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Dinner is on the stove as she lets herself into the flat, her own set of keys on her keyring, she uses here as a bolt hole occasionally when she needs to get away from her family, while I am at work, the only clue I have is the lingering smell of Anais Anais in the air. She hooks her keys on the back of the door, knowing full well that if you put keys down in my flat they have a tendency to disappear of their own accord. She calls and I answer from the kitchen, she moves across the flat and puts her head around the door, telling me hello and immediately moving forwards for a kiss. I turn to her and kiss her gently, my mind wondering how bold she has become since the first time I made love to her. I pull back and look at her, she is stunning, clad totally in black leather. She stands there with her hands on her hips, in black leather pants, thigh length black leather high heeled boots and a black jacket. She moves around the back of me and kisses the back of my neck, I hear the zipper on her jacket as she pulls it down, and I pull the dinner off the stove and turn to face her, catching my breath as she slides the jacket off her shoulders to reveal a black lace up leather Basque. Her hands move to my shirt, unbuttoning it as I unlace her top, her mouth moves down my neck and places tiny little kisses all over it as I continue to undo her laces. She puts one hand over my shoulder and turns off the stove, her hand then moves back to my breasts, taking one of my nipples between her fingers and rolling it, then moving to the other one, her lips never leaving my neck and face. She kisses me deeply once more, and pulls away, looking in my eyes, smiling. I jokingly ask if she is sure she doesn’t want dinner, she looks me in the eyes and tells me that she is about to get dinner and so am I.

She takes my nipple between her fingers and starts walking to the bedroom, forcing me to follow her. We reach the bedroom and she turns and kisses me again briefly, then bends to take the nipple she has just pulled into her mouth, suckling on it, her tongue flicking over it, my back arching to meet her. Her hair is in one long blonde plait down the middle of her back, and I wind it around my hand, and pull her up to my face again. I kiss her deeply, my tongue sliding into her mouth, taking in her taste, her tongue intertwining with mine as we explore each other. My hands move down her sliding her basque off and moving down to her pants, unzipping them and then moving her to the bed and bending to unzip her boots, she bends over my back and kisses my spine, knowing that any movement on it drives me wild, my knees go to jelly and I pull her boots off with a moan, turning back to her as I do. She pulls me back towards her and moves me onto the bed, standing to step out of her pants and then moving back to the bed, back to me, still tanned from her holiday, her blonde hair almost white from the sun.

I watch as she moves down the bed, kissing her way down my body, until she reaches my pussy, her tongue snakes out of her mouth and glides across my cleanly shaven pussy, slick with my juices and begging for her touch. She licks me from top to bottom, never entering me, knowing how to drive me nuts, I marvel at the quick learner she is, knowing what to do to me, knowing how to please me and make me squirm. Her tongue enters me, lapping up my juices and moving to kiss my thighs, placing tiny kisses all over them, her tongue flicking as she does. Her mouth moves up to casino siteleri my clit and sucks it gently into her mouth, her tongue then explores every fold, every line, tasting, making me moan out loud as my hips move under her. She sucks slightly harder, her teeth gently gripping as she sucks it in and out of them, as I feel them scrape gently across it, my hand moving down me to her head, gripping her plait in my hand and pulling her up to me, I kiss her, tasting me on her lips and in her mouth, I pull away and tell her to turn around, I want to taste her and I cannot wait any longer, I have to have this woman.

She moves down me once more but this time her legs straddle my shoulders and move back, as she lowers herself and my hands move across her butt, gripping her, pulling her down on to me, as I feel her mouth once more on my pussy, her tongue moving back inside me as my own slides into her, tasting her for the first time all over again, the bittersweet taste of her against me. She moans and sucks on my clit harder, as I take her own into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue, suckling on it gently, her nails dig into my butt as I pull her deeper onto me, my tongue moving up to lick her juices from her, she is so wet I could swim in her, and as my tongue moves inside her she lets out a shuddering moan and grinds herself deeply onto me as my tongue slides deeper and she moves her hips over me, I lap her juices like I have never tasted it before, then continue my journey and lick up her to her butthole, flicking my tongue across it, stretching up to find it, feeling it tighten under my tongue as she squirms on top of me, feeling her nipples hard against me.

She takes two fingers and slides them deeply into me, my nails dig deep as she slides them in and out of me, slowly, filling me and then leaving me empty, over and over as my tongue moves back down her and fucks her own wet cunt as deeply as I can. Her hips move in perfect rhythm and my tongue glides in and out in even strokes, every movement driving her nuts and making her wetter. I move my mouth back to her clit, her own is sucking on mine and moans leave me as I suck her back into my mouth, alternating between sucking hard and gentle, her hips grinding her clit into my face, the smell of her sex filling my senses, driving me on. I want this woman to cum, I want to taste her, I need to taste her. I feel my own orgasm starting in the pit of my stomach and renew my sucking on her clit as it hits me, my body going rigid as her fingers work in and out of my cunt and her mouth sucks hard on my hard, swollen clit. I move back to her clit and slide two of my own fingers into her, followed by a third which I work in and out of her then slide to her butthole, gently brushing my nail across it and then sliding my finger inside. The effect is instant, she cums immediately, bucking and writhing against me, moaning as she cums, her teeth nipping the insides of my thighs, a quiver going from top to bottom through her as wave after wave hits her, my fingers sliding in and out of her and my mouth on her clit, my tongue probing as I suck on her.

She lies breathless on me, my fingers slowing and gently leaving her, as she moves off me and moves up my body, kissing her way up me as she moves into the side of me, snuggling against me. She takes my hand and moves it to her lips, sucking the two fingers into her mouth one at a time cleaning them, running her tongue around canlı casino them until they are totally clean. She pulls them out of her mouth with a pop and looks up at me with a glint in her eye, I smile and ask her where mine is, she laughs and tells me she ate that too, making me laugh as she snuggles back into me and plays with my nipple, her mouth gently suckling on the other one, as I play my nails up and down her back, feeling her wriggle at the side of me, her breasts squashed against me.

We continue this for about 30 minutes, each of us lost in the senses of the other one, gently and carefully driving each other nuts without totally losing it.

Her fingers play across my skin and down to my pussy, where she slides two fingers into me and starts to gently rub my clit, hitting the spot just above the hood that drives me nuts. Her thumb joins her fingers and she brushes her nail across my clit, still so sensitive from all her attention earlier, it sends shudders down my body and I hook my leg over hers, exposing my clit and cunt to her. She slides two fingers into me again and pushes them in deeply 6 or 7 times, each time pushing harder than the last, until she pulls them out again and moves back to my clit. I move my hand down and catch hold of hers, I am not going to miss out this time, as I move her hand to my mouth and take her two fingers in my mouth, tasting me on her, my mouth sucking on her, my tongue cushioning her fingers as they slide in and out of my mouth.

She pulls them out and runs her nails down my lips and my body, in between my breasts, tracing small, idle circles down me until she reaches my pussy once more. She slides her fingers back inside me and rubs my clit once more, this time not stopping, listening to my moans as they get louder and deeper, my breath getting caught in my throat as she rubs harder and faster, bringing me closer and closer until finally it overtakes me in waves, my body going nuts, great shudders going through me, almost screams leaving me, she moves and silences them with her mouth, stealing them from me and making them her own, as her tongue glides into my mouth, my passion overtakes me and I kiss her deeply and hard, she returns it and her body moves more urgently against me.

I take this as a signal and move down her body, gently nipping her and taking her skin gently into my mouth, tasting her perfume slightly on my tongue as I continue to move down, eventually reaching her pussy once more. I lick her lips gently and her hand moves to my head, pushing me down onto her, I slide my tongue into her and then move up taking her clit into my mouth and sucking on it hard. She moans and raises her hips to meet me, her fingers tight in my hair, as I continue to suck, this woman will scream for me, I will make sure of it. I lick her over and over, my tongue probing and exploring her, tasting her, hearing her moan,

I blow on her clit and her body explodes once more, greedily I go back to her for more, my tongue going deep inside her, my lips around her cunt, sucking her juices and cum out. I take her back into my mouth again, sucking on her, riding the waves of her orgasm as one after the other hits her, not stopping for one second, my assault on her pussy relentless, needing her, feeling her as her hips ride high off the bed, my hands on her hips, her hand in my hair, she screams my name and thrashes on the bed, her free hand clawing at the bed, as her head gets buried kaçak casino in the pillows.

Her hand leaves my hair and her arms go above her head, both hands flat against the wall she pushes down onto me, grinding herself on to me as my teeth pull on her clit and I slide my fingers into her. I suck hard on her clit again as my fingers ream her cunt, feeling it as it tightens around me, her hips are back on the bed but her back is arched high and her shoulders leave the bed, I dig my remaining nails into her butt and pull her in, my mouth never leaving her, my tongue sliding up and down her pussy, in and out, tasting wave after wave of her cum in my mouth, she suddenly slumps back onto the bed and then half sits up, growling under her breath, no longer knowing what she wants or where she wants to be.

I look up to see her watching me, the look in her eyes tells me that there is no recognition there, she does not even know where she is, never mind who she is with, her face is a miryad of emotions, pain, pleasure, lust, passion, everything is there. My fingers in and out of her, I bite her clit gently and she screams a string of obscenities at me, telling me to fuck her hard, to suck her clit and make her cum again, she no longer has a break between each orgasm and is just cumming over and over again.

I pull away from her as she slumps back onto the bed, her whole body shaking , every muscle shaking with tension being released, I look up her body and ask her if she wants me to stop, she tells me no and I go back to her, gently running my tongue across her swollen clit, she screams once more and moves about 6 inches up the bed, a long “nnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo” leaving her. I look up again and ask her if she wants me to stop, as I move, following her up the bed, her face is a picture of torn decision, she tells me once more she does not want me to stop, and I move in once more towards her, licking her lips as she breathlessly tells me no again. I smile at her, I know this, I have been here, so wrapped up in self satisfaction that she no longer knows what she wants, but I am not going to stop until she tells me to, I want her to surrender first, I want to know that this woman can not take anything else that I do to her, I want to do something that no one else has ever done.

I follow her up the bed once more and ask her if she wants me to carry on, her head is a mute half nod, half shake, and I lower my head to her once more to her, kissing the insides of her thighs gently as she continues to move up the bed, following her I move in again and hear a strangled almost non existent “stop, no more.” I smile and look up asking her if she is sure, in reply I get a combination of yes and no, and I take that as surrender and move up the bed to her.

I take her face in my hands and kiss her gently, her body is still quivering as I take her into my arms, where she curls up like a small child as she continues the struggle of getting her body under control, her breathing still ragged, as I quiet her gently, kissing the top of her head, her eyes, rocking her gently, bringing her back to me.

Her breathing slowly returns to normal and becomes deep and even as her exhaustion takes over and she sleeps until I wake her to send her home to her husband. I help her get dressed again on wobbly legs and once dressed she looks at me and smiles, leaning forward to kiss me. The kiss is gentle and full of love, the love we have for each other as friends and lovers. We say our goodbyes and arrange to meet again the following week, she leaves almost silently and I listen to her footsteps as they make their way down the floors and out to the car, my life suddenly mysteriously empty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story was my first real attempt at erotic fiction, and was written in 1999. It is rough on form, but the story has been well received on other sites. I enjoy feedback on all of my work, so feel free to give me your opinion on this piece.


Notice: This story is a work of fiction, told in the first person. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story has been copyrighted in the year 1999 by the author known as “The Collector.” The author has agreed to place this story onto specific sites on the Internet for the purposes of enjoyment by adult readers who wish to view this kind of material online. Any questions about this story, including questions about the possibility of publishing this story on other websites and/or by using other media, should be directed to the email address given above for “The Collector”.


It was summer. The day was somewhat cool, which was surprising due to the recent hot weather. I had been going to the swimming pool in the town park every day for the past week, but on that day I decided to go shoot some hoops on the court behind the high school.

The car was in the shop, so I grabbed the keys to my dad’s truck and headed off in the direction of the high school. I was dismayed at the sight when I got there, as the court was full with two teams going at it in five on five action, with more people sitting in the grass waiting to get in on the next game. I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less on a cooler day like that one.

I decided that I really did want to play basketball, so I stuck around. I got in on the second game and scored two of our team’s points on the road to winning the game eleven to eight. I’m not really a great basketball player, but I did what I needed to do in that game.

Surprisingly, about half of the guys who were there left after the game, leaving just enough for three on three. After picking up teams, we began to play. As we did, four girls stopped by to watch us.

The game ended rather quickly, and all five of the other guys left, taking three of the girls with them. The only people left were me and Jill, who just happened to be my dream girl.

Jill has blonde hair that surrounds her beautiful face and cascades down onto her shoulders. On that particular day she was wearing a white T-shirt and jean shorts overtop of a bikini, because she had just finished swimming before walking over to the high school. While her breasts aren’t large, they were big enough and very well rounded. Her suntanned legs looked better than ever in the glow of the sun that was decending in the western sky.

“Hey, you want to play some one on casino siteleri one?”

At first I was startled by the question, and my dirty mind instantly thought of other ways I could go one on one with Jill. I simply nodded as she grabbed the ball and began the game.

I told you before that I’m not great at basketball, but I am decent. Jill could have played for the girls team, because she was pretty good.

She was defeating me by the score of six to two when I tried to steal the ball from her. I slapped it away, and it went bouncing towards the grass surrounding the court. We both ran after it, but she grabbed me around the waist and held me back, then ran ahead of me. Before she could reach the ball, I tried to pull the same trick by grabbing her around the waist, except that our combined momentum caused me to tackle her more than hold her back by the waist. We both landed in an awkward pile on the grass a few feet from where the ball was.

Jill was face down and closer to the ball than I was. My face was in the grass, and when I looked up, I was staring straight at her jean short covered ass. Jill started crawling after the ball, and I continued the game, grabbing her ankle and pulling her in my direction.

After a few seconds, I managed to drag her back so that she was even with me, staring me in the eyes as we both lay on the grass.

We both laughed at the same time, and then she gave me one of the best surprises of my life when she suddenly pushed her lips to mine. We kissed for at least ten seconds, and I began to feel something stirring in my shorts.

Deciding that she was going to get up off of the ground, Jill moved her legs and then put her hand down on my leg for support. She stumbled as she got to her feet, and her hand brushed over the tent pitch in my shorts that was becoming obvious. I wasn’t sure she had noticed at first.

“Looks like somebody’s getting a little bit excited!” Jill cooed.

I looked up at her, then followed her gaze to where my tent pitch was now blatently obvious to anyone who was standing anywhere near me. Fortunatly, Jill was the only person there other than myself. I blushed slightly and said “To be honest, I can’t help it. You’re just too damn sexy, Jill.” I always did think it was best to just come out and say what you mean.

Jill pulled off her white T-shirt, showing me her bikini covered breasts. Then she walked over and said “We’re going to have to do something about this” as she grabbed my hardon through my shorts.

It was all I could do to keep from coming right then and there. Here was the hottest chick in school and my dream girl grabbing my prick and telling me she was about to do something with it.

I did the only thing I could. I leaned forward when she lowered her canlı casino head and kissed her full on the lips for the second time. She began to help me pull off my shirt, and then we kissed again. She started to tug on my shorts, but I stopped her. “You get to see my chest. It’s my turn to see yours.”

She hesitated only to look around for other people, but with the sun rapidly setting in the western sky, there was no one else around. She quickly untied the back of her bikini top and then let it fall to her side. I took in the view of her perfectly shaped tits, which had no tan lines whatsoever. “No tan lines?” I said in the form of a question.

“Yeah.” she said. “I just came back from vacation with my family in France. When my mom wasn’t around, I took my top off.”

“Nice” I mumbled and moved forward to feel just how nice they were. As I was massaging her tits, Jill again tugged on my shorts, pulling both shorts and underwear down to my ankles in one fell swoop. My erection sprang up to meet her, almost hitting her in the face. She grabbed it, but I stopped her.

