One Week for Esme

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One Week with Esme, or

How Two Friends played Slave and Mistress for One Week and Became Better Friends, or

Just When You Think You Know Everything About Someone…


Part One

Esme has done me a great service. She discovered the great regret in my life, for which I’d lose everything were someone important in my life to discover it. She not only did not tell that someone, who she knows well, she destroyed all evidence of my indiscretion and failure. She did this out of friendship and required of me only a single favor.

“Just one thing, dear, and we’re even. This other thing will not be part of our future, afterward.”

“Esme, of course, whatever you say. I’m just so relieved you’ve taken care of … it.”

“First you must consider my request, which is not made lightly or frivolously. Our friendship will be set aside while you meet my demands. You will be doing me as great a favor as I’ve done you, no, actually, much greater, but it will challenge our relationship.”

Now, dear Reader, you must understand that Esme and I are best friends. We share everything and we know each other intimately. Yes, we’ve made love, but she knows I really prefer men, or as she says it, ‘Men, and me.’ She doesn’t make a big deal about it and we’ve gone months without being ‘together’ as we call it. She always lets me introduce the topic and is patient with me and the best friend ever in any case. But our relationship counts physical intimacy as only a small part – we are girlfriends and have no secrets. We’ve felt each others’ tears on our cheeks many, many times and given solace and support in the worst of times.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. What could she possibly mean?

“I want you to work in my salon for one week. You’ll be the ‘extra’ girl.”

“You mean the one that sweeps and cleans and helps, hoping to learn the business and…”

“Yes. You know they never stay long. We don’t treat them well and it’s so easy to find new ones and, well, it’s just part of learning the salon business. You have to be the bitch, first…”

“Well, that seems a small favor, I mean, of course, I’ll do it, but I”m just curious…”

“Well, I haven’t told you everything, darling, of course,” her beautiful smile became evil.

I just stared at her. She is so imaginative.

Normally that is a good thing. In a hot tub, for instance, with all those cheerleaders…

“Pay attention. You know this is the week of that big golf tournament – all the big shots, celebrities, filthy rich men and women from around the world?”

Oh, dear.

“This started a few years ago. The extra girl was a cute little thing with really lovely curves and a saucy manner…during the tournament week, one of my wealthier clients made a special request. She ‘bought’ the extra girl and had her, exclusively, all week long. Nothing unpleasant, of course, and the sweet little thing found out she enjoyed the company of an attractive older women. She made quite a bit of money and finished college, all on that one week.”

“So, you want to sell me to some rich old woman?”

“No, no, dear, that would be much too easy. The woman’s friends found out and the demand quickly outstripped supply. I had to be creative and the tradition evolved…”

“Oh, dear.” Did I say that out loud?

“It became an … auction.”

“I see.” Unfortunately, I meant.

“You’ll have to work the week at the salon, disrobed.”

“While the ladies come to have their hair done.” Not a question.

“Yes, dear, and you’ll have to do your best to be attractive to the clients.”

“You mean, flirtatious? Sexy? Slutty?”

“Oh, no, darling, nothing so obvious. It’s not been my practice to tell the extra what she was doing until later in the week, so you have to pretend to be … natural, but naturally desirable.”

“I’m really not into the whole lesbian thing, Esme, you know that – what is a ‘lap dance’ for another woman?” That was kind of catty, I know, but … dear me.

“Now, dear, dear, don’t be upset. I’m sure you’ll do just fine. My serving for this year fell through at the last minute and you’ll be doing me the greatest of personal favors…”

This, or course, subtly brought the conversation back to my debt to her. Of course, but she was so sweet about it.

“I agree.” This with a sweet smile. I found myself actually curious about it. I get bored so easily.

Her surprise did not show as she smiled back at me. Normally, we would hug to show our relationship was not affected by something new. I think we both knew this one would be a challenge.

No hug.

Part Two

One Week in Her Service

I showed up at ten on Monday casino siteleri morning. Esme doesn’t take clients until noon and I had two hours to get ready. How long does it take to undress?

“Oh, hello, darling. You can change in the blue room.”

I went in and removed my clothing and hung everything in the closet. Esme’s salon is very upscale and includes a private dressing room and bathroom with shower for the stylists. The shower was big enough for two and frequently served that way since Esme maintained relationships with several of the ladies who worked for her – how they didn’t fight with each other all the time, I’ll never know, but Esme is a special lady. They all seemed to love each other and maintained boundaries that I never tumbled to in all the time I’d known her. All of them had done my hair and seemed not to resent my friendship with their boss, either. I paid the same rate as everyone and tipped well, too.

Esme walked in and appraised me in what seemed to be the manner of a cattleman eying his prize steer.

“Off with everything, dear, let me see what we have to work with.” The bitch, she already knew what I looked like. She’d licked most of it Saturday night two weeks ago. I slipped off my bra and panties and started to put my shoes back on.

“No, no, dear, I bought you some shoes to work in.”

They were six inch heels, of course. Beautiful, very expensive, but six inches tall. I looked at her painfully, anticipating my legs after eight hours in torture.

“Oh, well, I think you’re legs are so lovely that these will do, instead.” She presented me with some shorter heels which were probably what she had in mind from the beginning. We both knew it but we both smiled at each other. I slipped them on and admired my legs in the mirror.

My naked legs, and we both admired them. I turned and watched my girly parts jiggle and bounce.

Esme admired that, too.

Our smiles were icy.

“Hurry, dear, and I’ll show you your duties. Our first appointment will be here soon.”

We walked into the salon. The girls couldn’t suppress a giggle, but otherwise, it was just like they always had a naked ‘extra’ to sweep and pick up and run about, doing their bidding.

It seems the extra has to stop by each station and greet the stylist, giving them a kiss on the cheek at the beginning of the day. Then, she’d show me how she liked things arranged around her chair and give me any specific directions for her clients that day. If I was lucky, she’d let me know which ones might enjoy me staying close by, or to stand _there_, _just so_ and let the client admire my (boobs, butt, legs, feet, pussy, whatever, pick one) while I pretended not to notice. Sometimes, the client would whisper directions to the stylist which they would pass on to me. I could blush and then without seeming to comply, I’d do what they wanted – turn, jiggle, bend over (?), rub their feet, massage their calves, bend over so my breast caressed their arm, and so forth.

It was exhausting. I quickly got over my self consciousness and the stylists seemed to appreciate my helping generate the best tips of the year. I played a part of being in love with one of the shampoo girls, sneaking over for a quick kiss while one special client watched. The shampoo girl played along, slipping in a caress of varying intimacy while we smacked each others’ lips in full view of the client, pretending not to be watched while everyone in the shop pretended not to watch.

After the first two clients of the first day, Esme pulled me aside.

“You’re doing great, honey. The bidding has begun.”

“Is it okay for me to ask ‘how much’?”

“It’s okay to ask, but I won’t tell you. You’ll do better if you don’t know.”

“You mean, you’ve done this before?”

“I confess, you’re not the first person to help me out that knew about the intended arrangement. You are the first friend that’s helped me out.”

“Thanks, but I must ask this – why did you ask me? It’s just not — like you.”

“Thank you for saying that – it is not like me. You are not only my friend but you are my best friend. I think it’s time to fully confess. We have some time before the next client – would you like to put on a robe while we wait?”

It really didn’t matter, but I took the robe since she offered. It was gorgeous – pure silk, Asian, all floral and so forth. It actually looked very, very good on me. I also smiled at her – a friendly, loving smile.

She invited me into her office and had me sit down at her personal table where she did nails and had hers done. She looked deep into my eyes and i saw that she was actually frightened.

“I pay to have my shop here, you know.” canlı casino This was a fact, not asking me.


“No, you don’t understand. I own the land and the building, but business here is controlled by very powerful organizations. For me to do business, I pay a portion to … certain interests.”

“You mean, like the mafia?”

“Well, it’s not exactly like that, but let’s say, yes. The problem is they want to move something else here. I can stay, but I have to make a one time payment to show my loyalty.”

“Well, what’s the matter? I know you must have the money, don’t you?”

“Of course, the money would be no problem, it’s just that if I paid, I’d have to keep paying. I need a special favor from a special client.”

“Do I want to know what that is?”

“You deserve to know. The special client has a very influential husband. He can have things done that aren’t available at any price.”

“Things like what?”

“Things like the destruction of an office building in a foreign country. On a given day, when no one but the targeted group will be present. In a way that only the single building will be utterly destroyed. All so that my ‘landlord’s’ competition will be set back in a way he finds very useful.”

“So how do I fit in?”

“The special client noticed you one day. You came by to bring me a package while she was in the chair. I don’t’ remember what you wore, but she described it to me exactly. She is an impetuous woman, who thinks she knows what she wants the moment she sees it. You, my dear, are it.”


“So this is not really an auction.”

“It’ll seem like one – I’ll take their bids, but I know already who’s going to win. The others know what her husband does for a living so you have to charm them all. Keep it real. It’s working – the bids are over the top, so thank you. Just keep going. Forget the … stakes.”

“You really do trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes, I just had to tell you. You are very dear to me.”

“You deserve it, Esme. I owe you and of course I’ll do whatever I have to, now, more than ever.”

She rubbed my leg in a way she knows I love.

This time, we hugged.

Back to work.

Part Three

I Learn the Meaning of Real Wealth and Esme Laughs

So, I’m a lesbian whore, I guess. I just accepted it. I like playing roles and this was just one more. What woman hasn’t pretended? What woman doesn’t enjoy running around naked in front of a bunch of other women? There was the UPS guy – he got his eyes full, but everyone else, including me, pretended it wasn’t unusual at all. As he walked back to the truck, he had to hear the gales of laughter from inside. Then, he pretended not to notice.

The FedEx woman asked for my phone number. I gave her Esme’s card. I don’t know what she thought, but she laughed as she touched my palm.

The clients were a varied lot. They looked and some touched and I blushed and bent and jiggled and played along, flirting unconsciously with each of them while they had their hair done and their manicures and pedicures. One paid extra to have me give her the pedicure and the nail girl coached me through it. That wasn’t unusual for an ‘extra’, I guess, but I’ve never seen one nude before.

It gave her a great view, I guess. Esme said she had the highest bid so far.

I asked her what I was supposed to do for the one who’d ‘win’ me.

“You’ll just do what comes naturally. She won’t be crude or coarse, like you are some piece of meat she’s bought. She’ll seduce you and I’m sure you’ll just seduce her right back. She’s a bit older than me, but she has the money to keep herself in great shape and she is very beautiful. I think you’ll find her charming and lovely and enjoyable to be with…”

“So, based on what we’ve done together…”

“I’m sure she’ll teach you something new. She is a woman of the world and I happen to know she was trained before she married.”


