The Celtic Sonata of Life

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I was sitting outside the cottage door, just in my shorts, wondering if the farmer who had rented the rustic Cotswold cottage with the thatched roof and the rose trellis beside the door to me for two weeks had misinterpreted my offer. It hadn’t been in so many words, but I think I had been clear enough in my nonverbal delivery. But maybe not. Maybe signaling here in England was much different from how it was in the States.

I had been antsy with my writing, not being able to make much progress. Back in New York, I would have known what I needed to break the blockage: attention from one of the muscle men in the gym down on the first floor of my building. I would go downstairs and stand in the doorway. They would see and understand what I needed, and one of the hunks would put his bar bells down, climb the stairs with me, and fuck the stuffing out of me. Then I would give him the proverbial pat on the head and send him back to the gym. After that I could and would write all night. I never had a problem finding someone down there who wanted me. I always was in control.

The Gloucestershire farmer had reminded me of the men in the gym, but more honestly built, less malleable perhaps, and a man of determination. A bit of danger for someone like me, who wanted to call all of the shots. He was a man of the fields, big and bulky, but built like a bodybuilder. His muscles were, I’m sure, the result of hard work on the land rather than the artifice of the gym. His cottage had been listed on a gay-friendly Web site, and it had rather explicitly indicated that single, young, gay men were preferred. So I had hope that there would be something to be had from him while I hid away in the Cotswolds and tried to make progress on my book. A bit of dalliance when it pleased me. When I saw him, standing by the cottage door this morning, when I drove up, I almost melted. He was big and beautiful in a brutish, stubbornly arrogant way. I had occasion to hope there would be something from him for me, and even more reason to hope that when he told me that he was single, that he lived alone, and that he worked the farm himself.

I told him I was gay and a writer, and that I had come to write, not to sightsee. I asked him if he was a reader, but he said he was more of a music listener—and a dancer. I had visions of him clogging away at a village fair and regretted that he wasn’t a reader. If he had read my books, he would have known what I wanted from a man like him, what I expected from a man who wanted to go with me. I told him, still hopeful, that I worked mainly at night at the computer and that my mornings, such as they were, were spent spinning the stories in my mind. But the evenings, I said, I usually liked to be away from the writing. I often read in the evening, or talked with someone, if someone was there to talk to.

“I dance in the evenings,” he said, simply. From the first moment, he was direct, straightforward, with me, not the least anxious to fit in with my plans.

I thought then that he hadn’t taken the hint—or, worse, had caught the invitation and had rejected it. I was a bit miffed. I wasn’t used to being rejected. But then, this was England, not the United States. I recognized that tastes could be different by differing location. He looked like he probably fancied someone rougher, less complex, less sophisticated than I was. I had visions that while I was reading in the evening, he would be in the village dancing, probably clogging. I don’t know why I thought they clogged in this region, but it seemed to go with the atmospherics here. Everything was rural. Beautiful, but rural. The farmer seemed rural too. Very basic, probably his whole life devoted to his farm. Rural but beautiful. But seeing him in my mind dancing some silly village dance lessened his appeal to me. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have given up earlier in the day before he set off for his fields; I’d have been at his door asking for a cup of whiskey or something—with the emphasis on the “something.”

The twilight was so inviting that I was sitting at the cottage door next to the rose trellis, using the light streaming through the doorway of the essentially one-room cottage to light my page. I had only read a few pages when I saw him approaching.

He was all cleaned up, a bottle of some liquor—probably a local brew—in his hand. He was stripped to the waist, wearing baggy farmer’s trousers below, which only accentuated the hard, barrel chest and tapering down the torso to flat abs telling the tale of what a serious six pack meant. I gasped at the sight of him, not only the massive musculature of his torso, magnificently cut, but because he had tattooing of roses running down his chest—roses that matched the color of those on the rose trellis next to where I sat.

“I thought you danced in the evenings,” I said in a low, wanting voice as he approached me.

“I do. I think you should dance tonight rather than read. I have come to dance.”

He had also brought CDs. They surprised yenibosna escort me. No clogging music here—whatever that was. Not even any fast music. All slow, sensuous, strangely unfamiliar music to me. Sounds of haunting instruments I could not identify and what were either other instrumental sounds or voices in the background, I could not tell which, as well blended in the rest of the music as it was. Behind it all, a good beat. Not a beat that I heard from the beginning, but a beat that became stronger as the evening unraveled.

“The music. Very strange,” I said. “Almost primeval.”

“It’s Celtic music. It’s what I dance to. It is music we use to make love to, out here on the farms.”

Visions of fertility dances in the fields zipped through my brain. How could I use this image in my novels?

We were inside at that point, him standing by the CD player and me sitting on the edge of the bed. There were straight chairs in the room, and a small table near the kitchen bar, but not room for much else. Just a square of space in the center of the room. While standing at the CD player, he undid his belt buckle, unbuttoned his fly, and let his farmer’s wide-legged trousers sink to the floor.

Just like that. Straightforward, direct. Sure of himself. Knowing that what he had gave him entry where he wanted to go. Arrogance unbounded.

I moaned. He was in half erection, already magnificent. His thighs were beefy, but all muscle, strong as oaks. The vining from the rose trellis tattoo continued down across his smooth-shaved groin, and wrapped around the base of his cock. He had taken a handful of small packets and a tube of something out of the pocket of his trousers before they fell to the floor, and as I watched, he placed the tube and some of the packets on the table, opened the packet he still was holding, and rolled the condom on his cock. There was no question what he wanted—or that he had plans to get it more than once, if he fancied doing so. For the first time I felt that decisions, control were not mine here. We clearly were on his turf.

No courting here. This was the farm. Do your business and get back to work. I was the business that he would do this evening. Lonely on the farm? Invite a young man to use your cottage and get your rocks off covering him, again and again, if you wanted to. Leave him moaning on his back, unable to close his legs, and go back to the fields whistling.

I shuddered, conflicted by both desire and fear.

He walked to the center of the room. “Come, dance with me.” He was holding an arm out, in invitation.

“I don’t dance. Well, not well,” I answered, my voice more of a croak than as I would have him hear it.

“You can dance with me. I will lead. I will control.”

I bet you will was my thought. I was trembling. I barely could make it up to my feet. I took one step.

“No, take the shorts off first. I want to see you.” and when I had fumbled my way out of the shorts, “Ah, you are a right sexy piece, you are. Turn around. Nice arse that. Plump. Should hole straight and true, and something to grab onto during the slide. I am glad you have booked for two weeks. And you are showing me that you want to dance with me. We will be good dance partners together.”

Just a sexy piece with a nice, plump “arse” to slide into. Just verbal running of the farmer’s hands down the flanks of the livestock. Good breeding stock. The dance crap just so much subterfuge. Not that that mattered, he was such a prime example of manhood. But that cock . . . the size of that.

“I admit I want to . . . but I am frightened. You are so large . . . I’m not accustomed . . .”

“You will love the dance. Come. You answered the advert. We both know what you wanted when you came here. We will both be happy, I’m sure. This is why I make the effort to have this cottage to rent. I make it sound like I prefer single-tenant gay men. If I like the look of them, I cock them. They never complain that I have.”

“That’s rather forward. I—”

“You want me to put you on the cock, don’t you? You nearly ate me up showing that want earlier today.”

I shimmered with uncontrollable arousal at the image of that—made more graphically fascinating by the size of him. It was the writer in me. Too much imagination. “Yes,” I answered in a small voice. I couldn’t lie. And I was already naked before him, my need and want obvious.

“We dance the Dance of the Fuck, then. Now.”

I shuddered when he took me into his arms. He was taller, bulkier, more powerfully built than I was. I had to stand on my tiptoes as, in a close embrace, we moved, back and forth, and against each other. His cock pressed into the center of my chest, into the base of my rib cage. He was gripping my wrists and moved my arms behind me, holding them together at the base of the small of my back. I felt the index finger of one of his hands move down into the upper crack of my buttocks.

The finger yeşilköy escort was not reaching the rim of my hole, but I found myself wanting it to, rising as much as I could to give it access. It was rubbing inside my cleft, though, and I was opening just at the sensation of him being so close to the quick of me.

I knew I was going to be fucked. I wanted it. He was making me ache for it. All self-assurance, no doubt he knew that. He had made clear he had caught my signaling from that morning. We both knew what he was here to do, what I was here to give him, to take from him.

His lips went to the hollow of my throat. We had moved close to the table where the CD player was resting in the undulation of our bodies in the slow, sensuous dance. I realized only now that this table had been a goal of his. He released my hands, and I sensed him handling something on the table top. As we moved away from the table again, toward the center of the room, I realized what it was he was doing. His hands were wet and slick now.

We stood, in the center of the room, just rocking back and forth with, against each other. His cock was rock hard against my rib cage. I knew mine was too. It was throbbing.

“Yes, yes, yesss,” I murmured as I felt his large hands spanning my buttocks cheeks, squeezing and separating them.

“Oh, god, yesss,” I whimpered, as I felt a finger from each hand, wet and slippery, circling my rim. And then slowly entering me, and pressing on my rim, opening me up.

“Loose. Used. But not loose enough yet for the likes of me.”

Do you have to say every thought out loud? I screamed in my mind. Must you be so casual and coldblooded about it? But then I realized that his language, his actions, the matter-of-fact way he was going about it was much of what was making me melt to him, what was putting me under his power.

Standing and rocking against each other. Aware more now of the music. We were moving to the beat of the music. Or rather, the beautiful farmer was moving us to the rhythm of the music. Controlling, just as he had said he would. And the beat. Becoming more aware that there was a beat at the base of the music, coming more to the foreground.

More fingers, deeper, Spreading me open. I had never felt so open, so slack. I buried my face in his shoulder and panted hard. Roses. My eyes were fixated on the roses, curving with the curve of his hard pecs. A nipple in the center of one rose. This. I would write about this.

“A nice arse. A good hole for it. Tight enough to give me a good feel of it, but open enough for the deep slide and the working of it.”

To me, the beating of my heart, more aware to me now too, was matching the beat of the music.

I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t wait. I ejaculated between his thighs. I was mortified, and buried my face harder into his shoulder, voicing a shuddered, “Sorry.”

He gave a low laugh. “No worry. I will make you come again . . . and again. A good hole for it, for a good poke, time and again.”

I moaned in anticipation. His lips found mine, and a third finger on each hand invaded my ass, pressing at the rim, coaxing me more open. Pushing my butt cheeks apart with the broad, calloused palms of his hands.

His lips disengaged from mine and went to my ear. “I am putting you to the cock now. You are open enough, I think. If not, I have something that will stretch you to fit soon enough. Maybe not the first time, but afterwards. The dick is wanting its hole something fierce.”

“Yes, oh, god, yes,” I moaned. Such bald language, arousing now that I was being worked—like the matter-of-fact way he had declared he was going to fuck me. Probably straightforward because of the nearness of a farmer to the basic functions and realities of life. Also because he was fully aware of who he was, what he had, what men like me wanted from him, whether we ourselves fully understood that or not. Intoxicating. Enough so that I didn’t consider the ominous “I have something that will stretch you.”

“Raise your right leg to my hip,” he whispered. “You’ll ride the cock with me standing the first time, I think. You’ll enjoy it; it gives a good angle. Not a full slide, but we can get to that in time. A right good ass; I’ll want to use it more.”

Shaking almost uncontrollably, I raised my calf to his hip. Still clutching, spreading, my buttocks with his hands, fingers still inside my entrance, rubbing and coaxing the rim to expand, he lifted me and crouched a bit, with a thigh pressing into me under the leg I had lifted.

I felt the bulb of his cock at my entrance. It was massive. I whimpered. “You are too big.”

“We will manage. You are used regular, I can get the feel of that. You will take it. Your body will open right up to it. It wants the cock. The gut knows what it wants and will do what is needed. We were meant to dance this dance.”

His fingers were still stretching me open as much as they could as, zeytinburnu escort grunting, he moved his bulb inside me. I was panting heavily, and groaning and close to tears. It had been nothing like this with the men in the gym. None of them were built like this English farmer. None of them were as forceful or determined. None of them had the gall to tell me what I wanted. I had told him he was too big. He hadn’t seen it as a problem.

But, he was right. I wanted it so much. “Ahhhhhhhhh.”

“Arch back from me,” he commanded. His voice was demanding, like he was trying to override my approach toward hyperventilating. “Don’t worry; I will hold you.”

He was so powerful and his rough hands were so broad and strong, that I believed him.

“It will roll your pelvis up to me. The angle will be better, the channel straighter for the cock.” He crouched a bit again, ready to maintain our balance by offsetting the arching of my torso. Again, the straightforward, confident, bald talk of the rudimentary elements of the fuck. Again, too, the understanding of the basic mechanics of it. Almost clinical. He just wanted to get deep inside me, to come inside me. Get his rocks off and get back to the fields. A barnyard breeding. The farm stud.

But he was a stud.

I wanted him inside me as much as he wanted to be there. I was crazy to be doing this. I couldn’t take a cock this big—and wouldn’t enjoy it if I did. But, god, I wanted him deep inside me. None of what I wanted mattered now, though, he was going to fuck me. He was exuding no doubt. To him it was all mechanics; just a day on the farm, studding the livestock. A bit of pleasure in the process. His pleasure.

I arched back, afraid that I might fall back, but he smoothly counterbalanced with his crouch and I managed to grip his upper arms—massively muscular, making me melt to him even in the heat of trying to sheath his cock, and he was still holding my lower body close to his with the strength of his hands gripping my buttocks.

“I can support you. The cock wants this angle.”

“Please, please, pleaseplease,” I chanted in a faraway voice as, my prayer being answered, I felt his cock sliding slowly inside me, stretching and filling me. Knowing every inch of me inside as it sank into me; knowing too that the channel would expand to accommodate, to welcome the long slide. Making me pant and groan and moan. He was inside me. He was inside me! I wanted to shout for joy. I was taking him. It was throbbing inside me. Waiting, poised.

“There, the gut knows what it will take. A good angle and straight channel. Fully saddled. We can dance the fuck now.” Like he was talking to some vet inseminating his prize brood mare.

I felt the fingers sliding out of me, their work finished. His hands went to my waist.

“Lift the other leg. Lock your ankles behind my back.”

“Please. Please.”


“Please be patient with me. Please don’t ruin me. It . . . is . .. so . . .big.”

It was idiotic. I didn’t know what I wanted by saying this at this point. I already was holed. But, yes, yes, I did. I wanted some sign from him before he started what came next that this was lovemaking, not just breeding, not just the primeval need to ejaculate. That he wanted me because he was attracted to me, not just because I had a channel and he wanted his huge cock sheathed tonight, just wanted a vessel to spill his seed in, had to get his rocks off. Throwing in my face that I had come onto him. Leaving me no shred of belief that I controlled . . . anything.

But then, what if he did? What if he only wanted his pleasure? The offer of the cottage had been clear enough. He was being completely honest. And I couldn’t deny that he was giving me what I hoped to find here.

