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Bill and Debbie Hobland had been married for three years now. The marriage had started off well. Bill had a good job in the office of a major furniture company and they had decided that Debbie would be a stay at home wife and they would have a family. Because of a combination of things, life had been going down hill of late. Bill often worked late and sometimes the dinner that Debbie had made went to waste because of Bill stopping for drinks and burgers with his friends after work. He never called. Next, they did not yet have any children and Bill blamed Debbie. They had started to argue more and more often about almost everything.

Their sex life did not help much either. Now, unlike the first year or so of their marriage, most of the time their love making consisted of Bill halfheartedly kissing her once or twice, crawling between Debbie’s legs in the missionary position, shoving his five and a half inch cock into her dry cunt, stroking into her for about two minutes, shooting his load into her and then rolling off and going to sleep leaving her frustrated and having to rub herself to get any satisfaction. They were not virgins, each having had a couple of sexual relationships, when they met at age 20 and they had started fucking on the third date. Bill put a lot more effort into it then. Now at 23 she thought of him as a dud in bed.

Bill and Debbie talked and decided that to try to get things back on the right track they would spend the night of their third anniversary at a nice hotel downtown. Bill made the arrangements and that evening they checked in and then went out to a nice dinner at a well-known restaurant about a block from the hotel and things seemed to be going pretty well. They had gotten dressed for the occasion. Bill put on a suit and Debbie a nice black dress that showed off a lot of her 34C tits and only came down about half way down her thighs making her 5’5″ trim body look very appealing. Bill stood behind her while she was dressing and cupped her breasts and kissed her on the neck sending shivers through her entire body. Bill was 5’6″ and he always wanted Debbie to wear flats as he did not like her being taller than him. At dinner they held hands and kissed a few times while waiting for their meals to come from the kitchen. After dinner they decided to stop at the club that was between the restaurant and the hotel for a drink. They had a couple and were talking. The conversation started to get unpleasant and soon they were arguing again even on their special night. It got to the point where Bill, in a loud voice, said, “Fuck you, you barren bitch” and got up and went to the bar, sat down and ordered himself another drink. Crying, Debbie went to the ladies room to compose herself and clean up. When she came back out she did not see Bill. The bartender called to her and said that Bill had told him to tell her that he went back to the room.

Debbie sat back at the table and ordered herself another drink and sobbed. A few minutes later an attractive man about her age came over and quietly asked her to dance with him. She said no but he was insistent and said that he thought it would make her feel better. Debbie had always liked to dance but Bill seldom took her out. Finally Debbie relented and got up and danced with the stranger. He introduced himself as David. He was a good dancer. The second dance was a slow dance and near the end of the song he pulled her close to him, pressing her tits against his chest and he put his hand on her ass. She pulled it away and gave him a dirty look and sat back down at her table. David started to sit with her but she said, “Thank you for the dance but I don’t want you to join me.” David went back to the bar. Shortly, the bartender brought her another drink and said it was from the man sitting next to David at the bar. She did not pay any attention to it or him. After a couple minutes bursa escort she picked up the drink and downed it in one gulp and got up and started to leave. The bartender asked her if she was driving. Debbie told him no, that she was just going down the block to the hotel to her no good husband.