“Darling, in the best families, tutoring in the arts of love is hardly anything special. She was taught by someone very special how to do what most of us have to learn by making mistakes. Since then, she has indulged herself enough to grow that knowledge. I’m sure you’ll be … pleasantly surprised.”

“What’s her husband think about all her ‘broadening’?”

“He’s greatly rewarded by her talents. He wouldn’t have it any other way. All his friends are very jealous, and wish they could trade places with him. He shares with them, just enough to make them jealous. You must understand – one weekend of her attentions and he’s …”

“Wanting another weekend?”

She laughed, “Yes, you understand.”

“Esme, she can’t know more kaçak casino than…you.”

“She can and she does. You’ll have things to teach me…” she looked up, alarmed.

“If we become friends again?”

She sniffed, “Yes, if you can …forgive me.” Her eyes, so moist, gazed into mine.

“I’d be furious if you hadn’t asked me. I understand how hard it was to ask me.”

“I didn’t really ask, though…” she smiled.

“You didn’t, did you? I know how you’re going to pay me back.” I smiled back.

We were co-conspirators.

Friends, again.

Part Four

Belly Lick is not just the title of a Song

She’s gorgeous.

She’s blonde. All over.

Firm. Supple.

She smells wonderful. I think it’s herbal, something she eats.

I thought she’d be … older.

If there’s something loose on her, I haven’t found it.

Believe me, I’ve looked.

She was so slick. I didn’t know we’d started and we were in the middle of something that would get you arrested in South Carolina not twenty years ago. I was panting, aching for release, but not wanting anything to change and damn, had we even kissed, yet? Oh, baby, baby, baby…

Is that her finger? I didn’t think … and she’s doing it with both hands?

She pauses, “Close your eyes and I’ll…”

I close and feel her lips on my neck, my chest, I feel her hands on my bottom and oh, my nipple…my nipple…gentle suction and how does she reach my…

Her eyes are green, so green, I’ll never forget the color…and I’m coming. Damn, where did that come from? Women don’t work that way, do they? I’m peaking, again, again, not there, not…

I wake.

“You’ve been asleep for a while. It’s good. You’re relaxed. There’s something I want to do while you’re still bound to the bed frame.”

I struggle. When did she tie me?

“You’re so beautiful. Do not talk. I want you to listen. You’re so beautiful when you listen. I can tell. You’re lips so full, so lush. They’ll learn to please every part of me before you sleep again.”

I start to drift off. So…sleepy.

Something slashes across my tummy. I spasm, the pain sharp, then ends.

“Sorry, dear, there won’t be a mark. I won’t do it again, either. You’ll thank me for waking you.”

A most feminine bottom presents itself to my lush lips.

“Now, lick. I’ll teach you how.”

I lick and lick, try to …

Her lips reward me as I’m doing what she wants. I rise in pleasure at her touch. No hands, just her lips on me. I lick, touch, round, round.

Her tongue penetrates, so firmly, and I follow along. Sweet, sweet music – the cellist and violinist will join us on the bed after a few more songs. She remains in charge, kissing so sweetly, her directions so sure…

Pleasure for pleasure.

(Oh, thank you, Esme, thank you.)

Part Five

A Gift Makes Us Friends for Life

How can a week seem a year? When you do not sleep. When your waking hours are filled with pleasures never imagined, with delights ever sweet, with pauses at each of the infinite stages of pleasure, say, halfway there – I’ve been to the end so many times, I know what halfway is, now, and I know it well – she takes me there and holds me on and on and on, laughing at my frustration, my fingertips quivering on her lovely warm skin, then she slides me up and down the scale, making me watch, the finality of release hers and hers alone to give, then she teaches me to play her the same way and we try to match real music with each others’ bodies.

Finality teases, beckons, waves from a distance.

One flick of her hand and I’m there.

When I wake, she teaches me to do it to her. I slash her tummy and she comes and comes.

There are prizes for pleasing each other. She introduces me to her husband, a lovely man with talents all his own and makes him show me something she swears only three men alive today can do to a woman.

I have to believe her. It was unusual.

I do not want it to end. There is no love, that is unstated but understood from the beginning.

Just pleasure. Mountains of it, rendered in a way that’s never tiring.

It goes by in the blink of an eye.

She convinces me I’ve given her something special, too, something she’ll remember.

“Teach it to Esme,” she says.

Oh, yes, she gives me back to Esme.

“My husband and I have decided to renew our vows and remain faithful to one another for a time. I’m sorry, dear, but our pleasure is at an end.”

She not only paid my mortgage off, she gave me a piece of the bank.

They call me, “Ma’am”, now, when I come in for a board meeting.

Esme welcomed me back and I tied her down and tickled her for an hour.

She hates that.

To make me quit, she promised to do my nails every week for a year.


I think she likes to do them.

She likes my tips even more.

Belly lick.

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Play with Fire

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*Play with fire, you’ll get burned.*

I was paged over the intercom to go meet Craig, my handler outside The Boss’s office, Lawrence is the director and boss of the The Agency he gives everyone there orders and missions. I arrived and Craig was already there pacing back and forth nervously. He looked up at me, put his hands on my shoulders and told me I would be fine, then opened the door ushering me inside.

I walked in and the door behind me closed as I stood in front of his desk, my hands clasped in front of me nervously. Wearing my exercise outfit and looking scruffy, I felt so intimidated.

‘Well Niki, looks like your turning out to be a great asset to us, you’ve learned everything in the quickest amount of time i have ever experianced….’ he paused

‘I think you are ready.’ he sighed

‘Ready sir? for what?’ I asked unsure

‘For The Test, Niki.’ he said bluntly

All the blood drained from my body at that very moment.

‘I didn’t think that was what I got called down here for. I thought I’d done something wrong or was being retracted from training, Sir.’ I blurted out

‘Go see Olivia, she will brief you and give you your assignment.’ he nodded towards the door

I could not speak. All I could do was nod to everything he was saying.

‘NOW Niki!’ he shouted

I ran to the door, pulling it open to see Craig on the other side still pacing. I hurried out closing the door behind me, leant back against it and took a breath, just as Craig grabbed my arm and pulled me along the corridor to Olivia’s office.

‘Good luck, she’s gonna test you.’ He kissed my cheek as he whispered that in my ear.

I knocked on the door as I watched Craig go back to Lawrence’s office. I knew it was forbidden for two agents to have relations but I really liked Craig. He was in his early thirties, about six foot tall with a six pack to die for, light brown hair, light tan and chocolate brown eyes.

‘Come in Niki.’ her cheery voice called so sweetly.

I opened the door to find a tall redheaded woman in her early thirties standing in front of a huge selection of designer clothes and accessories with a wide smile to greet me, she was wearing a black pencil skirt with a tight white shirt tucked in to it and five inch black patent heels. She was so beautiful standing before me, she wouldn’t be so hard on me, I thought.

‘Come sit here, Niki.’ she placed her well manicured hands on a barbers chair.

I sat down for her, she spun me around to face the mirror and stared at my reflection from behind me with her hands on my shoulders reassuringly.

‘Well I can see why Craig picked you for this mission.’ she smirked. I looked at her as she said that and I furrowed my brow.

‘What is that supposed to mean?’ I asked quizzically

‘Oh nothing.’ she laughed

She started by putting my long luscious chocolate brown hair in rollers then moved on to my make-up matching it against my pale skin and emerald eyes whilst the rollers were in curling my hair. She then went over to the racks of clothing and pulled out a little black dress and said “yes, yes this will do it”. I turned to her to see what she was talking about and gasped at the tiny dress she had picked.

‘That is never going to fit my body!’ I said, shocked that she would pick something so short and tight for a mission.

‘Oh my dear Niki you have much still to learn’ she said patronizingly.

She hung it up and came back over to take the rollers out. She turned me back around to face the mirror casino oyna to let me see, I looked so different, so mature considering I’m eighteen but I have a baby face.

‘Today you have been assigned your first proper mission, so to speak. If you are successful you will graduate and become a full agent able to live out in the real world with your cover story of course.’ she smiled.

‘Get dressed and I will brief you on the mission.’ she said cheerfully and left me to get dressed.

I took my tank top off folding it up neatly as I placed it on the chair. Next my workout pants also sat folded onto the chair, I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself in my black bra and panties with my hair and make-up done. I realised all this was real. I was about to become an agent, all had to do was pass the test.

I called on Olivia to let her know I was ready and in came Craig, Lawrence and Olivia. I stood facing them in the little black dress which looked as if it was painted on. It had a plunging neck line and extremely short hem just covering my ass.

I got to pick the accessories so I chose diamond hoop earrings with a matching necklace which emphasized my 36C breasts as it fell between my cleavage, the same five inch black patent shoes as Olivia had on made me over six feet tall as I am five eight normally and a gray full length fur coat, since it was the middle of November.

Olivia smiled like the cat who had got the cream, I guess she was proud of me for choosing so well. Lawrence laughed and looked at Olivia both nodding to one another and Craig, well his jaw almost hit the floor.

‘You are ready’ Olivia and Lawrence both said at the same time. Craig still in shock was told to show me where to get provisions.

‘Come with me, Niki…’ he stammered

He took my hand and pulled me with him down the corridor into the service elevator to the basement, I had never been to the basement before it was authorised persons only.

The elevator opened to a storage room full of weaponry, guns, blades, grenades, FBI uniforms, police uniforms everything you needed to get into anywhere.

‘Take you pick Niki, what’s you poison?’ he asked sounding pissed off.

‘What is wrong with you?’ I asked concerned.

‘Nothing!’ he snapped at me.

I looked at him and shook my head and walked over to the blade section. I chose a samurai sword and a small dagger from the selection. I also took an automatic machine gun and a pistol with a silencer. I placed them in a duffel bag and put it on the floor next to the metal table.

‘I’m just worried about you Niki.’ he said as he grabbed my hands.

I’ll be fine don’t worry, if I’m in trouble you’ll come and rescue me I’m sure’ I smiled.

He sighed deeply and kissed me hard pushing me against the steel table in the middle of the room with my provisions underneath. He took my by such a surprise I grabbed his arm, twisting him and flipping him onto the concrete floor. I didn’t realise what I had done till it was over with and he was on laying on the concrete floor winded.

I rushed and kneeling down beside him, I kissed him to try and make up for throwing in down. He pulled me on top of him and let his hands roam my body, finally stopping at my ass. His fingertips touching the hem of the dress where it tucks under my ass cheeks. I straddled him and took a break for air.

‘I am soo sorry, Craig….I didn’t mean to…..’ I was saying sincerely until he put his finger to my lips.

‘At least you wont be taking unawares’ he smiled.

‘Well canlı casino I guess not.’ I smiled and returned to kiss him before we were interrupted by Lawrence who had watched the whole thing on CCTV cameras.

‘Enough Agents! You know the rules’ he shouted

I looked up and jumped up off of Craig and he stood beside me trying to be as professional as possible.

