Katrina Ch. 03A

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At the Second Nude Weekend, things were going well. The girls were enjoying working on these nude weekends. Seeing others nude or in various states of undress, didn’t particularly worry them now. They got their work done quickly and were joining in with some of the games and fun.

Suddenly, something went wrong. It became a turning point in Elizabeth’s and Katrina’s sexual journeys and changed everything for both girls.

Go on, read down and see what happens.


* * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * *

The Second Special Weekend.

Hello from Katrina again.

Soon the next six weeks had gone and they were organizing another special weekend. I had told Elizabeth and she agreed to help again too.

“Yes,” she had said to me. “I enjoyed it last time. I’ll help you again.”

This time I took the van into town with the staff. After saying good bye to my staff friends, I took a taxi to Elizabeth’s house and after picking her up we went back up to the Big House. Amita thought this would work better than last time with less risk of anyone suspecting what I was up to. We planned later for us to catch a taxi into town and then I come home in the van with the other staffs too. My story would be I spent the weekend with a friend of my family.

By the time we got back, the quests were arriving. Amita greeted us and said, “You will be in the same room as before if that is alright. Everything is ready, take your things up and then start on dinner.”

This time they had a cross-dressing party. When they arrived for dinner the girls were dressed as men and the men as women. I have to say a man in a sari does looks a bit funny. As they moved it kept falling off too. None of them could fit a sari blouse and so had to go with nothing under. Yes, it was funny. Hansini came in Mootie’s Ranger uniform. His shorts were so large and they had to be folded and pinned. There were these big baggy pants with her skinny little legs coming out the bottom. It was too funny to see and we were laughing.

It was funny too when Amita was trying to pull Mootie’s sari away so she could check out his “tits.” He was acting all shy and embarrassed as if it was a big thing. The women were teasing at him saying, “Come on Mootie, Give us a flash. Show us you tits.” Meanwhile, real tits on the girls were openly exposed anyway since soon all the women dressed as men, had to take their shirts off and only wear their shorts as a man would do.

Of course, Elizabeth and I had remained in our jeans and T-shirts for the evening. We joined them for dinner and after cleaning up we were free for the evening.

* * * * * * * * * *

Elizabeth said she was looking forward to the spa again and soon after we got to the room we were stripping off our clothes and jumping into the spa. It was easy to strip in front of her this time and I felt more relaxed with it. I didn’t even bother going to the bathroom but just undressing facing her while she was doing the same. Once naked, she followed me out to the pool.

Something happened in the spa which was a bit sexier than before. I noticed Elizabeth sat back against the side of the pool with her eyes closed enjoying the water bubbling around us. She was sitting much higher out of the water with her breasts openly exposed above the water. I could see almost their whole shape with her nipples, dark black in the soft light. I must be honest to admitting I was enjoying their look and admiring them.

Then when she opened her eyes she noticed where my eyes were. She smiled but this time instead of slipping down deeper into the water, she came across the pool to face me. Then to my surprise her hands came up, one to each of my breasts.

I was a new experience for me with someone touching me such as this. I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I take her hands away? But it felt so nice like nothing I had felt before. I just closed my eyes and let her touch me there, touching of my breasts, holding them, even touching of my nipples. Her hands were running over my breasts, touching my nipples, rolling them between her fingers.

It felt so good that soon I wanted her to do it and I didn’t want her to stop. It was then I did something I never believed I would do. My hands came up and touched her breasts too. I felt the smooth softness of her flesh. Then I found her nipples. They were hard and so rough after the smooth breasts. It was exciting to touch her like that. Do not misunderstand, I knew what a breast feels like. I touch mine every day during my washing process but this was very different. These breasts were not mine. They were another woman.

Then suddenly she leaned forward her own breasts pressing against mine. I looked down and watched my breasts and nipples rub across hers. Oh, that was so sexy. Doing that our faces were close together. I looked up at her face and she was watching me. She smiled, and leaned closer as she kissed me straight on my lips. It was only of a second but it was like an electric shock through me before she pulled away canlı bahis from me. I looked at her. She moved back to her side of the pool smiling back at me.