Thoughts of my own behavior, back in New York, floated through my brain. Isn’t the way he was treating me no more impersonal than I treated those men in the gym? Letting them fuck me just to help push me beyond a blockage in my writing. I told them what they could do, how they could do it. Using them just like this self-confident farmer was going to use me, was already using me. Was I any more thoughtful of their needs than he was of mine?

“You came to me for the hard cocking. I see nothing innocent in you. Your gut speaks for what you want. The looseness of the gut tells me what you’ll take.”

No mercy to be had. What could I say to that? He was absolutely right.

He laughed a low laugh. “We will dance well together. Before the night is through, we will fit perfectly. Raise your other leg, or I will raise it for you. The cock wants it.”

I let out a low sob and raised my leg. I also started to raise my torso to him.

“No, stay arched back. The angle is good. The angle is good for you, is it not? I am in deep, no? You feel me deep inside? It will be a long, straight stroke. The cock wants a long stroke.”

The cock wants this; the cock wants that. What about what I want? But I knew what I wanted. I wanted the cock.

“You’re so big, so deep,” I murmured. It came out with another low sob, but also with a sense that he was concerned for my pleasure after all, if only a little. I needed more from him. “No man has ever been that deep. You are magnificent.”

Pimping for some sign of passion for me.

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Loving Aurora Ch. 01

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[This is the start of a new story with new characters (but with some background connections to my previous stories; these may be explored further in later chapters). This is a brother/sister incest romance, also involving some pissing, so don’t read if those are not your thing.

Tags: Brother/Sister Incest, Piss, Big Cock

All characters involved in sexual situations are aged over 18.]


It was a gorgeous day, cloudless and cornflower blue, the warmest of the year so far. The sort of day when nobody was in a hurry, not that anyone ever was in this part of the country. The afternoon sun glittered on the small lakes and millponds dotted among the wheatfields. A light breeze swayed the green canopies of spruce and beech forest that cloaked the hillsides. Picnic blankets were spread out in churchyards, boats drifted sedately on winding rivers, birdwatchers scanned the clear skies. Couples went for walks hand-in-hand, or lounged around in bed together.

Thorfinn drove through the countryside with his windows rolled down, letting the inrush of air ruffle his short blond hair. There weren’t too many other cars on the road, and he could largely go as fast as he liked. Or at least, as fast as the narrow, switchbacking country roads permitted, with their blind corners and bone-shaking cattle grids. It still beat the eternal traffic jams of the city. He was looking very forward to this long weekend, a rare break from urban life and the exhausting overwork of his new job. A chance to see his sleepy old hometown, reconnect with family and old friends. He planned to split his time between his parents’ place and the cottage where his younger sister Aurora lived.

Aurora had insisted he come see her first, for a drink and a months-overdue catch-up, and he didn’t intend to disappoint her. He parked his car outside her cottage, a pretty little red-brick affair on the edge of the village, hidden in a stand of spindly poplars. The house was a rental, mostly paid for by their parents. Aurora was staying there for the time being, while she sorted out her affairs post-graduation. It was a great location, overlooking the rolling farmland and scattered forests, but a bit too isolated for Thorfinn’s liking. The nearest neighbours were a good distance down the road, and the nearest drinking establishment – an ancient fieldstone tavern, their longtime family local – was a twenty-minute walk. He didn’t know how Aurora, always a social butterfly, maintained her sanity living in the middle of nowhere.

She’d left a spare key for him under a cracked flowerpot by the front door. He opened the cottage to take his overnight bag inside, leaving it on the living room sofa. Aurora kept a rather messy house, leaving her clothes strewn all over the place and half-drunk cups of tea on the kitchen counter. But the spare bedroom looked spotless, with the bedspread showing crisp hospital corners. More likely that was their mother’s work.

After re-locking the cottage, Thorfinn began the trek to the tavern on foot. There wasn’t much point taking the car, as he imagined he’d soon be in no state to drive home. And it was a lovely walk, along that familiar winding path bordered by low drystone walls, the fields stretching away green and gold on every side. The noonday heat raised beads of sweat on his brow. Why had he worn dark jeans on a day like this?

The path took him through a mile of farmland, across a shallow forded stream and into a patch of spruce forest that provided some welcome shade. Finally, it opened out into a proper road on a hillside overlooking the village. The weathervane atop the church steeple glinted gold over the slate rooftops in the middle distance. A lone white cloud scudded across the blue horizon.

The tavern stood on the crest of the hill, a low rambling structure thickly covered with dark ivy. A chalkboard menu stating the day’s specials was propped up by the entrance. The main door was original, its ancient oak planks held together with sturdy iron bands. Apart from the satellite dish on the roof and the handful of cars parked in front, the place could have time-travelled straight from the fifteenth century. Thorfinn found it a comforting sight, reassuringly unchanged since his last visit.

He walked inside, ducking his head under the low wooden beams; the tavern’s long-dead builders had clearly never expected to accommodate a man his height. Most of the indoor seating was occupied by families having lunch, but Aurora had already messaged to say she had gotten them a table in the tavern garden. It was definitely the weather for outdoor drinking.

Stooping through another too-small doorway, Thorfinn made his way out back. The garden was a small, slightly overgrown lawn enclosed by a brick wall, much newer than the rest of the tavern. Several sun-bleached wooden picnic benches were arranged on the grass, most of them occupied. A freckled, tired-eyed waitress was carrying a tray of expensive-looking burgers out to a young couple and their two squabbling children. Wasps bostancı escort were buzzing industriously around a spilled drink on one of the benches.

“Finn! Over here!” called a familiar, warm, melodious voice.

Thorfinn turned his head and saw his sister seated on a bench near the rear wall of the garden. A tall trellis of pink climbing roses covered the red brickwork behind her. Some of the petals had fallen onto the benchtop, a scattering of pale curls and twists. Judging by the pint of beer standing almost empty among them, Aurora had already started drinking.

She was leaning her elbows on the bench in that insouciant way of hers, her dark-blonde hair worn in a layered bob that brushed over her shoulders. Her pretty oval face was lit up with a welcoming smile that cutely dimpled her cheeks. Full lips, a neatly upturned nose. Her eyes were a bright, summery blue-green. They were eyes that had broken a lot of hearts, Thorfinn knew.

Aurora was certainly better dressed for the heat. She wore a knot-waisted blue skirt with an intricate floral print, its hem a little above her knee, and a skimpy white linen top that left her shoulders bare. Her long, slender, gently tanned legs were kicked out comfortably underneath the bench. A large, curlicued, abstract tattoo decorated almost the whole length of her right leg, while a chain of Cyrillic characters were inscribed on her other ankle. Her minimalist plaited sandals exposed cute toes with neat, lilac-painted nails.

“Hey, Aura,” Thorfinn said, making his way through the garden towards her. He hadn’t seen her in four months, their longest-ever time apart. In that time, he’d started a new job, she’d finished her masters degree, and they’d both suffered the biggest breakup of their respective lives. Yet Aurora didn’t seem to have changed one bit. Her smile never failed to raise his spirits. She was two years younger than him, but they’d grown up as close as twins.

“Sorry I got started without you. It’s too hot to not drink,” she said, getting up from the bench. She was tallish, standing five-foot-eight in flat sandals, and nicely athletic. Years of weekend tennis and squash had given her a wiry, toned physique, with good definition in her arms and shoulders, and a decidedly slinky midriff. Her breasts were high and firm under the thin fabric of her top. A white-gold necklace decorated her pretty neck, with a small opal pendant dangling just above her cleavage.

“No harm done. I would have done the same.” Thorfinn hugged her tight, letting her kiss his cheek – he was fully six-foot-four, and she had to stand on tiptoes to do it. He felt her nipples press against his torso through the material of his shirt, and realised with a start that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Not particularly unusual for her, but it made him slightly uneasy all the same. “It’s been too long.”

“Way too long. I missed my big brother.”

They sat on the bench facing each other. The hot sun beat down on them as they went through their initial mock-serious catch-up, reassuring one another that they were in good health, still talking to their parents and not in any major trouble with the law. “I came pretty close to murdering Mel the week after we broke up,” Aurora confessed. “But I don’t have your killer instinct.”

Thorfinn snorted. “I was more worried Gen would murder me, towards the end. She’s the one with the killer instinct. I was legitimately ready to call the cops.”

“Here’s to crazy exes,” Aurora said wryly, raising her now-empty pint. “Except you don’t have a drink. Go fetch! High time we got drunk together.”

“Good call.” Thorfinn’s mouth was parched, and the prospect of cold beer was frankly glorious. He rose again, cursing as he knocked his knee against the underside of the bench, and headed for the bar.

“Get me another one too, Finn,” Aurora called after him. “Lager. You know what I like.”

“Say please.”

“Pretty please with foam on top. Get me two.”

“So unladylike,” he scolded her.

While he waited to be served, the other patrons milling around him, Thorfinn looked out of the mottled glass of the tavern windows at the verdant countryside. It really was glorious, this landscape. He and Aurora had been blessed to grow up here. He thought back on sunny childhood afternoons of exploring the shadowed woods with her, skinny-dipping in the pristine rivers, walking the family dogs through the meadows. Maybe he’d been too quick to move to the city.

He brought out their beers, and they clinked glasses. “Mazel tov,” Aurora said sweetly, before taking a generous drink. Thorfinn relished the first cold sip of his own pint; a crisp, mildly hoppy blond lager, blissfully refreshing. He had to hold himself back from downing the whole pint in one go. Sweat prickled his back underneath his shirt. His legs were overheating fast in his jeans, and that wasn’t the only uncomfortable thing. He was a well-endowed man; even the loose fit of these jeans felt too confining around his cock, trapping göztepe escort it against his thigh.

“How’re you finding life here?” he asked. “Good being back home?”

“Boring as fuck,” she said flatly. “Don’t get me wrong, I love it round here. But all my friends with any sense moved away years ago. And Mom is always coming to check on me, like she doesn’t trust me to keep house. She probably thinks I lived the last four years on nothing but alcohol and ready meals.”

“I mean, didn’t you?” Thorfinn teased her. She kicked his shin playfully under the table.

“I can cook better than you can, Mister Pasta-and-Protein-Shakes. Mom just likes to tug on the umbilical. I see her pretty much every day. She’s coming over for breakfast tomorrow, I’ll have to tidy up.”

“Go easy on her, Aura. She’s happy to have her little girl back home.”

“I’m twenty-three!” Aurora said, with pouty, half-serious indignation. “You try spending a few weeks out here in the sticks, being treated like a child. Bet you’d get sick of being her little boy.”

Thorfinn idly turned his pint glass around in his hands, waving away a wasp that hovered too close. “I don’t know, a few weeks out of the city actually sounds good. Work’s busting my balls right now. This is the first leave I’ve taken since I started.”

It had been depressingly hard to even get these few days off. He’d joined a large civil engineering firm as a junior project manager three months ago; the money was good, but the hours were crushing. They were halfway through site preparation on an inner-city utilities project, short-staffed and already behind schedule. It was all hands on deck, all day, every day. The prospect of going back to the grind next week was thoroughly disheartening.

“I’ll come visit you up there next month,” Aurora said. “If that’s okay, I mean? Don’t want to cramp your style.”

“You’re welcome any time. Honestly, I could use the company. The apartment feels pretty empty with Gen gone.”

“Well, if you’re looking for a new roomie, I promise I’m house-broken,” she laughed. She had a very sweet laugh, light and musical. Thorfinn imagined her pretty smile brightening the rooms of his apartment, her laugh echoing from the kitchen as she made dinner. He could certainly think of worse roommates than his little sister.

They drank and chatted in the sunshine as the rose petals fluttered around them. Thorfinn gradually allowed himself to relax, the stress and tension of the past few weeks fading into the background. Although his eyes kept flicking, as if of their own perverted accord, over Aurora’s sleek legs and the swell of her young breasts beneath her top. He hoped she wouldn’t notice.

Eventually, finding he had very much broken the seal, Thorfinn excused himself and wandered to the bathroom. His head felt pleasantly fuzzy, though he was still far from drunk.

As he stood at the steel urinal trough, draining a couple of pints of beer out of his system, he found his thoughts straying to a somewhat uncomfortable topic. Seeing his sister so skimpily dressed had brought back some rather odd memories of their home life together.

Aurora was not a shy girl. Through her various adolescent phases – tomboy, punk, a mercifully brief flirtation with emo – one thing had remained constant. At home, she wore as little as she could get away with. When their parents were in, that would typically be a scandalously short skirt and a top that defiantly bared her toned midriff. When they were out, it was usually just underwear.

Sometimes Aurora wore even less than that. Thorfinn had seen her topless more times than he could count. If it was just the two of them in the house, she would wander around nonchalantly in nothing but her panties. She had good tits, and clearly knew it, because she went bare-breasted as casually as she went barefoot. It was just something that happened. It was almost never remarked on; the few times he had mentioned it, she’d just flippantly told him that she didn’t like bras. Thorfinn was aware that it was weird, that most girls did not expose their breasts to their older brothers, but he and Aurora had always been so comfortable together that he assumed it wasn’t a big deal. There were stranger things out there, after all. Meth-addict families and arcane religious cults and parents who locked their kids in the basement. By that metric, they were pretty normal siblings.

Except there were other things, innocuous things that were maybe not so innocuous when he looked back on them. They had always shared a bathroom – their parents had a separate ensuite – and in the mornings, they often shared it in person. Plenty of times when he was shaving or brushing his teeth, he had seen Aurora saunter in, naked except for her cotton briefs, mumble good morning and then sit for her morning pee. Which was usually more of a morning waterfall; she was a great believer in staying hydrated. Thorfinn had pissed in front of her a few times, too. He always tried his best istanbul escort not to make eye contact, but he had definitely caught her peeking once or twice when he had his cock dangling out.

That might have just been innocent curiosity. The same could not so easily be said about the time she had ogled him after he showered. It had been after his first year at university, when he had begun seriously working out, and had put on some real muscle for the first time. Not just the usual showy biceps, but hard deltoids, defined pectorals and a set of imperfect but passable abs. Aurora had come in to brush her teeth while he was towelling off, and had, for want of a better word, marvelled. “Wow, Finn,” she’d said, with a slightly nervous giggle. “You’re a hunk.”

“Getting there,” he’d grinned back, with actual pride, and it was only when she kept staring that he realised how inappropriate the situation was. To make matters worse, his cock had betrayed him by starting to harden. It was one of those times when being well-hung was not a bonus. She had definitely seen the bulge. He’d hastily turned away, making sure the towel was secure around his hips and trying to think cold-shower thoughts. After that, for almost the first time in their lives, he and Aurora had shared a proper awkward silence. A few days later, he had gone back to university, and the incident had gradually faded from memory.

But it was that incident that came to mind as he walked back out into the sunshine. He saw Aurora tapping at her phone, and looking up to smile as he approached her. Her smile was beautiful, almost too beautiful – it was hard to look away. She looked the same as she always had, so why did she draw his eye so much this afternoon?

