Laundry Room

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The day had finally come. I had run out of t-shirts. I had run out of boxers. My 5 pairs of jeans had all been well worn. It was too soon to break out the long sleeved t-shirts and flannel shirts. It was late September, and the inevitable had arrived. I had to go to the top floor of my dormitory, and do my laundry. Ugh. If I had any money I would send it out. The machines were so small; it looked as though it would take all day. I knew I could compress that timeframe if I got there early and used 3 or even 4 washing machines at once. I woke up early, got my coffee, and dragged what seemed like 100 pounds of laundry and the book I was reading to the elevator and up to the 15th floor. When I got there, one washing machine was in use. That gave me 3 machines. I sorted my laundry, loaded up the machines, and sat down with my book. I had noticed that the other machine had only started a few minutes before, so I sat and waited. I didn’t want to lose the dryer.

It was then that she arrived. I don’t remember her name. She was pretty, but not “gorgeous”. She stood about 5’4″ or 5’5″. She had a curvaceous figure, with narrow shoulders, B tits, and a very round, soft looking ass and hips. She had beautiful green eyes. She sat there with a book, as did I. We were right across a table from one another. I kept peering over my book at her. I had woken up with morning wood that bordered on painful. I had not any sort of sex since 4 weeks before, and hadn’t had time to get myself off all week. Once I peered over my book, and caught her doing the same. I gave her a smile. She smiled back and said, “Good morning. This is too nice of a day to be in the laundry room.”

“Yes, it is, I said. My name is Jack. How are you?”

As I said, I do not remember her name. She did introduce herself, however. We made some small talk, and it turned out her room illegal bahis was 2 floors down. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, she was in as bad a way as I was. Her washing machine stopped, but she did not get up immediately. She kept talking with me, staring at me intently. Then my first washing machine stopped. We got up together and went to the washing machines. I walked in front of her, and when I turned around I caught her staring at my ass. That’s about all it took for my cock to wake up. I was wearing sweats, and even though I was only semi-hard, it was kind of hard to miss.

I took my laundry out of the machine and used it to hide my little “problem”. We walked together to the dryers, chatting away. When I threw my clothes in, she looked right down at my crotch. We both started our dryers. My second washer stopped and when I turned around, she walked over and whispered in my ear while giving my cock a squeeze. “I could help with that if you want.”

With that one simple touch my manhood grew to its full 7 inches, leaving a big tent in my sweats. “Let me put the rest of my laundry in the dryer,” I said, and gave her a kiss on the neck.

After I finished, she took me by the hand, and led me downstairs to her room. Once inside, she locked the door and began to kiss me, thrusting her tongue inside my mouth. I pulled off her t shirt and found her small, soft breasts. Her nipples were so hard they looked painful. She reached down and grabbed my cock while pulling down my sweat pants. “Give that fucking thing to me right now!”

She pulled me with her to the bed. She spread her legs wide open. I could see her swollen clit and her wetness starting to run down the inside of her thighs. She grabbed my dick with her right hand and put her left on my ass. She pulled me toward her, lined me up with her opening and pulled me illegal bahis siteleri hard, inside of her. She wrapped her surprisingly powerful legs around the small of my back, keeping me buried balls deep inside of her. Then, she started gyrating her hips around, making sure her clit was rubbing on my pelvis while she impaled herself on my throbbing cock. I was getting close when she stopped moving.

“mmmmmm…. Ohhhhhh OHHHHHHH!!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD,” she screamed as her pussy clenched around me.

When her orgasm subsided she got off of my cock, turned around and stuck her ass up in the air. “Pound me hard from behind…”

I was so stiff at this point I was more than happy to. I entered her hard and fast, making her whimper. I started fucking her hard. Her second orgasm was almost instant. I kept pounding her as she convulsed. I could feel my balls tighten up and get ready to blow.

“Do it on my back, on my ass.”

At the last second I pulled out just as the head of my cock exploded on her. The first jet hit the back of her head. The second hit the middle of her back. After that I continued to pump out jets of cum on the small of her back and her ass. She reached around and rubbed her left hand in it, then got up and sat on the bed. She sucked my cum off of her left hand, then grabbed my right hand and guided it to her pussy, steering it straight for her clit. I took the hint and started rubbing her off to a third orgasm.


We both lay back exhausted.

“Oh my god that was amazing,” she said. She held up her right hand “I’m still shaking, and my pussy is still throbbing.”

“Nice. I think we both needed that,” I answered. “It’s time to go get the laundry.”

“Here, “she said, handing me her laundry basket. “Get mine too. You canlı bahis siteleri haven’t tried my specialty yet. It will be waiting when you get back.”

I hurried up the stairs and got the laundry into the baskets. I came back downstairs and knocked on her door.

“It’s open!” she shouted.

When I walked in, she was on me in a minute. I dropped the laundry as she started kissing me. My cock grew hard immediately, as she reached into my sweatpants. She got on her knees in front of me and took down my pants. She took my balls in her mouth while she stroked my shaft. She took first one then the other then both in her mouth. Then she took my shaft in her mouth and started sucking hard while massaging my balls. I could feel them tighten up as my cum boiled over, and I shot another, smaller load in her mouth. We both collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

Her roommate was away, so could stay as long as I wanted. When I woke up about 2 hours later, my cock was still drained, but she was still sleeping with her legs wrapped around my right thigh. She was moaning slightly in her sleep, and her pussy was wet and rubbing up against my thigh. I decided to give her a wake up call….

I slowly moved my hand down to her furry mound, where she was rubbing herself off, and started to rub her clit. Without thinking, she slid 2 fingers inside and started to finger fuck her dripping pussy. I moved my head down between her legs, and began to lick her clit. I moved her hand away and put my own fingers in her. At this point she woke up and started moaning. Her body tensed up, and she was on the edge again. I kept her there, flicking her clit with my tongue and then stopping. Then I stopped, and lay on my back. She straddled my face and started riding my tongue. Now she was getting herself off on my face. Her legs clenched around my head as she started to shudder and scream. After what seemed like forever, the floodgates opened and her pussy cream flooded my already wet face. She kept convulsing, until finally her orgasm subsided. She laid down and fell asleep again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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