Just an Average Group Ch. 03

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Author’s Note : Before you read this chapter, I strongly encourage you to read the previous 2 chapters. They explain the characters (with descriptions)and foundation of “the Group”. I also ask for your comments (I never get enough reader feedback!), constructive criticism, or encouragement. I am still pretty new at writing, and can use all the help I can get. Enjoy!!!


The morning after the Larson’s “test party” they were sleeping in late; at least, late for them. And why not??…After the events of the previous night, they were both “Fuckered-Out!!” Ron was lying on his side, spooned against his wife, Carol’s back. He felt his half-hard penis nestled into her warm ass-crack. As he slowly opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was her tousled blond hair, directly in front of his face.

As his eyes began to focus, and her hair glistened in the bright morning sunshine streaming thru the bedroom window; he could see flecks of dried semen in her hair. He smiled wistfully, as he recalled the sex that had happened to both of them the night before. His cock began to grow a bit. His left hand started to slowly massage Carol’s left nipple, as she slept soundly next to him.

Her warmth and softness beckoned him closer, and he snuggled into her backside. Ron and Carol had been married for twelve years; and he loved her with all his heart. But the memory of the sex he had experienced with three other women the night before, flooded into his brain, and he sighed.

Slowly, from the depths of her dreamless sleep, Carol began to stir; she gradually became aware of her husband’s stiff joy-stick against her ass. She wistfully remembered that some other cocks had visited that area recently. She felt Ron’s fingers gently pinching and circling her nipple, and decided to turn toward him.

Carol had a cute face, with a small turned-up nose, blue eyes that sparkled, and a mouth with medium thick lips that always seemed to pout a little bit.

She loved her husband very much, and had feared that the sharing that had happened last night would be a problem….a big problem, for them. But, so far at least, it seemed to have brought them closer. As she faced Ron now, they both smiled and simultaneously whispered, ” I love you!!” At that, they giggled quietly, still gazing into each others’ eyes, and kissed sweetly.

The thought came to both of them , that they might start to make love; but frankly…they both sensed that they were still pretty tender and a bit sore from the sex last night….and so, Carol told him with a perky grin..” I need a shower, I feel dried cum all over my body.” She got up and padded off to the adjoining bathroom.

Ron responded, ” I will go down and make coffee and toast while you shower, honey.” They both got about their intended tasks. Twenty minutes later, Carol came into the dining-room still drying her wet hair, and took a cup of coffee from the table, and sipped gratefully.

For the next half hour, they both quietly sipped, nibbled some toast and jam, and perused the Sunday newspaper. Neither wanted to talk much about the night before; they both feared the other was disappointed or disappoving of their spouse….or actually felt anger at being with someone, besides their mate, for sex.

Finally, and carefully, Ron broached the subject. “Honey, tell me how you feel about what we did last night…I want to know what you are thinking and feeling.” Carol set her coffee cup down, looked at her husband with a steady gaze, and then replied, ” I have to admit, that when things started out, I felt jealous. Watching Patty suck you off while you were sitting almost right next to me, was a bit of a jolt.”I was worried that she did oral better than me, and I felt that you might be comparing us.” declared the lovely blond.

” But then…how could I object very much when Juan was licking my pussy at the same time….and, I might add….driving me crazy with his tongue.” Carol smiled. ” Then when you and Maria walked down the hallway, to a bedroom; and I knew you would be fucking her for awhile…well, that was hard too.”

“But then, Gary took me into the other bedroom…and I must say…we had a wonderful sexy time in there.” Carol grinned. So all in all, they both related to each other that they loved each other desperately; did NOT have any jealousy issues, and actually….had enjoyed the sex with the other couples. They enjoyed it ALOT!

Ron and Carol then realized, as they continued their discussion, that there had been many “firsts” for them at the “test party”…but perhaps the most surprising new demension was the loud vulgar language and uninhibited release of sexual enjoyment from the other, experienced members there. It wasn’t like her and Ron’s more sensual, subdued love-making, in their marriage.

They both had watched people fucking and sucking, at the party the night before …and there IS a difference! Words like “Fuck”…”Cunt”…and “Cum” were used over and over. Not just quietly and privately used; but almost shouted……certainly casino oyna this was new to Carol. Up to last night she had hardly ever used that kind of language.