He got them a new round of beers, batting away Aurora’s offer to pay. She was a humanities grad, still on the hunt for a steady job, just working the odd temp role here and there. He knew she was pretty hard up for cash right now, and he certainly didn’t begrudge her a few drinks.

Inevitably, as the beers flowed, the conversation moved on to the subject of exes. Thorfinn had split up with Genevieve, his girlfriend of four years, two months before. Aurora and her girlfriend Melinda had ended their relationship around the same time. Thorfinn could see Aurora’s pretty smile gradually fade as she spoke about her breakup. A feeling he knew only too well.

“I still wake up sometimes expecting her to be there,” Aurora sighed, as she started on her latest pint. “I check my phone for her messages. I know it’s stupid, I just can’t stop. I don’t even realise I’m doing it sometimes. And I dream about her all the time. Fuck, I hate the dreams.”

“Yeah, I get those too,” Thorfinn said grimly.

Thoughts of Genevieve flitted through his mind, images he wished he could forget. The heavenly nights early in their relationship, the two of them making hot delirious love until the sun rose. The way she shuddered when she orgasmed. Soft kisses and sugary coffee in the mornings. Trips to the Mediterranean and southeast Asia; hotel bedrooms left in disarray, drunken sex on the beach. Talking about getting a mortgage together, speculating about what their kids would be like. Then the slow, inexorable decline – arguments, recriminations, sleeping in separate rooms. Months of just barely holding it together, putting on false smiles when they saw their friends. Finally, the one big argument that ended it all, and the sound of her slamming the apartment door shut behind her for the last time.

Thorfinn tried to wave away those bleak memories and focus on what his sister was saying. Genevieve was gone, and dwelling on her was no use.

“It’s so weird. Maybe it’d be easier if she’d just been a pure bitch. I mean, she really was, sometimes,” Aurora said ruefully. “But she could also be so sweet when she wanted to be. Like, when I was under so much stress with my finals I was crying every day, she’d kiss me and play me songs, make me dinner when I had no energy left to cook. That was the Mel I loved.”

“Just got to hold onto the good times, I guess,” Thorfinn said. “Remember the greatest hits.” As if it were that simple, he thought.

“There weren’t that many good times, really. Mel had so many issues, and she kept making them my problem. I should have got out of there sooner.”

“No point blaming yourself, Aura. You were in love.”

“We were, though it was a fucked-up kind of love. She was my first girlfriend, you know? I’d only been with guys before her. And she was so cool, I was just head-over-heels.” She laughed, a little sadly. “Trust me to fall for the punk lesbo, right?”

Thorfinn thought back on the few times he’d seen Aurora and Melinda together. They had been the classic young lesbian couple – Aurora the cute lipstick femme, Mel the tough edgy butch. Though honestly, sleeve tattoos and skater-girl fashion sense aside, Mel hadn’t been all that butch. The two girls actually made a pretty gorgeous pair. Aurora, with her long dirty-blonde hair and beautiful sunny smile, had been nicely complemented by Mel’s dyed pink pixie cut and attractively mischievous face. And, though he couldn’t say it out loud, Thorfinn had to admit they both had great bodies. Aurora was taller and bustier, while Mel was pleasingly curvy and had a superb peachy ass.

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Neighborhood Watch Ch. 01

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It began as an experiment by my boss at work. He decided to diversify the office and appointed me the online mortgage headhunter. What this led to was the freedom to work outside of the office and as months went by I spent more and more time at home than at work. That is a direct opposite of my wife who began working more and more hours at the hospital and I admit left me with far too much time on my hands. This led me to a daily perusal of some of the seamier sites on the web until after a month or so I was hooked continuing to venture farther into that world.

After months of voyeurism on the web, I found a site that offered to ship customers used panties through the mail. Since I was a small boy, I have had an infatuation with sexy, silky underwear and before my marriage I had even bought a pair for the sole pleasure of masturbation. I went back to this site on occasion, but never had the nerve to fill out the form, lest my wife would find out my perversion, a perversion I am sure she would not understand. One day as I was surfing, I noticed a new model on the site. She was a gorgeous blonde with a lovely smile and a fantastic backside and claimed that she would masturbate in her panties then send them sealed in a baggie for a nominal fee. I had the uncontrollable hunger to know what that beauty would smell, and yes, even taste like and with trembling fingers I filled in the form and did the unthinkable; gave out my credit card number. It took me three tries.

The advertisement said three to five days for delivery and I waited anxiously for them to arrive. You’re probably wondering why I don’t just take out my obsession on my wife’s clothing, but she has been brought up very strictly, almost severely and, to my knowledge, has never owned a pair. And in honesty, it just wouldn’t have the sense of adventure that goes along with this little endeavor. After three days I became nervous about what I had done, by the fifth day I was on pins and needles. I went back to the site to review my purchase and to my horror I saw that I had typed an 8 in the address instead of a 6. If the package had come, it would have been delivered to the house next door!

The couple who lived next door were not bad people. The husband was a good ole boy from here and was a real nice guy. The wife, however, was another story. She was a stay home wife with three kids who always seemed to have an active feud with other mothers in the neighborhood. She wore clothes that were too expensive for his salary and was usually highly doused with that obsession perfume. My wife referred to her as a bit slutty, but was still polite to her. And this was the woman I would have to confront if I were to get my package.

That night she came over to the house a bit sloshed. I thought for sure she was going to hand me the package and my wife would want me to open it and it would be the most humiliating night of my life. But she came over to talk to my wife about what a bastard everyone was on the street, except us, including her husband who was trying to make peace with some woman who had taken legal action against her.

Ida was dressed in very tight jeans and a sequined black silk blouse with enough buttons undone to let everyone see that she was amply endowed in the chest area. I brought her a drink, intoxicated by the perfume and the push up bra she was revealing to me as I bent over. She wanted to know if we wanted to go out for some drinks. I said yes, my wife a definite no. She hugged my wife out on the porch and apologized for bending her ear back. She looked a little pissed or it was just a flash. She caught me while I was a step down mashing my face into those scented pillows. I was a nervous wreck waiting for the shoe to drop, when she looked into my eyes and began to speak.

“Why couldn’t I have found a man like you?” she hugged me again then brushed past me to leave.

“What was that all about?” I sat outside with my wife.

“She thinks that Dan is having an affair with her arch enemy Vera,” I noticed my wife’s peaches were tightly wrapped in her frumpy sweatshirt.

The next morning I was really high strung as I surfed the net. I came upon the blonde in a number of poses on a different site. They sent me into a frenzy and I needed some kind of release, my pent up emotions from the previous five days didn’t help. I went into the hamper and found some of my wife’s underwear and took them into the guest room. I lay down and placed the pile upon my face and began jacking off breathing in the aroma until strings of cum burst onto my stomach. As I was leaving, I had the uncomfortable feeling of being watched, I turned quickly but could see nothing through the blinds.

The next morning I went out to get the paper and on my way back I noticed the mailbox lid was raised. To my delight, inside was my package. I was as giddy as a schoolboy tearing the box apart revealing the baggie inside with my treasure. I had not felt this way since the first time I found a Playboy under my father’s bed and faked sick so that I could spend all day with it. I pulled merter escort up the jpegs of the girl I had saved the previous day and as I went from one pose to the other I held those luscious panties below my nose and sniffed the fragrant aroma.

I jerked off three times that morning, picturing that young thing bent over telling me what to do, where to put my tongue, where to put my dick. It was intoxicating. I tried to concentrate on work, but every few minutes I had to return to those jpegs and those panties. I barely had time to secure my treasure in the closet after I heard my wife’s car pull up the driveway. It was our sex night, but my wife was tired and I was relieved to not have to try to get hard again after my day.

The next morning I awoke with a stiffy. Through slits in my eyes, I watched as my wife bent over in her panties to shuck her slacks up her legs. God, I was turning into a pervert, but it was my wife. As soon as the front door shut, I leapt out of bed and went to the closet. I was determined to hold off my ejaculation for as long as I could, teasing myself with the panties throughout the day. After priming myself, I went out to get the paper and I noticed that Ida was working in the garden. She was wearing denim shorts, a sleeveless t-shirt and a straw hat and I caught myself mesmerized by her voluptuous ass, so different than my wife’s skinny bum, as she bent over the garden. I could glimpse the sides of her boobs as they hung down within the shirt.

I’m not sure how long I stood there staring, but eventually she turned and gave me a smile and a wave. Embarrassed, I waved back and headed back into the house.

I sat back down at the computer to get some work done, but my mind kept drifting back to Ida and the garden. I went into the guest bedroom where I could peek through the blinds and I had a great view of her ass stretching the confines of the denim. A great idea struck me and I went to the hallway closet and pulled down the binoculars. From my vantage point I could that the jeans didn’t quite cover her globes and the bottom eighth of them were displayed. I could see where the denim veed into the crotch and I could see a strip of green and a few black hairs hanging from the threads.

I stripped off my clothing and grabbed my cock in one hand while I panned her entire body with the specs. This was better than the panties in the mail, this was real. I was wanking on my pod and drinking her in and she suddenly got up and stretched. I was spellbound as those enormous orbs stretched the fabric of her shirt, then I realized that she was looking right at my window. I shot my spunk against the wall, turning away for fear the glasses were reflecting. When I looked again she had vanished.

I’m not sure what emotions ran through me at that point. If she saw me she might tell my wife then I would have to explain. I went through the rest of the day in a daze, the last thing on my mind was getting off, so I poured myself into my work and finished a stage of my project. I called my boss and drove down to work to present it that afternoon. When I arrived home it was after five and my face drained of color when I saw out on the porch my wife and Ida drinking screwdrivers and chatting and laughing. Visions of what may have transpired between those two sent me into a dither and I was close to non responsive when my wife called out to me to make more drinks and bring them out. Reluctantly I entered the porch and served the drinks. Both women were half lit giggling and talking like schoolgirls as I stood nerve shaken beside them. They said some demeaning things about men ‘little boys with little toys’ and how they would do anything to get into girl’s panties. Laughing the entire time while I just stood there. A wave of humiliation washed over me and I was mortified to feel the beginning pulse of my cock as it began to harden. But the worst moment was when my wife slapped my ass and ordered me to make more drinks. The gales of laughter assaulted me as I meekly went into the kitchen to stir.

That night my wife took my cock in her mouth. It was a rare occasion, my wife giving head, but tonight was different as she controlled the action with me just lying there. She would lick, jerk, go down on me, start moaning with no discernable rhythm as if by whim. She was pretty drunk so that might have been it. She then began jerking me hard and when she snaked a finger up my ass I came in spurts. She told me to clean up and go to sleep.

The next several days I worked diligently upon my project, the reminder that the panties were in the closet kept gnawing at me. I finally succumbed and, don’t even ask me why, but I took the panties down, stripped, and then put them on. The silk felt great against my skin and I was able to get back to work without the itch to do something. I noticed that Ida was out in her garden every morning wearing the same shorts and shirt, but I felt I had dodged a bullet as nothing was said by my wife or her. My wife had mentioned that the other night was just another nişantaşı escort bitch session between Ida and her feuding neighbors and her dissatisfaction with her husband and she hoped I wasn’t too offended.

That Friday, I had finished one more aspect of the project and was planning on having a little fun. As I went out to get the paper, I noticed Ida in a nightgown bending over to get hers. Her nightgown was translucent in the morning sunlight and the curves of her ass were joyously prominent. She appeared to take a little too long bending and even squatted so that her knees separated giving me an unadulterated view of everything. I went back into the house and put on my panties. It was exhilarating knowing that they had touched the young girl’s most private places and were now touching mine. I went into the guest room to do a little caressing and noticed out the window that Ida was bent over that garden again. I drank in the globes of her asscheeks peeking out from her shorts for a minute, and then proceeded to lie down in the bed. I began caressing myself through the panties lost in the passion of my imagination when a shadow, like when a plane flies overhead, passed against the window. I bolted up and looked but there was no one there.

As I lay back down the phone rang.

“Could you come over here please,” it was Ida “there’s a snake in my garden. Please get over here, I’m terrified of snakes.”

I rushed to pull up my shorts and throw on a shirt and ran over to her house. She was in the kitchen waiting for me.

“Where is it?”

“Oh it’s around,” she got up and walked towards me. She rubbed her hand up and down the crotch of my shorts, against the panties. “I’m sure it will pop up any minute.” I was flabbergasted as I watched her step back.

“I like to see panties on a little boy,” she smirked.


“You are wearing your little panties, aren’t you?” she looked me square in the eyes. “You know, when that package came for you, I just had to know what was in it.” I began to blush. “Imagine my surprise when I took out those model’s panties and on the note it said enjoy.” I looked down at the floor humiliated. “I thought so little dickie has a thing for panties, so you know what I did?” she grabbed my chin in her nails forcing me to look into her eyes again. “I switched her panties for a pair of my own. All this time you’ve been sniffing my pussy nectar, you’ve been jerking off to the smell of my cunt.” She let go and looked at my crotch. “Well, there’s little snakey now.” I couldn’t believe it; my dick was at full mast.

“Ida, I…” she raised a hand and I stopped talking.

“So you know what else I did,” she smiled like a cat looking at the canary, “I put on your little model’s panties. I’ve been wearing them out in the garden all week.” She turned like a model. “So now I’d like to know if you want to do another little exchange,” she unsnapped the top button of her jeans. “Your model’s panties for mine.”

“You do have them on?” She looked at me knowingly, but I felt I had to bluff.

“Of course not. What would I be doing with panties on?”

“Okay, if that’s how you want to be. We’ll make a little bet,” she pushed her chest out. “If you aren’t wearing panties I will get on my knees and give you the best most whorish blow job you’ve ever gotten in your life. But if you are wearing my panties, well, we’ll just let things run their own course.”

“This is ridiculous,” I turned to leave, “I’ve got work to do.”

“What about wifey?” her voice rose. “You wouldn’t want me talking to her would you? I turned and she stepped towards me. “I’ve seen how many times you’ve taken the opportunity to look down my blouse. I saw how your eyes were fixed on my ass. Does wifey have anything to rival these,” she hefted her boobs in her hands. “Or this?” she turned and patted her rump. “Now, drop those goddamn shorts before I lose my temper.”

Sheepishly I reached for the top button on my shorts and undid it. “All the way, stud. In fact we’ll do it together.” We both dropped our shorts at the same time. Her laughter dug into me like a knife, tearing away my self-confidence.

“See how yours are all stretched by that little snakey,” she turned to model. “See how tight these are on me. See what I’ve put up with, these seams creeping up my ass, this crotch rubbing away at my pussy. I can’t tell you how many times I came in these tiny little things.” My eyes glued to the floor.