“Not yet.” I said. “I want to see your sexy body first.”

Jill stood up and pulled off the jean shorts quickly, then untied her bikini bottoms and let them fall to the ground. It was better than I had ever imagined in any of my dreams. Her flat stomach moved down to where a trimmed triangle of bushy blonde pubic hair began. So she was a true blonde!

Jill got back down beside me where I lay and once again took hold of my prick. Her hands felt so soft as she began to gently caress it and jack me off. While that felt good, I wanted to touch her body badly.

I moved so that I could see her pussy, and the combination of seeing such a beautiful pussy along with Jill’s soft hands gently milking my penis sent a shiver up my spine that told me I was going to come in about ten seconds if I didn’t do something quick. I stopped Jill from jacking me off and spun her around.

“I want you so bad, Jill.” I said. “Then take me.” she replied.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked her. “Well, yeah. But I want you to fuck me. I really do.”

She wasn’t going to get any arguement from me. I pushed her legs up and then used one hand to aim my penis, which was harder than it had ever been, at her opening. “Are you ready?” I asked, and she nodded in response.

The feeling of sinking my cock into my dream girl was something I will never forget. That first entry into her hot, wet pussy was undescribable. She was tight, and pretty soon I encountered her cherry. I didn’t want to hurt her, so I hesitated. I moved my penis back out of her a bit, and she moaned loudly as her pussy clamped down on my penis very hard.

That did it. I was going to fuck Jill, and if she had some pain, it would only kaçak casino be momentary. I thrusted in as hard as I could, and felt a breakage and then my penis moved into her completely. I remained there for a second and held her as I asked “Are you okay?” “Yeah, just keep going.” she said.

She didn’t need to tell me twice. I pulled her up so that her calves were on my shoulders, then grabbed her hips with my hands and began to thrust, gently at first. When I heard her begin to moan, I began to thrust harder in response.

Eventually, as I got more and more excited, I actually put my hands underneath of her back and lifted her completely off of the ground. I pumped into her pussy as hard as I possibly could, and was soon rewarded. Jill began to scream my name as her orgasm hit, causing her pussy to clench around my penis like a vise.

That did it for me. I began squirting my cum up inside of her pussy, thrusting like mad and screaming “OH JILL” for all I was worth. I pumped what seemed like five gallongs of cum into her. Her juices mixed with my cum and began to flow out of her pussy around my still hard cock.

I stopped thrusting, but by this time Jill had begun rythmic motions of her own. She turned us over and got on top of me, then reinserted my dick into her pussy. Again the feeling of penetration was undescribable.

Jill began to at first rock back and forth on my dick, then as she got more excited, she began to thrust herself up and down upon it. After a minute or so, I got back in on the action and began to meet each of her downthrusts with an upthrust of my own.

Within a minute or two, Jill began to orgasm again, yelling out “Ooooo my god that feels so good…yes…yes…yes…YES…YES…YEEEEEESSSSS” as she ground herself into me.

Once again, her orgasm triggered my own as I exploded into her pussy for the second time. There wasn’t as much come this time, but by now her pussy was soaked in a mixture of her own juices and my cum.

We lay there together for a few minutes with my cock still in her, the sweat clinging to our bodies as our breathing slowly became less labored. Suddenly a thought dawned on me. I had just fucked Jill, and I was still inside of her.

The thought caused me to instantly get hard again. Jill, feeling my arousal, said “That was awesome, but it feels like you’re ready to go again.” I replied “I’m game if you are.”

Without responding verbally, Jill simply repositioned herself astride my body and we began to fuck again.

After that next fuck, we put our clothes back on, and I gave Jill a ride home. We kissed before I dropped her off, and I said that I would see her in school.

“You’re going to see me more than that.” she replied. I started to say something as her mother came out of the house, then stopped myself short. Jill simply winked at me, smiled that sexy smile, and waved. I drove off, knowing that I might again get a piece of the finest ass I had ever seen. I later did just that many times over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Fucking My Best Mate Ch. 01

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Chapter 1

The heat on my back was definitely having an effect. The warmth from the early spring sun as I lay on a large rug in my back garden was making me feel randy — very randy. However, feeling randy was a bit of a problem for two reasons. Firstly Natalie my wife of four years was away on a girly long weekend with some old university friends and secondly my best friend Mike was lying next to me soaking up the rays as well.

The beautiful day had surprised us both. After an active morning mountain biking we had lunch, which had included a couple of beers. It became hotter so we decided that sunbathing was the best way to spend a lazy afternoon. He hadn’t come equipped with shorts or swimming trunks so eventually we had both stripped down to our underpants and we were now lying side by side, face down on the rug.

The warmth continued without a break and I was now sporting an increasingly stiff and uncomfortable erection. I tried moving carefully so my cock wasn’t folded up underneath me. Eventually with some wiggling I managed to align it straight up. This felt much better but gave it my cock space to grow into a full erection.

Just then Mike asked if I had any sun burn protection.

“I think there’s some in the bathroom. I’ll get it.”

“Thanks Dan,” he replied.

Carefully facing away from Mike I stood up and went up to the bathroom hoping he hadn’t seen my erection. The bathroom was on the first floor of my house overlooking the garden. Luckily my garden is very private. Surrounded by mature trees, thick hedges and not overlooked. its a rarity in this part of England. I found the sun tan oil and as I was passing the open window on the way back out I noticed Mike. I’d caught him just as he pushed his bum up in the air and put his hand underneath him to adjust his cock in the same way I had. It struck me that he too was feeling randy! As I watched he wriggled his hips a bit and then pushed them up and down a couple of times while his hand was still underneath him. I also noticed that as he’d wiggled his hips his underpants had ridden up between his buttocks exposing the bottom and sides of his cheeks.

Now, I’ve always been an admirer of the female bottom — my wife has a particularly nice arse and enjoys it when I slide my cock into it from time to time — but the fact that I was looking with interest at Mike’s backside quite surprised me. I’d sometimes admired — and been excited by — the firm male cheeks thrusting a cock into the cunt of a voluptuous porn star in the videos Natalie and I watched sometimes, but I’d never considered Mike in that light. My cock, which had subsided a bit when I came indoors, twitched again and brought me back to my senses. I’m open-minded and didn’t feel that admiring his bum was in anyway wrong; it was just that I’d never looked at him like that before.

When I got back outside he was lying with his head on one side and his eyes shut so I had a good long look at his body. He was fit. His broad shoulders lead to a slim waist and it had to be said a rather attractive pert bottom. Taut from cycling it was flat sided with rounded cheeks and what, under his pants, looked like a well-defined valley between them. I idly wondered if he shaved down there like I did.

Maybe it was the beer talking, or the heat of the afternoon, or maybe it was looking at his bum out of the window. I surprised myself again by asking him if he wanted me to put some oil on his back.

“Yes, OK if you don’t mind.” He said casino siteleri after a brief pause.

I knelt beside him and poured a little oil onto my hands to warm it up before gently massaging it into his shoulders and upper arms. It felt slightly odd touching him like that. Never before in our friendship had we ever done anything as intimate. But I found I didn’t mind and my cock certainly didn’t — it was getting stiffer in my pants.

I worked down his back, circling my hands gently but firmly, to his smooth waist. I noticed as I let my finger travel down his spine that he lifted his buttocks very slightly making his fit bum tighter and more defined. I found this exciting so I did it again and was rewarded by a more pronounced uplift of his hips. I’d now obviously moved from spreading suntan oil to massage and he didn’t seem to mind at all – in fact he seemed to be enjoying it. My cock was growing harder in my pants and was in danger of popping out to say hello so I moved a bit further down his body…. nearer to his bum.

Now my hands were catching in the waistband of his pants. I was feeling very turned on and my cock was beginning to rule my head. Without thinking too much I gently tugged his pants down a little just uncovering the top of his rounded bum cheeks. I felt him tense and then relax. I massaged him a bit more paying particular attention to the top of his bum cheers.

Eventually he said in a slightly dreamy voice, “What are you doing Dan?”

“Making sure your bum doesn’t burn?”

“Oh! OK,” he hesitated for a moment. “Maybe this will help,” he said lifting his hips and pushing his pants down to fully expose his cute bottom to the sun… and to me. I really was a superb specimen n- one any porn start would be proud to wave at a camera. It was smooth, hairless, rounded and firm with a most enticing cleft between his cheeks leading to the currently hidden delight within.

I needed no more encouragement. I poured a little more oil on my hands and then as an afterthought poured some directly on his bottom making sure some dribbled down between his cheeks. He groaned slightly as it trickled down between his legs and over his balls. I started massaging his buttocks with the flat of my hands, gradually working from the top, round the sides and down to the base of his cheeks. I massaged firmly, covering his bottom with oil until it was glowing and glistening in the sun.

Being in such close contact with his naked bum was erotic in the extreme and was having a very obvious effect on my cock, which was now straining to be free of my pants. Mike must have noticed this.

“Why don’t you take yours off as well? You don’t look comfortable,” he said as he looked round.

I stood up and slid my pants down, stepping out of them. Mike looked up at my erection and smiled at me.

“Sorry, its the heat…” I lied with a grin.

“Just the heat Dan?” he laughed.

“Well that – and you lying with your pants round your thighs.”

“Yeah, its funny you should say that. Look at this.” He turned onto his side to show me his own cock, which was also fully erect. I was excited to see that he obviously shaved all his pubic hair allowing me to see the full length of him.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked.

“I think I am.”

“You OK with… doing something?” I asked.

“I think so, yes.”

“I wouldn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

He hesitated for a moment.

“No, its canlı casino OK Dan, really. I want to. Its turning me on too. Now what were you doing?” he asked, smiling again and lying back down on his front, lifting and wiggling his bum so he could ease his pants further down his thighs. I really wanted to slide my cock between those beautiful cheeks. The thought of easing my cock into his tight, well-lubricated arsehole was tantalising.

I lost no time kneeling down again, but this time astride his legs. My balls dangled, nestling between his legs while my cock stood up pointing at his firm bum like an arrow at a target. As I leaned forward to continue massaging his cheeks my cock fell forward until it was lying between his legs, a little short of his bum cleft. It felt exciting and stimulating to be in such intimate contact with his warm flesh. As I worked back and forth my cock started to rub along between his legs. He gave a couple of small movements to encourage me so I dribbled some oil over my cock and made some stronger thrusts along his thighs.

Gradually my thrusts brought the tip of my erection in contact with his bum cheeks, just separating them a little. Wow did that feel good! It must have been good for Mike too because he pushed up a little encouraging my cock to explore further. Easing forward again I pushed a little until the whole tip of my cock was squeezed between his cheeks. My erection was so hard it was almost painful.

Then Mike surprised me. He reached both hands back and pulled his cheeks apart exposing a perfect star-shaped sphincter, completely hairless, inviting me to explore it.

Again I surprised myself by scooting backwards and leaning down to plant a kiss right on his naked hole. The earthy, manly aroma was exotic and enticing. Mike groan as I kissed his ring and then groaned even more loudly as I gently licked it. He pushed back and pulled his cheeks apart even further to help me as I pushed the tip of my tongue into him. I felt him relax his anal muscles and that encouraged me to push further in until my fully extended tongue was embedded inside him. Then I started to fuck him with my tongue… in and out… in and out… enjoying the tight feel around my tongue and the intimate pressure of his buttock cheeks around my face.

“Christ Dan! That’s so horny!” he said.

I could only make a muffled reply as I was busy between his cheeks tongue fucking his delicious hole. I carried on like this becoming more and more aroused all the time. Mike obviously felt the same because he was pushing up to meet my invasive tongue with ever stronger hip thrusts.

Eventually I knew it was time to move onto the next phase — my cock was telling me so by leaking pre-cum all over his legs. I shifted position so my cock was now firmly between his cheeks and heard him groan again as I started to thrust it up and down between them, rubbing the full length with my shaft and tip over his arsehole as I did so. Repeated thrusts made the tip start to catch in his anus and then with a coordinated thrust from him and from me his ring finally caught my cock in its tight embrace.

Although feeling very excited and incredibly horny I forced myself to relax. I didn’t want to hurt him, knowing now that I would almost certainly fuck him and there would be no going back from this.


“Yes?” he said breathlessly.

“You’re sure about this?”

“Fuck yes! Its time we did this. Take it easy though.”

“Yeah, OK. Let kaçak casino me know if it hurts,” I said as I put a little more pressure on my cock. I felt him relax for me and then that amazing feeling, unique to anal sex, when the tip of your cock pops past the sphincter and is finally captured inside a willing bottom – just at the start of its journey to the centre of ecstasy.

I started to rock gently back and forth alternately pushing a little further into him and then easing back. With each thrust I felt him open more allowing me to slip deeper into him. The temptation was to ram my cock fully home as soon as I could but common sense didn’t desert me. A few exquisite minutes of gently pushing and easing finally paid off as my cock became fully inserted as deep into his arse as possible. It’s an amazing feeling; a pair of fit muscled cheeks pressing on your stomach and trapping your balls as the smooth heat of a tight backside embraces your cock. I was in heaven!

Now he was fully relaxed. His arse, although still tight, was open for me to fuck him deeply and with increasing passion. I withdrew the full length of my cock, popped it out and back in and then pushed fully into him again and again. This elicited deep moans and complimentary thrusts of his hips matching my invasive cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long. The pressure in my balls was becoming unbearable and his increasingly deep and frequent moans were turning me on even more.

Gradually my senses withdrew to become centred on the ache in my balls and the shaft of my cock filling his warm, wet and slippery arse. I tried to hold back but it wasn’t possible. The heat of the afternoon, the excitement of fucking my best male friend, of feeling my hard cock sliding between his cheeks and into his taboo hole was too much. I felt a lubricating gush of cum rise up from my rigid testicles and spurt into him allowing me to slip even deeper into his back passage and deposit another large spurt of cum right up inside. Mike started to buck and jerk as his own orgasm broke over him. I clung on, matching thrust for thrust and spurt for spurt as I tried to prolong both our orgasms. The feeling was incredible. My cock pumped cum into his tight passage while his shot out and pooled under his body. I don’t think I’d ever ejaculated some much for so long. We both groaned and moaned as we bucked and fucked wildly against each other.

After what seemed like minutes of orgasm I gave one last massive thrust, ramming my cock hard into him and then collapsed exhausted. I lay full length on his back while my cock, still encased in his anus, slowly shrank. I made gentle thrusts with my hips to keep the mutual feeling of what we were doing going for as long as possible. The tight slipperiness of his hole was perfect.

“Fuck Dan. That was amazing, fucking amazing!” he said eventually.

“Incredible!” I replied. “You have a really fuckable arse!”

“It was so horny feeling you come up there — made me cum really hard!”

“So you want to bugger your arse again sometime?”

“Sometime soon maybe…but I’m a bit sore now.”

“Oh, sorry!”

“Don’t be. It was fucking great! I don’t know what we didn’t do this before.”

“Yeah, we should have — all that wasted time!” I replied.

Then I rolled off him and lay beside him stroking his back. He looked at me and smiled. Then leant over and kissed me full on the lips. I kissed him back and we lay like that for a while perfectly relaxed in each other’s company with the afternoon sun warming us.

Eventually we got up and cleaned up the mess we’d made. Then we both walked naked into the house and up to the main bedroom where the en-suite bathroom had a large shower.

Continued in Chapter 2…

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Callie’s Milk

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About a year ago my daughter met a guy who was the epitome of scum. She was eighteen, he was twenty-five and the two were about as well suited as oil and water. The one time I met Roger Banks, I remember being thoroughly disgusted; his long, stringy hair held as much oil as the crankcase of his Harley, his face, which was not what anyone would call handsome, was dotted with old acne scars and several blackheads. He was so nasty that I was afraid to shake his hand.

