Leslie’s Drive Home

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Leslie looked up at the clock. Almost 5, time for the end of the workday. She began rifling through her papers on her desk, shuffling them until they were neatly piled, and ready for the assault the next morning. I’m beat, she thought, and I do my best work first thing in the morning anyway. These can wait until then. She stood up, and took her styrofoam cup over to her rubber plant on the window sill, emptying the remaining water into it. She looked through her office door, and saw that the associates were all packing up to leave for the day as well. They would be surprised to see her leaving too, as she normally stayed until after 7 in an effort to keep the billable hours up. To hell with the billables tonight, She rebelled quietly. I’m going home to enjoy the evening.

The sun lurked briefly behind a patch of cloud, playing hide and seek with the ground. Leslie took note of this, and decided to walk out without wearing her navy blazer. She had unbuttoned the top button of her white satin blouse earlier in the day due to the sun’s warmth that had greeted her in her office after lunch. It always got hot in the summer months in her office. It was one of the minor disadvantages to being a partner in the firm, but one that she readily accepted. She looked forward to being able to change into her comfortable clothes and sit on the deck with a Tanqueray and tonic, the Pacific breeze in her long blonde hair, and watch the waves collide with the rocks that jutted their chin out defiantly.

The phone chirped just as Leslie was picking up her briefcase to make her early exit. She frowned, then noticed that it was her home number. The frown didn’t subside initially, because that meant that Mike was home early. The only time he arrived home before she did was if some catastrophe had taken place in the house. The last time it had been the pipe that had erupted all over the kitchen floor during that monstrous cold snap in January. Water had been everywhere when she got home. The northwest had such surprising weather changes.


“Hey Honey,” Mike’s low voice murmured in her ear. Leslie loved that low, sultry voice.

“Hi Baby. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing Baby. Just missing you.” Mike’s voice was even huskier than normal.

Leslie knew that tone of voice, and she replaced the frown with a smile. Mike only used that voice when he wanted intimacy, which was often. She felt the tingle between her thighs as she remembered when he had awakened her after attending the dinner meeting last night. He had kept her on the verge of euphoria for what seemed like days before making the mad rush to orgasm with her. The marathon session had become a frantic race to the finish in which they both crossed the line simultaneously.

“Why are you home so early?”

“Don’t worry about it Sweetie,” he whispered. “Just come home. Is your cell phone with you?”

Leslie cast a quizzical look down into the phone and answered, “Yes, why?”

“Just keep it on Baby…k? I’ll talk to you in a bit.”

They exchanged goodbyes, and Leslie put the phone gently in its cradle. She was pleasantly impatient to find out why Mike was home early, like a child waiting on her birthday to open her gifts. It certainly sounded positive. She reached for her burnished leather briefcase, tossed her coat over her arm, and started for the door. She checked herself, and put down her case for a moment, snapping open the top and peering into it. She sighted her cell phone, pulled it out, and snapped the case shut. She then picked up the case and headed toward the door.

She walked to the elevator doors and stood with other employees from the ninth floor, waiting for it to ascend, when her cell phone emitted a soft beep. She looked at the phone in her hand. Just as she said hello into the phone, the elevator doors opened, and she walked in, stepping into the very back of the car.

“Hey Baby. Where are you?” It was Mike, with that same husky whisper.

“Heading to my car. I’m in the elevator.”

“I can’t wait until you get home Baby. I’m sitting here in those black silk boxers you got me, and I’m teasing my cock through the material, just thinking about you.”

Leslie let out a slight moan before catching herself. She looked around the elevator, and was relieved to see that nobody was turning to look at her. She hoped that it meant that they didn’t hear the noise escape from deep in her throat. Some were discussing daily events, and she hoped they had drowned her out.

Mike continued. “Baby, unbutton one button on your blouse.”

Leslie was shocked, and extremely nervous, but also getting very aroused at the thought. “Ok,” she quivered, trying to sound professional. She looked around the elevator, then very casually put her hand to her chest, and slowly coaxed the second button through its loop. Her chest was now bare to her cleavage, just covering her white lace 36d bra that hid her nipples, which were becoming erect. She crossed her arms over her chest, using her canlı bahis coat to cover them.

“Did you do it baby?” Mike teased.

