Karen’s First Year Ch. 02

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This is a story of pure fiction. This story is copyrighted and all rights reserved by the author. I hope you enjoy, and please vote.

The past two and a half days had been a blur as Karen tried valiantly to purge the x-rated thoughts she had of Paul and Jeannie. Several times she had convinced herself that she should beg off of the weekend, but she couldn’t follow through whenever she had the chance to tell Paul. Her mind was flooded with images of Paul and Jeannie, and she kept trying to refocus her thoughts back onto work.

She didn’t usually masturbate every night, but since Tuesday night she was extremely horny every night by the time she was ready for bed each night. She found herself repeating the events of that night, logging on and finding a hot video to watch. She found herself selecting videos with older men and threesomes. She had had mind shattering orgasms each night driven by fantasies of Paul and Jeannie.

And now she was less than an hour from the beach house where she would be spending two days with the two people that had been fucking around inside of her brain. And, no matter how hard she tried, she found herself included in many of those images. She knew her imagination had gone wild, but she seemed incapable of doing anything about it.

Karen was wearing her usual jeans, but had selected a pair that was one size smaller than her normal size. And she had selected the tightest sweatshirt in her drawer. And for reasons she couldn’t understand, she was wearing some of her sexiest underwear. Not that she had lots of sexy underwear; she didn’t. She normally wore basic underwear, but for that day she had selected a lacy bra and matching panty set that one of her few boyfriends had bought her. Besides her weekend bag, she had a bottle of wine and a fruit basket for her host and hostess.

The GPS indicated that she was still ten miles away when she drove through the last town on the route. She now realized that the beach house was truly remote just like he had described. The road was paved, but it was barely wide enough for two cars to pass. A warning sign just outside of town had told her that the remaining stretch of road was considered primitive with no warning signs. Driving at less than 25 miles per hour, the last stretch seemed to take forever. She found herself occasionally holding her breath, and tried to tell herself it was because of the road. She couldn’t hide the fact that she was holding her breath out of excitement for what she hoped would be an interesting weekend.

She finally arrived at Paul’s beach house and turned down the gravel drive. About a half mile down the driveway, the outline of Paul’s house came into view, silhouetted by the setting sun disappearing over the western horizon. She pulled up next to two other cars, and climbed out of her car. She found herself looking up at a three story A-frame. She grabbed her stuff from the car and walked to the front door. It opened as she took the step up onto the porch. Paul saw the surprise on Karen’s face and explained, “I have sensors in the driveway, and so I know whenever anyone is driving up.

He took her overnight bag and ushered her into the house. He directed her up the stairs, explaining that she had entered through the basement, and they would go up one floor to the primary living area. Karen headed for the stairs, passing by Paul. Now that she was in the light of the foyer, she could see that Paul was wearing a tank top and a pair of loose velour pants. For a man in his fifties, he looked might scrumptious, she thought.

She headed up the stairs, not realizing that he was having similar thoughts about her delectable ass. It looked mighty scrumptious to him.

Jeannie met Karen at the top of the stairs and graciously received the fruit basket and wine that Karen had brought as hostess gifts. Karen noticed as Jeannie’s eyes gave her body the once over. Then she realized she had done the same thing, taking note of Jeannie’s outfit. Jeannie was wearing a neck to toe leotard that appeared to be a second skin. She had a bright red vest on over the top that did nothing to hide the curves of her breasts or the nipples poking through the thin leotard.

“Come on in,” Jeannie said. “I am so glad you took Paul up on his offer. I am sure you will enjoy the weekend. I’ve been looking forward to spending more time with you. Pardon my outfit. I just finished my workout.”

Karen was taken aback at this level of friendliness, and she stumbled through her thanks, embarrassed at the fact she had caught herself staring at Jeannie’s tits. Paul saved her though by taking her arm and leading her away. “Let me show you around, and your room for the weekend.” Karen followed willingly.

Her room was on the top floor. As it was at the top of the A-frame, it wasn’t very big, but it did have its own bathroom and entertainment system. Paul showed her where the towels were, and then explained the entertainments system. It was full HD and Dolby digital with satellite service and canlı bahis access to his movie library which he had loaded on a set of servers in the basement. He left her alone to freshen up, explaining that dinner would be served in about 45 minutes, but that she should come down and have a glass of wine as soon as she had settled in.