I didn’t believe at the time, nor do I now, that Callie had feelings for the bum. My daughter has always been one who enjoys shocking others, especially me, and her relationship with Roger was simply for the shock value. She loves it; seeing how far she can push the envelope, seeing someone’s face when she says or does something truly outrageous, is Callie’s idea of fun.

I gave up long ago trying to persuade my daughter that she didn’t have to behave so scandalous all the time. I tried to impress upon her that her behavior did not impress others, especially her mother and me. I may as well have been talking to a brick wall for all the good it did me. She never listened. Somewhere inside that pretty head of hers is the notion that she can do anything she wants. After all, she’s a very beautiful young woman, and everyone knows that beautiful women own the world. Well, that’s a little simplistic, but it seems to adequately describe my daughter and how she views the world.

About three months after Callie met Roger Banks, she became pregnant with his baby. Naturally, since Banks is probably one of the more revolting specimens of human nature, he fled town when she told him, and hasn’t been heard from since. I say, good riddance! In many ways, though, Callie has been profoundly changed by the incident. The prospect of having a baby, having to care for a child, has forced her to grow up and accept some responsibility.

At least, for the most part.

There is still a wild streak in my daughter that she hasn’t quite let go of. She still likes to taunt and shock people just to see how they’ll react. Janet has become immune to Callie’s peculiar behavior over the years and simply ignores her. I do the same and most times it works. But Callie never gives up. She knows, at the very least, she can get a reaction out of me. And that proved true a few weeks back.

Callie decided to breastfeed little Andy, who is now six weeks old, and she doesn’t seem to be bothered with the rules of decorum regarding the display of her breasts. Starting from day one, Callie would come into the den, sit on the sofa and pull out a milk-laden breast for Andy to feed on. Janet told me to ignore her, that Callie was simply acting up again. But, let me tell you that it’s hard to ignore such beautiful breasts, regardless of whom they belong to.

I’ve never really thought of my daughter in a sexual way, even though I knew she was every bit as beautiful as she believed. She has long red hair that she normally keeps tied in a loose pony tail behind her head, her skin has a soft peach complexion and her frame is slender and curvaceous. She’s only 5′, 5″ but her slender body makes her legs seem very long. She has green, mischievous eyes and sensual lips that can melt your heart when she smiles.

A couple of weeks ago when Andy was about four weeks old, Callie came into the den with Andy one evening while I was watching television. Janet was gone to one of her endless charity meetings and the three of us were alone in the house. Without a word, she sat down on the end of the sofa nearest to my recliner and exposed a breast for Andy to suckle. I have to admit that much of the problem I’ve had with Callie breastfeeding her son in my presence was that I enjoyed it more than a father should. It was hard not to watch and I would covertly glance at my daughter’s exposed breast many times. She’s caught me several times but she simply smiled without saying a word.

Callie’s creamy white breast had an effect on me. Maybe it was because Janet and I seldom have sex anymore, or maybe it was just because I enjoyed looking at a beautiful, milk-filled breast. Whatever the reason, seeing her breasts was intoxicating. I shouldn’t have been so aroused, especially with my grandson attached to the working end, but my cock quickly became a throbbing hard seven inches. Seeing my daughter’s breasts had become the most arousing experience of my life.

Suddenly, Callie turned her face to me and her eyes seemed to light up with the old mischievous quality that I had come to know so well. Her beautiful lips spread into a playful smile as she looked into my eyes. I knew she was about to say something shocking again but I didn’t mind.

“Do you like looking at my tits, daddy?” she asked with a grin.

“I ah…I’m sorry, Callie, I didn’t mean to stare,” I said hesitantly.

“Yes, you did,” she laughed. “You’ve been looking at my tits every time I breastfeed Andy.”

“Well, it’s not like it’s easy not to watch,” I said in my defense.

Without casino oyna a word and her lips still spread in a playful grin, Callie exposed her other milk-filled breast. With her left hand, she gently cupped the heavy tit and lifted it. I just stared at it, my eyes riveted to the milky white globe and the dark, fat nipple that oozed milk.

“Would you like to taste my milk, daddy?” she asked softly.

“I…ah…maybe we shouldn’t have this conversation,” I stammered.

The truth is, I desperately wanted to feast on my sexy daughter’s tit and drink her milk. It may be wrong, maybe in reality my mind is really twisted and immoral, but the thought of taking that fat, brown nipple into my mouth was the most stimulating thought of my life. A fleeting thought that I was worse than Roger Banks came to mind but I quickly pushed it away.

“Why, daddy?” she persisted. “I know you want to. I can tell from the way you look at my tits that you want to suck them.”

That smile, the mischievous glint in her pretty green eyes, were signs of her old behavior. Callie was pushing the envelope again and trying to see how far she could take me. My pulse was racing, pounding away in my ears; my breath was ragged and labored; my mouth was as dry as desert sand and I couldn’t speak. I just looked at her, my eyes captivated with that soft, heavy breast she was offering.

Suddenly, just like that, it was over. Andy apparently had finished with his evening meal and Callie began the process of burping him. When that was over she stood from the sofa, carried her infant son to a playpen in one corner of the den and gently laid him inside. After she made sure he was asleep, she turned and locked eyes with me. Then, without a word, she slowly shrugged out of the denim shirt she was wearing and dropped it to the floor at her feet. Now she stood in a pair of skimpy panties that barely concealed the puffy mound of her pussy.

She walked to where I sat and crawled into my lap, her legs on either side of mine, and lowered her firm, well – rounded ass onto my lap. My gaze was immediately drawn to her heavy tits that she cupped with both hands. A tiny drop of milk clung to the fat nipple of her left tit and I licked my lips eagerly.

“Go ahead, daddy,” she said softly. “Drink me, taste my milk.”

“Oh, baby…”

“No one has to know,” she said in that soft, easy voice. “Let me breastfeed you, daddy.”

A tiny mewling sound came from my mouth as she touched a fat nipple to my dry lips. Without considering it any further, without thinking or acknowledging that what I was about to do was wrong, I opened my mouth and sucked the offered nipple into my mouth. Callie placed one hand lightly behind my head and held me while I began to feed from her nipple.

Callie’s breast milk wasn’t bitter, as I had been led to believe. Someone once told me that a woman’s breast milk is bitter and nasty but I thought my daughter’s milk was incredibly good. I began to suck with a greedy need, savoring the rich taste of Callie’s milk on my tongue.

“You like it, don’t you, daddy?”

“Yes, baby, I love it.”

“Suck my nipple harder, daddy,” she said. I heard the strain of something new in her voice that I hadn’t heard before and suddenly realized that it sounded very much like lust. “Make me feel it, daddy! Suck my titties!”

I complied. I began to suck Callie’s nipple hard, taking drops of warm, sweet milk into my mouth each time. Soon, I heard tiny gasps of delight coming from her as I feasted on her sweet, sexy tit. Both of her hands held my head, her long fingers combing through my hair as she watched me suck her nipple. I had both of her heavy tits in my hands and I began to alternate between them. I was like a kid in a candy store as I greedily sucked my daughter’s breast milk from both of her lovely, soft tits.

All at once, Callie began to move in my lap. She began to rock her hips, rubbing her panty-covered pussy along the fat shaft of my cock that made a nice bulge in my kaki pants. Back and forth she moved her delicious pussy, grinding and rubbing against my cock. I couldn’t believe that my daughter was dry fucking me! I was so turned on I could barely breathe. I increased the force of my sucking and started to bite and chew on her nipples, taking them into my mouth and sucking hard on them.

“Yessssssssss!” she hissed. “Suck my nipples, daddy! Suck them hard! Make them hurt!”

“You like that?” I gasped around a fat nipple.

“Yes! Oh, daddy, you’re such a good tittie sucker!”

Abruptly, Callie began to grunt and moan as she rocked her hips harder and faster. Her hands held me tight against her left breast as she suddenly descended into the depths of a fierce orgasm. I just sat quietly, hardly able to believe that my daughter, my sweet nineteen-year-old Callie, had just had an orgasm while dry fucking the bulge of my hard cock in my pants. I held her tightly, her left nipple still in my mouth, until she finally collapsed against me.

We canlı casino sat this way for some time, and then she rose up and crawled from my lap. She walked back to where she’d dropped her shirt, picked it up from the floor and shrugged back into it. Then, with a tiny smile on her pretty lips she turned and walked back to where I sat. She bent at the waist, leaned in and licked a drop of mother’s milk that clung to one corner of my mouth.

“Any time you’re thirsty…”

“I know where I can get the best mother’s milk in town,” I replied with a smile.

She nodded, and then walked to where Andy lay sleeping in the playpen. I watched my sexy daughter take her son to the room where they slept, my mind reeling with all that had happened. The evening had started with her simply doing what she had been doing for weeks: exposing her breasts to get a reaction from me. Well, she did get a reaction; one I knew I wouldn’t soon be able to get out of my mind. When I looked down at the front of my trousers, I groaned loudly. There was a large spot that was the juice and cum from Callie’s pussy.

I quickly shoved my pants down around my knees, without caring who walked in. It didn’t take long, either. The taste of Callie’s milk, the feel of her nipples in my mouth, and the orgasm I gave her just because I was sucking her delicious titties, combined to send me into a mind-numbing orgasm. With the image of Callie’s tits in my mind’s eye, my cock exploded and ropes of thick, white cum shot into the air to land on the carpet at my feet.

Later that night, after everyone else had gone to sleep, I lay awake remembering what had happened between my daughter and me. As I had predicted, the images of that night would not go away easily. And I lay there anticipating the next time I would drink from my daughter’s sexy, young breasts.

* * * * *

I went around in a daze for the next few days, my mind absorbed with the images of my daughter and the warm, sweet taste of her breast milk. During that time I tried to analyze what had happened and understand why Callie had aroused me so much that night. The bottom line, which is so one-dimensional that it really may not explain it well, is that we were doing something that was wrong. Incest is considered taboo and is not very well accepted by most. The fact is, though, that people – at least in the time we now live – are drawn to what they’re not supposed to have. And what Callie and I did that night was even more breathtaking simply because it was wrong.

Still, I could not stop thinking about that night. It’s a good thing that I own my own company or I might have lost my job. I was so engrossed in what had taken place that I found it difficult to focus on daily tasks. Even my secretary and one of my foremen commented on the obvious lack of attention, wondering if I was all right.

The following night, which was Friday, I stayed up late to watch an old movie on cable television. Janet went to bed a few hours earlier because she had a charity event scheduled for the next day. I had hoped that Callie would feed little Andy again but she accomplished that task and put him to bed before Janet went to sleep. So, I sat alone in the den watching a movie that I wasn’t even interested in.

A little after twelve, Callie came into the den dressed in a bath robe, her long, red hair damp from a fresh shower. I was surprised. I had thought she probably went to sleep when she put my grandson to bed. I could feel my cock begin to stir under the robe I had put on earlier in anticipation of another opportunity with my daughter. She stopped in the center of the room and looked around.

“Where’s mom?” she asked.

“She went to bed a couple of hours ago,” I said, trying hard to keep my eyes on her face. “She has one of those charity events tomorrow.”

Callie grinned. “You know how sound she sleeps. It would take a bomb to wake her up.”

“I know.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Are you going to feed me?”

“I would love to breastfeed my daddy,” she said with a soft, husky voice. “I really like the way my daddy sucks my nipples.”

“I love your milk, baby,” I said. My eyes dropped momentarily to where I knew her breasts were under the terrycloth robe. “And I really love sucking my little girl’s tits.”

It was so bizarre having this conversation with my daughter. For nineteen years Callie had been my little girl, even though she had been a pain in the ass much of that time. Still I had loved her, and talking dirty to her was so far out in left field that I could hardly believe it was actually taking place.

“I also want to fuck you, Callie.” I had known I would say that and the words only aroused me more.

“Really?” she said with arched brow.


Without another word I shrugged out of the robe. Callie’s eyes dropped to my hard cock and her pretty mouth made a big O as she stared at it. A week before I would not have believed that I would be sitting naked in my recliner, holding my hard kaçak casino cock in one hand while my sexy daughter stared at it.

“You want my cock, Callie?” I asked with a lust-filled voice.

“Fuck, yes!” she hissed.

She quickly took off the robe she wore, dropped it on the floor and crawled onto my lap. Before she was even settled I pulled her face to mine and mashed my lips to hers. Callie parted her lips and groaned when I slipped my tongue deep into her mouth. I had kissed my daughter many times before but never like this. The feel of her warm, wet mouth on my tongue was stimulating and we kissed with a wild, intensity that took my breath away.

“Fuck me, daddy!” she hissed into my mouth. “Jam your big daddy-dick in my little cunny!”

“Oh, baby, I need your hot little cunt so bad!”

“It’s yours, daddy! Take it!”

Callie rose up, grabbed my hard cock with one hand and guided it to her sopping wet fuck hole. We both groaned in unison as the big head spread her lips wide and sank deep inside of her. There was a wild look in her green eyes as she settled onto my cock. Then, with a long groan of pleasure, she began to fuck me, her ass rising and falling while I rocked my hips to meet her thrusts.

“Suck my titties, daddy! Drink my milk!”

“You like breastfeeding me, baby?”

“Yessssssssss! Oh, fuck, yes! I love feeling your lips and teeth and tongue on my nipples!”

I began sucking her tits, alternating between the two, taking her warm milk into my mouth and savoring the taste. Callie groaned softly as she watched me feed on her beautiful tits. I couldn’t get enough of my little girl’s milk. I held her heavy globes in my hands while my greedy mouth worked on the fat nipples.

Her pussy felt like a glove made of liquid satin as she rode my throbbing meat. I could feel her juices gathering on my cum-filled balls. Her pretty face had transformed into a mask of pure lust, her green eyes wide with unbridled desire, and her bottom lip quivering with need. I released a nipple and leaned back to watch her pussy as my cock impaled it with each upward thrust. Her fat, shaved pussy mound, the pink, throbbing clit nearly drove me mad with desire.

“I can’t believe you’re fucking me, daddy!”

“I can’t believe it, either,” I gasped. “Such a nice pussy!”

“Do you know that my milk will be gone one of these days?”

“I know,” I said. “I’ll miss it, too.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way, you know.”

“I don’t understand, baby.”

She grinned and caressed my face with one hand. In a soft, barely audible voice, she said, “Cum in me, daddy. Cum in my pussy and make me pregnant again.”

I just stared at her for a long moment. Callie had taken me by surprise and I didn’t know what to say. My daughter had just asked me to make a baby in her. She leaned forward and kissed me softly, her tongue dancing lightly inside of my mouth.

“Are you sure, baby?” I asked after she leaned back and locked eyes with me.

“Yes! I want to have your baby so bad, daddy!”

“But…I mean…your mother-“

“Doesn’t have to know,” she finished for me. “I love you so much and I want to have your baby!”

“Oh, Callie, I love you, too!”

“Will you make a baby in me?”



Callie wrapped her slender arms around my waist and mashed her lips to mine. We kissed hard, our tongues clashing deliciously together. I held her hips and picked up the tempo, making my cock a hard, throbbing piston as it drove in and out of her pussy. She groaned into my mouth while the nails of her long fingers raked my back. I broke the kiss and greedily began sucking her tits again. I drank the warm, sweet milk from Callie’s tits while we continued to fuck with an intensity that I had never felt with anyone else before.

“Yessssssssss! Drink my milk, daddy!” she gasped. “Oh, fuck, I’m breastfeeding my daddy while he fucks my wet pussy! Oh, daddy, it’s so fucking good! Don’t stop fucking me! Drink your little girl’s tittie milk and fuck her pussy! Make a baby in my tummy, daddy!”

Callie babbled on, her body consumed with a wild-hot fire as we made love in my recliner. I was on fire, hardly able to believe that I was about to make my little girl pregnant. But, as I sucked her nipples and drank her sweet milk, I realized that I did want her pregnant. I wanted her to be pregnant with our baby, and this thought spurred me on. It wasn’t long before I knew that I was close.

