Julie’s Awakening

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Proofreader’s Note: English is not mildhot’s first language. Be patient and enjoy.

Author’s note: Thank you patientlee for your patience and effort.

Julie had just turned eighteen. She was over six feet tall with short, black hair. She had big, brown eyes and perfect, chiseled features. She had beautiful, 36 C-sized breasts and an athletic body with long, brown legs.

She was beautiful and she knew it, but she hated the attention her beauty drew. She always wore boyish, baggy jeans with a T-shirt, and she usually covered her short haircut with a baseball cap.

Her mother, who had pressured her into participating in beauty contests when she was young, hated the way she hid her beauty, but Julie didn’t care. She just wanted to finish school then go to any university to get a degree in anything.

Even this holiday was not her idea of fun because she could not hide her body on the beach. Her usual beach wear was denim shorts and a wetsuit-type top. She didn’t realize it, but trying to look less sexy actually had the opposite effect. Her long legs were always tanned as she loved going on long hikes on her own. The denim shorts accented her long legs and tight butt. The wetsuit showed off her full boobs, and when it got wet, her long nipples poked through the fabric.

She noticed the guy on the beach as he was a bit overdressed. He had on long pants that he had turned up to walk on the sand. He was wearing a dress shirt and big modern sun glasses.

She felt his eyes on her butt, but she ignored him like all the others. She went for a swim, and walked out of the water to her towel. He looked on as two college guys tried to chat her up with a lame excuse. She dismissed them, not being too friendly.

“Stuck up bitch,” she heard when they walked away.

It didn’t even bug her, as she was in her own little world. It wasn’t as if she didn’t have any sexual feelings, but for the time being she was very happy with her little toys that she always carried with her. She enjoyed playing with herself and she realized long ago that she was multi-orgasmic. She came every private chance she got, but it was only her toys with no other fantasies. She got rid of her hymen a long time ago with one of her bigger toys.

She had kissed boys before, but it irritated her. She once had a heavy petting session with one of her father’s friends, in which she almost went all the way, but after he came in her mouth he couldn’t get it up again.

That was the last of her experiences with men, and she didn’t even think about a repeat performance.

She still felt the stranger’s eyes on her as she took a novel from her bag. It was late afternoon and she caught the last sun while reading her book.

“What the fuck?” she grumbled to herself when she felt a shadow over her.

She shaded her eyes with her hand while she looked up with an irritated look on her face.

It was the stranger, smiling down at her with his perfect white teeth. He didn’t say anything, and just kept on smiling. She couldn’t help but notice his deep blue eyes. It was a strange combination with his dark hair and complexion.

“What?” she barked, very irritated at the disturbance.

He was tall, dark and very handsome. She almost laughed at her random first impression. He had those boyish good looks that made it difficult to determine his age. She guessed that he was in his early to mid-thirties.

“Hi there,” he said and she was surprised at his deep voice.

“Can I help you?” she answered, just wanting the guy to disappear.

He didn’t answer but just sat down next to her. She sat up looking at the uninvited guest.

“I am kind of busy, what do you want?” she spat at him.

He just sat there, staring over the ocean. She looked up and thought about what a beautiful sight it was with the sun setting over the horizon. She decided that she had had enough.

“Please go away,” she said, standing up and gathering her things.

He stood up and offered her his hand.

“Mike Jones,” he said taking her hand in his.

His hands were warm and soft. She looked at his well-manicured fingernails and then she smelled him. It was a delicate, manly smell. His aftershave was not over powering, but just right.

She shrugged her shoulders and pulled her hand out of his. She turned around to leave, thinking that he was going to stop her, but he didn’t.

She felt his eyes on her as she walked away. She was irritated, but she also felt strangely good.

She walked to the parking lot and looked back at the beach. She saw him sitting there, staring at the ocean. It was getting dark, and she saw the glow of a cigarette, or maybe a cigar.

“Who cares?” she thought as she sped away in her car. She enjoyed speed and although the car was an old buggy, she got the most out of it. She was an aggressive driver, and she felt like she owned the road.

She drove fast, weaving through the traffic, annoyed at the slow pace of the holiday-goers.

