Landlord’s Son

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“I can beat what is in that drawer”

Jennifer looked up quickly at the landlord’s son. She instantly thought of the drawer of toys in her room. Surely that is not what he was talking about. His eyes said otherwise. Their dark brown depth was smoldering with a heat that she knew, all too well. Her mouth went dry, she licked her lips nervously.

“May I come in?”

Jennifer looked at the young man on the other side of the screen door. He has grown much since she had first met him, when she first moved in. He must have been 14 or 15, much too young then to look at. But now, he was a man, just turning 21 a few days prior. She could look at him now and she couldn’t help but notice a resemblance to his father that she had always had a crush on. He had his dark eyes, skin and hair, a shout to his Latin heritage.

His smile was one in the same, a confidence and knowing that made her look at him twice. She noticed his chest was not quite widened out, he had a bit of growing to do yet. He wore a shirt that the sleeves were cut out and the sides were open all the way down to the bottom. She could perfectly see his biceps and his sculpted sides and abdomen. Jennifer had always been a sucker for a nice body and this was no exception. Her body reacted as it should, heating up and tightening up. Her eyes fluttered slowly down his body, eyes resting at the growing bulge in his pants.

Casey knew when her eyes settled, he had her. He had thought about this tenant for years, since he had met her in his youth. He and his father had put an air conditioner in one of her back rooms a few months after she moved in. She was 23 or 24 at the time and he remembered thinking of her as a teacher. Her hair was in a tight bun a top her head and she was dressed in a long black dress with sandals. Her tight body was not like any teacher that he ever had though. No teacher made him feel a stirring in his loins like Jennifer did.

Casey’s eyes flitted to her hair now, it was once again in a no nonsense bun, but he knew her secret. As much as she tried to hide her beauty, it was impossible. Passing below her window a few months ago, Casey had seen her brushing her hair. It was almost down to her knees but not quite. Her dark auburn hair was thick and flowing around her body.

He stood there taken aback, looking up at her through the second story window. He was unable to move, transfixed. He did not know why such locks would make him grow hard, but there was a change to the woman when her hair was down. It was as if all of her features had softened, she was more approachable. On a normal day, bun and business attire, he would never have thought to approach an almost thirty year old women. She was untouchable, unreachable at his current state, age and status. But now he looked at her differently, that night in the window had changed things.

As he stood there watching her groom herself, she started to braid her hair, pulling away the curtain that was her massive hair. Her body was unveiled, she was naked and there was still droplets of water that could be seen from outside. She must have just gotten out of the tub, her skin still had a red blush from the hot water. He could only see the top half of her, arms raised, stretching his view a bit more. Pushing her large globes up, creating a great profile as she moved. Eyes went to her neck and shoulders, softly elegant, lightly tanned.

Jennifer was quickly done with her braid and wrapped it up into her trademark bun, pushing a silver chopstick in to hold it in place. She pulled a silken night gown on over her exposed body and walked out of his view. The vision was over, the spell had been broken. Or had it? His thoughts and dreams now filled of his parent’s tenant. He thought of ways to walk around the apartment building, he even moved into one of the apartments to be closer to her. To no avail. She never needed anything fixed and when he offered to help with any fixing, she said she always takes care of it.

Casey was running out of options, but finally there was a leak and it was hers. He could not describe the elation with this discovery. He would be able to talk to her, alone, in her apartment while he was fixing the problem.

He waited until she got home that night, she did not work a regular job, thus her schedule was anything but consistent. He caught her as she was coming up the stairs.


He paused when she gave him a glare that did not improve her approachability. Stumbling over his words, he quickly explained that there was a leak and he needed to look in her apartment to find out where it was coming from. His words were quick, rushed and even he, could hear his lack of confidence.

Jennifer sighed, obviously not happy about the inconvenience. “Come on, might as well come in.”

Casey could not suppress a smile as he watched her ass sway back in forth in her suit. The tight dark blue fabric left little to the imagination. By the time the pair made it up the stairs, Casey was pulling on his bulge uncomfortably.