“I’m close, Callie,” I gasped.

“Yes! Oh, fuck, daddy, I can’t believe you’re gonna make a baby in me!”

“It’s gonna happen very soon, baby, because I don’t think I can hold off much longer!”

“Do it!” she gasped. “Give my pussy your baby seed! I want it, daddy!”

I shoved my cock up into her pussy hard and fast one last time as it exploded deep inside of her. My whole body felt like concrete as I stiffened with the most powerful orgasm of my life. Tiny mewling sounds of pure unbridled passion came from Callie’s mouth as she began to climax. Her hips rocked and shuddered and grinded hard on my cock, milking every drop of seed my balls had to offer while she rode the wave of her own orgasm.

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Brother, My Brother Ch. 03

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A long drive home from the airport carrying Aunt Liz, with Sunday drivers to contend with made for a tiring journey, although we reached home before the brief winter daylight had gone. Aunt Liz stepped out of the car and looked up at the place. ‘I’m looking forward to seeing this in daylight, Liam. These mews properties are very nice. I hope ye’re settling down here, Christie?’

‘Oh, we’re doing fine, Auntie,’ I said carelessly.

Liam opened the back and unloaded her two cases. Auntie touched his arm. ‘It must have been hard for ye having Christie around, Liam, after being on your own for a while.’

‘Some things were hard,’ he said gravely and I had to turn away to hide my smile.

Aunt Liz was in her early fifties and had lived in Scotland for over twenty years, acquiring a soft burr to her voice and a sprinkling of Scottish words in her vocabulary. She had owned and run a bed and breakfast business on the shores of one of the great Firths for most of that time, at first with our Uncle Paul, then alone for the last ten years after he died. Of middle height, she had short dark brown hair the same shade as mine, with two wings of speckled grey over each ear. She looked fit. I knew running a B & B could be hard work but Aunt Liz seemed to thrive on it.

I showed Auntie her room whilst Liam fixed coffee. ‘Ye don’t seem to have settled in here very much,’ she said, running a critical eye over everything. ‘It hardly looks used.’

I’d changed the bedding and aired the room but truth was, it hadn’t been used much since I began sleeping with my brother Liam. ‘I’ve got a lot of stuff still in store from moving here after my divorce, Auntie.’ Not quite a lie. ‘If I manage to find a place of my own it’ll be a waste of time getting everything unpacked.’

‘I suppose,’ she nodded, putting her handbag on the bed. ‘Are ye any nearer that?’

‘Not with property prices around here so high,’ I said, pulling a face. ‘When I was married we lived in rented accommodation so I’ve got nothing from my divorce except the alimony checks. Mike’s so late sending the bloody things; it was always like drawing teeth getting money out of him.’

‘I never did like the man,’ she sniffed. ‘Ye should talk to your lawyer. Don’t let him get away with it.’

‘I’m going to call him tomorrow, Auntie.’

Aunty Liz’s stern expression relaxed into quite a pleasant smile. ‘We’re old enough and canny enough to call each other by our given names, Christie. Ye can call me Liz.’

Oh! ‘Okay then – Liz.’

She unpacked, then we gathered in the sitting room for coffee and to catch up with the news. Liam set the cups on the table and sat beside me on the settee, close – but not too close – and not close enough… ‘You’re only here for Christmas week, Liz?’ he said, by way of an opening.

‘Well, I wanted to see my family here in England this year, my dears.’ She sipped her coffee. ‘There’re a few changes coming along, which I’ll tell ye about, by the by. My friends up in Scotland have asked me to stay with them for Hogmanay, so I’ll be away before then.’ She gave us a wry smile. ‘I’ll not impose on ye for longer than a week, for a change!’

‘Oh, you’re not imposing!’ I protested.

‘Aye? Well, thank ye for saying that. I know I’ve tended to turn up with little notice before now. It’s about time I was more considerate.’ Liam and I looked at each other. This wasn’t the Aunt Liz we’d known and loved.

‘Now, tell me about yourselves. What’s the news?’

We chatted, until the topic came around to work. Liam told her he had hoped for promotion to a vacant head of department position next year. Rumour had it that it had gone to a nephew of one of the directors. ‘So, I don’t know what I’ll do,’ he finished, pulling a face.

‘Nepotism! Pah! These bosses are all the same. I hope it’s different where ye’re working, Christie?’

‘Not much. Some of the higher management are pretty free with the female staff.’ Remembering last night I took too big a mouthful of hot coffee and wound up coughing and spluttering.

‘Including you?’ Liz asked sympathetically, when I’d finished wiping my eyes. ‘What happened?’

Hesitantly at first, then in stronger terms, I told her how John Lawson the CEO had waylaid me at the dinner last night. As I talked I could almost taste the bastard’s cum in my mouth again. Liam sat closer and slipped his arm about my waist, holding me for comfort as I talked myself out, sparing no detail.

‘Oh, Christie!’ Liz said, coming over to sit by my side. She put her arms around me and hugged me so tight I could feel her heart pounding. ‘That’s awful! What do ye intend to do?’

I looked at Liam, who shrugged. ‘It’s up to you, Christie. We didn’t get much chance to talk it over last night or this morning.’

Mainly because we had been making love until we could fuck no more…

‘I’m going to quit.’ The idea had been in my mind since I’d woken up that morning.

‘She’s changed,’ Liam murmured to me as we shared the washing-up after breakfast.

‘Not for the bad either. Wonder what’s up?’

He shrugged. ‘Perhaps she’s found a new man casino siteleri in her life?’

‘This is Aunt Liz we’re talking about!’

‘Stranger things have happened at sea.’

‘Like a brother fucking his sister?’

‘Oh, possibly,’ he grinned, glancing over his shoulder to check the coast was clear before putting his arm around my waist..

‘Did you sleep okay on the settee?’

‘Yes, I’m used to it by now.’ His face grew sad. ‘I missed being with you.’

‘I miss you.’ I gave him a considering look. ‘Did you think of sneaking into our room?’

‘Oh yes, but I’m worried Aunt Liz might hear.’

‘She was a sound sleeper when we were staying with her.’

‘Hope she hasn’t changed that much.’

‘Tonight?’ I asked, feeling my heart beginning to bump.

Liam grinned. ‘Why not?’

At his words I felt a gush of warmth inside. The thought of carrying on our incestuous affair under Aunt Liz’s nose thrilled me. Trouble was, night lay many hours off and I had the minefield of quitting work without notice to get through.

Hugh, the exec. I worked for, was appalled when I told him.

‘But you can’t quit!’ he protested. ‘Christie, I need you!’

‘Sorry, my mind’s made up.’

I stood in front of his desk, my arms folded. To make my point that day, I wore my hair braided up tight and was wearing the most severe outfit I could find in my still-limited wardrobe, a charcoal black jacket and skirt combo, white shirt and flat black shoes. I’d have worn horn-rimmed glasses if I could’ve got a pair in time.

Hugh came around the desk and touched my arm. ‘Look, if it’s about that dress you wore for the dinner, I wouldn’t worry about it,’ he said in a low voice. ‘It was embarrassing for you, but not something to lose your job over. As a matter of fact, Mr Lawson was asking after you in the boardroom this morning. He seemed concerned.’

‘Did he indeed?’ I said flatly. ‘For your information, Hugh, he’s the reason I’m quitting!’ I regretted saying that as soon as the words passed my lips. Hugh went very still, his eyes narrowed and I could see his mind begin to race but I held up my hand. ‘No, Hugh, I’m not going to say anything more. Let me get through today. I’ll do what I can, them I’ll clear my desk and be out of here.’

He looked at me, then gave a deep sigh. ‘You’re serious about this. Okay, let’s get to work.’ As he returned to his desk, he shook his head. ‘I’m sorry, Christie. You’re the best PA I’ve had in years.’

To make life more complicated, the company intranet had gone down for the third time that month. The engineers reckoned it would take three hours to get it back on-line again. In the meantime I had to carry hardcopies of orders and directives to the various departments around the factory.

It was when I entered the small supervisor’s office in the pigment-mixing plant that my life unravelled just that little bit more. As I was talking to the supervisor, two men in respirators were out on the work floor manhandling drums of fresh pigment over to the mixing machines. I hardly glanced at them but a split-second later a loud crash sounded outside followed by a muffled cloud of foul language. When we looked out through the office window, the drum lay leaking bright red pigment at the feet of the two men, one of whom was staring at me. His companion hit him on the arm, which seemed to bring him to his senses, because he pulled off the respirator and ran away up a passageway between the machines, leaving bloody footprints on the concrete.

‘What the hell..?’ Outraged, the supervisor got up and ran outside. I stayed where I was, feeling sick. I didn’t know the pizza-faced youth who’d dropped the drum, but I sure as hell recognised his loping stride.

It was the guy who’d been spying on my brother and me as we fucked in the car early Sunday morning.

The rest of the day was an endurance test. From overheard snippets of conversations which stopped abruptly when I entered a room, to sidelong glances and the odd smile, I knew my transparent dress had been one of the highlights of the company’s Christmas dinner. That and the guy from Marketing who’d shared our table with his mousy wife. He’d been caught boffing one of the waitresses in the service alley behind the hotel.

I chose to eat my lunch in the office that day, rather than endure the looks in the staff lounge. Not long after I’d settled down to a yoghurt and coffee, Jackie Gordon sidled into the room. I looked at her without much interest. Come that evening, she would be in my past.

‘I’d like to say I’m sorry for the way I behaved Saturday night,’ she said, with a glassy smile. ‘I’m sure you didn’t know your dress would do that. We’d all had a bit too much to drink, so my comments weren’t intended.’ She held out her hand. ‘Peace?’

I looked at it, then laid aside my spoon. ‘Jackie, Jackie, Jackie… If you think I have any influence over John Lawson, forget it! You want him? He’s yours. But be warned; he’s a creep!’

Her jaw dropped. ‘But… I thought… you and he were..?’

‘No, we’re not,’ I said coldly. ‘I’m not telling you canlı casino what happened that night. I’m quitting this job tonight, so the field is clear for you to finagle the post of PA to John fucking Lawson. I only hope you like cocks the size and shape of a coffee cup!’ I turned back to my yoghurt. ‘Goodbye, Jackie.’

She left in a daze, leaving me with a small glow of triumph to get me through the afternoon.

Came the night, came liberation.

Liam was waiting for me with open arms and loving compassion when I staggered in through the door. I just threw my attaché case aside and melted into him, feeling his reassuring warmth, his strength, his more than brotherly love for me.

‘Was it bad?’ he asked softly.

‘Bad enough,’ I said. ‘Where’s Liz?’


I gave him a long, lingering kiss, my tongue slipping between his lips to twine and curl around his tongue and teeth. ‘Oh God, I love you, bro!’ I whispered, cupping his face in my hands and gazing into his deep blue eyes. I could feel tears rising in mine.

‘I love you, Chris,’ he said, cuddling me.

‘Liam, that guy who was spying on us Sunday morning? I saw him. He works at the factory.’ Liam went very still. ‘He recognised me.’

‘Oh, Chris!’ he said, appalled.

‘I know.’ I touched a finger to his lips. ‘But I don’t think he’d recognise you, because he only saw you for a few seconds in poor light. We’ll be safe; there’s little chance he’d find out who you are, especially now I’ve quit.’

‘But that chance is there,’ he sighed.

‘Not enough to worry about.’

‘Chris, we have to take care!’

‘I know. For now, let’s leave our lovemaking for indoors, shall we?’

The sound of the bathroom door unlocking moved us apart. Liam winked and disappeared into the kitchen to make tea. Aunt Liz came into the hall and gave me a warm smile. ‘How goes it, dear?’

I wiped my eyes. ‘It’s over. At least I didn’t run into that shit Lawson.’

‘Och, language, Christie!’ she admonished, as she’d often done when I was a kid, then grinned. ‘I’ll not say anything yet, but I’m sure I can make things better for the two of you. Give me a few days to think.’

Liam overheard her as he emerged from the kitchen carrying the tray of tea. We looked at each other. Aunt Liz was planning something.

Evening passed pleasantly. Liz was more chatty and sociable than we’d ever known her. There was a new man in her life, and she had great hopes.

‘I’ve been too long alone,’ she sighed.

As fascinating as it was I longed for night, when Liam would make his way to our bed. Eventually I had to make an excuse, pleading tiredness from the strain of the day so I could go to bed and think.

I undressed and slipped beneath the covers, then lay staring up at the ceiling for ages. Plans and thoughts for the future span inside my mind. I felt the need for us to get away from this town but options were few and far between. To take my mind off it I began to masturbate, something I’d not done for months since Liam and I started sleeping together.

My saliva-moistened fingers caressed my labia, sending shivers down my spine as I anticipated Liam’s touch. With one delicate fingertip I eased back the hood over my clit, and stroked the soft little bud into throbbing arousal with my thumb, my breath quickening, my back arching as I sent my fingers deep into my cunny to send waves of sensation crashing through my body. Twisting I buried my face in the pillow and screamed, my muffled cries of release turning to those of frustration.

Liam wasn’t there.

I must have dozed off in the end, because I woke up when I felt the covers lift as Liam’s lithe and muscular body came into our bed. I turned to him and buried my face in his chest, the hairs tickling me. My darling brother wrapped me in his arms and held me close to his warm body, his rock-hard cock pushing up to lie between us; mmm! pure potent masculinity.

‘You’re here,’ I whispered.

‘I’m here.’


‘Fast asleep, as far as I know.’

‘Make love to me!’ I demanded hungrily. ‘But we’ll have to be quiet.’

I could sense his grin in the darkness. ‘Oh, I think there are ways of doing things quietly! I’ve bought a little something along. Here, bite on this when you feel the need.’

“This” was something firm and flexible which smelled leathery. ‘What is it?’ I asked.

‘A piece of my old belt. It’s clean, I washed it.’

‘You came prepared!’ I grinned.

‘Oh yes!’

His lips sought mine as his hands stroked my hips, my ribs, then up to my breasts, my jaw and cheeks. I squeezed his butt, feeling the hard muscles sliding under his skin as he rubbed his hairy thigh against mine. I gave a little grunt, feeling warmth explode through my cunny and the slick feeling of my increasing wetness. Oh, how much I wanted this man inside me!

My desire was obvious and Liam’s kisses became more ardent, his hands cupping then crushing my breasts. I wrapped my legs about his hips, forcing him to turn within my clasp until I felt his cock against my cunny. Liam reached down between kaçak casino us to guide himself, then thrust into me, hard and smooth and so deep.

I convulsed, clinging to him as he fucked me roughly, my breath gusting, temperature rising. When I began to keen he fumbled briefly for the leather strap then held to to my mouth. ‘Bite!’ he gasped.

I bit.

Hauling my legs up, he bore down on me as he’d done the night we’d first made love until I was bent double, my feet in the air. Leaning into me his cock plunged deep into my cunny, filling it, stretching it, my cervix yielding under each powerful thrust. My cries grew more urgent, muffled only by the strap I clenched between my teeth, until Liam groaned and buried his face in the pillow. He exploded inside me. Wave after wave of cum washed the shores of my womb, filled my sex with the tide of his loving. In spite of the strap I could only muffle my shout by burying my face in his shoulder.

We fell apart and lay gasping, our limbs entwined, hot, sweaty, and very, very content.

Liam came to our room the next night, and the next. Each time we made love; each time he stole away in the early hours to resume his lonely place on the settee in the sitting room.

In the wee small hours of Christmas Day I had barely snuggled down after Liam’s departure when a woman’s loud cry came from the hall. Staggering out of bed I stumbled to the open door then screwed my eyes shut as a shocking wash of bright light filled the hall. ‘What the hell’s going on?’ I demanded, shading my eyes.

Liam stood by the door, covering his privates with his hands and looking stunned. Aunt Liz was by the hall light switch, clutching her robe and staring from him to me with astonishment. ‘I could well ask ye the same question!’ she said. ‘Ye’re both naked! And Liam, what are ye doing in Christie’s room?’

