Kyra’s Training Pt. 01

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Kyra had just gotten out of the shower, the flight in had been a bit delayed and she had insisted on showering first. As looked at her while she stood in front of the mirror drying her hair I couldn’t help but stare at the curve of her gorgeous bubble butt underneath her towel.

Now girls normally wrap their towel across their breasts, but she didn’t. She knew what effect she had on me when she stood there, topless, with the tight towel across her hips accentuating her ass. She knew it was a quick and easy way to get me hard and have me attack her. Its not like she had to do this to have me want to attack, I wanted to jump her just about every time I looked at her, but when she stood there – in the light, perfect tanned skin glistening in the water – the effect on me was more than exaggerated and she knew it.

On any other day, I would walk up behind her, kiss her neck while she felt me, rock hard, nestle between her perfect little round butt cheeks. I would cup one of her perky breasts and bite her ear as I growled how much I wanted her. Normally, the towel would drop, and to no surprise for either of us, her pussy would have been swollen and soaking wet already. She knew what she wanted and she was going to get it.

Except today was different. Today I was going to do what I wanted to her. What I had always wanted to do to her.

I started as usual, kissing her neck and pinching her nipple and feeling it harden under my touch. She liked it when it was pinched hard, and I obliged. As I held her between my fingertips and slowly increased the pressure, I could feel her arching her back, pressing her ass harder and harder against my bare dick through the towel.

I reached down with my other hand and confirmed what I already knew. She was swollen and soaking. Her wetness already rolling out of her pussy and creaming against the side of her soft inner thighs. I brought that wetness back to my mouth and tasted the sweetness I loved so much. I went for more. This time I knew she wanted some too, so I let her suck on my fingers until they were nice and clean again. With one hand spreading her pussy and flicking her swollen clit, my other hand holding her from behind, I could feel her breathing quicken and her backing up on my hardness took on a rhythmic motion. A slight up and down as she pressed in and out against my cock nestled tantalizingly close to being inside her.

I untucked her towel and it dropped to the floor with the next backing away of her ass, and on her next thrust I could immediately feel her coat my dick with her soaking wetness. Her lips opening immediately. I wanted to enter her so badly. Feel her raw pussy coat every inch of my cock with her warm juices as I felt her clench and milk me for my cum. And on any other day, I would have. But I wanted something more.

I spun her around and she looked into my eyes with a mix of surprise and disappointment. She grabbed my cock in her hand and pulled me in, asking “babe, please please fuck me. what are you doing??”

I didn’t say anything. I took her by the hand and led her to the bed where I picked her up without warning and threw her facedown on the bed. She looked back at me with a sly little smile that told me she was confused, while also incredibly interested in whatever was coming.

I instructed her clearly, “Get on your knees, keep your head down, and put your arms in front of you.” She obeyed. She knew she had to obey.

While she lay there, ass up and open, I took a moment to admire the sight. The sight of her long brown hair lying across a perfectly tanned and smooth back, her hips widening into her perfect ass, her skin still glistening from the shower. She knew what I liked to see. She knew I loved seeing her exposed for me. She could have put her legs together, my command was vague enough that it wouldn’t have been considered disobeying, but she knew better. Her legs were wide, her back was arched, and her ass was spread wide open for me to see every part of her without impediment.

I loved how pussies looked like from behind, particularly hers when she was this turned on. Her lips were incredibly swollen, and I could see her quite literally dripping – a single strand of her clear wetness hanging about an inch below her pussy. I adored how wet she got. There were days we sometimes were out where we were in public and I could feel her wetness all the way through her panties and jeans. With her in this position I could just barely see a small opening, a small gape into darkness, where her pussy would be expecting my dick any second now.

I tore my eyes away, as hard as it was to do, and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri went to the top left and right corner of my bed where I pulled out my restraints. I had installed them directly into the wooden frame to ensure maximum reliability and intensity. They were black industrial grade nylon ending in genuine softened black leather cuffs with a soft interior. I wrapped these around each of her wrists and locked the tamper-proof buckles. She wasn’t going anywhere unless I wanted her to.

With a final quick movement, I bent close to her ear, placed my hand under her head, and wrapped a black silken blindfold over her eyes. “Every single part of you is mine now.” I whispered in her ear. She responded, “Yes, anything.”

I rounded the bed again and went back to my favorite position, watching her dripping pussy soaking slowly into the sheets below her in a small damp circle.

I turned my attention to the focus of my desire, what I had wanted since the very first day I laid my eyes on her. Her cute, smooth, perfect dark pink little asshole. Incredibly tight, untouched by anyone else. I had fucked her so many times, and admired without end how her little asshole would clench and unclench involuntarily with each pulsing wave of her orgasms. There was nothing better than watching her on all fours, taking my raw dick to the hilt in her swollen pussy, counting out the intensity of her orgasm with each twitch of her asshole.

Tonight, I was going to feel each one of those tightenings of her perfect little anal ring clamp down right on my cock. Tonight I was going to make her asshole mine forever. She was going to become my little anal slut and she was never going to go back. Just as she had requested, even though she still probably didn’t know precisely what was happening.