She was especially surprised to hear vularities and wanton animalistic sex from her long-time friend from high school, Dee. But she came to realize that group sex was somehow different; and this kind of verbalizing was permitted…in fact,….encouraged. She began to think about changing her previously conservative sexual attitudes…in order to fit into the group scene.

Ron certainly agreed with her that this WAS different…and that they both needed to adjust their thinking about sex….but more importantly…..this new attitude didn’t look like it would threaten their loving relationship.

Ron also thought to himself, ‘ I am seeing strange and unexpected new changes in Carol…she is definately NOT the same woman she was two weeks ago. This could be dangerous and bad for us….but… it could also be very exciting and good for us’.

As they finished their talk, they both headed off to do their usual “Sunday chores”; they both concluded that they had experienced a fun, enjoyable,and liberating time the night before. That their marriage was still intact and strong….and most important of all…that they were STILL in deep love with one another, meant alot to them both.

Later, on Sunday afternoon, the phone rang, and Carol answered to hear Dee’s excited voice on the other end. Dee almost shouted into the receiver..” You guys are IN!!!…you and Ron have been officially accepted into our group!!! Joe did a phone-line conference call with all the members!! You and Ron are invited to your first full meeting of “the Group” in two weeks!! Dee proudly proclaimed.

Carol couldn’t contain her joy and excitement. She hollered at Ron outside…”Its Dee on the phone, honey….WE ARE IN!!” Looking out into the garden, where he was working….Carol could plainly see him grin and show happiness on his face. “That’s GREAT!! he shouted back.

Dee then said, in a somewhat lower voice tone, ” By the way Carol…even tho I have known both of you since high school…I had NO FUCKING IDEA what a stud Ron is……he fucked me to 3 orgasms last nite!!” she giggled.

“Well Hon, YOUR HUSBAND made me cum twice while I was eating Maria’s pussy, last night, and it felt WONDERFUL!!” cooed Carol.” I have never had an experience like that in my life before, and Dee…I WANT MORE!!!” Carol gushed.

Dee ended the call, promising to get back to Carol with more information within the next week or so; Carol told her that would be fine….and ended saying, “Thank you both, Dee, for sponsoring us…I really mean that, from me and Ron.” Dee answered, “I will be sure to tell Joe that….bye hon!!” and Dee hung up, smiling contentedly.

During the next week, Ron and Carol noticed a definate change in their love making. Before, it had been more romantic…sensual….gentle…soft caresses and little verbalizing. If anything was said, it had been sweet and loving words….There still WAS much of that….but now their sex was more aggressive, intense, and heated. Words like “fuck”, “cunt” and “cum” were uttered now. They were, neither one, self-conscious or embarrassed with these new changes in the bedroom.

There was much more foreplay now; Ron spent much more time licking and biting her engorged nipples. He spent wayyyy more time orally getting her vagina prepared for fucking. Carol was now having MULTIPLE orgasms….when before she usually didn’t have any; or at the most one.

But this led to an issue that one night they had to discuss….and change. That being, Carol and the way she used to suck Ron’s dick. ” I noticed at the party,” Carol said, ” That when Patty sucked you off, while we were on the sofa, she finished you by swallowing your sperm.” Ron realized what she was getting at. Carol had NEVER let him cum in her mouth…..much less swallow his load.

” I think the men in the group are going to expect me to swallow cum,” she reasoned.”Ron,will you help me learn to swallow?; I need to pracice.” Ron, of course had to consider her question for about….oh.. a nano-second. “Ohhhh…….allright .” He tried to sound skeptical; but was only kidding. What man would NOT want to help his wife learn this amazing skill??

For the next 15 minutes Carol gave her husband a sloppy, deep blowjob. She started by licking his growing prick up and down the shaft; coating it with her saliva. After a bit, she lowered her mouth over the tip and attempted to swallow his entire rod into her wet mouth. Ron layed on the bed and groaned in serene pleasure; his stiff cock had never been this hard before.

Ron remembered how Maria sucked his cock into her throat, and gave Carol some suggestions how to do that, while she moaned and hummed her way, enveloping his turgid tool. It began to work; he could feel the tip of his dick tunneling into her throat; she fought the reflexive reaction to gag, relaxed her throat muscles, and canlı casino swallowed him deeper than she had ever done before.

She sucked and slurped his stiff prick like a devout worshipper at her phallic idol. She wanted to learn how to swallow;…but more importantly…she wanted to please her man….to bring him sexual ecstasy.

