Kim and Me Ch. 11

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Big Cock

Ch. 11: Saturday evening at the hot tubs

You’ll enjoy this more if you read chapters 1 through 10 of “Kim and Me” first.

Kim headed into the bathroom to wash up, while I pulled the steaks from the broiler. Perfect! The fat was slightly brown on the edges and the steaks were nice and juicy. I set the broiler pan on the range for a moment, then I put on an oven mitt and got the potatoes from the oven (without burning myself for a change). The potatoes went on the broiler pan and I grabbed a fork to serve with.

I took the broiler pan to the table and speared a steak and a potato onto each plate. The broiler pan got tucked into the dishwasher and I put the oven mitt away. The bottle of A-1 sauce was grabbed from the refrigerator door and parked on the table. I’d already fetched Kim’s wine glass from the table and I topped off both our glasses and sat down. I was ready for Kim to join me at the table.

Or so I thought. Kim came to the table in the kimono she’d been wearing a few minutes before, but she’d spent her time in the bathroom applying decoration. As she sat down, I saw that she now had sprays of body glitter on her face and breasts. I felt yet another surge of lust for her.

“You are the most inventively sexy woman I have ever know, Kim!” I said. “How do you keep doing this?”

“I have a few toys and props tucked into odd corners of my bags. I wanted to surprise you,” Kim said simply. She sat down at the table and inhaled. “Wow, that smells like exactly what I wanted for dinner.” She picked up her steak knife and fork, cut off a small piece, and put it in her mouth. A look of bliss rolled across her face. “Dazzling!” Kim swallowed and was about to cut another piece of steak when she noticed that I hadn’t moved and said “Are you okay?”

“I’m just in awe of how incredibly hot you really are,” I said. “I’m at a loss to express it, although several other body parts may want to chime in on the subject.”

“Ohhhhh!” Kim said. “Well, you do bring this out in me. I’m sure you’ll have a chance to see more when we get to the hot tub place.” I still wasn’t moving and she leaned forward and said in a whisper, “I love you, too, John. Eat your dinner!”

I laughed, at myself as much as anything, and dug into the steak. “Oh, God, yes, that turned out nicely!” I said. I poured a little A-1 near the steak and went to work on it for a minute or two. Kim was doing much the same thing to hers. After about half my steak was gone, I broke open my potato and started applying butter, sour cream, and chopped scallions. Kim paused in her attack on her steak to do the same. The potatoes had come out perfectly, too, with crispy skins and steaming right to the center.

Dinner was so good, we didn’t even play with each other’s feet under the table. Almost the only sound was the clink of cutlery on the plates, although we would break free occasionally to look at each other and smile.

When I’d finished my steak and potato, I went for the salad. I dished up a healthy portion on my plate, then I offered the salad to Kim. She nodded, so I ladled a good bit of salad on her plate as well. I crunched through the salad. The tang of the Caesar dressing cut the rich fat of the steak and the butter cleanly.

My plate was clean and I was feeling very well fed. I picked up my wine glass, had a swallow, and stretched out a little. Kim was still working on her salad, but she smiled when I trapped one of her legs between mine.

“That was just wonderful, if I say so myself.” I sipped more wine. “You like hanging out with a good cook?”

“I love hanging out with you, John. But the fact that you like pampering me makes it all the better,” Kim said. She poked at the last few bites of salad on her plate, crunched happily, and set her fork down with a clatter. Like me, she picked up her wine glass and had a large swallow, after which she sighed happily… then suddenly let out a loud belch.

“Oh, God, excuse me!” Kim said. She blushed prettily.

I chuckled and said “No problem, honey, it was a fine meal and a good belch seems the perfect compliment. Thank you.”

Kim leaned back a little in her chair and I felt her feet playing with mine now. The kimono had spread open and I could see splashes of different colored glitter decorating her skin. I shook my head gently.

“Before we get involved in an exploration of exactly where that glitter may have been applied, let me bounce a few ideas off of you for the evening,” I said.

“Okay. Whatcha got in mind?” Kim said, running her foot up my calf.

Well, we could continue with any of the entertainments we’ve already been trying this weekend. Including the glitter.”

“Those have done well for us, I agree.”

“We could get to the movies we rented,” I continued.

“Also a possibility. Anything else on the table?”

“Or, and this is my suggestion, we head out to Tubs in the U District and rent a hot tub and sauna room for an hour or two.”