He looked at me as I hurriedly ducked into the bedroom and gathered up my robe and a hair towel for him to hide his modesty. ‘Would you believe, I just left Christie’s present?’ he said with a sickly smile.

Her look would have been old-fashioned on a dinosaur. ‘Och, aye? But what form did it take and where did ye leave it?’

A quarter of an hour later the three of us met around the kitchen table. I cuddled up to Liam; there was no point hiding our true relationship from Liz any more. Gradually, under her coaxing, our story came out.

‘So,’ she said at last. ‘Here we are.’

‘Will you tell mum and dad?’ I asked, dreading her response.

‘Och, no.’ She shook her head slowly. ‘I’m not a bearer of tales. Neither your parents or anyone else will learn a thing from me.’

‘Thanks, Aunt Liz,’ Liam mumbled, looking and sounding like a scolded schoolkid.

‘It’s Liz, Liam,’ she said kindly. ‘As for you two…’ Clasping her hands she leaned forward. ‘I don’t suppose you’re going to stop this?’ We shook our heads at once. ‘No, I didn’t think so. Are ye being careful?’ she asked pointedly. I nodded. ‘Well, that’s something. I’m not blind, children. I suspected something from the way ye behave around each other. And ye don’t know but I seldom sleep as well as I used to.’

Liam stirred uncomfortably and we both looked sheepish. ‘Aye, I thought ye’d think that,’ she smiled. ‘The doctor put me on a water tablet because of a slight problem I have, so oftentimes I have to get up in the night to use the toilet. When passing to and fro I heard noises I recognised coming from your room. Remember, I run a B ye’d be surprised what I hear through the walls of a night. Ye were not very noisy, I’ll grant you, so I held my peace, not being sure. It was only when I ran into Liam leaving your room just now that made it necessary for us to talk.’

Liz chewed her lip, then seemed to come to a decision. ‘My dears, ye may not know but your Uncle Paul and I were cousins. Technically we were as close as blood relations could be and still be able to marry. So ye see, although it wasn’t quite incest in my case, I know what it must be like for ye to feel so attracted to each other.’

‘We love each other,’ I said urgently, clasping Liam’s hand.

‘And so ye should, although not quite that way. But I’ll be able to help ye, my dears. It’s like this.

‘Your parents have asked me to go and live with them in Spain. Whilst I didn’t feel the need a few years ago, now I feel it’s time I took their invitation. They live in a nice area, there are plenty of people my age to socialise with, and the sun and the warmth will be good for my health. I’ve spoken to your mother and she’s quite happy for me to live with her until I can find a little apartment of my own.

‘That leaves me with the question of my business, the bed and breakfast I used to run with your uncle…’ She clasped her hands and looked at us. ‘I would like ye to take it on as a going concern.’

‘Us?’ Liam gasped, glancing from her to me.

‘Aye, you two. Liam, ye’re an accountant; figures hold no terrors for ye! Christie, ye’re good at cooking and organising. Between ye, ye should do well. It’s a nice profitable little business, in a scenic area. Ye’ll also get regulars who’ll wish to stay every year, and the local tradesmen can supply most of what ye need to run it. I propose to let ye take it over in return for a peppercorn rent, and when I’m… no longer here, it’ll become yours entirely. What do you say?’

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Exponential Log

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3rd of May, 20XX, 21:53

Today the air was thick with humidity to an insane degree. I came here to this desolate village through some old stone stairs along a cliff path away from L. town. The thick roots constricting the sides of my path did not help a feeling of claustrophobia brought about by the swampy air. I always imagined that this part of Asia would have been more rocky, but it seems I was misled.

I’ve come here because yesterday, while working at the hospital of L. town, I received a call requesting my help for a very peculiar matter: a young woman named R. of a nearby village seemed to be experiencing extremely rapid growth. Her mother is the one that lodged the call. The initial report was hard to believe. It seemed the daughter had grown around 20cm ( ~7.8″) taller in the span of a single day, and more every hour.

The townspeople where quick to welcome me upon my arrival, and hastily I met with the concerned family.

When I entered the house, the smell of dirt, typical of mold, assaulted my nostrils. R. was laying on a wooden bench overflowing with comfy looking fabric, propped up against the wall. Her long legs resting down in front of her, seemingly going on forever. She looked to be in her early twenties. Her well maintained silky hair spread down covering the seat and continued to overflow almost all the way to the floor in an imposing mass. The night gown she wore was obviously too small for her, while her legs and feet were kept bare. She seemed excessively skinny.

I’ve always taken pride in my professionalism when it came to examining patients, but even I would admit that she awoke emotions I usually detach from in such situations. Her beauty was striking. The angles of her face were well pronounced, her elongated look giving her a sense of elegance, despite her somewhat emaciated form. This was mostly apparent when looking at the thinness of her legs and the pronounced veins on her feet and forearms, hinting at a very low percentage of body fat.

But I am puzzled: yesterday’s report claimed she would be around 170cm tall, yet she definitely was taller than me right now. Much more than 180cm. I asked her to get up, so that I could start measurements.

Noted measurements of patient R. -third of May, 21:14-

Height: 196.52cm ( ~6’6″)

Foot Length: 34cm ( ~13.4″)

Hand Span: 24.5cm ( ~9.65″)

4th of May, 20XX, 11:21

Today, I sent a courier from the town. The measurements I just took are confounding. I do not understand what I’m witnessing. When R. woke up this morning, I could not believe my eyes. Her nightgown looked like a small shirt on her and her head had to stay bent in order to protect herself from hitting it on the ceiling. She was extremely imposing. I took some measurements as she woke up. They are as follows:

Noted measurements of patient R. -fourth of May, 8:21-

Height: 222.51cm ( ~7’4″)

Foot Length: 38.5cm ( ~15.15″)

Hand Span: 27.74cm ( ~10.90″)

Following this, I also added some blood samples which I sent to Dr. V. from L. town by courier, as mentioned previously. Hopefully the results will shed some light on the ordeal of R. I spent my time before lunch questioning the village, but found nothing of value that would help her case. I elected to do some more measurements a few minutes ago, as I noticed R. Couldn’t even wear any of her clothes anymore.

Noted measurements of patient R. -fourth of May, 11:12-

Height: 242.41cm ( ~8′)

Foot Length: 41.94cm ( ~16.5″)

Hand Span: 30.22 ( ~11.9″)

I’ve decided to calculate her growth per hour, but this is an approximation which, for some reason, I feel might be a bit erroneous. I will see if I can expound on this further tomorrow. In any case, here’s what I’ve found:

Estimated growth per hour of patient R. -third of May, 21:14 to 8:21- : 2.36cm ( ~1″)

Estimated growth per hour of patient R. -fourth of May, 8:21 to 11:12- : 6.63cm ( ~2.6″)

I will see what I can measure today and do a summary tomorrow.

5th of May, 20XX, 23:12

If yesterday felt like we were going downhill in a vehicle while the driver applied the breaks, today it like we simply pressing any pedals. The psyche of Patient R. seems somewhat affected by her symptoms. This casino oyna morning me and her mother realized she could not leave the house anymore, as she has simply become too big for the door and now resorted to crawling around in order to get by. It seemed that hour after hour that we delayed action, trying to figure out what to do, the problem became worse. Her growth now at speed incomprehensible with yesterday. Around noon, I noticed a few more differences in the patient’s physiognomy, and with her permission I tried examining her more in depth. It seems that the area around her reproductive system had become somewhat inflamed, or gave the impression. Despite an unusually hirsute pubic area, which would normally hide absolutely everything, her outer labia seemed to be pushing out from all sides, crowned by an unusually fat clitoris. The patient did not show any sign of discomfort when I applied pressure to check for any form of pain.

For the past few hours, R. has been sitting down in a small corner, watching me as I write these pages. Her legs, ever longer, with feet the size of my torso, only seem to be getting closer to me. Hopefully I can have one last good rest in this house: it seems that very soon R. will have to exit this place with force. She must, by far, be the tallest human ever measured on this planet.

Noted measurements of patient R. -firth of May, 21:40-

Height: 3.97m ( ~13′)

Foot Length: 68.70cm ( ~27″)

Hand Span: 49.50cm ( ~19.5″)

Estimated growth per hour of patient R. -fifth of May, 13:01 to 21:40- : 9.02cm ( ~3.5″)

6th of May, 20XX, 12:29

Chaos today. I have very little time to write. As I predicted yesterday, today R. has simply pushed her way out of the house. I barely come up to her knees. The inflammation I noticed around her genital area has only gotten more pronounced and seemed to be causing intense bouts of libido. Me and her mother tried in vain to contain her wants, but she has now taken to using the few other young men of the village. She is currently… busy with another. So far, none have been hurt, but her current size could very well endanger someone if she is not careful. I’m writing down her latest estimated measurements, due to not having free way to measure her.

Noted measurements of patient R. -sixth of May, 12:20-

Height: ~6.7m ( ~22′)

Foot Length: ~115cm ( ~45.5″)

Hand Span: ~80cm ( ~33″)

7th of May, 20XX, 19:30

I’m spent. Most of the others except a few infatuated men and women have stayed in the village. The rest have fled. Today I received news from the samples sent earlier, but it feels far too late. They’ve discovered that not only were the lymphocytes inside the blood still alive despite being cut off from the source, and thus lacking oxygen, but they even reproduced and multiplied on their own at an unprecedented rate. The lab told me they had to burn everything in order to prevent a breach of containment. It seems they had to resort to absolutely extreme heat to even harm something as simple as blood cells. My partners expressed incomprehension and I understood all too well. I’m writing this right now while sitting outside, my back resting against her calves, which by now are taller than me with just their diameter. R. is now monstrously tall. Every few minutes I have to actually move a bit as her warm skin pushes me forward. She is asleep, which I was not sure would happen again: the past two nights she had been awake and supremely fired up. It seems she is slowly shedding her basic human needs away, except the need for some sort of reproduction.

Patient R. has, I must admit, spent the last two days trying to copulate in vain with everything in the village. Her genitalia is incredibly inflated without showing signs of roughness, redness or over use. It is simply, like the rest of her, bigger. Earlier I was able to take some cursory measurements by placing myself farther and, with a bit of trigonometry, deduce measurements that are as close to her real ones. Several measurements will of course eventually erase whatever margin of error that might have appeared. I took the liberty of detailing my chart a bit more while she’s asleep, and hopefully I can keep those up. I will try and see if I can ask for R’s cooperation tomorrow for proper, canlı casino exhaustive tests. I will admit: I do not really know what to do now, but doing what I do best is calming. There is one more thing: I’ve made a quick graph earlier on another note, that I will attach. The summary is simply that her rate of growth seems to be exponential. I fear the next few days.

Noted measurements of patient R. -seventh of May, 18:35-

Height: ~19.6m ( ~64′)

Foot Length: ~339cm ( ~11′”)

Big Toe Length: ~77cm ( ~2’6″)

Hand Span: ~244cm ( ~8′)

Index Length: ~109cm ( ~3’6″)

Clitoris Diameter: ~19cm ( ~7″)

8th of May, 20XX, 8:10

I’ve been awake for two hours. R. woke me up suddenly by picking me up. I was able to hold on to one of her digits, but could barely grasp the half of its circumference, I’m unsure if I should even log what happened, but I feel that what I saw, with my own eyes is something no one else experienced before. R. is calling for me again. Her voice is deafeningly loud, with a deep rumbling tone to it that indicates how large her vocal cords must be. It’s the voice I could still hear when she pushed me inside her. Thick, fleshy red walls that compressed me as her finger pushed my feet. What would probably have been simple lubricant at a normal size felt like small waves washing over me. She expelled me back out with contractions after several minutes, and I dropped on her soft palm. R. finished herself with her other hand while fixing me. All around was sweat, grime, some fallen hair that looked like thin branches on her palm, and her nether region looked like a jungle canopy. When she put me down, I noticed her ankle now stood above me.

I want to experience more of her. I feel inexplicably drawn to what ever presence she seems to generate. The heat from her body is enough to warm the area. She just left her sitting spot and is heading to grab another of the few men left here. He’s waving at her with his arms to indicate his willingness…

8th of May, 20XX, 21:00

Zhang Ran is still wide awake. I will quickly log the daily measurements I’ve taken here. After that, I will ask her to bring me with her. I’m purposely breaching the agreed anonymity: the world will very soon know her well. Ran told us she plans on moving to other villages, towns and cities, that she can barely contain herself here, that we are not enough for her any more. While simply standing around and telling us her thoughts, she did not even notice how her left foot simply grew through the walls of a nearby home, and in the span of a few minutes completely obliterated it. In any case: I told her I wanted to keep following for as long as I could. I have a few minutes, so I will quickly write down my notes, as I’ve mentioned, and will try to describe what is to come as best as I can when the time comes.

Noted measurements of patient R. -eight of May, 09:27-

Height: ~31m ( ~102′)

Foot Length: ~5.5m ( ~17’6″)

Big toe Length: ~1.2m ( ~4″)

Hand Span: ~4m ( ~13′)

Index Length: ~1.7m ( ~5’9″)

Clitoris Diameter: ~30cm ( ~1′)

Noted measurements of patient R. -eight of May, 20:44-

Height: ~40m ( ~130′)

Foot Length: ~6.9m ( ~22’6″)

Big toe Length: ~1.5m ( ~5′)

Hand Span: ~5m ( ~16′)

Index Length: ~2.2m ( ~16’3″)

Clitoris Diameter: 39cm ( ~1’3″)

Estimated growth per hour of patient Ran -eight of May, 09:27 to 20:44- : ~141cm ( ~4’6″)

Estimated growth per minute of patient Ran -eight of May, 09:27 to 20:44- : ~23.5cm ( ~9″)

Estimated growth per second of patient Ran -eight of May, 09:27 to 20:44- : ~4cm ( ~1.5″)

9th of May, 20XX, 12:50

I’m on my way to the provincial capital. Yesterday, Ran told me she would stop for a while at the town of L, and to continue to the capital myself. She wanted me to witness her coming and to have fun at the inhabitants expense. Her finger pressed my back, and she lowered, giving me a kiss. For a split second, I was completely surrounded by the soft, darker tissue of her mouth. I embraced her. She told me farewell, that we would probably never meet in person again. I shudder while remembering, and I look at all these passengers riding on the bus with me, oblivious to the Goddess that is about kaçak casino to make herself known to the world.

12th of May, 20XX, 11:01

It’s been four days since last I saw Ran. I am standing alone in the city park. I can already feel the tremors. People around me are looking bewildered, wondering why the ground is shaking so much every two to three second. A scream, to my right. Someone saw her. There in the distance, over the nearby mountain range, Ran’s head is starting to appear from the blue haze of the horizon. Her head seems to be brushing the bottom of a Strato-Cumulus cloud. My hypothesis was right. She would now be around two kilometers tall, and if my chart holds, as it seems to have, she’s now probably growing around 2.74m per second. I have to restrain my erection. My heart is beating so fast. Everyone is running away. I have to sit down, the trembling is too much. She just stepped over the mountain. From this distance, I take some time to admire her skinny frame. Her ribs are still showing, and her emaciated look has not changed at all. Her long hair slowly fades behind her like someone trudging through water, and I realize she might be having a hard time moving against the atmosphere. The sound of her steps forces me to use the sound proofer I stole earlier today, and I put it against my ears. Ran has reached the city. She stretches so high, I can’t see well past the thick pubic hair. She is right above me. Her sole lifts over the city, and I see it come down. Darkness fills the sky, and for several minutes all I can hear through the dust are buildings crumbling down. The ground shakes constantly. I notice I’m still alive. Finally, just above me I see the arch of her foot, the wrinkles of her sole canyons in their own right. I realize what the trembling is: her growth keeps adding weight, and the ground seems to slowly buckle as she stays in place.

14th of May, 20XX, 22:00?

