Katie vs. Melissa Day 05

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“Get it off!” Melissa held the bathrobe she was wearing open from the waist down, showing the other two the chastity belt that Katie’s would-be man locked her in the night before. Her copper hair stood wild like an electrocuted cartoon character, and even after an hour of scrubbing the 14 tallies on her forehead were still faintly visible.

Rita couldn’t keep from laughing.

Melissa flashed a glare at her, and punctuated, “You think this is fucking funny?” with an accusatory finger point.

Still in her pajamas, Rita rubbed the cuff of one sleeve against her eyes, drying mock tears as her laughter died down slightly.

Looking back to Katie, Melissa slowly repeated her demand. “Get. It. OFF.”

Arms folded over her prodigious bust, and her hair up in a towel, Katie frowned and said, “You have to stop.”

“Stop what, exactly?”

Katie drew support from Rita with fleeting eye contact. “Stop bullying me.”

“That’s ridiculous. I don’t bully you.”


Melissa rolled her eyes, and said, “You’re a grown-ass woman and you just said bullCRAP.”

Katie shrugged in response.

“I’m not going to stop doing that. It’s in your best interest. There’s a whole world of real fun out there that you’re too uptight to partake in. You know why people have sex? Because it’s fun. You have a problem with having fun?”

“Then the belt stays on.”

“Damn it, Katie.”

“You could call a locksmith.”

Melissa had already tried to do just that, but she just couldn’t. “Twat.”

Rita spoke up, “There has to be a compromise. You two can figure something out.” The other two both turned to glare at her. Their stubbornness truly knew no bounds. “Why don’t you both come up with a compromise, and then we can figure out a way to pick between the two.”

Melissa asked, “Like a wager?”

Rita didn’t have time to answer before Katie said, “You’re on.” And just like that the voice of reason was derailed.

“All or nothing.” Melissa stared down her blonde friend. “You win, I stop trying to get you to fuck random guys.”

“If you win, it comes off.”

That didn’t leave Melissa much ground. Without even knowing what, she had to win it or swallow her jagged pride and call a locksmith. It may as well be something she knew for a fact she was better at than Katie. “Blowjobs. We get 20 men in a room, and first one of us to get 10 of them off wins.”

Katie’s capacity for confusion took form in a sentence. “You’re trying to get me to have sex with random guys as part of a wager to get you to stop trying to get me to have sex with random guys?”

“You don’t have to fuck anybody.” Melissa stayed resolute, “and you have to win before I have to stop.”

The wheels in Katie’s head turned. She didn’t want to do it, but didn’t see much of a choice. Wining it would mean doubling the number of her lifetime sexual partners, exponentially, for the second time this vacation. She knew Melissa wouldn’t agree to anything less humiliating, it was her way of handicapping the bet. The idea that Danny might be able to help her started to percolate in her mind. “You don’t get to pick the men.”

Melissa nodded, and said, “Of course. Rita? Would you be our impartial third party and round up 20 men for us?”

Rita could have gone back to her point about compromise, or supported her friends to bury their hatchet and move on. We know Rita better than that though, she didn’t have that in her. In the end, already thinking about it with anticipation, she grinned and said, “So long as I can watch.”

Katie stood, and squared her shoulders to Melissa.

Tall and lithe, Melissa extended her hand to her simple, short, and curvy friend. Katie took it, and they shook, but Melissa didn’t break her grip. She scowled down at Katie, and said, “Loser quits their bitching.”

Katie pushed a blonde lock back under her towel and said, “Deal.”

An hour later Katie was dressed like she was a walk-on in a Pan Am commercial minus the hat. Seam-back stockings, Jackie-O glasses, and her last clean pencil skirt, she continued to look half throw-back and all knock-out. As soon as she was in the door of the off-strip adult bookstore, Danny greeted her with a grin, and said, “Woah lady, all sales are final.”

Katie turned to look behind herself to make sure he was talking to her.

“How did,” Danny paused and looked around the shop for the other employees, then smiled at her in a way that reminded her how much younger he was than her, “your purchase work out?”

Katie still half confused, said, “Great. Mostly. Mostly great.” She cut to a whisper in case someone overheard. “She wants it off.”

“That was most of the intent, right?”

“Well, yeah.”

“So it worked.”

