Kim Comes to Stay

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As I counted down the hours Friday afternoon, slowly through the “hour glass”, I had reason to have a big smile on my face. I was a 42 year old father of 2, whose wife and kids would all be out of town for what promised to be a gorgeous, early June weekend. My wife and one daughter were headed away on a mother-daughter weekend and my other daughter had been invited away for the weekend by a friends family.

With a post-work trip to the grocery store planned, my shopping list would rival the menu of any steakhouse/sport bar. Mixed with my new 80″ TV, I would relive the days of being a free bachelor that had all but faded from a life of raising kids and saying “yes honey” to everything that came out of my wife’s mouth…”happy wife, happy life” had replaced “you only live once” as my motto. With cat-like speed, I darted out of the office at 5:01, cranked up the classic rock in my car, opened the sunroof, and entered utopia.

And then the “wrench” was inserted firmly into the spokes as I rode along “life in the fast lane”. My blue tooth chimed to life in my car; the digital dash display informing me my wife was calling.

“Hello Honey,” my wife Melissa said, “We’re already a hour down the road and I wanted to check in with you.”

“Oh great, well I hope you have a wonderful time. I just pulled out of work, headed to the store for a few things, and then headed home for a boring weekend missing my family,” barely getting that last comment out without choking on my own bullshit.

“Okay, well I hope you get a chance to relax. And don’t forget to include Kim in your shopping list. She should be there anytime and will probably be starving from the long drive.”

Kim was the daughter of my wife’s best friend. Last time I had seen her was a couple summers before when we took a summer road trip to visit their family; about a 10 hour drive from our home. Kim was a bubbly (read into that annoying), little “cheerleader” type who, “Oh My God” had “Like” had so much drama to talk about all the time. Even drinking heavily couldn’t make me ignore her personality that was like nails scraping down a chalkboard. In an effort to be nice, I’ll stop my description of her there. Kim had apparently finished her first year in college and my wife had landed her a job at our local resort as a lifeguard/pool attendant. Kim would be staying in our granny unit in the back yard and, as I understood, coming the FOLLOWING weekend.

“Wait. Kim is coming next weekend, right?” I asked as a strange silence came over the phone call.

“Um, no. Didn’t I tell you she changed her plans and was coming in a week early so she could have a week to just chill and see the city before starting work,” Melissa sheepishly said.

The restraint I had to apply to keep from unleashing a string of expletives on my wife, knowing my daughter was in the car and could hear me, could have stopped a fast-moving train in its tracks.

“I don’t remember you saying that at all, but of course I’ll pick up a few things for her.”

“Great, well make her feel at home.”

“Of course honey, have fun.”

As I hung up, the dam that had held back my tirade broke. “What the fuck is she thinking? How the fuck could my perfect weekend get so fucked up? Now I have to casino siteleri spend it with a little shit-headed bitch who will have me wishing for a quick death the minute she opens her mouth. Of all the lame ass fucking idiot shit for my wife to pull.”

As I grocery shopped and trudged home, the ashen gloom on my face must have been noticeable to everyone around me. Pulling into the driveway there was no sign of Kim’s car. Maybe she’d gotten lost and wouldn’t show up for a few days I laughed…anything to preserve my weekend alone. I put things away, poured myself a cold glass of dry, French rose wine, and mumbled swear words as headed for my bedroom hoping a hot shower and some wine might take the edge off from the devastating news I had received.

I was right. The shower was relaxing. Up until the point I was stepping out of the shower and I heard a loud knock at the door. Wrapping a towel around my waist I headed for the door. “Well hello, you must be Kim. Sorry, but I just jumped out of the shower.”

“Yes, I’m Kim. You must be Dave,” she said as she stuck out her hand with a warm, almost business-like greeting.

“I’ll shake your hand later, I don’t want to let go of the towel,” I said laughing to break the ice.

“Whoa. Very true. Good thinking. What should I do with my stuff?”

“Come in and sit down and let me get dressed and I help you bring it to the guest house out back.”

As I headed off to my room to get dressed, my brain worked hard match up the last few minutes with the experience I’d had went I first met her a few years ago. The annoying young idiot had been replaced with a nice, sweet, professional young woman who strode into the house with respectful, yet comfortable demeanor. She was poised, polite and spoke with in a mature manner.

As I helped her take her suitcases to the guest house, I took the time to take a look at her young little body. Her very nicely rounded ass fit perfectly into her short jean shorts and her bright read “Lifeguard” hoodie accentuated her busty figure; which was no doubt even better with a tight top on. Of course, living in the desert southwest, she was as tan as anyone I’d ever seen.

“Make yourself totally at home,” I said as I showed her around the guest house, main house, and yard (complete with pool and hot tub), “anything here is now yours so please don’t be shy. I’m going to make dinner in an hour or so and you’re welcome to join me.”

“Thank you so much. I am so tired, I am going to lay down and might not wake up until tomorrow, but thanks for the offer,” Kim replied.

Although my weekend alone was ruined, I relaxed in the fact that at least she was cute and seemed to have shed her ear-piercing screams. Time got away and I started to make dinner about 8 o’clock ; enjoying some more wine as I cooked. The back sliding door opened and in walked Kim and my jaw almost dropped. She was wearing very short, tight fuzzy shorts, and a cutoff, half-shirt (crop top) that tented nicely out over her breasts; my immediate prediction was a full 34C.

“Boy, I needed that nap,” she said as she stretched her arms up; almost causing me to lose it right there. “If the offer still stands, I feel much better and I’m up for some dinner.”

