Kevin Made Me Gay

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Kevin Made Me Gay

Kevin and I have been friends for a long time, not whole life kind of time, but second grade is quite a long time when you’re only eight-teen. I remember the first time we saw each other and I knew we were going to be friends instantly. Kevin was dressed in a brown jumpsuit, the kind worn by ghost busters.

I come from a small town and was with my parents at the school, meeting the teacher before the start date. Another family showed up today and that was a tad usually for a normal one-on-one meeting. The teacher was discussing those typical school expectations and future events for this particular year when we saw the other family.

Kevin walks into the classroom with his mom and I yell out “Mom he has a ghost buster outfit on, I want one.” It was much later I learn that Kevin is normally shy around new people, but my sudden outburst of not only recognizing his outfit, but to find it amazing just broke any shell Kevin normally would have up.

We set down next to each other and begin chatting about all the different things we enjoy. Years went by with little to no real impactful events other then the first time a girl let me kiss her. Well, more of a girl forced me to kiss her. I only remember it because it was something that affected both me and Kevin around the fifth grade.

Jessica was this tall lanky girl who wore her hair in pigtails nearly every day. Although we would play sometimes, the girl was nothing special to either me or Kevin. One day after school while walk home, Jessica asks to talk with me behind the school wall near the music trailer that our school owns.

“Only if Kevin can come,” I said with an absent mind to what she wants to talk about. Jessica looks to me and then to Kevin and with a half-smile nods yes that it would be OK for him to join. After we meet her near the wall Kevin let his arms cross his chest and look her up and down.

“What do you want Jessica”, Kevin inquired. Neither Kevin or I was ready for what happened as Jessica pushes up against me and kisses deep. It was nice and warm but far to shocking for me to react like a man. The feeling of her tongue pushing pass my lips and playfully running along my own tongue froze me in place. I just stood there as a deer in headlights would before Kevin spoke, “Hey, do not just kiss somebody with out asking.”

Jessica broke the kiss and turns to him. “Your next,” was all she said and then wraps her arms around Kevin and kisses him just as passionately. I could visible see Kevin was disgusted by this kiss and pushes Jessica away hard. A small “Yuck”, leaving his voice as he turned away from Jessica. Laughter resonances as she ran off leaving Kevin and I in a daze of bewilderment. That look on Kevin face was so shocking it was able to burn a memory in my mind. That was the first time I thought Kevin may have had a thing for boys.

Years would pass and Kevin was still my best friend. He and I grew up and had several of the same events throughout those few years. We both were nerds and nothing about Kevin stood off as weird other then having a baby face and pretty weak frame, this allows me to out grow him in size and kind of adopted the big brother roll between us. Our families where close and developed the whole walk in and grab something out of the fridge when we want.

It was a typical Saturday afternoon the summer after high school and several weeks before college would be coming up. I was alone at the house with the parents out doing something and my older sister already established at college it was easy to find time to rub one out when the urge hit me. I pulled off my shirt and dropped my pants down around my ankles enjoying the freedom of being karabağlar escort bayan alone.

Laying in bed my hand was using pre-cum as the lube to rub up and down while gluing my eyes to the penthouse magazine I stole from Kevin about a year ago. With soft slow strokes to edge myself along it seems like an hour pass before I decide to let it blow. Quickly my hand pumps faster and I happen to look up over the edge of the magazine to my door and watch as Kevin’s eyes widen seeing my cock erupt in a gush of cum.

It shot up all over my belly, globs of the white thick cum dripping down and over my fingers while the last bits trickle out. “Geez Kevin,” I say, having no way to hide it. Kevin just shook his head, “No worries man. I just did not realize you where…fuck you cum a lot don’t you?”

I took a few breaths and nod. “Enough for your mom,” I banter trying hard not to show how embarrassed I actually felt from being caught. If Kevin had not been my best friend, his next question would probable gross me out a bit. Kevin said, “So…what does it taste like?”

I let my eyes narrow to slits and thought about that, did Kevin want to taste my cum? A few flashes of memories start to flood my mind reminding me of the rare times Kevin had said some pretty gay stuff, but now maybe he was serious. The way he looked when Jessica kissed him the first time was a strong memory making no mistake now. Kevin was gay and he wants to do something with me.

