Just Fantasies, Right?

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My buddy Mark and I had been drinking a few beers and we were sitting around on his couch, playing video games.

We weren’t allowed to smoke cigs inside, so I stepped out on the side porch for one (Mark didn’t smoke). The porch had a see through glass door and as I smoked, Mark seemed to be watching me for some reason. His eyes went from the game back to me. Maybe he was just drunk, but he was definitely checking out my body. I tried to act like I didn’t notice. I even turned away from the door and smoked, giving Mark a view of my bubble butt in my sweatpants. I don’t know why, I felt kind of slutty and naughty all of the sudden, the beer must’ve been getting to me.

I finished my cig and came back inside. Mark paused the game as I entered and stood up, getting close to me. I stood there frozen, Mark only inches away from my body. What was happening?

“I like these sweatpants you have on,” he said, grabbing one of the pant’s drawstrings in his hand. He moved it around in his hand, playing with it.

“Oh?” I said, curious. “Why so you say that?” I laughed, slightly nervous now though, my heart rate increasing.

“I don’t know, I think I like the way it makes your butt look. You have a nice butt and body, almost like a chick’s.” He laughed. “Is that weird?”

“A little,” I said quieter and nervous now, looking down at my feet. Mark started moving closer, his body nearly against mine.

“Is it ok if I feel your ass? I’m sorry, it just looks so soft.”

I didn’t say anything, I only nodded, shyly. I could feel my face blushing. Oh god, I’d had so many bi fantasies, a lot of those involving Mark, but those are just fantasies, right?

Mark pressed his body against mine and the first thing I could feel was his cock, actually the warmth of his cock as it pressed against mine.

“Ohh,” a subtle noise squeaked out of my mouth.

Mark put both of his hands on my ass and held it, gently. He began to slowly massage little circles, letting his hands run down, under my ass cheeks and back up.

“Uhh,” I quietly moaned again and bit my lip, starting to feel so slutty with his hands on my ass. My cock hardened and began to grow, pressing against Mark’s.

“Wow, yeah your ass is soft and hot.”

“Thanks,” I whispered. I didn’t know what to say.

“Are you getting horny?”

I nodded yes again as Mark’s strong hands felt my ass, gently pulling me towards him, our cocks hardening. He pulled my sweatpants and boxers down a little, so gently, letting his fingers trace the skin under my waistband as he moved them down. The top of my ass was exposed, casino oyna busting out of my sweatpants, as Mark continued to feel me up.

“Your skin is so soft,” he said to me, his voice softer now.

“Uhh, thanks. That feels g…good.” I couldn’t believe it. I was finally being seduced, and by a friend of mine no less, someone I had fantasized about multiple times. I tried not to get overwhelmed as Mark held me like this, our cocks now pulsing and very (very) hard.

Mark leaned down and kissed me on the lips, softly. He pulled away and a small bit of saliva trailed down, off my lips.

“Mmm,” Mark said, “soft lips too.” And he kissed me again, soft as before, our lips hot and wet now. Mark’s hands gripped my ass softly, his fingers inching further down my butt now, lowering my pants slightly, exposing more of me.

I could feel how hard Mark’s cock was against mine, and it felt so good, it only made me grow harder. We lightly rubbed our hard, hard dicks together as we kissed. Mark slid his tongue against my lips and I obeyed, opening my mouth for him. He slid his wet tongue against mine and we started to make out, passionately.

Mark’s tongue slid against mine, it was so soft and wet in my mouth. I kissed him back with force, letting my tongue slide against his, our mouths open and wild, saliva dripping off our tongues. Mark’s touches become a little more aggressive now. He slid my pants down further, fully exposing my ass as he grabbed my cheeks hard, forcing our bodies together.

It was so hot, my cock was raging. I began to moan and make soft little noises as we made out, trying to sound as slutty and cute as possible for Mark. He grunted and groaned into my mouth as we kissed, I could tell he definitely wanted more of me.

Mark stepped away from me for a moment, only to unzip his pants and pull them down. He took his boxers down too, and his hard cock was fully on display, red and throbbing, wet from precum.

“Ohh…” was all I could say as I looked at it, licking my lips. Mark pressed his body against mine again and pulled my sweatpants and boxers down, letting my cock free. I kicked my pants to the side and we embraced again, our hard dicks now mashing against each other.

The warmth of his dick against mine was exhilarating. It made me feel so vulnerable and hot as we pressed our dicks together, Mark’s hands returning to my ass cheeks.

“You like this?” he whispered, licking my ear.

“Mmm-hmm. Oh yeah, god.” And we started kissing again, even more passionately. I humped my cock against his, it was such an erotic feeling, the warmth and length canlı casino of his dick sliding against mine. “Ohh,” I moaned.