I started at her slit. First picking up a drop of her wetness with my finger and tasting it. It just didn’t seem like it should go to waste. I knew there was basically unlimited supply in her perfect soaking pussy, but by god was I was going to take an opportunity to drink her in a little bit more if I could.

I started by tracing my tongue gently across the outside of her lips. Teasing her with only light flicks along the edges. I dropped up and down tasting her deeply and hearing her begin to moan softly. I kissed and licked every part of her, from her inner thighs to her soft little buttcheeks. But I didn’t touch her clit, it wasn’t time yet.

I continued this misdirection for about 5 minutes, and with each pass of my tongue I could feel her try to angle her body in such a way that would draw me in deeper inside her or closer to her clit. I laughed a bit on the inside, did she really think I couldn’t see what she was trying to get to? I kept teasing her until her moaning became whimpering and the wetness was rolling down her thighs and stomach. She begged, “please” over and over until finally, when I was satisfied that she was sufficiently soaking in anticipation, I spread her lips with my fingers and took her clit into my mouth.

I held her swollen and incredibly sensitive little clit between my lips and held it there with light pressure, as I sucked on her, and flicked her with my tongue at the same time. She gasped “fuck yes” and backed up into my face, drawing me as far into her as she could. In this position, my face was completely buried between her soaking lips and I could immediately feel her wetness start to run down my face and I loved every bit of it. I alternated between sucking on her clit, and dancing around it just with my tongue with both light and hard strokes. It didn’t take long at all and I could begin to sense her breath quickening and her legs bending inwards with the impending orgasm rapidly approaching her. She moaned “fuck yes baby, I’m about to come” which I confirmed with a light contraction of her asshole out of the corner of my eye. That was my cue.

I stopped. I pulled away from her, leaving her quivering on a cliff’s edge of orgasm and she immediately screamed, “No! No! No! I was so close! Fuck! I want to come so hard.” To which I responded with an incredibly hard spanking across her ass making her scream in surprise and pain. I immediately followed by burying two fingers in her pussy, curving them downwards to press on her also swollen g-spot, and I held her – hard, by her pussy. I knew she loved it, but I also knew she couldn’t come from just being held in a vice grip by her pussy, not unless I moved rhythmically to take her there.

Without letting go I told her, “You will come when and how I say you can.” I accentuated the order by gripping güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her even harder until she responded, “yes sir.”

I released her and pulled out my drenched fingers, trailing a beautiful sticky line of her pre-cum. I looked at my hand and her drenched body, and decided she at least deserved a small treat as she lay there hopelessly quivering with denied satisfaction. So I ran my already wet fingers from her clit to her hole to pick up a nice little puddle of her, and brought it to her already parting lips.

She didn’t have to be asked what to do. Even blindfolded she immediately could sense the sweet smell of herself and had already begun to open her mouth before I could say a word. I didn’t even have to bring my fingers all the way to her mouth – from about 3 inches away she leapt at my fingers hungrily and immediately sucked them clean. I honestly sometimes wondered who loved the taste of her more – some of my favorite videos she sent me throughout the day were ones where she sat in bed, in class, a restaurant, or some other place and plunged her fingers inside herself, drew out her slick fingers and followed them with the camera all the way to her mouth. She was gorgeous though, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she perhaps came to herself from time to time.

After cleaning my fingers her mouth, and feeling her pushing her head hard against my hand – she loved the feeling of dick or fingers down her throat, I backed away as she gasped, “thank you.”

I returned to her upturned ass and brought my tongue to her clit again. I knew she would come quickly if I started again and no doubt she thought that was what was happening. But that wasn’t what was happening. I pressed my tongue hard against her clit and then immediately began to move upwards, splitting her lips and briefly licking the inside of her barely gaping pussy as I listened to her appreciative little moans. But I didn’t stay there for more than a second as I continued my trip up the most beautiful and private part of her body.

My tongue settled for a bit licking the unbelievably soft, smooth, and sensitive skin separating her pussy and asshole. I tickled her with some soft licks, but then came down hard applying pressure with my tongue that she could feel tugging simultaneously on the edge of both her holes.

She moaned “Oh fuck, wow, yes,” and shifted her knees a bit further outward, becoming even more open to me. I continued there for a few minutes, loving her skin but dancing my tongue from the edge of the soft skin where her lips ended at the edge of her pussy, and right up to the edge of her waiting asshole – licking just the tiniest edge of it.

Even that edge though was already driving me wild. With my tongue I could immediately feel the short transitional space that represented the change in texture from normal skin to what I knew was going to be the unbelievably soft and smooth skin that made up Kyra’s tight little virgin asshole. I didn’t have to glance down to know that even without any kind of directly stimulation, my dick was already dripping out a nice clear bit of pre-cum.

I teased closer and closer to her asshole, further and further away from her pussy and noted with satisfaction that her moans were getting gently loader. Her knees were as spread as was comfortable, but I could now even feel her arching her lower back down, curving up to even further open her ass for me.