I have may have had a few girl friends and even lost my virginity a year ago. Yet here I was, looking at my best friend while he was lusting over my cum covered cock. Kevin’s eyes enlarge with that dumb look of realizing his inner thoughts had manifested into audible thoughts. “Ummm, I mean I bet your mom would like the taste of your…cum”, Kevin mumbles with a curse under his breath.

I look down and found myself squeezing my cock still, the last few drops oozing out the tip. Now we both kind of felt embarrassed and neither knew what to do or say next. I finally shift a bit, “So, you plan on staring all day or you mind giving me a second to clean up.” Kevin almost miss what I had asked and then slowly turns away.

I set up on the edge of my bed and could see Kevin seem to shift in place, did he get a boner? I felt the cool wetness on my belly start to already shift to a sticky feel. I found my eyes had wondered down to Kevin’s ass and stay there a moment. Man did Kevin have a nice-looking backside. I had known Kevin so long that fear of uncomfortable questions between us had no place in our relationship. I just come out and ask, “Kevin, are you gay?”

Kevin looks over his should and gazes at me for a moment. “I…don’t think so, but well.” He turns around and put both hands over his belly, almost looking shy. “I wouldn’t mind if it was with you, I think.” My heart felt a sudden burst of excitement and fear. Shit was this really happening. For years I had never put much thought into how Kevin would avoid girls, and check out guys. It was usually a joke or banter to call each other gay, but to full on admit the claim was a new level confusing how I should take it.

“How about this,” Kevin broke the silence. I could see his eyes wonder over my body and down to my cock. The masturbation deflating it to a soft limp. “Let us try it once, I mean, go all out and see if afterwards you can look at me as a lover…” he pauses and slowly moves his hands down to his side. “Or we will call it just an experiment and then go back to being friends.”

I set there a moment looking him up and down. Noticing how his eyes look to shimmer with hope, to finally being able to try this. Years we were best escort karabağlar friends, we had so much in common, from our love of the same video games, to going camping in the back yard every now and then because we are to lazy to go on an actual trip.

My body took over and just said fuck it…. “Fuck it, lets do this Kevin.” I see him smile while he moves over to my bed next to me. “Just tell me if you want me to stop and I will,” and his hand came out stopping just an inch from my cock almost shaking with excitement. My cum still coating the shaft a bit. I just smile. “Enjoy buddy,” Was all I said and felt him grasp around the shaft. It felt hotter than I would figure and could tell Kevin’s heart must be beating like a racehorse.

His fingers slide up and down the softness of my cock and then without slowing his head moves between my legs and those lips of his waist no time in letting my soft dick fill his mouth. His knees hit the ground loud enough to make a thud while I lean back to enjoy the sensation. The feeling of his tongue next was what drove my dick back to life. The blood flows quickly as Kevin let his tongue massage, flicker, and push against me so skillfully I figure he must practice. I did not think a girl had ever given me as good of a blow job.

Kevin’s head bobs up and down fully now. My dick reaching full stiffness when he finally pulls me free of his lips and threw himself belly down on my bed, his legs hanging over the edge to rest on his knees on the ground. “I am ready,” He whispers while he is shifting his pants off his hips, bringing them to rest just pass his ass cheeks and he offers his butt for me. Damn did he have a cute ass was all my mind could think.

I felt his saliva was coating my cock and I got down behind him and position my dick’s head at the entrance to his backdoor. “Are you ready,” I ask. Kevin glances over his shoulder, reaches back with his hands and spreads his cheeks a bit to give me full access. “Kind of have been for awhile I think, I practice with my fingers from time to time so you don’t have to be gentle.”

I push my dick against the hole and slide into Kevin’s ass like it belongs. His jeans that are wrapped around his thighs and pushing his ass cheeks up brush against my balls while I made my way deeper and deeper into Kevin. “Fuck….” I mumble at how tight he was. I have never done anal with a girl, my virginity may be gone, but this was a new sensation. I watch Kevin’s face from the side as he was enjoying purely as a lover would.

This was it, I was full on gay now and some how the feeling did not bother me in the slightest. It was as if Kevin was here with me, experiencing the change I was going through with that same look he always had. A grinning smirk along his face although it was different while Kevin bit his lower lip in ecstasy.