“It looks like you won’t be getting that blow job after all,” she laughed again and sat back in the chair her legs spread. “But maybe we can come up with something we both might enjoy.” She patted the seat between her legs. “Come over here. No, get on your knees and crawl over,” I did as she said. “Now put your nose right here. I want you to sniff my panties just like you do at home.” The aroma was overpowering as she pulled my head in. “C’mon really dig your nose in there. Maybe if you dig in there far enough you’ll catch the scent of your little model. You already ortaköy escort know exactly what my cunt smells like.” She proceeded to hump my face, using my nose like a dildo for the next hour, laughing as she used me to bring herself off.

When she finished, she told me to get out. As I was leaving I heard her say, “Be back at 9:00 tomorrow and you better be wearing my panties, panty boy.” I shut the door to gales of laughter.

The next morning brought me back to her door, wearing the panties underneath my shorts. She opened it and I walked past. “Strip.” I quickly took off my clothes as she walked up behind me. “No, not your little treasure, leave the sissy panties on.” My cock hardened as she came closer. I felt a tug on the waistband as she pulled it down under my balls, then she pulled up the sides causing them to creep up my asscrack uncomfortably, and then she tucked them in to keep them there. “Listen, Ida.” A resounding crack followed by a burning pain came to my exposed cheeks. “I believe at this stage you may refer to me as Mistress.”

“But Ida…” At this point her tits were in my side, one hand grabbing hold of my hair, the other raining blows against my backside. “I’m sorry. Mistress.” The blows ended, but not her grip of my hair.

“At this point, you only have two choices,” her lips grazed my ear. “Either you meet your wife at the door wearing your little panties and prance around so she knows she has a little sissy boy to contend with,” she licked the side of my face, “or you do whatever the fuck I tell you to do from now on.” I was frozen the choices both not being good for me. She licked my entire face like a dog, “What will it be boy?” My mind knew exactly what to do, prance in front of my wife and beg forgiveness, but my dick was as hard as it ever was, my balls practically boiling, my lips opening and closing, “Tell me what to do, mistress.”

“Get down on all fours.” The panties rubbed uncomfortably as I responded to the command. She walked right in front of me and I noticed for the first time that she was wearing high heels and black stockings. “You know that Kevin is allergic to all forms of animals.” The stockings were connected by garters and a belt, across her crotch the infamous panties. “So, I have never really been allowed to have a pet.” She shucked her housecoat to the ground to reveal the she had on a corset with a push up bra, proudly displaying those magnificent orbs. “I’ve always wanted a little doggie to play with.” Also, hanging from the belt were two items: a collar and a little whip and my dick lurched at both the possibilities. I had read about such things and, yes, even masturbated to them but I never thought anything like this would happen to me.

I did the first thing I could think of and bent down and began kissing her shoe. “Get the fuck off me.” She kicked with the shoe, “Up on your knees while we transform you.” She took the collar and strapped it around my neck and my knees buckled, so strong was the effect on me. “Have we found another secret fantasy?”

“Mistress I can’t explain. This is the most erotic moment of my life.”

“I didn’t tell you you could speak.” She looked down upon me. “You’re supposed to be a dog. Now you’ve gone and ruined it, just like you ruin everything.”

“No please.”

“Shut up,” she looked a little unnerved. “I know what will shut you up.” She quickly took down the panties and I had my first glimpse of her black forest. “Since this is what got you into this,” she balled the panties up and stuffed them in my mouth. My taste buds were immediately assaulted by the combination of sweat, urine and women odor and a trail of pre-cum seeped from my penis. Ida moved up pushing my face back with her pubes and my nose was assaulted at the same time. The secretions began melting in my mouth and I choked once or twice. “Why that’s perfect,” she stepped away as if in thought. “You barked just like a puppy. I’ll be back in just a minute, don’t you dare move.”

When she came back she was carrying something, but I wasn’t sure what it was. She squatted down in front of me her tits inches from my face. “Here’s just the thing,” she tied something around the panties assuring they would stay in place. Then produced a pair of pantyhose, “These may really reek, but a puppy needs ears,” she placed the hose over my head centering the crotch at my nose. Then took the whip off her belt and I shivered with fear. I could just see her tits through the pantyhose and gawked as she took the whip handle and began licking it and sucking it. “Remember that blow job,” she got up. “Oh well,” next I felt her weight sitting on my spine. “Now if you are a bad dog,” she gave me several playful spanks on my ass. “I’ll have to punish you. But you really can’t be a doggie without a tail.” She thrust the handle up my ass, my cries garbled in the folds of her filthy panties. She played with my ass for a while, grabbing it squeezing it, then got up and leaned down next to me whispering in my ear as she secured the leash. “We’re going for walkies and if you lose your tail, I’ll use that whip.” Here I was, a grown man on all fours wearing panties tucked under my balls so my erection hangs obscenely out, pulled up my asscrack against a whip handle lodged up my ass, pantyhose over my head that hang down, a nasty pair of panties tied as a gag, a collar and a leash around my neck.

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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I couldn’t sleep one night. It was about four A.M. So I went into the living room to watch a little porn. I was hoping to jerk off and go back to sleep. However right as I was getting good and hard watching a really nice video of two young guys jerking each other off. I heard voices in front of my house. I got scared and put away my cock in my boxer briefs and slipped on a T-shirt.

I heard a knock at the door and a man with a heavy African accent say, “Someone please can you help me?”

I looked out the blinds and saw a man from my boyfriends work. He works with African refugees to help them find jobs in America and then trains them to do work in the states. I had seen this man a couple of time at the center.

He could see me looking out the blinds and begged in a pleating voice, “Please sir can you help me?”

what could I do he had already seen me. So I opened the door just slightly. His demeanor changed instantly into something like a hungry predator. He push the door all the way open and grabbed me by the neck. He forced me down and drug me back into the living room. He had a friend with him, another African that was much bigger and was carrying a machete.

“Tell me where you keep your money!” the man that was holding me by my neck said to me very calmly.

“I have some money in my wallet. But other than that it is all in the bank.” I said with a trembling voice.

“Give me the money from your wallet.” I reached over and grabbed my wallet of the coffee table and handed it to him. He opened it up and pulled out two twenties. “You expect me to believe that this is all the money that you keep in your house?”

“I swear that is all I have, you can take the credit cards and stuff, but I don’t carry much cash.”

“Go and search the rest of the house, I will see if our friend has anything else to offer.” he said to his accomplice, then he started to look me up and down in a hungry way. I was starting to understand that this was not random. These men had targeted me. They had seen me at the center, with my boyfriend so they knew that I was gay and wealthy. I didn’t know if that made my situation any better or any worse.

“Cash is not the only thing that you have that başakşehir escort I want.” the tall African said. “Get undressed.”

I did as I was told. I stripped quickly back down to my underwear. It is probably worth mentioning that I had no choice with these men. Even if there was just one guy with no machete. I would still have to do what this man said. Both men were solid muscle. I’m tall but thin, he would destroy me.

“I said, undressed not, down to you shorts. Undress!”

I pulled down my underwear covering trying to cover my crotch with my hands. He steeped towards me and slip his hand around and grabbed my ass. He smelled of alcohol. He rubbed my chest, and I started to shiver. I was scared. He then reached around me with both hand and grabbed my ass. Easily palming a cheek in each hand.

“You have an ass like a girl.” he said and then pulled me hard against his body.

“Take me back into your bedroom.” I led the way to the bedroom. We walked in and then he closed the door behind himself.

“Get up on the bed. On all fours like a dog.” he said in his thick African accent. I did as he had said. My round white ass poked up in the air.

“Good.” he said as he rubbed his crotch. “Come here and suck me.”

I turned on the bed and crawled to him. He pulled down his pants and stripped off his shirt. His dark skin looked blue in the soft light of the bedroom, he really was quite good looking, I started to consider myself lucky. When I saw his cock I gasped. It was massive. Not that long but thick and black as midnight. I got rather excited when I saw it and momentarily forgot my fear. I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck it. He moaned and tilted his head back. He put a hand on top of my head and directed me with the speed that he wanted. I sucked him for a few minutes. Then he pulled back and took the rest of his clothes off. He laid down on the bed and placed his hand back onto my head and pushed my face back down on his cock. He was lying on his back and I was beside him on my knees sucking him. He reached between my legs and rubbed my cock and I realized that I was almost fully erect. I guess this was a bayrampaşa escort little more exciting than I wanted to let on. His hands rubbed all over my body as took his cock in my mouth. It felt really good to suck his cock. I had never sucked a black cock before but had fantasied about many times. Never like this though.

Then he pushed me away and sat up in the bed. He turned around so that my ass was facing him still on my knees. He pushed his face into my ass licking my hole as he did. I gasped. It felt so good. That is my weakness. At that point I completely gave in. he sat on the bed slowly jerking his cock and licking my ass till his friend walked in. surprisingly he didn’t have anything with him except the machete that he came in with. He saw us on the bed. Me on all four and his African friend eating my ass out. He didn’t say a word. He just undressed and walked around in front of me standing at the side of the bed. He stroked his cock in front of my face. He was beautiful. All muscle, and taller than his friend. His cock was much bigger than his friends too. These guys were going to rape me, and it was going to hurt, but right now I wanted to suck that cock.

He reached forward and grabbed my head. I opened my mouth and he slid it in. I could only take about half of it but still he seemed to enjoy it. He held onto my head and moved his hips slowly fucking my face. The smaller of the two stopped eating my ass and climbed up and slid his cock in my spit drenched hole. I had always wanted to be fucked like this. My boyfriend is pretty conservative, but I have always liked feeling like a slut. The African fucking my ass was really letting me have it. He didn’t start out slowly and build up. He dove in a started pounding away. It felt so good, two big cocks taking me like a cheap whore. They were fucking me from both ends. I have never had my ass fucked as hard as this night. The huge black cock plowed into me sending waves of sensation up my spine. My balls tightened as cum slowly leaked from the head of my cock. It wasn’t just the feeling of his rod spreading open my hole but the pressure against the outside of my hole. It felt like he was going beşiktaş escort to crush my whole ass inside me.

Both cocks slid out of me at the same time and I opened my eyes to see the men switching sides. The smaller African stood in front of me, his cock sticking straight out at my face, dripping with the juice from my ass. I was panting and gasping for breath. He used this as an opportunity to stick his cock in my mouth. It tasted good, I love to taste my ass on a cock. I was just getting into sucking this dick when I felt a strong pressure against my asshole. The big guy was back there and he was pushing his cock against my ass. But my hole couldn’t take it. I bounced back and forth and managed to get the head in. then I push out on my hole as hard as I could. He felt that and pushed hard with his hips. His cock shoot into my ass. Stretching it out further than it had ever been before. I tried to scream but the cock in my mouth prevented it. Both men seemed to delight in my pain, because they both pumped me as hard as they could.

The pace of their thrusts seemed to be getting quicker. I was getting exhausted. I thought the men were getting close to cumming and I was glad. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. I couldn’t catch my breath, every time that huge cock would plow my ass I would gasp and when I tried to breath back in the other cock would sink into my mouth.

The big guys fucking my ass was at a fevered pace at this point he started grunting and groaning and I felt and thick spray of cum deep inside my ass. Rivers of cum must have shot out of his massive cock. I felt warmth inside my stomach. He pulled out of my ass and the other guy spun me around and rammed his cock back inside my now cum filled ass. After a few more pounds and he pulled his cock out of my ass and dumped his load all over my creamy white cheeks. He slid it back in and pumped me a few more times until his thrusts finally stopped.

Without a word both men stepped away from me and started getting dressed.

“This never was about robbing me was it?” I asked as I laid back down on the bed.

“No, we saw you and wanted you. That is it.”

“Well why didn’t you just ask?” I responded, curiously.

“Because you would have said no.”

The men straightened themselves up and walked out the way they came. I laid on the bed covered in cum. I thought about getting up to go lock the door, but then thought, hey whats the worst that could happen? Two guy barge in and rape me. I should be so lucky. I rolled over and fell right to sleep.

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My Masturbation Obsession Ch. 03

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Big Tits

MMO 3: Cum on home!

This just a couple of incidents that occurred after the car ride. Neither was enough to be it’s own story, so I combined them into a single chapter.

Pt. 1

After the car ride, this opened up the floodgates of my masturbation. No longer was I inhibited about getting caught stroking myself at home. I made a few efforts to see, if I could, whenever, wherever I felt like it, whip it out and start stroking.

My first test came the week after we returned from the New Years trip. I did my normal stroking on the drive home, but not to completion. I just wanted myself horned up when I got home. I pulled in the garage, parked, and walked in. My wife was sitting at the kitchen table, watching TV in the family room while doing so, cutting up veggies for dinner. I was still 3/4ths hard from the drive, and went up behind her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the neck. I pressed my cock against her back, “How long until dinner? We have time to, you know…”

“Not now!” she said. “Chicken will be ready in 15 minutes, and I need to steam these veggies. Go change or something!” Or something? OK.

I went and changed into a pair of loose shorts and T-shirt, and went into the TV room and laid on the sofa. I reached in and started stroking. Damn, my cock was so hard, and after 35 minutes of pre-play in the car, I was aching to explode. The kitchen table in this house overlooked the main room with the TV, which also had floor to ceiling picture windows. As it got darker outside, the more the windows became reflective. Even though there was a wall between us, she could see me, and I could see her. I took off my T-shirt, and kept my hand in my shorts, stroking slowly, keeping it hard and myself horny. I wasn’t going to waste a shooting of my load without an audience! If I wanted to do that, I would have cum on the drive home.

I waited until I thought for sure that she was looking and I pulled my cock out of my shorts, hoping for a reaction. She didn’t seem to have noticed, so I removed my shorts and tossed them off the end of the sofa towards where she was sitting. Boom, that did it, she looked and saw the shorts sitting there, and then glanced into the window. That’s what I wanted, an audience. I looked down directly at my cock and started stroking and humping my hand, fucking my fist for her to watch. Every now and then I would look over at the reflection to see if she was watching, and every time she would immediately look down as if she wasn’t watching. Same game as before in the car, she’ll watch, but I can’t acknowledge it.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back and started really stroking, and at this angle, I was able to crack one eye open and peek at her reflection without her seeing that I was watching her watching me. The knife was no longer in her hand, and she was just staring. I started to groan and moan a bit as I approached the climactic point, and I saw her left hand almost absent-mindedly reach to her right nipple and gently squeeze and roll it through her shirt. That was it. Too much stimulation of the mind at başakşehir escort that point, and my body reacted. Thrusts higher and harder as I fucked my fingers wildly, and then I could feel the intensity increase as my muscles tightened and finally RELEASE as I shot a load of cum out of my cock up and onto my shoulder, almost a foot in the air, and another 2 feet forward. The next rope hit my chest, and then it just kept spurting up and over my hand, 3, 4 , 5, 6 more pumps of cum sliding out and onto my stomach, hand and pubic hair. I just kept stroking that cock covered in cum all up and down until it was covered in cum, and began to shrink. I looked over finally, and she sat watching my cock. Finally she noticed I was looking and she slowly picked up her knife and started cutting again. Never said a word.

