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Dinner is on the stove as she lets herself into the flat, her own set of keys on her keyring, she uses here as a bolt hole occasionally when she needs to get away from her family, while I am at work, the only clue I have is the lingering smell of Anais Anais in the air. She hooks her keys on the back of the door, knowing full well that if you put keys down in my flat they have a tendency to disappear of their own accord. She calls and I answer from the kitchen, she moves across the flat and puts her head around the door, telling me hello and immediately moving forwards for a kiss. I turn to her and kiss her gently, my mind wondering how bold she has become since the first time I made love to her. I pull back and look at her, she is stunning, clad totally in black leather. She stands there with her hands on her hips, in black leather pants, thigh length black leather high heeled boots and a black jacket. She moves around the back of me and kisses the back of my neck, I hear the zipper on her jacket as she pulls it down, and I pull the dinner off the stove and turn to face her, catching my breath as she slides the jacket off her shoulders to reveal a black lace up leather Basque. Her hands move to my shirt, unbuttoning it as I unlace her top, her mouth moves down my neck and places tiny little kisses all over it as I continue to undo her laces. She puts one hand over my shoulder and turns off the stove, her hand then moves back to my breasts, taking one of my nipples between her fingers and rolling it, then moving to the other one, her lips never leaving my neck and face. She kisses me deeply once more, and pulls away, looking in my eyes, smiling. I jokingly ask if she is sure she doesn’t want dinner, she looks me in the eyes and tells me that she is about to get dinner and so am I.

She takes my nipple between her fingers and starts walking to the bedroom, forcing me to follow her. We reach the bedroom and she turns and kisses me again briefly, then bends to take the nipple she has just pulled into her mouth, suckling on it, her tongue flicking over it, my back arching to meet her. Her hair is in one long blonde plait down the middle of her back, and I wind it around my hand, and pull her up to my face again. I kiss her deeply, my tongue sliding into her mouth, taking in her taste, her tongue intertwining with mine as we explore each other. My hands move down her sliding her basque off and moving down to her pants, unzipping them and then moving her to the bed and bending to unzip her boots, she bends over my back and kisses my spine, knowing that any movement on it drives me wild, my knees go to jelly and I pull her boots off with a moan, turning back to her as I do. She pulls me back towards her and moves me onto the bed, standing to step out of her pants and then moving back to the bed, back to me, still tanned from her holiday, her blonde hair almost white from the sun.

I watch as she moves down the bed, kissing her way down my body, until she reaches my pussy, her tongue snakes out of her mouth and glides across my cleanly shaven pussy, slick with my juices and begging for her touch. She licks me from top to bottom, never entering me, knowing how to drive me nuts, I marvel at the quick learner she is, knowing what to do to me, knowing how to please me and make me squirm. Her tongue enters me, lapping up my juices and moving to kiss my thighs, placing tiny kisses all over them, her tongue flicking as she does. Her mouth moves up to casino siteleri my clit and sucks it gently into her mouth, her tongue then explores every fold, every line, tasting, making me moan out loud as my hips move under her. She sucks slightly harder, her teeth gently gripping as she sucks it in and out of them, as I feel them scrape gently across it, my hand moving down me to her head, gripping her plait in my hand and pulling her up to me, I kiss her, tasting me on her lips and in her mouth, I pull away and tell her to turn around, I want to taste her and I cannot wait any longer, I have to have this woman.

She moves down me once more but this time her legs straddle my shoulders and move back, as she lowers herself and my hands move across her butt, gripping her, pulling her down on to me, as I feel her mouth once more on my pussy, her tongue moving back inside me as my own slides into her, tasting her for the first time all over again, the bittersweet taste of her against me. She moans and sucks on my clit harder, as I take her own into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue, suckling on it gently, her nails dig into my butt as I pull her deeper onto me, my tongue moving up to lick her juices from her, she is so wet I could swim in her, and as my tongue moves inside her she lets out a shuddering moan and grinds herself deeply onto me as my tongue slides deeper and she moves her hips over me, I lap her juices like I have never tasted it before, then continue my journey and lick up her to her butthole, flicking my tongue across it, stretching up to find it, feeling it tighten under my tongue as she squirms on top of me, feeling her nipples hard against me.

She takes two fingers and slides them deeply into me, my nails dig deep as she slides them in and out of me, slowly, filling me and then leaving me empty, over and over as my tongue moves back down her and fucks her own wet cunt as deeply as I can. Her hips move in perfect rhythm and my tongue glides in and out in even strokes, every movement driving her nuts and making her wetter. I move my mouth back to her clit, her own is sucking on mine and moans leave me as I suck her back into my mouth, alternating between sucking hard and gentle, her hips grinding her clit into my face, the smell of her sex filling my senses, driving me on. I want this woman to cum, I want to taste her, I need to taste her. I feel my own orgasm starting in the pit of my stomach and renew my sucking on her clit as it hits me, my body going rigid as her fingers work in and out of my cunt and her mouth sucks hard on my hard, swollen clit. I move back to her clit and slide two of my own fingers into her, followed by a third which I work in and out of her then slide to her butthole, gently brushing my nail across it and then sliding my finger inside. The effect is instant, she cums immediately, bucking and writhing against me, moaning as she cums, her teeth nipping the insides of my thighs, a quiver going from top to bottom through her as wave after wave hits her, my fingers sliding in and out of her and my mouth on her clit, my tongue probing as I suck on her.

