Lesbian Girl Hunters Pt. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


All characters are over the age of 18

Eve tried to peer out from her blindfold but it was of no use as all she could tell was that she was in some type of a wooded box that had a few holes drilled into it allowing her to breath.

As her tear’s rolled down her cheeks she remembered how she foolishly ran away from home to make her way in the world.

Make my way in the world what an idiot I was to think a wide eyed 18 year old kid like me was going to be a highly paid international super model.

Ms Jackfon,the woman who ran the agency told me a beautiful young blonde like me who had a toned athletic figure from all my years in high school cheerleading was a shoe in and she was sure I’d be a big hit at the annual hunt.

I asked her what she meant by hunt.I guess I must have sounded like an immature county girl from the sticks but she only smiled at me and said its a talent hunt.She explained that there will be several very powerful izmit escort women present who will want to get their monies worth and just remember there will be other young girls that you’ll be competing against.

So tell me Eve are you still a virgin its important for those women that they have a natural untouched proper young lady if you’ve a slut who will spread her legs you won’t be acceptable for the hunt.

Like an idiot I told her that I was still a virgin and I would never spread my legs for anyone.

To my surprise she told me I would be a perfect candidate, but she then asked me if I ever had sex with another woman.

I shouted back at her that I would never do such an awful thing.

You”ll be gone for about a week do we need to notify anyone.

I told her no,after all I’m a big girl now and I was determined to make it on my own.

The last thing I remembered was someone standing behind me holding a wet cloth over my mouth that’s when I blacked out.

I don’t know how long I was held in that horrible izmit anal yapan escort box but I woke up in a room that had a queen sized bed and a bathroom with a hot tub.Out of my survival instinct the first thing I did was try to open the door and escape, hopefully I would find someone who could help me get out of this crazy place that’s when I realized just how much trouble I was in.

The door was locked so I pounded on it and yelled for help but it did no good as I found myself curled up on the bed crying my eyes out.

Several hours later a tall muscular woman entered my room carrying a tray of food and told me after I finish eating I was ordered to take a bath in the hot tub and wear the clothes that will be laid out on the bed if I failed to comply I would be beaten that’s when I started to defy her,big mistake.

Before I knew it this evil woman had placed me over her knee and began spanking my ass.I tried to kick her but it only encouraged her to spank me even harder.When I felt izmit yabancı escort her trying to pull down my pants I told her I would do what she wanted.

My pleas fell on deaf ears as I felt my jeans being yanked down around my thighs exposing my blue cotton panties that had images of pale blue flowers on it.

That big bitch was spanking my ass with obvious gusto and then the unthinkable happened her hand went between my thighs and I felt her finger begin to stroke me.

I heard the door open and another female raised her voice telling the big woman to stop molesting me as she told her that I must be kept pure for the guests.

Both women told me to bath and put on the clothes laid out for me or else.Being I didn’t want to know what else meant I complied with their demands.

After eating my dinner I did what was asked of me.I bathed in the hot tub and then left the bathroom to see what those bitch’s wanted me to wear.

It was a pair of skin tight white stretch pants, white panties with a matching bra and a white sweater plus a pair of white tennis shoes.When I put the pants on I was totally ashamed of myself as I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this in public,it showed every curve of my body.

The door opened the big women who tried to molest me told me it was time to meet the others.

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