“I mean, she wants me to take it off.” Danny still didn’t pick up what she was saying. “She wants to,” Katie stopped. Before she could bring herself to say it, she closed her eyes and thought out-loud, “Big girl words.”


“She wants bahçelievler escort bayan to,” behind her sunglasses, her eyes fluttered like a moth in a spider’s web. “Race. She wants to race.”

“Like she wins the belt comes off?”

Katie touched the tip of her nose with her left hand, and pointed at him with her right.

“Race, what exactly? Cars?”

Katie’s blushing started in her cleavage and erupted upward. Covering her mouth, she whispered, “Blowjobs.”

Danny’s eyes widened. “Holy shit.”

“Rita is getting 20 guys, and the first of us to,” Katie’s eye fluttered again, “finish,” she swallowed hard, “10 of them, wins. I’ve only… finished… 10 in my life.” Her voice started to pitch as her unease began to turn to hysterics. “She blew 14 guys LAST NIGHT.”

“14? No shit?”

“Rita is getting the guys right now! Ihave to beat her, and have no idea what I’m doing!”

“Okay, okay. Deep breath. I can show you some tricks, but your friend really knows what she’s doing down there.” Dany was one of those 14 guys after all. “You might have to cheat, and the best way to do that is if Rita, uh, rigs the, uh, subjects. Where is she getting these guys?”

“I don’t know. Where do you get 20 guys that want blowjobs?”

“Literally anywhere.” Danny thought for a second, and said, “Call her, ask her to help.”

Before Katie took the time to consider, she was calling her.


“Hi, Rita, it’s Katie.”

“Yeah dude, caller ID.”

“Oh. So about these guys?”

“Yeah? I think I’m putting an ad on Craigslist.”

“I think I need to cheat.”

“Cheat how?”

“Danny says the best way is probably if you, uh, rig, it.”

“Rig it?” Neither woman said anything for a moment while Rita considered exactly what Katie was trying to insinuate. “Are you asking me to fluff half these guys?”

“I don’t know what fluff means.” At least Katie was honest. As soon as she said fluff, Danny touched the tip of his nose with his left hand, and pointed to her with her right. After a thumbs up back at him, Katie said, “Yes, I’m asking you to fluff half these guys.”

Katie couldn’t hear it, but on the other end Rita pulled her phone down to look at it like it may be broken. “Are you high? Did tall-dark-and-dreamy get you stoned?”


“Katie, I’m not going to suck ten dicks for you, even if it is to piss off Melissa.” As Katie figured out exactly what she was asking her to do for the first time, every part of her body seemed to flush in embarrassment. “That won’t even work. I’d have to be doing it while you guys are doing your thing, keeping them at edge. Melissa gets pretty into her work, but she would notice. I’d tell half of them to take care of it before they came, but the blowjob is kinda the draw. I could maybe blow Melissa’s half right before, but then we’re back to me sucking ten dicks for you.”

For the first time since Rita agreed to finding the guys, the reality of the situation sunk in to her. She was arranging a real-life blowbang, her favorite improbable porn activity for her two best friends. This vacation, if Rita had learned one thing about herself, it was that she enjoyed the porn she had been making all weekend better than anything on the internet. They were going to let her watch their wager, but after she would be left with only the memory of it. On that thought, she broke the silence. “I’ll do it if I can make a video.”

Katie’s heart raced in excitement, and her chest sunk at the same time. That would mean there was photographic evidence of it, and that was what had started this whole vacation on this path. Before she could decline, her eyes fell on a simple object displayed in one of the cases. A black leather domino mask.


“And your card to rent the camera equipment.”

“Deal.” Katie dug in her purse, found her card that had the best points option, and read Rita the information.

“Alright. I’ll have half the guys at mine at 6, and all of them at Mellissa’s at 7.”

Katie gave a little hop in excitement. “Thank you so much, Rita.”

“Whatever dude. Just make it good for the camera.”

Katie hung up her phone and dropped it in her purse. She handed Danny the same card she had just read to Rita, and said, “I need one of those masks, and whatever you charge for a blowjob lesson.”

Danny grinned at the idea of charging her to suck his dick, but when he realized she was completely serious, said, “How about $80. Cutting you a little deal there.”

After signing the receipt, and dotting her the i in her name with a heart, Danny called to another employee on the floor, and asked her to hold the fort down. He led her to a spartanly decorated office, and asked, “Standing or sitting?”