Waiting canlı bahis for her to unlock the door, he noticed that she too seemed a bit nervous. He actually had never been this close to her before and caught a whiff of her sweet smelling perfume. The smell did nothing to help qualm the young man’s body. As he walked in, he realized he had not been in this apartment for over five years and it had changed in that time. The yellow walls were now a powder blue and there were even new lighting fixtures. The apartment was almost sparse in its furnishing, yet each piece was lovingly picked and all worked well together.

“I am just going to check under your sinks, to see if I can figure out which is leaking.”

She turned away from him and gave him a non-committal nod and started pulling out groceries from the nylon shopping bags.

Casey walked through the house, noting a bra hanging on the knob. His fingers itched to finger the material, but he resisted. Going through the bedroom, he saw the rumpled state of her bed, he could see her naked form lying on top of the sheets. The bathroom was connected to the Master bedroom and he was inside of the room. He quickly pulled the door open and entered the aquamarine walled room. He saw the feminine things that surrounded him and wondered about the woman who’s bathroom he was in. The faint smell that he could smell on her only earlier, was now filling his nostrils again. It must be a shower gel he was smelling. He also saw a basket full of makeup, which surprised Casey because he had never seen her with a lick of it on.

Remembering why he was there, he opened her sink cabinet to look at her pipes. He didn’t get to the pipes, before he noticed a vibrator shoved in the back of the cabinet. He couldn’t help but reach into the cabinet and touch it. It was white and about 6 inches long, the circumference was average as well, a few inches around. Casey heard a noise behind him and in a panic, threw the vibrator back under the sink. He waited a moment and she did not come into the bathroom. He blew out the breath he was holding, and finally began to check the pipes.

When he got back into the kitchen, he asked if she had a wrench because he noticed that one pipe was a bit loose. It was not the cause of the leak, but he figured he might as well fix that while he was here.

“Yea hun, there is some in the drawer of my bedroom. Should be right on the top.”

He thanked her and stopped for a moment to inhale the heavenly smells coming from the kitchen.

Casey went back into the bedroom and looked around for the drawer she was talking about. He studied the nightstand and the dresser and then figured it would be in the night stand. He pulled the drawer open and heard a gasp behind him.

“Umm, I should have been more specific, the bottom drawer.”

He heard the noise and her words, but he was frozen in place. His eyes were filled with a large black dildo that was remarkably larger than the white one under the sink. This one was around 8-9 inches and almost twice as thick in girth as the previous one. He could not move, he was later thankful that he did not feel the need to pick this one up. Jennifer came up behind him and quickly shut the door, hard. Her look to him was even harder, with a hint of embarrassment underneath.

Jennifer pulled the next drawer open with a quick pull, picking up the wrench to hand to him. She did not look at him, but he could still feel her presence next to him as she stalked off into the next room. Casey soon went back into the kitchen to check her pipes under her sink. The smell was a stew she had started to simmer, peels and pieces of vegetables were still on the counter.

Jennifer was over the stove, she had her eyes closed and she was leaning with her back against it. Casey was unsure what to do, he cleared his throat and her green eyes met his for a moment. Casey just smiled and tried not to let his desire show, he was trying to be a bit tactful. He could not get that vibrator out of his head and he couldn’t help but compare himself to the object. He also wondered why she would need to tend to her own needs. It wasn’t from lack of suitors, she used to have many. It wasn’t from lack of beauty, he supposed any hot blooded man would not turn down an offer.

It turned out that it was her kitchen sink that had a small crack, creating the leak downstairs. He promised he would come by in a few days with new pipes to fix the problem. Barely looking at him, she said goodbye and Casey found his own way out.

Now he was there and he couldn’t believe what had just come out of his mouth. She was still looking at him with a look in her eyes that he could not decipher. She finally relented and let him in. He was thankful she did not mention his stupid comment. He could of course offer more than what was in her drawer, if only he could get a chance to show her. He knew that she had not brought someone home in several months-time, she must be needing it by now. He would be more than happy to oblige her.

Jennifer looked bahis siteleri at the man, becoming disconcerted as he came into the apartment. He was taller than her and she felt him looking down at her as she closed the door.

“Do you have everything you need?”