I abandoned any semblance of interest in her pussy anymore. Kneeling behind her, centered, I placed one hand on each of her ass cheeks and opened her up a little bit more – leaving her pink little asshole hopelessly exposed – given up entirely for me to do with as I pleased. Hands still on her perfect bubble butt, I began to run my tongue all around her asshole. Teasing circles along the edges of her smooth but still tightly closed little hole, feeling her begin to rock lightly forward then harder and further back in a bid to pull my tongue in closer.

“Tell me what you want.” I told her.

She responded with, “you know what I want.” But that wasn’t good enough. If she was going to be my little anal princess, my naughty little toy, I wasn’t going to accept half-measures and subtle hints. She was going to have to own and love being taken like this – and the first step in that part of her training was nipping any platitudes or shyness in the bud.

So I spanked her even harder this time. Leaving a clear read imprint of my hand on her ass. She gave a short scream and I told her in no uncertain terms, “You will say exactly what you want. Respond to me asking what you want güvenilir bahis şirketleri one more time in vague terms and you won’t get a thing. This is your only warning.”

I asked her again, “What do you want right now?”

“I want you to please please please lick my asshole. I want to feel your tongue split my tight hole, please, I’ve never even had something close to this and I’m already going crazy with how much I love this.”

Satisfied with her answer I delivered what she wanted, although I couldn’t say who liked it more – me, or her. I licked every little edge of her soft asshole in a smooth circular motion feeling every ridge of her tightly shut hole with my tongue. I felt every groove with ecstatic detail. Hearing her immediate gasp as she felt a tongue on her asshole for the first time was a sound that stiffened me even further. Her moaning had gone from a light and controlled to deeper, louder, darker – harder. She didn’t stop pushing back rhythmically her ass as she greedily continued to attempt to bring me in further.

Her hole slick with my saliva and some of her wetness I brought up to help lubricate her further, I gently began to push harder and more directly into the center of her hole with my tongue. At first it was complete resistance – like hitting a wall. But as I continued to push and twist I felt her little hole begin to give in. Slowly opening for me little by little as I pushed with my tongue, and then retreated. I continued to push and retreat opening her hole up just a little bit more with each thrust of my tongue. I could hear her grunt into the pillow another, “fuck yes” as I got deeper inside her. Finally after only a couple of minutes, her hole surrendered, opening fully and easily with each thrust to allow my tongue to enter her as far as I could extend it.

I fucking loved this. Tongue fucking her little virgin ass as she moaned with unprecedented pleasure was a dream come true. I knew now was the time to fulfill one of my fantasies. I reached down to the edge of the bed where I had placed a powerful little vibrator, and quickly turned it on and slipped it inside her pussy. It was a curved vibrator, a kind of C-shape, that fully encompassed her clit while also stimulating her from the inside.

“Oh my fucking god.” she said in an almost breathless gasp.

I went back to tonguing her asshole nonstop. Going as deep as possibly could, in and out. Twisting and curving nonstop, feeling her semi-opened ridges of her anal ring still tightly, but openly, wrapped around my tongue. Before long I felt what I had wanted to feel for so long, I felt her twitch. With my tongue, I felt a quick but unmistakable tightening of her asshole as her orgasm approached.

“You can come for me now. I want to feel your orgasm on my tongue.” I said.

I plunged inside her with my tongue as far as I could and accelerated my twisting and thrusting, until finally I felt it. Almost perfectly timed, while bottoming out as far as I could with my tongue inside her ass, I felt the first strong clench. I didn’t dare move out anymore, I wanted to feel all of this. Continuing with soft twisting the rest of her orgasm came quickly. The first clench was strong, but not the strongest. She began to quiver and tense up with that first one, and it was only about 30 seconds later that the full release happened. This time they came in rapid succession. 12 hard clenches I will never forget, with the 3rd and 4th being so strong that they almost hurt.

Kyra’s orgasm was strangely silent for a bit, until I realized she basically was unable to breathe with the strength of what was rocking her body, and by the last few waves she finally took a deep breath and screamed, “Oh my fucking god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I don’t think I have ever come as hard as this. Fuck. My god I love you licking my ass, I want you to do everything to me, I want MORE. I…” she trailed off as she continued to try to breathe and as quivering aftershocks of her orgasm cut her off.

I removed the vibrator and let her lie down for a little bit while the shocks continued through her – noting that she had certainly tried to get out of the restraints while being rocked, but hadn’t been able to – so she lay there splayed out, perfect little ass sitting there slick and glistening with the spit from my hungry tongue fucking. Below her the dark spot of her wetness had nearly tripled in size. I don’t think I had ever seen her pussy as swollen as it was then.

I gave her about 45 seconds to catch her breath. “Get back in position. I’m not even close to being done with you,” I told her. For a second I thought she might ask for some time to recuperate, but I was pleasantly surprised that she obeyed immediately. She knew the rules and had found something she really liked, and didn’t want to risk not getting more of it. She was doing well on her path to being a proper little anal fucktoy. I was proud of her.

To be continued…

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