I got up, went into the bathroom and cleaned my self off, and came over to get my shorts. I pulled them on, and went to her, bent over for a kiss and she almost swallowed my tongue as she passionately kissed me. I reached down to her breasts and started fondling her, felling that hard nipple…BEEP BEEP BEEP as the oven timer went off.

“I guess it’s time to eat! I hope you worked up an appetite,” she said, then smiled. “You’re going to have quite a meal for dessert!”

Pt. 2

It was one of those days, normal day of work, at 4:30PM, boss comes in.

“Hey, Dana called in sick tonight.” Dana ran all of our nightly reports and printed out all the warehouse labels for the next morning. The job only took about 3 hours to accomplish, but you couldn’t start until 6PM.

“I guess it’s my turn?” I respond. We take turns covering for Dana’s nights off and vacations, etc.

“Yeah, I’d stay, but John and I have a thing tonight.” She replied.

“Heh, I BET you do!” I joked. “Yeah, no problem, let me call Gina and tell her. I’ll run out and grab something to eat, be back before 6.”

“Thanks! You’re the best!” Heh. I AM the best!

I run out grab some food, call Gina to tell her to have dinner on her own, be home just before 10PM. “Be ready for me, I’ll be ready for you!” I tell her. She giggles, “yeah, OK!”

I start at 6, and start running the reports. Takes about 30 minutes. Office sure is dark and quiet! I walk around a bit. A few late stragglers. Oh well. Maybe later, I think. I go to my office and pull up some stories to pass the time. I get a bit hard, but not overwhelmingly so. I’ve been practicing this for months now! The half an hour is up, and I start the label program while I collate and deliver the reports. Don’t see anyone around. We’ll see. I unbutton my fly a bit, just for fun, and start working. I don’t wear underwear with my jeans, so the air and the flopping sort of give me a semi. If it bounces just right, I can feel it peeking out. Just enough of a thrill to keep me aroused while my other head does work. Label sheets cut, labels printed, delivered to the warehouse, it’s 9PM! Time to go!

I get home right on time, no messing around. I come in, and I hear her in the computer bayrampaşa escort room on the phone. She’s in front of the old PC, playing a card game on Yahoo! She’s talking to her friend Pam, I come up behind her and kiss her head. She looks up and mouths “We’ve been talking for 3 hours!!!” and rolls her eyes.

I stood behind her for a second, rubbing my cock through my work pants until I was fully hard. I un button my jeans again (I love the button fly, no zipper noise and no possibility of zipping up your dick in it), and take it out. I lean over her, hands on her shoulders, rub rub rub. My dick is straight out, almost touching the back of her head. More shoulder rub, then down the arms to her upper arm, then back up, and then down to her chest. She stops mid-sentence.

“What? Oh, sorry, Chris got home. No, it’s fine. No, really, I haven’t talked to you in ages. No really. Yeah. ” I’m still rubbing her breasts while she tells her friend NOT to hang up. Hmmmm. Maybe she didn’t realize I was hard and ready? Let’s let her know. I move up to her shoulders again for a few more rubs, back to upper arms, back down to breasts, but this time, I push my dick forward so that it is pressing against the nape of her neck and the back of her head. Without missing a word, she grabs my right hand off her chest, and moves it up behind her head and puts it right on my cock. She then leans over and taps the chair next to her, as in “Sit down.”

I keep my hand on my cock, step over and am standing there while she is talking, me holding my dick in my hand, and she gives me a head nod towards the chair. OK! I got it!

I drop my jeans, and sit down, and turn the chair towards her, legs splayed, and I start stroking for her. She has her normal conversation with her friend while I am sitting there stroking off. I reach over and grab a feel of her tit now and then, both if I go for nipple play, she stops me. Points to my dick. I try a little lower. Thigh is good. Inner thigh is out. Again, the dick point. I got it, she wants me to finish while she is on the phone. I lean back, take off my shirt, and start pumping myself. After about a minute of this, I’m starting to get a bit flushed, and a bit breathy. Suddenly, she stands up.

“Oh, Chris just came into the room. I have to go pee. Here, talk to him for a second,” and hands me the phone.

“Hi, Pam! How’s it going?” I stop stroking. Gina stops, looks at me. Points at my dick, and gives me the “keep going” roll of the finger motion. Oh, shit! “Yeah, been busy ,traveling a lot. Seeing new places, doing new things, you know.” I’m trying my best to keep hard and keep up a conversation for what seemed like 20 minutes, but had to have been about 2-3. She comes back in, and I am relieved, and about to say, “OK, here’s Gina.” But I get the Shhh hand sign. I notice then she is not wearing her normal clothes, just a night shift. Her nipples are poking out in every way, and as she sits, I can see the shadow of her bush. She turns to me, and spreads her legs, pulls up her shift to show beşiktaş escort me her glistening pussy, then takes a finger and inserts it into herself. Her eyes roll back a bit. Second hand comes down to spread apart her labia to expose her clit, and that wet finger gives it a few twirls. A bit of a jolt / bounce, and then the shift gets dropped down to cover.

She reaches out as if to grab the phone, and I drop my mouth on that finger like it was the last cock on earth. She giggles a bit, then puts her hand out for the phone. “Ok, yeah, OK, well, she’s back, here you go. Nice talking with you again.” I hand the phone back.

“Ok, thank, Chris, see you later.” She says. Huh, OK, I start to get up. She stops me, points at the chair, and gives me the nod to continue. “OK, I’m back. Yeah, sorry, just had to go potty. Yeah, he’s been gone a lot lately. No, he travels alone. No, not really. We make up for it when we are both at home, usually.” She laughs, sort of conspiratorially.

Where is this conversation going?

“No, not tonight.” Another conspiratorially laugh, then almost a whisper, “probably in the back room playing with himself!” I can hear Pam laugh through the phone. “Yeah, I think he thinks I don’t know”, Gina continues, still in that low voice as if I was in another room and not sitting right there stroking. “A couple times, yeah. I didn’t say anything, though. Oh yeah? How did that work out?” She looks at me, looks at my cock, and pulls out a breast, and starts rubbing a nipple. “mmm hmmm. Yeah. Did he like it?”

That’s it, I’m about ready. I drop down into a three point stance, one remaining hand on my cock, stroking, and put that nipple in my mouth. “Pam! You did NOT! Oh My God. You’re BAD!” I put my left hand up from the floor, and place it on her thigh. Inner thigh, but not too low. Slight spread, but not a “go for it” spread. She pushes me off her nipple and back on my haunches. She wants to watch.

I lean back, pelvis thrust out, my cock is as far out as it can go, and I start flailing full strokes as I fuck my hand. My left hand comes in under and starts cradling and fondling my balls as I stroke with abandon. Oh God, I can feel it building up pressure. I get that glassy, poor puppy dog look in my eye, and she turns fully at me and says, “Do it! Do it now.” I thrust up as hard as I can as the first jet shoots out and I grunt with the release. That thrust along with the extreme of the situation sent that first one up 3-4 feet in the air, landing over her exposed left breast and landed on her right breast. The second rope landed on her shift just above her left thigh. I keep thrusting and cumming as it leaks over my hand, down to my balls, and pubic hair until I am spent, and drop to the floor. I look up, and she’s smiling at me, and spreads her legs, inviting me in. I start to crawl up under her and my tongue goes into her pussy full bore .

“Yeah, OK, I better go now, Pam, before he gets in too much trouble,” she says somewhat breathy. “I’ll talk to you later!”

I am going at her pussy and clit for all I’m worth, and within 30 seconds, she is screaming, “Oh God, I’m gonna cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” and rides my face as she releases herself and my face fills with her juices. After she calms down from her orgasm, I start to pull away, and I feel a hand on the back of my head pushing it back into her folds.

“Don’t stop now….” She pleads. No problem!!

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Terrible Terry Ch. 01

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I’ll start by giving some background here. I was in college at the time and dating a very special girl. Her name was Theresa, but she went by Terry. This is the story of how we met, but not how we fell in love. That is a long and disastrous story with a lot of insane encounters. I honestly have a hard time even believing it and I fucking lived it. But to start, I’ll tell you about me.

I’m about 6’1 and 175 pounds. I’m not a huge muscular guy, but I played soccer at our little D-II school on the West Coast and so I didn’t have a single ounce of fat on me (if only that were still true). I kept my hair short on the sides because of the heat, but I kept the top long so I didn’t look like I was trying to join the Marines or something. I studied Digital Media and harbored some pretty intense ambition at the time, that I’m still working on, so even then I studied my ass off.

I had just turned 21 and as anyone who has ever turned 21 in the States knows, once you turn 21 you have to buy for all your underage friends. I admit it. I served alcohol to a minor. On numerous occasions.

I didn’t really go out a lot, between practice and trying to be an academic all-american, but I did have one girl *space* friend, Catherine, whom I talked to every so often. We had tentative plans to hang out and enjoy my new found liquor license that evening. She had spent the spring semester studying in France and then interning in San Diego so it had been a while since we talked.

I was expecting to hear the typical girl spiel about how amazing it was in Europe and how everything was perfect and about all her favorite wines and dinners and the amazing connections she made with local men, so I suggested she meet me after practice and I’d take her with me to get some alcohol. That way I could at least make this bearable.

As I walked off the practice field with my bag over my shoulder she ambushed me from behind.

“It’s been so longggg!” she squealed as she threw her arms around my neck. Her feet were hanging off the ground as she put all her weight on my back.

“Agh! It’s too hot for this!” I swung her off me and as I did I caught just a tiny peek of her nipple through the side of her tank top. She wasn’t wearing a bra, but she wasn’t exactly the type of girl that needed one. She was very slim and short, maybe just at 5’2 and her breasts were small, but exquisite. The kind that just seemed to fit right on her frame. Smooth and supple and she wore them well, like a fashion model almost.

She’d changed a lot since I last saw her. Her ash brown hair was cut short, just above her shoulders, and it seemed like her face had finally made that change from teenager to young adult. Everything about her was…sharper. Her eyes, her jaw, her nose. Everything seemed livelier and demanding. Maybe it was the haircut. She was wearing a dark purple tank top that draped loosely around her shoulders and frayed white denim shorts.

“You cut your hair.” I said to her to prove that I actually noticed that sort of thing.

“Do you like it?” She asked as she ran a hand through it and struck a goofy pose.

“It’s better.” I smirked and ushered her towards the car. She slapped my back lightly.

“Don’t bully me, stinky.” She retorted. I threw my bag in the trunk and stepped into the driver’s seat.

“It’s not my fault you couldn’t wait till later. I would love a cold shower right now.” I called through the window as I turned the car on and plugged the auxiliary cord into my phone. Catherine was a music junkie and I knew she would bug me to play some song or another. She fumbled around with her purse behind the trunk before throwing it in and slamming it shut.

She strutted up to the passenger door and as she swung it open I once again got a glimpse of her chest. I felt myself get a little stiff. She was my best female friend here and I’d had some close encounters with her before, but I’d never acted on them. Sure, I’d had a fap or two with her making an appearance, but I really didn’t think of her that way.

She slid into the car seat and snatched my phone to start playing music. Some indie funk electro non-sense that I couldn’t understand. Then it began. She gave me the spiel. Her time in Europe. The weekend trips. The food. The culture, the art. I’d heard it before from each one of my sisters. I nodded my head and responded at the appropriate times with an “oh wow” or “yeah that’s crazy”.

I’ll never know what prompted her to bring this next part up, but it really threw me way off. I don’t know if she noticed I wasn’t really paying attention or what, but she just threw it out there.

“I gave two guys head at the same time.” My jaw about hit the floor. She wasn’t an angel, but that was something I didn’t even consider was in her realm of possibility. I guess mainly because I didn’t even know that was a thing that happened. Consider me naïve.

“Uhh. What?” I didn’t know what else to say.

“I took a surfing lesson with this guy in Portugal when göztepe escort I was there for a weekend. We went out for drinks as a big group from our lesson later that night. I was definitely into him and I let him know at the beach, but that night he was being distant like guys do. I was out there dancing and then this other guy came up and got me some drinks. He apparently knew the other guy. They start talking. One thing leads to another and we are back on the beach.”

“Woah. Who are you!? What happened to my innocent Cat?” I glanced over at her.

“I’m right here! It was so hot. It was an awakening for sure. They finished at the same time too. Riiiight here.” She ran one hand down her tank top towards her chest and in doing so pulled it down dangerously low. The slight dip of her cleavage, however small, was burning into my eyes.

“Ugh gross. I don’t even know you anymore.” I rolled my eyes and pulled into the parking lot, trying to ignore the swelling in my boxers.

“You’re just jealous you weren’t one of them.”

“Can we talk about something else!? What do you want?” I motioned towards the liquor store.

“I’d like one fifth of Smirnoff and one fifth of Bacardi Dragonberry. I have a new friend I met over the summer that’s coming in tonight. You’re gonna love her. We are turning uuppp.” She tossed a couple twenties at me.

I went in the store and cooled off a bit. When Cat left she was that girl that only ever kissed a boy once in high school. Now she was braless, flashing her body at me, and telling me about how she let two guys cum on her. Once I got back in the car she tried to convince me to come out that night.

“What are you doing tonight? You need to get out more. Stop studying. You’re so straight edge.”

“It’s hot. I’m tired. Maybe tomorrow.”

“It’s always tomorrow with you!”

“Ugh but everything is so far from my house.”

“Ok. Easy solution. Come shower at my place and take a nap. I have to make some phone calls about that internship and turn in a couple assignments. We can pregame at my place then head over to Allen’s place. No problem.” She put her hand on my arm, leaned over, and looked me dead in the eye. Her tank top sank down in front of her chest and I knew from my peripheral if looked down now I could see both of her breasts fully exposed. It took everything I had to keep my eyes on the road. I could barely make out the light brown of her areola against her tanned skin. I knew better than to argue at this point. My dick was straining against my shorts. I just wanted to get out of the car without her noticing.

“Ok whatever. But I want a clean towel this time!”


It’s usually not a big deal. I shower at Cat’s place all the time. I live in my Aunt’s vacation house, which is way out in the woods, so I sometimes even spend the night at Cat’s if we are doing stuff in town. So I was pretty comfortable with the whole process.

“Are you sure there’s a towel in there?” I asked Cat as I began to pull my dirty clothes off at the door. Cat unlocked the door and stepped inside. I peeled my sweat-soaked shirt off. I’m naïve, but not retarded. If I couldn’t feel the tension before, I could now. I could feel her eyes raking over my body as my shirt came over my head.

“Uhh there’s a towel in there right?” I jerked towards the bathroom with my thumb.

“Mm? Oh, uh, yeah. Under the sink. Do you want me to wash your stuff while you’re in there?” She said trying to pretend she was busy examining the contents of her fridge. I don’t think she noticed she was doing it but one hand grabbed the crotch of her shorts and pulled it down as if to free it from something.

