Lazy Summer Days

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Andrew was one of her friends who was a little out of the ordinary. Melanie had started seeing him while she was in the sixth form before going on to university. Although he hadn’t shown too much interest in any sexual activity, he was really nice and she liked him a lot. They went to the cinema a couple of times and often had coffee together in the local trendy café. She was attracted to him because of his quiet weirdness and the fact that he wasn’t as grabby as other boys.

The holidays were already half over and the summer had been really good, hot and without any rain to speak of. She had met with a few of her old school friends in the new coffee shop that had recently opened on the High street. It wasn’t that she had planned to meet him there but nevertheless, she was quite glad to see him as she caught sight of him opening the glass door and walking into the dark coolness of the shop. He nodded towards the group of eighteen year olds, just hanging out and enjoying the sophistication and maturity of an espresso coffee and walked over and joined them after he had chosen what he wanted from the counter.

The friends all sat and chatted for some while, mainly about the last days at school until when the group made a move to leave, he asked them if they all wanted to go back to his place which was not that far away. The others had plans however and went their separate ways but Melanie said she would join him and they walked hand in hand to his parent’s house. Both his parents were at work and it was the first time she had seen where he lived. They didn’t go inside the house but in the large garden he had a tree house that his father had built for him when he was much younger. It was quite large and he said he still used it when he wanted to be on his own.

They climbed the ladder and it was really a great little place to escape to. For a while, they sat together in the warmth of the late afternoon when suddenly, out of the blue, he asked to see her breasts. She wasn’t surprised at the question as the boys normally wanted a feel but she was a bit surprised at the directness of it with no fumbling about beforehand.

“No touching then.” Melanie said and when he agreed, she stood up and unbuttoned her shirt pulling up her bra so her breasts fell out of the bottom of the cups. He was sitting opposite and true to his word, he just looked or rather he stared at them. Melanie was more than a little flattered as his body language was that of appreciation as if he was looking at a marble statue in an art gallery.

After a little while, Andrew said “Lift your skirt up and take your panties down. I won’t touch.”

“You take your trousers off first.” she replied.

He did just that and then she was standing with her bra under her chin looking at his hard little cock, standing proudly erect. Caught up in the mood of that beautiful warm sunny day, there didn’t seem to be any threat, so entering into the spirit, she pulled up her skirt and dropped her panties down to her ankles. They stood like that for about ten minutes, both just looking at each other. No touching, no movement just canlı bahis looking. The noises of the summer afternoon were comforting, the hum of a bumble bee and the startled cheeping alarm noises of a blackbird that had caught sight of the black cat sitting in the shade lethargically cleaning his fur. Everything seemed so natural. They were alone in a small world of their own, cocooned in the afternoon warmth, not a breath of air to disturb them or to make those little goose bumps on their naked skin.

Melanie wanted to remove the pressure of her clothing which now seemed to be laying for some reason, heavy on her skin despite the fact that she was wearing light cottons. In a sort of dream, she started to remove her remaining clothes, slowly, but not in a way that would interrupt the moment.

“Take all your clothes off as well.” she said and slowly, they both removed their clothes until eventually, they were naked for each other. Still they didn’t touch, he sitting and her standing only now without a stitch of clothing on. It was the first time she had been naked with any boy but it just seemed so natural. Everything was so lethargic that she almost felt she could go to sleep.

Andrew stood and turned for her so that she could look at his masculine back and buttocks and then turning to face her, his erection pushing slightly forwards from the unruly dark pubic hair. He sat back on the seat on the timber wall as she watched his every movement through her half closed eyes. She watched as he started to move his hand, without any urgency, up and down his penis, just slow up and down movements. Sometimes he would pull his foreskin right back other times, the movement was much less.

She let her own hand drop between her legs, gradually opening them and slowly moving her fingers around, more or less in synchronisation with his slow movements. They watched each other attentively but time seemed to stand still. Slowly, Melanie was beginning to get past the point of no return and knew that she wanted to make herself come. She held herself at that point for an eternity each touch taking her just a bit closer, her whole body was on that delicate knife edge.

It was when she saw that he had started to increase the frequency of his hand movements, she told him to stop and he did, taking his hand away from his penis so that it was standing forward from his pubic hair with his balls hanging so naturally below, occasionally giving a little involuntary jerk. Entranced with the beauty of it, it was so stiff and hard yet small and almost totally lost in his hand, she knew that he would come soon and beckoned for him to carry on using his hand until the semen burst from him, arcing through the air and splashing down on the floor. With a few more touches on her clitoris Melanie was coming as well.

