‘Just’ Jane Ch. 10

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the ninth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last four years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


Since I wear a bathing suit every day I no longer think about it. Wearing it in front of twenty strange men all in one room was a different situation all together. Lela had a light yellow bikini set out. It was a more modest one but still revealing enough.

Lela was waiting for me outside the conference room. Wearing a soft mint suit just like mine accentuated not only her curves but her ebony skin as well.

“Are you ready?” I asked taking a deep breath.

Lela holding all of the files moved closer and gave me a quick kiss.

“Now I am.” She giggled.

I opened the door and held it as she walked past me in the room. The quiet talking quickly stopped and except for a few whispers the room fell silent. I looked past the twenty young men all dressed in just swim trunks. Nothing tight fitting but not long and baggy either, just plain swim trunks, each with a number.

Lela sat the folders on the front desk and I walked behind her to address the room. Then and only then did I look at their faces.

“I am Jane Ramsey and this is…” Then I saw a familiar face. “…Lela…”

At that moment I froze. I recognized that face, and it smiled back at me. I looked in his eyes and I could see he too was surprised. Just then it dawned on me where I saw the young man so I looked around. I soon recognized another, he was shocked but smiled as well.

There were more but TJ and Fred’s faces will always be the ones I remember seeing first. They were from the club. TJ fucked me, I gave Fred a blowjob. The quiet of the room soon filled with not so silent whispers and not so subtle snickers.

The room was filled with all of the men at the club. Standing before them in only a bikini I wondered what kind of meeting they thought this would be. As I scanned the room again and again I’m sure most thought they would be undressing me with more than their eyes.

“Gentlemen I need you to form a circle and hold hands.” Lela announced as I tried to gather my thoughts.

There was an awkward moment of confusion as if they weren’t sure they heard Lela right.

“If you would do that right now we can move on.” I stated with authority.

Most looked at the others to see what they would do.

“You heard the ladies, get to it.” TJ boomed as he took Fred’s hand.

Suddenly it dawned on the others this was no mistake and started to shuffle around. Lela and I watched like hawks as some eagerly took a hand while others still resisted. Lela had assigned them random numbers 1-20 and they soon lined up accordingly as if on cue.

It wasn’t really necessary as we had no idea who they were, but it was an interesting outcome just the same.

Without their names we started observing them as Lela put them through a series of drills. I’m sure Max and Poole had purposely formulated each of these to elicit varying reactions. By the time we broke for lunch I’m sure most of the guys attending wondered what the hell was going on.

Lela and I ate lunch with them and all the while I thought of the night at the club. They knew I had watched them perform sexual acts, and I damn well knew they watched me. Several among them I even fucked and sucked.

Back in the conference room Max and Poole had another barrage of tests, the last one was the best. We would pick one guy at random and have him interview the next one with questions we provided. This was repeated twenty times until each was the interviewer and interviewee.

Since they were in essence competing with each other for a job it was interesting to see how competitive they could be. At times we saw what I hoped was the best of some and the worst of others. Lela and I kept copious notes.

At four thirty Lela and I stood by the door and thanked each young man personally. At the same time Lela handed them a card with the time of their interview the next day. There were many questions and comments made as well.

“It was good to see you again Jane Ramsey…” TJ smiled and shook my hand. “…Will there be dancing tomorrow?” He teased me quietly.

“I can assure you there will be no dancing.” I smiled back understanding his meaning.

“I was afraid you might say that. Probably for the best just the same.” TJ squeezed my hand then released it.

I could see he wanted to say more but he moved on to Lela. Fred was the last in line. I could see he approached nervously afraid to look anywhere but my eyes.

“Thank canlı bahis şirketleri you Ms. Ramsey.” Fred replied as he offered me his hand.

It was warm and the grip was surprisingly firm for such a shy young man.

“Thank you for coming Fred, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” I answered.

“Really?” He said as his eyes lit up.

“Really.” I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

If anyone saw the gesture nothing was said. After they left Lela spread the files out and left them on the desk. She kissed me goodbye and closed the door behind her. I sat down and my mind again went back to the night at the club.

