Julie’s Panties Ch. 01

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Shortly after I turned 18, my taste in girls had solidified into a preference for tall, slender, dark haired beauties. I wasn’t interested in airheads or girls with no self-respect nor was I interested in having a girlfriend just for sex. I wanted a smart girl who shared my interests in the Sciences and the Natural World. The girls who caught my eye almost always seemed to dress in a feminine style, leaving me intrigued by what might be hiding underneath their clothes.

Having an older sister, I took a few opportunities to look through her top drawer and see what she had, imagining what some of my favorite crushes would look like in these bras and panties etc. I remember reading and looking through the various catalogs that came in the mail, immediately searching for the lingerie adds then studying them whenever I got the chance.

This was in the 80s and women still wore slips under their dresses and I would always keep my eyes peeled for the occasional glimpse of white lace or satin at the hemline of their skirts or the outline of bras and bra straps when they wore light clothing. Another favorite pastime was looking at wash lines as we would drive down the road on wash day. (Most laundry was still hung out to dry at this time, especially out in the country where I lived). You could always get a glimpse of lingerie hanging out to dry. I guess that I just loved the forbidden fruit.

I was kind of shy and naïve but eventually I started having the courage to talk to girls and even went out on some dates but sex was always something that eluded me until well after high school.

This brings me to the summer of ’80. I was 19 and had been going out with Julie for several months and we really enjoyed being together. Julie was about 5’8″ tall 115 lbs with long, slender, legs and nice firm breasts, not too small and not too large. She was very pretty with beautiful brown eyes and long brown hair, a real class act. We had a lot in common and I was in love, or perhaps in heat, but I was crazy for this girl and spent as much time with her as I could. One of our favorite pass times was hiking in the woods and exploring the natural wonders that surrounded us.

As time went on we started doing what most hot blooded 19 year olds do, kissing and groping each other whenever possible. This particular night we were parked in the back of a farmer’s corn field under a full casino siteleri moonlit sky. I was desperately hoping to get her clothes off and at least see her in her underwear. She had worn a pair of jeans and a white French cut t-shirt. I could see the outline of her bra and her panty lines stirred fantasies of what delights were hidden beneath her clothing. I suggested that we jump in the back of my car where there was more room, Julie readily agreed and I was thinking, this is it!

We immediately began making out and soon I had my hand on her lovely breasts, although it was through her shirt. I could feel the cotton of her shirt sliding over the silky nylon of her bra and even felt her nipples start to get hard. Our breathing became faster, we were sucking on each other’s tongues, kissing like crazy. Julie had pushed up my shirt and begun kissing my nipples. I took off my shirt then slipped my hand under her t-shirt to resume caressing her tits through her silky bra. I had never felt anything as soft and silky as her breasts even though they were still contained by her bra.

Eventually, I was able to remove her shirt and as the moonlight shone in, I couldn’t help staring at her gorgeous white nylon bra. The lower half of the cups were satiny nylon with a beautiful lace making up the top, plunging downward and meeting at a little front clasp. This was a soft cup bra with no wires, just a delicate elastic band providing the minimal support that Julies firm breasts required. I even loved the way that the delicate straps ran up over her shoulders to meet the back band. I carefully ran my fingertips over the material, down the straps to the cups, outlining her pouty nipples as they pushed into the satin. This was the most incredible thing I had ever seen, or felt for that matter, much nicer than I imagined while studying the ads in the magazines.

Julie noticed what I was doing and asked, “Do you like the bra that I am wearing?”

All I could say was, “holy shit yes, it’s beautiful”.

She replied “I love wearing beautiful silky underwear, it makes me feel special and it protects my sensitive skin from the rest of my clothes.”

I asked if her panties matched and she replied by unbuttoning her pants, sliding them down her long slender legs and inviting me to “see for yourself.”

At this point, I was sporting a raging hard on and I yanked my canlı casino jeans and underwear off as well.