“Yeah if you don’t mind.” I pulled my shorts off and threw them at the foot of the laundry machine with my shirt and socks. I still had my compression shorts on which fit kind of like a European bathing suit really, so I didn’t feel too self-conscious. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. There was a wet towel hanging on the rack. I pondered it for a moment. That’s the towel Cat used this morning. It probably touched every part of her. The image of her running the towel down her legs as she bent over in front of the mirror flashed through my mind. Her standing exactly where I was standing, naked, with her nipples probably tightening and shrinking because of the cold air on her skin as she toweled each droplet off of her flat stomach… I shook the image out of my mind and checked under the sink for the clean towel. Nothing under that sink, but tampons and toilet bowl cleaner.

I opened the door to yell at Cat to give me a clean towel. I was going to give her a ribbing just to mess with her, but when I got the door all the way open I was once again flabbergasted. There she was, her face almost buried in my dirty shirt. I quickly looked away and turned to look at the shower, if she knew I’d seen her she would have died of embarrassment istanbul escort on the spot.

“Hey where’s that clean towel again? It’s not under the sink.” I slowly turned now to give her time to adjust.

“Shit. Sorry. It must still be in the dryer. Here.” She tossed the towel from the dryer into my hands. I nodded appreciatively and jumped in the shower. It was getting out of hand. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. There’s no way this is happening like I think it’s happening, I told myself. I turned the water to a freezing rain. I must have been in there a while because she came and knocked on the door.

“Did you fall in the shower? Where’s your Life Alert?”

“No, no, just uhhh making sure I’m clean… Sorry.”

Wow was I smooth or what? As if I couldn’t embarrass myself enough I followed it up with, “Your body wash smells amazing.”

“It’s the same I’ve always used…?” she said giving me a curious side eye, “I’m going to make those phone calls and fuck around on my computer. I’ll be in the living room. You can just nap in my bed.”

I hopped out of the shower and toweled myself off. I put on some spare clothes I keep in the car. Nothing special. Just some sweatpants and a dri-fit shirt form some soccer camp I went to a couple years ago. I couldn’t find the boxers I usually pack so I was going full commando in those fleece pants and it felt amazing. There really isn’t anything quite like soft fleece rubbing against your head as you drift off to sleep.

Cat’s bed was covered in pillows of all shapes and sizes. It was more like a pillow pit than a bed really. Though it did provide an extra degree of comfort. I slunk down between two large green body length pillows and stared at the ceiling. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, but I was definitely turned on. My mind was still racing about what I’d seen earlier. Cat’s breasts flashing in front of me, her smelling my clothes. I wondered how many times she’d laid in this bed and got herself off. Did she lay here and touch herself and think about me? I bet she would lay down flat on her back and bend her knees up. Spread them just a bit and slide one hand down into her panties. She was definitely the type of girl who did it with them on. I knew that for sure, I thought. Slipped a finger between the wetness of her lips and twirled a finger around her clit. Her mousey moans slipping out of her lips…I couldn’t hold it any longer, I blame the sweatpants really, I put my hand in my pants and ever so lightly stroked my cock. I knew I couldn’t finish here, but it felt so good. This was rudely interrupted when the pillow next to me cleared its throat.

“What in the fuck?!” I tried to roll over to get a look at the noise I’d just heard, but I ended up completely thrashing my way out of the bed and onto the floor.

“Oh. You must be Cat’s soccer player friend. I’m Terry,” A girl’s face poked out from the top of the covers.

“God you gave me a heart attack,” I picked myself up off the floor. Cat had mentioned she had a friend coming over, but I didn’t know she was already there. Thanks a lot, Cat. I was filled with terror at this point. Did she notice me? Was she asleep? There was no way she didn’t know. I was practically on top of her.

“I got here when you were in the shower. I guess I should have said something,” She came to the edge of the bed. Her skin was pale, a rarity in this part of the country, her eyes, behind a hipster pair of dark glasses, were a pair of light blue eyes and her long hair was so blonde it was almost white. She had a round face and sort of elfish ears. I had never seen anyone that looked anything like her. On one hand she was odd looking, but on the other, her face was feminine, beautiful, and her lips were such an astonishing shade of pink that I couldn’t help but stare right at them.

“What is there something on my face?” She said rubbing her nose.

“No. Sorry. I’m just still in a bit of shock.” I sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Here you can have that half of the bed. We can even use this pillow as a divider,” Terry began to rearrange the cushions on the bed like a kid building a fort.

“I think I’ll just go sleep on the couch actually. Thanks though.” I stood up to leave.

“You don’t want to do that.” She said rolling her eyes around the room and giving me an impish smile. I froze. Looking back on it now, this was the moment I knew I was dealing with someone who could own the rest of my life.

“Why’s that?”

“Because if you leave now… I’m going to tell Cat what you were doing in her bed.”

Terry stood up out of the bed now and casually blocked the door. I finally got a full view of her body. She was wearing a 3/4 sleeve baseball cut Raider’s shirt and those tiny sleeping shorts that lingerie stores sell. I could tell from first glance her body was amazing. Her legs were long and toned. Her hips were wide and her breasts were large. She too was braless. I could tell from the kadıköy escort way they hung on her chest. Thick and full. She was insanely attractive and she fucking knew it. Every guy has had this feeling before. You meet that chick and you know she’s bad news. Your gut tells you to get the fuck out. To run, because this one won’t be tamed. But you never ever do. Because this one owns you the second it lays its eyes on you and part of you wants to be destroyed.

“And what was I doing in her bed?” I feigned ignorance. My eyes latched onto her breasts and I didn’t bother to try to hide it. My hormones were betraying me.

“Don’t play. Look at your sweatpants,” she laughed at me with her eyes. She was right. My sweatpants gave me away. I was pointing right at her at almost full tilt.

“Not the first time I’ve been given that salute… I wonder what Cat would say if she knew you were rubbing that thing all in her sheets,” she continued

“Please don’t say anything. She’s my only friend,” I conceded.

I really didn’t think it would be a big deal if she found out with the signals I’d been receiving lately, but part of me was already gone to this succubus. I wanted to know how this would play out. Terry just oozed mischief.

“I won’t,” She said as she retreated into the covers, “If you do what I say.”

“What do you want?” I knew where this was going. Or I hoped I knew where this was going.

“Come. I like your body heat.” She patted a spot on the bed next to her. I laid down on my side and faced her. Her eyes were a radiant blue. The more I stared the more beautiful she became. The way her hair pooled over her shoulder. I never would have let it go this far if I wasn’t edging already. All the looks from Cat and the gentle glow of her skin. I had to see where this led.

Ever so gently, she reached out her left hand and put it on the side of my head. She ran her hand down my shoulders and arms like a potter at her wheel.

“You’re hot,” She said as she lifted up my shirt and ran that same cool hand over my stomach. She bit her lip.

“Mmm,” She closed her eyes and ran her hand up to my chest. Her light touch sending electric signals through my body I’d never felt before. I don’t know how it happened, but the next thing I know her lips are on my neck and my eyes are rolling into the back of my head. I felt her teeth brush against the bottom of my neck. What the fuck was this? She has to be some sort of vampire, I thought. It was like a spell. I knew I could stop her at any point I wanted, but at the same time I couldn’t.

Her hand was running up the length of my shaft through my sweatpants and I felt like bursting. She was pushing every button, and she pushed it perfectly. Her lips were like velvet or cashmere. I couldn’t tell which because I was preoccupied with a handful of her hair at the base of her neck as I tried to pull her into me. I wanted to grind into her. She pulled away from me. Without missing a beat she pulled her shorts off and flicked them across the room.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” She said as she took my hand in hers and guided it between her legs. It felt like a sauna. I could feel the warmth of her pussy radiating through her lace panties. I used the palm of my hand to just lightly rub the top to the bottom. She lifted her hips off the bed and pushed against my hand.

“I’m going to call Cat in here, and no matter what happens you won’t stop,” Terry’s cheeks began to light up with a pink hue. I nodded my head in agreement. She could have told me to eat her ass and I’d have buried myself neck deep in it.

“Hey Cat what’s the schedule tonight?” Terry called at the door. I could hear Cat’s footsteps echoing down the hall. Should I pretend to be asleep? Should I roll over and face the other way? Before I could decide she pulled her panties to the side and I felt her wetness for the first time. Soaked. Shaved. Smooth. Without a second thought I pushed a finger inside her. She squeezed her legs together and I felt the contractions inside her. She wanted it so badly and I was more than happy to give it to her.

Cat opened the door. There was just enough space between Terry and me to not arouse suspicion, but if she pulled the cover down an inch or two she would be able to see how my arm twisted towards Terry’s pussy.

“Oh shit, I forgot to tell you Terry was here.” Cat laughed as she realized her mistake.

“We’ve been chatting. He’s even nicer than you said,” Terry said, locking her eyes with Cat’s.

“Well just remember that he was my friend first!” Cat said. Terry was slowly grinding her hips down on my finger. I decided to add another one. She tilted her head up at the penetration. A light sweat broke out on her forehead. I could feel her dripping down onto my palm.

“So what’s the plan for tonight?” I asked Cat.

“Mmmm. I’ve actually been working on a little something on the balcony as a surprise…”

“I’m excited. I like where this is going,” Terry said. Her voice now a subtly higher pitch. I knew I had her on the ropes now. My fingers churning away at her g-spot and my thumb running slow circles on her clit. I pushed down with my thumb and curled my fingers up and slowly traced them across the soft wet bumps of the roof of her vagina.

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The Little Fuckers Return

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Well, Queen Stephanie and the Pygmies have been traveling for more than 10 years now. As I said before, we have three children, but I have no idea which of the six little black fuckers are the fathers. We’re all just one big happy family. I’m their queen during the day when we perform and I’m their slut at night when we retire for the day.

We travel with the small circus 10 months a year and take two months a year off. We spend most of our time off relaxing on a beach or at our pool in Florida near the place where the circus winters over.

After three kids, I have added a few pounds and now weigh 150 with a solid 38-27-39 body. Being 5’10” tall and a weight lifter helps me to maintain a solid body. Actually, I no longer have to lift real weights since I have six pygmies at my service. I use them as my weights and they use me as their slut. Those little guys are the most sexually creative fuckers I’ve ever seen. They’ve even video taped a few of our fuck-a-thons so that we can watch them later. I love watching videos of those six little black fuckers crawling all over my big white amazon body almost as much as I love the feeling of them actually crawling all over my body.

I know my six lovers have shared our tapes with their little friends because several of them have asked if I have any big white female friends that might be interested in a similar relationship. Since being on the road for the last ten years, I’ve lost contact with most of my friends from my high school and college years so I have to tell them no.

As it turns out, my 15th class reunion was approaching and I asked my pygmies to attend with me. They all laughed and told me to go and have fun. When the big weekend arrived, I flew back home and spent the first night of the reunion at the local hang out bar drinking and reconnecting with my high school friends.

“Well Stephanie Miller, where the hell have you been all these years? You just dropped off the face of the earth.”

I turned and saw my old friend Kathy. “Kathy, it’s good to see you. What have you been doing since we graduated?” I asked. Kathy and I had spent many hours in the weight room together in high school and I could see that she must have kept up a certain regiment since we graduated. Although Kathy wasn’t beautiful, she was definitely cute. She was about three inches shorter than me and appeared to still have a solid shapely body.

“Well,” she said, “I’ve been nursing part time for a local clinic. What about you?”

I laughed and said, “You’ll never believe it. I’ve been traveling with a circus as part of the show.” I laughed again and continued, “I’m Queen Stephanie to the African pygmies.”

“What?” Kathy asked. “What do you do? How did you come to be Queen Stephanie? Where all do you travel? Who are the pygmies?”

“Whoa whoa whoa. Slow down, Kathy. Let’s go sit down and we can catch up.”

Kathy and I spent the next two days together. She told me about her job and I told her about traveling around the country doing our schtick as the queen and her wild African pygmies. To say she was stunned, would be an understatement. I told her that we all lived together and that I had three children to them. We are currently on our two months off in Florida and invited her down for a week if she wanted.

Well, the reunion went well. It was great to catch up with my old friends. When I got back home, my six little fuckers were all over me. They fucked me so many times that I could barely walk the next day. They used all my holes at once and even double dipped my pussy with two cocks at the same time while I had another in my ass and two in my mouth. Damn, I missed these little fuckers when I was gone.

I anadolu yakası escort told the guys that I had invited Kathy down for a week and they asked me all about her. I explained that she was smaller than me, but was still well built and quite strong. They seemed excited to have her visit.

When Kathy arrived the next week, I drove her home from the airport and when she came into the house, she stopped cold when she saw my six little black guys lounging around our living room. The ones not lying on a piece of furniture were dangling their feet from a chair. It almost looked like a kindergarten class. The guys all jumped up and hurried over to meet our guest.

Once we had her settled in, we had a cocktail and then put on bathing suits and headed to our pool. I could tell that my guys thought Kathy looked hot in her two-piece bathing suit. Her curves were all in the right places and they were all sneaking glances at her all afternoon.

The next day, I made a quick run to the liquor store leaving Kathy to relax and get to know my guys. It took me longer than I planned, and apparently in my absence, the conversation turned to how the little fuckers met me, hired me, fucked me and impregnated me. Kathy was incredulous at their stories. Unfortunately, one of the little MOTHER-fuckers decided to share one of our videos with Kathy. Now having Kathy see video of my naked body wasn’t embarrassing because we’d seen each other naked many times after lifting weights in the showers. But having those six little fuckers clamber all over my big Amazon body and turn me into a wanton slut was humiliating. I could have killed them all.

Then he went on to tell her of our ‘special room’ in the basement of the house. Kathy smirked at the mention of the special room. She remembered an old BDSM pornographic movie that she had watched years before. She pictured the room in her mind — gray walls with shackles, a large hard table with rope ties, a rack holding whips, clamps, dildoes and other assorted toys.

He asked her if she would like to see the room and she immediately accepted his offer. She followed the little man to the basement and as they started across the floor, she saw a door that was painted to look like a tent flap. And that’s right where they were headed. The little man opened the door, flipped the light switch and said, “Welcome to our circus.”

As Kathy stepped inside, he flipped another switch and calliope music began playing over the speakers. To say she was shocked would have been an understatement. Her image of a gray walled room couldn’t have been more wrong. One wall was painted yellow with big blue circles painted on it. Another wall had bright multi-colored squiggly lines all over it. She saw big red balloons in each corner of the room, and then realized that that was where the music was coming from. Apparently, they were speakers.

As she continued to look around, she noticed a small trampoline next to a wall with a shelf about five feet off the floor. Next to the trampoline, someone had painted a gold star on the floor. She saw a trapeze hanging next to a purple straight back chair that looked like it had been appropriated from a prison’s electric chair. It had restraints on the legs and arms. She saw what appeared to be a chin up bar along one wall and a rack with . . . . with kazoos and tambourines? Near another wall, there was a circle painted on the floor and about 10 feet away was knee pads on the floor behind a life-sized nude picture of me on my knees. The picture’s face was cut out so you could kneel and put your face into it.