Neither of them had made a sound during those final moments. They still didn’t touch, just looked at each other, him sitting on the small bench seat, her standing, leaning against the balcony. There was no sign of embarrassment between them, just a mutual feeling of satisfaction, both of them naked, bahis siteleri her with her legs apart and he with a pool of semen at his feet, his penis gradually shrinking in his hand. There was no signal that it was over, nor at what point they decided to dress, but finally, dress they did and together, walked to his front gate and without kissing, said goodbye to each other.

Their only other sexual activity together was some weeks later when they were walking in the warmth of the countryside and had wandered into a large barn stacked high with bales of fresh straw. It was very secluded and had that delicious smell that permeated all round them making Melanie feel quite heady. It was her that made the first move although they were not doing very much except facing and holding each other.

Andrew made no effort to kiss her although Melanie tried to kiss him but he turned his head away after a light contact with their lips but still he held onto her and she could feel the warmth of him through her blouse and his breath on her neck and shoulder. They were both wearing jeans and as he was not leading the activity as most boys seemed to want to do, she dropped her hand down to feel him through the material of his jeans and was a little surprised that he didn’t have an erection but somehow it was in her mind that it was her fault. Reaching up and unbuckling his belt, she undid the top button and his trousers fell to the floor.

Now she could reach inside his underpants and feel the softness of him. Just feeling him like this was both pleasant and for her very exciting and she found herself quite turned on as she played and fondled this unusual softness. Gradually, it began to grow in her hand and she was able to move her hand gently up and down the hardening shaft. Suddenly he reached down and pulled his underpants down so that they were at his feet and with a little effort, pulling off his trainers, he kicked his jeans and pants away and was naked from the waist down. Then the surprising thing happened, he turned his back on her and with his legs apart, reached round and pulled her tight against his back, thrusting his buttocks tight against her clothed crutch. He then grabbed her hands to come around him and onto his now full erection and then, leaning forwards for support on a bale of straw, waited for her to continue masturbating him while pressing his buttocks back hard against her.

Wanting to feel him against her skin she moved away slightly and quickly let her jeans and panties drop to the floor once more pressing herself against him between his open legs. His buttocks felt so soft as she pressed her pubic area as hard against him as she could and he wanted more and more pressure bending as far forward as he could, keeping himself from falling forwards by holding onto the bale. Melanie carried on rubbing her hand up and down his penis as she well knew boys liked it, getting faster in time with his movements against her, until she felt the first pulsations of him starting to come with that final group of strong pulses that forced the sperm out of him onto the floor of the barn.

After bahis şirketleri he had come, he grabbed himself with both hands and laid face down on the straw bales, his bare behind and back so exposed. He wanted her to get astride him and after shucking her pants off her feet, she knelt astride him and began to rub her crutch down hard on his buttocks and lower back. The pressure on her clitoris was so good and as she rubbed backwards and forwards she knew that the slipperiness of the lubrication which was coming from her and the friction of her movements would make her come and it did, with a final push downwards, the orgasm raced through her.

He lay there for a while with Melanie still pressing down on him and she knew that he was masturbating and so she eased back onto his lower legs so that his movement was less restricted and watched as he moved upwards beneath her. For some unknown reason, she had to touch the little anus that was pushed back towards her and allowed herself just the tip of her finger to press against it. He pushed back hard against the pressure and then the familiar pulsations came that she could now feel through the fingertip which had slipped inside him.

They lay together for some little while, his body laying in the semen that had just come from him until she moved off him and put her jeans and panties back on.

He lay there for a while with Melanie watching him, his head turned to look at her. At this moment in time, she was as much in love with him as she had never been before with other boys. He was so beautiful and wasn’t at all like the other boys she had known, it was she that was taking the lead and she liked it. He lifted himself onto his knees, his buttocks pushing upwards from the floor and she instinctively knew what he wanted.

She moved her hand to fondle and press between them, finding that little brown puckered spot. It was a little dry so she reached round to his now shrunken penis and took some of his lubrication onto the tip on her finger and returned to the spot and carefully slipped it into him up to her lower knuckle.

For a while, she moved her finger in and out and around. He moved back against her hand and sometimes it went fully into him. He made little satisfied grunting and sighing sounds while this was happening but although he didn’t get a full erection or have another orgasm, when she reached round for more lubrication the drops from the end of his penis were very plentiful.

At last she guessed he had had enough as he eased forward so that her finger lost contact and he rolled round to face her, looking deep into her eyes for some long time before he reached for his jeans and taking out some tissues from the pocket, cleaned himself up and dressed.

It was clear that Andrew was having trouble with his sexuality and whilst Melanie didn’t fully understand this at the time, she knew that he was different and perhaps that was why she was so attracted to him The difference was subsequently proven to be the case and he is now living in a gay relationship somewhere in the midlands.

If she was instrumental in this decision, then that was fine. For her though, there were other boys and she moved on although both Andrew, his tree house and that strange sexual happening in the barn were a special memory for her and she hoped for him.

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