The position was starting to get more difficult to maintain as the bed was not a good height for us. My hands grasp around his hips and with my cock buried up to the hilt in him we both shift up fully onto my bed. His legs kicking his jeans down around his ankles. He moans out a cute little moan as we did this. “Haaaaa”, it echoes in my quiet room.

Now I was behind him fully doggy style and start to pull my cock in and out of Kevin’s ass. I watch as his shirt sways back and forth with his body gliding along his back while arching. My mind was racing with pure lust and enjoyment. That is when Kevin takes one hand under his belly and I could tell he was jerking his cock. I silently smile at the thought of how hot Kevin must feel right now, being fucked by his best friend.

The warmth of his ass was burning a new sensation to my dick. The karabağlar escort bit of pre-cum and saliva working its magic to help me keep a nice hot rhythm inside. Soft slapping sounds bounce around my ears like a steady drum beat. Kevin’s voice seems to go higher as I could tell he was close to his release, but so was I. “Im about to cum Kevin”, I mumble through my heavy breathing. His eyes look back and with a smile. “Do it inside”, he said with the same heavy breath.

Suddenly my manhood pushes hard to the hilt and jets of my seed begin dispensing inside Kevin’s ass with a force I know he was feeling. That is when something I did not expect happen. I felt a gush of hot liquid hit my thighs, legs, and knees. Was Kevin pissing himself or did he just cum a whole lot? It was hard to focus on it while letting his soft ass muscles milk my dick free of all of the cum.

I felt a bit more liquid run down my legs and it was so hot. My legs shiver while riding out the orgasm. The whole time Kevin was pushing his ass hard against me in return, his hand pulling on himself to match my orgasm with the same ferocity. His hips quiver in my hands, and his toes lift up behind him rubbing along my thighs while his entire bodies muscles clinch during his blissful orgasm.

For a few moments my mind was in paradise letting the last few beads fall free within. Then slowly I start to withdraw myself form Kevin. I took a scoot back and stood down off the beds edge, fell back to sit on the ground after that amazing fuck with my best friend seemed like the best thing to do.

My eyes widen in a shock and what I see changes my world completely upside down. Between Kevin’s legs, just below that ass I had fucked was a smooth clean slit. A full-on pussy that had been so wet I could tell that it was the reason my legs had been soaked.

“WHAT THE FUCK!”, I yell as my eyes stare at Kevin’s pussy. Kevin looks over his shoulder as his eyes start to come down from his orgasmic high. They widen with sudden realization at what I was looking at. “Shit, ummmm, look I have a really small dick Ok”, was all he said.

My mind suddenly starts to flash back through my life in a new way, no longer was I thinking my best friend was gay, but he had been transgender, how the fuck did I not know.

Kevin always used the stall when going to the restroom, never a urinal. When we went to the lake or pool, he wore a shirt because he was sensitive to the sun, right? His mom had such small breast, hardly reaching A-cups, was Kevin’s chubby fat not actually chubby fat but instead just small boobs. My world was turning so fast I thought I might pass out from how rapid my breathing was going.

Then Kevin was in front of me on his…her…his knees, his face a few inches from mine. “Look, I’m still a guy ok, I really believe my small dick is just a curse for girls.” I did not know what to think or believe; but, seeing Kevin look at me with his eyes determined to make sure I was OK helps relax me. I finally spoke, “You have the smallest dick I have ever seen.”

Kevin was almost in tears at knowing I was accepting him for who he was, his life of a misunderstood secret was gone. “Still big enough to satisfy your mom”, Kevin busts out a joke just like he always did. We set there in silences a moment, my eyes drifting down to between his legs, his pants now fully off on my bed. My own naked body feeling the pull of my skin from all the dried cum covering my belly. “How about we get cleaned up,” Kevin said seeming to know what I was thinking.

He stood up, reaching a hand down to me. I grasp it and we both stood up, “I guess the final answer,” I say with a short pause, “is that I want to keep being gay with you Kevin.” I felt his arms wrap around my shoulder and pull me down to kiss him, this time his face was glowing with happiness. How bright his eyes light up made what Kevin said whispering in my ear next get hard instantly, “Next time lets rub our dicks together.”

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