Lady be Good

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Lady be Good

Oh please have some pity
I’m all alone in the great big city.
I’m just a lonesome babe in the wood
So lady be good to me
Oh lady be good to me.

Lady be Good – George and Ira Gershwin 1924

Midnight in Hong Kong, just before noon back home and my internal clock was somewhere in-between. I looked out at the city before me so different, so dynamic, so crowded; yet I was very much alone. The meetings that day had gone well and I was almost afraid that we’d won the contract too smoothly. The challenges were awesome; the harbour had centuries of pollution and clean-up would not be easy. The money was great, our technologies proven, but could we make the transition to this side of the Pacific Rim?

I couldn’t sleep so I headed down to the bar and ordered an Orkney single malt, my favourite. Hong Kong is wonderful in that regard; if you have the money, you can get anything you want, anytime. The bar was dead and I was alone on my stool. The only other people in the place were in the far corner by the window. Competitive ballroom dancers from Taipei, according to Tony, the bartender, who knew everything and then some. They were an attractive group but young, early thirties at the max, with one exception. The exception was a bit older, late thirties would be my guess. She was taller than the rest, around 5’8″, lithe but full figured with lustrous long raven hair. She was dressed in one of those little black dresses that give the little black dress its reputation. Glancing over, I noticed that she was a bit detached from the group and looking in my direction. I smiled then muttered “Ah you’re dreaming” and turned back to my scotch but it was empty.

“Another Scotch, Tony!” He brought it promptly but refused payment saying that the woman in the black dress was treating. I raised my glass in acknowledgement and she came over saying in a low alto, as smoky as my Scotch “Hello stranger.” I was startled, she was obviously of Chinese descent, but she spoke English with a midwestern twang, very different from the slightly pommy Brit accent which is the norm with middle and upper class Orientals. Nonetheless, I managed to introduce myself, “Duncan”, and to catch her name, “Kai.” She was in Hong Kong with the Taipei ballroom dancing group, one of the coterie of coaches, mentors and chaperones for the younger competitors. But in fifteen minutes, her chaperone time was up. She’d take the kids back to their rooms and another set of mentors would take over.

As we chatted, I quickly discovered that Kai had degrees in Psychology and Business from the University of Kansas where she had picked up her accent. On her return to Taipei, her parents quickly finalized her arranged marriage to a safe, well-off industrialist of one of Taipei’s up and coming electronic firms. Kai now headed the Human Resources Department of his company. As I was to find out later, during her North American studies, Kai had also acquired an attraction to round-eyed males over 6′ tall.

I explained that I was in Hong Kong for business, and that I worked in environmental remediation. Between brownfields and the contaminated harbour, the city had more than enough problems to keep me, my firm, and a hundred more busy for at least the next 25 years. When Kai asked what else I did, for some reason, I admitted “Well, sometimes I write erotic stories, strictly an amateur though.” She looked into my eyes and replied that she liked erotic stories and play of the interactive kind. Then she lowered her gaze to my crotch and murmured that she liked to play “Hard.” I laughed and whispered in her ear that if she really wanted to play “Hard,” I shouldn’t see a panty line under her lovely little dress.

A mischievous smile spread over her face at my wicked suggestion. Kai excused herself and want to the ladies room, only to return in a couple of minutes with her bra and thong in hand. She handed them to me, saying I should give them to Tony to add to his collection, then gave me a quick peck on the cheek as she chuckled, “Feel you soon.” Then she went back to her group, bantering away in Cantonese as if nothing had happened. As the group left the bar, however, one of the young women did a double take when she realized that Kai’s dress looked slightly different. She glanced at me, and whispered to one of her cohort something that sounded suspiciously like, “Oh lalal!” Then they were gone.

I waited for what felt like an eternity, canlı bahis but, in reality, it was less than 30 minutes. I gave Tony Kai’s undergarments – not my style, although I must admit I sniffed her thong before I handed it over to him. It carried the sharp aroma of an aroused woman mixed with her perfume, a subtle mix of jasmine and something else. Tony refilled my drink and again refused payment. I nursed my Scotch, wondering if I’d been had. Was it nothing more than a tease? I began to think about leaving, Tony was closing the bar and it was probably time to call it a night and go back to my room.

But then the door to the bar opened and Kai was back. As she sauntered by the bar she talked in Cantonese to Tony. He laughed and handed her the rest of the bottle (there were only a few fingers remaining) before he left, locking the bar behind him. Kai brought the bottle with her and stood close to my stool, very close. She topped up my glass and murmured “All alone in the bar with a tall dark Canadian. It make me so horny.” I slid my hand under her short dress to confirm that she was warm, moist and, oh yes, hadn’t replaced her thong. Her hand moved to my crotch and groped as she laughed quietly “MMM I’m so glad you are up for it too, otherwise we wouldn’t have much of a story.”

Kai dropped to her knees, unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out. She stroked my shaft lightly then ran her fingernail teasingly around my rim, “What no precum? In the stories there is always pre!” she teased. Her tongue flitted along my slit, probing my cumhole.