‘Sorry Sir’ we both said together.

‘Craig, leave us.’ he demanded.

Craig following orders left me with Lawrence in the basement.

‘Well done Niki, you passed the test. Craig was your test. I knew you two had/have feelings for each other and wanted to see if that would compromise you in anyway.’ he said smugly.

‘You are now an agent, I have a gift for you.’ he handed me keys.

‘Your new apartment and car.’ he smiled.

‘Oh one last thing, you can only be together once so make the most of it Agent.’ he laughed

‘Wait! This is all so much to take in. An apartment, car, agent, not being able to have a relationship.’ I tried to say without crying.

‘I never said you couldn’t have a relationship, just not with Craig. It would compromise you two.’ he said with sadness.

‘Just once?’ I said with a single tear falling from my eye.

Lawrence placed his hand on my cheek wiping away the tear, ‘yes my dearest Niki, just once.’

I picked up my duffel bag and went into the elevator to start my life as an agent, as a Female for Hire, for assassination that is.


I met Craig at my new car, he had to show me where my apartment was. We arrived outside a very swanky apartment block, he took my duffel bag and my hand as we walked to the door. I put my key in the lock and I felt like I was lost, all I have known for the past two years is The Agency.

I walked inside and squeezed his hand, ‘I’m scared, Craig’. I let go of his hand and put the bag on the kitchen table.

‘Come with me’ he said. As he walked into another room, I followed behind him into what I realised was the bedroom.

He reached out to me and took my hand pulling me close to him, he leaned down and kissed me so softly on the lips just touching and no more. Moving slowly down I could smell his musky aftershave as he kissed and nibbled on my neck and ear lobes. His hands roamed across my shoulders as he pushed my coat to the floor, making their way down my back to my bubble butt.

I pushed his suit jacket off onto the floor behind him as I wrapped my arms around his neck so I could kiss him. We bumped heads as I tried to kiss him, this only made us want each other more.

We broke from our embrace to help each other undress, I turned and pulled my hair to the front so he could unzip my dress at the back for me. I slipped it off and stood in front of him in my matching black bra and panties with stockings and my five inch black shoes.

I walked back over to him and pulled on his tie, loosening it and then pulling it free. I wrapped it around my neck as I continued to undo the buttons on his shirt. I reached his trousers and placed my hand on his belt as he pulled me close, I could see the nervousness in his eyes. I put my lips only millimeters from his teasing him before I kissed him with a burst of passion.

I could taste the minty coolness of his breath as our tongues danced in each other mouths, I pushed him back making him fall onto the bed pulling me with him. I straddled him still kissing as we landed on the king-size bed together.

He broke for breath and stared deeply into my kaçak casino emerald eyes, i kissed down his neck to his chest, down his six pack to his trousers where I stopped, looking up at him. I undid his belt and unzipped his trousers when he grabbed my hands and pulled me up onto the bed.

‘Niki, I know. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, you know that right?’ he said sincerely as he looked at me.

‘What are you talking about Craig’ I said frustrated.

‘I know this is your first time’ he looked down as he said.

‘I want to, with you that is.’ I placed my hand on his.

He smiled and laid me down getting on top of me he kissed me hard working his way down to my bra, which he quickly undid and slowly removed. He stared at my breasts, slowly moved his mouth to one of my rose coloured nipples and was gently licking it. I thought to myself ‘oh my god that what this feels like!’.

He then started to suck on my nipples going back and afore between them, his hand always worked the one not being pleasured with his mouth. I was in heaven or so I thought.

I pushed his trousers off realising he had no underwear on, Craig stopped and looked at me asking if I was ok. I nodded even though I was so scared. He moved down my flat stomach to the top of my panties and hooked his fingers on the sides pulling them down slowly to reveal my smooth pink pussy, already glinting with dew, awaiting his cock.

He pushed my legs up onto his shoulders he stared up at me in-between looking at my dewy slit, ready to be plucked. He started by breathing deeply, inhaling my scent then he licked in long strokes over my sex and clit, making my shiver every time before working on my rosebud clit.

He placed his hand on my stomach as he continued to lick and suck on my clit, I could feel him rubbing his fingers along my slit and around my sex. He slid one finger inside me, it felt so tight but good at the same time until he hit my hymen. I gasped which made him jump, he stopped and pulled his finger out making his way back up to kiss me.

‘How do you want to do this Niki?’ he asked cautiously

‘I don’t know Craig, you’ll know better what’s best.’ I sighed

He laid me down on the bed gently and got between my legs, positioned himself so the swollen head of his seven inch cock was sitting just on my slit. I took a deep breath and nodded for him to enter me, the sear of pain surged through my body. I pushed my hands against his chest saying ‘Stop, stop, stop!’. He stopped inside me, letting me get used to the feeling of a cock inside me as tears fell from my eyes. Craig kissed my head and looked at me, waiting on me to let him know whether to continue or not.

I kissed him and told him to go slow. He pulled out slowly and entered me again, lubricated with my blood and dew. He began to get faster, the pain subsided and was replaced with a new feeling, a feeling a pleasure.

For the first time ever I was feeling the pleasures of sex. I got on top and started to ride Craig, I had never felt such lust as I craved for more of his cock to be inside me. He began to pound me hard. As our thrusts met each others hips it was like an explosion inside me as we climaxed together.

I fell on to the bed next to Craig. Exhausted and covered in each others sweat, he wrapped his arms around me and we drifted off together.

As we lay together sleeping my phone rang. It was The Agency and it went onto the answering machine, it was my first official job as ‘a female for hire’ on the books and it was going to be a tough one.


That night was the night I lost my virginity to the only person I had ever truly loved, Craig. It felt like we were the Romeo and Juliet of The Agency, star crossed lovers, never to be.

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Crystal Lake

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This is definitely the longest story I’ve written so far. I’m curious to see if readers find it too long. Please let me know.

Chapter 1

Melissa Saulnier pushed the door to her house closed with her heel as she stepped into the porch. It slammed shut as she dropped the bags of groceries she was carrying to the floor. She sighed as she slid her purse off of her right shoulder. It fell on the table with a soft thud. Melissa tossed her jacket over the back of a kitchen chair. Thank god this day was over she thought to herself.

The sound of the television was coming from the livingroom, indicating that her eighteen year-old son, Tyler, was home from school. When Melissa heard that the evening news were on she realized she was later than she had planned on being. She picked up the two plastic grocery bags and put them down beside her purse then brushed her long auburn hair back over her slim shoulders and walked towards the livingroom.

Tyler looked sullen, slumped down on the sofa as he stared at the television, arms folded about his waist. Melissa thought the cause of his dour look must be because she was late getting home for supper.

“I’m sorry I’m late, honey,” Melissa apologized “we had a staff meeting and I had to stop for a few groceries on my way home.”

“It’s okay.” Tyler grunted, not looking at his mother standing beside him.

Melissa looked at her son’s face and wondered what was bothering him. She sat down on the couch beside him.

“What’s the matter, honey?” she asked, her dark brown eyes locking on him.

“That…” Tyler spat out as he unfolded his arms to point at a pile of papers on the coffee table.

Melissa reached for the papers and brought them closer. She saw that it was an English assignment that her son had passed in nearly a week ago. At the top of the title page in red pen was C-. Melissa frowned.

“You’ll do better on the next one.” she told Tyler, hoping to console him.

Tyler grunted. “I doubt it. English sucks. I hate it. Who gives a shit about T.S. Eliot anyway and that Prufrock guy sounds like an asshole.”

Melissa fought back a smile as she tossed her son’s assignment back on the coffee table to her right.

“Watch your language, young man.”

“Sorry.” Tyler mumbled, his blue eyes darting briefly towards his mother.

“I can help you on the next one, if you want,” she offered “I majored in English in college, remember?”

Melissa thought back briefly to that time. She had met Tyler’s father in college and by the time she was a little older than Tyler’s age she was pregnant with him, which forced her to abandon her plans of becoming a teacher, or perhaps an author.

“Thanks, mom, but I doubt it would help. I just don’t get English. I’m better at stuff like math and science. Besides, I’ll be taking engineering at college next fall; I’ll never need English.”

Melissa nodded, knowing that her son was right. “You have a few months left to catch up. I know you can if you really try. You still have to pass this English course though if you want to graduate from high school. ”

Tyler folded his arms once more and slid down on the couch. He knew that his mother was right and that worried him. But he was encouraged by how much faith she had in him.

Melissa forced a smile as she looked at her son sitting beside her. She slid closer and kissed his cheek as she ran her left hand over his thick black hair. For close to a week she had noticed a change in his mood and wondered if it was simply school, or if something else was bothering him.

“What’s the matter, honey? Is it more than just school?” Her voice was soft, full of concern.

His mother’s brown eyes looked sad as she spoke and Tyler felt guilty for having upset her.

“Is it your father?” she prodded.

“Kind of…,” he sighed “sometimes I just wish things could be like they were.”

Melissa frowned. They had already this discussion many times over the past three years since she had decided to divorce Tyler’s father. She dreaded talking about it again.

“Ty… we’ve been through this before.” Melissa sounded weary, frustrated.

“I know,” he agreed “and I know you guys aren’t ever getting back together, but sometimes I wish you would.”

“That’s not going to happen — you know that. It’s not what I want. Besides, your father has a girlfriend anyway.”

“Yeah… Cindy,” Tyler sneered “dad could do a lot better.”

“What’s wrong with Cindy?” his mother demanded, recoiling slightly in surprise.

“She’s not very pretty, or even nice,” Tyler began “and I hate that blue eyeshadow she always wears. She’s got small boobs too. I don’t know why the hell dad settled for her after you. You look a lot better than her, mom.” His gloom seemed to lift as he spoke.

“Why — because I’ve got a bigger boobs?” Melissa blurted with a giggle, surprising even herself for speaking so openly with her son. She blushed and mentally scolded herself for not censoring her thoughts before speaking.

Tyler ran his eyes down from his mother’s angular face casino oyna with high cheekbones and sculpted jaw line face to the swell of her breasts rising from the jade green knit cardigan she was wearing. He felt his cock swell as he stared, wishing he could run his hands over her body.

“Well, c’mon mom… you’re stacked.” he blurted out as his growing arousal emboldened him.

Melissa grew flustered. She darted her eyes down to her lap and rested her hands on her grey skirt. She could feel her Tyler’s eyes on her. It made her clit began to twitch. Moments later she began getting wet as she imagined the forbidden thoughts her son might be having.

“Ty, you shouldn’t say things like that to me; I’m your mother.”

“I’m just being honest,” he asserted, sounding chastened “it’s not like everyone doesn’t notice and I’m no different.”

“But I’m your mother. You’re not supposed to notice things like that about me.” she snapped as she raised her voice, glaring at him through narrow eyes.

Tyler avoided his mother’s piercing stare.

