Learning at the Library

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I was at a local university library doing some research while my wife, a student, took her semester final. Being close to the end of the semester, the library was practically deserted but to make sure that I was even more isolated and could work without interruptions, I took the elevator to the 5th floor where almost no one ventures since it’s reserved for the research and history materials.

I found a table close to an electrical outlet, hooked up my laptop and began working. I guess I must have been working pretty hard because when I looked up to take a quick break, I noticed a young man sitting at a table across from me. He had to be a football jock for he seemed tall, and very athletic; with a body builder kind of body. He was wearing shorts and his legs alone were massive. He seemed to be engrossed in whatever it was he was doing, and I went back to work.

Some time later, I looked up again and I noticed that the jock had made him-self comfortable by scooting down on his chair which made him be more in a leaning position than a seating one. Because of this his legs were spread open and I couldn’t help but notice that his cock was visible. It was huge; at least eight inches long, no less than 3 inches in circumference and uncut. It was then that I noticed that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I assumed that he was there to flash and pick on any unsuspecting girls that might come up to do some research. Perhaps this was an established routine. Despite my amazement at the size of his penis, I went back to work.

I tried to concentrate on what I was doing, but I could not keep myself from gazing up and looking at the size of this guy’s cock! I kept doing this throughout the morning when once when I looked up, I noticed that the boy’s dick was getting hard and as it did, it began to inch its way out of his shorts. I found myself fascinated by the spectacle as I had never seen another man’s dick hard before.

As I sat there in amazement, I was his dick grow to a full ten inches long and no less than four inches in circumference. My lord, this boy was a horse!! His foreskin had pulled back because of the erection and it now revealed a perfectly shaped mushroom head. I assumed that a girl was sitting close-by, but out of my range of vision and that this was the reason for his excited state.

All of a sudden he lowered his hand to his cock and began to slowly casino siteleri stroke it while I looked on, fascinated by the sight. I found that my own cock was now also fully erect and painfully constrained by my shorts. I fidgeted in my seat so that I could reposition my own cock and that is when he looked up and looked me straight in the eye. His eyes were a deep blue and seemed to be able to look right through me. He casually smiled and continued stroking his cock, a little more openly now.

Filled with curiosity I got up and walked to the bathroom as a pretext to see who else might have been seating close-by. I was surprise to see than him and I were the only ones in the floor and in that particular section which was well secluded by stacks and stacks of books that not many people used-as evident by the dust on some of the volumes.

I realized then that this young man was coming on to me, and that I was excited by his actions. I took my own cock out of my jockey shorts so that it would make delicious contact with my jeans and so that I could open my zipper and have access to my own cock.

When I returned to my seat he smiled at me once again and dropping all pretenses, began to freely massage his cock. He would slowly pull his foreskin all the way back and forth, while his other hand softly caressed his balls, which were shaven clean. In fact, he had not pubic hair that I could see.

Almost in a trance I opened my zipper and freed my own 7 inch cock from my jeans and began to copy his movements. His eyes were glued to my cock as mine were glued to his. Soon I saw the glitter of his pre-cum juice pouring out of the huge opening of his cock and I lost it.

I slowly got up from my seat and walked over to him. I surveyed the area and noticed that if I got under the table I couldn’t be seen, even if someone sneaked up on us, which was highly unlikely, as the elevator doors, which were quite a distance away, would give us ample warning.

Motivated by a lust that I’ve never felt before, I sneaked under the table and without any hesitation shoved that huge cock in my mouth. It was my first taste of cock and I love it. His pre-cum was sweet and warm and the smell of his cock was surprisingly pleasant.

As I slowly sucked his cock he pushed away from the table and threw his head back. His soft moans told me that he liked what I was doing to him canlı casino even thou I was a novice.

I continued to suck his cock and slowly I would try to put more if in my mouth. I couldn’t put all 10 inches down my throat, but I think I did a pretty good job considering that this was the first time I had been excited by another man’s cock, much less suck it.