Her family’s beach house was on a long, private casino siteleri stretch of beach. She never thought about it, but her parents must be quite well off. They owned a few properties, and even though they only used it once or twice a year, this house had a year-round, full-time staff.

She parked the buggy in front, knowing that it would irritate her fastidious father. Order in his household and order in his life were of utmost importance to him. He was some kind of big shot at the stock market, but all his talk about buy-outs and take-overs went in one ear and out the other.

She walked through the large house, dropping her bag in the kitchen. She saw her mom and dad on the pool deck. She knew that they expected her to greet them when she got home, so she decided to ignore them and went straight up to her room.

She took her clothes off when she walked into the room. She nonchalantly unzipped first her top, then her denims, peeling them off and dropping them on the floor.

She first got her little, waterproof dildo and then walked into her large shower. She put the dildo on the rack and turned the shower on full-blast with cold water. She lathered her hair with shampoo and then started washing the salt off her skin. She enjoyed the feeling of her body, but most of all, she enjoyed the feeling of her full breasts and her tight butt.

She cupped her breasts, feeling their weight. She slowly stroked her sensitive nipples, feeling herself become wet. She took the little, one-inch vibrator, and turned the switch to its highest setting. She went directly for her clit. The vibrating sensation brought her to a quick orgasm. She kept it there and within seconds, she had another. Then it happened.

She suddenly saw Mike’s smiling face in front of her, as if he were watching her. He had a knowing smile, and she imagined his soft hands stroking her, taking the place of the dildo.

She tried to shrug the image off, but she began imagining what he looked like first without his shirt, then without his trousers.

She imagined his fingers on her clit and his mouth on her long, erect nipples. She came for the third time within minutes and fell back on the bench in the shower, waiting for the cold water to cool her down.

At last she got out of the shower feeling refreshed and alive. She walked naked through her room with her hair still wet.

Her usual attire at night was shorts and a T-shirt, but tonight she decided to wear a dress that her mother had bought for her. It was white, long and flowing. She wore no panties but she had to put on a padded bra to hide her aroused nipples. She even touched her lips with light pink lipstick.

She very seldom wore perfume, but she decided to spray on another gift from her mom. She felt sexy, and she knew she looked it while she walked down the stairs.

She could hear chatting in the den and moved towards it. Her father was wearing slacks and a white button-down shirt, and she thought for a moment that he looked quite good for an old man.

Her mother was wearing some designer suit with her hair and makeup as immaculate as always.

There was a woman sitting next to her mom, and she looked exotic with long, dark hair and a South American complexion. She was wearing a long, floral dress with a low neckline showing off her perfect breasts.

Her father smiled at her, and she thought, “He looks so relaxed.”

“Hallo love,” he greeted her.

“Please come and meet Sophia Jones,” he said, steering her to the exotic woman.

Sophia smiled as she took her hand in both of hers. “So pleased to meet you. I must say that you are even more beautiful than your mother described,” Sophia smiled.

Even her voice was exotic, with a faint accent that made it very sexy.

Julie smiled at her mom’s peculiar look and kissed her dad on his cheek.

“Hallo mother,” she said without looking at her.

It was only then that she realized that there was someone else in the room. He was at the mini-bar, pouring a drink. He turned, and the first thing she noticed was his blue, penetrating eyes.

“Oh yes, meet Sophia’s husband, Mike Jones,” her father said.

Mike took her hand in his, smiling at her as if he knew that she just came fantasizing about him. “Very pleased to see you again, and I have to say my wife’s words didn’t describe your beauty enough.”

Her parents looked at her questionably. Mike helped by mentioning their brief meeting on the beach.

She again smelled him, but this time he had the fresh scent of a person that just came out a shower. She couldn’t help but think back to what she had just done in the shower while thinking about him.

Her usually confident dad was falling all over himself sucking up to this man. He kept on complimenting Mike, and she began to feel a fair amount of apprehension towards him. He was so confident in everything he did, and he went along, talking with the other adults, seeming not even to notice Julie.

For the first time in her life she felt like canlı casino she wanted to be noticed. She wanted him to look at her, to acknowledge her like he did on the beach, even to flirt with her a little.

