Karaoke Adventures

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It’s the end of another long workweek and all I wanted to do was sit on the sofa in a pair of comfy pajamas with a glass of wine and a movie. So, here I am in a bar with three of my friends listening to karaoke and drinking a Tom Collins. It’s not just any bar; it’s a gay bar. I’m just here for the company and people watching, at least that is what I have convinced myself of. I watch the wait staff smack the asses of willing customers, the lesbians necking at the bar, and laugh with the crowd at the brave souls singing karaoke. I am content blending into the background and trying to remain invisible to those other than the friends I came with.

It was during a horrible rendition of “Friends in Low Places” that I saw her near the bar. I could not help but stare. Her long flowing blonde hair fell below her bare shoulders and rested at her breasts. She had on a strapless coral sundress that accentuated her every curve, from the swell of her breasts to the dip at her waist and on to the roundness of her perfect ass. Her legs were long and tanned and seemed to go on forever. Her striking green eyes lit up as she laughed along with the crowd at the awful singing.

I must have been staring at her for a while because when I snapped out of my trance all three of my friends were watching me. I quickly looked away and blushed at having been caught staring, in a gay bar of all places. When I dared to meet the eyes of my friends, I was met with raised eyebrows but thankfully, no comments. I suggested we play a game of pool. As we walked to the tables, I looked around for the gorgeous woman and felt a wave of disappointment when I could not find her. Eager to get her out of my mind, I focused on our game for the next hour.

After our third game, I needed to find the ladies room. As I was washing my hands and looking in the mirror, I saw her come out of a stall behind me. She chose the sink next to mine and my heart jumped into my throat. I managed to croak out a “hello”. She returned my hello and complimented me on my low casino oyna cut blue shirt that brought out the color of my eyes. I couldn’t help but noticed how her gaze lingered at my cleavage. She blushed when she realized she had been caught staring and quickly looked away. We started talking about the singing and how often we came here. It was her first time and she was by herself. I told her I had been here once before and I was with a few friends. It was obvious that we had a connection but I was too nervous to ask for her number. After a few moments, we left the ladies room and went different directions in the bar.

I kept my eye on her as I played another round of pool. It was getting late and the crowd was getting rowdier and more brazen. There were couples in every corner exploring each other, drunk men hitting on young boys in tight jeans, and the women seemed to be wearing less than what they had on when they arrived. I watched the woman find her purse and head towards the door. I quickly told my friends that I was heading out and I would catch up with them tomorrow. I followed her out to the parking lot and called to her.

She stopped fumbling for her keys and looked toward me with those incredible green eyes. My heart skipped a beat as I got up the courage to ask if she wanted to come back to my place for a glass of wine. A soft smile spread across her face and she said she would. I could not believe this was about to happen!

We decided to take separate cars so she could leave when she wanted. She followed me in her sporty black two-door across town. I kept checking the rearview mirror to make sure she had not changed her mind and to my disbelief, she was still there. I kept asking myself what in the world was I thinking. Part of me wanted to stop the car and tell her that I changed my mind and the other part of me was really wet with anticipation.

As we pulled into the driveway, I gave myself a quick once over in the mirror. “Not bad!” I thought to myself. As I opened my door, I realized she canlı casino was already standing there waiting for me. “God she is beautiful,” I thought. We walked to my front door in silence, the only sound were the crickets singing their summer song.

The cold air of the house met us as we stepped into the living room. I noticed goose bumps ripple down her arms and her nipples strained against the fabric of her dress. I suggest a glass of wine and we head to the kitchen. I pulled out a good bottle of Pinot Noir and two glasses. As I uncorked the bottle, I felt her arms wrap around my waist and her breasts pressing into my back. Her hot breath and soft kisses on my neck sent shivers down my spine.

I turned around in her arms, our lips meeting lightly, and our tongues dancing. There was a sense of urgency as our kiss became more passionate and our hands more daring. I led her out of the kitchen and to my bedroom. She smiled as she lifted my shirt over my head to expose my cantaloupe sized breasts. She brought be closer to her again and used her tongue to play with my ear. I felt like I was going to melt into a giant puddle if she kept this up! Her tongue traced a path from my ear to my neck and down to my breasts. She took off my bra and sucked greedily on my nipple while her hands were working on unbuttoning my jeans. She slid them off of my hips and they fell to the floor leaving me in nothing but a black g-string. My g-string was soaking wet and so were my inner thighs. I had to have her! I pulled her close to me, kissed her on the mouth, and slowly traced a path up her dress to her pussy. To my surprise there was nothing stopping me, she was not wearing any panties. I was excited to find that she was equally aroused and she gasped as I found her clit with my hand. I teased her clit for a moment knowing how much she didn’t want me to stop.

I pulled her dress over her head to reveal her perfectly tanned curvy body. Her breasts were large and firm with half dollar sized areolas and hard nipples. My gaze followed kaçak casino her body down her torso past her cute little belly button down to a small patch of downy blonde hair. Her hips were rounded and full, just like her beautiful ass. Her long shapely legs draw your eye right up to her beautiful pussy. I suck in a deep breath as I admired her. She smiled shyly as I pushed her onto the bed. I kissed her softly on the mouth moving left and right to suckle on her sensitive earlobes then moved to the sides of her neck. She threw her head back in pleasure to reveal her throat.

I worked my way down her exquisite body until my mouth found her delicate folds. I inhaled her intoxicating aroma as I touched her clit with my tongue. She shivered in delight at my touch and opened her legs a bit more so I could easily access every inch on her. I made lazy circles around her clit with the tip of my tongue, my lips caressing hers with every movement. I used the backs of my fingernails to tease her inner thighs until she was squirming against my mouth begging me to lick faster. I increased the speed and pressure of my tongue on her clit and put two fingers inside her pussy to play with her g-spot. My other hand was still caressing and teasing her thighs. Her pussy was so incredibly wet I thought I might drown before the night was over.

Her fingers running through my long blonde hair was driving me insane. I could feel my own juices flowing down my thighs as I tried to squeeze my legs together in an attempt to relieve my own pent-up tension. Her hips were writhing in my face and I was licking and sucking as if I was eating a sweet summer peach. With my tongue on her clit, two fingers deep in her pussy, I used my free hand and her juice to play with her ass. As soon as I pressed my finger into her, her pussy contracted and I am rewarded with a gush of sweet nectar in my mouth. I drank it greedily and continued making love to her until she is bucking wildly on my face. She breathlessly begged me to stop and I finally did, afraid she was going to pass out.

While she was recovering from her intense orgasm, I turned toward the closet and gave you a huge smile knowing you just got a great show. And that was just the beginning on the night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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