What had just happened between us? It was exciting. I know I was excited and I think her too. To be honest I did not know what to think of all that.

Later that night when we went to bed, we still were naked. Instead of sleeping on her side of the bed she slipped over to me and cuddled up against me. Her arms were around me as she held me. I felt her breasts and body pressed against my back. I felt her hand cup and hold my breast. I rested back against her and that is how sleep over came us.

* * * * * * * * * *

Next morning, we remained in our ordinary clothes while we prepared breakfast. After breakfast while we were cleaning up Amita came into the kitchen. Now she had just her bikini bottom on.

“After you finished girls, get changed to your bikinis, then join us for the morning activities,” she told us.

I was waiting for the swimming before I changed to wear my new bikini. I thought it would be better that way to get used to wearing it. But she wanted us to change to our bikinis now. I kind of felt it was more of an order to get changed than a suggestion but we went up and did anyway. When Elizabeth put her bikini on, I noticed that since she was bigger than me up top, she was showing a lot more cleavage too. We stood in front of the mirror to admire each other. The bikinis were showing a lot of both our bodies but like I said before they were making our bodies look sexy too.

Then I looked at her bikini bottom. Just in front low down there was some black hair and I point it to her. She found some scissors and I watched her pull her bikini aside and tried to cut it off. She was having trouble and to my surprise she asked me to do it for her. She asked me to touch me there and actually cut her pussy hair.

She actually pulled her bikini down to below her knees and I took the scissors and was kneeling down to do for her. It was the first time I had really seen her pussy so close like that. Secretly, I was actually interested to see her too. When I reached to touch pull her hair so I could cut it, I felt her body tremble.

“Hold still,” I told her. “Or else I’ll cut you.”

She held still while I gently trimmed down each side so nothing would escape from under her bikini. What I do remember of this event was two things I didn’t expect. First she seemed to be particularly wet on her pussy lips and her hair there was damp. Since my face was closer to her, I noticed this juice seemed to have a smell to it, not an unpleasant smell but stronger. It wouldn’t be until later that I learnt at that time Elizabeth had been sexually excited by me touching her there.

So both back into our bikinis, of course, we put on the skirts and cover-up before we went out.

* * * * * * * * * *

We found most of them at the tennis court but Hansini and Jeevan were missing. “They are over at the chess set playing a game,” said Amita. “Go over if you want.”

I like Hansini so I decided to see what was going on so I got up to go. Elizabeth said she wanted to stay and watch the tennis, so I went on my own.

I found them at the large outdoor chess set. Hansini was only wearing her bikini bottom while Jeevan was completely naked. They were involved in the game but it didn’t seem too serious since they were talking about each move. It seemed more like she was giving him some lessons on how to play.

“Hi Katrina,” she said as she saw me. “Come and help us. You can help move the pieces.”

“I’ve never played chess,” I said.

“That’s OK. We will show you what to do.”

So, I joined them on the chess board. Like they said the pieces, although appearing to be large and heavy were actually quite light to move you sort of roll them on their edge.

“Now Katrina, let me show you what to do. In chess each player has an army to fight against their opponent. The object of the game is to capture your opponent’s King, and then you will be winning the game.”

She then walked over to the corner of the board. “This big one here is my King. See he has a crown on top. Over there,” she said pointing to another very large white piece, “This one is my Queen. A very powerful piece. Yes Katrina, in the world of chess the woman is the strongest person on the whole board.”

“Don’t let that give you any big ideas, Katrina,” Jeevan laughed.

“Why not? It is well known women are better than men,” Hansini replied.

I thought he would argue against that but he just laughed again while Hansini continued explaining to me. On these weekends, the women seemed so bold to the men which surprised me. It’s not normal with women in India.

“Now I have some other strong pieces as well. This one shaped like a horse. He is a Knight. You know like ancient medieval knights… like the one Sarvesh has upstairs,” she explained as she touched a piece shaped like a horse head.

Then she turned to the one next bahis siteleri to him, “This one is a Bishop. See his pointed English Bishop hat. Over in front of my King is a Rook. See he looks like a castle on top. Some people call him a Castle. He is protecting my King. Now all these little ones which look the same, they are the foot soldiers. They are called Pawns.”

