Lesbian Infection Ch. 02

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Exhausted from the amazing experience, I passed out in bed immediately after dropping off Makenzie and Brandy. I didn’t even plug in my phone to charge. Joanie was fast asleep. As I looked at her, I realized my sex drive for my wife was rejuvenated with new life. I felt the intense horniness I felt in the early days, when Joanie first exposed me to the amazing world of how women can treat each other. I wanted her bad, but thought it best not to disturb her.

Joanie awoke moments after I did. Morning broke with a smile from Joanie as she saw me staring at her, giddy with the same passion as when we first had sex when I was 21.

“How did you sleep, honey?” I asked.

“Good, baby,” Joanie yawningly replied. “Did you have fun last night?”

“Yes, I did. Thank you for pushing me into it.”

We laughed. “I knew it was the right thing to do,” Joanie insisted. “I guess getting young women to love each other is what I do.” We laughed again, me not realizing the parallel of Makenzie and I being initiated with Joanie’s help until she made that joke.

Trying to be coy, my mind still groggy, I responded, “now, how about I make you love me even more?” I reached down under the sheets and touched her warm crotch. “I guess you were thinking about it overnight?” I softly rubbed her clit with my left hand as I held myself up on the bed with my right, and eagerly awaited Joanie’s response. Her eyes softly closed and she let out a soft moan, her morning breath making its way to my face. The wetness and warmth of her pussy grew.

We kissed, and then I slowly crawled my way under the covers. In the darkness I quietly removed her pajama shorts, exposing the scent of her pussy. My tongue flicked her clit, as I heard the soft moans from up above. I penetrated my tongue in her pussy, my nose up against her moistness. My excitement grew as I enjoyed the delicious sensation of my wife, and her legs clenched my face in her.

I held Joanie’s asscheeks tight, further entrenching her body into my face. Joanie’s moans grew louder. The sheet suddenly disappeared from on top of me, Joanie whipping it away. My face still deep in her pussy, I see Joanie biting her lip, muffled moans making their way through her teeth.

I clenched her asscheeks even tighter, my pinky fingers nearing her asshole. “Oh, fuck!” she yelled, as she looked to the ceiling in intense pleasure. Joanie wrapped her legs tight around my head. I fucked her pussy with my tongue. I guided her ass as she began to hump into my face. “Fuck,” she moaned, “yes,” she continued, as the face-fucking continued. I held her body close to me as she humped her wet pussy into my face.

Joanie slowed down, but gave three steady, powerful pumps before unloading her cum into my face. She softened her vice-grip and I released myself to breathe. Her sweaty body laid flat on the bed as she breathed heavily. She opened up her arms with a smile for an embrace. We kissed, and I held her body tight as I tribbed my throbbing pussy against her leg. Proud of the pleasure I bestowed upon my wife, feeling and smelling her fluids and breath, I came within the minute. I retired to the side, and we laid flat in silence for a moment, thinking about the love we had made.

Joanie broke the silence. “Where did that come from?” We laughed.

“I wanted to thank you for last night.” I felt young again. “For how you made me feel, and encouraging Makenzie and Brandy to be themselves.” We didn’t talk about, but I’m sure Joanie was feeling a new energy from witnessing the young love last night. “When can we invite them over again?”

We both agreed we should be coy play our cards wisely, and not invite the two over too quickly. It was Sunday, and they were set to return to school in a week. I’m sure they would spend the week making love in our apartment all week if they could, but we had to navigate around my stepmom, Angie.

I checked my phone to see if I had heard from Makenzie- nothing. We agreed we wouldn’t reach out for a couple days. We both had work through the week as well, though working from home made it convenient.

Tuesday came, and still nothing. The sex between Joanie and I was happening more often with more intensity over the last couple days and nights than it had since we first met, and we didn’t want to lose that. We were at it several times a day, even in the middle of our escort kocaeli workdays when we could. Keeping in touch with the young lovers was the key. We didn’t want to keep losing time, so we thought we should invite everyone over for dinner. I texted Angie around 10 in the morning.


hi Angie

we thought it’d be nice to see everyone. would you all like to come over for dinner?

She didn’t text me back until 2:30 in the afternoon.


im sorry! we made dinner reservations

perhaps you and Joanie could come for dinner on saturday?

An olive branch. Angie didn’t want to lose sight on the two girls, especially alone with me and Joanie. We accepted, though we’d prefer not to wait that long.

After we had sex that night, Joanie and I agreed we will reach out to Makenzie directly tomorrow. At 10:15 PM, shortly after Joanie falls asleep as I’m finishing up getting ready for bed, I get a text from Makenzie.



do you not want to hang out with us again?


omg i invited you all over for dinner tonight

did Angie not tell you guys??



mom must not want me seeing you 😉



she better not find out about saturday night

has she left home at all?


no, its so hard to get away

we want to see you

Her last text came with an image: a shirtless selfie with her and Brandy. Makenzie’s bra was a deep red, akin to her dress from the other night. Brandy’s bra was a mocha brown. I wanted to wake up Joanie and show her, but I figured the news will be exciting to break in the morning.


we want you both to show us more new things

That text came with a similar image- the same angle, the two of them giving each other a peck on the lips.


we’ll figure it out

we want to see you too


send us a pic!!


im sorry, Joanie is asleep



We sent each other goodnight texts, and I fell asleep excited to tell Joanie about the girls’ excitement. Joanie was giddy in the morning when I showed her the texts and the images. “Let’s send something back!” she insisted.

