Kaitlin’s Tale Ch. 5

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Without a backward glance, Kaitlin opened the door and stepped through, ready for the challenges that lay before her. Her peroxide blonde bob haircut bounced as she stepped through, the leather sheath that encased her body from jawline to ankle creaking slightly as she moved. She was still getting used to the way her new body felt, much tighter overall and more top heavy thanks to her enlarged breasts.

She stepped into darkness, wondering immediately if she was to be unable to see for this, the first of her tests. Then a flame broke out in the center of the room, revealing the features of a beautiful woman in the glow of a lighter being used to light a cigarette. Kaitlin watched as she took a single drag from the cigarette and dropped it to the floor, crushing it under the pointed toe of her spiked heel boot. As she watched, a small spotlight fell on the woman, allowing Kaitlin to see her fully.

“Come forward” the mystery lady commanded, her voice a joy to listen to, carrying a faint hint of Ireland in her clipped tones. “Kneel” she continued as Kaitlin drew near. Complying, Kaitlin took the opportunity to look her over. About 5’11” tall or so, the woman was thin, clad in a very tight black dress which covered her from neck to shins, melding seamlessly into shining leather boots of the same crimson hue as the lingerie that had been laid out for Kaitlin, that was now resting against her skin under the leather bodysuit. The woman was thin for her height, with glistening red hair that fell to the small of her back in gentle curls. Her face was the white of newly fallen snow, lightly made up except for her lips, which stood out in striking red, just as Kaitlin’s did. Her curves were visible through her dress; not as pronounced as Kaitlin’s, but present nonetheless. She was a hauntingly beautiful woman, Kaitlin thought as she waited on her knees for the testing to begin.

“It is I who began this process many months ago, by requesting a woman of a certain type. Andrew and Kelli have brought me you as the answer to my desires, Kaitlin. In the next few hours I will take your true measure and decide if I still wish to have you. The tests will be difficult, do not doubt. Much is hidden, and little of it will be revealed at this time. I have great hopes for you, Kaitlin. Succeed and your life will change; you will be mine. Fail, and your life will change as well, but I cannot tell you what will happen.” Kaitlin took these words into her soul, immediately believing that she wanted to stay with this beautiful woman, whoever she was, that she would protect Kaitlin from all bad things. Right or Wrong, Kaitlin was determined to succeed, whatever should be asked of her.

“The first test is a test of competence; the second, of obedience; the final, of endurance and submission. Behind me is a door. When you go through it you will begin the first test, and you will have set your feet on the path to becoming mine. It is all up to you, Kaitlin.” With that statement, she set a small box in front of Kaitlin and walked to the door Kaitlin had entered through. As she left the room, the mystery woman looked over her shoulder casino oyna at Kaitlin. “Open the box and embrace your destiny… you have it within you to succeed.” Kaitlin remained motionless as the door clicked closed.

She opened the box in front of her, remaining on her knees. Inside was a note in strong handwriting, exquisite in its beauty. “My dear Kaitlin,” it read, “this is your first test. Your body has been made over to appeal physically to others; should you succeed in your tests, part of your responsibilities as my property will be to pleasure whomever I ask you to, whenever I ask you to, however I ask you to. In the next room are several people. You have 20 minutes from the moment you walk through the door to bring all of them to orgasm, proving to me that you know how to use your sexuality, that you can utilize the gifts I have given you. Prove yourself to me, my pet.”

Kaitlin took a deep breath. How much did she want to be with that woman? Nothing in her previous life had prepared her for this… the tryst with Andrew was probably the most daring thing she’d ever done. Now she was being challenged to…. Satisfy…. An unknown number of people. Could she do it? Physically? Mentally?

Having made her decision, Kaitlin stood. Gathering up her courage, she stepped through the door to face the first of her challenges.

She stepped into what appeared to be a game room of some sort. A large pool table dominated the center of the room; several poker tables were spread around as well. A jukebox stood in the corner. She immediately caught sight of a digital clock on the wall… it was counting down… 19:57… 19:56…. 19:55…. There were 7 men and 2 women in the room; 3 men and 1 woman playing pool, the other 5 around a poker table. They all took notice of her and watched as she stepped into the room. The looks the men were giving her were of barely restrained lust; one of the women looked at her the same way, the other did not. Making a snap judgement, Kaitlin figured that one of the women was bisexual, or a lesbian. The other was heterosexual; this was going to be a challenge.

She strode forward confidently, walking through the crowd, brushing her hands against the men’s crotches, against the one woman’s breasts, finishing standing directly in front of the woman who wouldn’t meet her eyes. Grabbing her by the chin, Kaitlin tilted her head up and looked at her. Without taking her eyes away, Kaitlin said “Well, boys and girls, I think we’ve got ourselves a situation here. As much as I’d like to, I can’t give all of you the attention you deserve. But maybe with a little help I can….” Kaitlin punctuated her statement by reaching our and tearing the woman’s button-down shirt open and pulling it partway off, then pulling the cups of her bra down. ” Pushing her roughly, Kaitlin threw her onto her back on the pool table and straddled her there, holding her in place. The woman whimpered softly but didn’t cry out as she was thrown down. Kaitlin turned and picked the 2 most wild-eyed men: “you, and you. Come over here and give this slut what she needs.” The! men complied, stripping canlı casino off their jeans and walking over, one taking Kaitlin’s place astride the woman, the other spreading her legs wide and rubbing her exposed slit.