I was following her, observing every piece she touched, trying to remember all she told me but she must have seen the confused look on my face because she smiled at me, “Don’t worry if you don’t remember all that. We’ll show you. You’ll soon get used it.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Hansini looked over at Jeevan. “Where were we?” she asked him. “I think it is your turn now.”

Jeevan moved one of his big black pieces, the Bishop one I think it was with the pointed hat. He came a long way across the board and placed it in a square beside one of the little white Pawns. He then took the white Pawn to the side of the board.

“Not a bad move Jeevan, now you can threaten my Queen. But wouldn’t moving the Knight be better? That way you can threaten both my Queen and my Rook.”

“I see that now,” he said. “Can we do that?”

We replaced the pieces how they were and I pushed the Bishop piece while Jeevan replaced the little Pawn, then Jeevan took the Pawn with the Knight, the horse like piece. Hansini took the Knight with her Pawn and I rolled the Knight piece over to the side of the board.

Suddenly things began to happen. Jeevan took the castle like Rook with his Bishop piece. To my surprise he called out the word “Check”. I looked at Hansini not sure what he meant.

She was smiling. “See Katrina, now Jeevan is attacking our King. That is why he called out ‘Check'”

She moved her Queen, the very big one and took the offending Bishop off the board. Then Jeevan replied to taking her Queen with his own Queen. Hansini quickly replied by taking his Queen in return. I was being kept busy moving pieces to the side of the board.

“That was a Queen swap-off,” she told me. “Stronger players do that when they think they can win without their Queen.”

They continued playing and it seemed to me that Jeevan had more players on the board than she did. It was about that time that Sarvesh turned up with some of the others including Elizabeth.

“What is this Hansini? Are you letting Jeevan get the better of you?”

“We are only playing around,” explained Jeevan.

“It looks to me like Hansini is off her game,” Sarvesh said with a smile. “Maybe I can beat you today. You owe me the chance to even with you.”

“You can play now if you want,” said Jeevan. “We were not playing a serious game.”

“Are you sure?” asked Sarvesh.

“Yes,” replied Jeevan.

I am not sure why Jeevan stopped playing. Maybe he was embarrassed to be playing in front of everyone else.

“Ok Hansini,” Sarvesh said. “Prepare to be beaten.”

“Sorry Sarvesh,” she told him with a laugh. “You’re the one who is going to get beaten.”

Then I heard Amita laugh, “Honey, she is going to kick your arse again!”

I was shocked Amita would tell her husband like that. I looked over at him but he smiled.

“We will see, Amita,” he just said.

He laughed but maybe there was a hint of worry on his face.

“Jeevan, would you like to help me?” he asked.

Hansini replied with, “Katrina you can help me if you want.”

We set up all the pieces in two straight lines with the little men in front and the bigger ones behind. I found out that they all had special places to begin the game with.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now the game began. Sarvesh started and Hansini quickly followed. It was a very fast game with one move quickly following another. It was a hard-fought game too with both sides losing pieces in what looked to me like very fierce exchanges. Jeevan and I were kept busy most of the time moving the large players around.

All the time they were teasing and giving cheeky to each other, saying how each was going to lose. The other women were teasing Sarvesh too which I thought was too funny. Of course, the men watching were supporting Sarvesh and teasing Hansini as well. It was fun hearing them too.

I tried to understand the moves and some of them appeared to be easy but others I just could not figure out. The horse shaped one, The Knight character, was the most confusing. He appeared to move at random in any direction. I noticed that Hansini appeared to use her Knights a lot more than Sarvesh did.

From time to time one of them would call “Check” and I thought the game would be over but no it just seemed to continue.

Soon I began to notice that there were more white pieces on the side of the board than were black. I began to think that Hansini was actually getting the better of him.

This was confirmed when Sarvesh said, “Ah Hansini. You are a very good player.”

She didn’t reply but just gave a shy smile.

The game had slowed down now. There bahis şirketleri were times when Sarvesh had to think for a while before he moved but I noticed that Hansini’s reply still quickly followed each of his moves. I was thinking that now she had him worried.