Melissa felt like she had maybe been too harsh with her son. He already had enough on his mind with struggling to finish high school without her rebuking him for what any normal eighteen year old male like him would think or feel — even for his own mother she rationalized. She drew in a deep breath and gave her son’s hand a squeeze.

“I’m sorry,” she said, her voice softer again “it’s just that it’s not appropriate for a son to make comments like that about his mother. You know that.”

“Even if they’re as hot as you?” he retorted, smirking.

Melissa had been trying to portray a serious demeanor and end the conversation, but she found her son’s chutzpah disarming. Despite her misgivings she found herself laughing at his comment. She also realized that her panties were now slightly damp.

“Okay, that’s enough flattery from you. I’m going to go start supper.” she said as she raised herself from the sofa.

Melissa got up before Tyler could reply. She went into the kitchen — hoping that concentrating on preparing a meal for them would distract her from her sudden arousal and lewd thoughts about her son.

Tyler watched his mother walk towards the kitchen. He could feel his cock throb as he stared at her firm round ass and curved hips filling her tight skirt, swaying as she walked. He waited a few minutes for his erection to subside until he dared get up to join his mother in the kitchen. He sat at the kitchen table, his eyes on her as she moved about. Her hair moved as she turned from side to side and he could detect the movements of her heavy breasts as they quivered beneath her cardigan.

“It’s really good, mom.” Tyler exclaimed with a mouthful of food, as he looked across the table at his mother.

Melissa gave her son an appreciative smile. “I’m glad you like it. It’s only broiled fish and potatoes — nothing special.”

“But it’s good; everything you cook is.”

Melissa smiled, feeling pleased as she watched Tyler bring another forkful of food to his mouth. This is what a healthy mother-son relationship should be like she reminded herself as she watched Tyler. She was relieved that the tone of the conversation had not returned to the risque nature that it had been earlier in the livingroom. Part of the reason was because Melissa knew that it was wrong, but she also had to admit to herself that, like Tyler, she too was guilty of having incestuous thoughts at times.

For almost all of his life Melissa had looked at Tyler as nothing more than her son, but now that he was eighteen she at times could not help but notice what a handsome young man he had become — probably much like he found her attractive, she thought. Still, she knew it was wrong and fought against the urges she occasionally had when she saw her son walk to the bathroom some mornings wearing only his boxers, or when he would hug her, holding her tight against his broad chest, running his hands over her back. There were times when they embraced, however briefly, that Melissa was sure that she could feel Tyler’s hard cock pressing against her stomach or thigh. Those few incidents always aroused Melissa and caused her to give in to her emotions later at night as she ran her fingers over her hard clit and damp lips alone in her bed.

“You go in and watch tv while I load the dishwasher,” Melissa told her son after they had finished supper “I’ll be in later.”

Tyler listened to the sounds of his mother clearing the table and loading the dishwasher as he gave a blank stare at the television. He was more interested in his mother than what he was watching and was eager for her to join him. His cock twitched in anticipation and he shifted on the cushion, hoping to conceal the bulge in his jeans.

“There — all done!” Melissa exclaimed as she sat down next to Tyler.

“Good. You should relax a while. How was work?”

“Oh, not bad,” Melissa sighed “we got a big shipment of books in this morning, so I had to sort out the invoices and begin shelving them.”

“You look tired.” Tyler canlı casino remarked.

“I am.” she sighed as she kicked her shoes off and curled her feet up on the sofa.

“I worry about you, mom. You work too hard.”

“I have to. I barely make enough to pay the bills as it is.” Melissa lamented.

Tyler frowned as he looked over at his mother to his right. “I know. I just wish you could take a vacation sometime. Remember how we all went to Crystal Lake years ago? That was a great time.”

Melissa smiled as her thoughts drifted back to the trip her son was referring to. That was nearly four years ago and she had not had a vacation since then.

“We should go there some weekend.” Tyler suggested.

Melissa thought for a moment. The idea appealed to her, but she was not sure if she could afford it.

“That would be nice,” she agreed “but now’s not a good time. Things are really busy at the book store, plus you have to finish school.”

“I know. It’s just that I worry about you. If you don’t take a vacation sooner or later you’re going to have a nervous breakdown.”

Melissa smiled at her son. She thought that he was over-reacting, still she appreciated his concern. She slid closer to him and draped her left arm around his shoulders, clutching him to her. She ran her hand over his muscular shoulders and rested against his arm. As Tyler slipped his right hand around her waist she felt herself relax. It had been years since Melissa had been with a man and even her own son’s touch was welcome now. Moments later her clit began to throb. She felt a wave of guilt. She thought of pulling away from him but did not want to appear flustered or offend him. Besides, this would be her guilty secret that only she knew Melissa told herself.

“I’ll make a deal with you.” Melissa told her son.

“What’s that?”

“If you pass your English course this year I’ll take you to Crystal Lake as a graduation gift.”

“Really?” he exclaimed as he leaned away from her, his wide eyes locking on hers.

Melissa nodded, flashing her son a smile.

“Thanks, mom!”

Tyler wrapped his arms around his mother’s shoulders and pulled her tight. Her touch excited him as she glided her hands up his broad back. Tyler felt his cock twitch and tent his jeans as he held his mother to him. Her firm, round breasts were pressed to his chest and he could feel them shift as she moved against him. Through her cardigan he could feel her bra and wished she wasn’t wearing one. As he ran his fingers down her spine he thought he felt her quiver.

“But you have to pass everything — including English.” she reminded him as she leaned away, giving him an serious look.

Tyler nodded. “I will.” he vowed.

Tyler’s hands slid down to his mother’s waist, just above her hips. As his eyes drifted from her gaze he noticed her swollen nipples rising from her cardigan. He licked his lips as he stared at them, trying to imagine how they might look.

Melissa gave a chuckle. “Maybe this is what it takes to get you motivated about school,” she concluded “I haven’t seen you this excited in a long time.”

“It looks like I’m not the only one who’s excited.” Tyler teased, his eyes riveted to his mother’s chest.

Melissa’s eyes followed her son’s. She leaned away and looked down, flushing when she realized what he was referring to. She let out an embarrassed gasp as she pulled away from him, wide-eyed.

“Tyler, you shouldn’t make comments like that. I’m your mother!”

Undaunted, Tyler clutched his mother’s hips tight as he let out a nervous laugh. “I was only teasing, mom. Besides, it’s not like I couldn’t notice them.”

“Well, you don’t have to comment!” she snapped in an angry tone as her dark eyes narrowed.

Tyler gave his mother a chastened look, his eyes meeting hers, then darting away. “I’m sorry,” he muttered “I didn’t think you’d get so angry about me teasing you about it.”

Melissa sighed. She thought she had probably over-reacted because of the stress she had been under recently, as well as the guilt she was wrestling with from being turned-on by her son’s embrace. She gave Tyler a dim smile.

“It’s okay,” she told him “maybe I’m making too big a deal about it.”

A smile crept over Tyler’s face as his eyes moved towards his mother’s bosom once more. “Well, they are big…” he remarked, not making any effort to conceal his leering.

Melissa felt a surge of lust at her son’s words, but knew that she must not encourage him. She forced a disapproving glare.

“That’s enough, Tyler.” Now her voice was harsh.

Tyler removed his hands from his mother’s hips and turned to face the television. From the corner of his eye he saw her slide away. She crossed her legs and folded her hands on her lap, silently staring ahead.

For the rest of the evening Tyler and his mother never spoke. His arousal was replaced by concern that he had gone too far with his bawdy remarks and that she was angry. He sensed tension between them, but did not know what to say that might make things better. Two hours kaçak casino later Melissa stood up and told Tyler that she was tired and was going to bed.

“Okay, have a good sleep.” he replied, looking at her from the corner of his eye.

“Don’t stay up late; you have school in the morning.”

Before Tyler could reply his mother had left the room. He sighed to himself as he heard her bedroom door close.


For the rest of the week Tyler felt uneasy and tentative around his mother. He tried his best to make conversation during supper, telling her how his day at school had been, or what he and his friends had been doing, but he still felt tense and uncomfortable. That, however, did not entirely quell his lustful thoughts for his mother though.

That Friday night Melissa stopped on her way home for a pizza. She was glad that the work week was finally over and wanted a break from cooking. She knew that Tyler would never object to having pizza for supper so did not feel bad about taking a night off from cooking.

“This is great. Thanks, mom.” Tyler exclaimed as he placed a third slice of pizza on his plate.

Melissa smiled, happy that her son appreciated her decision.

“I’m glad you like it, and to tell you the truth, it gives me a break from cooking for one night.” she told her son with a guilty shrug.

“You could bring home pizza every night and not hear any complaints from me.” he replied as he chewed.

“It won’t be every night because I can’t afford it, but I thought I’d treat both of us for a change.”

Melissa was relieved to see her son smiling at her. She too had felt uneasy around him throughout the week and was glad that things between them seemed to be getting back to normal once more.

After they had finished eating Melissa cleared the kitchen table, then joined Tyler in the livingroom. She was looking forward to spending some time with him, especially given how strained their relationship had been the past several days.

Tyler slid over on the sofa to make room for his mother. She stepped out of her shoes and curled up beside him. Not wanting to get caught leering, especially since the were getting along better once more, Tyler gave his mother several furtive glances from the corner of his eye.

Melissa was wearing a white short-sleeved dress, decorated with tiny blue and red flowers. It had buttons running down the middle, three of which below her knees were undone and two at the top. Tyler noticed that he could see her upper chest and a teasing glimpse of her cleavage at the top of her dress as she leaned over next to him. He folded his arms and stared at the television as his mind wandered, filled with forbidden thoughts as his cock throbbed.

Later that evening it occurred to Tyler that there was leftover pizza in the fridge. He decided to have a slice and some soda before bed. “I’m going to have another slice of pizza. Do you want one?” he asked his mother as he got up from the couch.

“No, thanks,” Melissa replied, then paused “but maybe I’ll make a cup of camomile tea. It helps me to sleep.”

“I’ll get it for you.” Tyler offered.

“No, that’s okay.” his mother replied, rising from the couch.

As Tyler brought the pizza box from the fridge he watched his mother padding into the kitchen in her bare feet. His eyes moved down the length of her body. It could not be said that he had ever had anything close to a foot fetish, but at that moment as he looked at his mother Tyler thought that she was the prettiest, sexiest woman he knew — even her feet were cute.

Tyler placed a slice of pizza on a plate and put it in the microwave. As he watched the digital timer, waiting for the series of beeps. He felt his mother beside him. She placed a mug of water with a teabag in it on the counter, waiting to use the microwave. Her oak-colored eyes met his and she smiled, giving his back a brisk rub between his shoulders.

“I love you, Ty.” she told him, almost whispering.

“I love you too.” he responded, somewhat surprised by her unexpected display of affection.