“Yes,” she replied unevenly, not wanting anyone in the elevator to look at her. Although she was scared to death that someone would know, she was also exhilarated. Her pussy was beginning to moisten, and she was glad that she had worn the panties with the white thigh high stockings today. She could feel her panties getting wet, and couldn’t wait to get outside to feel the breeze blow teasingly under her skirt as she walked to the car.

“Ok Baby. I’ll let you go for now. Talk to you in a bit. Oh, and by the way, I’m stroking my cock through the boxers now.”

The phone clicked in Leslie’s ear. Damn him, she thought. He’s already driving me wild, and he isn’t even here. She tightened her hold on her coat and her briefcase, and waited for the elevator to complete its descent. When it did, she waited until everyone had exited before slipping out of the door. She crossed the large atrium foyer, and pushed herself through the revolving door to the sidewalk, the coat crossed over her left arm and held tightly against her cleavage.

The walk to her car seemed like miles. The breeze was just strong enough to playfully tickle her under her skirt, and Leslie felt herself getting even more turned on. She was so glad that she had not worn the full pantyhose today. They would have stifled her. She turned the corner and stepped into the parking lot, finding her pearl ’99 Lexus LS400 in her private parking spot, marked ” L. O’Brien, Partner”, against the building’s side. She unlocked the door, tossed the briefcase and the blazer into the passenger seat, and bent down to settle into the driver’s side. Her cell phone chirped once more.


“Where are you now?” It was Mike.

Leslie’s voice quivered. “I’m in my car, getting ready to pull out of my parking space.”

“Remove your shoes Baby. Drive in just your hose. And pull your skirt up so you can see your pussy.”

“Ok. Hold on.” Leslie did as she was told. She pushed off the blue 3″ pumps, revealing her size 6 feet, her toes painted a dusky pink and visible through the gauzy material of the hose. The cool air from the air conditioner blew on them, causing goosebumps on her calves. She then raised herself just a bit, and pulled her navy skirt up until she could see the white lace French-cut bikini against the leather seat. It was now becoming quite soaked from Mike’s teasing.

“Did you do it?” Mike asked in a low voice.

Leslie could barely whisper. “Yes.”

“Mmmm. Good. I’ve got to tell you something. I’ve taken my cock out. I’m stroking it, imagining how sexy you look right now. I can’t wait until you get home Baby. Talk to you in a bit.”


DAMN! He did it again.

Leslie could feel her nipples becoming fully erect now, and she ached to touch them. Her pussy was throbbing, and her right hand shook so much that she could barely put the car into reverse. She put the car into drive and pulled slowly out of the lot, and onto the street. Her mind barely remained on the traffic. She drove three blocks to the first stoplight.


The phone again. Leslie looked at it, her pussy reacting much like Pavlov’s theory had proven before. She picked it up, barely registering a soft “Hello” into it.

“Leslie? Is that you?”

“Mother?” Leslie’s mother’s voice shocked her back to reality. She sat up straighter in the seat, and tried to regain her composure.

“Leslie, is something wrong? You sound out of breath.”

“No Mother. I’m fine. I’ve just had a stressful day, and traffic is horrible” Leslie lied, hoping to get her mom off the phone as quickly as possible. At this point, she would agree to almost anything her mother asked, which was quite a concession given the controlling personality her mother possessed.

“Oh, ok. Well, your father and I were wondering if you and Mike were still coming over for dinner this Friday.”

Oh god. Not dinner. “Sure Mom. We’ll be there” Leslie grimaced, knowing that Mike really wanted to get away for the weekend.

“Ok. Then come over at around 7, and we’ll cook out. And have Mike bring the wine. He always does such a wonderful job picking it out.”

“Ok Mother. Ooops. I have to go. I’ve got another call.” The phone beeped in Leslie’s ear.

“Ok. Love you Honey. See you Friday.”

Leslie barely said goodbye before switching to the other call.


“Hey Baby. I’m sitting here just stroking this rock hard cock, just thinking of my Sweetie. There is precum glistening on the head just for you Honey. I need you so bad right now.”

Oh God, Leslie thought. I’ll have a wreck before I get home if he keeps this up.

“Baby, are your nipples hard?”

“Yes, very,” she replied.