“I don’t know.”

“I think if you’re going for speed, sitting is going to give you the best control, but if you’re dealing with a crowd, they’re probably going to be standing.” While he was talking he started balgat escort bayan taking off his belt. His shirt opened just enough that Katie caught a flash of his abs.

Her mouth suddenly felt dry. “Standing then I guess.” He undid his pants, and exposed a skin tight pair of grey boxer-briefs, and a growing throb inside. “Are you going to take your shirt off too?”

“If I show you mine,” He gestured to her and trailed off.

For the first time in her life, Katie understood something of Melissa. This was fun.

Her sweater hit the floor in a heap. Danny started at the buttons of his shirt while Katie worked the clasp on her utilitarian f-cup bra. In a heartbeat she was naked except for her sunglasses, garter, stockings and heels. While Danny kicked his slacks off, she pawed at the front of his briefs, and ran a hand across the ripples of his impossible abs. She kissed him full on the mouth, and held his lower lip in her teeth. Her face lowered to kiss his chest, staining it red from her lipstick. She moved lower to his stomach, lower again to his obliques. Slowly, she pulled down the waistband of his underwear and kissed the muscles leading beneath it. The base of his cock showed, already swollen, and she stopped. She traced the head with a fingernail on the surface of his underwear, and marveled as a tiny damp spot of precome formed. Kissing it once, she left a lipstick smear behind.

His briefs made it to the floor, and his cock to her mouth. She worked it in long fluid strokes, slowly, and hands free. After less than a minute, Danny started groaning along with her stroke. Spit trailed down into her cleavage, and eventually into the waistband of her garter.

Danny said, “This doesn’t seem like you have no idea what you’re doing.”

Her stroke stopped with half his cock still in her mouth, and she smiled around it. Mumbling with her mouth full, she said unmistakably, “Thank you,” and trailed back until the tip of his cock rested on her lips. “Maybe we should move on to something more advanced then.” Katie couldn’t believe what was happening. Was the secret to being a good lover really just admitting that she liked it? As her bright red lips slid over the tip of his cock she looked up, and took in every glorious detail of his muscular body.

Tentatively, she reached out for his hands, and set them both on the back of her head. Fingers worked into her curls, and after a moment of guidance, started to pull her to her feet. His cock trailed from her mouth, and left a smear of her spit down her abdomen like a brush dragged down a canvass. A hand took hold of it, and slowly worked its slick surface. They kissed firm, and he whispered, “How do you want it?”

Katie led him out from the desk by his cock, and took a seat where he had been leaning. Her knees lifted and spread, and she guided him to her pussy. In one thrust he was all the way in, and she groaned up at the ceiling. At 40 years old, Katie finally enjoyed getting fucked. She knew there wasn’t a chance Danny was coming home with her, or going to marry her, and that disconnect allowed her to lose herself in it long enough to narrow the gap on an orgasm. When it started to build, she opened her eyes, and looked up at the 25-year-old Danny. Just as she thought she was almost old enough to be his mother, the orgasm broke on her like a dam.

When her head cleared she was covered in sweat, and splashes of Danny’s cum on her breasts and neck. Her head was thrown all the way back off the edge of the desk, and her legs felt like they wouldn’t hold her weight. Sitting up enough to find Danny sitting in a chair, and looking just as exhausted as she felt, she said, “thanks for the lesson,” and let her head drop off the edge again.

Rita had encountered a problem with Katie’s plan; how to divide the men between the two of them. Were they going to be in two different rooms? Would the women have free choice of them? She had tried to call Katie back, but the phone rang endlessly. After half an hour had passed she gave in and prodded Melissa for her take on what the rules would be.

That conversation had gone about how Rita imagined it would. Melissa wanted the half with the biggest cocks, and was expecting her and Katie to be working from the same pool. In the ad she put on Cragislist she requested cock pictures, which in her experience with Craigslist personals, seemed an entirely superfluous request. Of the replies, Rita gave the biggest half of them her room number, an earlier start time, and instructions explaining that they would be blown twice to increase their staying power for the second, so long as they kept quiet about the first.