“So we combine getting dirty and getting clean all at once, is that canlı bahis it?”

“Eeeeeyup!” I said.

“I’m sold. What do we do?” Kim said.

“We’ll pack a bag with any toys and accessories you care to bring along, and we’re off. Come to think of it, I should phone and see how long the wait is since it’s Saturday night. And as much as you might enjoy showing up in a loose kimono, you’re going to need to be dressed for the public.”

“Aw, geeeeeee!” Kim whined.

“Yeah, yeah, I know it’s tough, my heart bleeds for you. But I think we should probably get dressed and get going, because I am really wanting to have you straddle my face again so I can fuck you with my tongue. You are the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and I want us to get to the hot tub place as quickly as possible.”

Kim pulled the kimono apart and lifted her breasts at me. “I’d like that. I want to ride your face and cover you with cum and then make you shoot your cum deep into me.” She stood up and wrapped the kimono around herself. “I’m going to go get dressed and we can leap in the car.”

“I’m right behind you as soon as I clean up here,” I replied.

Kim came over to my side of the table and held my face in her hands and gave me a big wet kiss. She pulled back a couple of inches and said “You’re not the only one at this table who gets to look at someone incredibly hot, you know.” She walked to the bedroom and I cleared the table quickly. The glasses, dishes, and silverware went into the dishwasher, the remaining salad got covered up and put in the refrigerator, as did the A-1 and the last bit of wine. I got the remaining crackers and cheese and covered it up again so the cheese wouldn’t dry out, and set that carefully on top of the salad bowl in the fridge.

Just to make sure that we wouldn’t have to wait, I called the hot tub place. No, there was no wait and things were actually looking a little slow this evening, so it didn’t seem like there’d be any problem getting a hot tub room for a few hours at least. I put soap in the dishwasher and started it, then threw the napkins down the laundry chute as I passed by on the way to the bedroom.

Kim had already gotten jeans and sandals on and was picking up her bra. I stopped her saying, “Don’t bother with the bra.” Kim paused, looking confused, and I continued “Don’t bother wearing a bra tonight. You’re going to be with me and I’d love for people to see those wonderful breasts loose under your blouse.” Kim shivered at the thought of her nipples sticking out for all to see, but she squeezed my hand and said “Okay.” She slipped the thin cotton blouse on that she’d worn earlier and said “What do you think?” Her nipples were plainly visible and it was possible to tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra from across the room.

“You look incredibly gorgeous,” I replied. “Every guy in the place is going to be turned on by you. Particularly because no-one goes to Tubs on a Saturday night with a date to just take in the waters.”

“Are my nipples visible?” Kim asked.

“Some,” I replied. “But only if someone’s inclined to look closely at a beautiful woman’s big breasts garbed in just a thin cotton blouse.” I grinned.

“I don’t think we should make them guess, you know,” Kim said. She carefully squeezed both nipples a few times and said “How’s that?” The nipples were much more prominent now and I said as much. “Good!” Kim said happily. “That ought to turn everyone else on.” She ran her hands through her hair and said “I guess I’m ready. Better get moving, John.”

I got pants and a short-sleeved shirt on and slipped into Birkenstocks. I looked around the room and asked “Do you want to take any toys along? Or anything else for that matter?”

“Yes,” Kim said. “I wanted to take the dildo with us. You never know when a good dildo will come in handy.”

“You’re probably right. I’ll get us a few other things to come along.”

“Like what?” Kim asked.

“I’d like to surprise you, sweetheart,” I replied.

“Okay,” Kim said.

I got a small carrying bag and put Kim’s dildo in the bag, the kimonos—”so we don’t have to get dressed to walk down the hall to the bathroom”—and spent a minute rummaging in the dresser drawer for a few items. I blocked Kim’s line of sight carefully so she wasn’t able to see what I was getting. “That’s probably about it in here,” I said. We headed towards the door and I stopped at the kitchen and grabbed a couple bottles of sparkling water for the bag.

We got to the car and I opened Kim’s door for her, then walked back to the door and let the cats in who had chosen now as the moment they wanted to go inside. I unlocked the door and opened it. The cats sat there looking at the open door as if they hadn’t seen one before. “Get in, you furballs!” I said, and half-herded, half-scooped Cookie and Fuzzball inside. I said “We’ll be back in a few hours. Guard the house with your lives!” to both of them and shut and re-locked the door. I heard a single “Meow?” from Cookie as he padded off towards the food bowl.