Ran has stopped moving for two days it seems. I’ve lost track of the time. Most of everyone are gone, some stayed for a bit to masturbate, men and women. I’ve noticed strong gusts of wind that come down periodically. I can’t see what goes on above, but I would bet Ran is also pleasuring herself, and the wind is what’s left of the echo of her voice. As the days passed, she simply stood still and let her feet overgrow the city. The arch of her foot now easily reach the now crumbled mountain range, and lands back over and past the city ruins. I’ve looted the food that I could, now used to the constant cracking and trembling of the ground. Much like when you get seasick, you become used to it. I wonder what others are seeing on the planet, but I know that it will only be a few days before the planet is overcome. I found a working car. I’m going to try and reach a point where her foot touches the ground completely. I should be able to carefully grab on to it. I’ve noticed from some pictures shared online that some people have started climbing in either the wrinkles of her skin or the alcoves made by the print under her toes. If I can climb on Ran, I’m certain I will be much safer. She is now truly a goddess. I leave my writings here, may they bring understanding to someone. The next page is only a few of my hastily written estimates of what is to come in the next few days.

Good luck.

Estimated Size and Growth on the 15th of May, midnight

Height: 25km (~15.5 miles)

Feet: 4.5km

Toes: 1km (~0.65 miles)

Hands: 3.1km

Fingers: 1.4km

Clitoris 250m

Estimated Size and Growth on the 16th of May, midnight

Height: 69km (~42.8 miles) — Note: At this point she will be taller than most clouds

Feet: 11.9km

Toes: 2.7km

Hands: 8.6km

Fingers: 3.86km

Clitoris 680m

Estimated Size and Growth on the 17th of May, midnight

Height: 188km (~116.8 miles) — Note: At this point auroras will come up to her breasts

Feet: 32.5km

Toes: 7.4km

Hands: 23.4km

Fingers: 10.5km

Clitoris 1.85km

Estimated Size and Growth on the 18th of May, midnight

Height: 511km (~317 miles) — Note: Only satellites will now remain higher than her, for a day.

Feet: 88.4km

Toes: 20km

Hands: 63.7km

Fingers: 28.5km

Clitoris 5km

By this point, Zhang Ran, the Goddess, will be growing at a rate of about 1.5km per second, and faster every passing moment. She should be bigger than the planet on the 21th. May some of us survive.

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Another Step

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We have another sister! Maddy has fallen in love with Will and wants to join our family. We’re so very happy! We’ve been watching, giving her room, as she fell in love with our wonderful brother. She was a lesson in restraint and composure, never being obvious, never being something she wasn’t, just our own steady Maddy. She’s still struggling with our openness, I can tell that she is

Leah had asked her to wake Will from a nap and Maddy had gone into the big bedroom to get him for Leah. I guess that I walked by just seconds after Maddy had gotten there. When I saw what was happening, I froze and watched two people that I dearly love begin their dance of romance and appreciation.

Maddy was on her knees at the side of the bed. Will, with just a pair of tight, faded Levis on was sprawled across the bed, one arm thrown up over his forehead, the other across his chest. I saw Maddy reach out to my brother and take his shoulder as if to shake him. She didn’t, instead she began stroking his shoulders, chest, and flat belly. She lightly pulled his body hair, ran her hands over his smoothly muscled chest and leaned over and kissed his neck. She continued to stroke him, kissing him with light, brief kisses all over his upper body. I could see her hands trembling as she laid her hands on my brother, she was obviously deeply in love. She began whispering his name between those small kisses, and I saw a bulge rising in my brother’s jeans as Maddy’s stimulation began arousing my sleeping brother. One of Maddy’s hands went to that bulge and began cupping and squeezing. I heard her moan slightly as she took his covered cock into her hand. Maddy began whispering to Will and I could just barely hear what she was saying.

“Oh, God, Will, what am I going to do? I dream about you every night, erotic dreams that no lady would ever admit to! I’ve started to realize that I’ve been sexually repressed all my life, that most of the women in this world don’t regard sex the way I used to. I feel like I’m about to step off the end of the world and fall into an unknown existence that could consume me totally!” Her voice was shaking with emotion and fear, and her hands continued to stroke my brother’s body and hold his cock. “I’m afraid of what I could become if I let myself go, but since I’ve been here I’ve realized that I’m so very stunted in my interactions with others, and I want to grow and mature into a real person! I’m just afraid, Will, I’m afraid of releasing my inhibitions and acting with my heart instead of my head! Oh, what am I going to do? What’s going to happen? How will Chastity and I survive these changes that seem to be taking me over? What should I do, Will, what should I do?”

Will abruptly ended Maddy’s whispers as he took her by both upper arms and drug her up on the bed and on top of him. I looked closely at him and realized that he was still half asleep. I imagine that he was reacting to Maddy’s kisses and touches, and had no idea that he had just pulled Maddy close to him and was kissing her mouth. Maddy’s eyes were wide open and she was wide-eyed with surprise! I watched as her eyes began to telegraph that she was hungry for the mouth that was presently covering her own. I saw Will’s jaw work as he slid his tongue into Maddy’s mouth and that was the final straw! Maddy lost it and gave herself up to the feelings that were coursing through her body. Her arms went around Will and her eyes closed as she dedicated herself to receiving and giving the sweetest kiss she’d ever experienced. I saw that Will had a firm ass cheek in each hand and he was grinding his jeans’ covered cock against Maddy’s mid section. Maddy began spreading her lovely, long legs, and shortly, Will was grinding her cunt with his aroused cock. Maddy began moaning and her hips began rotating instinctively, rubbing her upper vagina against that delicious bulge that was building a strong fire in her very wet sex. Will rolled over, putting Maddy under him, and one hand went to a breast and cupped it gently. I saw my brother’s eyes clear up and I realized that he had awakened.

“Oh, shit! Maddy! Sweetheart, I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else. You look so much like my ex-wife, Helen! I was dreaming about her. Oh, God, I hope I didn’t do anything to upset you! I’m so very sorry, I would never do something like this unless you wanted me to!” Will was apologetic and contrite!

Maddy was having nothing to do with that however, and her arms went back around his neck and she pulled him back down to her and said, “Shut up, Will, never apologize to a woman for kissing her unless she slaps you first!” Then she brought her mouth to his again!

I continued on my way and gave them some privacy.

Maddy immersed herself in a kiss that was as sweet as it was sexual. Will wasn’t pushing her at all, he waited until she initiated each step. This man hadn’t spent his life behind a desk, his body was hard and ridged with muscle. She tucked her pubis even tighter against his aroused member, and started making small circles, rubbing herself hard on him. canlı bahis She felt a flood of moisture in her own sex as her body prepared itself for the joining of two into that state where they become one. She was gasping now, kissing Will actively and gasping in aroused, animal heat. Will began rotating his hips in the opposite direction from her’s and the erotic grinding became even more insistent and intense.

“Will!… Please, Will, help me get out of my clothing, I want to feel your skin against me, I want to be naked!….” Maddy was barely able to speak, her voice was hoarse and tremulous.

Without breaking their kiss, Will began unfastening buttons and opening zippers.

Taking his mouth from hers, he began removing her clothing, kissing each new part of Maddy that her clothing uncovered.

“You’re so very beautiful, Maddy. You’re an amazingly gorgeous and wonderfully sexy woman. Your body is perfect, your face is unforgettable, and your quiet, inner strength is always beckoning to me, bringing me to you, wanting you. I love you, Maddy, I love you very much.” Will was completely truthful and open.

She felt the truth in his voice and surrendered herself completely, wanting him without any conditions or restrictions, she wanted him inside her. She wanted him to make her his. She began helping him get his clothes off, rushing, wanting to get him against her, wanting to feel the length of his body against her. Wanting to feel his cock as it entered her. Wanting his mouth on hers, his hands on her breasts, as he slid inside her. Maddy wanted Will to make love to her now, right now!

The last of his clothing was removed and Will looked Maddy directly in the eyes and said, “You’re the most beautiful of women, Maddy. I’ve had dreams about this, thank you for allowing me to make love with you. I love you very much, Sister.”

Maddy lay back in the bed and held her arms out to Will, “Come here and make love to me, Will. I want you to fuck me, now, Will, now!”

He moved between her lovely legs and his cock brushed against her vagina. Maddy gasped as if she’d been shot and pulled his mouth down to hers. Her arms went around his neck and Will slid inside her in one smooth motion. Their bellies met as a gush of precum flowed from his penis and she started pouring juices around his cock. Maddy brought her legs up and around Will’s waist, holding him firmly, getting him as far into her wet pussy as she was able. Will’s arms went around Maddy’s waist and they became one form, one entity, one being . Neither of them moved, they simply gloried in the feeling of their bodies against the other’s, the taste of the other’s mouth, the feel of a fully aroused cock that is socketed tightly and completely inside a loving, happily accepting pussy. Will took her mouth away from her and Maddy gave it happily. She was completely transported to a state of single minded purpose, fucking this glorious man and giving herself completely to her need and her desire.

They started their dance, moving and working together. Busy mouths, busy hands, and all the while that thick, rigid cock working that elegant nest of clinging lips, that slick, heated passage, that grasping, tight cunt.

Maddy started moaning as Will fucked her. She tightened her vaginal muscles and gripped his thrusting cock with velvet folds of wet, hot pussy. She opened her mouth to him and gave herself to his tongue, his cock, and the fulfilling, repetitive motions of fucking.

A sudden orgasm took her without warning, an explosion of feeling that came from her belly and focused in her cunt. Her entire body went rigid and every muscle stood out in stark relief as her body succumbed to the waves of pleasure that coursed through her and brought her hips to a rapid pumping motion of need on Will’s ready cock.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Maddy lost the ability to speak coherently and began grunting into Will’s mouth as crests of feeling shook her fiercely, wrung her out, and the next wave took her over.

“I’m cumming Maddy, I’m cumming!” Will began bucking against the lovely body under him as sperm began shooting forcefully into her heated, ready sex, splattering against the inside and electrifying Maddy all over again.

They continued working together, moving as one, each move assisting the other in getting the wildly spurting cock as much inside the willing, welcoming pussy as possible. Slowly, their movements abated, as they began regaining control of their bodies. Will began sliding up and grinding his cock against Maddy’s aroused clitoris with each stroke into her, and Maddy suddenly took off again, fucking hard and frantically. Will held her tight and stroked her hard and deep, filling her cunt with cock, keeping the blessed friction working, feeling himself fill her completely, feeling her grasping pussy holding him tightly, his cock snugly socketed into her center, her hips pumping as she came again and again. She slowly regained control and they simply laid there. Bodies held tightly, mouths still kissing gently, sperm bahis siteleri oozing from around Will’s cock and running down the crack of Maddy’s ass, sweat running from their hard worked, satisfied bodies, the lassitude and tired satisfaction of a satisfying, hard working fuck holding them in thrall.

Will rolled over, keeping himself inside her. They lay side by side, kissing tenderly, Maddy’s hips still hunching reflexively every so often. Both of them began dozing, the sweet ennui of sex filling them with a floating, satisfied feeling of completion. They floated in and out of wakefulness for fifteen or twenty minutes, locked in each other’s arms, his cock still firmly anchored in her wet, cum-filled, happy pussy. Will felt the heat gradually building inside himself again and he pulled Maddy closer, his cock stirring deep inside her. He started kissing her again, insistent, carnal kisses, demanding, greedy, he took her mouth for his own. This wasn’t the sweet, understanding, gentle Will from before. This was a heavy handed, dominating Will, a strong leader who fully expected her to follow where he led. He started taking her there, guiding her, using his strength and his body to take her where he wanted.

Maddy felt the change and felt herself responding to it. When Will brought her over on her back and took his cock from her Maddy was dismayed but when he dropped his mouth to her swollen, ready cunt, his tongue absolutely electrified her. When his mouth closed around her clitoris and he began sucking her as his tongue nuzzled and probed her hooded center, Maddy looked at his large cock suspended above her, and she reached up and pulled his hips down to her and sucked that wonderfully stiff dick into her mouth. She panicked for a moment, then her panic disappeared and was replaced with a hungry, needy, urge to suck this thick, mouth filling, cock. As Will kissed and licked and sucked at her cunt, Maddy sucked hard at his cock, forcing it as far into her hungry mouth as she was able. She began working her head back and forth, loud, slurping noises filling the room. When Will began fucking her mouth, she wrapped her arms around his hips and helped him drive his cock into the back of her throat. She loved the feeling of the velvety, insistent head as it slid past the back of her mouth and slightly into her throat with each mouth filling stroke. As Will’s tongue curled around her clit and he sucked lightly at her pussy, Maddy was overtaken by a monumental orgasm and she crossed her ankles and locked them, trapping Will’s head between her smooth thighs, keeping that glorious mouth on her cunt, keeping that probing tongue busy at her clitoris. As her climax took her away she began pumping her mouth rapidly on the sweet cock she was sucking. She was faintly aware of Will’s cock growing even larger and then her mouth was suddenly full of silky, creamy, sperm. She swallowed and felt his cock pump another mouthful of cum into her mouth. She swallowed again but she felt some of his creamy fluid run from her mouth and she tightened her lips, trying to keep all of it in her mouth. She swallowed again and again, drinking the sweet ejaculate, loving the taste and the smell, and the feel of Will’s cum. He gradually quit spurting into her and began running his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat, her nose bumping against his hard belly. His mouth came off her pussy and his cock came out of her mouth. She gasped unhappily, but was immediately appeased as his mouth took hers again and his fully aroused cock slid into her recently plundered sex, bringing her right back to the edge of the abyss.

She felt Will’s fingers at her anus and was suddenly invaded by two of his fingers sliding into her ass and working back and forth. With his fingers filling her anus and her mouth full of his tongue, Will began fucking her violently, penetrating her completely with every stroke, filling her to the limit, actually touching her cervix occasionally, fucking her hard, using her pussy to satisfy his cock. Maddy curled her toes, stiffened her legs, and began fucking back, meeting him with her hips as he stroked into her.

“Fuck me, Will, fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, Will!”

Maddy began begging, urging Will on and he responded, slamming his cock deeply into her, fucking her anus with his two fingers, raiding her open mouth with his tongue, using her, owning her, fucking her. Maddy suddenly began screaming loudly as she was lost completely in an orgasm without limits, an orgasm that had her fucking mindlessly on Will’s cock. An orgasm that caused her entire body to shudder and quake with the fierceness of her satisfaction. Will started to cum again. He filled her quickly and continued to fuck her. She went away again, led by another quaking orgasm, and Will continued to work her, fucking her hard and fast, taking her away from herself. They both reached climax together this time and they went away together, fucking mindlessly, using each other, owning each other. The two forms on the large bed continued fucking, bahis şirketleri bodies joined, cunt filled with cock, mouths feeding each other, sweaty bodies held tightly against the other. The dance of love and life, of future and past, of two becoming one, making love.

Thirty minutes later Will and Maddy came into the kitchen holding hands. Maddy had a satisfied, beautific look of contentment on her lovely face and Will was obviously very happy. Emily dropped the napkins she was folding and ran to Maddy and hugged her.

“Oh, Maddy, we’ve been hoping that you would decide to give Will a chance! You’re not going to regret it sweetheart, he’s the sweetest, best hearted man you could possibly want to find!” Emily was excited! “And what’s even better, you’re one of our family now, we’ll have so much fun as sisters, you’re going to become a member of a family that’s dedicated to each other! I’m so happy for you!” Emily kissed Maddy on the cheek and hugged her.

Maddy’s face flamed red for an instant then she hugged Emily back and returned the kiss.

“Thank you, Emily, our brother has made me very happy and content, I just hope that I’ll be able to return the love he gave me to my sisters too.” Maddy was tentative, not certain that she’d be able to make love to these beautiful women.