As Kathy continued to look around the room, the little man broke ataşehir escort out laughing at the look of total confusion on her face. He took a kazoo from the rack and began accompanying the calliope music and marching around the room. The noise attracted a couple more of the little men to the room.

“Wha . . . I, uh . . . I don’t understand. What is this?” She asked. “What is all this stuff?”

The little man stopped playing his kazoo and motioned Kathy over to a small screen built into the wall. He pulled up a DVD and put it into the player. Then he pointed at the trampoline and started the DVD. It began with me and one of the little black pygmies stripping. Then I stood on the star as the little man climbed onto the platform. When he reached the platform, he turned and smiled at me. I looked at his erect cock and licked my lips. With that, he jumped onto the trampoline, flew into the air, did a flip and landed sitting on my shoulders with his hard cock just two inches from my mouth. I immediately sucked his cock into my mouth and began sucking.

The little man looked at Kathy and saw that her eyes were like saucers. “Wow,” she exclaimed. “That’s impressive.” The little man smiled at her and pointed to the trapeze and chair. He then played with the DVD for a few seconds and then hit PLAY. Kathy’s mouth fell open as she saw mestrapped into the straight back chair blindfolded with my mouth wide open. One of the little men was sitting and swinging on the trapeze. When he swung forward, his hard cock would enter my mouth and then make a ‘Pop’ sound when it came out on the backswing. She was mesmerized as she watched the two of us continue without seeming to ever miss.

“How . . . how long did it take you to master that trick?”

The little man laughed and said, “Not long, but Steph did get a couple of black eyes and a bloody nose in the beginning.”

He pointed at the chin up bar and turned on the DVD again. She watched as I laid on my back with my legs spread and lifted in the air. My ankles were put in restraints and attached to the bar. Then the little men each did 10 pull ups on the bar. The one who’s cock entered one of my well lubed holes the most times out of ten, won the contest.

And so it went. The little man showed her how all of the unique stations worked. When he had explained all of them and showed her videos of me getting used on them, Kathy was both shocked and aroused.

When I got home, I found them in the basement just as the video was just ending. The guys knew I was livid so they all beat a hasty retreat to a nearby bar leaving Kathy and I alone. I said, “I’m so sorry you had to sit through that Kathy. I’m completely embarrassed.”

She smiled at me and said, “I wouldn’t be embarrassed, Steph. That was hot! Damn! Those little fuckers know how to push your buttons. Man, they had you coming all through the movie. I’m jealous, Steph. Damn, I can’t imagine what that must feel like to have all those hands and tongues and cocks working on your body.”

I looked down at the floor. I was still embarrassed. Finally, I looked up and said, “Kathy, it is wonderful and I love my little guys. I had sex with a few guys before I met them and it was nothing like being with my little fuckers.”

I looked out of the corner of my eye and noticed that Arlo was peeking around the corner into the living room. When he noticed that I saw him, he scampered away.

That night, Kathy and I had dinner alone. The next morning, all six of my little guys apologized to Kathy and she just laughed and told them not to worry about it. After lunch, they all went back to the pool with a couple of pitchers of alcoholic beverages. bağdat caddesi escort They no sooner poured drinks than the gate opened and in walked five more little black guys.

I looked over at Arlo and he just winked and grinned at me and shrugged his shoulders. I shook my head and said, “Hi guys. What are you guys doing here?”

“Arlo said there are a couple of hot women here today and we didn’t want to miss them, Steph,” one of them said. “We hope it’s OK. We brought more food and drinks.”

I looked at Kathy and she had a big smile on her face so I just nodded and said, “Sure. Come on in.”

As the day wore on, and the alcohol flowed, everyone’s inhibitions fell. As we swam and splashed in the pool, I was ganged up on and my top was removed and taken away. Kathy was laughing at me and the other little guys were staring at my breasts. I tried covering my big breasts, but when my hands were on my chest, one of my midgets grabbed my bottoms and pulled them down. I was then knocked off my feet and found myself completely nude in front of Kathy and 11 black midgets. I finally gave up trying to cover myself and just started laughing.

When Kathy saw me laughing, she pulled off her top. As everyone started laughing at me, one of the little guys swam down and pulled Kathy’s bottoms off and tossed them on the concrete deck. The next thing we knew, everyone was naked.

My six guys were everywhere on me; between my legs, holding my breasts to keep their head above water. I found myself at the edge of the pool getting fingered in my pussy and my ass. I turned and saw one sitting on the side of the pool with his cock out so I took it into my mouth. Eventually my little men got me out of the pool and onto a big blanket where they fucked and used my body for their pleasure. At one point I looked over and saw Kathy being used by the remaining five little black men. Although they weren’t as experienced in using a big white woman as my little guys were, they were still giving her a good shag, and I could hear her moans as she came over and over again.

When my little guys finished with me, they helped me to bed, and I slept soundly all night. I remember asking Arlo to make sure that Kathy is OK and he just smiled an ornery smile and nodded his head. The next morning, I slept in until 9:15. When I wandered downstairs, I found my little fuckers grinning at me as they always do the morning after they use their conquered white Amazon queen’s body. After I kissed each of them, they served me breakfast and told me what happened after I went to bed.

Apparently, their friends had found the willing white woman they were looking for. As they were telling me what their friends had done to her, Kathy stumbled into the kitchen wearing a tee shirt and sporting a black eye. My guys looked appreciatively at her body. “Oh shit,” Kathy said. “What a night.”

“Are you OK, Kathy?” I asked. “What happened to your eye?”

She grinned at me and said, “I tried your trapeze chair last night. But I’m more than OK, my friend. Last night was awesome. I have never been fucked like that in my life. Now I understand why you never want to leave these guys. I hope it’s OK, Steph, but I invited them back today.”

The rest of Kathy’s vacation with us was spent with her on her back getting her pussy pounded by five little guys who learned their way around her big white body. On the day before she was to leave to go back home, we had a big group meeting at the pool. She told us that she would like to move to Florida, find a job and become the little fuckers’ slut. The five little guys eagerly nodded their heads and one of them invited her to move in with them as the rest of them nodded. I looked at my own little guys who all had ear-to-ear grins.

I couldn’t believe it. We were the two biggest and toughest women in our high school and we were conquered, fucked and dominated by a few black midgets. But damn, did those little guys know how to use our bodies. I’ll never leave them. The little fuckers.

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New World Beasts Pt. 01 Ch. 12

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The next day, Leo went off into the meadow with some of his young cousins. I remembered what it was like at that age; as much as they enjoyed the attention from the older men of the family, they needed to bond with the guys their own age. I was thrilled that he was fitting in, forming relationships with his kin. And it was nice to have some time to enjoy the family orgy and let myself focus on my own pleasure.

When they returned late in the afternoon, I saw with pride that my son’s face and chest were covered in a liberal coat of cum. The boys were taking their hazing seriously. I greeted him with a kiss and proceeded to clean him up with my tongue; he smiled and giggled as I lapped up the cream.

His ass was nice and juicy; I slid a couple of fingers in to make sure that he was keeping it open and ready. They’d loaded his ass up too.

“There’s someone else I’d like you to meet. Has anyone told you about what goes on downstairs?”

He looked pensive for a moment. “There’s some kind of dungeon or something? My cousin Ethan was saying that some kinky stuff goes on down there.”

“Yeah. Would you like to check it out?”

I could tell he was nervous, but he nodded dutifully. I took him by the hand and we made our way down the stairs.

It was dimly lit in the basement, and our eyes took a minute to adjust. Most of the lighting down here was red-tinted. Most of the basement was a single room, divided around the perimeter with partitions and curtains into semi-private areas. At the base of the stairs were three shower stalls with clear doors, and three urinals.

Jason spent most of his time in the basement; general consensus had made it his domain. He was young- he looked about thirty in human years, but he’d established a role in our family as a skilled master. He had a way of making people feel comfortable and safe, even when he was inflicting pain.

Right now he was hard at work. His curly beard and chest hair were soaked with sweat as he raised the flogger over and over and brought it down on his brother’s exposed ass. Tony let out yelps of pain and pleasure each time the flogger slapped his flesh.

I reached over and wrapped my hand around my son’s cock; as I suspected, it was hard like steel. He was watching the scene in awe.

“That’s your second cousin Jason,” I told my son, giving his cock a gentle tug.

“I want to play with him.”

“In a minute. He’s busy, we don’t want to rush them. Want to have a shower with your old man?”

Leo nodded and smiled, and I led him into one of the shower booths and closed the glass door.

We spent some time enjoying each other’s bodies. Leo loved my chest, and it felt great pressing his face up against it while I played with his hole with my fingers.

I decided to give him a taste of what was coming. I turned him around and pushed him roughly up against the tile wall. I could tell he liked it; he arched his back and stuck his ass out, begging me to give it my attention. I leaned in and bit his neck, like an animal does when about to fuck.

My cock was standing ready and I felt the urge to slide inside him, but instead I reached into him with four fingers. It was a bit tight, but he’d been so well-fucked the last few days that he was able to take it. I growled appreciatively.

I fucked him hard with my fingers, splaying them open to try and stretch him even wider. He moaned and pushed back to slide them further in.

I pulled back, and formed them into a point. Slowly, carefully, I slid my hand up into his hole. I managed to get all the way to the widest knuckle, but he was tight there. I felt him tense up and pull away from me; I’d found his limit. For now, at least.

“Well done, boy.” I said, pulling his body tight against mine.

“Thanks, dad. That felt so good.”

“Yeah? Do you think you’d like to take my whole hand, eventually?”

“I’d love that, daddy. I want to feel you reach up inside me.”

“We’ll get there. We just need to keep working on opening you up.”

He smiled that big, wide, innocent smile, and I locked lips with him to give him a firm, fatherly kiss.

As we towelled off, I could see that Jason was finishing with his brother. Tony’s ass was bright red, and he looked like he was glowing with joy. The two were cuddling on the bench, holding each other and kissing. Jason liked the warm, physical contact after a session; it was part of why everyone trusted him and felt safe.

They looked up at us and smiled as we approached. Tony had already met Leo; he’d been so turned on by my new son that he’d already given him two loads. He stood and gave us each a kiss, then left to go rejoin the party upstairs. Jason gave his reddened ass a playful slap as he left.

“You must be Leo. I’m Jason,” he said, raising his arm. Leo pendik escort dove in, relishing the sweet and musky smell of his workout.

Jason looked up at me with a grin. “I think he really likes that.”

“That’s not all he likes. I’m bringing him down to you because I thought you might help me. I’ve started dominating him, but he needs me to bring it to the next level.”

“A daddy-son icebreaker, huh? I’d love to help with that.” He pulled Leo’s face out of his armpit and grabbed his roughly, leaning in to give him a kiss. I could see him testing my son, pushing him. He thrust his tongue into Leo’s mouth, and Leo sucked it back hungrily. He grabbed Leo by the head and forced himself on him; Leo gave in to him. I felt a surge of pride to see my son so willing and able.

“Good boy,” he said finally, letting Leo come up for air. “Now, show me how you kiss your daddy.”

Leo turned to me now, and offered his mouth up to me. I started gently, nibbling at his lips. Then I did as Jason had done; I grabbed him firmly by the back of the head and started feasting on his mouth. The way he gave in to me felt incredible. I wrapped an arm around him and pulled him in tight.

Jason smiled, admiring the scene. “Looks like you two have some great chemistry. Alright Leo, why don’t you show me how you suck your father’s cock?”

Leo was on his knees in a heartbeat. He took me in his hand and started rubbing my dick all over his face. I looked down to see him at work; he was such a handsome young man. He looked so much like me; it was so gratifying to know that I had made him who he was, with the cock that he was now worshipping.

He licked his lips and took me in his mouth. He’d gotten a lot of practice in the short time since I’d turned him; he was getting really good, really fast. He sucked in hard, and I felt the head of my cock slide against the inside of his cheeks, then up against the roof of his mouth, then against the tightness of his throat. His tongue lapped at the underside of my cock, gripping it tightly.

“Aw fuck, son. You’re getting so good at this.”

Jason wrapped his arm around me in a brotherly manner, and rubbed my chest. “Does your son like being called a slut?”

“Yeah. He does.”

“Let him hear what he wants to hear,” he suggested.

I looked down at my son, expertly sucking away at me, eager to please his father. “You’re a cocksucking slut,” I moaned.

I could tell he loved that by the way he increased his efforts to please me.

“How about it, boy?” Jason addressed him. “Were you made to please your daddy?”

He moaned in the affirmative. He gave another tight suck of my cock, and started fondling my balls in his palms.

While I enjoyed the fantastic blowjob my son was giving me, Jason reached over and grabbed a leather harness off the wall. Leo didn’t miss a beat as Jason reached down and buckled it around him.

He pulled Leo away from my cock. Leo looked disappointed to be interrupted, but eager to find out what happens next. Jason reached down and pulled him to his feet.

“Okay, James. Why don’t you show me how else you’ve shown your boy who’s boss?”

I smiled. We’d had some fun together; it would be a blast to re-enact it.

I reached in to Leo’s mouth and grabbed him by the jaw, pulling it open. I spat hard, right into the back of his throat. This made his cock twitch so hard I felt it poke against my side. I spat again on his tongue, then his cheek, forehead, and lips. With a rough hand I spread my saliva all over his face.

This had Jason really turned on; I glanced over to see him stroking his cock. “May I take a turn?”

“Of course!”

As I held Leo’s head we took turns feeding him our spit. He held his mouth open wide, ready to drink it all down.

“What else do you call your boy?” Jason asked me.

I looked Leo in the eyes. “You’re a pig,” I spat. “You’re daddy’s little fucking pig, aren’t you?”

He nodded enthusiastically.

Jason rubbed his hand over Leo’s spit-slicked face. “Have you given him a good slap, let him know who’s in charge?”

“You bet I have. Wanna give it a try?”

Jason gave him a sharp slap across the cheek; Leo recoiled but came back smiling. I took a turn, slapping his other cheek.

“Nice. Gotta remind a boy who his daddy is, am I right?”

“You got it,” I said, giving Leo a nice hard slap. “Don’t forget, you’re daddy’s pig. Right boy?”

“Yes sir, daddy.”

“Show me what else you’ve done to put him in his place,” Jason suggested.

I put my hand on Leo’s shoulder and pushed; he buckled obediently, and was headed for my cock.

“Not yet,” I ordered. “First, get on your back.”

He lied down on the hard basement floor. I demonstrated for Jason how I’d dominated him with my feet, first stepping gently on his crotch and manipulating silivri escort his balls underfoot. Jason loved this, practically drooling as he watched.

Then I worked my way up to that scrawny belly, his furry chest, and his throat, using the pressure of my foot to let him know that I had control over him and could choose to hurt him if I wished. The entire time I kept eye contact with him, and his gaze let me know that he trusted me and enjoyed the power I had over him.

Then I lowered my foot onto his face. This time no order was necessary; he was instantly licking and kissing the sole of my foot and in between my toes.