Poole walked in and sat down beside me without saying a word.

“Why?” I whispered without even looking up.

Poole didn’t respond.

“Why did you let me make a fool of myself to people that may work here?” I now turned to face him.

“Did you Jane?” Poole reached out and took my hand. “Did you make a fool of yourself?”

“How could you?” I raised my voice. “How can I ever work with any of these young men knowing what I’ve done?”

His hand was a calming influence even though I was starting to become more enraged.

“Do you know how many of the women in our office I’ve slept with?” Poole turned me to face him.


“Take a guess.” Poole lifted my chin.

“All of them?” I suggested. “Well not Claudia, I would assume.”

“And yet for years you’ve worked with me every day?” Poole’s eyes focused on mine.

“That’s different.” I argued. “You’re the boss.”

“But they’re not, and you’ve worked with them.” Poole pointed out.

I had no reasonable reply and he knew it. I had an option at the club and we both knew it. I did what I thought Poole wanted me to do, or was I trying to prove to him I would do it? Why invite future employees to such a place?

All of the guys in the room today were there. Most participated in a sexual act on some level and except for Fred did it willingly. I guess you could say Fred did, but I seduced him. Was that what Poole was really observing? Them and not me? Are they just as embarrassed as I am?

Poole let me think about that for a few minutes. Then he pulled me on his lap and held me tight. It was as if he knew all along that was what I really needed. Just for him to hold me.

“Let’s get busy and put some names to those faces.” Poole finally said as he kissed the back of my head. “And to be perfectly clear, the number is one, just you Jane.”

Shocked at his answer I turned to face Poole. He nodded it was true. I was the only woman in the office Poole had made love to. I kissed him profusely to show him how happy I was.

Opening a folder Poole pulled out pictures with names, we matched them with the names on the files. Poole and I spent the better part of two hours matching my notes to the person’s file.

I had studied those files for days and yet I was only right in matching one name with the person wearing a number on his trunks. It was TJ.

TJ is a bit older than the other applicants. Having served four years in one branch of our military, his education came a bit later in life. His initials may have helped but he seemed the most mature, and the most confident. He has that something about him, almost like Poole, that something you just can’t help but like. I felt it when we fucked as well.

I was close on Fred. Right on the guy, wrong on his education. I figured a Midwest kind of guy, smart but shy, I expected him to go to a small college close to home or maybe a community college for a couple of years.

Fred was all of those things, except he went to a prestigious school with a large campus. Full ride scholarship, graduated summa cum laude.

On the ride home Poole and I talked some more about the applicants. He seemed impressed with my observations challenging me on just a few.

That night before bed Tina and I talked about the club and what I had done and with who. She didn’t seem surprised by Poole’s actions but didn’t seem to approve either.

“Jane it’s a big company, but we both know you will run into them sooner or later, maybe even work with them.” Tina leaned over and kissed me. “If you think that will be a problem don’t hire any of them.”

She got up and walked to the door.

“Are you coming?” She snickered.

“Maybe tomorrow?” I suggested. “I need to get some sleep.”

“Turning us both down? That’s a first.” Tina teased me then blew me a kiss.

I never thought of it but she was right. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I knew it was early when the window showed it was still dark outside. As stealthy as he tried it is impossible to miss a man six feet four inches tall weighing almost two hundred and fifty pounds get in your bed.

Still craving sleep I wanted to protest when he started to undress me. My flimsy top and petite panties were no match for his pent up desire. I was like a rag doll as he pulled me over his massive frame.

I felt canlı kaçak iddaa his stiff cock trapped between us as Poole gripped my ass cheeks and drug my pussy over its length.

“Tonight?” I whimpered as my desire betrayed my words.

“Now.” Poole’s cock pushed between my moistening lips.

“At lunch?” I moaned still in denial.

“Now Slut.” Poole groaned as his cock swelled even bigger.

“Uh…ah…uh…oh…aaaahhhhh…” I mewed as his cock found my opening and started its journey to my depths.

