Kelly’s Office Visit

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Kelly was very pleased when James asked her to accompany him on a business trip to England. His company had an office there and James would be spending much of his time in negotiations. However, he assured Kelly they would have some quality time to spend together and she would be able to see the sights and do whatever she wanted to during the day.

It ended up being a very fun time. Kelly did as many touristy things as she could during the day and in the evenings, they dined at nice restaurants, danced in some great clubs, and had decadent, delightful sex at the hotel.

Tuesday evening was spent at a corporate function where James and his colleagues entertained their client. It was far more fun than Kelly envisioned. The crowd was mixed with some very business-minded people as well as a younger group James seemed to know well. He was one of those people who made friends easily no matter where he went and kept in touch with them. Some of his friends at the soiree were quite handsome like he was, and the younger women in attendance were attracted to them like flies to honey.

At the end of the corporate evening, a group of James’ friends, and several girls invited them to go clubbing. James reluctantly declined as he needed to prepare for the next day’s negotiating session – and he wanted to get Kelly naked and into bed as soon as possible! However, before going their separate ways, James suggested they see each other Friday night before their flight home on Saturday.

Outside the event, James hailed a cab to take them back to the hotel. In the privacy of the dark back seat, Kelly decided to try something mischievous. She casually reached over and rubbed James’ cock. At the same time, she leaned forward and began a friendly conversation with the cabbie. James found it necessary to adjust himself a couple of times as his erection stiffened. Kelly was delighted with herself for being so risqué!

The more time she spent with James, the more adventurous Kelly became. Her upbringing was conservative, but now she found herself doing and thinking scandalous things. In some ways, James allowed her to take the lead as to what limits she was comfortable exploring, but he also encouraged her, without pressure, to consider new possibilities and combinations. Kelly had to admit, her dreams and fantasies were wildly more adventurous than ever before.

Friday arrived and James told Kelly he had arranged a surprise for her. She tried to get him to divulge what he had in mind, but he simply smiled and told her she would just have to wait. The day dragged by for Kelly. Knowing James, the surprise would be erotic and shocking and a touch depraved. The anticipation filled her with a combination of arousal and panic.

James picked Kelly up at the hotel and took her for a quiet, romantic dinner. It was all very normal and Kelly began to feel a little disappointed. Before they left the restaurant though, James said they would need to swing by his office since he had forgotten her surprise there. He told her he was certain she would be pleased. Then he pulled her close and kissed her. Instantly, she felt tingling sensations all over her body.

The elevator let them off on the third floor. James escorted Kelly to a conference room outside of which a bottle of champagne was chilling on ice. They entered the room and Kelly reached to turn on the lights, but James stopped her. He advised they would able to see better if the lights remained off.

The windows of the conference room looked across escort bahçelievler a very narrow alley at an adjacent building. The upper floors of the two buildings had been extended over the alley, meaning they were separated by only a few feet. The blinds of the conference room were open, but the alley outside was dark as were all the windows in the neighboring building. There really wasn’t much to see. Kelly stared at James with her best look of, ‘What have you gotten me into this time?’ He smiled his devilish smile and poured two glasses of champagne.

James then led her by the hand to where two nice leather chairs and accompanying side tables had been positioned in front of the tall windows. They sat, and James proposed a toast to erotic adventures. At that point, Kelly gulped down her champagne and quickly asked for a refill. She was convinced a little liquid courage was about to be needed. Even on a different continent, James managed to organize something guaranteed to astound Kelly and stretch what she thought were her limits.

A few quiet minutes passed before the lights in the office across the way came on and three people stumbled in, their hands all over each other. There were two men and a young woman. Kelly recognized the men from the party on Tuesday. Alan was blonde with blue eyes and dimples. Peter had dark hair and dark eyes. They were both tall and slender. The girl was as tall as her two companions and had a wonderful body, but she wore an elegant mask, concealing her identity.

The girl passionately kissed each of the men. Hands groped and squeezed and fondled with urgency and desire. Alan pulled up the hem of the woman’s short skirt and slid his hand inside her sexy panties. Peter quickly unbuttoned her top and slipped it down over her shoulders. The two men pulled her bra down and began sucking and licking the girl’s lovely breasts and nipples. She grabbed a handful of each man’s hair and held them against her chest, obviously enjoying the attention.

They broke free of each other for a few moments and the men stripped her naked, except for her gorgeous high heels, then quickly discarded their own clothes. She knelt between them and grabbed a cock in each hand. She stroked each man’s penis and alternately licked and sucked on them until they were fully erect. It was evident there would be no extended foreplay. The girl in the mask wanted to be fucked by these two men.

To that end, she took each of them deep in her mouth, which gave them obvious pleasure. She used her beautiful mouth with great skill and each of her lovers pumped their hips to match the motions of her mouth and hands.

Kelly, sat mesmerized. Her eyes were wide open and fixated on the activity in front of her. She and the lovers were separated by only two panes of glass and a few feet in distance. She felt as if she were intruding and yet she could not force herself to rise from her chair. Propriety suggested she look away. Pure lust prevented her from doing so. The girl in the mask was so exposed and yet hidden behind the mask. Kelly knew the three lovers were aware they were being watched yet seemed completely focused on each other. It was entrancing and intoxicating and Kelly squirmed in her chair.

Kelly masturbated more and more these days, despite all the attention James gave her. He even convinced her to masturbate in front of him; something she found shameful and unbelievably exhilarating all at the same time. She had played with her nipples escort balgat and stimulated her clit until she came. She desperately wanted to touch herself now, watching the threesome in front of her.