“Of course canlı casino of course. I am just making some shrimp scampi and a salad…and wine of course.”

“Wow, that sounds amazing,” Kim said as she pulled up a stool from our bar to watch me cook.

“Wine?,” I offered.

“I’m only 20, but if it is okay with you, then sure,” she smiled.

“In my house, you’re always 21,” I confidently said. I couldn’t help but stare she she gulped down the first swig of ice cold, dry rose wine.

“Oh that is really good. I can already tell you and I are going to really get along,” she said and, I don’t think I was mistaken, but she said this with a little wink.

I poured her another glass as I plated the dinner for us and pulled up another stool to the counter so we could just sit casually and eat. The conversation was amazing. Aside from the fact that her beautiful sandy-blonde hair draped nicely over her tits, she spoke like a mature woman of the world who was funny, interesting, smart, and mesmerizing. I didn’t want dinner to end for fear she’d retreat to the guest house, but as we finished dinner, she went over and lounged on the couch while I started dishes. “Nice,” I thought to my horny self.

As I finished up the dishes I started to excuse myself to my room to get some things done in my office, when she countered, “Oh bummer, I thought we’d continue our conversation over here,” she said as she patted the couch.

“I could do that,” the two glasses of wine said with a big smile, “let me get some sweats on and get comfortable.”

As I changed into some loose-fitting sweats, I prayed to every being in the universe for my cock to remain dormant while we sat on the couch. The last thing I needed was to sport a raging hard-on with my wife’s, best friends, daughter who was less than half my age and sexy way beyond her years.

I opened a fresh bottle of wine, popped some popcorn, and took my place on the couch with Kim. The trashy, crime drama that was on TV provided background noise for the continued conversation that ranged all over the gamut of subjects. We laughed over her current stories of the college party scene compared to my wild days in college. I am sure the wine helped tear down any inhibitions we had over the appropriateness of our stories and made for a really relaxing evening of fun.

A “click” of the timer that controls the extensive outdoor lighting we have in and around the pool thrust the room into a fairly dark state that we hadn’t anticipated. The conversation faded and Kim leaned into me as I sat back in the corner of the couch. Some time went by in a soothing quietness and I heard Kim whisper, “That feels good.”

At that moment I realized I was rubbing her back gently and, with her half shirt on, it meant my hand was on her bare skin and finding no resistance from her or a bra. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t do that,” I said nervously as I withdrew my hand.

“Don’t be silly. It feels great after a long day driving,” and she moved my hand back into position, rubbing her back.

As I continued to lightly rub her back I could feel her relaxing more and more into me and then she sat straight up. “Oh shit,” I thought.

“Here, sit like this,” and she spread my legs and sat back, kaçak casino face up, looking at me. “You know what I love people to do?”

Fighting a heart-rate that was likely approaching 200 and an impending hard-on, I inquired, “What’s that?”

“Tickle my stomach. Just lightly run your fingers over my abs.”

Oh my god. That was it. I was going to die, or a least be mortified when my unavoidable boner pushed into her back. She’d scream, stand up, run away, tell her mom, who would tell my wife, and then I’d lose everything in a nasty divorce.

As my mind raced, my brain didn’t tell my fingers to watch out and one brushed the bottom of one of her firm tits under her half shirt. “I’m so sorry,” I said which was silenced by her winking up at me and telling me it was okay.

She followed that a few seconds later with, “It is really okay!” And proceeded to move my hand up under her shirt and onto her full tits with nipples hardening. “Please touch me,” she invited.

I threw caution out the window and began caressing her tits. A few minutes of that, and she propped her knees up and reached her hand down her shorts and began touching herself. My fondling continued; exploring every part of her chest and pausing to gently pinch her nipples. She slid her wet finger out of her shorts and offered it to me to taste. I licked it willingly and the sweetness added the last little hardness to my cock. She took my hand and pushed it down her shorts and onto her swelling clit and nicely trimmed pussy.

As I continued to flick at her clit with my finger, I whispered, “Will you have an orgasm like this?”

“No,” she said, “But, I will like this.” She stood up, pulled off her shorts and top, straddled me on the couch and lowered her pussy onto my waiting tongue. A few minutes of deep oral sex, sucking hard on her clit as she pleaded for more, she shook with a tremor, let out a loud moan, and burst with an intense orgasm.

She melted back onto the couch and I climbed on top of her, kissing her from head to toe. I started to position my cock at the entrance of her wet pussy and she said, “No.” I paused in fear, which was subsided by her next comment, “Fuck me out in the guest house so we can get used to where we’ll be doing it every chance we get this summer.” She stood up, took my hand, and led me out to her bed.

I picked her up half way, carried her across the yard, and into the room. I laid her gently on the bed and climbed in with her. She rolled over and positioned herself on top of me, easily sliding my dick into her pussy she began to stroke my cock with her wet pussy lips. Leaning over to offer me her tits from time to time we fucked like honeymoon lovers.

As I felt the cum burning and building in my balls, I confirmed she was on birth control and the words “Yes! A five year IUD” was all I needed to hear to fill her pussy with thick, white, hot cum. The pumping of my pent up cock caused her to orgasm again. As we both relaxed, we cuddled together and began a weekend of sex play together (those stories will be told at another time).

As my wife returned on Sunday evening, she politely inquired about our weekend. Kim and I told stories of boring times; essentially never seeing each other. My wife noted later on that night how well I had made the bed for her return, “It looks like you didn’t sleep in it.”

“Oh honey, I know how much you love the room to be clean and neat, so I took extra care making the bed just like you taught me.”

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