Melissa’s arm fell to her side as she drew in a deep breath. “I hate it when it’s tense between us.” she lamented, her eyes darting to the floor, then back up.

Tyler knew exactly what she was referring to, but was hesitant about revisiting the subject. “So do I, mom.”

“It’s just that, the other night, maybe I was too harsh on you. I’d already had a bad day, and…” her voice faded out a moment as she drew in another breath, wiggling her full lips, “it’s not your fault, honey, but it seems like I work so hard and the bills keep coming in. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. I want us to go to Crystal Lake, but I don’t know if we can. I never mean to take it out on you. I hope you know that. I love you, honey.”

Tyler was not sure how to respond, then he noticed that his mother’s lower lip was quivering. She bit it. Tyler looked into her eyes. They were watery. She wiped one with the palm of her hand, forcing a smile.

“Oh, mom… don’t cry. I love you too.” he gushed. Tyler wanted to hold his mother, but was hesitant to, fearing she would misconstrue his intentions. Instead, he ran a hand up and down her bare left arm. Her skin was soft and he felt guilty for getting turned-on again.

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Ooohhhh Your Honour!

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As Addison sat at the bar table watching Judge Collins speak, she couldn’t help but run a finger over her lips subconsciously. The woman was gorgeous, made all the more sexy by the traditional wig and red gown she wore in her position as a Supreme Court judge. Addison thought she couldn’t be more than forty, with smooth olive skin, perfectly shaped black eyebrows, enormous dark blue eyes with long Bambi-lashes, and the most sensual full mouth. She sat with authority and charisma, two qualities Addison had always found incredibly attractive. Addison mused to herself that this must have been one of the most enjoyable trials she had run as a Crown Prosecutor, inwardly smiling as she realised that, once again, she was wet.

Elizabeth Collins was glad her associate had prepared her judgment in writing because it was all she could do to concentrate on the pages in front of her. Addison Clarke always affected her this way, sitting directly below her in her black robe and wig, her gorgeous oval face framed by the white curls, her long auburn hair in a loose ponytail cascading down her back. Addison’s eyes were a striking green, very intelligent and piercing, and Elizabeth found it difficult to maintain any semblance of focus if she looked into those eyes for long. But is was completely forbidden that any relationship form between the two, and Elizabeth was painfully aware of the necessity to keep a professional distance from the beautiful Crown.

As her decision drew to a close, Elizabeth allowed herself to relax, gazing at Addison over the top of her papers more frequently, taking in the intensity of Addison’s gaze, noticing how she kept touching her mouth as she looked up at Elizabeth with an expression Elizabeth realised was lustful. Elizabeth stammered over the next sentence, blushing as she struggled to regain control of the thoughts suddenly appearing in her mind…..a naked Addison welcoming her into bed, kissing those pouting lips, sliding a hand down her smooth side….No. This cannot happen. Read, dammit …read!

Addison could not help but smile knowingly as she watched Judge Collins struggle. She had caught the look in her eye as she gazed into Addison’s face, and fantasised that the judge had been distracted by dirty thoughts. She pushed herself back from the bar table a little and re-crossed her legs, squeezing her thighs together to soothe the throb in her clit, amazed at the slippery way her pussy lips pressed together.

Ten minutes later, the court rose to adjourn, and Addison sighed. She was almost disappointed the trial had ended. The prospect of seeing Judge Collins every casino oyna day had greatly assisted her to get out of bed….and get to sleep after arching and cumming imagining her lips on the Judge’s clit. Just the thought of cupping that beautiful face in her hands and kissing those incredible lips had Addison groaning out loud.

But she packed up, slowly, looking up to see what the judge was doing as she did. After a few minutes she was surprised to see Judge Collins still there, obviously taking her time. Addison told her solicitor and detectives she’d meet them outside, sighing in relief when they all told her they’d meet her at the pub over the road for a celebratory drink. She turned back to face Judge Collins, scanning the room quickly and realising they were quite alone. Holding her law books in her arms, Addison walked a little closer to the bench, looking up at the judge with interest, waiting to see what might happen.

Elizabeth could feel the quiet descend on the courtroom before she became consciously aware of it. Looking up as she picked up her files, her gaze landed on Addison Clarke, standing watching her with an unreadable expression on her face, arms full of books, her head now bare, gown tucked into her barrister’s bag so that now her exquisitely tailored charcoal pinstripe suit hugged her curves. Elizabeth’s breath caught as she was overcome by the sheer sexual pull she felt towards the younger woman.

“That was a, um…a very well run trial, Madame Crown. Congratulations,” was all she could think to say. Addison bowed her head a little, a knowing smile dancing on her lips, “Thank you, Your Honour. It was a sincere pleasure.” The tone of her voice and the lust in her eyes left Elizabeth with no misconceptions about what was on Addison’s mind, and Elizabeth literally froze with indecision, feeling a quivering heat ignite between her thighs just from that look.

The two women stood rock still and stared at each other for what seemed like an age. Finally, Elizabeth blinked as she saw her associate peak into the courtroom out of the corner of her eye, and she made a decision which she knew she may regret. “Perhaps you would like to discuss this in my chambers, Miss Clarke?” Addison smiled softly, her eyes full of lust, “Yes, Your Honour. Perhaps now would be convenient?” Elizabeth licked her lips and said throatily, “Yes, now is fine.”

The door had barely closed behind them when Elizabeth pushed Addison up against her solid oak desk forcefully, making Addison drop her books and bag in a rush at their feet. Their lips met harshly, the pent up need they’d both canlı casino been fighting for months released in that first kiss. Tongues sliding wetly, hands fumbling with clothing until they broke apart laughing….Addison couldn’t work out how to undo the judge’s robes and Elizabeth guided her hands, watching with parted lips as Addison’s hands slid under them, lifting them from her shoulders.

Elizabeth could not help but let out a low moan as she cupped Addison’s breasts in her hands for the first time, the black lace cups holding those full mounds, the nipples already hard and pressing at the delicate fabric obscenely. Addison’s gasp filled the room as Elizabeth lowered her mouth to a breast, lifting the smooth flesh free of the binding lace and enclosing her sensual mouth around Addison’s nipple eagerly. As she sucked and licked, Elizabeth gradually worked off Addison’s clothes, the expensive suit falling to the floor to join Elizabeth’s as Addison undressed her.

Both women were soaking wet and the musky spice scent filled their nostrils. Elizabeth kneeled to lick Addison’s inner thighs, teasing her until Addison whispered, “If you don’t lick me right now I’ll scream!” Elizabeth looked up at her and giggled, using her thumb to gently, so gently, rub Addison’s swollen clit, driving her crazier. Then ducking her head, she slid her tongue under Addison’s pussy, letting it slide between those slippery full lips, and up, up to massage that throbbing hard clit. Closing her mouth over as much of Addison’s pussy as she could, Elizabeth started sucking as her tongue caressed Addison’s clit, feeling the younger woman’s thighs start to quiver, Addison’s right hand on Elizabeth’s head as she leant back on the desk with her left.

Soon, Elizabeth was pushing one, then two, fingers deep inside her lover, pumping them up into her and reveling in the hot slurps her fingers were eliciting. She could feel Addison’s muscles clenching her fingers rhythmically as she fucked harder, quicker, licking and sucking eagerly.

Addison bit her lower lip, desperate not to make too much noise as she felt her pussy tremor, clench, then explode with pleasure, the long spasms rippling through her like a pool as she moaned and gasped. She couldn’t help but press Elizabeth’s mouth more firmly to her pussy, and cried out finally as a second orgasm started on the back of the first, Elizabeth’s tongue pushing her clit to set off another detonation. Her cunt sucked hungrily on Elizabeth’s fingers as she came, arching back on the desk, whimpering and panting as her body quivered and she was forced to push Elizabeth’s kaçak casino mouth away.

She sat up after a minute, smiling shyly as Elizabeth laughed and held her, saying, “Madam Crown….you are undeniable.” Addison’s hand caressed Elizabeth’s breasts, nipples, tracing down to cup her pussy, feeling the hot liquid soak her fingers, watching Elizabeth’s eyes close and her lips part in pleasure as a soft moan escaped her lips. Pressing her middle finger against Elizabeth’s incredibly swollen clit, she started to slide down to her knees, but Elizabeth stopped her.

“No. I want you to touch me….I want to be holding you as I cum….please?” Addison smiled and kissed the judge’s lips sweetly, sliding her hand back between her legs, a wonder descending over her that this was really happening, her fantasy was a reality. Elizabeth whimpered softly, her arms around Addison’s slender waist, thighs and belly trembling as Addison expertly pressed and rubbed her throbbing clit, juices coating both women’s thighs, and Addison’s hand.

Addison kissed Elizabeth softly as she pushed her fingers under further, feeling the tight slippery ring of Elizabeth’s anus as her palm rubbed that hot swollen clit. She was rewarded by a long low moan in her ear, the panting breath of Elizabeth’s excitement against her neck. Her finger pressed firmly against that tight little pucker, popping inside as Elizabeth gripped her and gasped, humping against her hand. Addison held her hand hard against Elizabeth’s cunt, her finger pushed as deep as she could up Elizabeth’s ass, feeling the anal ring clench and release firmly as Elizabeth started to climax.

Beginning to pant, Elizabeth kissed Addison’s lips feverishly, moaning softly and grinding her swollen pussy on Addison’s hand, clinging to her as she started to cum. And cum. And cum. Wave after wave of pleasure thrilled through her, blocking out every thought as she just closed her eyes and buried her face in the younger woman’s hair, inhaling her perfume and sucking on her shoulder.

Gradually, Elizabeth’s tremors subsided, her panting returning to normal. Addison slid her finger from inside Elizabeth and could only hold her close, her hands tenderly caressing up and down Elizabeth’s smooth bare back.

“Did that just happen?” Addison found herself asking softly. She couldn’t help smiling in pleasure, but felt the familiar post-coital uneasiness set in. Surely this could never happen again. Surely this incredible woman wouldn’t want to have her again. Elizabeth straightened up and smoothed down Addison’s hair, kissing her forehead and smiling a little. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. I’ve wanted to do this since I first saw you….” Addison bit her lip, her eyes shining as she felt her heart leap. “We have a lot to talk about then, Your Honour…”

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Kadin Beni Bastan Cikardi

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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bekaretimi inege borçluyum

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

No Longer Sure Ch. 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


She smiled as she looked out over the deep blue expanse. Her hair fluttered in the western winds as the ship made a gentle turn. Her smile widened as her sandy brown locks caressed her face, able to do what the wind could not. The gentle spray of a crashing wave misted her face and her eyes closed as the gentle touch was nearly too much. She laughed quietly as the wind picked up once more, blowing another wave around her, as though the wind was jealous that the water had a chance to touch her gentle face. She opened her steel blue eyes and sighed. She had put nearly put her entire life into the trip of a lifetime, a trip to get answers that she needed dearly. Her soft hands ran across a folded letter, the reason for her travels. She looked down at the page and unfolded it.