Finally, after a few minutes of oral stimulation from his bobbing wife, Ron felt his orgasm approaching; his nuts were flexing and tightening, despite his efforts to hold off his building eruption. His hips lifted off the bed, and Carol knew he was close to losing his load.

As she sucked his cock harder, and massaged his balls a bit stronger, Ron suddenly bucked and lifted…”ARRRGGGGHHHHH……OOOHHHH….ANNNGGGG!!! he groaned loudly…” Ohhhh FUCK!!!!I’M CuMMMMinGGGG!!!”….and his molten hot man-lava erupted into her clutching, sucking mouth. 3, then 4, then a 5th spurt shot from his pulsating prick!! Carol tried her best to swallow it all,guzzling it down her throat, but a few droplets of his salty nectar seeped out, and ran down her chin.

She swallowed the last of his creamy hot, seed, then grinned up to him and said…” That’s another “first” to add to my list!!…I think I will be able to do this for other men…and I KNOW I will always swallow your cumm, my love, from now on.” Ron grinned from ear to ear. “Besides,” she added, ” that cum you just unloaded actually tastes good!!….a bit salty, but good.” she beamed and grinned sheepishly.

A couple of nights later another issue needed resolved before the party. Ron said to his adorable wife, ” Honey…I noticed you started a new “hairstyle” down by your pussy…are you going to have that triangle at the upcoming get- together??”

Carol pondered the question, recalling that Dee had told her the women in the group favored three different “hairstyles” for the men. 1) Trimmed Triangle…which she chose for herself for the last party. 2) Landing Strip…a verticle trimmed patch shaped in a narrow rectangle above the pussy. 3) Shaved!!…pubic area smooth as a baby’s ass!

” I don’t know…what do you like Honey??” she asked Ron. Ron fondly remembered the sexy, nice “landing-strip” that Maria had at the “test-party”… but he also loved Dee’s shaved cunt…it was so smooth and suckable…”I kinda like a landing-strip,” he replied to her question.

The next night after supper, Carol looked at Ron and said, ” I have a surprise for you!” Then she stood up from the table, came around to stand in front of her now curious hubby; and pulled down her sweatpants and panties…..There before her wide-eyed spouse and staring him in the eye was her new, trimmed, nicely smelling LANDING_STRIP!!

Ron didn’t know what to say. He beamed and grinned….then did what any sane man would do….He began to lick with flat tongue strokes up and down the strip of fur she now proudly sported. Pulling her ass toward his face…Ron licked and sucked her new “hairstyle”; but sometimes…”accidently”…he also licked into Carol’s sopping gash, grazing her warm sweet clit. “Oh sorry”…he playfully apologized. Carol pulled his face even tighter into her center…”Shut-Up and lick!!” she barked….and grinned and rolled her eyes to the ceiling.

With only five days left until Saturday’s big event; Carol went shopping. She bought some sexy new outfits to wear, and also some new underwear for Ron to wear. For herself, she got a new peach colored “babydoll” outfit; and a sexy black and lavender trimmed bustier…with matching garter belt and thigh-high stockings.

For Ron, she got him two new pairs of colored briefs, because he preferred wearing briefs….but also a pair of light blue and yellow trimmed boxers.

One last issue to address before Saturday….both of the Larson’s decided that they would need all the energy and stamina to make it thru a 20 hour “fuckfest” with all seven couples, that they could muster. So….sex leading to cumming was put on hold…starting Tuesday night, before the upcoming Saturday.

They still did alot of kissing, and some fondling…but only up to a certain point. Ron and Carol spent some more time discussing their undying love for each other. They talked about the big difference between “sharing” and “cheating”…and there WAS a big difference.

Ron and Carol both felt that “sharing” each other, in this group situation was permissable, and would probably be al;ot of fun. But neither one of them could tolerate the other “cheating” in their relationship; it would be unforgivable.

They each wanted their spouse to have fun, and experience the lifestyle of group-sex. There would be NO recriminations or jealousy. They cuddled to sleep each nite, thinking about what was going to happen; but trusting in one another….and their love.

One of the main traits about this group; that Dee and Joe had previously stressed; and which really helped the Larson couple feel comfortable about joining…was the fact that all the other people in the group were described kaçak casino as AVERAGE!!