She turned on the TV for some entertainment while she unpacked. The first menu required her to select between the house movie network and the satellite service. While she had intended to turn on the satellite, she couldn’t resist looking the movies available. Selecting the movies she was presented with another menu from which she was to select a genre. She gasped when she saw that adult was one of the genres available. She quickly returned to the satellite selection and picked one of the Sirius music stations off the satellite to listen to.

Twenty minutes later, Karen headed back downstairs. Paul was watching CNN, and she found Jeannie in the kitchen, but in a different outfit. Jeannie laughed at the surprise on Karen’s face due to her clothing change. She explained, “You arrived just as was finishing my cool down period after exercising. Now, I’ve had a quick shower and can relax. This is so much more comfortable for lounging around. What do you think of it? I just got it.”

It certainly looked comfortable enough. Again, it a single piece of clothing, consisting of loose pantaloons that came together at a very tight waist. From the waist up, two pieces of material covered her breasts and were tied behind her neck, resulting in a large expanse of exposed back. It was obvious that Jeannie was not wearing a bra. Karen noted that her back muscles were well toned. Finally, she answered, “It looks quite comfortable, and very sexy.” She instantly regretted the last part of the comment, wondering to herself where the hell it had come from. She didn’t normally say things like that.

“Do you really think so? Sexy, I mean. Do you really think it makes me sexy?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Oh, good. I hope Paul thinks so, too. I intend to seduce him big time tonight.”

Karen was having a tough time keeping up with the onslaught of information she was taking in. It was certainly becoming obvious why Paul had made her read the document before coming to the beach house. But, she was so embarrassed, as it seemed she was going to be the proverbial extra thumb when Jeannie intended to make love with Paul for their first time. “You mean you’re not already….?” Karen stuttered.

“What? Lovers? Of course, we are. I’m just doing it for the fun of it. Keeps the spice in the relationship, you know.”

Then the overwhelming truth of it hit Karen as she realized that she was surprised at the very thing that this woman probably coached other couples to do. Of course, she would follow her own guidance, and was clearly not ashamed of it at all. In fact, it was obvious that Jeannie intended to enjoy it whether Karen was there or not.

Jeannie recognized the shock in Karen’s face and decided that it was time to come clean about who she was. Otherwise, she realized that she would probably give the poor young girl a heart attack. “Changing the subject a bit, did Paul tell you what I did for a living?”

The reaction in Karen’s face revealed to Jeannie that Karen knew of her profession, but was surprised at her answer, “No, Paul didn’t tell me a thing.”

“Do you know what I do?”

“Uhhh, yeah,” Karen stuttered.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed about it. I’m certainly not. I am a sex therapist, and pretty damn good one at that. When you’re a nymphomaniac like I am, what better occupation. But, the ethics suck! I can’t fool around with my patients.” She laughed.

“Hmmm. Okay,” was about all Karen could get out. Finally, after a few seconds, she got it out, “Yeah, I knew. I looked you up on google and found your website.”

“And, what did you think.”

“Well, to be honest, I hadn’t even realized that there were therapists like you. At least, not consciously. It makes sense that couples might need counseling like that, so obviously there are people who provide the counseling. I just never thought I’d meet one.”

“Well, there you go. Now you’ve met one. So, I hope you enjoy Italian. Dinner tonight is fettuccini alfredo with shrimp and asparagus.”

“Sounds yummy!” Karen responded, meaning it.

Dinner went smoothly as they chatted about the latest debate in DC and other things in the news. Karen realized that the conversation stayed away from their personal lives. The food and wine were great, and Karen was most assuredly enjoying the meal and the company. Jeannie kept the wine flowing, and by the time Paul announced that there was Tiramisu for dessert, Karen was feeling the effects. Paul went to the kitchen to fetch the dessert, commenting to Jeannie as he headed in, “Why don’t you get the pipe out?”

“Hmmm. Sounds good,” said Jeannie. She opened the cabinet behind her and pulled out a box. She opened the box and extracted bahis siteleri a small water pipe.