She sighed and ran her fingers across the cursive of the name that pressed her onward. She looked out over the sea and felt her lips quiver, another smile breaking across her cheeks. She couldn’t help herself. She needed to finally meet whoever sent the letters to her so long ago. What started as a pen pal relationship, developed into so much more that she couldn’t imagine her life without the letters and late night messaging. She looked up as the first sighting of tall skyscrapers came. She lowered her eyes, her determination to find her captain building as the first signs of the dock broke through the late afternoon mist. Finally, after an eternity in a moment of waiting, land came to her sight and her heart skipped and fluttered. She had arrived.

“Miss Kathleen, we must prepare to dock. If you would please follow me I will get you to the limo.” Kathleen looked back and nodded to her tall, blond driver. She tucked a couple strands behind her ear and stepped down from the front of the ship and looked down at the note once more.

I will find you

“Jeremy, leave the limo. I wish to blend with these people. I am sure Gregory will not mind if we leave it at the hotel.” Kathleen said with a light English accent. She folded her letter and pinched it tightly. Kathleen followed her driver back inside and as the first buildings of the port came into view, her eyes swelled with tears. It was only a matter of time.

“Do you know where to start Miss Kathleen?” Jeremy asked as they disembarked and slowly made their way through the docks. She looked out the window of the limo and took in a deep breath. She hadn’t thought about where to start, only knowing that the return address was somewhere here.

“No. My apologies Jeremy but this might take a while. I hope you are up for the task.” Kathleen replied and pulled out her phone. She would have to find her hotel first before her search began.

“I am more than willing to go with you to the end. You’ve done so much for me.” Jeremy replied and Kathleen smiled wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek.

“Then consider your debt repaid.” They laughed as she sat back. Jeremy had been her family’s driver since she was three. She had picked him over more qualified people. She never explained why. She just knew in her heart that he would be there when she needed him. “Let us settle for the night at the hotel and start fresh tomorrow. It will give us time to find an address or somewhere to start.”

“As you wish.” He replied and drove them to their hotel. As they checked in and bid each other goodnight, with promises to meet up in the morning, Kathleen could barely keep her excitement in check. She entered her room that overlooked the city and sighed as her parents had made sure that her comforts would be present even away from home. She walked to the bay window and looked out over the city as the sun set on another late summer day.

“Where are you?” She whispered as the lights below burned to life. She turned and sighed. She plugged in her laptop and quickly headed for the shower. She stripped down as the hot water began fogging the bathroom. Her hands ran up the top half of her 5’6 frame before resting on her large E cup breasts.

“You girls need to stop growing. You’re going to break my back.” She said and jiggled her breasts before letting them drop. She sighed as they sagged slightly from the weight. “Why would you like these when there are so many better, more perfect shaped ones out there?” She asked before looking at her firm, heart shaped backside. She stepped on the scale and sighed as she still weighed over 180lbs. “Why can I not get under that. Is it you two?” She cursed and looked down at her chest. She stepped into the shower and let the water soothe her mind before she beat herself up further. Once washed and dried, she sat down nude at the desk where her laptop beeped with a message. She opened it and saw her desire waiting on the other line.

Oh Captain my Captain, where are you my love?

I am here, waiting for your everlasting song to sweep me off my feet and take me to paradise my mermaid.

I wish I knew where you were so I could sing for you. Why not tell me?

Because canlı bahis I’m scared what you would think of me. You’re so beautiful and I know I pale in comparison. I could never stand at your side and feel adequate enough to have your love.

Kathleen blushed and looked down at the keys before taking in a deep breath.

Then how can you usurp my love of the sea if I cannot even know your face my love?

Because a dream is all I have, a dream behind this penname that keeps my sanity from breaking. This name is all that keeps me together knowing that you could never accept who I am and what I represent. I know you’re expected to accomplish so much in life as your parents are making sure of. I don’t want to ruin that for you. I love you too much. Just know that my heart is forever yours.

I will find you my Captain. You cannot hide from me forever.

I will always hide from you my mermaid for elegant beings of the sea cannot walk on land and if they do, they will be noticed. I will always be in the shadows, praying you will one day find me, but dreading the day you do. I must go my sweet. My life must go on even though I wish it to stop so I could talk to you for eternity. Sweet dreams, my precious mermaid.

Kathleen sat back in her chair as her Captain faded off her screen. She leaned forward on the desk and rested her head on her laptop. A tear fell from her cheek and she sat up and looked out the window once more. She stood and walked elegantly to the window and rested her palms on the glass. Her eyes studied the people below. She wondered if her Captain was one of them, walking home with nothing but a dream that soon she would complete. She turned off her lights and fell onto the lush king sized bed.

“I will find you.” She whispered before crawling under the covers. She stared at the ceiling and remembered all the intimate messages they shared. A warm smile crept out as she let out a deep breath. “You have such a way with words my captain.” She whispered.

I would take you to your heaven.

Kathleen smiled as her hands snaked down her front, remembering one of their many past conversations. She quickly felt hot and kicked off the covers. She gasped as the cool air caressed her while her hands roamed her familiar soft skin.

“My heaven is with you.” Kathleen whispered before sucking on her middle and index finger on her right hand. She pointed to the roof, her imagination bringing forth a greyed form for her pleasures. She sighed deeply as her hand found its way to her sex. She slowly rubbed her lips, gathering more moisture, savouring the amusingly discreet touches. She moaned lightly as her clit graced her fingers with its presence. She sucked in a deep breath when her thumb rolled the sensitive nub and her legs leisurely spread, her knees bending to offer herself.

The pleasure I would give to you my sweet would send you to another world.

Kathleen moaned loudly, imagining her captain’s shrouded hand was upon her. Her fingers slid into her hot depths and she eliciting another moan as her left hand gently swirled around her breast.

“Please my captain – take me to a world where only we can live.” She breathed and began sliding her fingers in and out. Kathleen rolled her hips with her fingers, relishing the electric sensations coursing through her. Her breaths started to shake, the cusp of her journey coming to light. Her left hand gripped her left then right breast, unable to decide which to pleasure. Kathleen’s mood faltered and her imaginary world began collapsing. Her shrouded partner faded from sight, her fingers suddenly stopped, the game coming to an end. She groaned in frustration before driving her fingers deep inside in an attempt to drive her higher into her pleasured dream.

I would give my life to watch you quiver with pleasure. I would gladly die knowing that I gave you the best.

Kathleen’s chest tightened as her imagination took hold. She closed her eyes as her pleasure peaked quicker than anticipated. A squeak leaked from her and her legs crossed. She grabbed her pillow and buried her face.

“Oh captain!” She screamed into her pillow and clenched her jaw. Her climax ripping through, sending light sparkles through her eyes. Her legs quivered with delight as her thumb rubbed her clit excitedly, keeping her in her orgasmic throes. She quaked on the bed, trying to escape, rolling onto her stomach. Her fingers kept working inside her, her body betraying her by lifting enough to grant them movement. A deep moan from the depths of her soul reverberated through her lungs as she peaked once again. She sucked in a deep breath and buried her face in the pillow once more and screamed as loudly as she could, trying to find a release that her soul sought.

“Please captain, no more. I beg you.” Kathleen whined and her fingers slowed. She shuddered once her fingers slid from her sex, leaving her satisfyingly empty. Her breaths were heavy and her heart thumped wildly. She opened bahis siteleri her eyes and looked around, sighing when she found herself alone. “I will find you and make our dream reality.”

“I take it you didn’t sleep well?” Jeremy said, handing her a chai tea latte. Kathleen took the tall drink and sipped the soft foam off the top and nodded. “I can understand your trial. When I met Anastasia, I could barely talk to her.”

“What made you finally do it?” Kathleen asked. Jeremy smiled and took her hand in his, giving it a friendly squeeze.

“Love Miss Kathleen. I love Anastasia with all my being. Like you to this person, you know that when you find them that your heart will sing so loudly that nothing will matter. You will want to be with that person forever. You took singing lessons just to be able to sing for them. You can swim like a mermaid. Your life has revolved around your penname.”

“A name that is false. I am no mermaid. A mermaid is flawless. I barely passed school, I rarely keep a job because of my wandering mind. Even my body is not perfect. My chest is too large, I do not have a small frame that all men desire. Even my eyes have forsaken the deep or bright blue for a dull steel grey that no one loves. I hope it does not matter when we finally meet.” Kathleen said before taking a sip of her drink. Jeremy smiled warmly and looked out the window of the restaurant. He turned back and gave her the confident smile that she loved when she was a child, the same smile that made her mind up so long ago. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course, you are the only one that I wanted with me when I left.” Kathleen replied and Jeremy leaned forward and looked her in the eyes.

“I have a lead on the whereabouts of your Captain. You asked me to do a trace on the signal the other day before this adventure.” Kathleen’s interest spiked and her attention blocked out everything but his voice. “I have a rough idea where they live. The signal came from a coffee shop on the other end of the city. I’ve phoned Viktor, the young man there. He’s eagerly awaiting your entrance. He said that it was about time you two met. Your journey starts there.” Kathleen was out of her seat instantly, running for the door. Her heels clipped off the stone floor as she ran out the door in her long black dress that showed enough cleavage to be respectable. Jeremy rushed out after her and opened the door as hastily as possible. She took his coffee as he got in and they were off.

“Please hurry, I do not want to miss them. And thank you for renting a car. The limo would be too much.” Kathleen said anxiously and Jeremy laughed and pointed to the traffic about.

“Sorry Miss Kathleen but I can only go as fast as the people around me. I have the GPS set to the best route there. Trust me I wouldn’t dally. You would beat me senseless.”

“That I would.” Kathleen replied and sat back. She watched the people walk by, wondering if she was missing her Captain. They watched as she passed by, each set of eyes wondering who was inside. She smiled and looked ahead as Jeremy cut off the main road and quickened the car. She smiled as Jeremy wove through the city, stopping only momentarily for those that needed to cross. Kathleen sat as patiently as she could, twirling her hair in her fingers and fidgeting with her dress, sighing each time Jeremy stopped.

“Calm down Miss Kathleen, I wouldn’t want you to look less beautiful than you are right now. Think if all goes well, by tonight you’ll be meeting them.”

“That does not help old man.” Kathleen replied and smacked him on the shoulder. He laughed as he pulled into the small shop’s parking lot. Kathleen stepped out once he opened the door and looked around at the rundown neighbourhood. She shivered as the people walking down the street watched her with anger and jealousy. She swallowed nervously and looked at Jeremy who studied the surroundings.