James pushed himself up from his chair and stood behind Kelly. He stroked her hair and kissed her neck. He licked her ears and gently bit her shoulders. Finally, he slid his hands inside the top of her dress and fondled her breasts. Kelly’s breathing was shallow and ragged and, after a slight hesitation, she slid her hand into her panties and began to tease her clit.

The activity in front of Kelly changed quickly. The girl was atop Alan, riding him, and she had Peter’s cock in her mouth. The pace was slow at first, but Alan increased the tempo and vigor with which he fucked the young woman. Every few moments, the girl had to pause her oral ministrations on Peter and balance herself against Alan’s aggressive movements. Finally, she released Peter altogether and threw her head back in wild abandon.

Kelly wanted to break through the glass so she could hear the moans and whimpers and screams of delight. Kelly watched intently as the young woman alternately ground herself against Alan’s thrusts and then slowly pivoted her hips up and down; her pussy lips sliding up and down his shaft. With each stroke, Kelly could see her the woman’s nether lips stretching around Alan’s cock.

The disguised girl’s beautiful body glistened with sweat. One of her hands was at Alan’s throat and with the other, she stimulated herself.

Peter stood beside them, masturbating. His cock was slick with the girl’s saliva and he used long, slow strokes to pleasure himself. Kelly’s attention shifted between the pleasure created by her fingers inside her panties, James’ hands on her breasts, the girl aggressively fucking Alan, and Peter jacking his lovely cock.

Kelly watched attentively as the young woman’s body start to quiver and spasm. The girl appeared to cry out and then she collapsed on Alan’s chest. Kelly would have loved to hear the squeals of delight and release. She assumed James had done this on purpose, providing the visual stimulation while sheltering her behind panes of glass. From that moment, however, Kelly knew her next adventure would be up close and personal with one or more partners engaged in very hot, very passionate sex.

Kelly watched the threesome beyond the glass compose themselves for a few moments and wondered, with a tinge of disappointment, if the show might be over.

She needn’t have worried. James moved around the side table and took Kelly by the hands. Before they moved any further, she grabbed him behind the head and kissed him with every ounce of passion she could muster. She wanted him to take her then and there. Her body felt as if bolts of electricity were coursing through her.

James maneuvered Kelly and pushed her against the window of the conference room. He unzipped her dress and pull it down to her hips. Kelly was not wearing a bra so her fabulous breasts were in full view in an instant. Kelly attempted to turn towards James but he pinned her against the window glass. Now it was she who was exposed by the lights in the room across the way. She blushed, but passion and lust overcame her embarrassment.

James pulled up her skirt and slid her panties to her ankles. His penis was hard and Kelly was oh, so wet. He was going to take her doggy style, standing in front of the window. This way, they would both be able to watch the escort batıkent girl in the mask and her companions. James positioned the head of his cock at the entrance of Kelly’s pussy and pushed into her. Kelly groaned and felt weak in the knees. James’ cock filled her and she almost came on the first stroke.

‘Fuck me, hard!’, was all Kelly could manage.

In the adjacent room, the lovers moved into a new position. Alan lay on his back and the young woman used one hand to angle his cock into position. She leaned forward and they kissed. Peter knelt behind her and rubbed lotion on the head of his cock.

Kelly could see the girl bite her lip; preparing herself for what was next. James paused to let Kelly capture every delicious detail of what she was witnessing. Kelly had never seen a woman take two men like that. Her mind told her it was wicked, but her body yearned to hold Peter’s cock as he entered the young woman’s ass.

Kelly watched the girl gasp as a second cock penetrated her. Kelly could see the intensity in the eyes behind the mask. The three lovers fell into a coordinated rhythm. Alan’s hands we on her hips and Peter molested her breasts from behind. The woman seemed to be on that fine edge between pain and pleasure. The men fucked her with increasing intensity and Kelly noticed the young woman’s eyes were closed tightly. Kelly wanted to reach out and touch the three lovers. She wanted to taste the sweat on their bodies. She wanted to hear their moans.

James fucked her aggressively. Kelly braced against the conference room window and her body relished what James was doing, but her attention was on the threesome in front of her. She almost felt as if she was cheating on James but knew he loved the fact she was fucking him while being so intently focused on the erotic spectacle in front of her.

At that moment, Kelly’s mind embraced a burning desire to explore and experience whatever sexual delights came her way. She was determined her next adventure would involve sex with another man or woman or both. She might not be ready for double penetration, but she wanted to experience sexual freedom in new and decadent ways. The old Kelly could never have imagined sharing herself with other partners. The new Kelly would be unable to resist.

Kelly was close to orgasm. More than anything, she wanted to cum at the same time as the girl in the mask. She heard James grunt behind her and urged him to fuck her as hard as he could. Balancing herself against the glass with one hand, Kelly frenetically rubbed her clit with the other.

As if they had planned it, Kelly locked eyes with the girl in the mask for the last few moments before orgasm overcame them both. The two women threw their heads back as waves of intense pleasure coursed through their bodies. James fucked Kelly a few more strokes then pulled out and ejaculated on her lovely ass.

Alan and Peter had also reached their limits and pulled out of their companion. With quiet deliberation, the young woman stared through the glass at Kelly, then lifted the mask from her face. Kelly recognized her immediately as a young woman named Haley! They had met at the company party. Haley winked and blew a quick kiss through the windows before laying on her back between her lovers. Alan and Peter quickly knelt beside her and their cock’s spurted jet after jet of semen on Hayley’s cheek, neck, breasts, and smoothly shaved pussy.

For her part, Kelly’s orgasm had been as intense as any she could remember. She spun to face James, then bent over to take his still hard cock in her mouth. She licked the last drops of semen from the head of his shaft and then stood to kiss him. He could taste the saltiness of his own cum on her lips.

Kelly broke their kiss and asked, ‘Do we really have to go home tomorrow?’

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