The mystery woman watched from above, behind a one way mirror. She smiled softly at the fact that Kaitlin had so quickly solved the problem of the heterosexual woman in the room, even recognizing subconsciously that the woman was a submissive and would get aroused from being used. “This one has potential” she thought to herself, watching the scene unfolding below.

Kaitlin walked back into the throng of people, zeroing in on the other woman. As she walked, Kaitlin undid zippers on the top of her leather bodysuit, freeing her breasts from its confines, and unlatching her bra. She could see several of the men lick their lips as she did so, and appropriately so; her breasts were now as perfect as technology could make them, full and round, with large erect nipples. She knew that the woman would be the hardest target; the men, even though there were many of them, should be easier. When she reached the other woman Kaitlin put her hand on the back of the woman’s head and kissed her deeply. With her other hand, Kaitlin guided the woman’s hands to the zippers that ran along Kaitlin’s pelvic bone; the material parted, freeing access to Kaitlin’s lower areas, with only the thong in the way.

Kaitlin pressed the woman back against a different part of the pool table and stripped off her top and pants. With a quick look at the clock, she knelt between the woman’s outstretched legs and began to lick her, quick violent licks that made the woman immediately wet. She could hear the breathing of the men around her quicken. She motioned two of them forward as she licked, and freed their cocks, stroking one with each hand. After 30 seconds of this, Kaitlin guided the woman up onto the table, swinging her around into a 69 position. Kaitlin went down on her again, her ass up in the air invitingly. One of the men took the invitation, pushing the thong aside and sliding his hard shaft immediately into Kaitlin’s wet pussy as the woman nibbled Kaitlin’s clit. Kaitlin continued to pump the cocks of the two other men as well, leaving 2 men watching from the sidelines.

Kaitlin spared a moment to look at the first woman with her two men. Her legs were spread wide, one of the men on top of her pumping away furiously. Her head was hanging backward over the side of the table, and the other man was face fucking her rythmically, holding her head in place with his hands. Kaitlin went back to work on the woman beneath her, freeing her hands from the men’s cocks to put them to work on the woman. The woman started to cum just as Kaitlin slipped the third finger inside her, proceeding to douse Kaitlin with her juices as she screamed and moaned beneath her. Her screaming triggered the man in Kaitlin’s pussy, who pulled out and sprayed his seed onto her ass and onto the face of the woman beneath her. The man face fucking the other woman also came at that moment, forcing that woman to swallow his cum, then wiping his cock off kaçak casino in her hair.

“okay, three down” Kaitlin thought to herself. A quick glance at the clock showed only 9 minutes remaining. She beckoned one of the guys in front of her to lean down so she could whisper to him. “Ever wanted to really give it to a lesbian, baby?” His eyes widened and he nodded, unable to speak. Kaitlin shifted position so that her knees would hold the woman under her in place… she then reached out and guided the man into the woman’s dripping slit. The woman’s eyes flew open, and she struggled; Kaitlin’s weight held her in place. The struggling set the man off almost immediately, his jism spraying the woman’s neatly trimmed pubic hair with splotches of white.

Kaitlin scrambled off the woman and stood up. She could see that the other woman was on the verge of orgasm, as was the man pummeling her pussy. Instinctively knowing what the woman needed, Kaitlin walked over to her and slapped her once across the face, then grabbed her breasts and sqeezed as hard as she could. The woman came immediately, screaming her pleasure; the vibrations within her set off the man as well, who filled her with his semen and then stepped away.

“That’s both women and 3 of the seven men” Kaitlin thought frantically. “That leaves four men in… ” she looked at the clock “only five minutes. I’m going to have to do this myself to make sure.” Grabbing one of the men, she layed him on the ground on his back, and lowered herself onto his stiff cock. Grabbing one of the other men by the cock, she pulled him into her mouth, using her hands on the remaining two men. She fucked the man below her with wild abandon, bouncing up and down on him in a frenzy. She sucked hard, then soft, using her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, pulling him out only to talk, to excite the other men. “Oh yeah, you want to fuck me don’t you… there’s plenty for all of you… cum on me baby, come on, do it…”.

The man under her came first, followed closely by the man in her mouth. She swallowed it all hungrily, letting just a little dribble out of her lips as proof, then layed on her back on the floor. Only 2 minutes left, she thought, as she slid one man inside her pussy and positioned the other man above her lips. “Fuck me, boys… make me cum… do it now…” They took heed of her words and started pounding her, top and bottom. She clenched every muscle she had, worked every trick she know. The man between her legs came immediately; the one between her lips was taking his time. To speed him up, she started to moan, to beg him to cum for her, promising to swallow it all; she spun around without taking him from her mouth so he could see as she slid her fingers deep into her pussy and pleasured himself. That was all he needed, and he sprayed repeated salty spurts down her throat.

Kaitlin looked up at the clock… 15 seconds to spare. She had surmounted the first obstacle. She layed her head down on the floor and laughed quietly, reveling in her accomplishment. Above her, looking down, the mystery woman smiled. Kaitlin was good, the woman thought to herself. But the real tests still lay ahead. Activiating a microphone she said “Kaitlin, leave the room by the far door.” Obeying immediately, Kaitlin left the room, headed for her next test.

To Be Continued…

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