“I’ll park around the corner and join you inside. I don’t think this is the best place for a woman like you. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“With all my being. Just wait around the corner. I will be fine.” Kathleen said, taking her purse from the back. Jeremy drove off as ordered. Kathleen composed herself and walked into the small, deserted cafe and approached the counter where a young man, no older than 14 waited. Suddenly she stopped and blushed. How was she to ask about the whereabouts of her Captain? All she had was a penname. Kathleen slouched before lifting her head. She came this far she couldn’t turn back. She came to the counter and smiled as the boy could barely keep his eyes off her large chest.

“I need your help.” Kathleen started and set fifty dollars on the counter. The boy stared at the money and nodded. “I need to find someone that calls themselves Captain of a mermaid. Do you know who I am talking about?” The door opened again and Kathleen felt and eerie chill run down her spine. She didn’t dare look back. The boy’s eyes widened before falling bahis şirketleri back into his job.

“You look like a latte woman to me. How about this one, on the house since you’re so pretty.” Viktor said, quickly stepping away, leaving Kathleen to her own devices. She took in a deep breath and slid the money across the wooden counter.

“A fifty? Wow, you must really want that drink. I don’t think poor Viktor has enough change.” A man laughed menacingly and Kathleen leaned against the counter as his laugh made her knees shake. Her heart frantically raced as quickly as her thoughts.

“Just turn around and leave.” She mouthed and stood straight and gave it her all. Jeremy was just around the corner. She could run and catch up to him without worry.

“For your troubles good sir.” Kathleen said and licked her lips. She turned, taking her drink and left.

“I don’t…” the man said as she nearly ran from the cafe. She turned once she exited ran into three other men, stumbling back as though she hit a wall.

“You spilt your drink on my shirt you bitch.” The thug growled. Kathleen paled and looked at the three men. Their appearance was nothing short of ghastly with their hair in the same buzzed fashion as their poorly washed clothes. “I think she needs to be taught.”

“I was just leaving.” Kathleen said and turned for where Jeremy waited. Just around the corner she thought. The man stepped in front of her, sealing her from safety.

“Nope, not happenin. That’s a pretty dress you have, fetch a penny or two at market.” Kathleen’s eyes widened and as the man reached out for her, she threw her drink in his eyes and ran in the confusion.

She ran with everything she had. She ducked down streets and alleyways, the three men on her heels. She turned down another alley and stopped at a brick wall.

“No.” She whined as she pushed on the bricks hoping for a secret entrance to appear. She turned just as the three men blocked the alley. Kathleen whimpered as they approached.

“Not smart bitch.” The man she burned said, flipping a butterfly knife open. Kathleen’s eyes bulged when she saw the dirty knife, followed by a pistol pulled by another.

“Please. I have money. I will give you whatever you want just do not hurt me.” She pleaded and the men laughed. The unarmed man returned to the entrance of the alleyway to keep watch while the other two approached.


“Yes anything. I want to go home. I will give you enough money to life a life you never thought. Just let me go unharmed.” The men laughed and Kathleen quivered.

“What if my wants are more simple.” He hinted and Kathleen paled further. “Your ass is hot and your tits are fucking massive.”

“Please no. Anything but that.” Kathleen replied and shook her head. The blade rested on the strap of her shimmering dress and with a light flick, the fabric was cut away. Kathleen gasped and pushed him away only getting him to take a step back. A loud grunt caught their attention. They looked back to see their friend on the ground holding his head. The men turned back to her and grinned.

“Never liked him anyways.” Kathleen’s tears streamed down her cheeks as he stepped forward to finish his conquest. As his knife was brought up, he looked down to see a canister resting against his foot. Before any word was muttered, the can exploded and blinded them. The three screamed in shock and Kathleen covered her eyes, unable to see anything. Kathleen was grabbed and pulled away, the frantic argument between the two men fading in the distance.

“Tha…” Kathleen started but was hushed. “I…”

“I know you can’t see now quiet or you’ll bring more attention.” A woman answered her and Kathleen clamped her mouth shut and let her be led away. Just as her vision began to clear, she was pushed into a cellar. Darkness engulfed her as the woman closed the hatches before she could see her rescuer.

“Thank you so much.” Kathleen said and the woman hushed her once again. The angered voices of the three tickled their ears and Kathleen fell silent, holding her breath. Her heart thumped loudly as the three stopped nearby.

“Find her! That bitch is gonna pay.” The two waited until the group ran off, when the sounds of sirens drew close.

“Thank fuck.” The woman said and opened the cellar door. Kathleen blinked away the brightness to see a thin, raven haired woman in her early twenties holding out her hand. Kathleen figured she hadn’t had a good meal in years but her frame held all the traits to be a beautiful woman. She sucked in a deep breath when the woman’s deep green eyes glared. “Come on, before we get caught.” Kathleen took her hand and was pulled from the cellar. “We can’t have you like this. The gangs will be out looking for easy prey.”

“What do you suggest?” Kathleen asked and the woman smirked once she gave Kathleen a once over. She reached into the cellar and pulled out a long black coat.

“Put this on.” Kathleen put the coat on as the woman came around and ruffled her hair, took out her earrings, and rubbed her dirty hands, smudging her makeup. She slipped the earrings into the pocket and nodded once her brief work was finished. “Where are you staying?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Eşek İle Ahırda Sex

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Jake and Toby Ch. 09

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


For the Fans of Jake and Toby,

For the time being this may be the end. They have their Happy Ending. But there maybe more. As you will read in chapter 9, I created a new character that might need to show back up later in Boston.

I also am “thinking” about writing, HAVE NOT yet started. Again, “thinking” about maybe writing Jack and Toby’s story, but we will see, I have other things in the works.

Thank you again for staying with me and reading my stories. Your comments are always welcomed.




“Hey Mom,” I walked up to her in the hospital, while on duty. “Do you think Dad and you would mind if I moved home for a while?”


“Can we just discuss it later? I want to get out of my lease, I was going to stop at the office tonight to discuss it with the leasing company.”

“No, I doubt your Father would mind you moving home, and you know me, I never mind any of my kids coming home. That is why your bedrooms are there.” I could tell she was concerned her eyes always told all, but her face gave away nothing.

When I left the hospital at three, I headed straight for the leasing office. I wanted to see how much it was going to cost me to get out of my contract. I wanted to move out by the end of the month, I didn’t want to stay any longer than necessary. It was fifteen days away.

I walked and signed in, there were clients to lease and like me, end theirs. When I was called into the agent’s office, I spoke to a nice young woman named Tina.

“Well, Mr. Smith, you have just three months left on your lease, but actually you’re in luck, because we have a high waiting list for your apartment complex.”

“So what does that mean for me?”

“Well, that means the sooner you can get out, the sooner we can guarantee a renter for the apartment.”

“And if you don’t get a renter?”

“Then you will have to pay.”

“How soon do you want me out?”

“That is the question for you. How soon can you be out?”

“By end of this weekend, with the apartment cleaned.” It was Thursday.

“What time Sunday would you like to meet?”

“Is six pm too late?”

“No, I will have the papers ready to sign with the stipulation statement of new renter by first of the month or you will have to pay your part of the lease until there is a renter. Do you agree to these terms?”


“Of course I will have all the other paperwork needed to close your apartment contract.”

“Thank you. I will see you Sunday.”

I needed to get things rolling, but I had no worries that I couldn’t get it cleared out by Sunday, there wasn’t much left in the apartment. I had furniture and of course my bed, but not many other things. Once I talk to Mom and Dad tonight, I might load my car a few times and move most of my clothes over to the house.

I will also talk to my brothers and a few friends and see if I can get their help. I’m sure Charlie and Cindy would like the furniture, they don’t have much.

I stopped off at the apartment and looked around. I hated being there, I walked in the bedroom and just opened the closet and took an arm full of clothes and headed down to the car and laid them in the trunk, why wait, and I filled the trunk with my clothes from my closet. I took garbage bags and started filling my clothes from the dresser and put them in the back seat.

Literally all that was left in the room was the bed with blankets, the dresser, two night stands and a lamp. I walked into the living room, there was a nice leather couch and matching chairs, end tables and a coffee table. The entertainment center had nothing on it anymore, it was all taken by my ex.

I grabbed up my keys to go face the music. I haven’t told the family about Jack, they just haven’t seen him. They thought he’s been too busy to show up to our Sunday dinners. Which was normal when we were together, so no one probably thought anything by it. But Mom knows now, me asking to move home. A thirty year old moving home, but hopefully it won’t be for long, if I get this interview and job.

I walked into the house, I didn’t knock, why knock, they knew I was coming and I saw all my siblings’ cars outside. So Mom called a family meeting, in my honor. ‘OH YAY’. I get to tell the firing squad all at once.

I turned the corner into the living room and there sat my Mom, Dad, Matt, Charlie and Sarah. “Hey, well I see the whole family’s here.”

Mom spoke, “Well Tobias Benjamin Smith, apparently you’ve been hiding something from all of us.” I hate when she uses my full name.

I walked over to the empty chair and exhaled. “Jack’s been gone for four months and I think this time is it. I don’t want him back, I’ve applied for a job. I’m praying that I get the interview.”

“Woe woe wait, what job, what interview?” My dad asked, he couldn’t care less about Jack, he told me a few years ago.

“One of are sister hospitals has a head of security position open and I applied for it.”


I closed my eyes, canlı bahis I knew what my mother was going to say before she asked. “Boston.”

“NO, Tobias. You’re not moving that far away from family. Rescind your application, please, you need to stay near family.” My mother pleaded.

“Betty.” My Dad tried to calm her down. “Let the boy talk.” I rolled my eyes, ‘Boy’. My brothers and sister remind quiet.

“Fine.” My mother said, but she wasn’t and everything showed it too.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to use my schooling, even Darren has put in his recommendation. He said he would hate to lose me but he knows I want to advance and can’t here.” I looked at my Mom. “Mom, I know it will be far away, I’m not a boy anymore. I need this for me, it’s a great opportunity and this is what I’ve been training for under Darren this past year. It’s why I went to the business classes, they knew I knew how to make a building secure. I just didn’t know all the report writing aka monkey suit stuff.”

“And my baby looks so good in the monkey suits.” My Mom laughed. “But why so far?”

“Darren sat it on my desk one morning and I looked at it and said why not and applied, he didn’t think I would he’s been placing different Heads of Security positions on my desk for a few months now.”

“Remind me to slap him the next time I see him.” My Mother stated.

Amazingly my siblings still haven’t spoken up. “The benefits look good?” My Dad asked.

“I haven’t even been called about an interview yet. So please just relax.”

“So when do you want to move in?” Dad asked. “And get your things out of your apartment?”

“Tonight, I have my clothes in the car.” I responded. “I told the leasing company I’d have everything out and have the apartment cleaned by six on Sunday.”

“DO YOU REALIZE THIS IS THURSDAY NIGHT?” Matt, my other brother raised his voice.


“WAIT, WAIT CALM DOWN, BOYS.” My father screamed. “What did you think of doing with your furniture?”