I groaned and joined her banter, “Maybe no pre but there is a lot more to cum.” She took my erect cock in hand and led me to one of the big stuffed leather chairs by the windows. Before I sat down, she knelt in front of me, unfastened my belt and lowered my trousers and boxers, leaving them in an puddle at my feet.

Kai pulled down the top of her dress revealing her full golden breasts with large dark areolas and prominent nipples. She giggled, “34 C in case your readers are curious.” before she enclosed my penis (average ~6″ and circumcised – curious reader) between her luscious breasts.

I could describe the spectacular view of Hong Kong’s Harbour, the lights flitting across the water like fireflies with the darkness of mainland China looming beyond. But I suspect that you, curious reader, are like me, far more interested in the immediate scenery. Kai kneeling before me with her jet black hair cascading round my pale naked thighs. The moonlight streaming through the window. My hard cock nestled between her tawny breasts with my cockhead glistening from her tongue bath. Her dark eyes looking into mine as her tongue lapped the head of my penis. But way beyond the visuals were the sensations as her hands caressed, squeezed and milked my cock and balls before she slipped my shaft within her soft cleavage. Kai lowered her head and took me fully into her mouth, her cheeks pulsing round my shaft, her nimble tongue flitting across my distended glans. I reached for her dark nipples and rolled them between my thumbs and forefingers as I moaned, “MMMM, Yesss, I’m going to come.”

My groan was met by firm resistance as Kai closed her hand hard around the base of my glans. She barked, “Not yet-I want you to come hard!” Then she started again, her mouth, tongue, breasts and hands teasing my ass, balls and cock bringing me to a higher state, only to be denied release.

With each repetition of the cycle, I reached a new level of arousal and frustration until on my seventh peak I gibbered “Please, please, ppppleasse!”

Kai commanded “Now come!” and finally released her pressure on my shaft as her fingers pressed firmly my against perineum. My cum spurted, filling her mouth to overflowing, dribbling over her chin, over her tits and onto her dark hair and that lovely black dress . I reveled in the sweet afters as her hands, mouth and tongue continued their delightful ministrations to my diminishing cock.

Kai pushed me back in my chair and slipped out of her dress, leaving only her garter, stockings and heels, then kissed me deeply, sharing my spunk. She leaned forward, to unbutton my shirt then straddled me, rubbing her cum covered breasts sensuously up my chest before pushing her pussy into my face, her moist pouting lips highlighted by the surrounding neatly trimmed dark bush. I reached round to her firm ass, pressing her mons against my nose and breathed deeply, savouring bahis siteleri the aroma of her arousal, which I had earlier sniffed from her thong. My tongue darted out to trace the perimeter of her outer labia. As her pink inner lips unfolded from her darker outer folds, my tongue traced the length of her slit, revealing her aroused clitoris, demanding its own attention. I sucked and nibbled her delightful nubbin, before drawing back to repeat the cycle. I had intended to play slowly, to build her up as she had me, but her need was too great. She pressed hard against my face, fucking herself against my mouth as she whimpered “Yesssss!”

I inserted one, two, then three fingers into her open vagina. My thumb moved to her anus and she pushed back, taking it in, while her quim clamped my fingers. As I sucked her erect clitoris, Kai reached for her tits and pinched her nipples hard. She babbled “Umumumumum” as she pressed her pulsating cunt against my face, releasing her flood of orgasmic pleasure.

Kai slid slowly back down and nestled against me. We kissed softly, her tongue meeting and lightly probing my mouth. But after a brief respite, she murmured “Now we dance!” She rose and stood naked before me, naked save for her garter, stockings and heels (6″ black spikes – oh curious reader). She turned and sashayed behind the bar to push buttons on the CD player before returning to my chair. As the music began, I removed the last of my clothes and rose to meet her clad only in my socks and brogues.

A few years back, the wife and I had taken some lessons in ballroom dancing at the bequest of Management, who had informed me that I was expected to attend a certain number of charity balls and the like. But although I knew the rudiments, I was way out of my league with Kai, who later admitted to winning a prize or two in her competitive days. We started with “Dancing Close Together Cheek to Cheek” which takes on a whole new meaning when you are dancing naked, save for your brogues, with an incredible Oriental woman, who is also naked save for garter, stockings and heels. I don’t remember the songs which followed (Sorry dear reader, my mind was on the matter at hand) but then the music stopped.

Kai drew back and reached for a red wrap-around peasant skirt and a white peasant blouse saying “A Tango is so much more erotic when clothed” before the music resumed. Mostly I acted as a home base for Kai’s amazing dance. The closest I can think of is jazz, I was the bass, laying down the rhythm, building a foundation for her free form improvisation. We moved through the steps, slowly almost stately at first, then more rapidly. As the music quickened she added new steps, fading away, then somehow returning at the last moment. I was acutely aware of the tango’s origins in Argentine bordellos. Kai’s near nakedness added to her allure as she flashed – here a thigh, there a breast, her golden skin covered in a thin sheen of perspiration; the sum of the flashes revealing all, yet never lewd, leaving so much to the imagination (but yes Dear reader lewdness will come). At last the music ended and Kai was in my arms, kissing me deeply, pressing tightly against me.