After a while he began to fuck my mouth and I knew that he was close to unloading his cum. I briefly wondered if I should take it out of my mouth and finish him with my hand, but again I was overtaken by desire and decided that I was going to swallow this young stud’s man juice.

The first spurt of his cum took me by surprised, but I quickly swallowed. I found that it wasn’t as sweet as his pre-cum, somewhat bitter, but not disgusting or anything and the fact that I was eating another man’s juice quickly erased all thought of it.

His cum sack must have been as big as his cock because he kept cumin and cumin and cumin. I thought he would never stop. As he pumped his last drops of cum in my mouth, I kept his quickly softening cock in my mouth giving his sensitive cock an occasional suck. This caused him to moan and lift his ass off the chair.

Once he was back to normal he said, “I want to suck your cock now.” “Are you sure?” I asked, and he said, “Oh yeah, I’m sure!”

He told me that there was a store room in that floor and that he knew how to pry it open. He asked me to follow him and I did. Soon we were inside this room with extra desks, chairs, book shelves and other items stored neatly alongside its walls.

He then pushed me against a desk, pulled down my pants and underwear and took my cock in his mouth. It was obvious that this was not the first time this jock sucked cock. I wondered how many guys in the football team had had their cocks sucked by this talented athlete. Not that I knew this for sure. We had barely spoken since this whole thing began.

He sucked my cock like an expert; he would lap at its sides, the would suck my balls, he would deep throat me and take all 7 inches into his mouth for as long as 15 seconds before he would come up for air. It wouldn’t be long before I would unload my own cum into his sweet mouth.

He must have sensed that I was close to cumin for he began to suck faster and fuck my cock with his mouth. Then he did something I was not expecting, kaçak casino but which I found very pleasurable; his stuck one of his big fat fingers in my ass and with that I exploded into his waiting mouth. I too came in buckets; excited by the novelty of my first gay encounter.

Like me he swallowed every drop and kept sucking keeping me from going soft. As he took his mouth off my cock and replaced it with his hand as he gently gave me a hand job, he looked up at me and asked, “Would you fuck me in the ass?”

Surprised I said, “What?”

“I want you to fuck me in the ass. I have condoms,” he told me. I had gone this far despite myself and I said to myself, “What the heck!”

“Sure!” I told him and with that he took out a condom out of his pocket, almost lovingly put in on my cock and then bent over the desk and spread his ass cheeks. I must admit that his guy’s physique was exquisite! Leonardo Da’ Vinci would have been proud to pain him. His ass cheeks were as muscular as the rest of him and it was obvious that he had his privates waxed, for there wasn’t a single hair anywhere!

“Fuck me, fuck me hard in the ass!” he begged. I placed my cock in his asshole and slowly pushed. I was surprised by the ease in which it went in and soon I was buried deep inside his ass.

“Oh, that feels so damn good. Fuck me hard, I want to feel you deep inside.” I did as he asked and fucked him for all I was worth. I have never fucked and thrust so deeply before. The tightness and warmth of his ass was something I was not used to, but it felt good, really good.

Since I had already cum once it took a while for me to build another load so I must have fucked and pounded his ass for almost fifteen minutes before I felt another load surging in me. I leaned over his broad back to whisper in his ear that I was about to cum and he asked me to tell him when I was close. As I felt the first drops coming up my shaft I whispered in his ear, “I’m cumin!

He quickly pulled away from my cock, turned around, took the condom off my cock and again swallowed my load, all of it. This time he allowed my cock to go soft in his mouth and when it was totally limp he looked up at me and said, “Thank you!”

We got dressed and he slowly opened the door to check the floor. There was still no one there, but us, so we both came out of the room, and returned to our seats. He casually picked up his books, gave me a wink and walked away.

I sat there stupefied over what had just happened and totally surprised by my reaction to his cock. I realized that although this was my first time, it couldn’t be my last.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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