Poole thrusted up as he held my ass then pulled out and thrusted even deeper. I loved this part. We both knew my pussy would take all of his cock, but during these first few moments Poole felt he could never be sure. And even though I knew my pussy was made for his cock neither was I.

“Poole…” I hissed.

“You ok?” Poole asked concerned.

“Now Poole! Fuck me now.”

I arched my back and plunged my cunt down hard impaling myself over his cock. My pussy stretched to accept him as his cock grew even more. I spread my legs wider and closed my eyes thrusting my hard nipples against his chest.

Poole thrust up again, I wrapped my arms around him just hoping to hold on. It had been some time since Poole fucked me like this. It was almost like there was a need to prove something but also passion.

My pussy was alive with sensations as his massive hands still held my ass firmly. I looked up at him his nostrils flared and his eyes half closed. I pressed my chin against his chest, the pain brought his attention to me.

“Fuck me Poole.” I hissed.

He smiled and thrusted again. “Yes Jane.”

“Not Jane, your slut.” I corrected him. “Fuck your slut now Poole, fuck her hard.”

Poole’s grip tightened on my ass cheeks and slammed me over his cock. I yelped a bit and winced.

“Again!” I grunted.

“Fuck!” Poole slammed deep in my cunt.

“Again!” I demanded.

“Fuck!” Poole repeated.

“Again and again.” I clung to him. “It’s your pussy Poole. Isn’t that right? Show me Poole, show me what a good slut I am.”

Max was already sweating when I joined him in the workout room.

“You’re here early.” I spoke clearly so he could hear.

“Big day today.” Max called back.

“Interviews?” I asked to verify we were both using the same system.

“All day.” Max smiled pedaling faster.

I headed to the rowing machine and thought about what he said and how that seemed to make him happy. For Max it was all about people. He finds satisfaction in helping everyone.

I was expecting Poole to be in the conference room when I arrived, instead Lela was there in a bright pink bikini. She sat at one end of the long conference table but my stack of files was at the other end. There were six chairs on one side of the table and only one on the other side in the middle. The void between where we sat and the chair was noticeable.

“Are we ready?” Lela giggled.

“As ready as we’ll ever be.” I replied as I stood behind my chair.

Lela stood up and walked to my end of the table and gave me a quick kiss. Lela opened the door directly behind the single chair. Then she left the room only to soon return with our first candidate.

“Please have a seat.” Lela said as she returned to her place at the far end of the table.

The first canidate quickly took the single seat at the table that was directly in front of him. I opened the folder and started by reintroducing both Lela and myself. With the preliminaries handled I asked simple questions from our candidate. Max and Poole had teaser questions we asked as well.

A small sample are: Who is your role model, and why? What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone? Describe the color yellow to somebody who is blind. If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be and why?

I asked all of the questions and Lela just listened. With twenty candidates and just one day we limited the interviews to twenty minutes, sometimes less. By the third interview it was clear the responses would be different but the process was becoming predictable.

One by one each candidate would always chose the single chair just inside the door. Since I was the only one speaking, after about the third or fourth question they turned their attention to me all but ignoring Lela but for a few polite glances. And so it went for the morning. Lela and I again joined all twenty candidates for lunch where the conversation was lively.

After lunch we started again. Fred was the fifteenth candidate we met with. Taking the seat as the others did he answered the first two questions uncomfortably. He did his best to give Lela and I equal attention but was clearly frustrated. You see when he spoke to one of us the other was almost looking at the back of his head.

“I’m sorry…” Fred shifted in his seat looking perplexed.

“Yes?” Lela spoke for a rare time after introductions.

“…is it possible canlı kaçak bahis the two of you could sit closer…” Fred looked at Lela and then me. “…I feel I’m being rude.”

Fourteen guys thought about that very thing and not one suggested it. Lela looked at me and grinned.

“What do you suggest?” I asked.

“Maybe across the table?” Fred asked shyly.

“Sure.” I replied.

Lela and I both got up and moved to two of the six chairs opposite Fred. We were not maybe three feet from Fred instead of more than six. With my next question you could see Fred’s whole body relax and he addressed the two of us instead of having to choose between us.