“Honey, it’s 7:30 in the morning.”

“Who cares.” She was always the edgier one of us two. “I’ll send it if you really don’t want to.” I wasn’t winning this battle- though if meeting up was difficult, keeping the dynamic going through texts would have to suffice. We took a shirtless selfie in bed, our nipples blocked out from the bottom of the frame.


good morning!

Joanie sent the image directly to Makenzie. She heard back at 9 AM.


:O good morning!

sexy ladies!!

my mom says you’re both coming over on saturday?

Makenzie was thrilled when we confirmed. We were all excited for Saturday, even if we couldn’t escape for more lesbian fun, as better as that would make it.

At 6 PM, after our workday while sitting at the dinner table, Joanie and I both got a text with a video in a group message. There was another number in there that wasn’t in our contacts. It must have been Brandy.


look what we found in mom’s room!

The attached video was 10 seconds, a pink dildo penetrating Brandy’s beautiful pussy. Joanie and I looked at each other in shock.


omg! where and how did you find that!?


mom went out grocery shopping for dinner on saturday

Makenzie followed up the video with a photo of her and Brandy licking the dildo, their tongues sticking out and mouths opened wide. My pussy grew wet. Joanie looked at me from across the table with a devious look. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Oh, no. Whatever Joanie was thinking, it couldn’t be good. “What?” I say, anticipating the worst.

“Let’s show them a little bit of what we’ve been doing.”

This was a terrible idea, but I couldn’t help but go along with it. We stripped, and I sat down on the couch. Joanie began fingering me with her right hand, and set up her phone camera with her left. She held the phone at arm’s length and pressed record. Once it began recording, she began to eat me out. I felt awkward, but turned on seeing the back of my wife’s head on the screen, getting to experience my wife from two different angles. I tried to gölcük escort keep my moans muffled as I watched her greyed tongue go in and out of my pussy. “Oh my God…” I quietly let out. “Joanie…”

Her tongue went deeper in me, and I held Joanie’s curly-haired head up against me. Her arm holding the phone became shaky, as she tried to maintain its stability. Joanie took her right hand out of my pussy and onto my right breast, and plopped her hand with the phone onto my left. I saw my face on the screen as I let out another moan. I took the phone out of her hand, and recorded Joanie eating me out from my own point of view. “Oh, fuck!” I screamed as I came hard into her face. Coming to my senses I stopped recording, and Joanie snatched her phone away from me. The video was probably almost three minutes long. We saw that Makenzie had texted us both while we were recording, as we hadn’t replied to her yet.


do you not like it?

“Are you actually going to send that?” I asked.

“Of course,” Joanie replied defiantly. “Why else would I record it?”

“Can you at least agree with me, that they need to delete it immediately?” I didn’t want any risk of anyone else seeing that.

“I guess that’s fair,” Joanie succumbed. Joanie sent the video in the group chat. In order to humble ourselves, I chimed in on my phone.


omg im so embarrassed!! PLEASE delete that!!!!

After a few minutes, presumably to watch the video, Makenzie replied.



we NEED that

please teach us more




okay okay we will

We all sent each other flirty texts and photos throughout the rest of the night. We weren’t sure how, but we were determined to all be together alone before the week was over.

Thursday came, and we continued to play over text. Makenzie sends us a text at 5 PM.


we cant wait much longer

come to 670 hawthorne st at 8 tn

its my friend lauras house i told mom we were hanging out with her

Makenzie pulled some strings and made an alibi for the night. I was quite proud of my stepsister.

We arrived to Laura’s house promptly at 8. Laura answered the door- she was about 5’4″, long blonde hair, a little bit thicker with big breasts and nice butt. She was wearing yoga pants and a tight white shirt. She looked good. I hadn’t seen her in a few years, she was one of Makenzie’s hometown friends. “So good to see you, Sara!” she greeted, in a bubbly tone. We hugged, and I introduced Laura to Joanie. She led us through her house to take us to Makenzie and Brandy. “My mom’s not home,” she mentioned on the way there, once again making me feel young and secretive.

Laura led us into the living room, where we found Makenzie and Brandy sitting on the couch. We enthusiastically greeted each other and we joined them, sitting in living room chairs on opposite sides of the cage. “Oh my God, I’m so excited!” Makenzie jubilated. Laura remained standing to the side.

“What did you want to do?” I asked, a little bit awkwardly. We had been sexting the last couple days, and I wasn’t sure what Makenzie wanted to do without pushing any bounds she didn’t feel comfortable with.

