Just Another Day At The Office

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It’s towards the end of a Tuesday afternoon as my department manager shows up at my desk. I look away from my spreadsheets and greet him.

He tells me that there’s a new employee joining our department and that tomorrow will be the first day. He says he has a meeting and asks me if I can show her around instead.

‘Her?’ I say while smiley and frowning and the same time, ‘Sure thing, boss.’

He laughs and tells me to treat her nicely and that I can pick her up at the HR department at 9 am.

I tell him I will treat her like a princess. He walks away laughing and tells me that I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The next morning I spend some extra time in selecting the right shirt with a matching watch and shoes. I arrive at work at around 8.30 am and start up my computer to answer some e-mails before picking up the new employee at the HR department.

No one to see and the door’s closed, so I wait on the chair on the hallway. Then after a few minutes you come out and you surprise me. Wow, I didn’t expect that, you’re gorgeous. I quickly regain my composure and introduce myself with a sweet smile. I offer you a coffee and we walk to the canteen together.

We talk for about half an hour about our studies and the way we rolled in here. There seems to be a kind of chemistry between us, we have a lively conversation and exchange smiles and jokes. After the coffee I show you around at different departments and then after our lunch together you have other appointments.

At around 6 pm the office is empty and I’m about to leave as you walk in. You sit down at the chair next to my desk and sigh. ‘Tiring day?’ I ask. You nod. I put my hand on your shoulder and laugh. ‘You’ll get used to it in a few weeks.’

You smile and put your hand on mine. You thank me for showing you around today and I tell you it’s a pleasure getting paid to show a woman like you around. As you stand up I sense that is the moment I should strike.

I grab your other hand and softly kiss your mouth. You answer my kiss and wrap czech harem porno your arms around my neck. We kiss for a while before I push you against the wall and start kissing your neck. Your soft moans tell me that you’re enjoying. I start opening the buttons of your shirt while still kissing your neck and slide it down.

I lick my way down to your shoulder and bite it gently and your hand grabs my hair as I do. Your shirt drops on the ground with your bra to follow. I lick my way down to your nipples and bite them as you moan harder and I see you throwing your head back against the wall. I pick you up and lay you over my desk.

I slide your skirt down and and bite your thigh before kissing towards the center. I softly lick over your panties and taste the wetness through the fabric. ‘You’re enjoying yourself, I see’ I tell you.

You don’t reply, the only sound you make are moans.

I rip your panties open and run my mouth over the length of your vagina. Your moans are getting harder as I circle my tongue around your clit. I use my fingers to softly stroke your pussy lips while my circles get smaller and your moans get harder. My circles have concentrated on the its center point: your clit.

I flick your clit softly with my tongue and your moans fill the room and I feel your hands in my hair.

You squirm under me and suddenly your body starts trembling as you let out loud moans. Your wetness soaks my tongue as you cum moaning under me. I give you no time to regain yourself and slide my finger in your vagina. I lean over you to kiss your neck and to whisper in your ear what a dirty little slut you are, already laying here naked and moaning over my desk on your first day of work.

I slide a second finger in and start looking for your g-spot. It doesn’t take me long to find it and your response is even heavier than expected. I start stimulating it as you moan louder and louder. I bite your shoulder and your neck as I feel you approaching another orgasm. I lower my tempo swingers porno and ask you if you want to cum. You just moan.

I ask you again, then you reply a soft ‘yes.’ I tell you you’re not going to cum until I tell you to cum, as I raise the tempo again. The moans get harder again and you ask me to let you cum.

I grab your throat and repeat what I said earlier: ‘You’re not going to cum until I tell you to cum.’ I bring you to the edge again and you ask me to cum again. I love the desperation in your voice as I slow the tempo down for the third time.

I ask again ‘do you want to cum?’

You moan and say yes in a desperate, high voice. I tell you you’re going to have to work for it and undo my shirt and pantalon before dropping my boxers. I pull your head just over the edge of the desk and tell you to open your mouth, which you do before I’m even able to finish my sentence.

I slide my dick in and your tongue runs eagerly around it. Your eyes are looking at me with desire. I grab your head and start using your mouth like a toy. Your tongue feels so good running around it. I feel it’s time for your reward as I lean over and stick my fingers in your soaked vagina again.

I find the g-spot right away and start pushing it rhythmically. Your moans vibrate on my dick and after a minute you’re trembling. I raise the tempo and slide out of your mouth. Your hard moans fill the room again and you squirm as you reach an explosive orgasm. I keep stimulating you and you keep cumming and cumming. While you’re still breathing heavily I pull your legs towards the edge of the desk.

Without warning I slide my cock in and grab your throat as I start fucking. Your vagina seems still to be contracting from your previous orgasm and it feels great to me. I have one hand on your throat and one in your hair as the desk moves a little bit every time due to my thrusts.

You moan again every time I fill you. I twist my hand around your hair and use the grip to pull you up. I czech pool porno ragdoll you against the wall with your face towards the wall.

You say nothing, you just moan. I push myself into you again and start fucking you again. I pull your hair with every stroke and whisper into your ear that you’re such a slut, getting fucked against a wall on your first day of work.

You reply moaning that you’re MY slut. I slow down the tempo and start spanking your ass. First soft, then harder until you moan from the spanks alone. You tell me the combination of being spanked and fucked is about to make you cum again.

I tell you what I’ve said before: no cumming without permission.

You sigh and confirm. Your bum is turning red from my spanks now and I raise the tempo of fucking again. Your moans get me so aroused that I slowly feel the orgasm in my balls building up. I fuck you rough and hard against the wall and you ask for permission to cum again.

‘Not yet darling,’ I reply as I bite your neck. Your moans are starting to sound desperate again. I slip one hand towards your crotch to rub your clit as I fuck you. Your whole crotch is extremely wet and my hand slides over it almost without friction. Your moans get higher as you beg me to cum.

I love how desperate you sound and ignore your request as I fuck you harder and rub your clit faster. You’re so desperate to cum that tears start flowing from your eyes. I finally have mercy and tell you you can cum.

What then happens is something I had never experienced, your legs give in and you moan hard. It’s a good thing I have you pinned against the wall. Your vagina contracts hard around my cock and finally I can’t take it anymore as your vagina milks my cock to orgasm. Wave after wave of my cum fills your vagina as we both cum groaning and moaning at the same time.

We slowly get back to ourselves as we both sit down in the leather chairs. We get our normal breath back and smile at each other. ‘That’s not how I expected my first day’ you say as you smile, ‘it was good nonetheless.’

I laugh and reply ‘just another day at the office.’ We both get dressed again and walk outside together. On our way out we greet the cleaning lady, smiling at each other and wondering if she has noticed anything. We wish each other a good evening and then separate our ways to go home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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