Lela and I liked his answers. He wasn’t the most impressive, or the most outgoing. Thoughtful, polite and definitely smart, Fred reminded me of Max. Number eighteen was TJ, Lela took her seat and TJ’s eyes never left her ass as she made her way to her chair. He looked at me knowing I caught him red handed but just smile broadly.

“Do I have to sit here?” TJ pointed to the lone chair.

He looked at Lela and back to me for an answer.

“No.” Lela replied.

TJ now locked onto Lela. He studied her as she sat in her bright bikini. His head tilted to one side as she shifted uncomfortably in her chair. The room was silent, TJ did not move, and yet his eyes never stopped taking her in.

The minute TJ approached Lela I could see her tense up. For the first time in two days she seemed uncomfortable in the presence of a candidate. When she looked at me I could almost sense her eyes pleading with me for help.

“Would you like to sit here?” I offered TJ the seat beside me.

TJ Looked at me as my eyes left his to reassure Lela. He looked at her and back at me, his eyes met mine now and he smiled. TJ was now just two feet from Lela on the side of the table with just one chair. This tall solid black man knelt on one knee facing Lela, his hand rested on the empty table. Gathering up her courage she stood her ground.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you.” TJ spoke just above a whisper. “When I saw you yesterday I thought we had met before, but surely I would never have forgotten anyone as beautiful as you.”

His tone was warm and friendly.

“Except for yesterday we haven’t met.” Lela answered clearly.

“And yet I feel I know you as if we had.” TJ continued.

“We should get started.” Lela replied bluntly looking again at me.

TJ Looked at me as well, he looked at Lela and back at me then smiled. It was at that moment I saw it. Poole. Not the man of course but the persona. That look of knowing, of confidence, of understanding. Just like Poole, TJ was patient, observant and analyzing.

“Would you mind if I asked you sit beside Jane?” TJ asked.

There was a slight pause but I knew he would insist even if she refused. Lela looked at me and I nodded slightly. She seemed relieved I would agree to the request.

“Ok.” Lela responded as if she had made he mind up on her own.

TJ stood and offered her his hand. It was a bold move but one that paid off as Lela reluctantly accepted. Walking her to my end of the table TJ grabbed the single chair and placed it right beside me. With the grace of a ballet dancer he deposited Lela in it.

“There things are as they should be.” TJ chuckled.

To this day I still wonder if he knew then Lela and I were lovers. Walking around us both TJ took the seat I had offered earlier. Back straight, shoulders square, his broad smile put us all at ease.

“T. Johnson at your disposal ladies.” TJ saluted.

The first time Lela laughed I knew TJ had won us both over. He was everything Lela and I thought he was and more. When the allotted time was up both Lela and I hated to see him go. No one else stood a chance after that.

We finished our interviews and as the last applicant closed the door Lela and I closed our files. I got up and carried my files to the other end of the table and placed them beside hers.

“Well we’re not done yet.” I reminded Lela.

“You’re not but I am.” Lela laughed.

“What?” I asked surprised.

“Tomorrow you’re on your own.” Lela stood up looking at the files smiling.

But don’t you have to choose five?” I asked confused.

“I did, it’s all in my files.” Lela laughed as she pressed against me. “Kiss me, Poole will be waiting.”

Lela’s boldness was out of character, especially at work. Her hands gripped my hips and pulled me tight. I’ll have to admit I missed her lips as much as hers missed mine. Lela’s leg pressed between mine, my hands slipped inside the bottom of her bikini.

Lela gasped quietly as her pussy thrust against my thigh. I pulled her tighter as our tits alternated between us.

“Lela.” I pulled loose calling out her name.

“Please Jane?” Lela whispered.

“Were at work Princess.” I reminded her.

Ignoring my warning Lela rubbed her pussy even harder.

“Please Slut, I’ll hurry.” Lela pressed her lips to mine again.

Her tongue was desperate and greedy. I thought of stopping her but just then I felt her body shiver. I gripped the bottom of her bikini and pulled the gusset to one side. I instantly felt the wetness of her exposed pussy drug ever so slightly on my thigh.

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