Letting My Hair Down

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I am a 40 year old mother of two. I have worked hard to get myself back into shape and feel pretty good about myself. Having kids does things to your body. On nice side effect is that I went up in bra sizes and it stayed with me.

I have not had a lot of experience with meeting people via the Internet, yet anyway. I have had a few chances out in the public. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and husband. We both agree that this is a good thing to do if it make us happy. I knew he was feeling around on the side too.

A couple of weeks back it was very warm here. It was in the 80’s for a while. It so happened I had to work on a big project at the bank. My husband and the kids went to the cities to visit his folks. I got to stay behind and work. Anyway on Friday I was ready to let my hair down ( which is funny since I have short hair ). After getting home from work early I decided to go out to the local bar. The one I like has outside seating so you can take in the warm air. In the meantime I popped open a cold one as I was getting ready.

The combination of the warm summer like breeze and the smell and effect of the beer just got me all relaxed and feeling frisky. I pulled out my summer blouse and my jeans skirt and found my sandals. I decided right way to not wear any pantyhose. After a bit of ponder I decide to put on my skirt without any underpants either. Boy did that make me feel naughty. I headed to the bathroom and got the trimming scissors out and groomed my bush hair. I don’t shave but I do like it nice and short so it feels furry to the touch.

Next I went for my bra drawer. I have a nice bra my husband got me from Frederick’s. It is the kind that give you the nice cleavage. It is not the most comfortable bra to wear but it does get you attention. One of the features of this bra is you can remove the tips so your nipples stick out. When I buttoned up my blouse you could see the detailed outline of my breast and the nipples bumping out. God I felt good.

When I got to the bar it was already busy and the parking lot was full. I park ataşehir escort and walked in the front door. I soon was told that the outside seating was all taken so I move to a bar stool and ordered a cold beer. I was just taking my second sip of the beer when a very blue collar type sat down and made some small talk. I said hi and took another drink of my beer. As I looked through the glass of the beer bottle I could see the guy was staring at my tits. I was good to feel desired.

I put the bottle down and he told me his name. I gave him a fake name in response. After all this was just in fun. He offer to buy me another drink which I accepted.

The bar stools had hard backs on them and they were very uncomfortable to sit in. He must have saw my trying to get comfortable and asked if I would like to sit in a booth. The booths in this place are in the back and it is very low light to say the least. This was not what I had intended for this warm day but I followed his lead and sat down across the table from him. After a little chit chat I learned that he was a truck driver and it was his new tractor sitting outside.

Soon I had to excuse myself to go to the ladies room. When I got back he was sitting in the middle of the U shaped booth. There was another round of drinks setup for him and I. By now I was feeling no pain so I slide into the booth right next to him. He made some comment about how warm it was. I giggled and told him how I like it warm, even hot. He must have read this a as a come on and I guess it was.

It didn’t take long for his hand to find my knee. He started to pet my inner thigh slowly working his way under my skirt. I got the tingling feeling in my crotch and my tits started to get flush hot. He was very methodical and controlled in his movement I saw his eyes react in a surprised manner when he finally reached my exposed bush. I was in no mood to stop his progress either.

He started kneading my pubic mound and flicking my clit with his finger. I could feel myself getting wet and could smell my sex. He quickly slide kadıköy escort in two fingers inside of me. I made me gasp a bit. He started to rub my breast with his other hand. That was when I realized we better take this somewhere else. We headed for his truck.

As I climbed up into the truck I was amazed at how much space was in these things. I guess I had never been inside one before. He had a queen size bed behind the drivers seat I sat on the edge of the bed and waited as he shut the door. As soon as he sat down he reached up and kissed me in one of those hard tongue probing ways. As he did this he was working the buttons on my blouse. Before I knew it my blouse and bra were off and he was removing my skirt all the while he as kissing me and sucking on my breasts. I went to unbutton his jeans but he pulled back and slide me up onto the bed.

His started kissing my belly and sticking his tongue in my belly button as his hands rub my thighs. In no time his face was in my bush. He commented on how nice it looked and proceeded to eat me in a way I can not remember. He had done this before and I could tell he was enjoying it as much as I was. I could feel the start of a very good climax coming. The kind you get from a slow easy hand.

I decided it was his turn. I didn’t want to waste a good orgasm on oral sex. I reached down and pulled his head up towards me. I was surprise to see and feel that he was already naked. Somehow he was stripping his cloths as he satisfied me orally.

He reached into a small compartment and pulled out a condom and handed it to me. I giggle and told him I thought he should wear it. I ripped the package open with my teeth and looked down to grab is cock. I was taken by how big this boy was. Man I thought this looks kind of painful. He was rock hard and the condom stretched tight as I rolled it onto his cock.

I grabbed him by the shaft of his sheathed cock and started to brush the tip of it across my pussy lips. I was slowly rubbing it and gliding across my pussy as he massaged my breast with his hands. On bostancı escort bayan one of the passes I let the head of his cock spread my lips. At that moment he lean into me and I felt the surge of his flesh opening my pussy. I must have been ready for it because it slide in with ease. God it was a full feeling. He slowly started to pump me, in and out.

I could feel the tingling sensation again. My nipples were swollen and big as berries. He was really driving his cock deep into me at this point. I don’t know how I had room for him. I could hear the smack of his balls bouncing off my ass. The smell of wet pussy and latex filled the cab. Then all I could remember was a very powerful organism gripping my body. For the first time in my life I passed out as I climaxed.

I was so dazed and relaxed. He gestured for me to roll over with which I obliged. Between the beer I had drank the after climax blues I was very restful laying there on my belly. I heard him open the drawer again and get something out. I didn’t pay attention or care I was really enjoying the moment.

I was a little concerned when he started to play with the crack of my ass. I felt him insert something into my anus. I asked him what is that. He said is was just some K-Y jelly. As he said this I felt the cool grease fill my anus. I had never had anal sex before which made me uncertain. On top of this was the shear size of his cock.

Before I could protest I felt him place the head of his cock against the entrance to my ass. I was about to say something when he push my face into the pillow and in the same movement thrust himself into my ass. God it hurt. I screamed at the initial pain. He stop and held his position. He let my head up and told me to just relax as the rest was easier.

As he slowly continued I felt the pain subside. It was a really odd sensation. I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. He started to increase the rhythm and moan with pleasure. At this point I was feeling not pain. I rocked my hips at an angle. He started to bounce off my ass. The cab of the truck was full of a loud smack, smack sound. I could tell he was going over the edge. On his next inward thrust I clinched his cock with my anus. I must of done it pretty hard because he could not pull out. He shouted out in pain. Then I felt him filling my ass with his cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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