Every time a doubt raised in the front of her mind about what she was doing, it was crushed in a deep want she had for the end product. Remembering that for doing this she got to own her personal holy grail of pornography was enough to lose her concerns in lust. She had packed with the predominant intent of not upstaging her friends, and didn’t find that she had batıkent escort bayan anything that really said, “I’m about to suck ten dicks.” Their hotel had a mall in the basement that connected it to the next several casinos, and with plenty of time remaining she headed down there for some shopping.

Within an hour she had settled on a red halter dress. The back was open, and low enough she could see the top of the panties she had worn shopping, and it was tight enough it looked painted on her petite, fit, body. Looking at her reflection in the fitting room mirror, she couldn’t help but think she looked like the girl at the beginning of a porno. With that on her mind, her nipples rose against the fabric, and her panties went damp. Under her breath she said, “what the hell,” as she pulled the front of the dress up. “We’ve masturbated weirder places this trip.” She buried her hand down the front of her panties, and watched herself intently in the mirror.

Melissa too was watching herself in the mirror, but instead of what Rita was up to, she was trying to find an outfit in what she had packed that concealed the stainless steel panties she was locked up in. The waistband of them fit high, almost to her navel, and it overhung all of her pants like a teenager’s thong. All of her dresses were thin enough material that the hard angles of the metal showed through them. She thought about going to buy something frumpy enough to cover it, but that required leaving in something that didn’t, so she stayed in her room all day, counting the minutes until it would come off. She had managed to go about her day with it on, it allowed for all of the functionality that needed to happen down there, just kept anything remotely sex-like from happening.

It would come off. There was no way Katie was walking away from their wager the victor. Not only did Melissa have to win to get the belt off, she outright had to win. There was no way Katie could manage to pace her through one blowjob, let alone ten. There was no possible outcome that the belt wasn’t coming off, so it was pointless to buy something only to hide it for a few hours.

Just the night before she had been angry that she had only been able to masturbate to get off, but now masturbating seemed like a privilege. The club the night before had left her libido spiked well into the morning. It was still there, but had turned restless and anxious, and left the passage of every minute an agony. Seeped in frustration, she tried everything she could to keep her mind off of sex, off of the belt, and none of it worked.

When Rita was finished, her panties were so wet that she discarded them on the changing room floor instead of wearing them again. She bought the dress, and a y-back g-string low enough to wear under it. Her anxiety about what she was about to do continued to grow, occasionally dominating her thoughts. Back at the hotel, the camera gear had been delivered, and she set about distracting herself by testing it.

By the time she was getting ready the anxiety had fully bloomed into anticipation. She got dressed, did her hair and makeup, and when the first knock on her door came was brushing her teeth for the third time. Looking at herself in the mirror she inexplicably found herself beaming, and the feeling behind that anxiety came clear. It was exactly how she felt in high school when the boy she had a crush on sat behind her in class. It was the way she felt when someone she liked asked her out, when she caught a hot guy checking her out in the grocery store, when someone she wanted to impress gave her a compliment. Rita, while preparing to blow a roomful of strangers, was twitterpated. Before this vacation she never would have thought getting tarted-up to suck some Craigslist dick would have got her going, and who knows, it may never excite her again either, but right here, right now, she realized the anxiety was her mind trying to tell her she was probably going to enjoy it.

She hung a smile on her face and answered the door. Two men waited in hall, neither was all that bad looking. They were both took in the sight before them, petite and fit, Rita was the hottest woman they hadn’t paid to talk to this trip. The dress she had on was tight enough g-string left pantylines in the front, and her firm breasts struggled to stay in it. The men weren’t half bad to look at either. They were both lighter skinned than Rita, but like her were Latino. She greeted them by gesturing into the room, standing to one side as they entered. After checking the hall for anyone else coming she walked toward the bed.

One of the two men was already working his belt off, while the other seemed more interested in the camera. Rita sat on the corner of the bed, and helped the first man with his fly. She reached into his pants and cupped his heavy balls in one hand through his underwear. Just from the grope Rita’s mind turned to filth. Looking up to make eye contact with the man she had lost the last shred of doubt she had.

As she got his pants all the way down the other man asked, “what’s with the camera?”

Rita recognized his cock from the email, and real life was no disappointment. It hung at least 10 inches, and was still mostly soft. Her hand found its way back to cupping his balls, and as she stroked it to hard she breathlessly said to the other man, “I’m filming the main event later.”

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