Kate’s Heavenly Hell

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This is a story that happened two years ago. Unbelievably, just last week, this craziness just got even more crazy. This is the story of how it all started…

Two years ago…

I had a long time fantasy of having a FFM threesome. My wife Kate told me that would never happen because she could not deal with the jealousy she knew she would experience. She was convince she would turn into one of those psycho jealous wives. I had given up on that one years ago. How do you argue with that. I certainly didn’t want one of those.

On Monday, when I got home, Kate told me casually over dinner that she had had coffee with her old school friend Alexa. They hadn’t seen each other for a few years. Wow, really interesting, I sarcastically thought.

“We talked for quite a while about stuff…”

Tuesday, Kate told me that she had invited Alexa over for dinner on Friday. I thought that would be nice. Alexa was hot, and oozed sexy. I always had enjoyed hanging out.

On Wednesday, Kate told me Alexa had just broken up with her girlfriend. Now that didn’t surprised me too much. Alexa seemed to have a endless string of boyfriends and girlfriends. She had been bi- since before I had known her.

Thursday, “You know your threesome fantasy?… Well, Alexa and I discussed a why that I could fulfill that for you, while not getting jealous.”

Wow, now that was interesting! Alexa was single right now, she was coming over for dinner tomorrow, and my wife had just implicated that she would be willing to fulfill my threesome fantasy! This sounded like it may be the best day of my life! I couldn’t get Kate to tell me any details. She made me promise to keep an open mind. We had some of the best sex ever that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about finally having a threesome. I could usually only cum once during sex, but that Thursday, I came twice; spurting huge loads each time.

Friday at work, I couldn’t really focus. I don’t think I got any real work done. I just kept thinking of Kate and Alexa making out and sucking on each others tits. I kept getting a hard-on, thinking about them. Each time I had to force myself to think about taking out the trash, or some other annoying household chore, just to get my cock under control. I began to worry that I would embarrass myself that evening by cumming too early.

When I got home, Kate took me upstairs to our room and sat me down on our couch. She nervously started “OK, I think you know that Alexa and I are hoping to try out a threesome tonight. But here is the deal. The only way to insure that I don’t end up with insane jealousy is for you to promise that you will not let your cock get anywhere near her pussy.”

“OK, I can make that promise” I assured her.

“That is not good enough. I know how these things go. When we get drunk on hormones and lust, no one can really control what they do. They are just follow instincts.”

“Well what’s the plan you two discussed?” I inquired.

Kate walked over to the bed and picked up a small package sitting there. I hadn’t seen it till then. She handed it to me, and just stood there. I opened it up and instantly know what it was.

Kate and I had played around with the chastity cage a bit before. She would lock me up and make me give here orgasms all night. At the end of the night, after hours of teasing and wild buildup, she would unlock me and bring me to an amazing orgasm. So I was not new to it, but it had been several years since the last time we had use it. My heart sank.

“Put it on, and you will have the wildest casino oyna night of your life” she started, “don’t put it on, and we will have a nice dinner, then Alexa and I will go out and catch a movie”.

I couldn’t believe it. Finally I was this close to living out my greatest fantasy, but I was going to have to forgo satisfaction? Did I have a choice though? Even with the chastity cage on, it would still be amazing! Something that I would never forget. I took off my pants and started putting the cage on. Kate pulled the lock out of the box and started putting it on.

“Last chance,” she looked at me.

“Lets do it. These chances don’t come along very often. I don’t want to screw this up!”

Kate closed the lock and put the key on her anklet. “Get re-dressed, and come down stairs. I need help getting the table set and opening a bottle of wine.”

Dinner was filled with sexual tension. I kept attempting to ask leading questions about their coffee date on Monday. Alexa kept smirking, while Kate gave short answers. I kept checking out the two girls. They were both wearing low cut tops, showing off a lot of cleavage. Kate’s white shirt showed here lacy red bra underneath; Alexa, I could see her nipples poking through her top, apparently, she had decided to skipped the bra.

Finally as Kate was bringing out some cupcakes for desert, Alexa gave her a conspiratorial look, “So did you?”