“Reach up and tease them for me. Tell me how hard they are. Pull on them one at a time.” Mike’s voice was getting throaty. She could hear the heat bahis siteleri in his voice.

“Mmmmmm. Very hard,” she replied as her left hand reached under the silk blouse and her bra, pinching her nipple slightly and pulling on it. The pressure sent a sensation coursing through her body, causing her to press her left foot against the floorboard of the car. She was driving with her knees right now, and trying to stay in the middle of her lane, with minimal success. She continued to pull on the nipple, and both began showing clearly through the bra and blouse, visible proof of her lust for Mike at that moment. She put her right foot on the brake, and slowed for the stoplight just ahead, which had just turned red. She pulled her hand from her breast.

“Baby, how wet are you? Tell me. Put your hand on your pussy. Tease it for me.”

Mike’s voice was killing her. She imagined him sitting on the leather sofa, his cock rigid and swollen, his left hand sliding up and down the stiff shaft as his thumb teased the slit on the head. She stopped completely at the light, and looked next to her. A couple was in an old sedan to her left, and they were staring at her. Her lips parted as she placed her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit through the panties before dipping under them to press her finger into her now soaked pussy. Her lips separated and accepted her finger readily. Her legs opened wider for her to insert her finger even further. She began to stroke it in and out. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

“Oh God Mike. I’m so damn wet. You’re driving me crazy.”

“Mmmmm. I want you Leslie. Hurry up and get home. I need to taste that sweet pussy.”

Click. He hung up again.


Once again , Leslie was jolted out of her fantasy as the driver behind her honked his horn. She looked up sheepishly, and noticed the light was green, and nobody was on either side of her. She put her bare right foot on the accelerator, and started off. Her finger did not stop its movement in her pussy, however, as she continued to fuck herself as she drove. Her panties were drenched, and her seat was beginning to show signs of her excitement as well. She wiggled her hips and felt her ass getting wet from her own juices.

Leslie drove for almost 15 minutes, and was nearing the turn for her home when the phone chirped again. She had kept her finger inside of her pussy throughout the drive, and had to remove it to answer the phone. She knew this had to be Mike. It better not be anyone else.


“It’s me Baby. Are you almost home?”

“Mmmmm. Almost. Making the turn into the neighborhood now.”

“Good. Are you touching your pussy?”


“Taste yourself. Tell me how you taste.” Mike was getting a sense of urgency in his voice.

Leslie removed her finger from her pussy and inserted it between her lips. Her tongue circled over the tip, tasting the musky juices. She sucked greedily, letting Mike hear the noises as she pushed all four fingers into her mouth. She heard him moan into the phone as he listened, his breathing interrupted in spurts by his persistant stroking on his throbbing member. Her nipples strained against the material of her bra, begging to be sucked and nibbled.

Leslie removed her fingers from her mouth. “Oh God Mike. I’m getting so fucking hot. I taste so good right now. I need your tongue on my pussy now.”

Click. The phone went dead.

Leslie drove faster than normal down her street. She hit the garage door opener and wheeled aggressively into the drive. Her mind was bouncing, a pinball veering against the sides of her brain. As she drove into the garage, she noticed the door to the house ajar. Her foot hit the brake and she quickly placed the car in park. The garage door slowly closed behind her.

As soon as she stepped from the car, the door to the house swung open. Mike stepped out clad only in his black silk boxers, his cock swaying angrily in front of him. He pressed Leslie against the front quarterpanel of the Lexus, bending her backwards as he kissed her hungrily, his deep brown eyes wild with passion. His cock was hot against her leg, and his hands clawed at her breasts, trying to unhook the bra to free them. Leslie’s skirt remained hiked over her ass as it flattened against the car, and her hands were pulling frantically at Mike’s hips to grind herself into him.

Mike undid the bra, then trailed his lips to Leslie’s chin, and down her neck to her aching breasts. He lapped at her nipples, sucking and biting as his hands worked themselves lower. His right hand found her panties, and he pulled them down in one motion. He rubbed her clit rapidly with the fingers from his left hand, and his mouth trailed down in a race to beat them to her pussy lips. He removed his fingers just as his lips found her clit, and he pressed her onto the top of the Lexus, her legs now raising to rest on his shoulders.

“Yes Mike! Do it! Fuck me with your tongue!”