I was about to suggest that we make ourselves more comfortable on the leather couch when Kai moved to the windows, shedding her skirt and blouse. Looking out over the harbour, she gripped the railing and raised her haunches to me. Her sultry alto was music to my ears as she spread her legs wide, “Fuck me doggie style, Duncan. Ram your hard cock into my sodden cunt while all of Hong Kong lies before us. If you can hold off, you can have my ass too!”

I needed no further invitation and replied, “Your wish is my command.” As I approached her lovely bottom, I palmed her dancer’s ass cheeks and slid a hand along the cleft between her buttocks before cupping her moist quim. There was an awkward pause as I fumbled with the condom, things are always harder when hard. Finally, my cock was pressed against and slowly entered her tight vagina. Kai obviously did her kegel exercises, her firm muscles rhythmically squeezed my cock as I moved down her canal until my taut balls pressed against her buttocks. I thrust slowly, relishing the wet squishy sound of our union, noises soon covered by our moans, groans and cries.

“Faster!” Kai ordered and I picked up my pace. “Yessss!” she hissed as my hands reached round to cup her breasts, and my fingers pinched her turgid nipples hard.
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“MMMmmmmmmmm” I moaned as her hand moved from her clit to squeeze my scrotum while her snug cunt milked my shaft.

Faster, now and harder, my cock pounding into her, her hips rising to meet me. Two mammals lost in rut. Kai’s back stiffened, and she cried “Aieeeee” as she rode her climax, her cunt spasming round my cock. Somehow, I managed to hold back from the edge.

As Kai’s orgasm ebbed, she moaned “Now my ass.” She half turned as she withdrew from my stiff cock, reached for some lube and spread it round and in the entrance to her bung hole. She spread the rest on my still covered cock saying, “Mmmm not too big and not too small, it’s just right!” in a little girl voice, before resuming her position by the windows.

Now I must confess, that at the time, I was poorly acquainted with the joys of anal sex. It made no sense to my wife of many years so we never ventured there. I had tried it once with an earlier girlfriend without proper preparation and she had growled ‘OYYYY no way!” at my first attempt at entry. As we were interested in mutual pleasure, not pain, we had returned to conventional sex. So although I knew well the pleasures of mouth, breast and vagina, I had never before lodged deep in a woman’s ass (or a man’s either perverted reader).

I am however, always willing to try something new and Kai’s ass was a most inviting target. As I probed tentatively at her rosebud, she pushed back against me and groaned “Umphhh” as she relaxed her sphincter to accommodate the passage of my cockhead. We paused for a minute, maybe two and then I slowly moved deeper, as Kai pressed back against me. Ahhh, the exquisite sensations nearly overwhelmed me as I slowly progressed into the depths of her rectum. So tight, the searing pulse of her hot flesh enveloping the length of my penis! Then Kai reached back to rub the spot below my balls and pressed a finger against my anus. I thrust, once, twice and came harder than I had ever come before ; my cum pumping from the base of my spine through my balls and out my rigid prick, shooting into the depths of her bowels. I was so caught in my own sensations that only later did I realise the Kai had been stroking herself and was coming with me. We collapsed in a heap of sweaty, spent flesh, my diminished cock, with its sperm filled bulb gradually withdrawing from her distended asshole.

Slowly our awareness returned, we stroked each other and kissed lightly. Then we dressed and made our way to our separate hotel rooms. The next day Kai was gone and, though we had exchanged cards, we never contacted each other.

My firm won the contract, but then the recent “Asian flu” profoundly set back financing in the Far East and we have yet to start the work. Still, I will always remember that magical night in Hong Kong, drinking Scotch and …………….

Climax Color Publications
Boca Raton, FL USA

Dear Madame Hollander:

I am writing to submit the enclosed story, “Lady be Good”, for consideration for publication in your illustrious magazine, I have also enclosed a copy of a videotape relating to the story, which I understand you can process digitally to provide photos to accompany the tale. My colleague Kai Leung and I would also appreciate it if you would consider the video, which she had tentatively titled “Dancing Through the Naked East” for your video subscription and online series.

The ending of my story is not quite true. It represents my understanding when I left Hong Kong. However, last month an envelope with some pictures and a video arrived at my office from Taipei. It turns out that Kai and the other dancers had an arrangement with Tony, the barkeep, to use the bar after hours for their own form of ballroom dancing. Further, the bar was equipped with a number of digital video cameras which provide pictures of commercial quality. The video has been digitally altered to change our faces just enough to protect the guilty.

Kai instructed me to write our story and promises that she will supply me with the master if you accept the story and the video for publication and distribution. She also requested that all payments for the story, pictures and video should be sent to her in Taipei. I readily consent to this arrangement.

We hope that the story, pictures and video are of interest to you and that this may lead to further collaboration between you and Kai in the future. For personal reasons, I do not wish to partake in any further ventures Kai may embark on.

Yours in Good Faith

Duncan Stevens and Kai Leung

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