“Ya, I dug it out of the drawer. We put it on just before you got here.” I started to turn red. Considering what we were planning to do, I don’t know why, but I was embarrassed with them talking about my cock in its cage right in front of me. But they kept going.

“Good, I can’t wait,” Alexa continued. “What kind is it?”

“It is one of the clear plastic type.”

“Was it hard in there?”

“Ya, he barely managed to get it on. I thought I was going to have to get him some ice.” Kate was giggleing.

“Well maybe we can make it break the cage open!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. “Maybe we should take this upstairs?” I suggested.

When we got up to our room, I got started right away. I was already horny as hell; I started kissing Kate passionately and trying to take her shirt off. Alexa came up behind her and started running her hand over the red lace bra, easing the cups down to expose Kate’s nipples. I started sucking her hardening nipples while Alexa slid her hands into Kate’s pants. Kate was moaning like crazy. I added a had to Alexa’s in Kate’s pants. Her hand was already inside Kates panties. My hand joined hers, and started rubbing Kate’s clit. Kate’s knees started wobbling; she sat down on the edge of the bed.

I switched my focus to Alexa. I tore her shirt off, and attacked her tits. I started by pinching and rolling one of her nipples, then licking the other. I pulled her skirt off, and ran my hand along her pussy. Kate was on the bed panting while watching the action; my cock was aching, and felt like it was going to burst, trapped in its cage.

We moved over to the bed; Alexa started kissing Kate like she meant it, while fondling her tits. Not wanting to be left out, I came up behind Alexa and continued my assault on her pussy. It was then that the two girls looked at each other and gave a little knowing nod. I had no idea what was going on, but they sure seemed to.

They positioned me in the middle of the bed on my back. At some point my cloths had come off; I couldn’t remember when. Kate climbed up facing the headboard, positioning her pussy above my mouth. I eagerly started licking canlı casino her, first her lips, then up to her clit. While she was enjoying the attention, Alexa sat at the head of the bed and opened her legs. For the first time, Kate cautiously licked Alexa’s pussy lips. Slowly and tentatively she started getting more confidant. Alexa kept encouraging her and bragging to me about how good Kate was doing. I couldn’t believe that I was getting this chance, but my cock was locked up.

When Alexa erupted with a loud orgasm, the girls switched places. I hungrily started devouring Alexa’s pussy, while she put her magic tong to work on my wife’s. I reached around Alexa and took advantage of her tits as best I could from the angle. The girls both came together as my cock hopelessly struggled to burst out of it’s cage. I was so desperate to cum, but had no hope.

After the girls recovered, Alexa went and grabbed her bag and went to the ensuite bathroom. “How was that for you?” Kate inquired.

“Frankly,” I replied, “even though my cock is aching, I am in heaven. Thank you so much for fulfilling this fantasy for me. It was amazing.”

“We are not done yet” Alexa called from the bathroom. She came out sporting a 7 inch strap-on. “We need some cock”

“We are going to drive you wild” Kate added. They positioned me on the bed facing up again, but this time with my head near the edge of the bed. Kate climbed on top of me in a 69 position. She started massaging my balls, I started sucking here pussy lips. Alexa came up behind Kate, and slowly slid the strap-on into Kate’s pussy. Alexa started working on a nice cadence, while I paid attention to Kate’s clit. Kate kept up her attention to my balls, while my cock struggled to get hard. It felt like it was going to burst the cage any moment; if only I was that lucky. As Alexa kept her assault going, Kate started cumming again with a loud scream.

Alexa said in a desperate voice, “Ok big guy, your turn. I need some cock too.” I looked over at Kate, and she gave me a knowing smile and nodded.

“You are going to let me fuck her pussy!?” I asked.

“You thought we were going to unlock you?” Alexa laughed. “Get the strap-on strapped on, I need that cock now!” I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was finally getting to fuck another woman with my wife’s approval, but my cock was locked up, and I had to use a strap-on dildo. My cock was desperate to enter the show, but it was securely held locked safely away.