“Don’t you worry about that sweetheart, sooner or later you’ll make a decision, and whatever you decide is what will happen. Your wishes will always be honored and accepted by the rest of us. You’re our’s now and we always respect the individual preferences of each other. Don’t waste your time thinking about this.” Emily’s sincerity and directness calmed Maddy completely.

Just then, the rest of the family came into the kitchen. Lacy, Leah, Olivia, Leona, Tammy, and Sweet Girl. Roni came away from the large stove and took Maddy into her arms and kissed her on her cheek. Each of her new sisters hugged Maddy and gave her a chaste, respectful kiss and went directly to their normal tasks of getting ready for the evening’s dinner.

As was typical of our group personality, there were as many different conversations as people, all going at once. An easy camaraderie of quick, restless minds ranging over every imaginable topic. Comments and asides flew, laughter rang out, dramatic expressions of amazement and consternation were leavened with serious tones of meaningful inquiry. I watched Maddy as she assimilated the feeling that we all shared, respect and love for each and every one of us.

Will was in and out, getting children situated in high chairs, Chastity, little Will, and Bridgette in booster seats. He reveled in the bedlam of a very happy and compatible family ebbing and flowing around him, with himself and the children the center of attention for nine beautiful women.

They all finally sat down to eat and the children became the focus of attention for all the adults. Tammy was kidded about the size of her swollen belly and she gloried in it. Sweet Girl spent most of the meal making eyes at Roni and we all watched Roni preen, pose, and do her best to seduce her lover at the table. Judging from the blush that began rising from her neck into her face, Sweet Girl was getting the message loud and clear.

Lacy, Olivia, and Leona were engrossed in the intricacies of pain dependant sexuality. Leona was convinced that it was mostly a habit, just as cigarettes and cocaine were. She was telling her sisters that a break in the cycle would result in a more conventional preference for sex, however, just as an alcoholic must guard against falling off the wagon, someone who has been habituated to sexual pain can find themselves returning to that lifestyle very easily. Leona was explaining all this as she fed her child, Name. Her explanation was interrupted by motherly expressions of praise and love for her child. Lacy and Olivia were similarly occupied, feeding their children and discussing esoteric concepts of sexual pain and offering valuable opinions as they did so.

Will had Leah’s child on his lap feeding her. They were engaged in a running battle to see who would get more food on themselves, Name, or Will. Will was losing badly but was getting a second wind. Leah gave him a loving, erotic smile from across the table. She would be Will’s partner tonight when they all went to bed and she was obviously anticipating an evening of great satisfaction.

Emily and Tammy were beginning to pair off for tonight and it looked as though Leona, Lacy, and Olivia would be teaming up for a threesome. Of course, Roni and Sweet Girl would be their usual loving couple.

Maddy felt a bit of relief but also a small tug of resentment that her sisters hadn’t tried harder to make her a member of one of their initial groups. Although at some point, pairings and partners usually dissolved, and the group dynamic took over with everyone becoming involved and active in the sexual experience, the original partners would almost always return to each other and sleep cuddled together. Perhaps she’d feel more like participating when that started. And perhaps she wouldn’t. She knew though, that whatever she decided, it would be accepted by her family and no one would step over the boundaries that she had set, no one. She felt safe, happy, and accepted.

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A Wicked Evening

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The dinner was superb, barbecued pork chops slathered in rich sauce, wild rice prepared with sliced mushrooms, fresh asparagus tips garnished with dollops of butter. He had really outdone himself tonight, even the wine had been wonderful, the last two glasses now sitting on the coffee table in front of them. A single candle, the only light in the room, enhancing the magnificent view of the night lit city extending beyond the picture window.

Sitting close together on the couch the couple enjoyed the quiet blues music coming from the stereo. Their hands entwined between them gently caressing one another’s fingers and palms. Cupping her chin in his hand he turned her face towards him placing his soft, supple lips to hers. “I’ll be right back, why don’t you just get comfortable, I’ll only be a minute.”

She stretched out on the huge couch on her side, her long legs barely reaching the opposite end, a pillow tucked under her head. Carefully adjusting her long skirt so the slit was open up her thigh showing off the tops of her black stockings and garters, she tried to look sultry as he returned from his trip to the kitchen. Patting the coffee table she said “Come here Hon, I haven’t thanked you properly for that great dinner.”

He sat down facing her, moving the wine glasses out of his way and placing a small plate of chocolate morsels beside them. Reaching for him she massaged his thighs and stomach letting her hand drift across the bulging dress pants as she did. The fleeting touch of her hand was awakening his cock, hardness becoming evident casino siteleri beneath the expensive material. “Would you mind if I undress you?” Taking the belt buckle between her fingers she expertly undid the clasp not really waiting for an answer. Now sitting across from him, she slid the zipper down and peeled back his pants. His black turtleneck soon was pulled over his head. “Stand up, let me take these off too.” Tugging at his pants she pulled them down around his ankles. A single feminine finger traced the outline of his shaft as it pulsed beneath the strained Calvin Klein underwear. “Mmmmm, baby that looks so good, maybe I should just leave it there a while, what do you think I should do?” An impish grin spread across her face as she slipped her hands over his butt and then into the band of the shorts. Pulling his hips towards her she ran her bared teeth along the hardness.

“Suck on me, suck my cock, let me feel that tongue,” His words accompanied a wide smile as he took her head in his hands, fingers tangling in her curly locks. Sitting in front of him she was at the perfect level, his cock freed from the shorts was soon running in and out of her mouth. Saliva, shining in the dim light, flowed over his balls as she sucked him deep into her. Deft fingers circled his hardness and gently rubbed his balls. “God that’s so good, suck me deep, yeh like that baby, yeh!”

Pulling back from him as she felt his balls start to tighten, she ran her tongue along his length. “Can I show you what I bought today, I know you’ll like it? canlı casino Why don’t you sit here and let me show you?” As he returned to the couch she moved to the other side of the table and began swaying to the music. As the mellow sounds surrounded her buttons were unfastened and her skirt and blouse fell to the floor revealing a bustier, thong panties and garter all in black lace. The black silk stockings and high heels completed the outfit. “So what do you think? I’ve been trying all evening to keep from telling you about this, I’ve been getting wet just thinking about it all!”

“You look wonderful, come here and let me show you just how great you look.” His hand had been wrapped around his cock as he watched, the tip now wet with his precum. “See what you’ve done to me?” Bending over to lick the nectar from his cock she gave him a view across her back to the bare ass cheeks surrounding the thong. “Turn around, let me look at you!”

As she turned he rose from the couch and stood behind her, his arms encircling her waist, his hands resting on the lace panties. A finger of each hand slid beneath the lace and into the folds of her pussy, immediately wet as they touched her there. “You have been looking forward to this haven’t you? Nice and wet just the way I like it. How about letting me have some dessert?” Bending at the waist she placed her hands on the low table presenting him with her bare cheeks. Quickly removing the black panties, his tongue dove deeply into her wetness. Spreading her cheeks and lips with his hands he lathered her kaçak casino with his tongue, long licks from clit to the nether regions of her womanhood and on to her sweet ass. Fingering her clit he nibbled at her lips and thighs driving her wild with desire. With weakening knees she sunk slowly onto the table, he knelt between her thighs all the while fingering her pussy. His cock was jerking in spasms of lust as he took it in hand and guided it home. As the tip entered her wonderland of wetness he slowly ran a juicy finger along her ass, teasing the tight hole to open its tightness to him.

The short strokes of his cock and his finger at her ass were making her crazy, she pushed back towards him to take his whole length deep within her. An orgasm shook her body as she rammed back against him repeatedly, the hard shaft rubbing her thighs and lips to a rosy glow; the slap of his stomach against her ass making the cheeks pink. Her juices overflowed and dripped down their thighs as he encouraged her with his thrusting hips and probing finger. The sweet sounds of their lovemaking music to their ears.

Not wanting to finish too quickly he pulled out of her wetness and turned her over placing her legs over his shoulders, pulling her pussy tight against his mouth. His tongue dipping deep within her he drank her juices relishing the sweet tanginess of her until she was writhing against him once more. “Fuck me, I want you inside me!” This time he would not hold back, he shoved deep into her, her legs wrapped around his back, the silk stockings rubbing against his skin. As he moved harder and faster into her, her legs pulled him tight with each thrust bringing them both closer to orgasm. A final lunge and they both collapsed as ecstasy overtook them; his seed meeting her explosion deep within.

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Extended Tease

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I enjoy the times when my girlfriend, Shelly, ties me up and teases me. She’s a lovely tall petite woman with long straight red hair. She has small rounded breasts with very large sensitive nipples. In return, I give her what she desires most, oral sex. She gets aroused when I suck on, lick, and nibble on her nipples. Sometimes the sensations through her nipples are enough to bring her to orgasm.

When Shelly decides she wants to tease me, she dresses in her old Catholic high school outfit, a white blouse with a blue plaid, plated skirt, white socks, and black and white saddle oxford shoes. She comes into the living room to distract me from whatever television program I’m watching. I take her hand and follow her to the bedroom. She waits at the foot of the bed and watches me undress. I lie down on the bed with my legs hanging off. She binds my ankles with my leather belt and handcuffs my wrists to the brass headboard. Bound like this, she can choose to lie by my side, to sit straddling my legs or by my side, or to kneel over my face, straddling it with her pussy. I glance up at the clock on the wall. I like knowing how long she teases me. Usually, she’ll tease me for 60 to 90 minutes.

Shelly stands by the side of the bed and slowly removes her blouse and skirt. She stands there in her bra and panties and watches me. My cock stands erect in anticipation of what’s to come. She waits until my cock softens before she removes her bra and panties. She lets her hair down. She walks over to the dresser and picks up some things I can’t see. She puts them down on the end table, and walks back around the bed.

Shelly lies down on the bed beside me. She pushes her right nipple into my mouth. “Suck on it,” she demands.

I greedily suck on Shelly’s nipple.

Shelly moans softly as her nipples harden. I stop sucking long enough to catch my breath. Before I can start again, she slaps my cock hard. “Keep sucking until I tell you to stop.”

I wince. While I suck, Shelly reaches over me for something on the end table. As she moves I’m careful to keep sucking. I don’t want her to slap my cock again. She settles down and I concentrate on sucking. casino oyna I’m surprised when she blows smoke in my face. I glance up to see her smoking a cigarette. Just seeing a topless or naked woman smoke arouses me. But sucking on the nipple of a smoking woman arouses me even more.

Shelly doesn’t smoke, so I really appreciate when she smokes for me in bed. The smoke causes me to cough. Before I could finish coughing, she slaps my cock hard and squeezes my balls. “Keep sucking, you worm, until I tell you to stop.”

Shelly blows smoke in my face while I suck on her nipple. After she puts out her second cigarette, she puts her hand on the back of my neck and holds me against her chest. I keep sucking on her nipple until she whispers, “You can stop now.”

My jaw is sore, and as Shelly moves the cigarettes, lighter, and ashtray back to the end table, I glance at the clock. I had been sucking on her nipple for just over an hour.

Shelly looks at me and coos, “All that sucking on my nipple got me really horny.”

Shelly’s pussy is open and wet from the sucking and I don’t feel her mount my cock. She gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She stops rocking when orgasm after orgasm ripples through her body. After the third orgasm she collapses on my chest, my cock still buried in her pussy. She rests for a few minutes before she gets up. She turns around and straddles my face with her pussy. She holds her dripping pussy above my face just out of the reach of my tongue, for what seems like forever. Her scent stiffens my cock. Finally, she lowers her pussy on my mouth. “Eat me!” she cries. “I want three more orgasms.”

I lick up the juices from her overflowing pussy. I concentrate on licking and sucking her clit. The first orgasm comes quickly. I focus on sucking her clit. After a while, she trembles through her second orgasm. I lick around and around, stopping every so often to lightly suck on her clit. My mouth and tongue are tired and a little sore when her body quivers through her third orgasm. She slides forward and rests. I glance up at the clock, and see that I’ve been pleasuring her for an hour and a half. She lies canlı casino on my chest for a long while. The aroma wafting from her pussy keeps my cock rigid.

Slowly Shelly lifts herself up from my chest and sits on the side of the bed. She looks over at me. “You’ve been such a good lover. Would you like me to play with your cock?”

My mouth is tired and my voice croaks when I try to answer Shelly. I nod yes.

Shelly smiles and picks up the bottle of baby oil and a towel from the end table. She places the towel on my stomach, and straddles my legs. I feel the warmth radiating from her pussy on my cock and balls. She puts baby oil on her right palm, and strokes my cock. The strokes are slow and light. The pressure is just enough to arouse and harden my cock. She strokes for a long time before I’m close to an orgasm. Just before I come, she stops. She whispers, “Darn. My hand is sticking. I need more baby oil.”

I wiggle my hips and twist under her while she stretches her fingers. She applies more baby oil to her right palm, and strokes my cock, slowly and lightly. She brings me near orgasm. Just before I come, she stops and whispers; “I’m thirsty. I’m going to get some water.”

Shelly gets off the bed and goes into the bathroom. I hear water running. She comes into the bedroom with a cup of water in her hand. “Would you like some water?”

I nod yes, and she holds my head and gives me a couple of sips of water.

Shelly drinks the rest and throws the cup away.

I glance at the clock, and see that I’ve been bound to the bed for a little less than three hours. I was thrilled, and I wondered how much longer Shelly would tease me. I was no closer to orgasm than when I first lay down, although my cock was throbbing from all the attention.

Shelly climbs on me and straddles my face with her pussy. She complains, “I’m tired of playing with you. Now you eat me. I want two more orgasms from you.”

I lubricate her pussy with my tongue. I zero in on her clit. After a while, Shelly has an orgasm. I lap her juices and lick all around before sucking her clit. Her hips bounce around on my face. I concentrate on licking and sucking kaçak casino her clit. At last, she has her second orgasm. She slides forward and rests. I glance up at the clock, and see that it’s been three and half-hours.

Shelly lifts herself up from my chest and sits on the side of the bed. She picks up the bottle of baby oil and straddles my legs. She puts baby oil on her right palm, and strokes my cock slowly and lightly, just enough to arouse me. After a while, I’m close to an orgasm again. Just before I come, she stops. She tickles my cock with her fingernails.

I want to come, and wiggle my hips.

Shelly laughs at my discomfort. Her tickling keeps me hard. After a while she stops, and applies more baby oil to her right palm. She strokes my cock, slowly and lightly. Soon, I’m close to an orgasm. Mercifully, she didn’t stop this time. I shoot my cum at least two feet into the air on my chest and face. I gasp for breath and glance at the clock. She’d teased me for over four hours.

Shelly wipes her hands on the towel, gets up from the bed, and walks over to the end table. She picks up the cigarettes and lighter and sits on the side of the bed. She lights a cigarette, and takes a puff. The sight of Shelly sitting on the bed naked and smoking causes my cock to try and get hard again, even after that huge orgasm. She turns to me and asks, “Did you like my teasing, lover?”

“Yes”, I croak hoarsely.

Shelly smiles. “I’m glad. I really enjoyed your licking and sucking.” She shivers. “You are very vigorous with your mouth and tongue when you’re bound.”

I enjoy watching her smoke. “I really appreciate the extensive teasing, and your smoking for me. But why? What’s the special occasion?”

Shelly takes a puff. “I want to please you. I’ve known you wanted me to tease you for an extended time. I don’t always feel comfortable teasing you. I’m not confident I’m doing what you want me to. I can’t tease you this long every time, but I’ll try once in a while.”

My arms and legs are stiff. I know my muscles are ready to scream as soon as Shelly unlocks me. I look over at her. “I love what you do. I appreciate you teasing me.”

Shelly smiles, and puts out the cigarette. She pours some baby oil in her right palm. She sits next to me and strokes my cock. “Let’s see how long it takes to tease you to another orgasm!”

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Charlie and Mindy Bk. 03 Ch. 07

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This is the last chapter of seven in Book 3 of the Charlie and Mindy tetralogy, which is a story of forbidden love between a brother and a sister.