Casey looked at her for a minute, her words pulling him from his thoughts. Jennifer was looking at him with those eyes, he stuttered an answer and walked into the kitchen.

“I am going to jump in the shower, is that okay?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“I meant cause you are going to be working on the water,” there was a grin on her lips.

Casey blushed and looked away. He did not think he liked the joke in her eyes. He wanted to show her that he was not just a boy, but a man. A man that could give her pleasure, more pleasure than that a piece of rubber or plastic could. Unable to speak, he set the pipes down on the counter, watching her back as she escaped to the bedroom.

He heard the door to the bedroom close and he couldn’t help but wish that he was in the shower with her. Many a nights he sat up at night, listening for sounds, thinking of this woman. He was torn from doing something he knew would not be kosher, especially to his parents. Or he could do his job. He may be a man, but he didn’t have that big of balls, not yet anyways. He chose the latter and went to work.

He could smell something in the oven, lasagna maybe. He could also hear the shower turning on and he imagined what she looked like stepping into the tub.

Jennifer was frazzled with the boy in her kitchen. She felt a nervous excitement that she tried to quell. She always had a knack for wanting who and what she is was not supposed to have. She did not know why, maybe it was the challenge.

Looking in the mirror, her hands went to her nipples, tweaking them lightly. She was turned on by the landlord’s son and she wondered if it was because she wasn’t supposed to be. She turned sideways, sucking in her small stomach for a moment, her tits pushing out. Smiling to herself, she grabbed the white vibrator and turned the hot water on in the shower.

When she got out of the shower, she was semi satisfied and her core was throbbing from her ministrations. She placed the vibrator on the towel shelf as she grabbed a towel to dry off. Her legs were still a bit shaky and she had to sit on the edge of the tub to calm her breath and heartbeat.

She heard a soft knock at the bedroom door. Startled, she wrapped the towel the rest of the way around her.


“Sorry to bother you miss, but do you mind if I use your restroom?”

Jennifer looked crossly at the door. Is he fucking kidding me?

“Um, yeah. Hold on.” Jennifer got up and opened the door to let the young man in. Her hand instinctively flew back to the towel and clutched it against her. She felt like her whole body was blushing as he passed so close to her, heat emanating off of his towering body.

Casey went into the bathroom and shut the door. Jennifer relaxed, until she remembered where she left her vibrator. On the towel rack, for anyone to see. For fuck’s sake! She sighed, what could she do now? It is not like she could rush in and grab the thing? Could she?

Going to the closet, she chose a long flowing spring dress with spaghetti straps and waited for him to get out of the bathroom, so she could change. He seemed to be taking his time, making her nerves higher, imagining he was in there looking at it. Why was she always being embarrassed by this guy? She really had to find a new place to keep her toys.

Casey finally left the bathroom and he had a strange look in his eyes when he looked at her. Jennifer became painfully aware that she was still in her towel and she tugged it lower on her legs.

“I meant what I said earlier, I can beat what you have in your drawer, if you will just give me a chance. I am certainly larger than that little one you just used.”

Casey was walking towards her slowly, his words and eyes asked the same question. Jennifer was taken aback, unable to answer, she just looked at him a bit slacked jawed. He stopped in front of her, eyes not leaving hers. His hand went up to the side of her cheek and rubbed it gently. His face coming closer, she realized at the last moment that he was going to kiss her.

Jennifer’s mind was reeling. This boy was certainly not trying to have sex with her? She was almost 9 years older than him. She knew he had recently moved in and had not seen a girlfriend around, although she had seen several young blondes leaving his house late at night. She could not refuse his lips on hers, tongue in her mouth. With a slight moan, she reciprocated the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her.

Pulling back from the kiss, Jennifer looked up at him. “But do you vibrate my dear? Or turn off with a push of a button?

“Let’s find out, shall we?”

There was nothing light hearted about him when he pulled her back to him. His eyes had turned to a darker shade of brown, bahis şirketleri looking almost black to Jennifer. There was an intensity that wasn’t there before, a demanding insistency that made her a little nervous.

Her lips were trapped by his again. His hands were pushing her towel down, untucking it until it fell down around her feet. “Fuck.”