“We want you to teach us more!” Makenzie said. She shifted tone, “and… we wanted to ask…” Makenzie and Brandy glanced at each other and smiled, awkwardly. “Would Joanie lick our pussies?” A quick moment of silence, followed by a group giggle to cover up the awkwardness. “The video was too amazing!” she added. I had to admit, my pussy was tingling at the thought of my wife pleasuring the girls.

Laura, still standing there, broke the next moment of silence. “I’ll leave you ladies be,” she said. “I’ll be upstairs if you need anything.” Makenzie thanked her for allowing us to use her space as she ran up the stairs, butt bouncing in her yoga pants. I didn’t like how another person knew our situation now, but I figured she was someone we could trust if Makenzie chose her.

The look on Joanie’s face told me that her interest was piqued. She looked over at me. I bit my lip, signaling to her to move forward with the girls’ request if she wished to. “What’s in it for me?” she asked the girls.

“Anything you want,” chimed in Brandy.

“We don’t have much time,” izmit sınırsız escort Makenzie said, “I told mom we’d be back at 10:30.”

Joanie got up from her seat, and joined the girls in the middle of the couch. She held them both in her arms on each side, calmly stroking their hair as the three of them slowly shared glances with each other. Makenzie opened her mouth, and she and Joanie shared an open-mouth kiss. After some time, Joanie turned to do the same with Brandy. My pussy warmed up. I debated the appropriateness of joining in, considering I was not directly asked, let alone the fact that my stepsister was involved.

Joanie removed the girls’ shirts, and the two of them made out with each other as Joanie removed hers. “Help us with these bras, Sara,” Joanie requested. She wanted me involved. Joanie lifted her arms as I walked behind the couch. I unhooked her bra, letting it loose and exposing her matured breasts. Makenzie lunged to suck on her left tit, and I made my way over behind her to remove her bra. As I walked over to Brandy, we both stared at the other two, mesmerized. I caressed Brandy’s beautiful skin softly, and removed her bra. She looked at me, mouth slightly ajar exposing her white teeth. She wanted a kiss, so I gave her one. I slithered my tongue into her gorgeous mouth. She then joined Makenzie, sucking on Joanie’s right tit.

Makenzie crawled down to the foot of the couch and pulled down Joanie’s pants. She went right to sucking her pussy, as Brandy made out with Joanie. Not wanting to intrude, I stood to the side and masturbated. Joanie held Makenzie’s head, pulling her closer to her pussy with her left, and held Brandy with her right. I grew wetter and wetter watching my older wife being pleasured by the two gorgeous girls.

Joanie pivoted to lay down on the couch, Makenzie followed to continue sucking her pussy. Brandy led her pussy to Joanie’s mouth, and sat facing the same direction as Makenzie. My wife’s boobs bounced as she moved along with Makenzie’s tongue. Her hands clenched on her ass, Brandy tribbed back and forth on Joanie’s mouth. Brandy turned her head around slightly, and signaled for me to come over. We made out, and I held her body close, assisting her with her motions. I caught glimpses of Joanie’s tongue, a hard object penetrating deep inside Brandy’s pussy. We all continued in these positions for several minutes- Brandy’s humps grew in intensity, as I saw Joanie’s hips thrust hard into the air. Brandy reached her right hand out to finger me. Laura upstairs must have heard consistent moans and groans from the four of us. Brandy rested her head on my shoulder, as she humped aggressively on Joanie’s mouth. She let out a loud moan, her breath beating down on my breast. “Fuck!” she screamed out, “fuuuuuuck!” screamed Brandy as she came. “Oh my fuck!” Brandy’s mouth was open wide as she gasped for air. We kissed as she dismounted from Joanie. Joanie sat breathing heavily, her tongue stuck out. Brandy and I crouched down to join in a three-way kiss, tasting Brandy’s fluids in her mouth.

Joanie remained in place, and Makenzie pivoted to connect her pussy with Joanie’s mouth. Her small body moved up and down Joanie as they ate each other out. Brandy and I fingered and caressed each other as we watched, though it was only a matter of time before Makenzie gasped as she too came in Joanie’s mouth.

Brandy was nice, but I yearned for my wife, the center of attention of this orgy. I patted Makenzie’s butt to politely kick her off my wife, and laid down on top of her. I held her sweaty body close to me, and we enjoyed a deep lover’s kiss. Our pussies tribbed against each other hard, as we breathed heavily in pressure on each other, the girls’ cum in Joanie’s breath. The girls squatted down for a close-up view of our pussies grinding on each other. I could feel the tips of their tongues on the downward humps of my wet pussy. Before long, my wife and I both released a harmonious orgasm, squirting in the girls’ faces.

My wife and I sat up and held our sweaty bodies together. Brandy spooned from behind, and Makenzie did the same to Joanie. In many ways, the students had become the teachers. We giggled and softly kissed each other as we took the time to revel in the amazing experience.

“How will we do this on Saturday?” Brandy asked. We all laughed.

“I guess we’ll have to find a way,” Joanie replied deviously.

We put our clothes back on, and thanked Laura for letting us use her space. Believe it or not, Joanie and I still had the energy to fuck that night at home. The bond continued to grow.

*To be continued*

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