I invited our cousin over, and he stepped on Leo’s face with me. He has beautiful feet, thick and muscular, with hairy toes. Leo enjoyed taking turns sucking, licking, and kissing the two feet that were covering his face.

Watching my son behave like a pig was getting me rock hard. As Leo treated our feet, Jason started gently tugging on my balls.

“This is really hot, James. You know how to treat your son well.”

“Just remembering how my daddy raised me.”

“Well, your dad and your son are both very lucky men, then. What else have you gotten up to with him?”

“That’s about it… other than him being my own personal urinal. I can’t even step towards the bathroom without him being on his knees, mouth open and ready. I’ve also wrapped my animal mouth around his throat.”

“Hot. So he’s good and ready for the next step.”

“I think he is. I’ve seen it in his eyes; he wants his daddy to give him some harsher treatment.”

“Is that right, boy?”

Leo made a muffled but hearty yes under our feet.

“Alright. How about I show your dad some tricks I know? Get yourself up on the bench, face down.”

Leo quickly and obediently hopped up on the padded bench. Jason grabbed his legs and forcibly moved him into a position straddling the bench. His legs spread wide like that made me want to jump on him and ride him like a feral animal. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that we were taking it slow, enjoying ourselves. I would give him that treatment later.

Jason straddled the bench behind him, positioning his hard cock pointed just short of that exposed hole. He reached under Leo’s pelvis and pulled out his ball and cock, pointing them down and away from Leo’s body. I could see that this was uncomfortable, but he accepted the treatment.

“It’s important, when you want to show a boy that you control him, to control his family jewels,” Jason explained. He started manipulating my son’s package, pulling on his balls and twisting his cock around.

Leo grunted and moaned in pain. I looked down at his face to see him gritting his teeth.

“It’ll make it easier for him if he has something to do with his mouth,” Jason suggested. I followed his hint and lowered myself onto the bench, straddling it close enough to bring my cock within range of my son’s lips.

Like any good son, he took advantage of the opportunity and was suckling on me in an instant. It was different than when he was trying to get me off; this was more about his comfort than my pleasure.

It was definitely working, too. I watched Jason tug harder and harder on his scrotum, squeezing and gently slapping his nuts. Since his own dick was right there rubbing up against Leo’s, he used it a few times to slap Leo’s balls and cock.

Leo was red in the face and tears were trickling down his cheeks. I was concerned we were pushing him too hard, but then I felt his hand find mine and give it a squeeze.

“He should feel his dad’s hands do it. Wanna give it a try?”

“Hell yeah. That looks like fun. What do you say, son?”

Leo nodded, and I pulled my cock out of his mouth. Jason and I switched sides, and I got to work torturing his already sore cock and balls while Jason started fucking Leo’s face.

I especially enjoyed hitting his package with my own cock. Slapping his balls made him twitch like crazy.

“You’ve got a real pig for a son here, James. I’d say your boy could use a spanking.”

I grinned. I brought my palm down on his exposed buttock- not too hard at first. He gave a muffled cry around his cousin’s dick.

I spanked again, a little harder. The slapping sound echoed through the basement. I spanked again, and again, building up a little more intensity.

“He’ll feel it even more with something in that hole,” Jason suggested with a wicked grin.

I shuffled forward on the bench and brought my dick up to position. As I pushed the head in, I slapped his ass again and felt him clinch around me. I shoved myself in, enjoying the momentary tightness of his hole.

“That’s it son. You’re doing great.” I spanked him again, and he squeezed my cock again.

Jason and I got into a rhythm, me in my son’s ass, him in his mouth, both of us şirinevler escort forcing our cocks into him. We took turns spanking his beautiful round buttocks, using more and more force, as his ass began to turn bright red.

I could tell Jason was getting close to orgasm when he leaned back and pulled himself out of Leo’s mouth.

“Want to take a break?” I asked, pausing in my motion.

“I was thinking there’s so much more to enjoy with Leo. Why don’t we try something new?”

“Good idea,” I agreed, pulling out of my son’s hole. He whimpered slightly, no doubt feeling empty without his father inside him.

“Stand up, boy,” Jason ordered. Leo struggled to his feet, his ass and crotch sore.

“Think he can take both of us inside him at once?”

“I’d say definitely. He’s got a nice loose hole.”

“Nice. James, how about you lay down on your back? Leo, have a seat on your father’s cock.”

Watching my son lower himself on to his father’s cock was a beautiful sight. He was facing me, so I got to watch the expression of euphoria on his face as I entered him. He started rocking back and forth on me immediately.

Jason, meanwhile, was poking around in the basement and seemed to find something he liked. He returned with a black leather flogger.

Leo took the flogger well at first as Jason brought it down with a snap across his back. I felt his hole grip me tighter with each blow. The look of growing euphoria on his face let me know that he was really getting into it, feeling the rush of endorphins. He tried hard not to break the tempo of riding my cock, but I didn’t mind. The show was even better than the ride.

He started moaning and yelping a little too loud, though, so Jason brought out a ball gag. Watching him struggle with the ball between his teeth and the flogger hitting his back was incredibly hot; despite the lack of rhythm I knew I would cum like this eventually.

Then Jason handed me the flogger, and crouched behind Leo. In a moment I felt his cock press up against mine, and Leo’s hole opened up to swallow us both. He let out a muffled groan around the gag, and started huffing and puffing under the strain.

Jason wrapped his arms around him, in a gesture that looked both comforting and powerful. “You’re doing great, boy. Look at that, you’ve got your dad and me inside you at the same time. Feels good, huh?”

Leo nodded.

Then Jason grabbed his arm and yanked it hard, pulling it behind him. Leo reacted in pain, flailing his other arm, but Jason caught that one too and brought them both up behind him in a hold. It looked obviously uncomfortable, but once he settled into the pose Leo seemed to like it.

Looking up at my son’s gorgeous hairy chest pulled tight like that, I got an inspiration. I slapped him across the chest with the flogger, lightly at first to see how he responded. He looked shocked at first, but then nodded down at me emphatically.

As Jason started thrusting in and out of him, I started flogging harder and harder against my son’s front. I knew each time I’d made a good hit against a nipple by the way he writhed. Soon his chest and upper arms were covered in pink welts.

Jason let go of Leo’s arms eventually, and Leo collapsed on top of me. I could feel the burning heat of his chest against me.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Jason breathed, rubbing his hands over Leo’s red, stinging back and ass. Leo screamed around the ball gag, but made no move to stop him. Jason made a few slaps across that reddened back, eliciting more screams, but Leo seemed to be enjoying it immensely.

Then he grabbed Leo by the back of the harness, and yanked him back up into a sitting position. He wrapped one arm around his chest and the other hand around his throat, choking him tight. He started pounding into his smaller cousin hard, using his physical size and strength to overpower him.

Looking up at my son with fatherly pride, I decided he’d earned a share of the pleasure. I spat in my hand and wrapped my fist around my son’s cock, letting the movement of Jason’s thrusting do the work of stroking him.

“Fuck, that’s so hot,” I said, watching in awe as my son’s face began to turn red. I could feel my cousin’s cock pulsing; he was really close now. And the feeling of his cock stroking against mine was rapidly getting me there too.

He suddenly let go of Leo’s neck, and I watched the blood rush back to his head. I felt his cock throb in my hand; he came instantly, squirting so hard he splashed stream after stream of cum on my chest and face.

The simultaneous squeezing of his hole, plus the feel of his jism landing all over me, put me over the edge, and I felt Jason lose control too. We came together, our shared load lubricating our cocks as they throbbed against each other.

As the three of us came down from our orgasms, Jason led us over to a mattress where we collapsed together into a pile of cuddling and touching. Jason played with his new cousin’s asshole, lazily slipping fingers in and out of his loose opening. I watched them kiss, toying with each other’s tongues.

I couldn’t ask for a better son. He was eager to please, liked to be treated rough, and loved his daddy.

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Chasing A Dream-Angie’s Desires

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Big Tits

It’s late and Angie is getting ready for bed. She showers and put on a short nightgown. She is really tired and decides to just go on to bed. She is drifting off to sleep and she is not aware that someone is watching her. She falls sound asleep. She suddenly feels someone laying beside her but can’t seem to get awake enough to pay attention.

She feels a hand come across her waist and start caressing her breast. She thinks she is having a very nice wet dream. She reaches up and touches the hand and knows exactly who he is. He is the one who knows her so well. She knows his touch and his smell and his tenderness when he is gentle. She doesn’t even have to open her eyes. She knows it’s him.

He caresses her breast and gently twists the nipple which makes her tingle. His caress is so soft and tender. She closes her eyes as her nipples get harder with each touch. He kisses her neck softly and she feels his warm breath against her skin. Oh how he makes her feel so good. No other man seems to be able to touch her the way he does. When he touches her büyükçekmece escort it’s as if he can see inside her very soul. She feels the hardness of his stiff cock behind her and she reaches behind her to rub it through his jeans. He is so hard. She slowly unzips his jeans and reaches inside. The thrill is so intense as she starts stroking it and rubbing the head.

His hand trails down her chest , across her small waist and his fingertips gently rub her hip. Oh how she is burning inside for him. She loves his touch and somehow he always seems to know when she needs him. His hand moves slowly down and ever so gently pulls her legs apart slightly. She feels him getting aroused now. His hand finds her throbbing clit in the darkness and he gently massages it with his finger. Rubbing it softly. She slowly turns over on her back and his lips find hers and he starts kissing her passionately. His tongue searching her mouth and tasting her sweet kisses. His kisses get more urgent. He starts sucking çağlayan escort her nipple and cups her soft breast in his hand. His lips setting her on fire.

He then goes down and starts kissing her stomach and lowers himself until he reaches her aching pussy. He takes his tongue and starts licking her swollen clit making it tingle so much that she almost reaches an orgasm. He is not ready for her to get that orgasm just yet. He wants it to last. He likes giving her pleasure. Pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. He knows just how and where to touch her to make her body tremble. He continues to softly run his tongue around her clit until she feels that orgasmic bliss that she loves so much. Her body begins to tremble and she moans as he places his finger inside her hot juicy pussy. He loves that feeling of those sweet juices that his touch brings out in her. Her back arches as she starts to cum and he fingers her as he feels those muscles start contracting inside her.

He unzips his jeans and çapa escort removes them and she spreads her legs as he gets on top of her. Her kiss so hot and sweet as she softly sucks on his tongue. He puts his hard cock against her wet pussy and it slides inside completely filling her up. His cock feels so good inside her. He moves it in and out slowly. Feeling each stoke making his cock get harder. Their kiss is so passionate now and the orgasm they both feel is explosive. He groans as he starts filling her up with warm cum. Oh he needed that so much. He lays there on top of her for a few minutes and she can feel him looking at her in the darkness of her room.

She asks him how he knew she needed him so much and he whispered “I know you better than anyone and I always know when you need me and I know your thoughts. I always know. Our friendship is like no other and we both seem to have something the other needs. That will always be. We share our dreams , we protect each others secrets. No matter where we both go in life we will cross each others mind and smile.” He tells her.

With that he gets up and puts his jeans on and kisses her gently on the cheek. She hears the door close behind him and she goes to the window and watches him get into his white pickup and drive away. She crawls back in bed and drifts back off to sleep. She will chase that dream again.


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A Third Date

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The outdoor tables were small. Knowing this, Norah had worn jeans and single-strap sandals, along with a peasant blouse. As she crossed her legs, at an angle that would give him a view, she asked, “Anything you want to tell me?”

Alan’s eyes clicked up to meet hers. “I already did ‘hello’ and ‘nice to see you.'”

She smiled. “About yourself,” she said. “What you like.” She waited until his eyes drifted away, then added, “What isn’t in your profile.”

“That doesn’t say much,” he admitted smoothly, eyes up. “but I have eclectic tastes. I don’t want to rule out someone I might like, before meeting them.” He smiled. “I like you, so far. The complete you, not just one aspect.”

She gave her visible foot a slow ankle rotation. Sunlight caught the contrast of peach skin and red nail polish. Alan’s eyes aimed there again, and Norah felt smug.

On his own, he looked up and asked, “How do you feel about the time you’ve spent with me?”

“It’s been fun,” she said lightly. This could count as their third date. First was a movie they agreed on bahçelievler escort through dating-app chat, second was his invite (and treat) to a new restaurant. She had now asked him to meet here for coffee (her treat) and talk about where things were going.

“I’d like to spend more time with you,” he said in a softer tone, “If you’re up for that.”

“I might be,” she said, all flirty. Then, more seriously, “But I’m not ready to be exclusive.”

“That’s cool,” he said at once.

He leaned back. Norah took that to mean he wasn’t pressuring.

She asked, “Do you want to get closer?”

She read insecurity in his expression. His looks were on the blah side of plain. “I’m a single guy,” he said, managing a friendly flippancy. “I like to get closer to single women. But as Alan, I hope to learn more about Norah, and hope she’ll like what she learns about me.”

She had to give him credit for that. It sounded sincere.

She moved her foot through a sunbeam, which glinted off a nail. His bahçeşehir escort glance went downward.

“I’m interested in learning that,” she said. “Every new person is a new experience.”

His smile looked relieved.

Quietly she said, “I’d like to talk in more detail. My place is a block away. Just talk, okay?”

“Sure,” he said, nodding too much.

He looked edgy as she let him in to the apartment. She held up her phone as she sat on the sofa. “Single girl’s safety. Please don’t take it personally. Right now, the camera’s off,” she said.

“I understand.”

“Stand over there.” She pointed just beyond the hassock.

She took off her sandals and put her legs on the hassock, bare feet dangling past it.

“Alan,” she said, excited, “Would you like to get closer…to these?” She wiggled her toes.

He shuddered. “Ohhhh, yes!” He knelt, and hovered over her feet. Then with an effort, he looked her in the eyes. “May I?”

“You can start,” she said. “I’ll let you know if I bakırköy escort don’t like it.”

He fondled, licked, kissed, and sucked her toes, soles, ankles, and heels.

She didn’t expect this to do anything for her, and it didn’t. But his passion fascinated her.

He gasped, “This is who I am, Norah. If you think it’s gross, or funny, we can break off right now. But thank you for giving me this moment.”

“It’s okay,” she said, hearing pain in his voice. “What I want to know is, are you interested in me above the ankles?”

He looked her in the eyes. “I am. Especially now I know you weren’t teasing.”

“Well, I was teasing,” she said with a giggle. “But because I’m interested in you. I wasn’t ridiculing.”

He smiled. “Do you like it?”

“I don’t mind it,” she said. “Do you mind my flat chest, tooth gap, and big-ass nose?”

“Definitely not.”

“Ummm, Alan,” she said, “There’s only so far I want to go, right now. I mean, you with me. But…is this enough for you? Or do you want me to…finish you off?”

“You’re not grossed out?”

“I won’t be,” she declared, although she wasn’t sure.

But she had no problem stroking his erect prick with her bare feet, while he deeply sniffed her sandals. As his spunk oozed between her toes, she didn’t know if this would make them soulmates, but she felt good about them becoming very special friends.

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