This book stands on its own, but it refers to events that took place in Books 1 and 2. You may therefore want to read Book 1 and Book 2 before reading this book.

I value your comments and your feedback. I try to reply to comments.



The news of our parents’ deaths devastated us. It felt to me much as I imagine that it must feel to the captain of a ship, riding at anchor off a lee shore during a hurricane, when his hawsers part. It was a feeling of despair I had never before experienced—and hope never again to.

Neither of us remembers much detail from the rest of that terrible hour in the Dean’s office—beyond the shattering sense of loss and grief we experienced. But in that desperate, forlorn hour, we had our first revelation that adulthood’s estate comprises more than just taking responsibility for your own choices—that there are some things that are beyond choice, beyond desire, beyond control. In short, we began, finally, to grow up.

I have confused memories of Mindy’s tear-streaked face; of holding her, right there in the dean’s office, close in my arms; of trying to give her comfort when there was no comfort for either of us; of telling myself—as tears flowed down my own cheeks—that now I, the big brother, the Big Person With The Muscles, had once more to be strong, as I always had been, for my little sister, the Soft Little Person.

I have learned since that the latter was, at best, a half-truth; the fact was that we both had to be strong for each other—and for ourselves. (And I know, now, that real strength has little to do with muscles or sex, and that she is stronger than I.)

Both of us were thinking “I must be strong for my lover,” and it’s likely that that shared conviction helped us—more than any other single thing—to pull through that experience of overwhelming loss. We learned then that each of us, even when in unbearable pain, will give unflaggingly to the other.

The dean was an ordained minister—as were most administrators at the college. I have vague memories of how he tried to console us. At first, he gave us platitudes about seeking solace from God. But he was too intelligent a man to pursue that very far when he saw that neither of us bought it—and that to the extent we believed in any God, we were more likely to blame Him than to seek His help.

And I recall—also vaguely—that after an hour or so we had calmed down enough for the dean to talk to us about what came next. Dad’s friend and partner, Quent Miller, had made travel arrangements for us. He would arrive the next morning to see us to Fort Collins. Amanda Watson, the other partner in Dad’s firm, was already on the way to Colombia to deal with the formalities of bringing our parents’ bodies back home.

Dean Stone had perceived that my sister and I were close to each other. (Though he never figured out just how close we were.) He told us that he thought it would be wise for us to be at hand for each other during the coming night. He offered to pay, out of his own pocket, for a motel room for each of us, so that we would not have to be surrounded by other students and could be close to each other. I was about to accept that offer when Mindy told him that the Young twins were our dear friends, and that they would surely put us up for the night in the house they were renting.

And I was ashamed of myself for not thinking of our friends and how much better it would be to have the support I knew they would gladly give us in their warm and familiar home than to spend the night in some sterile motel room, even with the other close at hand.

I remember that I thought that I could see the wheels turning in his head at Mindy’s suggestion. He was, I think, worried about the prospect of putting two young men and two young women together overnight in the same house. He, even more than most of the college administrators, was probably convinced that young men and young women, left together unsupervised, would Do the Naughty. So he must have been half sure that Mindy would let Buck into her pants, or that Stephanie would let me into hers, or, most likely, both. (He couldn’t have known that he was right about the four of us, but that he had the pairings wrong.)

He surely knew of Steph and Buck, and of their parents’ deaths during the summer that preceded the twins’ first year at the college. If they were our close friends, then they, he must have thought, were in a better position to help us than anyone.

Or maybe those were all my own thoughts, and I’m just projecting. But, after some reflection, he did tell us that he thought that spending the night with good friends was probably the best thing we could do for ourselves. He wondered if we would need help getting to their house.

By canlı bahis then we had collected ourselves enough that we were sure we could make the ten-minute walk by ourselves. And we wanted to be away from other people. He was doubtful, but we insisted.

His final words to us, as we left his office, were that we were not, for now, to worry about our studies. We should understand, he said, that we would not be excused from completing our course requirements, but that our professors would give us plenty of time to do so. When he told us that, I heard in his voice, for the first time, the steel of the disciplinarian he was reputed to be. And, even in my grief, I could be glad that I was not a professor who didn’t feel like making allowances.

An arm around each other for support, we walked slowly, dazedly, as if we were no longer a part of this world, to the twins’ house. We must have passed many people, but we didn’t see them—it was to us as if we were the only two people on the planet. We were in tears again when we arrived. We knocked on their door and heard them moving about in response; they were home. Belatedly, I looked at my watch, and I was surprised to find that it was already half-past three.

Steph opened the door and, seeing us, started to scold us for knocking—that behavior being contrary to the instructions they’d given us in January. And then she saw the tears that flowed down our faces.

“Oh, my God!” she exclaimed.

“Steve! Come quickly!” she shouted back into the house. And then, turning to us, trying to take us both into her arms, care and anxiety written on her face, she asked, “What happened? Are you all right?”

Buck had not been far behind her, and he arrived in time to hear Mindy begin, “Mom and Dad…Our parents…”

She could get no further. I completed the thought. “Our parents were killed in an airplane crash.”

“Oh, shit!” Buck said, taking Mindy from Steph, putting his arms around her, and holding her close. She sobbed into his chest as he drew her through the door and into the house.

“Oh, Charlie,” Steph said. Her eyes were tearing up, too. “I’m so, so sorry.” She took my hand and drew me, too, into the house, closing the door behind us.

After shucking Mindy out of the coat she’d been wearing against the late winter chill, Buck had picked her up like a baby. As Steph took my coat and brought me into their living room, Buck sat down in the nearer easy chair, with Mindy still in his arms. Mindy had drawn herself up against him; she buried her face in his shoulder. I could hear her sobs as he held her and patted her gently on her back.

Steph led me to the couch and seated me in the same spot where I’d been seated early on the evening that Mindy and I had first spent the night together in their spare bed. She was weeping, too, now, in empathy with our pain. She looked at me, and she said, “When you need to cry, too, Charlie, my shoulder is here. How can I help you now?”

“I don’t know, Steph,” I answered. “Please just sit with me for a while.”

“I going to,” she said. “Just a minute. I’ll be right back.”

She left the room for a moment and came back with a box of tissues. She pulled a handful out and handed them to Buck before setting the box on the coffee table and sitting down on the couch close beside me. Even when we were seated, my head was still substantially above hers. She smiled gently up at me through her tears and whispered, “You’re too big for me to hold you the way Steve is holding Mindy.”

Even grieving as I was, I could return her smile.

She went on. “But why don’t you hold me and let me put my head on your shoulder? Maybe that will help a little bit.”

I put my arm around her shoulders, and, turning toward me, she leaned up close, putting her head on my shoulder and her hand on my chest. We sat there for a while, and I found that the soft warmth of her body, the gentle rise and fall of her shoulders as she breathed, the faint beat of her heart, all did help.

I could hear Buck, across the room, whispering gently to Mindy, trying to give her what comfort he could. Her face was still buried in his shoulder, but her sobbing had subsided. Every now and then I could hear her whisper something in response to him.

Steph whispered to me, “Charlie, I know how much you hurt, and I’m so sorry. I really want to help you. I wish I could make the hurt go away. But I know I can’t—and I know there really isn’t much I can do even to make it less. But Steve and I will do anything we can for you, or for Mindy, or for both of you.”

“Steph,” I replied, “you’ve already helped us just by being here. And just knowing that you want to help already helps. Mindy and I know that as long as we have you and Buck, we aren’t alone.

“We don’t think we want to go back to our own places tonight—we’d have to be away from each other. But we want to be together. We’ll need each other tonight. Can we stay bahis siteleri the night here?”

She raised her head, looked me in the eyes, and smacked my chest with her open palm. “Charles Edward Magness,” she began, looking up at me, no longer whispering. She was angry! Buck and Mindy raised their heads to look over at us—wanting to know what I could possibly have done to get myself into trouble.

“Of course you and Mindy can spend the night here. And you should know better than to think you have to ask. This is your house, too. That bedroom belongs to you two now, and things have been that way since school started in January!”

“Thanks,” I mumbled, thoroughly embarrassed, now. “I’m afraid we won’t be very good company.”

She subsided, put her head back down on my shoulder, and relaxed. I began to relax, as well. Mindy rested her head on Buck’s shoulder and took a deep breath, expelled it slowly. She, too, was loosening up. Her tears no longer flowed, but her grief was apparent in every aspect of her body. I suppose that it was the same with me.

Whispering again, Steph said, “Let us worry about that. You and Mindy are always welcome in this house. We meant it—we really meant it—when we told you to think of the house as your own.”

Buck and Steph sat there with us, each of them holding and comforting one of us, for nearly an hour. During that time, quiet words passed between Steph and me, and I am sure that it was so between Buck and Mindy. Slowly, during that interval, surrounded by the love of our friends, our truly dear friends, Mindy and I re-gathered some of our strength.

Gradually, a pair of halting, two-person conversations became a single, halting, four-person conversation, and then a more fluid four-person conversation. Buck still held Mindy in his comforting arms; Steph’s comforting presence remained in my own arms. During the next hour or so, the two of them gently pried the details of our session with the dean out of us.

Buck was momentarily outraged when I mentioned the Dean’s suggestion that we seek solace in God.

“What an asshole!” he’d said. “What bullshit! Look for support from a God who’s always first in line to take the credit when things go well, but can’t be found when there’s blame to take!”

“It’s okay, Buck,” Mindy said then. I saw her squeeze him. “He only mentioned it once. It’s what he believes, and when he saw that we think more like you do than like he does, he backed off. And, at heart, he’s a good man. He offered to pay for a motel room for each of us out of his own pocket, so we could be near each other tonight.”

We talked, quietly, for a few minutes after that. It was nearly half-past five, then, and Steph raised her head and looked at me. “If you’ll be okay without me for a bit,” she said, “I think I should go fix us something to eat.”

I squeezed her, and she squeezed me back. “I’m not good,” I said, “but thanks to you and Buck, I’m a lot better than I was when we got here. I’ll be okay without you.”

I let go of her, but instead of getting to her feet, she raised her head again and looked right into my eyes. Raising her voice so that Mindy would hear her, too, she said, “Charlie…Mindy…I wish more than anything that I could tell you that the pain will go away.” She wept as she spoke. “But it won’t.”

She paused. Her dark brown, tear-filled eyes still commanded my attention, and I knew that she wept then not just for our pain, but also from the pain of the deaths of their parents a year and a half earlier.

“All that I can say is this: It will get better. Your lives will go on. It will always hurt, but the pain will fade. You’ll be able to be happy again. I promise you.”

“We promise you,” Buck echoed. Almost reluctantly, I broke from Steph’s eyes and looked over to see that Buck and Mindy were holding each other tightly.

Steph’s hand came gently to my chin and turned my face toward hers. Her lips pressed themselves softly against my own. My eyes closed, my arms enfolded her again, and my own lips responded. We had kissed many times before, but never deeply. Nevertheless, it seemed very natural and altogether right that, in the midst of that comforting kiss, her tongue should slip between my lips to wrestle with mine.

When our kiss ended, she raised her head and looked into my eyes again. I felt a gentle caress on my cheek. And then she stood up and turned to Buck.

“Steve,” she said, “why don’t you give Mindy back to Charlie for a bit and go to Krojer for me. I’m thinking that sandwiches would be a good idea for supper—but we need some meat and some decent bread. I’ll get things ready while you’re gone.”

Buck stood up, still holding Mindy in his arms like a baby—and impressing me with the strength of his legs as he did so. He crossed the living room in two or three steps. Arriving in front of me, he looked into Mindy’s eyes; she returned his look. He lowered his head, bahis şirketleri and, gently, he kissed her on her lips. She responded, and their kiss extended.

When, at last, they broke that kiss, Mindy looked up at him. He looked back at her, and bent to deposit her on my lap and in my arms, saying as he did so, “Here’s your woman back, Charlie.” Once his arms were free, his hand came up to rest, palm down, on my shoulder. He said nothing, but he looked directly into my eyes, and I felt his hand tighten in a squeeze.

“Thanks, Buck,” I said, returning his gaze. My own arms were full of Mindy, or I would have placed my hand on his forearm and returned the squeeze.

“It’s nothing,” he muttered—clearly uncomfortable with the necessity of dealing with emotions, wanting to do the right thing, but not wanting to violate the Fundamental Code. “I have to go get the stuff that Steph wants for supper. I’ll be back soon.” And he turned to leave.

“Thank you, Buck,” Mindy added, as her arms sought me.

He turned back and smiled at her. “You’re welcome, Mindy. I’m so sorry.” he said, and walked into the kitchen to see what Steph wanted from the store. No strictures of the Fundamental Code apply to dealing with a woman’s emotions.

Mindy’s arms found the purchase she needed, and, turning her face toward me, she pulled herself close and buried her face in my shoulder. I knew that her tears were close to the surface—as were my own—but they didn’t come to either of us.

We needed no words, then. Simply, we sat there, in close contact with each other, on Steph and Buck’s couch. Our friends had strengthened us, and we were at last able to give some comfort to each other. I felt some of the strength that Steph’s touch had given me flow into Mindy—as I felt some of the strength Buck had given her flow into me.

As my little sister and I began, finally, to comfort each other, Buck returned to the living room—with three small glasses and a bottle in his hands. “Dr. Steven R. Young prescribes a dose of good Scotch whisky for both of you,” he said as he set the glasses down in a row and poured a fairly substantial drink into one and two even larger drinks into the other two.

He continued as he re-corked the bottle. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for either of you to get drunk. But a good stiff hit will help you relax a little.”

He gave Mindy, who had to remove an arm from my shoulder to take it, the glass with the smaller amount in it. “You may think that this is a little too strong for comfort, Mindy,” he said. “But I want you to drink it anyway. Trust me: It will help you feel better.”

Mindy held the drink and looked doubtfully at him for a moment. Seeing that he meant what he said, then, she stiff-wristed it. Her eyes bulged a bit and she expelled air from her lungs in a long gasp. She looked at him reproachfully and said, “Jesus!”

His hand stroked her hair. “I didn’t expect you to gulp it all at once,” he said—but he couldn’t suppress a little smile.

He handed me one of the other two drinks and took the remaining one for himself. I sipped at mine. I couldn’t see the label on the bottle, but whatever this was, it was no ordinary Scotch. It was heavy with smoke, and in spite of Mindy’s reaction, it seemed to me to be as smooth and as silky as a baby’s bottom. I took a larger swallow—about a third of what he’d poured for me, and I felt the welcome burn as it descended. It hit my belly and exploded into a ball of fire; the heat radiated through my body.

Buck raised his own drink and swallowed about the same fraction of it as I had of mine. “Mmmm,” he said. “That’s good!”

I swallowed the rest of mine in one larger gulp. “It is,” I said. “It’s very good.”

Buck took the rest of his in a last gulp. Mindy, too, must have been feeling the indescribable glow that strong drink hitting an empty stomach brings. “I didn’t like drinking it that much,” she said, “but it does feel good once it’s inside me.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” Buck responded. “That’s why the doctor prescribed it.”

He took the bottle back through the kitchen and returned without it a few moments later. He went to the front door and threw on his coat. “I’ll be back soon,” he said, and stepped out the door.

Mindy and I continued to snuggle on the couch as mild haze from the drink spread through our minds and our bodies. Buck had been altogether right; a touch of good booze had been helpful.

A few minutes after Buck left, Steph came into the room to see how we were doing.

When she’d convinced herself that we were still all right, she smiled and said, “You two are very unusual people. That bottle is Steve’s special treasure. Even I don’t know where he keeps it. He brings it out only for very special events, and I’ve never seen him share it with anyone before.”

Mindy and I looked at each other.

“We’re flattered,” I said.

“You two are special people to us,” Steph continued. “I just wish I had a treasure like that to share with you.”

“You do,” said Mindy. “You share yourself with us.” And she put her head down on my shoulder and held herself tightly against me.

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