“Come here,” Mark said, and took my hand, leading me to the bed in the corner of his room. Mark took his shirt off (now completely naked) and laid on the bed, motioning for me to come to him.

I obeyed and climbed on the bed, ontop of Mark and our bodies slid together again. I straddled Mark and we started kissing again, both of us moaning now. I rubbed my dick against Mark’s dick, both of us leaking warm precum over each other. We started humping like that as Mark’s hands slid down my back, towards my ass. He slapped my ass and grabbed it, forcing our cocks together.

“You like that?”

“Oh yeah, daddy Mark. That feels amazing.” I wasn’t sure why I said that, I just wanted to be as slutty and naughty as possible for him.

He slapped my ass again, and I yelped softly, both of us grinding and grunting now.

Mark forced his tongue further down my throat, almost making me gag. But I loved it.

“Here, let’s try something. You’re turning me on so much.” And with that, Mark positioned himself on the bed so that his face was in front of my cock, and my face was looking directly at his thick, hard cock. My god, we were about to 69! Never in my wild fantasies had I though this possible.

Mark glided his hands over my hips and around behind me, softly touching my ass again as he moved my cock towards his mouth. I loved the way he touched me, nobody had ever touched me like this before. His mouth swallowed my cock and it felt insane, his saliva dripping all over my shaft.

I moaned and writhed as Mark started to suck me off, my hands resting on his body. I looked at his massive cock and started to taste it, flicking my tongue against his bulbous head. Mark grunted. I started to slowly lick his long shaft, letting as much saliva drip over his dick as I could.

We were both very vocal now. I whimpered and moaned as Mark grunted. I took his cock head in my mouth and sucked, swirling my tongue around his head. His precum stuck to my lips and tongue and it tasted so good, I licked it off my lips. I wanted more, and so I swallowed more of his shaft, deeper.

Mark grunted and moaned, placing a hand on my abs. He stopped sucking my cock for a moment, lost in the pleasure I was giving him. But the feeling of his hand on my abs was too much, that was a sensitive spot for me. And so I bucked my hips gently, my cockhead resting on Mark’s lips. He began to lick it again softly, sending shocks of pleasure through me.

The harder and faster Mark kaçak casino sucked, the closer I was to blowing my load. I sucked Mark’s cock with a gentle passion, trying to kiss and lick every inch of it.

I could feel my cock swelling and I was so close. I became almost dizzy with desire and sex, it was hard to keep Mark’s dick in my mouth, but I did my best to wrap my lips around it, moaning onto it. Mark must’ve sensed I was close because he stopped sucking me and grabbed me, pulling me up and ontop of him.

“Oh, Mark,” I let out. I straddled him and his cock rested behind me, in between my ass cheeks. It felt so hard and full against me.

“God you’re so hot, look at this slim body.” Mark said, while sliding his hands up my body, under my shirt and against my abs and stomach. I moaned in return and began humping Mark, sliding my cock against his body. Mark slapped my ass hard and continued to slide his cock in between my ass cheeks.

My hands rested on Mark’s strong body as we humped each other. I moaned and threw my ass back, straddling his cock. I reached down and began to touch my dick softly. It only took me a few strokes, the position I was in, Mark’s hands on my body, and his cock against me. I started shooting cum, so much cum, forward and onto Mark’s chest and stomach. Mark grunted when I did this, grabbing my ass harder. I held onto him, winded from cumming so hard. He slid his cock against my ass a few more times and then pushed me off of him, to his side.

I gasped as he did this. Mark got on his knees, towering over me, making me feel so vulnerable again. He laid a hand against my body and began stroking his cock, vigorously. He grunted and moaned out my name, aiming his dick towards me. My eyes were glued on him, he looked so hot, so powerful, his dick so hard. I can’t believe this stud was so into me. Even though I just came, my dick was still pretty erect, this being one of the hottest situations I’d ever been in. And so I watched Mark, my mouth open in awe as he beat his hard dick and moaned. And soon enough, Mark too began cumming. He began spewing cum all over me, my chest, a little on my face. It was so warm and sexy, I let it run all over and stick to my body.

Mark collapsed down next to me and we both sat there for a minute, breathing heavily with cum all over us. Mark got up though, got a towel and we got cleaned up, a smile on our faces.

When we were clean and dressed, we both sat their for a minute, on the edge of Mark’s bed. It didn’t feel awkward at all. In fact, I think we were both still a little horny, the situation so unexpected, both of us tipsy still.

“Wow. I think I need to step out for a cigarette.”

Mark looked at me and smiled, resting a hand on my thigh. “You know, I might have to join you this time. I could use one.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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