Just Yesterday We Were Strangers

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The gallery had not opened for the day. The artist, Alexander was his name, though he preferred people refer to him as Alex, tall, with a shaven head, stood looking out over the amazing view of the river valley the gallery and studio was situated next to in the small coastal town. He shifted his gaze to the parking area and noted the white BMW pull in and the most amazing redhead step out.

She had a tall, full figure and awesome full breasts that filled her bra cup nicely. She walked purposely across the parking, heading for the gallery and smiled almost knowingly to herself, ducking her head into the slight misty rain that was falling.

She climbed the few steps to the entrance doorway and entered the gallery premises. She walked through to the central display area passing through the entrance lobby quickly and looked around for the only other person who she knew was waiting for her. Alex saw Gabriella enter and held back from rushing to meet her so as to cover his excitement and growing eagerness to be with her.

Gabriella walked a little faster to hug and greeted the tall handsome Alex warmly, reaching up to kiss him as she said a sparkly “Hello, lover…” her deep husky voice sending shivers down to Alex’s cock that was already a little swollen and growing by the second.

“I have your bracelet you left behind in the ladies on Friday, Gabriella. So glad you called to let me know where it was, it made it so easy to find.” Alex said, trying to sound professional.

“Come now, Alex, yesterday we were strangers, today we have had lots of IM chats about what we already know we marks head bobbers porno want. You want me and I want you. What more is there to discuss?” Gabriella was direct

It was true, they had had a lot of messaging back and forth all day. So often he had been on the verge of taking himself off to the bathroom and jerking off, to relieve the tension.

She removed her scarf and jacket and dropped them with her handbag onto a bench, then moved closer to Alex. She reached up and around his neck and kissed him full on the lips, their tongues automatically beginning to play with each other. Alex, in turn, reached around and pulled her to him, squeezing her against his hard on and eliciting a small moan of anticipation from Gabriella.

Their kiss, burning them in a fire so soon, very quickly had Alex slipping his hand between them and he began to unfasten her belt, while he manoeuvred Gabriella backwards into the back room of the gallery where there was a countertop he had earlier cleared of all items.

“I will make sure the next time we are more comfortable, I promise.” He grunted.

It was all a bit frantic and hasty, but by the time they reached the counter, Gabriella’s pants and panties were around one ankle, and Alex had found her pussy with his fingers and felt the moisture there. He slipped a finger inside her and she moaned, “Oh GOD that feels so fucking good.”

She ripped at his belt and unbuttoned his jeans then forced them down over his hips, and revealed his enormous cock. Gabriella groaned excitedly, “Oh what a massage porno fine one you have!” and held it gently and reverently. She threw her arms around him again and pulled him to her, closing the gap between cock and pussy and almost driving him inside her with that move.

She was sitting on the counter top now, legs spread wide and Alex sank down onto his knees and buried his face in between her luscious legs, tongue snaking out and seeking the wet warmth that she had been teasing him with all day.

Gabriella threw her head back and moaned, “Oh my god that is good. Mmmmm… god!”

Alex stood up and embraced her again, kissing her, letting her suck his lips and tongue. He pushed his hands up under the top she had on, and pulled her bra down under her boobs, those gorgeous boobs he had noted from her walk across the parking.

He lifted her blouse and revealed the gorgeous orbs to the open air, and lowered his head down to begin sucking on her superb nipples, and she again emitted a low growling sound of appreciation. She threw one hand around the back of Alex’s head and drew him to her, so as to ensure that he would not stop doing that, it was so pleasurable.

“Fuck me, Alex, Fuck me now!” she ordered.

Alex pressed his cock forward against her pussy opening and it slipped effortlessly inside because she was so wet and receptive. “Oh, GOD, that feels so good, and you’re so wet! This is amazing, I am going to cum so quickly!” Alex said.

Gabriella was almost speechless as she was fast approaching her own orgasm and very quickly they meet-suck and fuck porno were both twitching and grinding against each other. Gabriella grabbed onto Alex and held him kissing him softly, sucking his lips and goatee beard, sticking her tongue into his mouth and he responding by doing the same.

“I have to tell you, that was the best I have had in a long time,” Gabriella said as she rearranged all her clothes, “You know this will be a regular thing now…?”

“I was hoping it might become that.” Alex smiled, “I enjoyed that so much, too.”

Gabriella was now dressed and she picked up her bag, put the “missing” bracelet into a pocket in her handbag and then lifted her pert little nose up to Alex and kissed him again before turning and walking to the door of the club.

“Hold it!” Alex called, “When are we going to repeat this?”

“You didn’t think that this one episode was going to satisfy me, did you?” Gabriella retorted. “We’ll just have to check our schedules, and make the necessary arrangements.”

“Say, what do you think of me doing a nude painting of you sometime…?”

“I think that would be an amazing experience…” Gabriella mused. “Let me think about it. I’ll let you know soon.”

She stepped out into the rain and ran to her car, slid inside and drove off. Alex stood watching her go, already feeling a little heat in his groin developing in anticipation for the next time. And she was gone out the parking lot.

Beep! Beep! His cell phone indicated a message a few seconds later.

‘I can still feel you inside me, Stud!’ she said.

‘Stop texting while you’re driving and watch the road, please.’ He replied.

‘I can’t stop thinking how good you are, you’re simply superb.’

‘Thank you. Now stop texting.’

The phone thankfully stayed silent this time. Better clean up, he thought, gallery opens in a few minutes for the evening viewing session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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