Karen watched in stunned silence as Jeannie filled the bowl with grass. Karen was not new to weed. The group of nerds that she ran around with all got stoned regularly. She was just surprised to see how casual Paul and Jeannie were about it. Jeannie took her toke as Paul returned with the Tiramisu and passed the pipe to Karen.

“Uh, no thanks. I don’t,” Karen said, shaking her head.

“Relax, Karen,” Paul said. “Don’t feel pressured. Feel free to have a toke whenever you desire. We know you smoked in college.” At Karen’s obvious surprise, he added, “We did a background check, remember.”

“Wow. I guess I hadn’t thought you’d get that data, but of course you would. And you still gave me the job?”

Paul laughed. “Shit, if we denied the job to every kid who smoked grass, we wouldn’t have a staff. Those kinds of transgressions don’t bother us in the least.”

“So, I guess you know everything about me, then?” Karen asked, somewhat rhetorically.

“Probably not everything, but a lot. But the one thing we don’t know is you. We’re just now starting to find out who you are? By the way, in case you couldn’t tell, everybody at the firm loves you and we’re glad to have you as part of the team. Now, try to relax this weekend.” Paul then picked up the pipe and took a huge toke, rippling the muscles in his throat as he held the breath in. After exhaling, he sliced and served the Tiramisu.

They continued to chat as they ate dessert. Karen learned a little more about Paul, discovering that he had been smoking pot nearly continuously since high school, that his kids smoked, and that there was seldom an evening at the beach when the pipe wasn’t passed around. He had a great sense of humor, often in a self-deprecating way.

They finished dessert and all three pitched in to do the clean up, which took all of ten minutes. Paul poured himself a scotch, and the ladies opened another bottle of wine. Karen was quite tipsy and knew that another half bottle would make her quite drunk. And on top of that she was fighting with herself over whether or not to have a few tokes. Logically she could see no reason not to, but her guilty conscience was certainly arguing loudly against it.

As they finished cleaning up, Paul asked, “Are you comfortable, Karen? There are some comfortable lounging clothes in the closet upstairs. Make yourself comfortable if you want to.”

The idea appealed to her. “Thanks. I think I will.” She headed upstairs.

As soon as Karen headed upstairs, Jeannie slipped into Paul’s arms and gave him a deep kiss. She felt his manhood harden between his legs. “Ooh, is that for me?” she asked.

“Absolutely. But what do you expect when I have two gorgeous young women running around here?

“She is a real hottie!” Jeannie whispered into Paul’s ears. “But she seems so innocent. We’re going to have to take it slow and careful if we want to get her into our bed.”

“I know. But, I’m sure it will be worth it. In the meantime I’ll just have take advantage of you.”

“Mmmmm. I hope so.” She responded. “Just remember who won the last bet.”

“Yeah! I remember. You did.”

He could feel her press her breasts against his chest. He reached down and squeezed her ass to prove his intent and pulled her tight against his large hard-on. She moaned in his ear in appreciation.

Karen was surprised when she opened the closet, as there was a fairly extensive collection of lounge wear, including robes, sarongs, and various types of wraps. She felt one of the sarongs with her fingers, wondering if it was real silk and found that it was. The material felt sensuous on her fingertips. Finally deciding to enjoy the evening and let her hair down, she selected the sarong and started to undress. When she got down to her bra and panties, she started to put on the sarong. She hesitated, and then decided to truly be comfortable and stripped out of her underwear as well. She pulled the sarong on, and felt her nipples stiffen as the silk brushed across them. She tied the sash and headed downstairs.

Paul and Jeannie had settled in on one of the two sofas in the entertainment room, and Paul was scrolling through the cable channels. As she watched, she remembered one of the rules of the household; Paul had total control of the entertainment room remote control unless he wasn’t around or yielded it. The guidelines suggested that if anyone was unhappy with his choice they could retire to their own room and watch whatever they chose there. Seemed reasonable. She took her refilled glass from Jeannie and accepted the pipe from Paul she settled comfortably onto the other couch. The couches were arranged at angles to each other, so not only did one of have a good view of the large TV screen on the wall, but could easily see people on the other couch to promote conversation.