Those watching, both of the men and the women were quieter now. It seemed as if they all realised the game had taken a serious turn and they were respecting that.

In the game things suddenly seemed to happen. There was a quick exchange with players on both sides being taken off the board then suddenly Sarvesh threw up his hands.

“I resign,” he said. “Hansini you are too good for me today.”

This brought a round of applause from those watching. I knew that she had won but I was unsure how.

* * * * * * * * * *

I studied the board but there still seemed to be many white players still on the board. I could not understand why he gave up so soon.

Hansini noticed me looking at the board. “What’s wrong Katrina?” she asked.

“Why did he give in?” I asked.

Sarvesh over heard me. “Ah Katrina,” he said. “She had me in an impossible position. See she was going to move her Queen here with the next move. Check!”

Hansini added, “Then the Bishop here makes “Check” again. Then our Queen here is “Check Mate.”

I understood that “Check Mate” meant the King was trapped and the game finished, so I said “Ok,” but really, I still didn’t clearly see what they meant.

But it had been fun, particularly since I was on the winning side.

* * * * * * * * * *

It seemed that the men really wanted to beat Hansini in chess. She was becoming a challenge to them. Her teasing and taunting them wasn’t helping them either. Mootie was next to ask her for a game.

She accepted with a laugh, saying, “Ahh! Now another victim is lining up to be slaughtered.” She looked over at me, “Well Katrina, they can all try if they like but they won’t beat us today.” She seemed to be so confident, so boastful towards the men.

Mootie asked Sarvesh to help him and Hansini kept me as her helper. I was getting to know how to do it now.

Then Sarvesh dropped a surprise on us all. “Let’s make this more interesting. Let’s play for each other’s clothes?”

I suddenly got worried. I wasn’t interested in playing Stripping Chess. It was fun to listen to a story but playing for real. No, not me!

But Hansini accepted again. “Ok then,” she laughed. “But different rules this time.”

“No! I don’t…” I began to say but she interrupted me.

“It’s OK Katrina she said to me quietly. “I can usually beat him easy, but I’m going to make it safer for us.”

“But I don’t think…”

“It will be fine. I will beat him.”

She was so confident.

“Now,” she said in a louder voice. “We play with eight items of clothing not five. OK?”

“Sure,” replied Sarvesh.

“And the winner keeps their clothes on. Amita, no sneaking up afterwards, OK?”

“Yes,” she nodded with a smile.

Hansini then turned to me, “See that’s better now.”

“But I don’t want to lose my clothing,” I told her.

“It’s OK. I know I can beat him.”

Well I could have refused to play but with everyone watching me, I felt like they were expecting me to play. Anyway, like I said she seemed to be so confident she could beat him quickly. I was just pulled into this and now I didn’t see I could back out.

To make up my eight items of clothing Mandara loaned me a hat and Amita gave me a pair of slip-on sandals. For the first item I put a towel over my shoulders. I of course had on my bikini with the wrap-around skirt and my cover-up over my top. Hansini added a hat and sandals, then like me she put a towel over her shoulders as her eighth item. I noticed the guys had added clothes as well.

* * * * * * * * * *

So, we re-setup the pieces and began to play.

Hansini let Mootie start. I asked her why she always did that and she said she liked going second because it showed her how the other player was moving. That didn’t make much sense to me but during the opening battles we lost only five pieces where they had lost eight. I knew she was winning. This is also why she always seems to play with the black pieces as the white always begins first.

For the next few turns nothing seemed to be happening. Neither of us lost any pieces. It was just a case of each player positioning their army for the next battle.

Suddenly she said quietly, “Oh. I’m sorry Katrina.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I think I have made a mistake.”

Suddenly a fear took hold of me. What if we lost, I thought? What if I had to strip my clothings to naked? I realised there I was, my modesty dependent on this game I knew nothing about and a woman I hardly knew. How did I get myself into this mess? I did not know what I could do.

“Can you still beat him?” I asked, feeling very worried now.

“Yes, I think so,” But she didn’t seem to have her usual confidence.

Over the next few moves nothing much seemed to happen. Then a few pieces were exchanged and once again it looked like we had done better than them. We now had seven men off the board but they had ten so surely, we could still beat them.

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