He did engage her in the conversation, however. Whenever she made a point, he listened. He asked her point of view on all matters. When he spoke to her he looked at her with his penetrating eyes, but his eyes never went down to her beautiful body. Mike made her feel like an equal. Although she appreciated that, she also wanted more. She wanted this man to see her as a woman.

It didn’t help that he was obviously in love with his wife. He didn’t miss a chance to steal a kiss or even just to rub her shoulder.

Her mom was flirting outrageously with Mike. Every time she spoke to him, she leaned in to touch his arm or knee.

Mike took it all in his stride, keeping direct eye contact and smiling warmly. His air of confidence told Julie that he was accustomed to this kind of attention.

Sophia included Julie in the discussion as well by asking her opinion and giving her a chance to talk about the things that were important to her. The extra attention from Sophia made her feel grown up and special.

Her dad was constantly mixing margaritas that evening, and he even allowed Julie to have a few. She could feel herself getting light-headed, and she was enjoying the way that Sophia made her feel like an adult.

It was late when the last plate was removed by the servants, and she could hear her mom slurring a good night.

Julie was still chatting to Sophia when she felt Mike’s eyes on her. She hadn’t realized it, but her dad had retired for the evening, leaving her with these two beautiful people.

She looked up, and for the first time in her life, she felt herself getting wet from a man’s stare.

They started saying their goodnights, but she didn’t want them to go. Sophia hugged her then kissed her gently on the lips.

“How soft her lips are,” July thought.

Julie had never thought about kissing a woman until that moment. She kissed her back and felt deprived when Sophia pulled away. She reached out to shake Mike’s hand, again noting the softness of his skin. He pulled her closer, kissing her on the cheek.

“His smell is making me crazy, “she thought.

On the way out the door, Sophia turned around and said, “We are going to a private beach tomorrow, please come with?”

She immediately said yes, looking forward to seeing them again.

“We will pick you up at ten o’clock,” Sophia smiled at her.

Julie couldn’t wait to get up to her room. She ripped off her clothes, and left them scattered on the floor. She was already wet, so she took out one of her big dildos. While still standing, she forced the dildo into her wet pussy.

She came immediately, but kept fucking herself until she came again with the images of Sophia and Mike in her mind. She even came in her sleep, dreaming of these two hot people.

Julie woke up early the next morning, immediately thinking about what to wear. This again was a first for her as she never worried about things like that.

She decided to go shopping. She had enough time before they arrived. She hit the road and stopped at the first swim shop. She grabbed a bikini from the rack. She chose it more for the colour than the style. It was a deep, white colour that she knew would look good with her brown tan. She grabbed a richly coloured sarong from the rack, paid and hurried home.

She saw their car outside when she got home.

“Hi there, beautiful,” Mike greeted her. He opened the car door, and she was very aware of his presence. Sophia smiled a greeting from the front seat. Her deep, brown eyes held Julie’s for a moment before she turned around. Julie could see the swell of her olive- skinned breasts above her light brown bikini top. She blushed when she thought about her fantasies the previous night.

Julie couldn’t see much else after Mike took the wheel. He drove with the same confidence that Julie had noticed the previous night, with clear direction and a devil my care attitude. Julie smiled as she saw his irritation with the slow, holiday traffic, but she couldn’t keep her eyes off the gentle sway of Sophia’s breasts.

They chatted like old friends while they drove down the coast until they reached a small parking area with a well-dressed guard at the gate. He waved them in without stopping them. Julie immediately noticed that all of the cars looked expensive and that the people she could see were all beautiful.

They walked down a paved path slightly hidden away by the brush. Julie’s first glimpse of the beach took her breath away. It was a beautiful sight, a small stretch of white sand flanked by high rocks. The beach was located in a cove, with very small swells gently lapping at the shore. When Julie took her eyes from the scenery and finally took notice of the people there, she was shocked. Some of the men and woman were totally naked. Others were in various stages of undress. kaçak casino The bathers were of all ages. Some looked barely out of their teens with perky breasts and smooth skin, others had obviously seen more summers in the sun with their silvery hair and finely lined faces. They were all beautiful.