Debbie entered their room and saw Bill, still dressed, laying face down on the bed asleep. There were three empty mini bottles on top of the honor bar. She slumped down into the chair and put her face in her hands. There was a light knock on the door and without even thinking, Debbie went over and opened the door slightly to see who it was. She was knocked on the floor on her butt when the door was pushed open. “What the ?…. What are you doing here ?” Debbie asked as three men entered the room. It was David and his two friends from the bar. “We followed you to make sure that you got back safely and thought that we would show your dip shit husband how a cute lady like you should be treated.” “I made it just fine thank you. I want you to leave now.” David reached down and took her hand and helped Debbie up from the floor. The last of the three to have entered the room shut the door behind him and locked it. She looked at the three men standing in front of her. They were all between 6′ and 6’2″, probably in their mid 20’s, neatly dressed in slacks and dress shirts. David had dark brown hair and was the most attractive of the men. The other man, who had sent her her last drink at the bar, had lighter hair, a mustache and glasses. The third man was a muscular black man. David still had Debbie by the hand and he pulled her to him and with his other hand behind her head he gave her a long hard kiss. She struggled but could not free herself. After he ended the kiss he told the black guy to go get her good for nothing husband out of bed. Grabbing him by the collar of his jacket he pulled Bill to his feet and slapped him hard across the face, waking him up. Bill drunkenly surveyed the scene in front of him and came up with the wrong conclusion about what was going on. He started yelling at Debbie. “You dammed slut. Now you are bringing other men back to our room. I should kick your ass out of my house.” At that David punched Bill hard in the stomach and he went down doubled up on the floor. Debbie was pissed at what he had just said about her. That, plus the arguing and leaving her at the bar alone aided by the number of drinks she had made her make a decision that she would not normally have made. Although she had never been with more than one guy at a time and had not been with anyone other than Bill after they were married, she decided to show him that she was sick of him being good for nothing in bed. She was going to fuck all three of these men right in front of him and do a great job of it.

Debbie turned back to David and dropped to her knees in front of him and reached for his pants. He still had hold of her wrist but released it now. David told the others, “Get that SOB out of his clothes.” They pulled him up but he tried to fight back so they hit him again and then began to strip him. One of them had stopped at the car on the way to the hotel and brought some light rope and a roll of duct tape. Debbie watched as Bill was stripped, tied and his mouth taped. Then they sat him in the chair and tied him in it so he could watch what was going to happen.

Debbie opened David’s belt, unzipped his zipper and pulled his pants and boxers down to the floor. “OK guys let’s show him what fucking is really about.” With that she leaned forward and quickly took about half of David’s hard cock into her mouth and with loud slurping sounds started bobbing up and down on it. David’s cock was about 6-1/2″ and maybe one and a half inches across. She looked back at Bill and told him that David’s cock made his look like a little boy’s pee pee. Then bursa escort bayan she went back to sucking David and now was getting about 5″ in. The others had stripped out of their clothes and David had removed his shirt and kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. Debbie stopped her devouring of David’s shaft and sat back and admired all three men. They were all in pretty good shape and she loved their cocks. The one with the glasses was about 8″. He had a narrow shaft but a large cock head that was almost half again as big across as his shaft. The black guy was about the same length as David but his shaft was thick, almost as thick as Debbie’s’ wrist. She turned to Bill and told him that these were real men with real cocks and they were going to satisfy her, as he had never done. She started going from one to the next and back again sucking them as deep as she could. David put his hand behind her head and held her there and tried to shove his cock into her throat but only made her gag so he gave up that idea and settled for what she could easily and willingly do.

Mr. Mustache – she never did find out the other two names – got behind her and lifted her hips up so she was now on her hands and knees. He slid two fingers into her already very wet hole and wiped her lubricant onto the tip of his cock, lined it up with her cunt and shoved his 8 inches all the way in with one fast push. Debbie had never had anyone or anything that deep in her and she gasped as he slammed into her, driving her forward onto David’s cock which went past her gag point into her throat. He held her there for a little bit, feeling her throat contracting around his cock as she tried to swallow. When she realized that she was unable to breath she started to panic and pushed him back and caught her breath. David now held her hair and throat fucked her with the full length of his cock like her mouth was a pussy. She had almost forgotten about the 8″ cock fucking up into her cunt till she felt his hot cum shoot up into her. With this first load into her she thought about the fact that she was not on the pill as they wanted a family but she realized that it was probably the wrong time of the month for her to get pregnant so she let that thought go. David said that they should switch, as he wanted them to all come in her pussy. He went to the back and the other one came to the front and got his cock sucked clean of both his and her fluids. He pulled out and the black guy presented his cock to her mouth. She had a real stretch to get her mouth around him but he pushed and she tried her best and soon he was full length into her with his cock head in her throat. Meanwhile, David did not take long to finish after the throat fucking he had just given her and he added his cum to what she already had in her. She was getting full and started to leak a little out and down her legs.