None of the women were super gorgeous…all had been described as ” 6’s” or “7’s”..pretty and cute…but not super-model HOT!! Their bodies…perhaps a bit on the thin side of AVERAGE…but not overly skinny. And one thing that had worried Carol….bust size….all of the women were AVERAGE there also…A or B cup bras prevailed; Dee had assured her.

As for the men, AVERAGE looks; no handsome Hollywood Adonis’s were in the group. No muscle-bound porn-stars either. Medium height and weight. No long-haired hippy types….guys you would find next-door…or at the grocery store.

As for their “equipment”…Joe had assured Ron that they were all in the 6 to 7 inch category…NO SUPER-STUDS ALLOWED!!

Knowing this, Carol and Ron were ready to make new friends; they both wanted to make a good first impression….and they wanted each other to have fun and enjoy this new sexually liberating group. Their marriage needed this, and could endure these changes.

For the past couple of years, their sex-lives had deteriorated; they both knew it. There was no denying it. Carol and Ron needed to do SOMETHING….and the something would be “the Group.”

Saturday was fast approaching!!

Saturday . . . . .

Just before noon, on the “debut” with their new group; the phone rang at the Larson home. Joe was calling to give directions to the house where the “party” was to take place. A couple, named Tony and Lisa, would be hosting the festivities in the suburb of Scottsdale. Joe then put Dee on the phone, to talk to Carol. Dee reminded Carol that she should pack a hair dryer, 2 or 3 outfit changes for both, and any toiletries and “girl stuff”; for the event that would go until noon on Sunday.

After lunch, Ron and Carol began their “beautification process”, to get ready for their first full 8 couple group sex party. They were BOTH “twitterpated” as they thought about all the fun that awaited them. They drove off toward Scottsdale at 3:15; figuring it would take about 45 minutes to get to the address.

As they walked up to the front door, they were giddy with excitement and anticipation. The fun was about to begin!

All of the “veteran” group members had arrived about 20 minutes early; so that they would be ready to greet the new couple just inside the front door.

As their sponsors, Joe and Dee were the first to welcome them in; and then immediately introduced the hosts, Tony and Lisa. Carol was a bit taken aback when Tony shook hands with Ron, and then gently and warmly wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her a sensual “French kiss” welcome. The kiss was deep, warm and sensual;..Carol liked it!

Then Lisa stepped up, and gave Ron and then Carol the same deep kiss,like her husband had just bestowed on Carol. They beamed and smiled as they welcomed the “rookies” into their home.

Then Dee and Joe introduced all the other couples. Of course they had already had sex with some members already at the “test party” 2 weeks prior. They gave Juan, Maria, Gary, and Patty special time to say “hello”,with some fondling thrown in for good measure; as memories were silently recalled between themselves.

Each couple greeted the pair just like the hosts had done….deep kisses for both from the ladies, and handshakes for Ron and kisses from the men for Carol. Carol was somewhat surprised when Grant and Lydia were introduced. She didn’t know that there would be a black couple in the group. This didn’t bother Carol;… it was just an unexpected surprise.

When Grant had kissed her, she noticed his sensual lips, his very nice smell, and the bright twinkle in his eyes. Carol was immediately intrigued. A month ago, the thought of having sex with a black man was the furthest thing on her mind….but now??….hmmmm…very interesting!!

Ron, likewise, was a bit surprised, and actually turned-on, by Lydia’s welcoming tongue-tango; as she squirmed her tongue-tip almost into his throat.Ron had never kissed a black woman before, and he rejoiced in the sexy feel of her full, soft lips. His dick lurched in his pants.

The other couple that they took particular note of was Ian and Fay, the oldest couple to greet them. They were both in their 50’s and were the most “senior” members of “the Group.” Ian had a sexy shaved head; while Fay was a bit “rounder” than the other gals, and had the biggest boobs, Carol noticed.

As it turned out; Joe and Dee had thoughtfully pondered about what to tell their long-time friends, before today, about the members of the group. In the end, they had decided to just let them meet their new friends at the party; and find out for themselves at that time…Joe and Dee beamed like proud parents as their friends were welcomed into the group.

After all the introductions had been completed, they all moved into the recreation room, for a short “business meeting.” This was the usual practice for each monthly get-together.

3 couples sat on the large sofa, 2 couples sat on the floor at each end of the couch, and the remaining 3 couples sat on large over-stuffed chairs; arranged in a “D” shaped circle. They were all wearing normal, everyday clothing.

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