rigidity along with the feel of her tongue in my mouth and her tits against my chest but I soon felt it was time to execute a change.

I slipped out of her and straightened up, pulling her up, too. I took a seat in the middle of the couch and had her straddle me. I couldn’t resist fondling her tits with them right there in front of me so she reached for my cock and guided it toward her pussy while lowering herself down on it. We both moaned as her hot, wet pussy engulfed my fully-rigid cock again then she began to slowly move up and down on it while I continued to fixate on her tits. Of course, they weren’t exactly the same as they’d been when we were younger, but they were still spectacular and all-natural. As I was brushing my palms over her hard nipples, I was admiring her large areolas until she brought her escort batıkent lips to mine again. Since she was riding me slowly, moving up and down the full length of my stiff cock, we were able to resume making out for the moment while I continued to fondle her tits.

I had absolutely not been expecting to get laid while visiting Lisa but I certainly was savoring the opportunity to finally experience her pussy sliding up and down my cock. I can’t even guess how many times I’d wondered how it would feel to fuck Lisa, especially way back when we’d been otherwise intimate, but even occasionally over the years since. Now that it was actually finally happening, it was everything I’d hoped that it would have been and I was even happier that my first orgasm was already past so that my staying power would be vastly improved. As I expected this to be a one-time opportunity, I wanted it to be both as long as possible and as memorable. Even as she was gradually picking up the pace and riding me harder, I was able to thoroughly enjoy the experience without having to distract myself to hold off my orgasm or worry about making sure she wasn’t left unsatisfied.

Eventually her pace increased to the point that we couldn’t continue to make out. I leaned back on the couch and could then watch her big, succulent tits bouncing so I moved my hands away from them. Holding her waist, I was pushing up into her each time she dropped down, giving her the full length of my cock. I glanced up from her tits occasionally but her eyes were closed and she had an expression that suggested she was experiencing a great deal of pleasure. Her pussy did seem to be becoming even hotter and wetter the longer she was riding me so I was optimistic that she was building toward another orgasm. I was also hoping that it would take a bit longer, while highly pleasurable for both of us of course, because I wasn’t ready to be done experiencing this.

By the time Lisa finally dropped down onto my cock and just sat there for a moment before letting out a soft cry as her body started shaking, I was beginning to feel the stirrings of my own orgasm. I wouldn’t have said that I was ready to finish up at that point, but I was certainly content with how long I’d been able to enjoy having her riding my cock. Since they were no longer bouncing, I resumed fondling her tits as she was cumming and decided that I’d like to finish up by giving them a good fucking. Her orgasm seemed to be fairly long, though of course I had no idea how long her orgasms typically lasted, and appeared to be intensely pleasurable. When she finally finished cumming, she remained on my cock as she was catching her breath then finally opened her eyes again and smiled before kissing me.

We kissed for a bit but, before she went back to riding my cock again, I maneuvered her to the side and slipped my cock out of her. I moved up and straddled her so that I could lay my stiff cock between her sumptuous breasts. She still seemed a little dazed, and also a little amused, as I held her tits together and began to slowly fuck them. The soft, smooth flesh felt outstanding against my throbbing cock, even after having just fucked her hot, wet pussy. I was looking down as I slowly slid my cock between her tits, committing those big beauties, large areolas and hard nipples to memory. She was watching my cockhead as it appeared repeatedly from her cleavage but I don’t believe that she was necessarily getting any stimulation out of me doing this. I couldn’t imagine that I was the first one to have fucked those big beauties, though, but I wasn’t sure why I’d never done it way back when.

Because my orgasm had begun building while she’d still been riding my cock, I didn’t expect that I’d able to enjoy fucking her tits for as long as I’d enjoyed fucking her hot, wet pussy. Of course, since she wasn’t really getting much out of it, I was okay with just appreciating the building pleasure rather than drawing it out and was looking forward to spewing onto her sternum. I was amazed at how good it felt sliding my cock between her tits and was grateful for the opportunity after all these years. As my orgasm drew closer, my cock was becoming even harder and thicker. I don’t know if she could feel it because she was still just watching sort of bemusedly as my cockhead continued to peek out. Her expression changed abruptly, however, when I suddenly started to spew. Her eyes went wide as my first shot actually hit her mouth; had it been open, she’d have gotten another taste of my cum. She did then open her mouth, but my subsequent shots didn’t reach as far so my cum just landed on her sternum.

I continued to fuck her tits until I was fully spent but didn’t move off of her immediately as I was still fondling those succulent beauties. By the time I finally moved, she had licked my cum off of her lips and was spreading the rest around on her chest, then licking it off of her fingers. I sat on the couch while she remained supine, her legs across my lap. I was still looking over her entire naked body, assuming I wouldn’t have another opportunity to see it again.

“It sounds kind of weird, but,” she finally said, “having you fucking my boobs like that I realized just how fortunate I am to still have them and to still be able to do that.”

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