We all switched positions, with the girls doing a 69, and I was standing beside the bed, sliding the strap-on into Alexa’s pussy from behind. My cock was a mere 1 inch from that heavenly pussy, but all I could do was use my plastic ‘prosthetic’. I took our my frustration out on her pussy. I pounded it with all I could. Alexa kept yelling at me to give it to her; harder.

Kate seemed to enjoy Alexa’s ministrations more than I had. I lost count, but I think Kate had 3 or 4 huge orgasms while I worked over Alexa. Finally, when I didn’t think I could take any more, I reached around and started fingering Alexa’s clit. She didn’t last too much longer, erupting with her juice all over my crotch. My cock was even covered, all the while still trapped in Kate’s jail.

After that, we all needed a break. I lay down on the bed beside Kate. She flipped around and kissed me. “I love you so much,” she said. “I never know I would enjoy a girl so much. Thank you for helping me make this happen.”

“Any time, it is definitely worth it”

“Even with your cock out of commission?” kaçak casino she asked.

“Yes, even with him locked away.”

Alexa took the strap-on off of me, and started getting Kate strapped in. “You ready for your turn?” Alexa asked.

“Ya, can’t wait” Kate replied. Then she turned to me “You ready?”

“For what?” Alexa opened up a bottle of lube and started applying a generous amount to my ass. “Seriously?” I asked.

“Don’t worry. You are going to enjoy this!” Alexa assured me.

Well, so far, it had been amazing, so I decided to let whatever was going to happen. This time, Alexa climbed up on the bed, and just started kissing me. Her tits felt amazing against my chest. Kate must have read up on anal, as she seemed to know exactly what to do. She started just rubbing with the pad of one finger, then started applying pressure until it slipped in. After a minute or so of gently fingering my ass with one, she added a second finger, then a third.

This was the first time I had had sexual penetrated, but it felt strangely good. As Kate started lining up the strap-on to my hole, Alexa knelt over me, and lowered her pussy to my lips. I started sucking her pussy lips just as Kate pushed the strap-on into my ass. My hole felt stretched but good, not hurting due to Kate’s preparations. Kate started fucking me with a nice cadence, while Alexa started sucking her tits. Both girls were enjoying each other, and I think they forgot that I was there. I started getting Alexa close and closer to the edge again. Noticing, Kate took her turn sucking Alexa’s nipples. That put Alexa over the edge, and she came again covering my face in her juices; I loved it.

Alexa got off and started massaging my balls again. The anal stimulation and Alexa’s attention had me incredibly horny. I thinking that I may actually be able to cum like this. Alexa started simulating a blow job, or course I couldn’t feel anything, just watch.

“That’s a lot of pre-cum there big guy! How you feeling?”

“Desperate as a … something that is really desperate!” The pressure kept building up, until finally, I started oozing cum. It felt like many small orgasms, each one adding more jiz, running down onto the strap-on, and on into my ass. While it felt amazing, it didn’t leave me satisfied like a traditional orgasm. I was still desperate as hell.

We all fell onto the bed exhausted. “I was hoping we could get you there” Kate told me. “Looks like we don’t have to feel guilty about keeping you locked up next time.”

What? Next time?

Even though I was horny as hell still, I fell into an exhausted sleep. When I woke up, Alexa was gone. I heard Kate in the shower, so joined her in there. When we got out, Kate unlocked the cage and fucked me cowgirl style till we both exploded together with what was by far the strongest orgasm of my life. Sometimes I can stay hard after I cum, and after the previous night, I was still rock hard. I laid Kate on the edge of the bed, and returned her the favor from last night, taking her ass, while rubbing her clit and molesting her tits. After one final amazing orgasm we both cuddled up for a early morning nap.

I couldn’t believe how hot that was, and how frustrated I had been. And had Kate suggested there would be a next time?

After that day, Alexa came over “for dinner” about once a month. Kate kept putting the cage on my cock earlier and earlier in the week. Finally, she was putting in on on Sunday after edging me for the evening, and then she would leave it on till Saturday evening. I didn’t complain, because I loved the threesome sex, but damn, it was tough making it through the week. Kate and Alexa loved driving me crazy locked away in the cage.

Then just last week it all got so much more intense…

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