“The cats bahis siteleri will defend this house to the death,” I said as I got into this car.

“Only their food bowl,” Kim said.

“True, but it’s a start.”

We drove to the U-district. The hot tub place was right where it had always been, although it had changed ownership since the first time I’d gone there. But the insides were still the same: lots of cedar and redwood and artistic designer neon lights.

Rentals were still light for a Saturday evening and close to a dozen rooms were still available. I signed us up for an hour and asked about the possibility of extending. The receptionist said “Saturday nights are usually a bit heavier by now, but I think the weather’s actually keeping people away tonight. I’ll go ahead and say yes if you’d like an option on another hour, although I’ll tell you what: it’s been so quiet so far that if you want to sign up now for two hours, I’ll only charge you for an hour and a half. Sound good?”

“Yes, definitely,” I said. “Thank you very much!” I put my credit card on the counter. “Would it be possible to get a room near the bathrooms?”

“I can put you in number 11, which is near the end of the hall.”

“Excellent. Thanks!” I made a mental note to tip the receptionist at the end of the evening.

The receptionist escorted us down the hall to room 11 and handed me the key. “You’re probably familiar with this, but if you want anything or have problems with the equipment, just push the red intercom button. Operating instructions for the sauna and hot tub are posted inside.”

We thanked the receptionist again and headed in. Kim looked around: the room was about 16×16, with a couple steps up to a redwood deck that formed the floor of the room. There was a sauna big enough for three or four people, a tiled shower, and a covered hot tub in the center of the room. Everything in the room was done in cedar and redwood, giving a rich, woody smell and made me think of houses built in the 70s. Benches of varying sizes were built into recesses in the walls and there was a double-mattress with a thin fitted sheet over it on one side of the decking near the sauna.

Kim sniffed and said “Chlorine.”

“Yes,” I said, “they tend to over-chlorinate to make sure that everything is sterile. You never know what people might do in the tubs, you know.” I grinned widely at Kim.

“Hmmm…” Kim said, eyeing me thoughtfully. She peeled her blouse off and hung it up on one of the hooks, then started unbuttoning her jeans. I joined in this activity, hanging up my shirt and jeans on the hooks, then setting my Birkenstocks on the floor and carefully putting my underwear on them so it wouldn’t get wet. Kim had already gotten her underwear stacked on her sandals. I hung up the two kimonos from the bag and set the bag down on the bench so that Kim couldn’t peer inside.

Kim noticed that there was something else in the bag but I wouldn’t let her see. She stepped into me and molded her front to mine. Pulling on my left nipple gently, she said “Are you sure you won’t let me see?”

I wrapped my arms around her waist and said “All in good time, my pretty, all in good time!” in my best Wicked Witch of the West voice.

Kissing Kim was always a pleasure. She did it very well and there were frequently other benefits as well. In this case, one of the other benefits was feeling Kim cupping my balls gently and pressing up right behind them with a finger. She then circled the base of my scrotum and pulled down very gently. Pleasant sensations rose up my body and I moaned into her mouth.

Kim broke off the kiss and said “We can stand here and do this or we can take advantage of the room. What’s your preference?”

“Ummm, both,” I said.

“It was a trick question, I know. What would you like first?”

“I think I’d like to slip into the hot tub with you for a bit,” I said. We rolled the cover off the hot tub and set it in the corner. I slithered in first and held out my hand. Kim steadied herself on my hand and stepped into the hot tub and down the steps. The tub was still a bit on the cool side, so I said “I’m going to turn the heat up.” The controls for the hot tub were on the wall. I turned the heat up to 101 degrees and then turned the jets on low. I also thought to turn on the sauna’s heater so the sauna would be ready for us a little later. I got back in the tub. Kim was already sitting in one corner and was squoodging around slightly and enjoying the jets playing across her back muscles.

“The jets will help heat the tub faster,” I said as I sat down. “But it’s nice that it’s still a bit cool. I like a warmer hot tub, but I can only stay in it for a few minutes before I have to get out and cool off. At this temperature I’m good for quite a while. I didn’t set it very high for that reason.”

“Good,” Kim said, standing up. “I’d like you here for quite a while.” She was standing in the center of the tub and she leaned forward and put her arms around me and kissed me. I kissed her back. bahis şirketleri Kim let her knees bend and floated forward towards me, kissing me all the while. She was now half floating in front of me.