Bill was trying to protest but with the tape he could not make understandable noises. David went over to Bill and waved his cum covered cock in front of Bill and asked him how he liked the show. Bill tried to kick him but could not move enough because of the way he was tied. David went and took his belt from his pants and seeing that Bill had an erection he gave him a hard whack with the belt on Bill’s cock and balls. You could hear him scream into the tape. Then David went back to have Debbie clean him off. The last cock was now in Debbie’s’ cunt pounding her for all it was worth. She was stretched almost beyond what she could take but she was loving it and wanting everything they gave her. No one had counted the number of orgasms Debbie had but now that she did not have a cock in her mouth everyone could hear that she was having one after another after another. The black guy had lots of stamina and even after the great cock sucking he had gotten and he lasted about ten minutes in her cunt before escort bursa adding his large load of cum to her overflowing pussy then went to her mouth for a clean up suck. Debbie just fell to the floor panting. She was worn out from all the fucking but she was loving that she had done it.

“Bring him here and lay him on the floor on his back” David told the others. They untied him enough to get him out of the chair and dragged him onto the floor. David stood over him and told him that he was going to take the tape off of his mouth but if he screamed or did not do as he was told he would regret it for the rest of his life. He asked Bill if he understood and Bill nodded his head yes. David then reached down and ripped the tape off without being gentle about it. Next he took Debbie’s hand and led her over to Bill and told her to straddle Bill’s face so he could eat her. Bill turned his head but David gave him a not so gentle kick in the ribs and told him to remember what he had said. Bill turned back and Debbie lowered her dripping pussy onto Bill’s face. “Eat her and do it good or else.” Bill began lapping at her slit as her cum and the cum from the three men who had fucked her started pouring out of her cunt into his mouth and all over his face. Debbie had a strong orgasm, which squeezed most of the remaining cum into Bill’s mouth. He tried to spit it out but could not help but swallow much of it.

Debbie started to get up and David asked her why. “I’ve gotta pee” she said. “Do it now” David told her. She looked at him and gave him a wicked smile. “Open your mouth you toilet” David told Bill. When he did not, David took his belt and gave Bill another whack on the cock and balls. Bill screamed and when his mouth opened Debbie let loose with a stream of hot golden piss right into his mouth. “Now lick her clean.” Bill did as he was told. Debbie started to get up again but David told her that they had one more pleasure for her. David was hard again and this time he reached inside her thighs and scooped up some cum that was running down her and spread it on his cock head. Then he put some on her ass hole. Debbie said for him to stop, that she had never taken a cock up her ass and did not want him to do it. David assured her that he would take it slow and easy and started to rub his cock against her and then slowly push it up her anus. It was tight and it did hurt as he pushed through her tight anal ring but once past that point it was not bad. Soon he was stroking into her gently but full length. Debbie thought that it felt ok but that it would never replace a good pussy fucking. They were still on top of Bill and David told Bill to start sucking her clit. He did as he was told. Soon Debbie was having an orgasm and David was fucking her ass hard, deep and fast as his balls bounced off Bill’s forehead. As David was about to come he pulled out and told Bill to open his mouth. When he kept it closed, one of the others walked up by his crotch with the belt and Bill opened his mouth. David slid his cock, covered with Debbie’s cum and shit, into Bill’s mouth and fucked him deep enough to make him gag several times. Then he held his cock with just the head in Bill’s mouth and jerked it till he came. “Keep your mouth open and don’t spit or swallow till you are told that you can.” Debbie and David got up and everyone looked at Bill’s mouth full of David’s cum. David waited a while before telling Bill to swallow his load, which he did.

The three men put their clothes on and untied Bill. David told Debbie and Bill that it was time for them to go to bed. He told Bill that he had given Debbie his phone number and that if she ever called and said he was not treating her right or not keeping her sexually satisfied that they would come back and beat the shit out of him. As they left the room they looked at the bed and saw Bill and Debbie cuddled up. Bill had two fingers stroking in her twat and she was stroking his extra hard erection. As they closed the door Debbie said “Bye guys and thanks.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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