(Let’s Get Down to) BUSINESS Trip

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The older I got the less appealing traveling became. Although I liked my destinations, the actual travel piece had become dreadful, and such a drag on me physically. This time my flight had been delayed annoyingly long and I did not arrive at my hotel until 10 pm. Exhausted, but horny from all the sexy reading I’d done on the plane, I checked in waited for the elevator.

It appeared I was not alone. A man was also waiting. I noticed he was tall and well built, but quite a bit younger than I. And adorable. It made me wonder whether he was going to join his lady love and my mind wandered into some far-off fantasy about him fucking his woman. Yes, I was definitely horny. We stepped into the elevator. Surprise. Both of us were going to the fifth floor.

As we began to ascend, he reached out and stopped the elevator. Leaning over he kissed me, inserting his probing tongue as his hands felt up my tits. Now when I travel, I usually wear a simple sweater and skirt. So obviously the shape of my big breasts is visible. And from all my reading and imagining, my nipples had hardened. Here was this man, unknown to me, feeling every inch of my tits and rubbing his thumbs on my nipples. Such was my shock that I said nothing, did nothing.

He then restarted the elevator and we moved to the fifth floor where we both exited. I rolled my bag down to 551 and watched Mr. Stud roll past me and take a left. Once inside my room I retrieved what I would need for a nice hot shower and shampoo. In no time I had finished and robed myself in terry cloth with a towel on my wet head. I sat down and rubbed canlı bahis cream into my arms and legs. There was only one thing left to do. Yesterday I’d had my pussy waxed and that deep inner craving needed to be taken care of.

I retrieved the beautiful glass dildo from my bag and unwrapped him. So expensive. I’d splurged on the giant size and now admired his multicolored ribs, his huge head and his ten inch length. The big chair in my room was perfect; it could have held two people. I sprawled and began to play. I’d already ordered an x rated movie to watch, so all was ready. Slowly I stroked myself with the cool glass, feeling every nerve in my body respond. I opened my robe and used one hand to rub my big swollen tits. I anticipated a wonderful orgasm.

It must have been only a few minutes into my play that there was a knock at the door. So into my pleasure was I that I took my time responding. Shoving the dildo under my bed pillow and turning the tv volume down, I opened the door carefully, the security chain in place. Lo and behold — it was Mr. Stud, the groper from the elevator.

Once again I was speechless. Inside my robe, I could feel my hard clit. He said: “I’d like to come in for a while, if you don’t mind.” Out of my mind with lust and not caring a fig for my safety, I unhooked the chain and let him in. All of a sudden I started to giggle. I was certain he could smell my cunt as he entered.

We stood there, looking at each other. He could see what was on my tv and I was conscious of looking a bit flushed from my play. We made small talk. I offered him a bahis siteleri seat and asked what he would like from the bar. He had a soft drink and I some flavored water. He patted the spot next to him in the big chair and I sat down. He began to kiss me, rather gently, removing the towel and stroking my damp hair with his hand.

Perhaps it was the panting and the grunting on the tv screen that inspired him to go further. I noticed the blue of his eyes as I felt his hand part my robe and touch my chest, right above my breasts. I had been untouched by any man in so many years that it seemed unreal to me. I was holding my breath, not knowing what to do, what might come next. What was I thinking? But my body betrayed me, in its raw need for a man.

As his tongue entered my mouth there were fireworks. I felt his hand kneading and teasing my breasts. Part of my brain was screaming “don’t be an idiot! you are an old woman; this man could be your son”. Another part said “who cares? your body needs him.” His groping was persistent and I was quite wet in my nether region. I reached my hand out and rubbed the gigantic bulge in his pants. We were making out like teenagers. Slowly and deliberately I unzipped him and pulled out a cock that rivaled the glass dildo hiding under my pillow. Never had I seen much less played with a cock this size. Impressively huge, thick and veiny. It seemed to be oozing precum. What an invitation. I started to give him a handjob, concentrating on his head. The heat of his cock was driving me mad. I watched as he pulled off his shirt. I listened to his pleasure grunts bahis şirketleri as I gave his cock what it needed. Even when his thick fingers entered me, I did not dare to think anything further would happen.

As our play became more frantic, he held my shoulders, slipped the robe down, and ultimately off me. Then he stood and removed his pants, shoes and socks. Suddenly he picked me up and carried me over to the window which overlooked the city lights. He put me down in front of him, so gently, and pressed me against the glass. My hard nipples were on the air conditioned glass and I felt his hard cock against my ass. He maneuvered me so he could slip inside me. This pressed my mons against the glass also. And then his cock began its assault on my cunt, driving in deep, taking possession of me.

We had hardly spoken a word to each other, and in truth, I did not even know his name. What I did know is that I was getting the fucking of my life, and it was divine! There is something so wonderful about having cock, so much better than any dildo of any material. And this cock was pounding me, drilling, making itself at home. I could feel my wet cunt respond, clutching at him, squeezing. My walls were so slimy and wet. All I could hope is that he liked the swampy cuntal environment. Time stood still as we fucked.

Finally I felt myself tense up and become rigid and my cunt went into spasms as femcum poured over his cock and seeped out to wet my thighs. Shortly after, his cock erupted, drowning my cunt with rich white semen. I nearly collapsed against him. We slowly made our way to the bed and lay down facing each other. As he suckled my tit, I fell asleep.

I awoke several hours later with dawn’s light. My cunt was sore and oozing fluid; the room reeked of fucking. He was gone. I never saw him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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