Instead of just hanging down, Kim’s breasts were floating slightly. I cupped them with my hands and leaned back, stretching my legs out. Kim was stretched out above me, but we only touched occasionally. I stroked her back and pulled her down slightly, so she could feel my cock poking her.

“Mmmmm, there’s something hard in the water here!” Kim said, encircling my hardon with her right hand and stroking me a couple times.

“Scoot up a little, honey, I want to see if we can put that jet to another use,” I said.

“Ooooh, that could be fun!” Kim said. “How do you want me to do this?”

“Ummm… why don’t you stay in this position, but hang on to me. I’m going to turn around so the jet’s blowing up between your legs kinda from behind. Stay just like you are now and let’s see if this works.”

Holding on to Kim’s arms and with Kim hanging on to my neck, I slithered around 90 degrees so I was now sitting directly opposite one of the big jets. Kim put her feet on the inside edge of the tub and did a horizontal squat. Sure enough, the water jet was running right up between her legs and playing with her pussy all on its own.

“That’s not bad,” Kim said. “It’s not a lot, but it’s continual.” She considered for a moment and said “That’s funny! The water’s making my pussy lips flap every so often.” Kim giggled and hugged my neck and said “C’mere, big boy, why don’t you rub my clit while you kiss me and see what happens?”

I reached between Kim’s legs with my left hand and spread her pussy lips wide with my index and ring fingers and played with her clit with the tip of my middle finger. Kim was definitely getting aroused by all of this and was kissing me vigorously. She was still holding on to me around my neck so I used my right hand to play with her breasts and tug on her nipples while tickling her clit.

We kept this up for about five minutes. Kim was getting hotter and hotter. She’d stopped kissing me in favor of just holding on to my neck and panting loudly. She sounded like she was getting close when she said “Wait, I want to try something!”

“Sure, what?”

“I want to stand up on the edge of the tub and have you standing in the tub and eating me!”

“God, yes, that sounds good!”

Kim clambered out of the tub and stood right at the edge. Her toes curled over the edge slightly over the edge and she had her feet spread wide. Her pussy was glistening from the beads of water clinging to it. She ran her fingers through her hair and shook her head and said “Eat me! Lick me really deep!” Kim pulled her lips apart with both hands.

I moved up to her. Kim was above the part of the tub where the spa seat ended, so I could get right up to the edge. My cock was sandwiched between my abdomen and the tub wall. The height difference was just about perfect: with Kim’s legs spread, I could stand up in the tub, hold on to her legs, and fuck her with my mouth from below. Which is exactly what I did.

The water had been washing away all the juices that normally would have built up, but Kim was very hot and fairly close, so I could taste her creaming within a moment or two. I had my face filling her crotch from below, so she held on to my head and pushed me into her. I couldn’t see her face, but I heard her going “Huh! Huh! Huh!” and felt her hips pumping into me.

Kim had gotten back to her normal level of slickness by now. Wrapping my left arm around Kim’s right leg to make sure she didn’t fall over, I reached up with my right hand and shoved two fingers all the way up into her. She said “Oh, fuck me!” loudly and pushed spasmodically a couple of times before regaining her rhythm. I pumped deep into her with my fingers. There was a trickle of something coming down my wrist; I looked out of the corner of my eye and I could see a little white liquid that was coming from deep inside Kim.

Kim was still pumping her hips into my face, fucking herself on my tongue, but I could feel her thighs tightening up hard and trembling. I thought “This one’s gonna be big!” I pulled my mouth back a little so I could rub her clit with my thumb. I was still able to lick the shaft of her clit while rubbing it.

Between fingerfucking, licking, and Kim standing up and pushing her hips into me, it was too much. Kim made a surprisingly quiet sighing noise and juice started gushing out of her. She was squirting all over my face, my hair, and my chest. Juice was running down my arm and spattering on the decking and in the hot tub.

Kim managed to keep enough control so she didn’t fall over, which could’ve been a little risky for where she was, but she stepped off to one side. She gripped my head hard to steady herself, and I threw both arms around her thighs tightly so she wouldn’t fall. In this somewhat unsteady position, we managed to ease her down so she was on the deck next to the hot tub, but still twitching and spaced out from the orgasm. I reached over and scooped her up in my arms (the sore pecs made a protest but they were not quite as bad as they had been last night) and gently ladled her into the hot tub.

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