His hands cupped her hips, pulling her body deeper into his. Jennifer could taste the noise he made when her bare breast made contact with his lightly clad chest. He could feel the tight nipples hard and responsive, digging a way to his heated skin.

In moments, Casey had Jennifer pushed up against the bedroom wall face first, his mouth setting a frenzied pace down the side of her neck and over her shoulder. She could not abstain from the squeal coming out of her mouth in surprise as his teeth nipped at her sensitive skin. Unsure how she got in the predicament that she was currently in, she could not help but enjoy every second of it. His young strong hands ran up and down her length, a sense of urgency that she had not felt in a while. The young men always want to rush, while older men languish and take their time. There is a time and place for both methods and his youthful need was intoxicating to her senses.

Jennifer pushed her naked ass against his groin area, enjoying the sound of air being sucked in quickly. Casey’s hand wrapped around her body. His fingers and palms opening up her lips, to touch the delicate hidden bud within. When he found it, it was her turn to react, his fingers sliding over it quite fast. Her back arched more, putting her ass against him further, driving Casey crazy. His hand moved quicker, using the moisture to go faster, as well as stroke further down her slit, barely touching the rim of her wetter by the minute hole. “Fuck.”

Whispered in her ear like that, it did not sound derogatory, but sexy as hell. It was a question, a plea, an answer. His other hand went to her hair, pulling her neck back to be sucked. He bit her shoulder and Jennifer came hard on his strumming fingers working her over.

Casey did not waste any time pulling his shorts down enough to unleash his throbbing cock. It flopped out and rested on Jennifer’s ass. The hand on her hair, moved down to her hip, pulling her ass out further. Knowing she was wet enough to take him, he plunged in after only a second of finding her scorching hole. Jennifer’s moan was muffled by the wall, the force of his penetration pushed her face further in. With no need to be gentle, he wasn’t. Most girls would scream bloody murder when he tried to penetrate them, but not her. She was dripping wet waiting for him, her walls crushing his member, every single inch of his member. Never had he felt so encased, so snug.

Jennifer managed to move her head to the side, gasping for air and whimpering with every hard thrust that he made. One handful of fingers were still rubbing her now incredibly sensitive clit, bringing her to another orgasm that was short lived. Casey withdrew his wonderful fingers and placed both hands on either side of her hips. Grunting with his exertion, he pulled her to him again and again, slamming into her reddening hole. A few more pumps and he was blasting her insides with a satisfied bellow. “Fuck.”

Casey walked back to his apartment next door, a few minutes later. He actually felt like whistling, had a grin that went from one side of his face, to the other. This smile quickly faltered when he seen his dad sitting on his sofa. Fuck, he was busted.

“I don’t know what the hell you are smiling about, from what I hear, you lasted about two minutes.” The smile left Casey’s face altogether.

“Why would she ever give you the time of day again? Such a waste boy, finally land a real woman and you fucked it up.”

“She came twice dad, all over my hands.”

“I would have made her come at least ten times and on my face!”

“Don’t even think about it!”

“What you actually like this girl don’t you? Aww, is Casey in love?” George sniggered to himself.

“She is just a fuck. Wasn’t even that good anyways.”

Jennifer stopped listening, not that good huh? She threw his jacket on his porch and stalked off back into her apartment. The smile that had graced her lips thirty seconds ago was erased from memory. What an ass. Shouldn’t have expected much less from a young punk like him anyways, she thought. She waited by the window to see who he was talking to about her so vulgarly. She was embarrassed to find that it was his father, George, her old time crush.

“Well I guess he won’t mind if I do his father, will he?”

The next day, George got a message on his cell phone from Jennifer, his longest running tenant. She said she had a bad leak in her kitchen that she needed him to look at.

“Well Casey gets off in an hour or so, I will send him over as soon as he gets in..”

“No I need you to come, George. Casey kind of makes me uncomfortable.”

“Sure, Ma’am, I will be over there in a few hours.” George was a bit puzzled when he put down his phone. What the hell had Casey did to piss her off so much and why did her voice sound so husky? He replayed her words in his head and then again on the phone. Needs me to come huh?

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