As Mike led them down the beach to the closest rocks, people greeted them without anyone looking even a bit self-conscious. Julie was walking behind Sophia. Even with all the naked flesh around her, she couldn’t keep her eyes from Sophia’s gently swaying, full hips which were tightly covered by a sarong.

Mike stopped at the rocks, choosing an even piece of sand between the rocks, almost private from the other bathers. He dropped his towel as the women caught up to him.

He smiled at Julie, and she noticed that he didn’t even have to speak to her to make her feel comfortable. He took his shirt off but left his trunks on. His muscles were well-defined, but not overly bulky. His flat abs and broad shoulders were tanned a deep brown colour that she could see was from the natural sun.

He sat down, looking out at the surf with a slight smile on his lips. Sophia removed the sarong, and Julie could see the length of her legs for the first time. She had long, muscular legs moving up to her full, womanly hips.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Sophia asked while loosening her top. She smiled as she held the top against her full breasts and looked at Julie.

“No,” Julie answered with a head shake. Her mouth was too dry to speak. Sophia held eye contact with Julie while she exposed her breasts. They looked huge with almost no sag and were topped by the most beautiful, big, round nipples. Julie knew that she was staring, but she couldn’t help herself. She blushed when she realized that she was slightly licking her lips.

“Oh, my God, I hope they don’t expect me to get undressed?” she thought.

She showed Sophia her shopping bag, and in a croaking voice she said, “I didn’t have time to put on my suit, and I don’t see any dressing huts.”

“Not to worry,” Sophia said, beckoning her to follow. She walked up further through the rocks until she reached a natural enclosure. She stood back for Julie to enter. Julie looked at her, expecting her to leave, but she just stood there smiling at her. Sophia finally felt her unease, and she turned around and walked away, the smile never leaving her face.

Julie looked around and after making sure that no one could see her, she pulled her shirt off and quickly removed her bra. She was now wearing only shorts, which made her feel very exposed but also very sexy. She cupped her breasts and looked down at them, comparing them to Sophia’s. When she saw her erect nipples, she thought that her breasts were as beautiful as Sophia’s were. She removed her purchases from the shopping bag and covered her breasts with the top.

“Oh shit!” she said aloud. The bikini was marked incorrectly and was about two sizes too small. She adjusted the straps, hoping for the best, but she almost cried when she looked down at the two triangles that covered not-much-more than her nipples. She grabbed the bottoms, pulling them up after removing her shorts. It was not a thong, but her ass cheeks were not even fully covered. She adjusted the front, only partly succeeding in covering her pussy lips. At least she couldn’t see any hair sticking out.

“No way I am going back like this.” She thought. She could feel the hopeless tears welling up and she bit her lip to stop her from making a total fool of herself.

“Are you alright, baby?” She heard Sophia behind her. She turned around looking towards Sophia, and suddenly, she couldn’t help it anymore. She burst out crying, trying to explain the small suit. Sophia took her in her arms, holding her against her naked breast, soothing her by stroking her back.

“Don’t worry. Todo pasará bien. Everything will be all right,” she said while holding the sobbing teenager tightly to her. The soothing Spanish words calmed Julie, and she became aware that the exotic woman was holding her. She stopped crying and looked at her. Sophia kissed her lightly on her eyelids, still holding her and gently stroking her back. Julie backed away shyly, feeling better but still self-conscious.

“Julie, baby, this is a nude beach. You are overly dressed here. You have such a beautiful body, it’s almost a shame to keep it covered,” she said while picking up the sarong that Julie had bought. She draped it over Julie’s body. It was sheer, but at least her near-nakedness wasn’t as obvious. Sophia wiped her tears away and bent down again to search her handbag for lipstick.

“I which I could walk around with only my lips done,” Sophia said while holding Julie’s chin in her hand and applying the light pink lipstick. Julie looked at her quizzically, thinking that she couldn’t see a trace of make up on her beautiful face. Sophia stood back, looking at her handiwork.

“Beautiful. Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m alright,” Julie said in a quiet voice. She lifted her head when Sophia took her hand, leading her back to the beach. Mike wasn’t there when they sat down. Julie kept on pulling on her sarong to cover herself the best she could. Sophia chatted away, ignoring her discomfort.

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