She pulled her feet up underneath her thighs and took a deep toke, and watched as bahis şirketleri Paul perused the channels. Paul spent enough time searching that Karen was on her third toke before he selected one of the premium movie channel movies. It was some sort of detective movie with a cast of babes with oversize boobs. As it started to play, Karen realized Paul had actually selected a soft porn channel to watch. “Oh, my gawd! He’s putting on porn to watch,” she thought to herself. The evening was certainly tending towards wild and away from mild.

Jeannie saw Karen flinch when Paul made his selection, and knowing Paul’s rules for the house, offered her a way out. “You know that you can watch anything you want in your room, if you don’t want to watch what Paul chooses.”

Fortunately the room was dark enough that no one could see Karen blushing, as she contemplated her options. Part of her wanted to run to her room and hide, while her curious self demanded that she stay. Her pussy’s desires carried the day. “Thanks. That’s all right. This looks interesting enough. I’ll stay and watch some, if you don’t mind.”

Paul responded, “Please don’t feel pressured into anything this weekend. Just relax, and do whatever you want to enjoy yourself. That is what this place is for. Let your hair down, escape from the real world for a bit, relax, and enjoy. That is what I do when I’m here, and I don’t anyone or anything get in the way of that. To the extent that my behavior might shock you, I apologize. For the shock, that is, not for my behavior. And whatever you choose to do to relax will not be judged by us.”

“Thanks. I know I could use some r and r. It’s been a hectic three weeks. I really appreciate the opportunity to come out here. Your place is truly awesome.”

“And we’re glad you could join us.”

At that they all settled in to watch the movie, sip their drinks, and enjoy the pipe being passed around. Karen had made herself comfortable on one couch with her feet tucked under her and leaning against the armrest. In so doing, part of her sarong had fallen away revealing a considerable portion of her thigh. Paul and Jeannie had cuddled with each other on the other couch. She was leaning back into his shoulder, and he had his arm around her.

All three were feeling the effects of both the alcohol and the good weed that Paul had provided. The movie, although poorly scripted, made for good comedy as a caricature of detective flicks, and it proceeded with a plot line for at least fifteen minutes before the video became graphic. During that time all had relaxed a bit. But none of them were fully relaxed, as the sexual tension was ever present.

Karen was nervous, as she had never watched porn, even soft porn, with anyone else in the room. But she wanted to be perceived as an adult, and she feared that running off to her room when confronted with adult entertainment would perpetuate her image as a girl, not a woman. And her pussy screamed for it. She couldn’t believe that she was actually going to watch porn with the couple she had been fantasizing about the previous three nights.

Paul was nervous because he wasn’t yet sure how Karen would react to the liberal adult attitudes and behaviors that she was going to be confronted with over the next 48 hours. He didn’t want to overdo the weekend, but he sensed that inside Karen was a real woman ready to come into her own. He knew she was intelligent, yet naïve. While he most assuredly wanted to make love to Karen, he still had developed a fatherly protectionist attitude towards her. Not that this dilemma was a problem. He actually reveled in the role of being father-mentor and lover. And with Jeannie as his soul-mate and partner in seduction, they had certainly enjoyed making love to other young adults.

Jeannie had mixed emotions. Sexually, she desired Karen big time. Jeannie had been bisexual since her freshman year at Wellesley, and especially enjoyed introducing young women into the pleasures of Sapphic sex. Still, her professional ethics caused her to continuously question her own behavior. She was one that believed that if sex between two adults wasn’t completely consensual, then it was probably rape. Yet, she also loved role playing as the victim of an overpowering aggressor. She still masturbated regularly to the memories of the night that Paul had broken into her apartment and ‘raped’ her while wearing a mask. They had planned that night for weeks, and it ranked as one of her more powerful sexual experiences. No matter what, there was no doubt that Karen was yummy, and she couldn’t waste to taste her juices.

Fifteen minutes into the movie, a busty blonde cop was put in the position of having to service her captain sexually. Her uniform consisted of a very short skirt, and a very tight uniform blouse that displayed lots of cleavage. When she was ordered by the Captain to undress, she did of course.

Karen’s eyes were glued to the screen, partially out of curiosity, but also because she didn’t want to invade on the intimacy of her hosts. The scene was eerily similar to the video she had watched earlier in the week. Also, she hoped that they weren’t observing her. She didn’t want them to know she was actually getting turned on from the movie.

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