She lies breathless on me, my fingers slowing and gently leaving her, as she moves off me and moves up my body, kissing her way up me as she moves into the side of me, snuggling against me. She takes my hand and moves it to her lips, sucking the two fingers into her mouth one at a time cleaning them, running her tongue around canlı casino them until they are totally clean. She pulls them out of her mouth with a pop and looks up at me with a glint in her eye, I smile and ask her where mine is, she laughs and tells me she ate that too, making me laugh as she snuggles back into me and plays with my nipple, her mouth gently suckling on the other one, as I play my nails up and down her back, feeling her wriggle at the side of me, her breasts squashed against me.

We continue this for about 30 minutes, each of us lost in the senses of the other one, gently and carefully driving each other nuts without totally losing it.

Her fingers play across my skin and down to my pussy, where she slides two fingers into me and starts to gently rub my clit, hitting the spot just above the hood that drives me nuts. Her thumb joins her fingers and she brushes her nail across my clit, still so sensitive from all her attention earlier, it sends shudders down my body and I hook my leg over hers, exposing my clit and cunt to her. She slides two fingers into me again and pushes them in deeply 6 or 7 times, each time pushing harder than the last, until she pulls them out again and moves back to my clit. I move my hand down and catch hold of hers, I am not going to miss out this time, as I move her hand to my mouth and take her two fingers in my mouth, tasting me on her, my mouth sucking on her, my tongue cushioning her fingers as they slide in and out of my mouth.

She pulls them out and runs her nails down my lips and my body, in between my breasts, tracing small, idle circles down me until she reaches my pussy once more. She slides her fingers back inside me and rubs my clit once more, this time not stopping, listening to my moans as they get louder and deeper, my breath getting caught in my throat as she rubs harder and faster, bringing me closer and closer until finally it overtakes me in waves, my body going nuts, great shudders going through me, almost screams leaving me, she moves and silences them with her mouth, stealing them from me and making them her own, as her tongue glides into my mouth, my passion overtakes me and I kiss her deeply and hard, she returns it and her body moves more urgently against me.

I take this as a signal and move down her body, gently nipping her and taking her skin gently into my mouth, tasting her perfume slightly on my tongue as I continue to move down, eventually reaching her pussy once more. I lick her lips gently and her hand moves to my head, pushing me down onto her, I slide my tongue into her and then move up taking her clit into my mouth and sucking on it hard. She moans and raises her hips to meet me, her fingers tight in my hair, as I continue to suck, this woman will scream for me, I will make sure of it. I lick her over and over, my tongue probing and exploring her, tasting her, hearing her moan,

I blow on her clit and her body explodes once more, greedily I go back to her for more, my tongue going deep inside her, my lips around her cunt, sucking her juices and cum out. I take her back into my mouth again, sucking on her, riding the waves of her orgasm as one after the other hits her, not stopping for one second, my assault on her pussy relentless, needing her, feeling her as her hips ride high off the bed, my hands on her hips, her hand in my hair, she screams my name and thrashes on the bed, her free hand clawing at the bed, as her head gets buried kaçak casino in the pillows.

Her hand leaves my hair and her arms go above her head, both hands flat against the wall she pushes down onto me, grinding herself on to me as my teeth pull on her clit and I slide my fingers into her. I suck hard on her clit again as my fingers ream her cunt, feeling it as it tightens around me, her hips are back on the bed but her back is arched high and her shoulders leave the bed, I dig my remaining nails into her butt and pull her in, my mouth never leaving her, my tongue sliding up and down her pussy, in and out, tasting wave after wave of her cum in my mouth, she suddenly slumps back onto the bed and then half sits up, growling under her breath, no longer knowing what she wants or where she wants to be.

I look up to see her watching me, the look in her eyes tells me that there is no recognition there, she does not even know where she is, never mind who she is with, her face is a miryad of emotions, pain, pleasure, lust, passion, everything is there. My fingers in and out of her, I bite her clit gently and she screams a string of obscenities at me, telling me to fuck her hard, to suck her clit and make her cum again, she no longer has a break between each orgasm and is just cumming over and over again.

I pull away from her as she slumps back onto the bed, her whole body shaking , every muscle shaking with tension being released, I look up her body and ask her if she wants me to stop, she tells me no and I go back to her, gently running my tongue across her swollen clit, she screams once more and moves about 6 inches up the bed, a long “nnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo” leaving her. I look up again and ask her if she wants me to stop, as I move, following her up the bed, her face is a picture of torn decision, she tells me once more she does not want me to stop, and I move in once more towards her, licking her lips as she breathlessly tells me no again. I smile at her, I know this, I have been here, so wrapped up in self satisfaction that she no longer knows what she wants, but I am not going to stop until she tells me to, I want her to surrender first, I want to know that this woman can not take anything else that I do to her, I want to do something that no one else has ever done.

I follow her up the bed once more and ask her if she wants me to carry on, her head is a mute half nod, half shake, and I lower my head to her once more to her, kissing the insides of her thighs gently as she continues to move up the bed, following her I move in again and hear a strangled almost non existent “stop, no more.” I smile and look up asking her if she is sure, in reply I get a combination of yes and no, and I take that as surrender and move up the bed to her.

I take her face in my hands and kiss her gently, her body is still quivering as I take her into my arms, where she curls up like a small child as she continues the struggle of getting her body under control, her breathing still ragged, as I quiet her gently, kissing the top of her head, her eyes, rocking her gently, bringing her back to me.

Her breathing slowly returns to normal and becomes deep and even as her exhaustion takes over and she sleeps until I wake her to send her home to her husband. I help her get dressed again on wobbly legs and once dressed she looks at me and smiles, leaning forward to kiss me. The kiss is gentle and full of love, the love we have for each other as friends and lovers. We say our goodbyes and arrange to meet again the following week, she leaves almost silently and I listen to her footsteps as they make their way down the floors and out to the car, my life suddenly mysteriously empty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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