Kate’s Knee High Boots

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I’d like to share this story with all you boot lovers, and hope that you get as much enjoyment from it as I did at the time.

Earlier this year I went to visit some friends from college in Leicester. I arranged to stay with my friend Pete, who still lives in Leicester, and is now married to Kate. Two other friends were also staying, and it turned out to be a great weekend. I arrived at Pete’s house on Friday evening, and was introduced to Kate. She wasn’t really what I’d expected, but she seemed pleasant enough. She was in her early thirties, quite plain, about 5’2″, dark brown shoulder length hair, and to be honest, a bit plump. Her plumpness however gave her the benefit of a large chest, and lovely full hips! Once the other two guys arrived, and we were ready to go out, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kate had changed into a pair of knee high boots. They looked great on her – they were soft dark brown leather with a square toe and block heel, and she was wearing them with tan casino oyna coloured tights. The black mini dress she was wearing really showed off her curves well, and I knew that I’d have trouble not staring at her all evening!

After a meal and a few drinks we all went back to Pete’s. By this time I’d had plenty off opportunities to flirt with Kate, and stare at her legs in her boots. After a few more drinks, we all crashed out, and I had sweet dreams of Kate and her sexy boots. In the morning, we’d all arranged to go into town for breakfast, but I had another plan. Feigning illness, I stayed in the house as the four of them went out. I knew I had a good couple of hours to myself, and hoped that Kate would not be wearing her boots that morning. After I was sure they’d gone out I went upstairs to Pete & Kate’s bedroom. Pushing open the door, I was rewarded with the sight of Kate’s boots lying in the corner of the room. I went straight over to them and knelt beside them.

The calf canlı casino section of the boots were so soft, and the inner material so smooth to touch. I could tell by the wear on the soles and the creases in the leather that she’d worn them a lot. I was very excited as I held one of the boots in my hand and brought it up to my face. I held the instep up to my nose and inhaled the wonderful aroma inside the boot. The mixture of Kate’s foot sweat, perfume and leather was intoxicating. She obviously had quite smelly feet, and I couldn’t remember ever smelling such fabulous boots. I imagined slipping them from Kate’s beautiful soft calves in her pantyhose and sniffing them while they were still damp with sweat. I knelt there for several minutes, sniffing and licking those lovely knee-highs. I worshipped every inch of those boots, before needing to relieve myself. I looked around to see Kate’s tights lying on the bed, and had an idea.

I undressed myself, and taking the boots with me, lay kaçak casino back on Pete & Kate’s bed. Carefully positioning both boots over my face, to get maximum aroma, I wrapped Kate’s tights around my cock, and imagined her taking off her lovely boots in front of me. I imagined her forcing me to lick them while she was wearing them, then taking them off her and sucking her toes. It didn’t take long for me to explode into the soft material as her fabulous scent filled my nostrils. It felt wonderful to be experiencing the secrets of such a lovely woman’s boots without her knowledge, as I emptied myself into her dirty hose.

Later that day after everyone had returned, I kept getting suspicious looks from Kate, and I was sure she knew what I’d been up to. Maybe she’d found the stains in her tights or maybe she thought I’d been through her knicker drawer. Either way, when we all went out in the afternoon, she wore her boots again. I kept wondering if she’d be turned on if she knew what I’d done. I wondered whether Pete ever enjoyed her in them, and whether he liked her to wear them while they fucked. Later that evening my questions were answered after we’d all been out again and returned to the house…

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