I breathed in and out, and in a calmer voice I responded. “I was going to see if Charlie wanted it.” Charlie’s head snapped up, I knew he thought I would just get rid of it.

“Charlie?” My dad asked.

“TV too?” Charlie asked, I just laughed. You can tell no one has been over in over four months.

“Jack took it and all the electronics, sorry. If he couldn’t carry it, he didn’t take it.” My face must have changed because my mom spoke.

“Tobias, Baby, why didn’t you say anything to us?”

“”Because at first I thought it was normal Jack, until I started coming home to more stuff missing. First, it was just his things, then it was stuff we bought together. Then one day I came home to the kitchen all cleaned out and the electronics gone, I knew he was gone for good.”

“Is he?” My dad asked.

“It’s why I want to move.” Charlie had gotten up and left the room, I assume to call his girlfriend with the news about the furniture. “If I get this interview, and get the job, I move away. Jack won’t follow, I know him. And whatever this is, this control he has over me might end. I’ve been stuck in this rotating relationship hell. I need it to end.”

Sarah got up from the couch, came over and hugged me. “I’m proud of you. It’s about time Toby.” She smiled. “If you have to do it by moving to Boston, then go. You have been here for Jack too long, I don’t know if you even know what a relationship is. Jack’s been manipulating you for years.”

“Well said, Sarah.” My father agreed. I could tell my mother was still hesitant on letting me go, but again, I haven’t even received an interview yet.

On that note the family meeting ended, Charlie had never come back into the room and Dad and Matt helped me unload my car and take it to my room.

After everyone had went home I could hear my parents in their room. I’d gotten ready for bed, I was just lying in my bed with my lights out when my father knocked on the door. “Tobias?” I knew when he used my given name we are going to have a talk.

“Yeah, Dad.” I sat up as he turned on the light.

He sat at the foot of my bed. “Tobias, why the hell didn’t you tell anyone what was going on?”

“As I said, I thought it was normal, Jack.”

“Damn it Toby, I don’t know why you let Jack treat you the way he does. I actually pray that you do get this interview and job, because you’re pussywhipped.” My dad laughed. “Well if Jack had a pussy. You know I’ve shown my dislike for Jack these past few years.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Toby, if…. No, when you get this job, go out there with an open mind and heart.” He touched both my head and chest. “Don’t think about Jack, if someone looks interesting, talk to him, and go out.” I looked down. “Tobias?”

“Dad, I’ve never been out with anyone, except Jack. Even when he left me for months. I just knew he would be back, I know I was stupid.”

My dad exhaled, “Not stupid, sadly committed. Where bahis siteleri your idiot of a boyfriend, wasn’t. Toby, just promising me this that you will try to find someone else and not take Jack back. Even if you end up staying here?”

“Yeah Dad, I’m going to try my hardest. Twelve years of this I think is enough.”

“Yeah, I think so too. Hell I thought eight years was enough but you didn’t agree with me and took his ass back, and back, and back.”

“I know Dad.”

“I love you, Tobias.” He got up and opened the door.”

“I love you too, thanks.”

I went to work the next day, when I left I headed to my apartment to see what I needed in the way of boxes. Sitting in the parking lot was my dad and two uncles with my brothers and cousins. “There’s our queer nephew.” Shouted one of my uncles. God I hate them, but my dad got people to help me move in such short notice. “It’s about time you got home.”

“Son, we will get the big stuff today, I know no boxes, but if we can get your furniture. Sit your things aside we can pack that up tomorrow, clean and you will have everything done before Sunday.”

“Dad that would be great.” I actually had a relieved smile on my face.

“What did you want to give Charlie?”

“He can have anything he wants. All the living room, if he wants my bedroom things he can have them, if not. I don’t know what I was going to do with them.”

“Your bed is new, Jack and you just got it last year.” Charlie stated.

“Yeah, I know. I paid for it.”

“I’ll take it. You seriously don’t want any of your furniture?”


Dad told his brothers to load all the furniture and take it to Charlie’s apartment. They had to make a few trips. While they were gone, Dad helped me clean out any closet or drawer and station it in the living room so it could be packed on Saturday.

Mom and Sarah came over when they could and brought with them some boxes and we did start boxing up some of the things. Amazingly I had a little more than I thought I did in the apartment. I did have a bag in my car I bought in that I pack up some of my personal things.

“Has anyone be in the kitchen yet?” My mother asked. I could hear her from the bedroom, and my dad respond no. “Bill?”

“No, Betty.” He responded again, from the living room, I was still in the bedroom.

“No, William come here please.” I knew what she was going to say to him, so I walked towards the kitchen.

I hadn’t bothered going into the kitchen because there was literally nothing left. Jack took everything. All the plates, utensils, the microwave and even the table and chairs, nothing was left.

I stood in the doorway and my Mom looked at me, my father was still looking at the kitchen he couldn’t believe it. “Baby, where did you eat for the past four months?”

“During the week, generally breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hospital. Weekends, I knew I was at your house Sunday for lunch or dinner. The other meals were when I was hungry and where I felt like it and it may have been out with a friend or alone.”

“God damn it son, I hope you get this job. You really need to get out from under his fucking spell.” My Dad just shook his head then he grabbed me and pulled me outside. “Damn it Toby, why didn’t you tell us, fucking pussywhipped. You need to be a man Tobias, stand up for yourself. I hope you heard me last night, if you get this job or if you apply and get another job or don’t get a new one and stay here. Don’t you FUCKING TAKE JACK BACK.” He said loud. “You better man up and start living for you, Toby. You’re thirty years old, you know Jack is wrong for you. Find who is right for you, please.” With that he hugged me and I broke.

I wasn’t bawling, they were silent tear but he could feel them on his neck and my Dad just held me for a little longer. Then we could hear them coming up the stairs, we tighten our hold for a second and then he released me. I instantly put my head down and walked back into the apartment and went straight to the bathroom to put cold water on my face. I could hear my Dad talking with my uncles in the hallway. There was a little left to take to Charlie’s and then they could start loading up the boxes we had to take to my parent’s house.

Sarah disappeared for awhile, I didn’t know she’d ran out to grab more boxes. When she came back we just finished packing them and everything believe it or not was packed. I had to laugh, I didn’t have that much stuff. Either it was furniture or Jack had taken it.

When we all sat at the house, Mom and Dad looked at me. They didn’t say anything, I could see the empathy in my mom’s eyes. Sarah asked what time we are meeting to clean the apartment. Mom responded, why we all don’t meet here at eight to have a good breakfast and then head over. Sarah agreed and she said she would call Matt and Charlie.

That night, I actually did cry myself to sleep, it was the first time in all the times Jack had left me. Dad is right, I need to man up, even if I end up staying here, but I so want to move bahis şirketleri away and put some distance between Jack and I.


I walked in one evening after work, I was getting home late and I was too excited. I’d gone out for beers with Darren. When I walked in Mom and Dad were in the living room, I couldn’t wait to tell them. “What, did you get laid?” My Dad asked, when I turn the corner.

“I got the interview.” I told them. “I fly out Monday, it’s a fucking two day interview, and I get home Thursday.”

“They want to make sure who they hire is who they want for the job.” My Dad responded.

“Yeah, they aren’t joking around.” I sat the package of documents they’d sent down. “They want me to prepare an Evac plan. The reason I’m being flown out Monday is to look around the hospital, to assess what I would change, weak points. They have sent video of the place, I can hook into the real-time feed if I would like. They have given me some temp codes.”

“You’ve already hacked them haven’t you?” My Dad asked.

“Yeah, those fucking temp codes have been active for years, so anyone could’ve been watching the place.”

My Dad just laughed, “Well when you tell them, remember you’re trying to get the job. So don’t tell them, they are complete idiots.”

I chuckled. “I’ll try not to.”


Walking through the hospital no one stopped me, I could’ve been anyone. Yeah I was in a monkey suit, but I was in back stairways which no one should’ve been. I even asked the hospital not to tell them when I’d be walking through, I didn’t want security to know. I wanted to see if it would peak their curiosity to see me looking around on camera, but it didn’t. I looked in closets, even drug cabinets and not even nurses stopped me, because I had a badge on, it said Hospital Security and my name. It was my badge alright but from L.A.

I went back to my hotel and wrote up my report, then I thought about it, let me see if I could walk around in just jeans and a t-shirt with my badge. I entered through the ER because the main part of the hospital was closed. The security guy looked up at me, but he looked tired. “You the new guy?” I just pointed to my badge and he pressed the button to the doors. The whole hospital was open to me, roam is what I did.


Back in L.A. I didn’t hear anything for a couple of weeks. They told me, I was one of their top two picks and they were still deciding. It was agony to wait, to find out if I had the job or not. They are probably offering it to the other person and waiting for their answer. But as my Dad told me, if it’s meant to be, it is. Fate, if you believe.

I had my interview in early March, I received the call about the job on April Fool’s day, of all days. I had until the seventh to accept before they offer it to the other person. They said the reason they were taking so long, they asked for the security fed from the time I was there and was appalled at what I was able to get into. Also because the ideas I’d brought to the table in my interview. They wanted to pass some of them by the board and show them some of the issues and why they needed to hire me.

Kevin Phillips, the man I was talking to said he would be in town over the weekend and would like to take me to dinner on Saturday and or Sunday evening. He was meeting with members of my hospital administration and if I could, he would like my answer sooner but will wait for Monday.

He informed me a benefits package with the acceptance letter would arrive by courier no later than four o’clock tomorrow. If there is anything I would like change in it, to make the changes and fax them to him. He will discuss them with the board and get back to me.


When I got home from work, I couldn’t hold back my excitement but not a soul was home. That truly sucked, I wanted to let my parents know that I’d finally heard about the job. But I forgot my Mom was covering a twelve hour night shift and it was my Dad’s poker night. So basically so much for me telling them the good news, it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

The next night, same thing, no one was home. I don’t know where anyone was, and I had my contract in hand. I didn’t get a chance to look at it, so I took it to the kitchen with me, and sat at the table. I grabbed up a sandwich and started looking through it. Everything was near the same as my job, except now I’m administration, with higher pay, more vacation days and few other changes.

I left all the papers on the table and ran up to take a shower, I had a few days before dinner with Kevin. I already can see one change I would like to make, it’s how my vacation days are disbursed to me. I would prefer them in a bulk bank than a little now and more later. I want to be able to take my vacation around my employees, and that is if I even use them.

When I came back down, I found my parents elbow deep in my contract. Suits me for leaving it out. “Did you find anything you don’t like?” I think I spooked them a little, because they both jumped.

“Well, not really. I see you were offered the job?” My Mom stated.

“No, Toby, it’s better than I had expected, even the pay.” He would’ve made sure to look at my salary. “Is there anything you’re going to ask to be changed?”

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