Mike’s bahis şirketleri tongue dived further into Leslie’s pussy. He removed it, and began flicking it rapidly over her clit while he pushed two fingers into her, curling them to reach for her G-spot. Leslie grabbed the back of his neck, and held him down, feeling the building pressure, knowing that she was near the point of cumming. She could feel the intensity of Mike’s movements as he greedily worked at her clit. His little finger circled the rim of her ass, probing around it and propelling her closer to the edge. . She put her arms behind her on the car’s hood and threw her head back in anticipation of the climactic explosion.

Mike’s little finger pressed against Leslie’s ass, entering her only slightly as his tongue continued its frantic pace. He sucked her swollen clit into his mouth, his cheeks sunken against his jaw. He could feel her reaching that point when she clapped her thighs against both ears and grabbed his head to hold it tightly against her.


As Leslie began to tighten her legs even more, Mike sucked her clit into his mouth. He could feel her pussy spasm and then release, tasting her precious juices on his lips and tongue. He continued to suck on her now sensitive clit, listening to her moaning as she thrashed about on the car’s hood. Leslie was over the edge now. She shoved her pussy toward Mike’s lips, and bucked her hips up and down to meet his darting tongue. She could feel another orgasm raising up, growing, and she tried to hurry it to its highest peak.


She came again, wailing, moaning, releasing the pent up emotions that Mike had cultivated in her as she had driven from work. Her orgasm came in waves, rushing over her time and again like the waves that crashed behind their home. She could feel the heat and passion seeping from her body, sensing that sweet moment when she became sated.

Mike pulled his lips from Leslie’s pussy, and begin kissing the inside of her thigh. He licked the remaining juices from her legs in ravenous fashion, then stood up in front of her and picked her up, newlywed style, and carried her into the house. Leslie put her head against his left shoulder, her arms around his neck. She breathed deeply of his cologne as he walked through the dining room and into the kitchen. Once there, he gently put her feet on the floor, and turned her around to face the window that overlooked the ocean. She knew what he wanted. Leslie felt him raise her skirt from behind, and slide his 7 inch cock between her ass cheeks. He teased the rim of her ass with the head before guiding the head between her legs. She caught her breath as he inserted the head just between her swollen lips.

“God Baby. I’ve wanted you all fucking day.” Leslie could feel Mike’s thick member part her lips and begin entering her. He held it there for just a moment, teasing her.

“No Mike. Come on Baby. Put it in me. Fuck me Honey. Fuck me now.”

He needed no further encouragement. Mike plunged his cock deep within her tight pussy muscles, driving it to the hilt, then grinding against her to rub his balls against her smooth shaved pussy. He began pumping, piston-like, pounding into her faster and faster. Leslie loved the feeling of him taking complete control, and she offered herself up to him by standing on her toes and reaching back to separate her asscheeks.

“Watch me Baby. Watch me take your cock into my pussy.” She teased, knowing the impact it had on Mike’s lust. He groaned and fucked her harder, deeper, his balls keeping the steady rhythm on her pussy like a metronome. Leslie lifted her entire 5’6″ body up on her toes, and looked back to see Mike’s face twist and contort as he fought off the urge to explode for as long as possible. She could feel another orgasm rise inside of her loins as well, and she pushed her hips back impatiently to meet Mike’s thrusts .



Mike grunted and slammed his cock fully into Leslie’s waiting love hole. He erupted, spewing his hot, sticky seed deep inside of her, sending Leslie’s pussy into convulsions. Her orgasm countered his, and she tightened around his cock, extracting every ounce of cum from his raging cock. He pressed hard against her and felt her juices mingling with his, rolling down over his shaved balls as he filled her with everything she could manage.

Mike shuddered as he felt the last bit of cum being squeezed from his balls. His body relaxed, and he leaned over Leslie, putting his arms around her and pressing his face to her back. Leslie lowered herself from her toes, and wrapped her arms around the outside of Mike’s, standing both of them up and pulling closer to his chest. She turned her head and raised up her lips, kissing him softly. She tasted herself on his lips and tongue, savoring the flavor as he offered it to her. He slowly withdrew from her and turned her around, looking deeply into her emerald eyes with his own.

“God I love you Baby,” Mike whispered tenderly, holding her close to his 6′ frame.

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