Her panties were the same shiny white as her bra, in a bikini cut. Made from a silky nylon fabric, they covered the cheeks of her firm ass and had a narrow band running along each hip towards the front, meeting two lace panels that dove down towards the gusset. Finally there was a strip of nylon fabric that continued downward over her pussy, between her legs then joining the back panel. This was a matched set and I silently wondered if she had the half-slip and camisole to complete it.

Due to a cotton liner, the crotch area was a little thicker than the rest of the panty, but above the lining I could see the outline of her silky pubic hairs pressing against the silky fabric, I could even see a few wisps through the lace accents. All I could do was stare at her bra and panties, thinking that this is what I had been fantasizing about seeing for most of my life.

“Would you like to touch them? Go ahead, they won’t melt,” she encouraged me.

I was like a kid in a candy store, running my hands all over her panties and then her bra while Julie grasped my dick and started slowly stroking up and down the full length of my hardness. As I rubbed the fabric of her panties between her legs, I discovered that the crotch was getting wet. Julie was arching her hips up to meet my fingers as I rubbed her panty crotch into her wet pussy. In addition, Julie was murmuring endearments into and my ear as I began gently kissing and sucking on her perky bra covered nipples. Her hot breath and sweet talk were quite the turn on and I’m thinking, “This is it! I’m going to get laid for the first time tonight”.

Almost reluctantly, I began removing Julie’s gorgeous panties by sliding them down her legs. Once they were off, I rubbed the silky fabric between my fingertips, sending what felt like shock waves of pleasure through my body. Eventually, I handed them to Julie saying “Don’t lose these, I hate to give them up, they are so sweet and silky.”

Julie gently caressed my cheek with them, draped them over my cock and resumed the hand job. The feel of her panties on my cheek and then wrapped around my cock was indescribable. I hadn’t known that panties could have such an effect on me.

Julie said “Lay back and enjoy, I’m not ready to go all the way, but I suspect kaçak casino that this will do the job.”

At this point, I was so horny and my cock was so hard that anything she wanted was fine with me. Julie started rubbing the silky fabric of her panties over my balls and then once again wrapped them around my cock, resumed stroking me, first slowly then faster and faster. It didn’t take long before a felt myself starting to come and with a loud groan I emptied my nuts into her panties, squirting several times and making a total mess of that gorgeous garment. Just a few minutes before, they had been covering Julie’s most intimate of body parts and now they were soaked with semen. I was kind of proud of myself as I lay there panting for air, and Julie, naked except for her bra, started giggling “Well now”, she said, “It looks like someone enjoyed that action.”

“That was incredible!” I gasped, kissing her on the lips and stroking her bra covered tits with one hand while sliding the other down to her wet pussy.

Julie cut things off by saying, “I’m not ready to go any further right now, let’s take it easy, I promise that I’ll get there, but not tonight.”

While my hormones were raging and my thoughts of fucking Julie had been dashed, I was raised to respect the wishes of others so I resigned myself to the fact that tonight wasn’t going to end in intercourse. Besides, I had just had the most incredible orgasm into Julie’s panties and nothing could take that away. We got dressed, I dropped her off at home and we kissed good night.

All that I could think about on the way home was how beautiful Julie looked in her white bra and matching panties and how incredible that her “panty job” had been. I got out of my car, the light illuminating the interior when something white caught my eye! Holy fuck, I realized that it was Julie’s panties, in all of their splendid, snow white, silky, lacy, come soaked glory! On my back seat!

Now I might be dumb, but I’m not stupid, Women don’t “forget their panties” and Julie had left hers for me to discover! I grabbed them up, still soaked with my semen, stuffed them in my pocket then headed inside, not believing my incredible luck tonight.

My mother hadn’t gotten home yet from her second shift job so I had time to figure out what to do with my newly acquired treasure. The first thing that I did was to head to the bathroom and wash them out in the sink, they were pretty sticky from the load that I had given them. I hung them up to dry in the back of my closet, jumped into bed and quickly fell asleep, dreaming about Julie and her sexy panties.

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